Arctic Wolf Pups on First Household Outing | Nat Geo Wild

published on July 3, 2020

(soft piano music)

– [Narrator] White Scarf
decides her pups are ready

for their first journey beyond the den

They must grow strong, learn to keep up

At first, they're timid
and stick close to mom

But soon, they spread out,

enjoying the family romp
through the polygon ponds

(perky string music)

The pack no longer needs the den,

and now range freely across the tundra

(perky string music)

They'll use rendezvous sites to regroup,

and keep the pups safe
while the adults hunt

(water splashes)

(perky string music)

(water trickles)

The pack in is travel mode,

but at pup speed

(water splashes)

The pups' dad, Clean
Coat, leads by example

(dirt crunches)

(perky string music)

(quad engine rumbles)

(birds chirp)

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