Apple’s WWDC special event: CNET watch party

by birtanpublished on October 5, 2020

zenit live this is WWDC 2020 as you can probably tell things look a little bit different we are all doing this from home rather than our home and in the CNN studio but hey we've got to work with what we've got so we're here to talk everything Apple today super excited to be here with you we're gonna have lots of analysis we're gonna have hopefully lots of jokes and just a good time the actual Apple WWDC keynote starts in around 30 minutes so 10:00 a.m. Pacific 1:00 p.m. Eastern we're gonna be

Chatting all the way up to that and then a little bit through the keynote as well because we cannot restream the keynote but we're gonna keep your company all throughout you can watch it in another window at the same time that we do anyway we're gonna have a lot of fun my name is Lexi savita's and I'm joined by the best crew I could hope for Patrick Holland aka mr. iPhone reviewer welcome hello good morning hello I dressed like a lumberjack and I brought some coffee I'm ready for this and it's gonna be Iowa's tastic Iowa's tastic and you know her and love her from all things Apple

Here on CNET it is Vanessa hand Oriana hello a little bit early for iOS tastic Patrick but I am gonna I'm gonna go with it and say hi everybody it's really excited to have human interaction with adults I've been having lately so yeah I'm excited and pumped to see what Apple has in store but most excited just to hang out with all of you guys I am excited to it's so nice to see you guys I mean we together but far away and the man with the magic who's controlling everything behind the scenes on the decks it's missed a Stephan baton you know I'm in love him from all things

Seen at live previously what's up Beach oh we caught he a he's saying hello and he's telling me he's very excited times but he doesn't talk about it you just want to get on with she'll love it yeah we got lots to get we got lots to get into we can we can see you Beach good to see ya I hope you're doing well hope you're all well out there and we've got lots of stuff to get into today but first things first the rumors fresh off the presses are saying no new hardware today now WWDC is a Developers Conference so I guess this is not much of a surprise but there was

Lots of things in the works that we were kind of thinking that might make their debut we're thinking like maybe the long-awaited ear tags maybe ear pods studio but it looks like we're not getting anything so with that in mind I want to ask you guys what are you kind of most pumped about Patrick Vanessa what are you kind of expecting and really want to see today I'm gonna jump in there because I was I mean I'm I still don't believe the rumors I think we still may see some hardware at least like a nod to some hardware but even if we don't I'm just excited to see

New features come to the old devices right now just because I feel like more than ever we're using our devices a lot I don't know about you guys so I'm excited for some of the features that have been rumored some may be features that we don't know about yet and I mean mainly watch OS and iOS and mac OS which are basically the devices I'm using personally right now but we can dive into the specific rumors what are you excited about Patrick I oh man well I'd like you ever see everyone I think we get very excited about hardware stuff but you know maybe that's something that

If it doesn't come today might get teased out or trickled out over the next few weeks who knows how Apple is gonna do this cuz that's the other part of it that's I think as much as I'm excited about iOS all the features an upgrade to that I'm also excited to see how they're going to do this because this is the first one that's never been they'll not live and we don't know if it's not live it might be pre-recorded or parts well but the fact is they're not doing it in front of an audience of developers so I'm really curious exactly how that's going to work and what that's gonna be

Like when you don't hear the prerecorded let's take bets okay guys do you think what do we think about Apple pre recording this do you think they they had some of their employees and just just to give the Woo's that we have all come to love and hate at the same time at the events or do you think they're gonna keep it just quiet when they're like this is iOS and then like crickets you know like do you think they brought in their employees like fake whoo a love track come on it's gonna be like cats laughter right that would I would just that would make me yeah

Disney did it anybody seem Disney music cool anybody happen nobody else gets anyway watching too many Disney and kids stuff but clearly they should leave into the at home stuff everybody's doing it they should do it and I would definitely love to see Tim Cook in his basement I'm so with you Patrick and I'll just ah no matter real quick I think the end of all of them obviously being more of an iPhone kind of cover person the iOS stuffs really interesting to me there's a lot of interesting features that are being rumored but I just hope that they really do pay

Attention to bringing some of those things that we've wanted for years to like iOS like maybe a home screen revisit because I think still it's still a grating and stuff to make it more easily used one-handed and things like that so I'm excited to see what all is gonna happen with that and how they present it all that's just it's a whole new world whole new world references this morning guys yeah anyway someone who has a some some inside knowledge it's been following Apple for a while is mystery and Shera Apple reporter coming to us live good

Morning and how are you guys doing go ahead where's your coffee if you you ready you punk or I I decided to go for a diet coke because it's I'm in DC so you know the the food of Champions out here and it's also noon not the early morning so I also have some lunch I got pizza specifically because that's the CNET thing every Apple event we always have pizza nice like yeah I mean I was just wondering I was gonna ask you you know at these events when Apple has them you know in the real world how's it going to say I mean it's still the real world but it's

Kind of not if you know what I mean yeah we're in the cyber world sorry normally you know it's a big elaborate event down at Apple Park you know there's full-on breakfast spread I mean you bought that pit so that wasn't sent to you by Apple right okay so what are you what are you expecting today in like we've talked a little bit about kind of sort of the iOS updates and things like that but what's the one thing that you think Apple really needs to do with that you really want to see I I'm really curious about this one thing that I wrote on CNET over the weekend which is about how Apple is

Going to change the chips inside the computers there's been a lot of rumors and I've heard about this for over a decade that Apple is switching away from Intel and onto its own ships that are powering our iPhones already does supposedly these things are are so powerful and so capable at this point that they are able to match up against an Intel chip which i think would be really fascinating it says a lot about what our phones are able to do about what our tablets are able to do but also what Apple is able to do right that they're able to wrestle this control of

This part of the computer away from the world's largest chip manufacturer I mean this is a massive thing inside Silicon Valley even though for most people buying a computer it's not going to really matter that much so you think that you know if Apple does go the arm route which it's been long really our latest the arm route yes do you what what are the chances that Apple is actually gonna call it you know an ARM chip or is it something that it's gonna be like an Apple built chip is that how they're going to sort of sell it to developers neither Apple nor arm which

Is the company that designs these chips right they have the fundamental designs that they then sell to companies like Qualcomm or Samsung or they allow companies like Apple to completely revamp the chips in their own way but still using a lot of the similar code so Apple is well known to be using arm designs even though they've never admitted and arm has never said it it's always been a wink and nod thing so Apple I'm sure will not call it an ARM chip although I would love it to be like an Apple logo and then the arm logo I think

That would be fantastic but my guess is they're gonna continue calling it the a-series chip you may remember that they started with a 4 and 2010 the most recent is called the a 13 Bionic which I I've never understood that extra word but whatever they don't sell it fine so I'm curious what they're gonna call this next one right that a maybe they a 14 iron man or whatever so what's nice like how they're doing how they're gonna if they do announce something like that I think the big thing is how you transition from the details did that be really interesting yeah yeah and because

I suddenly had that was like the powerpc back in the early 2000s right and and that was actually a an amazingly smooth transition on the whole and I'm wondering if they're gonna try to pull some of those like tricked it in including what was that app they had that would let you run the older keep our PC stuff on your Intel I wonder if gonna do something like that for the Mac OS stuff on this quote-unquote ARM chip yes so the the what you're calling it what you're referring to is called Rosetta and resume which is a great term when you think about the Rosetta Stone

Right and all these different languages but the the thing is that Apple apparently applied for a copyright for the name rosetta or a trademark in another country recently so there's a lot of belief they'll bring back the term again but what what you're referring to is that when Apple switched from PowerPC IBM chips to Intel back in 2005 ostensibly because Intel was able to offer better quality better faster quad faster performance better battery life and they are were right Apple was able to make the MacBook Air because of that decision um that you know this time

Around if they make that decision again that they'll have this capability of running old software on the new computers and hopefully they do do that I mean I think that these days Apple is a very large company there's a lot of come people relying on them and also there's a lot of software sitting on the Macs that people rely on and I think it would be really bad for them if suddenly they said oh this new computer we're gonna sell you next year won't run anything unless the developers do all this extra work to make it work that's just a bad way to look so I have

A feeling that we'll have an answer and even you mentioned I mean you mentioned some of the benefits of not depending on Intel for its chips but I mean what are some of maybe the benefits to the user of having Apple's own branded chip inside of these Macs what what's the what are we as users gonna see as a benefit to this kind of thing because a lot of it is you know background as you guys have said yeah I think the biggest change will likely be and we don't know anything for sure but if you think about what the iPad and the iPhone are able to do versus the Mac today there's a lot of

Stuff like how thin they are right which Apple loves to make their devices thinner they actually use a lot less battery life for the performance so if you imagine for example possibly better battery life you know there's been a lot of talk about whether computers can make it to a full day that would be amazing imagine not having to carry your power cord everywhere you go and then there's another thing as well which is that I don't know about you but when I put my laptop on my lap my thighs get really really sweaty right they get really warm and you know especially if I'm doing

