Are 1000% Coin Pumps Still Possible!? Yes! Look to DeFi!!

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

That's Oh am i now okay what the heck I'm sorry everybody YouTube was freaking out I don't even know if it captured any other stuff I said wow it's terrible YouTube so yeah is it going I don't know is the stream going yeah I press go I'd like five

Minutes ago what's going on here what's good everybody good to see ya I just want to get some like answers if it's going okay yeah it's going okay so I don't know if it captured my initial

Shoutouts I want to give these shoutouts Oh mark m and his daughter Hanna UN's daughter Jasmine Jimbo bob's pet lizard swim and also Bruno splice and his girlfriend shouting out members of the Chico army they asked me to so I obliged

Obliged yo ho what's up everybody yeah I was weird it was super delayed I don't know if you saw any of what I was talking about all right yeah so next thing besides shout out of the Chico army members is uh follow me

On some my social outlets chain link target posted on Instagram I post most videos I sometimes you do some personal stuff might start posting some of my gross stuff okay cool um here soon I'm actually growing legally here in

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In the description of the videos so check them out Oh getting tips already even okay just throwing ten bucks and nothing else thanks brother I appreciate it man um so yeah we're gonna talk about some

Interesting things today and I'm sure from the title you saw a thousand percent you know pumped our return on investment you know a crypto going 10x is it still possible in the cryptocurrency space it is tied me and

I've proved it on the channel a few times you know there are pump and dumps you know where the coin goes pin X and then it dumps right back down within you know span over months you want to see longer than that growth you don't want

To see it go 10x within a couple days that's going to usually drop down you know a sustained pump over you know six months a year usually a good sign for a project and I found a couple of those within the past couple of years okay

Cool cool it's world can I get a quick I love it yes you can bars D what do I think about eternity uh-huh I don't know I heard of it I really don't want to get into a bunch of coins because I got content to

Get into I heard of it that's all I can say man I appreciate the tip but I really don't want to get into a bunch of coins I mean I know you see from the title you hope you know me talking about it it's gonna help your coin but that's

Not what we're here to do not what we're here to do we're here to look at some projects that have done similar things so we'll start you know markets you know do it alright bitcoins back down 1969 we're selling that nine 10k range where

We've been for a while bullish bearish amaya i don't know it's hard to say i mean with you know what the feds doing QE crazy stock market stock market doesn't look like it's gonna take a massive dip for a while

We're gonna have to see how things play out over the summer with them printing like this is it going to pump the stock market back and arm are the economic wheels going to start turning again and then some of that money will flow

Bitcoin or is it going to do what I want it to do um I mean what it should do because it's what economics I mean thrive by you can't just keep printing I mean you can't just be keep doing what they're doing um a crash needs to happen

And I think a crash would happen all around for all assets but if it took out you know what's behind this whole structure economic structure the USD petro dollar who you know it would rise from the ashes are the alternative

Assets harder assets fiat money not letting old digital money on your computer actual cash dollar bills so it would be valuable gold that would be valuable Bitcoin that would be valuable a casual observer thanks man I

Appreciate I appreciate you tuning in for the live streams man I appreciate the tip CLS LM you're the best bro and you're the best too man I appreciate you supporting the channel and everyone keeping us going and stuff so the are

You know if yo things take a dip okay we're not gonna steal all the coins we'll get trashed everything but from what I'm seeing we're gonna see some stuff over the summer so they're all this chances over these next three

Months we could see some things I mean in the past you guys know univ right I called Yuna bright at left a penny around penny and it's gone you know pretty much 40x now that was a great call it's happened over

The past ban about six months it's a little fast for me but there are big things with Yuna bright chain link another one called it out about 40 cents it's at 4:15 I mean is it got near five dollars doing well and this has happened

Over the span of year-and-a-half energy web one of my newer ones call that around dollar something and if you would have got in earlier you know it is close to it got up to an 8x and it's back down to a 6x and this is in the

Span of you know four months so good to see good to see so this is you know proof that it is possible you guys it's not there but you don't want to see the 10x super-quick that is there will be a

Massive dump down and things aren't right when you see that personally in my opinion let Chico talk about what he wants to talk about it's a very reason we're here Jim busy FTW STW to that and a Ramos

Just retracts his message but throws a $5 tip I like it RLC expectations ewt BTC to 7800 crazy crash well if BTC goes down everything goes down but from what I'm team like I said stock markets are going to have

Summer euphoria it's obvious but if they can't push the markets back up to where they were thirty one thousand thirty two thousand downs by that time and I don't think they will we're going down dude I mean back I mean we are in my opinion

Going down it's the economies aren't going to be the same the fact of the matter is is everything's going to slow down you guys we're not getting back to that so that's my personal opinion I owe you I mean I like your last name man I

