Are These The Next Youtube & Twitch? (You Won’t Believe Why!)

published on August 2, 2020

Now I know a lot of people talk about YouTube and twitch killers but I think I've actually found the two projects that might take these giants down a notch you ready well hey there crypto friends thanks again for joining me so today we're talking about YouTube and

Twitch killers now I know those words get thrown around a lot people are always saying this is gonna be the next one this is gonna be the next one but you know I've been using both of these platforms for quite some time now and I

Think that these two crypto projects I'm going to show you today really have a great chance of disrupting both of these industries now I'm gonna talk all about them and show you exactly how they work but before we get started if you're not

Already a part of my community we call it the stache Club or my stashes and you can join my community through the telegram group or on my website through the links below we'd love to have you okay so let's go talk about these

Projects and why I really do feel that these two projects could disrupt major services like YouTube twitch BitTorrent and all these other so-called decentralized video services that we've seen out there so let's go take a look

At the first one when we talk about the first one library is what comes to mind we're going to talk about library here it's lbr why but it's pronounced library and a library TV is their online element now there is a the library protocol and

That's really what it is is not just a website it's not just a token it's not just a video sharing platform the library protocol is actually a base level protocol something similar to like you know HTTP right or your you know

Essentially your DNS name where you have these things and they've built this protocol from the ground up and there's so much you can do with it we're not going to go over all the different applications but you can build your own

Applications on top of library and but right now one of the most popular ones and that has been built is library right the actual you know video sharing service now this comes in two parts you have the library TBL vry that TV site

Which is this place you can go online you can watch the videos you can support creators and you also have the desktop version and there's actually a pretty big difference there we're gonna talk about there in a second

But I want to first I want to talk about how it works and why you would want to be on this platform in general so the great thing about library and the reason why I feel like it's going to disrupt the websites like YouTube is the

Fact that they built in ways to be able to monetize your content as part of the base level protocol of what they're doing so not only will they allow you to do it with video but there you'll be able to do with all kinds of file types

Here in the future with library TV you can come on here as a content creator and you can earn LBC tokens for through your viewers and through doing different tasks on the platform as a user but also watching things as well so there's lots

Of it so essentially there's different ways to earn these tokens but as a content creator your your fans can support you with the tokens and you can pump up your videos to get more views with those tokens as can your fans so

There's a really great aspect to it and they're essentially creating this decentralized content delivery network marketplace that has so much potential that it's really hard to just put it all in one video here I'm gonna focus really

On the website today but we're gonna talk about the differences on the website and the desktop app here in a second so when we look at what's going on here and how actually works I'm gonna show you here on one of my buddy crypto

Larcs videos he's got some great videos on here and I do love watching crypto LARC stuff and so you can see here right now you know he's got his video and you can see that this video has been backed or essentially staked by 83 lbc right

Now those could have come from himself they could have come from his fans it doesn't really tell you but that you know those things are those are essentially ways that you can support them and there's two ways you can

Support creators in the platform actually and we're gonna talk to them about them so you can support this creator by a giving him a revocable support which means you can you you're simply staking your lbc tokens in a in a

Duration short duration whenever you whatever you like to help boost this person's video and get it more views and in visibility now that doesn't mean those tokens go to him they're just they're temporary to help him so let's

Essentially like staking soft staking now if you want to actually send him a direct tip you would just select them make this a tip box and that means whatever LBC you choose to give you this person it's it's transferred to him in

Death they're his they leave your wallet into his and he now has those as a tip and this could be similar to you know he's seeing something like on YouTube where you can do super chats but the super

Chat feature and how it works are just so bulky and it just seems like it's added on to YouTube here it's built in and it's a base part of how the platform works and so with that protocol you can actually even say hey for this content

To see it you have to actually pay 5lb see so you can do paid walls with this kind of feature as well I'm going to show you guys how this works but I'm going to send him a five LBC revocable support so before it was with 835 one

And when we do the support we're gonna send that there and we refresh the page here you see okay so you deposited five lbc as a support and you can go I can go see the history of all that and it should show right here automatically

That now it's been updated he's got that support okay so it'll it may take a second here once it's gone through but essentially that's what I'm doing here with these tokens is supporting him so he gets more visibility and you you know

I have a channel on here as well so you can see that's similar to encrypt a large Channel mine looks a little bit different cuz now you can see kind of some of the controls here but here are all my videos and things I've done and

If you go to my latest video here about the Garbage Pail tiger King pack opening you can see I'm actually steak 500 lb see on this video of my own I just I just staked it this morning so I could show you guys but essentially that's

What I've done so I can get more visibility for this video now typically you want to do that once the video has just come out but you know you can still get rewards from this video indefinitely people can tip me right now if I'd like