Something powerful the fan kicks on right sounds like suddenly it's gonna take off this this is something that supposedly the ARM chips could do a lot better right Apple has been able to design its iPads and iPhones without any fans and I would hope that they're able to do less loud less hot devices as a result of this yeah I think the day that my MacBook does not want to take off is gonna be a good day so we'll wait and see hopefully there's some good news on that front Ian I know you're a busy man you've got to go into our live blog you gotta go

Watch everything WWDC so thanks for joining us but just quickly just one more thing before you jump yeah and we're taking bits so you at home can play along as well what is the vit next version of Mac OS gonna be calls because it's gonna be like some sort of California State Park sort of thing I saw a rumor that it was called Big Sur but if it were up to me I would like to go with Golden Gate I I'm from say winces oh I love that thing and I don't know I feel like they've always gone for parks let's go for something different

This time so represent okay I love it all right Ian thanks so much for joining us take care out there and yeah we'll see you on the life log really soon all right yeah whoo I like Golden Gate actually that's the kind of good one because I was thinking what could it be like Joshua Tree or Big Sur I saw was the you know the kind of the front-runner yeah so I don't know do you guys have extra thoughts on theme theme of Mac OS you would throw it out there but there's just so many marks in San Francisco that I mean not landmarks that parts yeah I

Let me think about that one go yeah I'll come back to you you can one that's a pretty pretty they could do the snowy snowy mountains or the lake either one would be a great background that I would welcome but it's just like like Mac OS Los Angeles you know it's Mac OS LA yeah it's like haha go completely despondent Rick they're not going to do that then I do Catalina Island by the way I visited Catalina Island and it's nothing like the operating system hanging there's a lot of ways you can interpret that anyway I guess yeah I realized that now and I'll drink more coffee so those

Interpretations are clear alright thoughts the cogs are turning alright so it's 15 minutes until the keynotes starts here it's WWDC 2020 this is the scene at potty i hope you're doing real well out there now we cannot restream the Apple live stream so we are going to be talking through it watching it live with you commenting all throughout so if you do want to watch the Apple live stream in 15 minutes you're going to need to load it up in another tab on your Apple TV on your phone wherever it you have it and yeah watch along with us

Sorry let's talk about some of the stuff that we are pretty much expected to get which is iOS and watch os let's start with that so we've spoke a little bit about sort of the expectations that we're going to get a different view to the homescreen there's probably going to be some multitasking but Vanessa you've been following these rumors since basically date dot you know the iOS room is inside out you want to give us kind of like a quick kind of rundown of everything that you think is the most realistic updates that we are gonna get in 14 yeah I mean

It's it's interesting because we've gotten a lot of like early leaks of the iOS 14 code so it's hard to know you know what's real and what's not but but a lot of these leaks seem legit so I'm just gonna talk about these quote-unquote leaks of the actual code that have been out there and then they they all seem to say the same thing which is home screen is gonna get somewhat of a redesign not necessarily if you love your grid view that doesn't have to be doesn't have to change fatrick is like yes so no I'm so excited

That home screen has like needed like a revamp and it's not gonna change I think as much as you at least would hope I think Patrick because from the rumors it says it's just gonna you're gonna be able to arrange it in a different way so if you have an Apple watch and you've done the grid view then it's gonna work similarly but apparently it's good you're gonna be able to have recommendations that like series gonna be able to recommend the apps that float to the top like the ones that have the most notifications or maybe the ones that you've been using the most recently

And I just activated Siri – I just I just have sorry guys I know I know everybody series are going up everybody everybody's just like what the heck is going on with my phone we should just sleep out the word Siri guys because I hey Vanessa can I say some real quick – I think with it's interesting though is did that home screen redesign even if it is not quite the freedom we have like on something like Android I'm curious about because again my whole big theme this year and I don't know if they're gonna address it is as these phones are

Getting bigger they're just really hard to reach the top of the screen and there is that reach ability but if you're able to have even a list view I can least scroll and get the the app I want to where whereas if I'm using something like oh you search a lot to open my apps on my iPhone to be completely honest but even that I'm going on top of the screen and if I'm one handing it it's just that extra little a little Cal aesthetic of my thumb that happens every day sometimes I think you touched upon a great point because I I'm totally like

You and I think a lot of us have the habit now just using search because the freaking home screen has gotten so cluttered and so hard to use and the reach ability issue so you know it will you're you're absolutely right I think it'll be really nice not to have to use search all the time which I mean I don't mind but you know so I mean I guess another big one is this year is similarly in that vein of our screens getting bigger is the multitasking which I feel like this rumor comes up every year guys so I'm oh yeah but I believe it but apparently we're gonna get like

I've had like multitasking which I hope means picture-in-picture viewing as well for for video because that's I think that's what I almost would like more than actual multitasking side by side you know like what do you what do you think Lexi so we're taking a look at one of the leaks that has come out there was a little bit of conjecture about this one you can see it's kind of looks like closing a bunch of apps in a different way to kind of sort of effectively multitask some people were saying this is a jailbreak and some people saying no no this is actually IRS 14 code I mean I

Think if you take a look at what Apple's done with iPad OS and it's really kind of overhauled how multitasking is done picture and picture is something that I really value especially if I'm watching say a YouTube video in one window and wanting to send a message or you know multitask in another on Android I feel like it's quite easy to do this and it's quite effective but on IO and then I come back to iOS and I'm just like it's it's just not it's just not and and so I think that that's something that really can be addressed it I would hope is this sort of a fairly simple thing that you

Know is something that I think a lot of people would appreciate I mean other people Patrick are you a multitasker do you like picture-in-picture cuz oh I mean it's something that I really like I definitely like it on the app set supported on iPad and here's a little wrinkle like the app that probably most people are going to want picture-in-picture is YouTube and Apple and Google don't always have the best we don't even get video on our ivory I know right so me but also maybe that that would be a significant announcement it wouldn't seem

Significant but all of a sudden like be able to have that little window but yeah when I'm reviewing an Android phone my favorite thing is to have that little floaty window around the screen and being able to this even if it's something I'm listening to whether it's like something like music on YouTube or and longer like video thing where as well as it's great to look at all of us really just hearing us right now is kind of like the more important things I could be doing something else on the side that being said I will save depending on the sides of the phone some

Of like if I think of it like kind of Android the way you have multiple windows and stuff I think that's for some people that's gonna be a great feature for some people it's gonna be like it's still just too small it's just there's like a happy medium right little Goldilocks point and but having the option to do that is it would be incredible yeah I think so too and you know the other rumors that we've been seeing a lot of is you know something that I'm personally interested in I actually don't know if that many people out there care that much but you know

They remember that you one ship that ultra-wideband ship that was you know new in the iPhone 11 and you know it really is only it currently used for faster airdrop transfers right now and more direct ones when you know sort of pointing your phone in the right direction so you know there's been a lot of conjecture about what on earth this is possibly for its kind of future proofing but I think maybe today we'll get a little bit more information perhaps on car key there's analog talked about that not that Apple car we're definitely not

Gonna see any Apple vehicles oh no even I want an apple minivan no no no but I yeah I definitely think car key is you know as one of them as you can see here that you know 95 Mac and a bunch of other publications have been talking about this for a while you know Apple is working with car manufacturers like BMW so essentially you know you can use your iPhone to unlock your car and that's what the UN ship would be partly responsible for so I think this is going to be cool to see you know Apple move into this area this is something that I think a lot of people were talking about

Initially when that u1 chip did come out as kind of like one of those really good use cases it's gonna be interesting to see how it compares to not only Android but like functionality across different car makers as well so we'll see if Apple does address that today in the keynote but I think that's something that I would genuinely be interested in in using and trying out my self-interest on that a little bit – I think if you had that imagine if they were able to have some sort of like access for something like like one of those apps for you're renting a car or like get

Around or forgetting home right now but where I'm able to sit go up and then use my phone to do that and using to use one chip to basically unlock the car there's something similar that kind of is I can work around some of these apps use but did that would be more secure and protect privacy better and prevent stuff like that's hopefully here but yeah it's kind of curious to see what they're gonna do with that and if there's other u1 stuff too because obviously there's rumors that that ship was kind of built around stuff like air tags which I know we mentioned earlier so the mystery

Attacks I don't know what is the likelihood that we're actually gonna see these today will reference to them because Vanessa like we've seen a lot of air tags rumors for a while and I genuinely don't know if people are that interested in them because there's so many products on the market like tile that do very similar things but they're not integrated as well as the Apple version could be I think you know if we see Apple do anything even if it's a tile tracker people are gonna be interested regardless of what exactly it is just because of the that the

Potential to have that seamless integration into the ecosystem and that's Apple's big big advantage over its competitors but ultimately it's it's also the monopoly it has over its competitors because ever anything that Apple dips into it kind of kills the market for whatever whatever came before that and so tile trackers I know I know that the company itself must be a little bit nervous to see you if Apple is going to execute on this and when and what that's going to look like but you know it's hard to say yeah we're gonna see it this time because like you said Lexy

