are smartphones getting weaker?

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

Oh you might have already seen a video I made comparing every single Galaxy S smartphone from the simple plastic beginnings all the way to aluminium and Gorilla Glass well today we're answering an even bigger question are these newer flagship smartphones at all actually

Stronger than the older ones I also wanted to thank invisible shield for sponsoring this video so we're gonna start things off with a scratch test what I've got here is Mohs hardness kit which presents you with a whole bunch of

Pics made from materials of different hardness the idea is that if two materials interact the one that is harder will scratch the one that is less hard so we're gonna go up the scale until each phone starts to scratch so we

Can gauge the hardness of each device so starting off with hardness level 2 a material called gypsum and this is pretty uneventful every single smartphone is able to completely resist this onto level 3 a material called

Calcite and this is where we start to see some damage on the Galaxy S 1 for example this thing is hard enough to cause light surface scratches and this trend continues for all the plastic phones here the s1 all the way to the

Galaxy s5 after this though on the s6 and beyond absolutely nothing at all it just glides across but for a point of reference level 3 is also hard enough to scratch the infamous Nokia 3310 now we're gonna get a little more serious

About this I've designed a durability scale and each one is gonna get a durability rating that's gonna carry on through all the tests we do in this video and at the end we'll compare the final scores to see if phones are

Actually getting weaker level 4 is a material called fluorite which is now hard enough to gouge at the back of plastic based phones and it isn't at all matter what the texture of the device is if it's plastic based then for is going

To tear right through it and so you'll now see a durability score below each phone that number is gonna keep going up until we reach a hardness level that deeply damages it and then that's how many points each phone is gonna get so

Because the s1 to the s5 are all deeply damaged by level 4 they're gonna get for durability points but no more than that it'll all make sense as we go along also level 4 does leave a little bit of a mark on some of the glass devices but

Nothing that can't be rubbed off number five is the unusually named apatite which manages to as you probably guessed saw right through all the plastic phones with ease by the way I'm exerting very little effort but still absolutely

Nothing on the glass phones so on to level six author clays and I don't even need to tell you that the plastics definitely didn't enjoy this material but what's also interesting is that the glass ones are now starting to show

Signs of damage it is very light damage though and whilst it does appear on the s6 s7 and the SAT I could not actually scratch the s9 with this or the s tens it would leave marks but I could just rub them straight off level seven is

Material you might be more familiar with this is quartz and whilst it is hard enough to quite easily scratch even the glass devices it's not following the deepest possible gouges there's still some resistance from the material and so

I'd still say the glass devices survived level seven the same way plastics survived level three anyways level eight topaz completely changes this it doesn't seem to matter what the device material is whether it's plastic whether it's

Glass it doesn't matter which generation of glass it is whether it's Gorilla Glass 3 or Gorilla Glass 6 this thing just tears right through them with minimal effort it forms deep gouges so really just for a bit of fun at this

Point we can have a little play with level 9 and this is a good opportunity to see a bit of a close-up of how the scratching looks in action anyways before we start properly smashing stuff it'll be interesting to see if scratch

Resistance on the front glass has actually improved at all and you might have noticed that we've actually got two Galaxy S tens here well the second one says she can be fitted with an invisible shield glass fusion protector and I

Think it'd be quite surprised at the extent they've gone to make sure people don't mess the installation up so you give the screen a clean give it a dry and then you put it into this installation bracket you also get a dust

Removal sticker to use at this stage and then once you've got the screen protector you just pull off the first layer and lower it down and it fits perfectly in place every time because of the holder you swipe a

Finger down to get rid of air bubbles and then use the included tool to finish off the job and you good so screen and scratching level 2 gypsum does absolutely nothing to all of them the same is true for level 3 III won't

Scratch glass but seeing as the glass fusion guard on this s10 does have impact resistant layers on top those will be scratched lightly but that's already a step above the heavy gouges that the inbuilt screen protector would

Have level-4 still leaves no permanent damage but it is where you start to see marks left on the screen that can be wiped off level 5 is equally uneventful but level 6 is where you start to see light

Scratches on every single device from Corning Gorilla Glass 1 on the galaxy s 1 to Corning Gorilla Glass 6 on the galaxy s 10 every single one surface level 7 causes slightly deeper cuts with slightly more ease but it's still not

Enough to completely plow through this glass very much permanent damage though switching that up to level 8 though this starts to feel a bit like art class like your drawing on a piece of paper scratches occur very easily and are very

