Are Swimming Pools Safe? Is there a second wave of infection? COVID-19 Questions and Answer

published on August 1, 2020

Hey we're here to answer more of your questions on kovat that's the topic of this week's healthcare triage question one some fabric masks have an exhalation valve doesn't that defeat the purpose well yeah if it's just a hole by what you're breathing out sure but I assume

And I hope that most of those masks have something in line to still serve as some kind of filter perhaps not as thick but better made with a different quality material that stops virus even as it makes it a little bit easier to breathe

Stan asked me about a plastic window I have not seen any of those masks but I assume that if it's part of the mask then it's still nothing can get through solid your breath just goes around it so it's probably fine to antibody test

Accurate enough to bother with yet okay so like given some hospitals and where the labs are rubbing them sure but a lot of those off-the-shelf ones are the ones that you get at CVS or you know I'm not blaming CVS but that you could get

Almost anywhere some of those are a questionable quality and still given the low incidence in general you may wind up getting some false positives so I'm not rushing out yet to get an antibody test I'm not really sure it's worth it

Outside of the research setting what are your thoughts on going to the pool this summer of course it depends on what the pool is like if it's a pool in your friend's backyard and there's two of you in the pool and you're in opposite sides

By all means go but if it's a crowded public pool whether you're cramped in like sardines and it's impossible of social distance I don't know if I would do that so again you want to just think about the same kind of social distancing

That you would want to do in general you don't want to be on top of each other did you have to it's probably better to wear a mask I know that's hard in the pool but you know in general being outside is better than being inside but

You don't want to get too close to people for how concerned should we be about a second wave well first of all you're assuming that the first wave finished and that's not entirely clear in some places now granted some states

Have seen a real wave and then coming down other states though sort of never really hit a wave and are now jumping up that's like they're seeing their first wave and some saw a peak and then never really came down and they're continuing

Or going up that's not the same thing so the problem is we're describing the United States often as one thing and it looks like we came down leveled off and are going up again but when you look at the states individually

They all have very different curves not all of them are what could be considered a second wave regardless though things are getting bad in large parts of the country that's concerning no matter what you call it

Five someone in my household is high risks do we basically need to isolate as much as possible until there's a vaccine well look at the moment I'd say still you want to you want to isolate as much as you can that's always good for

Everybody you know reducing discretionary activities that put you at risk is a good idea period you know until we get to a point where we reach hurt immunity one way or another but there are things that could happen in

The meantime that could still make things better there are treatments some of them are antibody treatments they're going to be expensive to begin with but maybe the cost will come down they can not only treat people even before they

Get super severely at risk but might even do some prevention the problem is right now they're very very expensive but you know better treatments might make it so that we could take a drug that might prevent people from getting

Sick that would be a good thing another thing is if we ever got around in Mass of ubiquitous testing then we could feel safer about many activities like going to work or going to the dentist or going wherever that would make people feel

Safer in general you know and going out in the belt we just don't have the widespread testing still and it's maddening but those things if we ever got to that point or we ever driven drove this down into the ground and we

Actually made it pretty rare which a lot of countries on the other side of the ocean have done then we can all feel safer too but given that the way things are in the United States right now the large parts of the country I still would

Be staying home if I was high-risk we put it this way my parents they're still really isolating how useful is it for places to be checking temperatures when we know so many people are asymptomatic look every little bit helps we need to

Get to a risk minimization frame of thought so we're not trying to do everything perfectly but every little thing we do including staying home when we're sick washing our hands social distancing wearing a mask and checking

Temperatures every little bit helps so we will potentially eliminate some people by checking temperatures safely that that's a good thing is it a you're all is it gonna pick up the most

People no um it's one more thing that we can do so we can ask people do you know do you have a cough do you have a sneeze if you lost your taste of smell do you not feel well do you have vomiting or diarrhea and we can check their

Temperature and all of those things help us pick up a decent number of people but some people will still be totally asymptomatic which is why better testing and still doing all the good social distancing stuff is what we really need

To do 7i here we'll have shortages of things like syringes even when we get a vaccine why can't we just make it oral like some other vaccines most of the oral vaccines are been live virus and you they've really gone away because we

Don't really like live virus vaccines and that's why more and more their shots so those need to be administered with syringes but I'm not as worried about syringes which are everywhere you know is you know the other things that might

Happen like we need to manufacture billions of doses of a vaccine we need to have that many little glass vials we need to know how to transport them and store them and all that other stuff that's also majorly concerning would

Still need to happen even if it was an oral vaccine but this is I haven't heard of anyone working on a live virus vaccine I can't see it happening it's very very very unlikely that it could or could or would be oral has anything