It's been rumored for at least two years and I my tears are just meshing together because I've had kids in the meantime but at least two years and also I mean and now we're hearing the the air power matt is back and so I just can't even believe anything and that I read in the rumors anymore because you know that they I think a lot of these accessories or they might be working on but they might eventually be part of something big that we're never gonna see as consumers so maybe they're working on air tags but as part of something related to

Something related to augmented reality that we as used as consumers might not see until it's fully fledged once the glog mented reality glasses are out or if they bring out something else and they'll be integrated as part of a different product that's my thing so I if I was a betting person I wouldn't bet on it this time all right and you mentioned augmented reality and obviously I think iOS 14 is gonna lay a lot of the groundwork for the AR pushed for the iPhone 12 that we're expecting later in the year probably around October that's right isn't it Vanessa

They kind of pushed out the potentially the release date of the iPhone 12 again I wouldn't we've been hearing about delays delays and it makes it would make sense because the pandemic hit the supply chain for Apple and it would make sense that it would be delayed at least four weeks pushing it out to October this would be the first time the Apple has delayed an iPhone the iPhone 10 R was delayed the iPhone 10 was delayed when it first came out but at the same time they there are ways that they could have made up for that time so I wouldn't put it past them if they've been able to

Somehow streamline operations and at least get us a batch of the iPhone out for September and then it'll just be backward you know so again this is kind of wishy-washy and I'm kind of getting out of it again but I I I think they might be on track and it's just what devices are gonna be available at launch in September is the bigger question to me I still think we're gonna have an event in September maybe not the beginning of September just like WWC but I do think they might make it pretty close I don't know yeah and I think this is uh this is a watch party assumption

Show you know this is all like we don't know any we don't know information until it comes out same like haven't you been reading the same rumors well yeah you think it'll be October I mean I think it so this is interesting because I think that this year is gonna be the real year that you know given the pandemic given that people's financial situations have changed in people's personal situations are drastically changed you know people are likely going to be able to spend less on a consumer device especially it and I think a lot of people that were waiting for the iPhone 11 or kind of

Waiting that a sort of upgrade cycle might be thinking well I wanted to wait to see what the iPhone 12 has got to offer and I know a lot of people have come to me anecdotally and said look should I get the iPhone 11 or 11 Pro now or should I wait for the iPhone 12 and this was sort of like you know December January I was like well look it really depends but you can wait but then you know since then the whole world has completely turned upside down and so you know people don't have necessarily the means to buy $1000 $1000 plus telephone anymore so this is gonna be a really

Crucial time in you know winning this when the iPhone 12 comes out to see if people are actually give the market can tolerate such a pricey phone or example is gonna have to have like a number of different models what do you think Patrick is kind of going to happen when the twelve comes out I mean the market to me feels drastically different right now the cheaper alternative yeah there's lots of like speculation going on and I'm wearing to get into some of that but I will say this though I think if you look at the history that Vanessa brought up like yeah the reason they I think it

Was purposeful that they broke out like the 10r versus guy camera was it the tendon they're kind of mid for two different consumers in one way and same with iPhone 10 initially cuz he had like this whole new like generation design and I think the same holds true with the iPhone se why they brought that back is it appeals it's almost a really great affordable phone that's gonna be excellent on 4G LTE but I think the iPhone 12 the big rumors are gonna be around that 5g which I think a lot of people because iPhones people tend to

Have their iPhone 3 years there's that worry like oh if I get an iPhone 11 I'm gonna be stuck with it for four years while 5g phones come out after it so that's a tricky one to address I'm hopeful I think Apple there's even though we're so used to it being early September with iPhones come out I think for a lot of people is fall so whether it's September October even as long as before Black Friday I think that's that that will be a success on Apple's part but as far as I think when we look at stuff going on today with WWDC I think a lot

Of these features are going to be designed around that and going back to the AR stuff if we look at the iPad pro that was just launched with lidar on it we have to assume that something like that's gonna come to the iPhone will let our iPhone 12 and that lidar it's gonna need to have apps that support it and going back to the AR stuff I think that's always been an interesting site it's been the kind of a sleeper hit for Apple on their iOS the amount of apps and games and there's a lot of cool stuff you can do with AR on your iPhone but it's there they're quiet about it

It's not like the feature they lead with like the cameras right and I think the one more thing to clear at this not – I think the big thing too is that ecosystem that Vanessa was talking about because you have your Apple watch you have your iPhone your Mac you have your iCloud account and then you have your all the subscription stuff the Apple TV Plus and I'm not going to name everyone Apple music and all these things and I think what's happening is it's filling up a very big shelf of products for consumers software and hardware wise and how do I communicate that simply to the

Consumer because Apple has always been good about that and that's kind of kind of messy and we have things like the home pod which what is that now it is right and that even doesn't have its own home pod OS – so there's lots of things I think that today will give us like a little little taste of to know what the entree will be this fall sorry Vanessa just Before we jump into that thought it's 10:00 a.m. now I just wanted to let everybody know and I am Pacific now 1:00 p.m. Eastern so this is when the Apple livestream is actually starting WWDC 20/20 it's already started so we cannot

Restream that stream on this broadcast you will need to open a new tab open up your phone Apple TV browser whatever have you and watch that stream but keep us open in another tab because we got a lot to talk about we're gonna be commenting live throughout it I'm just scrolling now to find the the stream started up on my screen I'm actually gonna looks like he's in a Broadway theater probably it's actually Apple Park and it's complete emptyeye back is not a brag but it's kind of it and it's just him in the theater completely by himself this is

Normally full hundreds of people in there and now he's addressing the camera like this like rehearsed yeah I mean it's definitely definitely none of the audience so I guess I lost that bet yeah there's there's no apple stuff there whatsoever it's just him he's just chilling out with the empty seats behind him and is taking a seat okay so is what I was interested interested to see like how that you know team was gonna start this keynote his talking you know there was a 60 Minutes interview last night with Tim Cook and he was talking about the injustice is going on at the moment

And racial equality and he's starting off with black lives matter to speech and so he is just showing a couple of images right now and you're having a discussion about the country being founded on the principles of freedom and equality for so you know Tim and Apple I think have always been quite outspoken about issues around social justice and so it's not surprising at all that that he is starting off the keynote like this he lexicon I think yeah I think one of the biggest things between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook is Steve Jobs is very secretive about both apples products but

Also apples like where they fall on their politics I'll say politics cuz I think that's really what this is I think I think what's been refreshing about Tim Cook is he's very open about sharing his politics and especially social issues but they're very still very secretive about their products because that's really we're here for so it's really neat to see them lead like this it's not to say I don't want to say I don't think it's pandering I want to say that but I do think it's very genuine an apples part that they address this and going to something Vanessa said earlier I think

When we think of like the feature product and how the pandemic affects it we also have to think about this is something that has bubbled up and is as big as the pandemic at least on the minds of our US audience right mm-hmm well I think it's also become a it has become a global it's under the global spotlight you know in lots of countries around the world this has become it's really sort of taken taking the highlight and you quite importantly I would say so sorry Vanessa you were about to jump in no he just he just announced I mean some of

The things that they're doing right now but I'm taking a look at the at our seed net live street at live blog actually which you can follow along as well if you've missed anything on the live keno you can follow along and sure is doing our live blog as we speak but so app was just made the hundred million dollar commitment to social justice issues and they did that a couple that was yeah that was a couple weeks ago I think that's just an opportunity to highlight it once more and now it looks like his I I do like whoever's done the the steak ham operation for this because it's kind

Of like on this nice rotating shot around Tim and it's really quite quite fancy and it's looking straight down the barrel too which is kind of interesting and I feel a little unnerved a little bit cuz you've never really it was because when you watch the keynotes previously you know Tim's obviously talking to an audience and people at home and he usually addresses the audience but right now he's like looking into my soul staring straight down the barrel I would say this I kind of like it because I think we think of let me say the word robotic sometimes they

Deliver in a robotic way just to be clear clean and neutral but it's really nice to see him have a little you know little bit personality shine through I think that humanizes him but also humanizes Apple Apple is not one person and are very protective about that right but I think the fact that we do associate with him and some of the other features like Craig federighi and stuff like that right and he for SWAT because him yes yes yes speak of him he's talking right now so we just people not to watch this but yeah put us in some window but yeah it's it's a very very

Cleverly shot video that obviously it's not all I don't know maybe this by right to make a beautiful video of they've got so much to choose from in terms of beautiful background and backdrops to do this video from but here it looks like we're talking about the home screen right now yes you're talking well you're listening to us listening to us watching us and it is the same time they're talking about we just do and that's another one of the rumors that we didn't really get to but yes I really we're gonna get home screen it's just so many but this is the thing like there's

So many things that we there are so many rumors that we could talk about I think that we can still talk about throughout especially once we see what they're actually gonna be releasing all right so let's see Oh Patrick this looks interesting yes just kind of like what you were alluding yes this is very good and I'm saying yes because all right now there's a whole video about Rhea Rhea oh my goodness oh my god I'm screen time zone way to rearrange your apps and widgets and and different square sizes and this is exactly what we're going to do right yep we have video window what's

