Arbitrage Bitcoin On PAXFUL For An Easy 20% Profit In Your BANK!

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

In this video I'm going to teach you how to sell your Bitcoin also known as vending VidCon our packs well really at a 20 percent profit it's you in cash via direct deposit right into your bank account and all you need is a phone an internet connection a little bit a

Bitcoin and if you do this from anywhere in the world so without further ado let's go back that coin welcome back to another video of this is your first time here my name is Francis and on this channel the crypto lifestyle we

Emphasize the importance of crypto mass adoption the centralization another Bitcoin related stuff like a bank oz coin so that sounds interesting to you smash the subscribe button and alternate that bail notification button so you

Don't miss anything that's correct I'm gonna share with you a way to make twenty percent profits paid to you in your back account and you can make these gains but before I do that I highly recommend you check out my

First video where I share with you guys how to make twenty percent profits worth of Bitcoin by selling Amazon gift cards also within that video I showed you how you could spend your Bitcoin in Amazon while getting 40% discount on any

Product on Amazon so check that out I also highly recommend you check out my second video where I also showed you how to make set a 20 percent profit by selling one vanilla Visa or MasterCard all sorts deposited into your bank

Account but in this video I'm gonna show you how to make those gains via email transfer or online interact which is one of my favorite methods for a couple of reasons so we have a few benefits right off the bat when using this payment

Method when selling pick point on paxville and those benefits is this we do not need that point 1 BTC bond that's only for gift cards so anybody could get started without having to put this into that security fund like how I like to

Call it right so you could start it with any amount right right off the bat benefit number 2 is packs will only charges us 0.25 percent so that's very nominal fees okay benefit number 3 in our previous videos we have to depend on

Amazon or through Amazon and also go through square up which is the payment processor that will convert the gift cards into cash credited to our bank account this way we don't have to deal with unnecessary third parties other

Than our bank account so the money goes from the buyer directly to our bank accounts without having to deal with like Amazon or Square up so that's pretty cool for people who didn't want to go that route right so without

Further ado let me share my screen with you guys and show you how to get to set up so you could all make this coin as well as I mentioned in previous videos there is a learning curve to this but trust me once you get it you get it if

You could walk and chew gum in time the nuclear to pull this one off but for those who do use my paxville link which is provided for you guys in the description box and in the comment section as a pin message I will be more

Than happy to guide you guys step by step and invite you in on my private paxville telegram chat we got some guys there already so yeah once again if you need some extra help do use my link and I'll be more than happy to do that for

You so here we are at paxville which is the peer-to-peer marketplace and the first thing you want to do when you want to setup your offer is come to the dashboard button and click that like so okay from here you guys are gonna come

And click on create a new offer but since I already have this offer set up I'm just going to go there all the informations already plugged in for me so we're just gonna go here click Edit in my case once we're here make sure the

Cell Bitcoin button is on the option that you chose I'm not buy Bitcoin cuz we're selling Bitcoin and from this plethora of different payment methods which is over 400 ways to purchase Bitcoin guys also means 400 ways to make

Money okay if you're selling Bitcoin we want to choose Interac online very simple so click that as I have this checkmark there already at the bottom here would your preferred currency whatever country you're in okay

You could put USD or C ad depending on where you live you know if your bank accepts USD funds you could do that I think a lot of people like to pay with USD but I'm just using my local currency then we're gonna come here and click

Next okay right here is very important guys this is your markup now on other offers you could put a markup of whatever but it appears that when it comes to interact online as a payment method packs will limits us to 20% but

That's okay because our sweet spot we want to make a markup of 20% now as we come lower down here you guys would see on the right hand side I think it says it the escrow for your selected payment is only 0.5% so it's not like 2% so

That's pretty cool we're still hitting around 20 percent it's nineteen point five percent to be exact but I mean that's very nominal I'm cool with that now when starting off just to get practice you want to just put the

Minimum to like 50 Canadian or I don't know you could do less if you want but 50 is good enough for me um for the least amount and I'll go up to like 150 200 whatever you feel comfortable with

Starting off because there's a learning curve you know you're gonna have to learn how to negotiate you're gonna have to learn how to detect scammers from people who are a genuine okay so there's a learning curve and for the offer time

Limit I will suggest like to make this trade you usually will put 30 minutes but in this particular case if you have auto deposit set with your bank when you have um II transfer enabled it will take about 45 minutes for the funds to reach

That's pretty fast in my opinion but still put it out sixty minutes just in case okay so once you've done that just go ahead and click Next that over here it's important pieces of information so we're going to have offer tags as I mean

You don't have to put online payments but I just put that anyways online payment eat transfer it's like an online payment so to speak receipt required definitely put that tag and also cash only meaning that how you know we're not

Taking credit cards over for this payment method right obviously its debit card it's about it's not debit card rather it's Interac online which is like a debit card but they also have debit card feature here where that's for

Another video okay so this is my terms you guys could copy this word-for-word if you wish message me on telegram if you want to get this you know copy it and paste it to you if you could see from the video you can feel free to copy

