Are you listening to music wrong? feat. Philosophy Tube

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

this video is a collaboration with oli

from philosophy tube so once you're done

watching my video and checking out all

of my cool opinions head over to

philosophy tube and check out all of all

these cool thoughts and opinions on this

topic do you listen to music on your

commute or do you listen to music at

work maybe you put a record on and turn

out all the lights in your house and

focus all of your attention on it if so

you are probably listening to music

wrong most of us listen to music in a

variety of ways we put on a songs a

playlist to clean our apartment we

download new albums from our do and sync

them to our phone for a long drive I

wrote this script to the new copyrights

album it is good before 1877 in Edison's

invention of the phonograph music had to

be experienced in person it was fleeting

and inherently social while you had

music boxes and sheet music me banging

midwestern pop punk to carry my shitty

brain over a research hump was not an


we've covered the evolution of portable

music in a two-part collaboration with

blinkpopshift great videos you should

watch them but what about the mechanics

of how we're actually listening to all

of that music philosophy tube is going

to talk about aesthetic theory and how

we should listen to music but I want to

talk about how we're doing it and what

it is doing to us music lasts me crazy

let's switch get ready if you spend

eight hours a day at work there's a good

chance that you spend up to eight hours

a day listening to music whether it's

the Muzak of the grocery store where you

chop up deli meats or the radio you

listen to in the truck you drive or the

headphones that you put on to drown out

the endless crap around you every time

you wanted to listen to the TV and she

didn't want to hear it come on kids I'm

trying less for this and all those times

you couldn't hear your program because

they're making too much noise now

there's a solution that'll keep everyone


different music triggers dramatically

different responses in our brains so if

you have a desk job and you listen to

Adele all day which according to Spotify

is what the majority of workday

listeners are streaming you are fucking

up completely I've made up my mind don't

need to think it over if I'm

right listening to music can trick our

brains into thinking that less time has

passed and actually has it's why hold

music exists so medela work can help the

day fly by but it also dramatically

affects your productivity in a negative

way numerous studies have shown that

listening to emotional music with lyrics

has and I quote while I look at my

script significant negative effects on

concentration and attention do you mind

oh sorry my bad seriously you won't even

know I'm here I'm sorry alright alright

what about when you and your friends are

ripping through the city in your hot new

whip screaming along to imagine by John

Lennon because for some reason that was

the song used in a study on singing

along to the radio while driving

surprise you're gonna die imagine

there's no heaven

season try you're probably not gonna die

I guess but singing along the radio may

slow your response to potential hazards

the increased mental workload will cause

you to ignore the visual field around

you and focus only on the road right in

front of you

but maybe you are a professional cyclist

in which case you should listen to all

of the emotional and lyrical music you

can find unless you bike in a city

that's not safe

studies have shown that cyclists who

listen to music use 7% less oxygen than

those who don't

that was Robin Thicke in case you've

forgotten how cool he used to look

listen to music releases dopamine in

your brain it's the same as eating food

or having sex or snorting a lot of

cocaine all of the close friends but

which is useful if you're at the gym or

recovering from surgery since music can

actually lower your blood pressure

but if you're listening to music just to

crush reps or lower your blood pressure

are you actually listening to music I

mean are you appreciating music as an

art form you wouldn't haul ass across

the country with a beautiful collection

of Rembrandt's and yet some people can't

even be bothered to set up their stereos

correctly I mean there's a left channel

and there's a right channel they should

be set up left and right

so the you hear music the way it was

recorded and mixed as it was intended to

sound for you as a listener some people

just put speakers wherever they want in

their room which is not the point of

speakers and then you have the EQ

setting ideally that should be flat it's

someone's job to make sure that that

sounds correct and you just pump up the

bass because you think it sounds cooler

and it distorts and it's stupid and you

download mp3s at a terrible bitrate and

you get that crackly horrible sound at

the top and I don't even know why you're

looking if you really want to understand

the theory behind listening to music

properly and not just listen to me

complain about your stereo setup head on

over to philosophy tube and check out

Ollie's video how do you listen to music

do you give a new record your undivided