Hope I said it right please stop tipping Tyler thank you very generous $20 tip man you you too man so again you guys it's possible and I mean now we're seeing this crazy one this is pumping massively I mean you see

That that's scary when things like that happen there's right up candles but I mean compound there are big things going on but again like I said in my thumbnail what is the common thing between a lot

Of these coins energy exchange is in exchange for energy you know it's a platform for trading energy it's defy you know what's you know bright defy what's compound D Phi D Phi D Phi D Phi it's going to be the buzzword of the

Next bull run that hands down I've been saying that for a long time oh yeah Ted Teddy fathers thank you for the $5 tip man and then fear God good name $20 for Dubey snacks doobie doobie brother so again you guys I mean if you

Want to look for some defy coins go to just go defy pulse I mean the defy list yeah got a long list of coins I'm not gonna go through them but you can do the research search and I hope you know what defy poll says and I bring it up a lot a

Lot of people talk about it it's good resource but then another one so these are some of the coins I think possibly not going to do it anytime soon like it's not going to do a compound I mean rocket pool has already went up

Extend outstanding I mean it had barely any trading volume back here and then it started to get recognition because of ethereum shaking and it was mentioned in consensus players if they're in 2.0 guy so Lee mentioned as one of the

Decentralized staking pools out there so again rocket pool is 27 million dollars market cap that's low it's 150 I mean if it shoots up you know does the unit right that's not going to necessarily be a 10x but if the markets are surging

That could be a 10x another ones I'm looking down you know to right here lower down they're not on page one yet of course they're not going to 10x these two anytime soon but down the road they tightly possible good Kusama and i exac

RLC 119 and 120 getting lowered down on the list – I've been looking at ocean protocol I've been hearing some good things about herd ewf talk about them in a presentation they are 158 and what market cap 25

Million so similar to rocket pool then Origin protocol they've been pumping lately again nut more defy relation pretty much creating your own decentralized store origin protocol

Which I'm gonna look into for my website so again that one page – then you get on do you know page 3 and you know these are some I'm not even I'm not trying to say you know dive in did these or anything these are just once I'm looking

At I haven't even bought a token yet or dumped massive amounts of money into these in brand I probably won't because the risk is so high with these lower down the list coins but rate and network token again they have a lot of various

Things coming out there 2:15 and I've been hearing some things about melon and they've been surging lately so I mean I could wait for a pullback if I'm going to invest in that one but these have a lot lower market cap – I mean right in

This 15 million melon is 14 million so get into your tips guys hold on I hold rep talk about my great decision oh well auger v2 when it comes out is going to be big I mean that's one thing you got to look for especially with the defy

Coins you know I exact why did I look at exactly five is coming out in July and I mean next month auger v2 big platform update highly anticipated and it's had delays that's really kept augers price down but now they have it set in some

For July if it does the way oh shit uh-huh but again that one's supposed to come out in July so of Matthew Mick Macallan a NIC an ally I'm not saying that right but I'm here buzz about Cody any thoughts on that coin worth a look

Or no well I saw it right down here I think all right saw it somewhere on the list there it is and yeah it's been pumping to you lately up 7.9% in the last seven days um I don't know I'm gonna have to look into it I mean I'm

Not saying anything like it's bad it's just one I'm not walking into I mean if it's trying to be an aetherium competitor um don't think it's gonna do well which half of these coins are trying to do I

Mean it's bad idea you're gonna be in for a rude awakening trying to compete with aetherium how'd you guys hey brother what are your thoughts on dmg have you looked into it at all there's been some talk around it in the past

Couple of days again you guys I I'm not looking at it because I'm these are the coins I'm looking at the ones that I hold in my portfolio and then I just listed some of the ones I mean there's a few others I'm looking at it I mean dmg

Is not even on coin market cap bro our quaint gecko so I mean I'm not saying it's bad but I'm not looking at it so I wish I could do more for you but I just don't want to look at a bunch of people's coins they just want me to look

At so it's covered in the video I vow xanex returns I get it you want that but I'm not gonna do it sorry I appreciate the tip I pray for massive pumps and massive dumps genie Chico I don't pray for massive pumps or dumps I

Meant pray for so sustained gains over a long period that's what I like to see hate pump and dumps hate him because they reckless your emotions dude I've been a part of you know the market since 2013 so yeah I know it wrecks it's not

Fun hey Chico thanks for keeping us educated hey no problem oh it's a foo-foo I appreciate your tip to in high 20 film room like the name sounds like you do filming Pappa loop another doobie render

Token okay I get it guys you want me to look at it but Wow 4172 $60,000 trading volume and I don't know I'm probably not something you should look at I mean it sounds like it's trying to compete with things like