Neat about it it's like if you think about Android Android widgets like this like for a long time yeah but what's nice is this is Apple spin on it and you know people you know Android it at first which they did they did congratulations they did it looks very clean it looks like a very user friendly yeah and it's also interesting because I've been playing around quite a bit with Android 11 the debater and there is actually a couple of things that were almost like a you know normally the the Android versus iOS debate you know will go on for the rest of time but this time around I

Think there were a lot of things that iOS does that were in the 11 beta and so it's just so interesting to see how they play off each other as well okay so now is the intrigue called Apple library library actually what we had talked about is creating folders within folders and just being able to rearrange your apps organize it sounds like library will automatically organize your apps for you oh so this is I mean I'm interested to see is it powered by Siri suggestions maybe probably how yeah I mean because serious suggestions has kind of been a little bit hidden miss in

Terms of you know what it dates it's quite good in terms of predicting things on my calendar and for example but in terms of other app suggestions it doesn't really kind of seem to know exactly what I want to do apart from just say oh you want a message so and so at the certain time every day which yes and no but okay this is interesting tap and hide pages you don't want to see nice okay right now I'm trying to translate this is really nice no it's really acknowledged it's really hard to do a live stream or I'm actually generally interested in seeing you know

What's going on and trying to interpret it and then relay it back to everybody so yeah I just it's okay well we can enjoy hair for Swan and talk as we need to if you are still watching hi I hope you are but you know hopefully you're watching the Apple stream in another tab as well just FYI we cannot restream it so and let's see they just said that some of the apps can be intelligently curated so I'm assuming that might have something to do Siri or possibly the maybe the eye whatever 8:13 Bionic or something like that is

Easy that's right yes that's right alright that's apt library I think this is it this is interesting cause I think this one is actually something that I think if it's done correctly then it is actually going to be able to provide a much more consolidated way to get access to things because I think like you know Patrick and I and Vanessa we all like have very many apps and very messy home screens and so I think this is gonna be a nice way to kind of hopefully consolidate everything alright it looks like what show s well no he just mentioned watch OS in terms of widgets

On the home screen so I think he's using it kind of as a as a starting base to see how our home screen is gonna change and it makes sense to take a cue from the complications on the Apple watch and that's kind of what you're gonna be able to see on the home screen where you're gonna have be able to float different widgets that you deem important on your home screen or at least and maybe that's not the home screen maybe that's is that the locks that's gonna be the the today view screaming yes it looks like the way and you swipe across right now there are we view but I have a feeling that you're

Billa have better organize them as well as pull them into the actual home screen gotcha yeah I mean it makes sense to bring a lot of the features it's nice that Apple has been able to test a lot of these things these interface things on the Apple watch and then bring them to the iPhone and vice versa so I think we're gonna see a lot of what the Apple what like the customizable home screen on the Apple watch come to the come to the iPhone and as well as the organizing the apps I think that's still to come that I

Mean really will we see the the list view for the apps as well it doesn't matter at this point because now we have widgets at different ways to arrange our home screen in a way yeah that's what I'm wondering because I would you know mom I would think that Lily's to be plus widgets might not look now easy to follow it might not great who knows but we will be interesting to see so you can access my stack your widgets so you can stack the multiple widgets on top of each other and they're able to swipe through them that's kind of cool I do like that

Alright sorry it's like it is but if we do stay take a step back though I mean not the swiping but it does look a lot like Android and with in terms of the big widgets like the weather I mean at the top is absolutely that's one of you know it you know many default launchers do have that ability to have kind of like that big weather we drop top you can whatever widget you want yeah whatever but like on by default it's usually the way or at least it is on the pixel and Samsung one UI – I think it's up to now but yeah it's definitely that's the default look all right

Picture-in-picture was its permit this is yes they're showing it looks like is that smart stack we just stack on top of each other for watching a video you pull that out as a picture-in-picture or maybe you're on a FaceTime call and you want to access something else on your phone the same time yeah that's a great point actually that's my biggest question guys is it YouTube or just Apple – Apple – apples right looks just like Apple TV because its mythic quest Ravens banquet or is that what the name is shows I always get the name there it's a lot of its name I actually have

Been looking into the Apple TV Plus catalog okay it looks like it was only that example was with Apple TV plus content so yeah picture wouldn't be surprised after iske not the one who actually wants right but also don't forget like you know I always there's going to be time for this is also for developers to take a look and say okay this is you know now we have the tools to do this and we have to build in functionality for our he's addressing our favorite voice assistants you know I'm talking about starts with the letter s redesign all you said it no

No it's okay it's okay alright so if you say s open Safari it will pop up at the bottom of the screen and launch the app just taking up a full screen that kind of a shaded tense view and this going back to Android again is very similar to how kind of Google assistant works on Android very similar very very similar yeah it's gonna be interesting to see as well if he does talk about continued conversation and things like stringing a bunch of different actions together because that's traditionally where assistant has been really good with the contextual

Conversation it looks like we are going to dive into a bit of that now with the director of s data science and engineering that voice is just at a science yeah oh how do you get to Big Sur they just did a little I don't know if that means that Mac OS is gonna be exactly what a coffee has kicked okay so like Android had you know all of those KitKat and you know dessert named so and then they recently say like the tree this is 2020 guys this has been a horrendous year let's just not go with anything Mac was MEK up to like number wise

Though it's like ten point one five ten point one spot yeah 10.15 so it would be template sixteen feel pretty confident Mac OS will be 10 point sixteen and whatever you want to name it template sixteen Walmart or ten points to sixteen one well might be in point 16 in and out if they're going to go food wise I'll be kind of a fun California yeah California reference yeah well Shake Shack versus in and out and then every time looks like this is like the translation stuff that we'd heard about in the rumors are coming up and it can

Translate entire conversations apparently Siri can now translate an entire conversation as it's happening live which is exactly something that Google already does again but it's kind of breaking out as its own app called the Translate app so I surprised surprised yeah I mean we had heard about this happening in Safari but here's the thing and I think this is what Apple is it did a little lock on the app and I think that the difference between Google's translation services and apples might be that it's done locally instead of being sent to the cloud am i right

And I yeah you're right in that it's done on the device however I was under the assumption that triangle translate could also do that yes device based yeah yeah so I thought that translate does work if you're offline Google I would have to double-check that though I think yeah you're right that it doesn't it definitely does work when you're not when you're if you download the the the language pack as you mentioned but I don't know if it's I guess it's in that case it does do it locally but you have to download leave language yeah yes the Google pixel for with that launched the

Google Translate is local on device for a certain number of languages and then there's an extended number that will have to be accessed either right online at it but yeah oh here we go messages an emojis I'm sweet we didn't even talk about this but there's definitely something going on with animal just not that that's the most important thing in messages but we always I really for me the most important thing in messages is be able to retract a message because that was one of the rumors and I really hope that that is one of the features that we see really attractive me I make

I make a lot of typos dude the iOS deeper keyboard is not good I never saw – absolutely right but there I live through the typos I live a lot of interesting conversations you know what do you it's true except when you're texting your boss so somewhere that you know and you make a TIFR that's really embarrassing then yeah that's yes exactly the good old duck duck games okay so messaging is letting link in conversations to attend conversation as well from social sure yeah anyway those are supposed to be correct so yeah okay

Lots of hugs fist bump or blush to your friends oh okay didn't know what blush was but alright you can talk it's group texting okay yeah it's hard to keep turning the conversation you're texting – lies okay so inline replies kind of like what you would do in Facebook or sorry Facebook or Instagram where you can reply to a specific one so similarly – what's up butts what's HAP you actually swipe on the specific line and respond to that here you respond actually it's more like slack anybody does slack it's Annalee

Name is a respond to question versus yeah Manchurians yeah you mentioned this before but you mentioned mentioned but you read not the type to a little ampersand you could just type the name it looks like so that's what you're banned a unique visual identity for your group I love how the band consists of three humans and three animals it's like gorillas oh yeah oh like the Muppets animal the drama hey you guys got it Secaucus kick it in okay here's what you need to know what messages it's just bringing a lot of the features that

We've seen a lot of the best features from different messaging apps the ability to respond to a specific message the ability to mention somebody in its text and the ability to pin one at the top but we didn't see anything with retracting Lexi and I'm really sorry I know it's okay you don't need to apologize because you didn't card it well the other thing is a lot of free time I'm hoping they're going to show that slide where they have all the features that and they only talk about twenty or ten of them right they're fast well I would see this like there's

Always those dozens and dozens of features that we look we find out about later in the day or later that they watch the developer versions out and one of the guys might Racine that Jason here piane is always a master of like finding these little nuggets like they didn't talk about that how would I know that and you're gonna tell us and how to do it all you're gonna have a different video for each feature yeah they'll be like 3,000 videos on iOS yes to Apple Apple Maps okay so the one thing I need from Apple Maps it's going been getting a lot