Noticeable so because each smartphone here has managed to somewhat resist until hardness level 8 I've given them all eight points for this screen scratch resistance test 9 is just for fun really no phone is actually resisting this at

All ok now what time to grab a hammer and start destroying stuff but as I'm doing this as I'm taking the phones out I did notice something a little unexpected whilst all the plastic phones are fine

Some of the glass devices had shattered the backs had broken because they've been scratched up and then pressure was placed on them when I was testing the screens so on each of these devices I'm going to deduct a few points for this

Depending on how severe the damages what made this even more interesting is that whilst the s6 s7 and s the s9 + S tens were completely fine and turns out this is because the S line is when Samsung started using thicker glass

Anyways finally outside and I've got a bit of a setup going on on the table right now are the first six phones to be smashed I couldn't fit all of them on the table at once what I'm gonna do now is starting

With the s-1 and moving upwards perform all four remaining tests and then give the phone rating out of 10 based on how well it has resisted each challenge the been tested absolutely nothing to the s1 I could even get a creek out of the

Phone with then doing a hammer test which is a light hit followed by a much heavier hit and this again it leaves nothing but a tiny scratch something that was requested from the last time I did a durability test was the site hit

And even this causes no structural damage at all and so finally the reverse hammer hit twitch even though this is the most painful test only left a mark that is barely visible and the phone is completely usable so after that friendly

Insane results was pretty funny to see that the s2 in an effort to make the phone much slimmer has no end near the level of resistance that Leah Swan did after bending alone the phone is pretty much rendered

Useless the only saving grace being that the back panel is still unharmed on to the hammer test where the light hammer doesn't really do any more damage than has already been done but the heavy one at leaves of real mark the side resisted

Pretty well and even though the reverse hammer shot adds a decent amount of extra damage remember the phone was already pretty torn up by the first hammer test the galaxy s3 suffers from some slightly concerning creaking but no

Noticeable damage when bent the hammer test doesn't leave any particular feature unusable and the display doesn't look too damaged apart from some minor surface scratches and the side resistance in particular on this phone

Is pre great the reverse hammer shot bear we all knew this was going to be painful pretty much Brenda's a device useless it didn't actually crack the screen it just added a permanent pink line through it and within two minutes

The s3 was stuck on permanent boot loop no the galaxy s4 did not get off to a good start the Ben test alone showed definite Fleck seeing whirring cracking and a good part of the screen was just completely gone

After it aside from that although you know that is bad it's good to see that the phone didn't take too much additional damage with the other tests I did and when it came to the reverse Hammer test although the cracking

Becomes much more apparent the screen that still partially worked the galaxy s5 looked completely fine when I was doing the Ben test and when I was doing the hammer test but this must have been causing some sort of internal damage

Because with one knock on the side even though the trim itself was unharmed it looks like the phone more or less broke and this was quite succinctly wrapped up with the reverse hammer hit most remnants of the screen that were

Still working before were no longer working afterwards I was really curious to test the Galaxy s6 being not just the first all glass smartphone here but also one of the ones that was quite significantly beaten up

From a bit of scratching and a bit of pressure it actually held up reasonably well in the Ben test I just noted one slight cracking sound which is a little worrying but apart from that no notable

Damage however every subsequent test was just it just wasn't good there even a light tap with a hammer test the first one call a massive crack which spread throught the whole front of the phone you'll see

The metal side trim put up some resistance but because the glass on either side of it is already cracked and pretty fragile as it is hitting the side it damages the front and back is then not entirely surprising that the reverse

Hammer hit completely totals this phone it's game over for the s6 so quick recap of what we smashed so far the Galaxy S one is held up remarkably with the only noticeable damage being the scratches from the first test the s2 is a complete

Train wreck from the front but the back doesn't look too bad at all the s3 was a noticeable improvement over that though whilst it's completely unusable in the state the visible damage is much less the s4 kind of made me

Laugh when Samsung launched this phone they went on and on about how this was going to be your life companion and almost like it's calling from the grave that is the only thing you can see left on the screen

The s5 is in pretty good nick physically but clearly something's gone wrong on the inside because there is no output at all to the display but when you see what's happened to the s6 it makes all the other phones that came before it

Look like absolute tanks this phone is super fragile with only 30 points of resistance alright you turned to get rid of those phones and replace them with their more expensive more recent counterparts with

A special guest appearance from the Nokia 3310 because this is literally the device that mobile phone durability is compared to so I felt like if we're doing a test on this scale anyway we can't not include it the galaxy s7 and