Bolam and I exact oh what do I think of the curve s BTC pool I was actually going to cover that Christopher heck yeah brother appreciate your tip though papa whoop Thomas Palmer long time no see you rock Manucci smoochy boochi

Boochi what is that crazy Swift board token she's coin I've been seeing Swiss Borg but it has went rocket status super quickly so be careful what goes up must come down

But I'm not saying anything bad about it I just haven't looked into it yeah and this is all in the 19 days you guys so this is scary three cents to 1505 X and 19 days that's scary so be careful so yeah getting into

The SVTC pool – oh my god you guys Jesus stop tipping I can't get to myself yeah I like that BTC pool or getting to that do you think all projects partnered with the cerium Alliance will do well no I've said that multiple times just joining

The etherium alliance you can do it's you know paid for thing so no a lot of projects are partnered with them they're not doing anything what about teller finance cap coin don't care same for his tip being honest what

Do you think imma Casey's ghost coin crap again McAfee was part of horrible pumping dumps thank you for the tip but crap Swope there it is lay that shit defy Ren makers your ex can't see link you be TRL

See WAP yes what knows what it is womp is awesome dude can't wait to hang out with womp so yeah you guys now the next thing I want to talk about is not Swiss Borg be careful experience with Swift swiss

Borg Elrond – you know these next thing on my title it is kind of bringing up you know we have had massive pumps from these two coins but then a v' another defy related seal synthetics defy related Nexo defy related rin d5 related

Augur defy related I mean you see the common theme you know 70% of the top coins pumping are defy related so again you know defy stuff is what I'm looking at and one coin that is moving quickly on bringing Bitcoin to aetherium is Rin

And I'm loving it so they have a new BTC yields farming pool from since that X curve and Ren so yo farming am i that adjudicated on this no I'm not and that's what I'm trying to learn more hopefully this week and I can take a

Deeper dive into it but there is profits to be made and Ren BTC you can see the obvious that there is profits to be made in that red BTC just launched couple weeks ago and there is already one point six million dollars worth of 24-hour

Trading volume that's impressive that is impressive so there is money to be made through that I don't know how I'm going to figure it out polka dot price prediction well that's

Kind of hard because the polkadot prayut polka dot prices not really organic right now polka dots gonna be big you guys but I don't want to make a price prediction on that sorry Ben I appreciate your tip hey

Chris you I appreciate your $10 tip just want to say thank you and support the channel Scotty P is a man Scotty P is one of the best mad mins of over hat he's excellent takes care of the channel brings actual great content himself he's

A youtuber should actually check out Scotty man I got remember your name on YouTube Scott I can't go to my subscribers well I will bring it up here in a second you guys

Ship chain you guys come on I'm not gonna talk about coins that you know I put in a small investment in and I'm still researching I'm still trying to figure it out to use this you guys who is freaking spam in the channel so the

Next thing I want to talk about is actually some of the sponsored content I did the other day so I did sponsored card content for argent wallet argent and it was actually received really well and I was happy with that you know I

Want to try to bring the best sponsored content to the cheeto channel so I appreciate argent for supporting the channel but the next thing I want to bring up is their guardian so what I brought up in

The sponsored content was what I thought was the coolest thing about our jet they didn't tell me what to talk about they just said hey we want to get on your channel and you talk about whatever you like best which was cool and I like the

Guardian service so they actually found out that sixty-one of their wallets through a security audit open Zeppelin did it as 61 wallets within their system were at risk and the ones that were at risk were the ones without Guardians

So again Guardian service from argent again one of the most innovative things in the crypto space hands down I mean like I showed in the sponsored content metallic he did it tweet about that what argent does and then someone tweeted to

Him hey that's what argent wallet does he was like oh shit really yeah so cool any thoughts on free are a ferocity um again I'm looking at it hmm and I've done some sponsored content for them but is it one of my top picks

Mm-hmm I'm just being honest can't sneaking be a scam also of course sneaking can be a scam but you that's why you want to be in a coin that has a lot of D app developers the people who can actually read and write code in it

And large audit firms like open Zepplin reviewing the code because if you don't that's where you know security vulnerabilities are you know within code not know I'm not a fan of a da you guys

I mean there's a reason Charles Hoskinson is ostracized in the crypto industry because he's not very fun to work with he's not a very good guy now asking you to look now but I'd like you to hear your opinion on 0x BTC

Decentralized start no I see oh my nipple er C 20 token basically BTC ported to aetherium yes I've heard of 0x BTC I've looked into it too um it's just not getting the traction you know that it should I mean it's been around it's

There it's just not and I don't know why again I may take another look but make her on coinbase now will it go up um maker is going to be a big coin again I'm trying to get through people's heads about governance having a saying