Better but it still doesn't do bike directions like Google Maps if you're trying to ride somewhere Apple Maps does not have bike directions and its total hitter hey you know what pain in the you-know-what sorry I really heard they add bike it's doctor different kinds of directions you don't want to ask yeah okay but it looks like you know I've actually gone back to start using Apple maps a little bit more because I'm not actually look I'm not going anywhere but when I do need to go there you go all right but I've actually noticed like some improvement to hop from the lack of

Bike directions which really is something that maybe this is a change so there's guides now for like different areas and it looks like they're showing hiking trails again because you're really going a lot of places right yeah hiking yesterday no I mean they're like you know we should delete it because no one's gonna ever use this feature now I'm glad that it's there I just said hopeful they're giving us a hopeful vision of the future where we can go places again like say come on that's true I love the positivity stay positive it's a Big Sur look direct me to big XP

Tobacco s Big Sur Walmart with on the way I feel like we should be okay I'm cycling directions is finally here because that one thing I wanted from any otherwise like directions is already is here because we're not traveling longest never and more we're a truck yes oh we know it we're never getting on public transit again exactly nice is gonna be good I cannot wait to do this challenge and they might look they've got alert upstairs and for higher hills because San Francisco that is a huge because it's like 40 minutes from here and then yeah you're like go up against

A massive hill and you're like there's no way I'm gonna make it up this hill in 40 minutes so I'm very glad they have those alerts I'm having like a stress test I got a physical for doctor like another Rebecca you be watching this is interesting they you know way to charge along the way well this is really when they first that Apple minivan they're gonna Apple Tesla minivan I mean this is brought to you by GMC very good time to launch the EE be routing just because a lot of people are taking vehicles instead of traveling by air now so people are taking road trips people are

Exploring their communities way more than than going on a trip if you you know you had a trip planned and you can't take a plane anymore you don't feel comfortable you're probably gonna go on the long road trip so this makes make sense although you're I'm not going to Paris I wish I was going to Paris on a road trip I know yeah my middle part of that trip for you might be a little difficult with all the water but yeah yeah no Evie charging this is interesting to say are you can you can work out which days you can enter the congestion cities that

Have congestion charges you can work out which day I mean it's not that hard is it which they can I mean I don't live in ok carplay this is what this is what we're talking about that you on chip let's see the driving experience for iPhone users let's say alright 97 percent availability in the u.s. except every car except my car has Cal play apparently I was able to upgrade the steerage of one half car playing like this is amazing it works in this car that was like twenty four years old that's pretty good one may be able to do that but one is lazy and one does not

Want to upgrade stock stereo so one does not have car play in one's car or Android auto or any other smart some are system and one might be writing their bike because of the new cycling one will be riding her bike yes you're very like a third person which is really I've become the queen all of a sudden I don't know why these guys they're rethinking already guys I can probably we can recite this by memory without even looking the key they're using that Lexus Lexi you can repeat this basically what you just said because that's what they're saying now

And at BMW they're working with BMW to replace yeah or I can replace Mike hockey with my phone now I can leave my keys at home and I'm looking start my car with my iPhone I just heard that verbatim it because if they like let this lady like getting the car dude donuts in the Apple partly my gosh always looks like a green screen like the way she it was lit okay no she's in the car they go Donuts they're starting okay push to start yes yes yes okay so then you can basically so this is this is interesting the contactless charging and then being able to actually connect

By a car play I'm assuming without needing a cable and you can do it via iCloud so you can do it remotely – yep okay copies of your keys don't involve trips to the dealership in a way that you this key thing kind of like how Apple wallet does that with your credit cards it kind of makes a lot of sense right yeah so this is I would assume that I like Patrick you were talking about this earlier in terms of cost share like you don't get around and Zipcar maybe this is a way to sort of share especially more p2p might be more than size and zip

Car like all of the peer to peer services like cheero and card I just said it I forgot what it was get around baby or you share your key like that yeah or even simply hey Lexi you can have my car for the weekend here's the thank you it expires on Monday so make sure you out of the car but I guess is it just for this specific BMW is it for newer BMWs and it they weren't really clear what he is now yes that's like a car yeah it's like you won and that will allow any car that uses that consortium to take advantage of this so right now those limited to

BMW but sounds like they're opening it up okay so support for the standard will start from next year so obviously they've got to start with one vehicle that will kind of like roll off the lot like that and then I guess when they other other developers other car manufacturers start implementing this but it won't be backwards compatible is what it's sounding like right it might be I don't know yeah well it's my he knows I mean I like it a bike range River might not do it but maybe if you have a good 2014 car that has updates to

Its like car system maybe I don't know right yeah we'll see I mean maybe it's something like um you know in some cars that you can put in the little diagnostic what's that cold it's a little thing you put in the diagnostic port maybe there's sort of some way to work blinking basically using the NFC on the phone to find apps this is very cool they're looking at there it looked based on location they're using NFC to be able to recommend the apps that you need so they're using the example of a maybe it's icy maybe it's you one ship to maybe it's a comp or a combination up

Second it's called app quit is really delicious it's very delicious and so equips what's already probably piece of wood karate chop from a clip okay small part of an app so basically if you if you're in a location it record it recommends an app that you might have downloaded or had to search for so it's basically you know when you connect your airports it will pop up with the little tab that says that I hear your airports would you like to connect it's gonna do something similar with it yeah but also looks like it's a variety of things that trigger

Radiation based but also might be like NFC base as well or camera base also do you guys remember the remember what version of Android but it allowed you to download just to just locally well yeah the app and then not store it on your app drawer so I think yeah that looks like Android nine or something maybe I don't remember but I think this might be similar to that and that you don't have to doubt you can use it just for that one-time use hmm and then it goes away which is would be amazing because you wouldn't end up with all these apps that you don't need it's ya know it's not

Very clear from what I'm gathering right now but if any of you were able to to figure that out whether or not it's it's not just recommending the app that's in your vicinity but it's also allowing you to use it without having it occupy space on your home screen and on your storage your Ryan I think that is how it's working it does look like you don't necessarily need to have the app it's just a small subsection that developers can roll out so okay so there's now an app clip code so it's like a walker it's QR codes back to what you were saying I think it also it might actually be done

With the app because it's talk you can't say the word discover it discovers the app in the App Store so versus you opening the app store searching for it but they haven't addressed yet whether it's being a full download or not I'm gonna assume it's a full download he's talking about like apps that say it like you want to get a coffee a local store you don't necessarily have to download the app from the small store you can just don't like use Yelp I'll say yeah okay yeah we'll see we'll see how this it

This is interesting because yeah Vaness your Tully right this is just like the Android method except that's what they call mini apps okay that's it I mean this is a that wasn't one of those tweaks that we're not going to realize how useful this is until it's in practice because there's there's so many times where we and there's like one-time uses for apps that end up just cluttering your homescreen and not only are you gonna be able to revamp your homescreen and organize it in a better way but you're not gonna end up with all these apps that you don't need because

You're still gonna be able to use them without having to don't fully download them yeah and you're right it's you don't actually have to download the full version of the app if you don't want to so you can listen you can just use that clip yeah exactly alright so that looks like that's iOS 14 so we didn't get our list home view and we didn't get out why didn't he just run out of the shot that serious yeah oh wow what is this like I have the tiger alright let's jump right in why did you do that scene change I mean it's beautiful I just like here we go okay

IPad OS I'm just like I'm geeking out over the HDR like seeing the sky and Apple Park in the background and then the internal light I'm sorry yeah but hey I've had all in slight balance with ADR I'm just like loving right now I don't know the end of this all they were like shot on iphone 11 I would be like Shh mind blessing yeah I was just saved but after years ago I know a lot of times Apple uses the red camera system which has a 14 or 15 stop dynamic range on it so imagine earth filming with really nice cameras but wouldn't it be amazing if they weren't and they were

Using the iPhone 11 at the end of this video it was like shot all shot on an iPhone 11 and pro it would be pretty cool if they did say that but I'm looking at the I mean it's quickly we we yeah but it's sharp at the thing is like yeah the lighting is May with good enough life good enough lighting on him I don't know yeah I mean the thing is the end cuz I'm gonna bet I've got it I'm betting yes a shot on iphone ok what if his the new iPad if it's the one that just came out is still counted I'm sure whatever it is it has a neutral density filter on it just really

Clear yeah yeah yeah good spotting balance that yeah yeah ok iPad OS let's see cuz I mean not it I feel like iPad OS is really seen like a lot of significant changes that a lot users have been asking for for a long time it's taken a while but I think iPad oh it's it's kind of this eternal debate about you know I've had moving closer to functionality of a computer without replacing MacBooks so let's see photos app first up and then we can like obviously with the largest screen there's more things they can do than something like an iPhone which is very

Obvious but it also is that weird kind of middle child between iPhone and a computer whether it's powered by a Intel chip or Apple's eight chips you know it's going to be interesting to see there's also think they do a lot of the testing on the iPad OS stuff that might come to iOS especially if the phones get bigger which I think Vanessa would be able to tell us those rumors that it might be they might be getting bigger they I mean at least the the biggest one was a bigger and the smaller one is smaller so do either yeah sorry do either of you use iPad OS