It as well so my term says this follow these instructions to all or else don't bother trading with me scammers do not waste my time you will be reported and banned okay right off the bat step number one kindly provide me a clear

Picture of the receipt screenshot of the e transfer transaction and confirmation number ID okay so that's pretty much when they initiate this transaction and they send it they should get a form of receipt you know electronically or

What-have-you however they did it from their desktop or from their mobile device I wanna I want them to send us a screenshot or a picture of that with the confirmation on it okay the confirmation number on it step

Number two after you have initiated the transfer and the funds have been confirmed and reflects in my bank account I will gladly release your Bitcoin to you instantly average time is about 45 minutes to about an hour or

Less any cancel transfers would be reported to PACs well so you know this in my opinion is a safe method because again with the other previous methods we'll have to worry about things like stolen credit

Cards but although we do have our protocol to kind of like detect that this way you get the cash in your account you know it's cash right they can't really buy cash with a credit card right and they're using their bank

Accounts now what they could do is when they initiate the transaction they could cancel it within that 45 minutes so do not ever release your Bitcoin from the escrow until you have those funds in your bank account okay until you see one

Hundred and fifty dollars in your bank account five hundred whatever you're trading on limits are then release the Bitcoin okay no matter what they say even if to tell you or release a Bitcoin I just paid you do not do it until you

Have confirmed the funds are secured in your bank account okay and then from there I'm gonna click update offer and this offer would go alive once it's turned on in your case you will probably go click create offer and that's that

Okay they do have some action here obviously the gift cards are more volume but Interac online does get some volume as well so I'm going to show you guys a couple of successful trades that I have executed right now

So this is a guy if you look closely right I put my currency as Canada and a lot of you guys are telling me well you know this guy is in India for example here how is he going to give me Canadian funds well as a matter of fact how these

People get around that is they have family members in you know can America or Canada wherever wherever you are and they'll have their family members do this for them right so they'll send the money from their local bank account to

My bank account I gotta mention a couple things too within this particular payment method there are some I guess cons but not really for me I don't really care about this but maybe some people would in

Order for people to send you money through Interac online they're gonna need to know your first name and your last name and they're gonna need to know your bank that's just how it works they can't send you this money without that

Information okay so if you feel okay with that giving up that information to these people then so be it if not then try the other methods that I demonstrated for you guys on previously okay so this guy's from India he wanted

He's paying 150 Canadian for a point zero zero nine a BTC which works out to 126 okay so that's a 20% profit yeah 20% extra he's peeing okay or 20% extra I'm saving whatever my 20% markup you know we could scroll down

Here look he went through a $500 trade $500 out 20% is what that's a hundred bucks guys for five minutes work right to your bank account it's not much headaches using this method because you can easily verify you

Know that this was cash because it's going to be cash in your account so I thought that's one of the reasons why I love this payment method okay so I gotta tell you guys also I did not receive the receipt with this particular um guy or

Trusted partner they like to call it here in packs well I didn't or cert my traded partner or whatever I did not get the receipt however I could still verify it by the funds go into my account but I don't want you guys to get into bad

Habits like that that's not best practice so let me show you another example from this guy called Calgary King okay so a Calgary King he has a flag from Nigeria once again I told you guys they have family members here

Canada is very diverse and we have a ton of immigrants here a lot of Indians yes we have Nigerians Italians everything so that did not scare me at all so this guy says 150 kadian again can you sell it for a point zero zero nine nine Bitcoin

Is probably a little bit higher than so it's 129 Canadian in this case and as we scroll down I asked him for the receipt which he showed me he provided for me here okay so this is the receipt over here status sent amount 150 this is my

Email the date February 16 20 20 cent interact each transfer to order deposit reciprocate recipients as I said I have that feature confirmation number is that so again what you guys need to do is you guys

Need to confirm with your bank if you have online banking or if you have a transfers enabled that's a very basic standard feature here in Canada and in America so you guys should have that and I think people in Europe should have

That as well and just backs in general should already have that okay once you get that I'm not gonna show you guys that I did receive this particular this particular eat transfer in my bank account as you can see right here this

Is being done in the post production but I'm going to show you guys that right here it was deposited successfully okay so that's it that's simple I want to make this video short the other two videos were like 30 minutes long there's

A lot of information I would be doing a full review on packs well guys so there you go the benefits with this is you get the cash right to your bank account without any unnecessary third parties the fee is very nominal one of the

Cheapest which is 0.5% and it's cash right to your bank account so I hope this video serves you guys well and whichever method you choose whether that's the Amazon or out whether that's your own payment gateway through square

Up or whether that's just online in Iraq it's all gravy because we're making 20 percent profit when it's all said and done so once again guys do look out for my future videos I got more fire content for you I used to make money on packs

Though any recommendations let me know in the comment section below so you know what it really isn't much left to say other than to the next video you're on your own too many youtubers just overrated and if

You can't speed it wasn't even supposed to make it in the spirit though YouTube is them little cars in this to get buck become an actor or an actress kick

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