Governance in the next dollar is kind of big I would say it's kind of valuable thing for companies to own you know what you know pay back these PSRs all that kind of stuff with die is voted upon based on toke

Holdings so having a saying that is going to be huge if died Phil's mission of becoming the next dollar which I think it's one of the top contenders Chico's some good ubcd news research not right now um I've been you know digging

Into the baseline stuff here and there and I mean you BT is constantly on there doing stuff but big stuff I've found I mean the big stuffs going to come once we start hearing about some of the enterprises building the applications

With baseline I mean that's when we're gonna see big use cases with you BT tokens and everything if you're god I appreciate the tip to pique and ask the Stampede you guys man if you're god what's your opinion on paper wads

Compared to hardware wallets um I mean paper wallets are going to be more secure you could say because no one can hack a paper wallet I mean I've just seen there's one abilities come up with all hardware wallets ledger tracer

They're finding most of them but again paper metal even engraving your private key into a metal wallets going to be more secure than Hardware wallet chung Macklowe McCleary mclee owed do you think and see is a

Long term punt do you see it be going beyond $10 anytime soon eyeball your expert opinion on this I don't like doing price discussions but I hold us can see it's one of my top holds of my portfolio so I wouldn't be holding it if

I didn't think long term about it so yeah I see good things with JNC Oh crypto crypto tato Chico please Fillmore foot on XRP and ripple enjoy it so much maybe be here soon I mean I only bring up stuff that I find the the community

Needs to know about so I mean sometimes I do a troll video from time to time just cuz I XRP army attacks me like crazy whoa John Bradshaw I'm doing your panic button idea it's nearly complete

All the smart conch all the smart contracts have come filed and the front end is nearly dawn done how can I contact you what John Bradshaw contact me on my email is the Chico crypto at I'll actually put it in here

So you can copy and paste it alright that is awesome that's probably the best tip I've seen it's also in the description of all my videos too dude John I can't wait talk to you man so I that's an idea I think is going to

Be needed and long term could be something that changes its world I mean cuz I have more ideas than just what I talked about on that stream so can't wait to talk to you man I appreciate your tip – hey Chico any thoughts on my

Shit coin that I'm Nestle over-leveraged then let me know nice I love your tips that is basically what a lot of people are doing yes keep that work better than Rin keep us decentralized thanks for your opinion no I mean the Ren VM you

Know fully not decentralized yet but it will be and it's better than WB TC in my opinion I mean if network was better we'd see more volume and stuff but that's not necessarily true I mean marketing has a

Lot to do with it man I cannot even get to my content you guys you guys literally need to saw tipping or I'm not even gonna be able to get my content what's my favorite weed strain well I am growing right now strawberry banana

Straw man across both inment and Girl Scout cookies my favorite strain is uh super Silver Haze but it has to be a certain pet of it the new stuff I haven't found one of the old school

Cuts of it the new cut it's not hmm Papa whoo Congrats on the new move to the new place thanks for your great work in research Papa whoop I appreciate you man it isn't comp just another Ponzi like

Finance 1.0 after especially after opening the doors for us DT when you SBC goes bust d phi goes bust oh no I mean it's going to be interesting if d phi ever goes bust I mean I'm actually going to talk about things here pretty soon

About then why DFS New York Fed and tether and a lot of things going on there they're hate both want control of the crypto markets that video is coming on Monday so we'll talk about it do you

Think new mayor BTU will be labeled as a security thank you well I appreciate your tip Vince Kay but I have not even looked into new mayor so I cannot answer that question I really want to get to my content so I'm going to have to not look

Into it I'm sorry man I appreciate your tip but I have been hearing good things about new mayor a you see has already seen a thousand percent return in the last sixty days and it's a very interesting project just making you

Aware if you haven't seen it thank you for making me aware I might look into it but a thousand percent return in 60 days is it's kind of quick I would rather see that over the span of a year and I bet it's low volume hey what do you think of

Atomic loans for btcd five versus the ptc peg tokens well I talked about it um are you talking if you're talking about colored coin no you're not talking about colored coins you're talking about cerium I don't know I'd have to look

Into that dwarf sorts I mean I could I don't even know what an atomic loan is haven't looked into that so I just wanted we really want to get to my content I appreciate all your guys steps but it's crazy you guys took too

Much I appreciate them but oh you suffered don't care whether or not you like decorate because it isn't in the deep eye space you love but your comment on their voting governance and Treasury approach to evolution and sustainability

My light I like Dec read more than a lot of other projects but I don't know a lot about their governance and Treasury approach I know their treasury approach is a little bit it's kind of like dashes and energies but I think energy pays out