On an iPad or use it for anything I don't have an iPad so in might have an idea I have an I have an iPad but mainly 200 trained children so I mean I I I'd have to ask Samuel if he's using iPad OS he's like yeah mom I'm editing a movie on I think its energy because I I for a long time had an iPad it was mostly for watching videos and stuff like FaceTime but I think it's I recently got a newer iPad after my 10 well it this is really old so the battery swole up and well I don't want to call that but I will say this is the bit I've had to use a lot more now with photo stuff it's so much

More fun with a Apple pencil to edit photos there and share them also I'm not a very good drawer but I do like drawing and sketching on there especially when I was like working on films and the other stuff I'd draw like an idea out very stick figure II but it's kind of fun so you share some stick figure drawing then Patrick all inexperienced but what is there sharing a really cool Apple music view with the lyrics on the side that looks pretty cool do we care though I like sort of all their music and we care but we just do we care most people care

About cycling and the maps things are you're gonna care about which one that you might which is are showing it looks like a combination of reminders with some sort of recipe going on ends and is assistant okay so basically what and I'm gonna be quoting down Ackerman Andy and share right now but they're they're saying that there's becoming more of a unified experience between iOS iPad OS and Mac OS so iPad Louis is the essentially bridging the gap between iOS and Mac OS and we're seeing it come up in the way that you're viewing pictures it looked a lot more like what we're

Used to seeing on the Mac versus the iPhone and right now calls is more like the the iPhone but I'm not as intrusive as the iPhone I wish we'd got oh yes wait look this was another one of the features that we had requested on the iPhone great that's so much more helpful than the whole screen take over something this take over when you're talking on the phone so you get a call it's not gonna blank out your entire screen just a little bit on the top yeah I have to say that suddenly saw Samsung roll out two years ago with one UI where they simplified a lot of those

Interfaces beside that Samsung one UI has kind of gotten bloated again where it's going back to old Samsung stuff but it's need to kind of see something's brought to Apple because again it's just we don't need that full screen Siri you don't need that full screen phone call alert right mm-hmm exactly all right applauds instantly get where you're going finding contacts lalalalala so the search bar basically like the back again we're seeing more mac book features on the iPad which is gonna be a trend for the next couple years until they become one

There you go hey Patrick what's up hi I'm bye Patrick all right so he's just gonna look there we go oh it's not like this is like autistic view I hope nobody minds I'm eating a granola bar as we speak go for it because I I still have now my coffee is cold so alright so I patty okay I've had updates you know make its widgets as well I mean that's I'm happy with that as a non iPad user I'm happy to see those updates but yes a most most excited is the call not overtaking the whole screen that's long and so Apple pencil is one of those products that I

Feel like a lot of Apple products that sort of people start off you know being a little bit skeptical about and I think really kind of find their audience there I don't know about Apple pencil though because like I feel like the pencils so underutilized so it isn't on artists I and I think it's just the fact that we we don't operate in that circle Lexi because I think it is definitely it's got its audience as you mentioned just like a psychic language it on the other that's how I'm gonna be known as not migrated straight now I wanted the cycling on that and the maps I don't use

Maps unless I'm not going anywhere is definitely I think more widely used and then maybe we think it's you on the screen you use this is your espanol review of the pen really excited about except for the very unfortunate charging situation that's terrible has that being so is that still the way you charged the pencil commuter line is that there was the newer one but I I can't I don't remember because I wasn't in this phone anymore so I didn't review but I think this is what we're gonna see right now is that the Apple pencil in a good its own platform for coding for

Coders to be able to develop apps specific to Apple pencil yeah that's that's longer by Geryon I think you're right like and it's and it's kind of another one of the the rumors was that we were gonna be able to see so Apple handwriting was going to be able to turn into text so essentially we're seeing people drawing drawing on the iPad and it's correcting it and to make it a straight line and make it more type it friendly that's actually what I need because I'm a terrible drawer and sometimes I do want to make like sketches especially like what she's

Demonstrating now in the keynote it is like doing kind of a mock-up of where I want certain things like hated in the house and so that like drawing it whatever she drew a Pentagon and so yeah an attorney into an actual Pentagon that looks good that's not I like that I mean but that's something that I feel like I should have had ages ago yes I think other third pie I'm pretty sure like other stylized styluses his style styluses have n third-party apps have had that ability to kind of snap to I'm pretty sure the Microsoft Surface yeah well and unless you do the Apple markup

App if sometimes if you'd like draw a line it'll turn into like a line segment or so there's some of that already kind of in that okay inside the Apple stuff but to bring it to this level is kind of cool to see yeah we're seeing it we're seeing the Apple pencil Patrick also has an Apple pencil so he can speak more about the Apple pencil but we're seeing you you're able to write characters words letters on your screen and it's recognizing it assuming you have decent handwriting and you're able to use it instead of a keyboard which is you know yeah that's pretty

Good hey tonight oh yes I was just bringing a problem being silly cos oh yeah we're not in the studio so everything's available Patrick we were wondering if the version of is it is it the first gen this is the second gen with the magnet the magnet ability on it so that's does it still have the unfortunate charging situation we have to stick it on the on the light you it just sticks to the side I got mr. t oh and it's not charged no wireless charging right yeah first one remember the unfortunate we were just talking

About unfortunate charging situation on the first Apple pencil yeah back yeah yeah where it to the USB to the like a sword like a sword so it becomes am still unfortunate situation if you have an Apple Mouse and have to charge it because you can't plug it into the side you have to go underneath which makes it unusable while it's charging so a little awkward Oh air pods software okay this is this is interesting okay let's see we didn't get the iPad sorry the Apple pencil developers platform did we if we did I missed it because I don't think we did

As a developer platform I don't believe so but we could have missed it but there's definitely functionality there that has improved it all right let's say airports firmware okay this is interesting because Apple doesn't normally talk about outwardly firmware updates for air pods it's been very behind the scenes like people go oh the so and so you know firmware update kind of changed noise cancellation properties and so on but it's never like an official kind of change log that you can follow and be really like it's are not really visible to their user when you

Get an update cuz it's all automatic okay it looks like switching ah switching with okay that's that's something I do quite a bit yeah and you need to have that spatial audio spatial audio and airports Pro okay okay do you mean the amp I know I know I just took everything from my desk okay is this okay spatial audio is this 5.1 coming to the airport's pro or is it gonna be something to do with dolby because there is dolby audio on the iphone all right interesting this looks like it's something completely different but it sounds like it's exclusive to the

Air prods Pro yes and it'll be able to mimic the experience of being in a theater where you get the sir really like it's a 5.1 experience supposable what if I have a whole part why would I even need such things because you can't put a home put next to you yeah I mean you can't I mean yourself your entire house would be listening to whatever yeah the advantage of the airport is that exactly just you and a lot of us don't live in mansions Patrick so we happen my tiny affordable apartment bedroom here and it's like and like the

Accelerometers and the gyroscopes are working out how you're turning your head and routing the audio accordingly which is kind of neat I know like some headphones from other brands kind of do sort of something similar but interesting that like this can be backwards compatible right because that's like this is earpods pro that we know it's going to be a firmware update it's not gonna be edible gasps ear pods Pro just yeah clear but but then again I'm I have the regular air pods and I haven't been compelled to update to the pro but something like this you know

Would be an added feature and an added reason to to update if I have if someone hasn't already updated okay so it looks like it's compatible with 5.1 7.1 streams and Dolby Atmos which is kind of nice oh there's some epic like shot of it going from Craig federighi into a view of the aperture and then it went around and now we're inside the Apple Jim really sweet Jim can we all agree and first I mean this is kind of nice this is the first time we've actually seen inside of the Apple Jim and its really nice but one of the applicants all right how much time

Vanessa this is where we get excited about the Apple quote let's see and get excited about Apple watch – well yeah I know I bet like good I mean I'm just saying because we the necessary and I geeked out about that for watch like oh yeah the time so Patrick you and I geeked out about the SC and all the AI friends you and I we have a special relationship each of us you know may be good we get we kick out about the home button and face IDs yeah and tres ad and not recognized as still does it recognize me first thing in the morning

disconnect not to parents so yeah thank you that your patience chronograph face this is if this similar just to commit or yes the to committed and one of the if you want your UV filter up all day because you really love that UV filter but you can change it because it's a complication so I third-party watch faces is the one thing that I need for an Apple watch or at least I know it's not but I need much more variety another yep another if you guys watch the rumor a rumor video yeah

From such shows as receive watch faces directly from friends yeah air dropping watch faces cool I messaging it yeah I mean cool oh that's kind of cool and there's like the bike map cycling map GPS complication Lexi it's not though because I the white Apple watch face that I've been using has been the one with the lunar show it show it mine oh mine is nicer one I've been using a I don't know what this one's called it's like the lunar phases or something oh yeah and I have the little work out complication because that's the only thing that I need really and you only

