Are MP3s the end of music’s portable evolution? feat. BlinkPopShift

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

hey guys so I'm Sam which is a title

that is probably under here and I'm

Emily and we've been talking about doing

a video a collaboration video about mp3s

and realized that we would actually both

be at VidCon where we are right now

there's so many teens screaming down

there overwhelming yeah so this is us

introducing my video but there'll be an

annotation here and then again at the

end to go on Emily's video oh it's my

video and subscribe to blinkpopshift and

also subscribe to this exists and now

enjoy my video when it comes to portable

music players and formats you may think

we've reached the end of the line we're

good but did people think that in 1985

first there was the transistor radio

then the headphones now there's music

better being able to bring your music

wherever you go has been the dream since

the first phonograph cylinder was

cranked out in 1877 truly portable music

began with the Regency tr1 transistor

radio in 1950 for further compactness

has been accomplished through the

speakers that go into these tiny sets

speakers which meet the space

limitations and yet are as efficient and

distortion-free as those several times

their size Sony launched the Walkman in

1979 giving you a choice of what music

you would actually trudge along to

technically they were beat to the punch

by the stereo belt in 1972 but the

stereo belt was never actually

manufactured or commercially available

Deitz Allah she nuts made

and if you're my age you grew up always

carrying around a backpack with a binder

full of CDs in it and you brought that

everywhere you went all the time just in

case someone needed you to put on every

no effect song ever recorded Beatles

they're more Beatles the mp3 format

obviously decimated the backpack and CD

binder industry it became the standard

for compressed music files and along

with the iPod still dominates the

portable music market I'm having a hard

time getting my head around effect if

you can transfer an album onto this in

10 seconds there have been challengers

along the way the latest to grab

headlines was Neil Young's pono which

raised over six million dollars via

Kickstarter Canadian rocker Neil Young

is hoping a new device will be music to

your ears pono promises better than CD

quality sound but many record labels

only have CD masters of their back

catalog archives and if they do have a

lossless master most people can't really

hear the difference you'd be just as

well off in a vest music best it's

designed to provide you with high

quality stereo music wherever you go

whatever the weather with music best

waterproof speaker system you can enjoy

your favorite music whether you're

exercising riding golfing fishing or

just hanging around

sounds like a steal at 3495 it's hard to

imagine why the music vest is not the

portable music standard of our day

another near miss hit clips tickets

coming at your right between the ears is

hit clip music to get you grooving new

clips to the slick micro IO

the side package is small pulse out

monster sound breaks down like this we

clip clip clip and sample song so only

the groove hip clips played one minute

mono clips of popular songs that were

technically digital but used delta-sigma

modulation to output a sound like this

part of the appeal of hit clips was that

they were affordable the players were

like 4 or 5 bucks the songs were happy

meal toys this was not the player for

you if you wanted to show off if you

want to show off you got to drop some

bills Bobby

tancy Santa cuatro de Brienne siento

Santa transferee antes e una wha morena


the trek store I beat organics gold mp3

player currently sells for twenty

thousand dollars making it the most

expensive mp3 player on the market that

isn't just an iPod with diamonds glued

onto it which is a thing for some reason

if you're among the nerd horde who hate

the compressed sound of mp3s you've

probably already graduated to using AAC

compression but if that's not good

enough there is hope beyond the hype of


there's wimp a Spotify style streaming

service that offers lossless streaming

and another crowdfunded portable music

player geek wave from lite harmonic

promises pretty decent sound that might

be better than the pono still I wish it

was a vest the only fashion in personal

sound systems currently sweeping the

country what do you think are you happy

with your iPod or do you think there's

room for improvement in the portable

music arena let us know what you think

in the comments and be sure to subscribe

for new episodes of this exists every

week stay vesti thanks for watching this

exists come watch me on blinkpopshift

and we're gonna talk all about

compression algorithms and how mp3

algorithms drove the culture of sharing

on the Internet I really love Emily's

channel and I emailed her to be like we

should do a video together I do this

thing about music and there's a lot of

interesting stuff between music and

technology obviously and you were like

that would be great

but I don't know anything about music

one time in college someone showed me a

video of a record player and I thought

it was a CD I was like wow how did you

get that CD to turn like that and

everyone just stared at me like I was an

idiot yes so definitely go watch her

channel maybe she'll learn something

about music last week we talked about

weird offensive hacks for Super Mario

Brothers and asked if you thought they

were art or if you had any particularly

offensive favorites several of you

including II W 275 X and hava kado took

issue not only with the question at the

end of this episode of it whether or not

offensive roms are art but videogames

themselves actually being art now I know

that this is a debate that is raging

inside of the video game community and

we didn't really give it a lot of

credence in my defense I tried to say

video games are art inside of scare

quotes in my mind but I don't know that

translated and that is in and of itself

a very interesting conversation general

potato salad made the point that not

only were early Nintendo hacks all super

offensive but so were 8-bit PC hacks he

particularly mentions barbarian 2 porno

which just takes all of the clothes off

of the players in the Commodore

ceefor version of barbarian 2 which is

not unlike a favorite of mine that we

did not include in that episode come foo

which is a hack of kung fu the Nintendo

game with just all the players naked so

clearly a lot of class a lot of class

back in the day Adam Jacobs attempted to

weigh into the legal ramifications of

these sorts of remixes or mashups

talking a lot about fair use and parody

and satire things that I don't totally

understand and which he obviously seems

to feel fall under a general gray area

of the law pretty interesting stuff if

you're interested in suing whoever made

the dick Nazis hack Daniel Teddy fish

pointed out that naked headless Mario

versus the dick Nazis is the best band

name he's heard in a long time also

allowing me to use the phrase Daniel

titty fish thinks naked headless Mario

versus the dick Nazis in my job so thank

you Daniel titty fish Brendon C brought

up the super mario brothers 256 worlds

hack which is not strictly speaking a

hack and the way that we were talking

about but is apparently a way of

accessing 256 glitch levels in Super

Mario where you originally you put in

tennis and then you don't turn off the

system you take out tennis and then you

put in Mario and somehow you can play

almost 300 new levels of Mario as for

this week's book recommendation or book

pairing Jonathan Stern's mp3 meaning of

a format covers the entire history of

compression from transistor radios up

until the invention and implementation

of the mp3 format it's a fascinating

look at science and psycho acoustics and

the nature of music and how science

affects our day-to-day lives when we're

just listening to a lord record so

absolutely worth checking out Jonathan

Stern's mp3 meaning of the format


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