A lot more than Dec read if I'm correct Chico down the road do you think you ever can do a taxes and how to be smart about it um yeah down the road I'm definitely learning myself trying to figure it out

So down the road I'm not gonna try to provide tax advice I'm not going to do that because I'm not even too sure not even the people who you know your tax accountant you know that wherever you go is sure I'm telling you that right now

Do me and up raku um thanks for your great job bro best content I've found around keep going I am a fan of CRO what do you think about it I don't like it too much finance integration pumpin crap and yeah

Not a big fan but I just don't like projects that partner with the devil so tell her by dhow any of those chests and son I mean even basic attention token pissed me off because they've partnered with them it's totally a money grab but

So yeah now we're talking about you know something that's interesting is basic attention token as you can see on compound feet two interest is going for 25% right now haven't refreshed this 22% 17% it was at

25 and this is actually a nice little website you can actually see the lending rates across the different platforms and what's making the most money so there's this weird concept called the Chad yield farmer you know this is a guy who's

Trying to get healthy APRs enough to feed his family swaps and borrows 13 tokens and it single transaction pump surprise on low liquidity taxes or governance token for his work plants tokens and fertile protocols

Relaxes while yield gross farms with W BTC and USD T and this is a virgin trader blah blah blah so I mean it is gross to see tether starting to get ingrained into defy I mean we have died why do we need tether get the hell out

And compound bringing that in it's kind of gross but this is actually a good article and I'm going I haven't even gone through it but I know it's good because it's from a very good outlet thankless and this is or the daily will

We and this one is from Anthony's cesano he puts out really good content and this is basically how to maximize your compensation through compound with yield farming so basically going to look through this I should add it in added

This in the description I can add it in the comments so now if you want to check that out out Oh what was I going to talk about chain-link so yeah I got a little tip for you guys have a hey what would I say

A feeling a Chico feeling that something's going to happen on Tuesday for chain-link I mean price has already been being pretty active in the past 24 hours for the markets going down I mean especially

With chain links high volume supply you know pushing up even a little bit with chain link is a lot harder than pushing up with coin only on the $20 million dollar market cap so what could happen I think Tuesday

We're gonna get a big old announcement from chain link regarding the blockchain base service network from China the BSN so there's been a lot of stuff coming out in the news regarding the PSN what they're building I actually covered it

Over a month ago to mow two months ago now three months ago now Jesus I'm I'm on the ball you guys I'll tell you that so make sure I didn't miss any tips I'm sorry if I did nope okay good you guys alright so what is the BSN that's what

We're gonna figure out well you suckers whop you dirty dog swoop up on the corner smoking marijuana Northern California we do what we wanted we should phone you we got we some fuckin stoners yep he knows the rap

Chico's out on pie dogs BT C++ and us C++ I actually covered those James C Lee I did a video on it and I think it's really cool I think it's one of the cooler things see in his face but then they add some vulnerabilities also so I

Get with these new defy protocols again you know you don't want to be putting in a massive amount of your portfolio into something because these are turning complete smart contracts most of the most of them still written solidity

Which means there are vulnerabilities to be found it's a large attack surface compared to a Bitcoin smart contract which is very small micro business media your research and hard work are appreciated

Love the type format of your updates favorite bands besides rage oh man it's hard to say I'm uh I mean I like why John room usek I mean some of my favorite rappers or Danny Brown I mean of course I like some old-school stuff

Tupac biggie um some of my favorite bands again old-school Led Zeppelin Jimi Hendrix it's just you know but I do like some of the new more new-school stuff rage is one of my favorite newer bands there's a

Few out there that I listen to here or there but new music is not as good as it used to be appreciate it man good good question – so yeah what is the BSN so I did a video on it three months ago so what is the BSN well

It's led by the State Information Center a government agency under the National Development and Reform Commission as well as state-owned telecommunication giants including China Telecom China Unicom and payments firm China UnionPay

So those are the big state names behind it but what is the tech being used well the BSN just really that's so big you know some sate names guys that's you know what we found out but there's also some big blockchain names and they're

Creating basically an interoperability protocol well from the paper the BSN is currently already adapted or being adapted for consortium blockchain frameworks including fabric Cisco because Sita super chain would tonk

Chain and bro chain and the public block chains aetherium and eos in the future the BSN will continue to adapt mainstream frameworks and give developers even more choices so if you watch my video a couple days ago I'm

Sure they're keeping it under wraps but fabric in this instance means phimax sc3 as that was created by the co-founder and author of there Hyper ledger fabric white paper Frank Lu which I understand why they didn't want

To name it by name they are really trying to keep this one under wraps only blockchain where everything almost all the information is in Chinese no English but we found out who was behind it but the second one Fisk OB cost is highly