Useful interesting revealing come up in the latest research about why kovat has had such different effects in different people look everything is a spectrum part of our problem with this is that we still are not accurately identifying all

The people that have covent so we're only really sure about for the most part the people that get very sick so then we start wondering about the people that don't and the truth of the matter is that you know just like any seasonal flu

Receive until I should say seasonal virus even let's talk about flu so you know some people are fine some people get sick enough to go to the doctor some people get sick enough to go to the hospital some people die usually it's

The people who are more at risk who have the most severe symptoms and that is what we are seeing with this strain of corona virus sometimes you get a flu however that seems to attack healthy people

I think the flu pandemic of nineteen seventeen nineteen that was one a huge problem this one seems to affect mostly people with comorbid conditions and the elderly and that's what happens now why there's

Such a wide range of symptoms you know I think viruses often do that we just don't focus on it so much because it's so rare that we see so many people infected so quickly and so at all at the same time and that's giving us a much

Wider perspective than we usually do but you know it goes into the respiratory system so you get those kind of effects then some people think it's into the blood vessels that's why you see different effects it clearly gets into

Cells or does other things as well that's why you see other effects but you know viruses you have to also remember it's not just the virus it's often the body's response to them through the immune system and that can show up in a

Host of different ways 9 struggling to understand why increased cases aren't just a result of increased testing can you expand on the issue of overall positive rates okay look some increased cases would always

Be because of increased testing but if we saw increased testing for instance and more and you know dropping positive rates then we could feel better that we're testing more and more of the general population and then increases

That we see might be due to the fact that we're doing just more increased testing if however we see at the same time that as we're doing increased testing more and more of the people we're testing or turning a positive a

Higher percentage rate that means that we're probably missing lot more people with the buyers because we're only testing the super-sick you know we're testing the people that we're sure haven't that's when you get increasing

Positive rates so increased testing and increased positive rates at the same time you can't really feel comfortable that that's just because we're doing more testing but there are other ways to monitor this as well that's where you

Could also look at doctor's visits you can look at hospitalizations because hospitalizations clearly aren't due to just increased testing you know in many of the places we're worried about in the South right now you're texas or Florida

Or Arizona even in California right now we're seeing not just increased numbers of cases much largely because we're seeing increase when it's a positivity we see increase rates hospitalization and in

Some of those states were now finally seeing increased rates of death all of these things together yeah you can't write that off then it's just increased testing if we were dissing you know really low rates you know of positive

Positivity and massive increased testing and you know large numbers but no otherwise things that are concerning that would be a reasonable time to talk about whether we're just picking up more cases than we used to

But when everything's gone wrong it gets it wrong at the same time it's very difficult to blame that just on increased testing Tim what are your thoughts in the growing consensus that extended periods of close contact to the

Primary form of Kovach 19 transmission should we be less concerned about quick encounters or surface contamination this is a phenomenal question and I wish that I had a great answer so I would agree with this growing consensus you know it

Appears that most of the cases in the United States come from a few types of locations your nursing homes your meatpacking plants and bars and restaurant you know it's the places where people are close together for

Usually a decent period of time unmasked shouting breathing talking eating whatever it is and of course nursing homes were a completely different thing but given that we need to be super careful about those kinds of activities

But they're not the only ones there there's just the ones where it's clear that that's happened because you know when 15 people go to a bar together and all of them get sick it's very easy to figure out where it was transmitted when

Individuals are transmitting piecemeal it's much harder so those may be occurring it's just harder to identify but yes the length of time you are together is one of the factors passing someone outside you know almost no

Chance of that you're gonna transmit the virus if however you know you're walking together for a long time in the store passing each other probably still low but it's getting higher sitting next to each other in a crowded bar while

Everyone is screaming and yelling to be heard while you're drinking and getting drunk and not being careful yeah real chance of transmitting the virus but even from the beginning I think people were panicking a little too much about

Like should I be concerned about getting the amaz package yeah there really wasn't much you know evidence that if you pick up the package outside you know you really have a solid chance of passing the virus

Now there's a greater than zero probably but everything is about measuring your risk and I would be most concerned about being in doors really close to people for extended periods of time when you're doing things which make

It more likely to be spewing virus outside those are things to worry about the most that doesn't mean you don't worry at all about these other things age enjoy this episode you might enjoy this other episode we did on covert

Surveillance and contact tracing we'd also like it if you subscribe and like down below and if you consider going on to patreoncom slash healthcare triage where you can help keep the show going even when there's a massive pandemic

Going on we'd especially like to thank our Research Associates James Glasgow Jos Evans Josh keister and Michael Chen and of course our surgeon Admiral Sam

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