Are aliens abducting rock stars?

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

Last week Justin and I saw the end of an episode
of the X-Files while travelling and shooting

a different show so of course this week we're
talking musicians who have been abducted by


Like you, I spend every one of my endless,
sleepless nights listening to Coast to Coast

AM until five in the morning and preparing
for my eventual journey to the cosmos

Alien abductions are a relatively new phenomenon
Although true believers cite so-called paleo-abductions

documented as far back at 1897, most consider
the 1961 Betty and Barney Hill incident as

ground zero

Barney Hill was not actually James Earl Jones,
but the famous hypnosis tapes of him and his

wife recounting their extraterrestrial experience
leaked to the press in 1965 and made for a

perfectly cornball TV movie in 1975 Staring
Vader himself

The Hills' story — lost time, bright lights,
probes – became the blueprint for every abduction

story you've ever heard There's even a plaque
in North Lincoln, New Hampshire, to commemorate

it And so it has gone for the last five decades

But not everyone visited by aliens is a boring,
normal person Sometimes, aliens hang with

rock stars

The very roots of white rock and roll are
space-tinged Some claim that aliens were

present at the birth of Elvis Presley — including
his own father, Vernon Weirder and somehow

less verifiable is the claim that, at the
of 8, Elvis was visited by aliens and told

his future

Lupe Fiasco, who is more alive than Elvis,
started bragging all over town in 2011 about

his abduction and subsequent implant

I want to touch Lupe Fiasco's alien implant

Sammy Haggar — former Van Halen frontman
and Cabo Wabo impresario — has become increasingly

open about his abduction He also know claims
that Van Halen's "Poundcake", with lyrics

like "Lemme get on, lemme get on, lemme get
on some of that / Shake it up, pick it out

nice / Lemme get on, lemme get on, lemme get
on outta there / I still love my baby's Poundcake"

actually about aliens

Ace Frehley from KISS opened up about his
abduction in his 2011 memoir — the inspiration

for his alter-ego, the Spaceman from Planet
Jendell Although I'm not sure I'd trust this


Maybe it shouldn't be surprising that the
folks who are the loudest about their alien

encounters — Jerry Garcia from the Grateful
Dead, Rick Wakeman from Yes, Cat Stevens — are,

you know, open-minded types

None of this even takes into account all the
rock stars who have just seen aliens — we

can save Mick Jagger's UFO alarm system for
another episode

What do you think — are aliens targeting
rock stars? Let us know in the comments, and

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