When bending this phone I definitely heard a little bit of cracking which was never a good sign it did well on the hammer test nothing more than a couple of scratches and I was pretty happy with resistance from the sides but the

Reverse Hammer test really took it out of this one I was kind of shocked when I picked it up and the screen was fully functional after this big of a crack on top of it also the back of the phone wasn't exactly thanking me at this stage

You might remember when the Galaxy s8 came out that was definitely a worry about durability this was the first time when even the standard variant of a phone had not just a curved back but also a curved front who turns out people

Were right to worry whether it's a bend whether it's a slight hit with the hammer this is he vulnerable device to breaking every single test left a mark on this thing the final test left another significant

Crater and the screen was unresponsive but the positive news is that it was still pretty well and pretty evenly litter but you want to see destruction look at the back of this phone in fact it was so bad that there was small

Pieces of glass all over this table so I gave it a good wipe before bringing in the s9 which I was really hopeful for turns out the thicker glass used here also helps when it comes to bending this foam was mega durable I couldn't hear

Anything 10 out of 10 I gave it a whack with a hammer as well very very little damage and hitting it from the side didn't cause much to the side trim but because the glass was already weak on the back

There was a crack and I was completely flawed after I did this reverse hammer hit there wasn't a single bit of extra damage on the screen although I did find some on the back we'll have a look at this later now I was kind of hoping that

The STM would be even more durable than the s9 this would show that Samsung is on the right track that they're constantly improving and that they were aware of their past mistakes and so far so good when it comes to bending the

First hammer test as well does absolutely nothing but the second one does leave a bit of warping on the screen it's not a massive issue it's like a really subtle dent in the display which you can only really see when

You're panning the phone around it's child's play compared to some of the injuries we've seen today and the side hit – pretty good although just like with the s9 the curved glass on the back does start to crack a little bit turns

Out the Galaxy S 10 has he properly durable phone even that reverse hammer hit almost nothing on the front of the phone a little bit more cracking on the back but we'll get to that in a second just before we start smashing the

Infamous Nokia phone we can have a go with the s10 with the glass fusion guard installed just like with the regular s10 Ben test and not a problem at all the hammer test does leave a few marks and funnily enough the exact same warping

That we saw on the s10 before but you'll see in a second why this isn't actually an issue I then gave it two hits from the side because of the supposed chip protection here and then just to make sure it's doing its job three reverse

Hammer hits from the front and at this point do this kind of look like the phone is a little bashed up but this glass fusion guard that we've got on right now it's actually designed with impact in mind and so when you take it

Off it becomes pretty clear that the screen underneath is absolutely fine oh yeah and as well as the impact protection the glass fusion is also resistant alrighty the Nokia 3310 the supposed Titan of the mobile phone

Market clearly bending it wasn't an option that became very clear but I was kind of surprised to see that the first hammer hit alone was enough to destroy the screen hitting the phone from the side did leave a mark but no actual

Structural damage anyways by the time I got to the reverse hammer hit one thing became very clear the Nokia 3310 has a vulnerability in its display but when you're not hitting that just when it comes to the general body of the phone

This thing is every bit as indestructible as people say matter of fact it completely lived up to its name I was heading this phone so hard the table underneath was starting to break before I knew it this dent turned into a

Crater and then eventually I thought I'd broken it for a second but then I realized literally the removable back had come off and that you could just snap it back into place game over Nokia 3310 1 mister who's the

Boss 0 so to recap that round the galaxy s7 was very average in terms of durability the s8 got completely mauled from both the front and the back but the s9 was where we started to see a

Massive shift from Samsung thicker glass made more of a difference than any level of Gorilla Glass did in terms of the durability and then it was nice to see that this carries forward through to the s 10 as well so to answer the question

Have smartphones gotten weaker I would say the answer is yes and no the Nokia 3310 is from a time when all smartphones were these really durable bricks and these kind of design cues and these materials also appeared in early

Smartphones like the Galaxy S one and so those phones also were incredibly durable but then as you can see from durability here the focus started to become design is start to become thinness and form factor and it's only

Recently in the last few years when technology has gotten good enough that were actually able to have both slim devices that are incredibly durable and so the trend is actually upwards and positive and I can't wait for it if you

Enjoyed this video then please do consider subscribing to the mysteries of austgen all I'd really appreciate it and I'm also going to drop links to the glass fusion cards in the description below so do check that out my name is

Erin at this mr. who's the boss that'll catch you in the next

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