So I think that you know when you talk about well how is this disrupt some of these other services well you know on the YouTube side I think that if far out if far you know is superior to YouTube when it comes down to actual

Monetization of your content it gives you so many more features but we won't want to talk about the peer-to-peer or decentralized side that's where the desktop app comes in now the content that is being pushed here to library TV

That maybe you're uploading through a YouTube content creator sync which is one of the great features they offer is actually held on a centralized server so library is helping to support by you know

Having those servers but the real linchpin here is the actual library desktop app and that's where all the action happens so by using this app it kind of works a little bit like BitTorrent does you download as you're

Watching content looking at things or viewing videos on the site org or uploading your own videos it's storing those pieces of videos locally on your machine which then are you then can be served to other people when they watch

Those videos so similar to BitTorrent but the difference in BitTorrent why I think it also will disrupt that entry is that with BitTorrent or a torrent files you're doing it all for free you're holding and hosting all these files on

Your computer for free for the rest of the network which is nice but with library you can actually monetize that and earn lbc or you know gate to your content we for LBC and share those condos files directly with your other

Peers and that right there is that censorship resistant linchpin that we're always talking about that's that's you know key to a decentralized platform so you know I think that when you talk about those two different elements right

They're just alone will have no problem disrupting services like YouTube or BitTorrent and you know in comparison to some of these other decentralized video platforms like bit shoot or D live or D tube you know they don't have the same

Robustness that library is actually creating on that protocol level to make this something that can be built upon for future applications so I think really because of all those features that's really why library is going to be

A huge disrupter for what YouTube is doing here and we've seen already a lot of content creators come over here because we've had in the cryptocurrency space there's been so many people have trouble with

YouTube they've gotten their videos taken down they've gotten strikes for just basic things that they wouldn't normally be getting strikes for because they're just because they're talking about crypto currency so censorship

Resistant you can earn lbc just by watching and you know creating content and platform as well you can support the network by downloading the actual app and essentially being a node for your content and being a peer-to-peer

Distributor of some of your favorite content everything you're watching so huge benefits here over video services like YouTube and what you're doing there where you can actually get real-world value out of the platform so let's go

Talk about disruption video service number two what is it gonna be do you guys know it's theta I love theta so I've actually been using theta for a couple of months now to a little bit less than I've been using library but

Theta is the twitch disrupter right when you talk about okay well you know twitch actually disrupted YouTube with its streaming and it became the go-to place for gamers to go stream their stuff because YouTube just wasn't giving them

What they needed and I think that you know now that twitches is this very huge platform used by thousands hundreds of thousands millions of people every day there are obviously some problems we've seen there but the great thing about

Theta is that they've all they've really taken some of those things in consideration and solve some those problems just like library has for what they're doing but the services are very different library is not necessarily

Made for for a streaming platform and Thetas service and what they built is all about streaming so the way theta works in a similar way is they have a peer-to-peer element and that peer-to-peer element is essentially when

You're watching these videos you're giving your let allowing theta to use your excess upload bandwidth right so you up speed your upload speed to help deliver this content to other peers other people that might be around you

Now that system is a little bit hard to describe here but or how it actually actually match with peers but you can get up to nine peers that you can stream to in and depends on network location and other things of how many people you

Can but it actually shows you about that and so how that works is that by doing that you actually earn the the the T fuel currency the crypto currency that you that they have here on the platform so the more you're watching streams the

More you are actually earning and so you can see here that this person right here in doe who was a guy who I like falling here you play some really great games here on theta he has a fuel pod of two hundred sixty

Forty fuel this month so as we were watching his channel and uploading they're using a letting their bandwidth upload so other immune to be a distribute this content to other people instead of using a CDN right like a

Content distribution network you're earning t feel for what you're doing there and so everyone's earning t feel as that's happening and the great thing about that is like you can then use that once again like library is you can use

That to support your favorite creators on the platform so once again we have a token that you it has real world value you could buy t fuel on an exchange and you could sell t fuel as a content creator but you use t fuel on the

Platform to actually support the creators they're not necessarily you can take the t fool you've earned and then just go quickly sell it but it's great to be able to support your favorite content creators here and so yeah that's

The when it comes down to the the whole data ecosystem they actually have three different tokens where library has just one data has actually three different tokens two of them are cryptocurrency based so

You have the theta token which is the protocol or governance token of the network and that's what you use to run a node which is what validates and helps push things through the network right and so that that was it's more like the

Staking element of that and so theta has just recently launched their main net and they have Guardian nodes staking that you can you can fire up and it's essentially a master node on the converse side of that they also have

Another thing another app that is in beta right now where you can help with the decentralized version of stuff theta and you can hold different chunks similar to like we're talk about library and and push them through the