Important so back a few months ago it was found out that we Bank would be one of the technical providers for the BSN we Bank is China's first fully digital Bank while we Bank according to this article will provide the BSN with its

Patented open consortium chain Cisco because the DSN reportedly introduced this as one of their major Alliance chain platforms that will adapt to and fiscal beat cost has become the current DSN with speech visco because is a

Consortium of major players including $0.10 and we bank but also way beyond soft and other massive Chinese conglomerates so big big you guys it's not necessarily BSN you gotta look deeper it's actually the blockchain

Being used at Cisco because and it's big you know some of the biggest players in China are going to be running on top of it from you know founder of hyper ledger Frank Liu who worked with John Wall / baseline protocol hope you guys can

Understand that but then you see something interesting baseline protocol BSN so according to he the BSN is also working with developers of Cosmos conceived as a blockchain to connect all black block chains and chain link a

Network of Oracle's which reports real-world events to trigger payments and smart contracts they will not only be two of the frameworks included in BSN but play a significant role in increasing interoperability between

Different systems so they're not just going to be block chains they connect you they're actually going to be integrated into their cosmos chain link and I have a damn good feeling chain link is going to be announced on Tuesday

I mean because cosmos is basically already announced the SNS partnership with cosmos is through I areata shanghai-based blockchain firm the chain link one is it's yeah they're using it but it's not announced so I think there

Will be a formal Smith coming just my personal opinion I don't know info digital thank you man I appreciate your tip pain its problem oh shit my shit disconnected okay we're good yeah

So yeah I appreciate that tip um H Williams I hope you everyone heard that channeling going bullish end-of-year um it's very possible I mean it's definitely bubbling I mean BSN announcement would be huge especially

Because that just connects chain-linked baseline I mean Frank blew a lot of the connections are there its it'll just solidify it more what are the best defy projects in my opinion I just went through a bunch of them made do echo

Clean I'm not going to do it again I appreciate your tip but no I just went through about 10 15 of them I don't think any other one I wouldn't be talking about other ones you know I don't think they're good okay oh yeah so

This is where the guys sticking around for Monday's content I always like to give a little hint of what I'm gonna be talking about on Monday so the New York Fed just put out a you know blog post of calling Bitcoin just another example of

Fiat money it's not a commodity anymore what are they going to change that I mean some people in the beginning wanted Bitcoin be called money because then they couldn't be tapped but now that it's the commodity you know

And it had that ruling and you know laws were being made based on that they wanted that now you know they don't want that change because here comes a bunch of new laws why is it that doing this right now I'll tell you why the Fed

Hates Bitcoin the Fed is trying to destroy Bitcoin so they've put out multiple articles I mean this is the article right now Bitcoin is not new tech money blah blah blah it's from to the same two people every time Michael

Lee and Antoine Martin Antoine Martin is actually a senior vice president of the New York Fed and Michael Lee he's just like a small guy barely out of college but he's probably involved with crypto markets or something so they got him on

I don't know but there's Michael there's Antoine senior vice president so who is else I don't up there why did I have you that so again they put out multiple articles regarding it hating on crypto Sam guys

Right here doing it again so who else is on the board of the Federal Bank of new federal the bag who else is on their board you know these are actual workers Antoine a senior vice president this guy's on the Board of Advisors you know

This is Glenn HS tens powerful person undercover powerful person mieze owns a couple NBA teams on New York Fed he's on silver life investments AT&T I mean he's powerful so interesting to see that Glenn H Hudgens is you know

On the board so then we got a start looking into what else clinic Hutchins is involved with so I put out this video December 11th 2018 and I was getting like no fuse only seven thousand views on that video so banks and block stream

Verses of people basically connecting you know what block stream is trying to do to Bitcoin they aren't good for a Bitcoin I'll tell you that right now digital currency group funds block stream who's on the board members of

Digital currency group Glenn Hutchins another person Lawrence Summers very silver its founder but here is someone interesting which the video is going to all this stuff I've covered before a net nav Nazareth

So chico army member actually gave me this tip and I appreciate it because it's just starting to pull things together I'm wondering you know what is going on with you know the Fed and then the NY DFS attacking crypto banks and

All that why is New York's hating on crypto currencies so freakin much they are the Ford in crypto side and here is a net-net look Nazareth so who she's married to is interesting it will cut you know connect everything

Back she's married to Roger stone of key IAA Insurance I don't want to reveal what it is but I'm giving you guys some hints bitfury – so a net is connected to bitfury bitfury who are they well we will find out so

That's a hint I don't want to drop any more oh god I got a bunch of tips geez you guys hey Chico / pref on a Charles a cheerleading video wearing a super Charles Girl Scout outfit three play