Work out during full moons right so i time it so it's once a month right or something twice a month twice a i don't know anything about the maps are heat maps so they Lexi another one who you but okay driving and transit debate notice they didn't say cycling on I know they have cycling I know that's for you guys alright I'll be testing this one out yes let me know and you need me to test this one out whenever you need to deliver bread to me again Lexi okay well we can test it out if you go from Dolores Park to Baker beach so that's what that's okay if that's always

Yeah that's like and for those who are not marketer in our hometown Dolores page yeah basically the web the two places in the city where literally everybody is every weekend is to either duelers park or a cubicle Golden Gate Park not social distances so okay this is Jules she's the fitness expert at Apple loving her jacket just saying she still if you'll remember she was the bad bleep who was cycling during her presentation that's right she did an entire presentation like doing spinning on a freaking bike she's my hero so yeah I'm

Gonna pay attention to what she has to say but guys dance dance revelution can finally detract as a workout type on Applewood pumps I'm so pumped right now I mean you could get like an AR version of that and then have the Apple watch like although it's saying that running you're getting more yes it's different Moo oh look at her dancing now look at these cycling oh wow so now you're getting more accurate accurate it's gonna count more accurately your dancing moves so when you just like dancing by yourself in the room its I'm working out just able to track like rotation

Vertical acceleration and heartbeat and talk like that like this one more accurately we're doing core training so so yeah it never used to distinguish between yoga lesson yeah so now it's gonna be able to submit sure that more accurately and actually give us a freaking real that's calculation of many calories were burning while we're doing these really intense exigence yeah because the Col workout like Pilates I never feel gives me enough credit for the intense no amount of cool weather because do in Pilates so I was like the surfing cracking best my purse

I don't think we had that not that I surf but I don't think I thought surfing well maybe it wasn't I some one of the watches does surfing you know what I mean I can check right now oh you know what I can totally go in and add and there's another interest this the way we does health tracking and notifications is now what they're talking about which is exciting yeah surfing is one on than watch right now on the six it's definitely in there sorry economy icon it was a different icon your eyes asleep tracking we also hit on this in the rumors apple core if

You've been watching it sleep tracking we'd be talking about for such a long time yes so can I just can I rant for one second guys please right big sigh Apple incoming I think it's been such a long time coming and people pressing it for years and I almost had up like I had given up on my right oh no no I I would also do the impression that it wasn't necessary because I thought you didn't have it and all of a sudden they have it so you know it's one of these things that like Apple says it's not needed and then all of a sudden they do it and it's like the most

Revolutionary thing in the world but of course I get why they do it because they want to do it right but it's been a feature that a lot of people have benefited from in other devices for a very long time and so I'm just it's great it's coming it's just like what took you so long that's my rant well that was my battery a lot of the lot of the rumors stuff that we talked about earlier I think that's like you know whether it's air tags or air power which was a faux pas that they announced it before is ready but I think app would rather ship

Something that's ready and gonna work versus like when we see it from other companies where it's like that kind of works like but it doesn't you know or there's nothing it works with and it's just frustrating so the integrated all make it work the batteries the huge on the screen is the other and also what you can do that with your heart rate and other information for your workout nutrition that's all gonna be pretty exciting but it seems like it's kind of a riff of the bedtime feature that's already built into the clock on your Apple watch yeah and

Here here we're seeing a glimpse of what it's looking like and apparently it's gonna turn off everything basically as you're winding down towards sleep so it's going to be a gradual progression into sleep and then it'll wake you up with the alarm and there's a plugin for the call map to integrate it were you bunch of different yeah it's specially during stay at home stuff it's been it stopped me going from crazy crazy crazy crazy that's great I mean oh my god this is so cool the way everything I think so the other thing Vanessa I I appreciate it and related to your rant about

Wanting it but I think the other thing is in the way it's integrated and the fact that it actually ties in because there's other fitness trackers reviews that have subtracting but it just doesn't do anything with that information like I don't know what they're like having three point two six hours of deep sleep is and how I can improve agree agreed and it sounds like apples not trying to do much with it aside from being able to wake you up at the right amount of time I didn't oh I'm so sorry they're sharing right now very thing about it they could detect when

You're washing hands and washing detection to suit make sure you've done it for long enough exactly wow that's does it on audio I'm 20 down to zero so it's a 2020 future guys yeah it is also if you're a food worker like I worked in coffee shops for number of years you always have to do this you're always singing happy birthday twice to get can't watch so now kinda does it for you you don't this thing happy birthday anymore there you go there you go application this is I mean it's just interesting how they just gave sleep tracking which is a feature we've been

Waiting for for five years how they just released right through that and they trained them yeah gave about conversation – it's gonna prompted it city they did say that it's gonna prompt you to charge it in the morning so I assume that in the morning your Apple watch is gonna be like down to zero and down to zero and now an epic drone shot from flying from the apple jam across the axis around Lobby and downstairs and we're gonna go sometime to see the doors are closing on privacy the doors are closing on privacy we can watch so s so basically better

Fitness tracking which is great but it's kind of a tweak and then to the sleep tracking which was huge and expected and sharing sharing uh watch faces that's it right yep that's it okay watching and the complication stuff and there's a bunch of stuff again just like we saw at the end is there's a bunch of stuff on that I try to screenshot I didn't get the Apple watch one where was the slide behind him had a lot of stuff on there that I didn't see them talk about so yeah that's probably where later today we're gonna find out more as Apple leaf releases like a news release or press

Release about it as well as Apple will be I'm sure briefing press this week so there might be more stuff that we don't see there always is or more details but I think the thing for me the subtractor was really cool the handler things cool but I really like the idea of being will have fullscreen complications that's really cool yes and I'm sure I mean like you said we're gonna be learning more about it in the future but I don't know where I was going with that let's just know you'll find I mean I understood like this time with that Apple here we go just the fact that one of the big

Questions for me was whether or not Apple was gonna need hardware to pull off sleep tracking and it sounds like the answer has come to us the answer is no Apple just needed to optimize or make some kind of super reserve reserve battery for sleep tracking at night so one of those features that it was able to pull off with Hardware alone start a software alone other features that didn't couldn't be pulled off with software were spo2 tracking that we were expecting and any other kind of real hell thing like blood blood pressure yeah

Sleep tracking we can talk about this when we come and wrap it up but I'm so intrigued to see how the Apple watch sleep tracking differs from a bunch of other trackers that I've used especially the ones that have temperature sensors and the ability to kind of work out heart rate variability because I think those are the big ones that actually make the biggest and blood oxygen levels yes absolutely so at night and here and just kind of like make sure we're we're hitting this so they were just tying my privacy obviously signed on with Apple that was launched last year I'm

Surprised he's been a big issue especially the last few weeks with all the black lives matter protests with the ability for people to track like who's at the protest as well as like like face taking pictures these people and maybe even retaliate against them so it's interesting that they're showing location tracking and how to control this stuff but also seeing the fact that I have not had a lot of signing with Apple website yeah I've had a few but I haven't used it myself just because I have so many other accounts and I kind of prefer to have individual accounts

That I can easily keep track of in my password manager and then be able to sort of deactivate as needed rather than having kind of I'm a bit weird like that because I like to kind of silo every a single account that I can but yeah I mean the interesting thing about this discussion now that we're talking about privacy is being able to have that icon that's like showing you when the camera is being used at the top of the screen there was that little orange dot that appeared so that was it was interesting to sort of negotiate visibility on that that so basically they're showing like

When you log in or someone's asking to collect information on you like a nutritional guides will show you exactly what they're asking for so they like this what app wants your financial information your contacts pricing location and it'll tell you that before you actually slide into that app so that is really cool if you like a nutritional yeah the Facebook list will be just the entire early tricky thing I mean not to get really deep in privacy the tricky thing is like it's not lay your privacy it's anyone you knows crimes because it just takes

One person privacy to be breached and they have really easy access to people who don't especially Facebook that has happened in homes and we're not going to like that mystery that's honest to god truth yep alright so home home home home now home kit are we finally gonna see some improvements to home kit probably because they've have been spending a lot of time in the home yeah yeah I know so you know she was though you know she was and then dancing between salsa and who yes and yeah all those moves all right yes I feel like every every developer conference we always say that things

Need to be able to be working together better than before and more privacy every single you know yeah because you're showing a lot of the Apple services right you see Apple TV up there we see arcade I think I see a music app logo behind that the abstraction that's pretty much the default screen when you do log into Apple TV's is all of those Apple apps up top so what I'm interested to see is because you normally in WWDC they have like a big profile of a third-party app or a developer that's made like some big sort of changes in their app using platforms

That you know apples rolling out I haven't noticed that this time though this this is very much centered on the Apple ecosystem and apps yeah and well they're talking about that Alliance that they announced at the end of last year with like companies like IKEA and Amazon for that that standard platform I forget what it's called I apologize to all that all your hang stuff so if you bought something from Ikea the idea of be able to plug in the home app or Amazon system as well and for me that's honestly been the biggest barrier to smart home entry it's