attention or do you just shuffle it to

get through your workday let us know in

the comments and be sure to subscribe

for new episodes of this exists every

week please please flatten your EQ

settings last week's episode was all

about whether or not a movie could kill


DW 275 x brings up the Sorrows of Young

Werther which was a short story that we

actually referred to a few times in our

episode about whether or not a song

could cause you to kill yourself you can

tell that there's a sort of a small

segment of things that I am interested

in and the idea of this is that suicides

are not made public because there's a

sort of weird disturbed natural human

tendency to want to copy how people have

killed themselves or potentially how

people have committed crimes and perhaps

this is what's playing out in some of

these murderous films that we talked

about an interesting idea and also a

great other episode of the show that you

should enjoy insert name here said that

they'd have to kill themselves that they

ever watched Batman and Robin again

which I don't think is entirely fair

because that movie has tons of Kitsch

values and I'd encourage you to watch it

one more time unless I would actually

kill you in which case I am not

advocating that you die Metsu leader

brings up a few interest

one of which was the attempted

assassination of Ronald Reagan by John

Hinckley jr who did so because he was

obsessed with taxi driver and in

particular with Jodie Foster he thought

that killing the president would get

Jodie Foster's attention he doesn't

quite fall into the sphere of what we

were talking about in last week's

episode but it is a very very strange

and fascinating piece of cinematic

history of presidential history of

attempted assassination history of

Robert De Niro history all different

histories but the obsession with Jodie

Foster I don't have a point here is this

totally totally fucked up and

interesting Mary Castro Allen wrote

Lowell I watched a movie just before

watching this which concerned me and I

asked you all right and she responded

only sure power category five great name

wondered how is John Wayne Genghis Khan

of course talking with a conqueror one

of the deadliest movies of all time

because of all the cast and crew

developing cancer that is an excellent

question and if you have not watched the

conquer I encourage you to do so it's

one of those beautiful so bad it's good

movies the Razzies recognized it with

some sort of like Lifetime Achievement

Razzie I don't know what that's called

or what that is but it is widely

considered you haven't seen it one of

the most terrible films ever made and

you will still wonder at the end of it

why is John Wayne Genghis Khan keyboard

5:03 mentioned colors the Dennis Hopper

movie all about gangs in LA that

supposedly had a number of gang-related

shootings in movie theaters when it

opened I can't tell if this is just an

urban legend or if any of this actually

happened it's difficult to find all this

information on the Internet admittedly I

did not spend a ton of time looking it

up so for sure someone has already

commented on this video to let me know

how many people died because of the film

colors we haven't seen it's actually an

excellent film great soundtrack by ice-t

and then he makes this disturbing Alex

Joan connection of like body count

colors body people being killed

the Illuminati so maybe don't watch that

movie because I don't know who's going

to get in your brain drain anta phi or

doctor in anta phi gave a pretty

detailed breakdown of the version of the

devil's that is available on amazon in

the UK so if you're interested in trying

to find that movie which I lied and told

you was totally impossible not totally

impossible but the original version

he's extremely difficult to come by a

lot of the footage was destroyed it's

heavily censored it's hard to know which

version you're watching at anytime but

in the comments last week he broke down

what you could expect to find if you did

buy that movie from Amazon in the UK and

it's worthwhile to check out if you want

to watch that movie because this episode

is all about how to listen to or not

listen to music I want to recommend

Mystery Train by Greil Marcus as this

week's book no book about music that

I've read in the last several years

opened up my mind to understanding what

was special about an artist like this

book did with Elvis Presley who was

someone I never really fully appreciated

I would always just dismiss him as a

white person copying all the amazing

black music of that era and it turns out

that Elvis is actually kind of amazing

and it's a lot of detail about the Sun

sessions and what made him special and

compelling as a performer independent

from the culture that he was kind of

jackin there's all kinds of other great

stuff about the birth and evolution of

American rock and roll in there girl

Marcus obviously a celebrated and

fantastic writer but truly this book

made me listen to Elvis in a way that I

never had before and not just in a

contextual way but in a very genuine

musically appreciative way so I cannot

say enough good things about mr train

by a girl Marcus he really needs the

shout out for sure too


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