Between czj son and yourself or trade all your crypto into BTC ESV and a hold till end of dawn nah not doing that Charles I don't even want to talk about Charles on my channel anymore people don't get it

Then don't get it I don't care but yeah I'm not doing yes V I appreciate your tip though I'm sorry miss sad – thanks for your research and crypto could you check out the X down low cap and defy keep doing

What you're doing um I would love to check it out man but again I come on guys I just said I don't want to do that I know you tip me and I go he's gonna do it I'm not sorry guys model is project has no answer about

Filing crypto prod crypto taxes for using Visa Card link to decentralized wallet any thoughts on how this works no I don't I you I it's taxes again I used to said I wasn't going to answer tax questions

Again guys come on I appreciate you kid but come on stop asking me questions I did I say I'm not gonna answer but appreciate it Chieko if you could have only one pick what would you pick link or aetherium um

Well my portfolio is saying link I mean dollar value I've put more into aetherium I've gotten less returns than chain link and I'm probably going to keep doing that because I made an excellent call early on with chain link

On custard comfortable with my holdings so I have more link dollar value but I see the long term long term long term value is holding the base layer Lego of defy I mean that's going to be more valuable than the top LEGO pieces I mean

In my opinion we're seeing suppression of the etherium price yeah barsik shoutout to Michelle uma gain I do not know who that is but yeah shout out Li no follow me R shout-out to the homie Tyler keeping it real 100%

It's been enlightening watching your cart content over the years the deficit research is – is just too good it's funny watching everyone else follow you laugh oh wow blazing one for you thank you you know I

Appreciate that I mean there are some good cryptocurrency people out there but yeah majority of them are trashed and they prove their trash so then they keep proving it bots on compound good then lend and earn compound tokens I mean

That's what a lot of people are doing that's what I covered in that Chad thing so yield farming he's basically planting tokens and flexible protocols relaxants while it grows and he's earning tokens for his hard work so again doing the

Compound thing he's earning compound tokens I mean I'm going to look into it I mean there is money there's a reason we're seeing basic attention to Oken at 25% right now it has to do what's going on right now there is good money to be

Made so this was interesting regarding an article from Bitcoin calm it says analyst says Bitcoin breakout imminent silver like suppression 5 trillion in cash could flow into BTC so I was like oh god oh god do you know how much 5

Trillion is you guys so again let's just check out money supply so the narrow money supply of easily accessible money you know this is money if they tried to take out it would crash the economy by the way 35.2 you know how much is 5

Trillion that's basically 15 percent 15 percent of the narrow money supply is not going into Bitcoin I'll tell you that right now Bitcoin calm umm but yeah the non-physical money supply is

Six trillion you know if all coins and banknotes Whitten the world this is basically what they're saying we're gonna get all the coins and banknotes in the world to flow into cryptocurrency shut up stupid stupid stupid eventually

Yeah down the road but that article just pissed me off because it's not logical just think about it dude atomic loans is a use BPC as collateral hole locking in a script and borrowing dire USBC check it out on your spare

Time I will dora wits I appreciate you tip you know what 58 sent 50 cent did when you got a hungry 58 that's funny joke I like it Ian s broker Arad come here thank you for the dollar man I appreciate it and Armando Ramos thanks

Man love your content I Love You Man I appreciate that twenty dollars too much tips I will say that you guys I mean 50 percent of my content is me thanking you guys for tips craziness you guys so go DM em governance dmg is gonna be

Huge man we'll see I mean of course we'll see a lot of copycats of compounds coming out yeah it's hard for me to say you guys like learn we saw aetherium bump 2017 what came out cerium coffee caps what are the cerium copycats at now

thoughts on theta Bitcoin cash and silica mm-hmm theta is my favorite I hope some Veda not a lot but a little and I can't wait till they get their full platform out

Because if it could be a competitor to what I'm on right now heck yes I'll try it out if aetherium is Bitcoin second layer then et see it takes first spot what are you talking about I don't even know its

William that's no no my theorem classic could see some bumps like I said a while ago because of staking in the move to proof of stake from proof of work if it doesn't work and things go wrong the chain that stayed proof of work couldn't

See some bumps but I'm not holding any right now recently watch an interview with Robert Spalding China's silent takeover while America is a leaf slept yeah I mean yeah aurélie is sleeping all right now they're not sleeping they're

Ink they're in cahoots you guys I mean there's money to be made in China there's money to be made by letting China take over the United States and it's happening sucks so yeah I loved it too

What I noticed so much was Trump he got caught for being buddy buddies with China you know he is super buddies buddies in this tiny he's a bull crap liar I'll tell you that about his hard stance on China him and Zia are best