Decentralized network of theta it's just getting started right now so it's still in its infancy but you earn T fuel by doing that so by being essentially this this uh you know what they call the theta edge node R edge nodes so not not

As robust as a guardian node it doesn't have the same kind of features and functions but you do earns a little bit of T fuel for helping out on the network there now one of the great things about theta and one of the big things I think

This really has an advantage over twitch is their gold coins and the way that they do giveaways here so giveaways are a huge part a lot of times of streamers and what they're doing and while twitch kind of doesn't do the best job of that

There's some third-party services that help that's built into the theta Network so you can come here as a Content viewer you can support your favorite streamers by donating theta to them as you earn it

Right so if I donate a 500 theta I get some special rewards and that goes and supports the content creator directly but they also give back by doing these really fun giveaways right so you can see that I have these these gold coins

That I earn as I watch a channel and then you can use those gold coins to be able to enter in giveaways now I don't think endo is running a giveaway right now no he's not but I'm gonna show you somebody else's giveaway will go here to

High 8125 and well first we'll say how and then you can see so what these are called predictions and you can win cool prizes so you can earn more tea fuel which you can use to tip your favorite creators or

Spin it in the shop they have a really cool store with a bunch of stuff in it you can buy with tea fuel or get rid of cool in-game prizes like fortnight llama plush or you know G fuel stuff like this so there's all kinds of things and so

Basically what you do is you use these coins to be able to get you know raffle tickets for the giveaway and so we'll just go like yes and then I can pump it up and it's 100 coins per ticket and it's a max of five and these are random

Draws so you can go in here and you can support your creators but they support you give by giving away these these crates essentially and not only do you get crates for doing the giveaways but you get crates on a daily basis to be

Able to every day you come back consistently so I already open my crate for today I probably should have waited for this stream but essentially you know you can earn really cool things like badges for doing things like I've got a

Good giveaway winner badge a tea filled donut or badge you can earn emotes which is really fun obviously just like twitch but like I said you also earn these these coins which you can actually redeem for things in their store as you

Can see here I've on I've claimed a bunch of different really cool things from some of these prizes and then if you go look at their store like there's you know I mean you could you could use a if you had a bunch of tea fool you

Could buy a switch it looks like maybe they're so low no they're not sold out I just don't have enough but there's so many things you could buy in their store with tea fuel so there's a lot of really great utility to that token as well they

Give you a direct way to you know cash out if you want to invite something cool or support your content creators which is what i do is that i use my tea feel to support content creators here on the network so

You know theta when it comes down to it like well what do they have over twitch we've talked about it we've talked about well the fact that you know they have this cryptocurrency based you know reward system you you know as a content

Creator you can earn this t fuel and actually really get real-world you value at it which is great people can sub using it and it has a lot of utility in that kind of respect but also the fact that they have giveaways built in as

Part of the platform and you know theta also has a ways for people to be able to build extra apps on top of what they're doing on their network so there's so much potential here beyond what twitch is doing and you know theta already has

Some really big partners who have come on to be these essential you know large scale like trusted nodes so they have people like Google and Samsung who are gonna be part of our already part of this network and some other really big

Names too as well that are investors so Sony Samsung Inca and a bunch of other venture capitalists that maybe you don't know but our very large scale as well so a lot going on here in both of these networks and I really do truly believe

That these are going to be what disrupt these two major you two you know video services both for very different reasons obviously library more of like the static content delivery and theta4 the streaming side of things and right now

We're just seeing the beginning of this these both of these patterns are so brand-new but they've already garnered so much user base and a very dedicated following theta has a great community and so does library so I'm definitely

Gonna be streaming on theta here pretty soon I'm not on the platform just yet but you can go to library and you can support me there and support them in general but definitely go check out theta and start to sign up and start

Earning some some tea fuels so when I get on the platform you can support me there too I love it I'm definitely to be moving my crypto based streaming stuff over to theta I'm not gonna be doing my gaming stuff there I'm still gonna keep

That on Twitch for now so like I said I don't think that you know YouTube and twitch are really gonna go anywhere anytime soon just like I you know as much as I love Bitcoin I don't think the USD is going anywhere anytime soon but

It's more of an opt-out system like I don't I don't like the censorship I don't like the fact that you know it's not a period of pure solution I don't like fact that you can't directly support

People in a way that is not you know not necessarily form has so much control over what you're getting your payouts and things like that as a creator but both of these platforms really understand that and allow you to earn

And create with a lot more freedom but with censorship resistant and in a peer-to-peer type of way so I hope you guys like my overview there of theta and library go check them out and let me know what you think in

The comments below definitely love to hear what you think or put your user names down there so I can check you guys out on in the platforms if you're there too well I think that's all I have for today until next time stash that crypto


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