Friends um yeah and then I started to getting facebook stuff about Biden and his I don't like Joe Biden Joe Biden is creep but it was I just thought it was hilarious that Trump got caught for being friends with China so he goes

After his opponent for China they're both probably friends with China like but it's just don't vote for either of them please vote for if this guy wins you guys I'm not kidding you if this guy literally wins

Election person he's going to give you a free pony yeah I'm really looking forward to a free pony I don't know about you but vermin he's the Libertarian candidate he doesn't mess around he's coming to get

Ponies for all I mean that's what I'm saying you guys we got a choice between the turd sandwich and giant douche why not vote for supreme oh my god bitcoin breakout Oh vermin

Oh I know SATA is out right now but it's not fully out I don't think unless I'm incorrect yeah Joe Jorgenson I know I know Joe Jorgenson one but vermin Joe Jorgenson doesn't say free ponies for all

Hey I'm not shadow banned that's great to hear I was oh that's actually what I was going to look up I'm going to check if I'd been shadow banned but now I can see it right there so I'm not cool that's cool my views and live stream has

Been going down usually I get about 2,000 viewers live stream been going YouTube been hurting me lately I took that week off like if you don't literally post every day like YouTube they will smack you in the face for it

Oh fuck you it sucks I'll tell you that it's like you're forced to do it if you want to yo keep growing proof of trash is greater than proof of stake I'm not ignoring this I don't like

Tilaka that's why I'm topical the domains of centralized crap they proved unstoppable domains proof so look guys centralized it's another neo blop fart noise don't like it yes an ass that like listen to pika

Cobb amazing don't miss this one no combos crap finance crap coin the only coin I could see doing something out of the finance I use is harmony because they are involved with ethereum 2.0 but they haven't been doing much lately that

I've heard of I've been hearing more about other theorem two point zero clients prismatic labs number one compound just went down 100 percent whoo be careful boys you know where it is

No I didn't you liar I hate when Liars do that guy when I'm come when am i coming to Florida again I don't know port is fun to visit not live that's for show man you guys are just all on your coins like hey check out

Michael and check out my coin check out Michael and check out my coin over-leveraged to make that one guy said suck see but I'm not going go watch another crypto youtuber I'm not gonna do it I won't do it

Yeah no I was like oh crap um well I just don't like um I mean it's not necessarily the people's fault – it's just that the disconnect in wealth is on another level in Miami maybe other parts of Florida but I lived in Miami I mean

Because the minimum wage there is so low and the Pete rich people make so much money I mean it is bad and it falls into every part of your life even if you I'm not like rich so I go to places like Walmart Target and they pay those

Employees minimum wage they are mean because of it they are angry because they are not making a living wage so they are mean to you there and it's not fun I mean every person who makes minimum wage there's in a pretty damn

Bad mood so I mean it just spills over into everything it's Miami is pretty angry yeah thank you for your saying great content Martin instead of just asking for my yeah but RDR is pumping oh well

That's cool I mean but it's way down there and dangerous and yeah I'm not going to be looking at it with $60,000 worth of volume it's a it looking like personally a pump and dump I mean just before flat volume and now so I mean be

Careful if you're in that oh my god you're so annoying a new cup wallet I hate people like you why do you even come in here to do that disgusting Joshua LAN Jin keep it up just a stick or eat a man brother if I want to

Publicize a long term scam how should I do so I'm not going to tell you to do that and what weird-ass tip Thanks yeah listen Tudor Votto and Danny Oh polka dot doesn't have any options for smart contracts uh mm maybe you should look a

Little bit deeper Kusama pair of chains you guys alright alright well I'm gonna head out I'm the chat's just getting stupid now you guys check out card oh no you not watch my channel no vjing you guys come on

Well I appreciate everyone who came in and yo provided some you know value to the stream there was a lot of you did that so you guys who came in here and asked me to pump talk about your crap coins I appreciate that but I'm not

Gonna do it I won't ever do it but again like I said there are options out there there are coins out there I mean Swiss borg is one of them that's recently done it I haven't looked into

It not recommending it but it's done it pretty good and then some coins I went over that I think could have some more upwards movement energy web even though it's went up that much I still let's link energy webs going to do well rock a

Pool of course I do that Carl's see a few others so again I appreciate all you guys coming into the stream providing content asking me questions and I'll see you guys Monday tune in for that video I'm going after the NY DFS and the New

York Fed figuring out why they hate Bitcoin so much why are they involved with blocks extreme so I appreciate you guys and Rahmi thank you for the tip man you guys are the man Chico recommends his bag only you guys yes I talk about

Coins I'm invested in it's my channel are you dumb oh my god yeah I'm talking about coins I think are good I'm not going to talk about coins that you think are good make a channel you fucking wanker peace

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