Just not having the visibility about what devices are compatible and how it's all gonna work together because if you don't follow the smart home technology and automation as much as yeah I guess like yeah how smart home team for example it is I feel very bamboozling as someone who myself who follows technologies is my job I still don't feel like there's enough visibility and sort of onion understanding because you are setting up says what the inner showing is like just like you have to pop up for like your ear pods on your

Phone that same pop up is showing like to turn a light on there's identifying those things so to show you all the things that's doing it looks very streamlined it doesn't look as intense as like the home kit app which is can be a little be enduring to use but I agree completely likely with that is also the number one reason I probably I don't have a lot of stuff it's just well it's also the fact that we got to remember and full disclosure if you haven't picked up on it already we all live in apartments right so our smart home Astrud our smart from home

And enabled devices are minimal compared to somebody who lives in a you know an actual home however I think there's a lot that can still be done with a lot of the devices that we we do use on a daily basis even in our apartment I have a lot of baby monitors and baby stuff that is not home kit compatible which is which really is a disservice to to the devices to how I could be using them because that would be so much simpler to be able to use them all oh wow so it looks like they're using face recognition from your Photos app for just like for like those doorbell cameras like ring or something

Like that so that would pop up and we'll identify that hey it's Vanessa at our my apartment door that's really cool so it looks like they're simplifying the way these integrate and notify you and you can interact with them on your phone which I think beyond having a physical space to have that like the Mets are saying is going back to what Lexy was saying it's part of that ambiguity like how do I said what's gonna work with what but again I feel like this is something that I say every year I still don't know what works with what it's still too difficult to

Work out well that's what I consortium comes in because the idea but again just like the car consortium they advertised earlier and any consortium it's gonna take a little while for that to take effect in so I mean if it's confusing for us imagine what it's like for it can see me that doesn't follow this every day is their job you know I would see them but I also think for me and maybe confusing is not the right word for me maybe it's just it just seems overwhelmed like yes there's any about it that just I don't want to use it because I'm not sure or is it's the best

Life to use of that and I know sites like scene that we try to help with that but I see the very I want to see a Nintendo friendly look of some of these interactions which is fantastic it just makes it a lot more friendly to use but now it looks like they've pivoted to the appletini and I'm seeing some Xbox controllers which is one of my favorite things on the Apple TVs ability to use an actual gaming controller or PlayStation controller on it to control because that Apple remote is not funny okay so just quick there's a working out on your Apple TV and now I didn't get

Whether or not this is an Apple Act this was one of the rumors that we were gonna get a fitness fitness app from Apple and they're showing working out on your Apple TV but I didn't catch whether it was that was a third-party app because she was talking about their money what their many workout apps on appletv are saying yeah so now it's having picture-in-picture so while you do your chaturanga push-ups which is that what that was like okay now watch your knees broadcast at the same time use that voice assistant to turn on the adaptive lighting that we just saw with the home

Hey Apple Apple is definitely I'm gonna throw it out there and it's I'm glad they have diversified their their list of presenters I'm glad we're seeing different races different genders during this whole presentation which normally were more used to seeing just the same people in the pre Apple presentation and this is kind of refreshing to see different phases of the Apple community and I know that it's intentional of what we're living through but you know what I don't care why it's happening I'm happy that it is yeah and I think but even before what's currently

Going on that's always been an issue with Silicon Valley and Apple especially with if you look at the executives they're still like the lack of diversity on top they're the company as a whole like a lot of the diversity of these their corporate offices is still not past fifty percent I believe so yeah it is refreshing to see that but also I wonder if that's also a byproduct of this format of not having to be on the stage you know and different people no no but it's great it's giving us great I'm not saying it's not great it's absolutely great very clear this it is

Wonderful sorry we're not gonna call you Anna Patrick we all think it's great we we do I dissented there is work to be done though much more work higher up yes especially but this is this is a start and okay this is interesting to see the new this is a new Apple TV plus special called foundation Isaac Asimov was it based on was it based on this we had a theater nerd who explained to it I mean I'm seeing it this like you guys are I mean I'm seeing the oh my god he's the son of Richard Harris who was in mad man he was in that Chernobyl show looks like it's starring Patrick is walking IMDB is

That great Patrick's than that he was he was amazing definitely apples stepping up it's trying to step up its content for Apple TV plus I have just have you guys been watching a much of it cuz I actually have dived quiet deep into the catalogue really much let's be honest I've watched quite a few of the shows I've watched the morning show of watched little America which I actually really liked really great it's really great stories about refugees and immigrants to America really quiet quite touching stories and real I mean I'm interested because I'm

An immigrant to America so I guess I'm biased but I think that's interesting but it is for me and I've walked watched some mythic quest whatever that's called there's quite like a few interesting titles but it's not like I only go there when I specifically know I want to watch one title I don't go to Apple TV plus to browse right so it's and the catalog is just isn't there so I'm glad to say that there are some more options being added but they've also had a couple of stinkers like see that show I've got some really bad reviews really well made observe some of them but at

The same time it's probably the most expensive things they've invested in yeah yeah I've seen I really like the Beastie Boys documentary they did i watch the other not yet but yeah interesting to see because I get unless like last year the conversation was a lot about these services and how they're going to interact and again I think you know if they had an Apple prime kind of feature where you could to subscribe to that and have all the services that way last question guys take your last yes Big Sur it has to be or Taher but I think Tahoes to its tires a car like so

What's the Chevy time I've never driven one so I actually don't know but just like I assume because it's already being used maybe they don't want to oh let's say or assassination baby we got it sorry I cheered I well you know you already got your way huh anybody who's been to Big Sur anybody know it's you should go you should go to that restaurant that overlooks the valley Nepenthe it's down Highway 100 real quick gorgeous view I'm so sorry I'm so sorry it's just so like I'm dealing for the overlaps here I they have that little that little screen they show at

The end of that yes yeah and there's multiple user for games which is exciting and I feel like that's another thing that has been a wishlist item for the iPad was multiple for families I don't if anyone here could relate to that but I think that that's so there are things like that that I'm curious if we're gonna learn more about or if they just didn't announce because of time because even though it's been a it's been an hour adapting light adaptive lighting which I don't know if we heard with a smart light bulb but adaptive lighting is

Again basically doing oh sorry you basically do a night shift on your into your home basically it's it's it's using that consortium and those products will integrate and I think that's what I was trying to clumsily say earlier and I don't think I did a good job of that but yeah but the idea is you could yeah adapt it and it would weather what brand it is as long as it was on that that format or that standard it would work which is cool all right so macro is is actually getting it looks like a pretty

Significant visual overhaul so they're talking about different transparencies basically just a different look and feel but it's you know it's obviously still briefing on the same macro s theme it's just like some of the finishes are slightly different buttons and controls are popping up as you need them and then just sort of fading away when you don't system level controls that look surprisingly like iOS I mean you yeah you sweetly I can't listen to the sounds so I look look messages Lexy we've been talking about this getting yeah of the iOS messaging

Services to messages on the Mac confetti animations that might that's really yeah and the an emoji in there not because my guys keynote to make you know they you go and now yeah I think they cute but you know I I was only non nm oh geez when they first got announced and then I hear I'm just I'm off like I don't care anymore if you used that did to me now if you've used messages on Mac OS you'll know what a dumpster like it's not good there's the the relationship between handoff between phone and computer at least for me is really clumsy and you cut in half

The time images don't display so there was a rumor that obviously we were going to be seeing an overhauled messages app with catalyst basically it's about you know give developers well Apple so the option but developers who make their third-party apps to actually have this more consistent look and feel and more functionality so if the messages up gets an overhaul I will be happy with that that's really clean bright like revision of the interface – yeah I know we were joking about looking like iPad but I think that's a mr. negative no definitely not

And I think that the closer these devices become to each other I mean we're talking about an iPhone that has the basically the processing capability of a computer from five years ago or less than that and and we're seeing in a lot of users and just using an iPad as their main computer Scott Stein he and then we and then now we have the computer so we're seeing this like crossover between these devices and I love that because it's for us for users who do have the three devices and I have all three of them right here in front of me it's just

Gonna be using them much more seamless and it's gonna add yet another layer of not being able to leave the Apple ecosystem you know because ultimately when you have these these devices that work so seamlessly together and you're used to seeing the same look and feel throughout the entire Apple ecosystem why would you leave even if there is better hardware out there which ends up being the case for a lot of us so I'm this is a genius but having gone to something Lexus was we were talk about the home stuff like the again that feel of like not knowing

Exactly what to do or or being a little overwhelmed or confused by things I think that's kind of a benefit of also the system and why bringing people in here maybe in our tech journalists or tech reviewers and like I think my dad or brother that knowing that like oh if I do this sound like this on my Mac it's gonna be the same sound on my iPad or iPhone and having that consistent experience yes there definitely is lock-in we saw all those apps on that Apple TV that are locking you in with that payment locking you in with that interface and where your media is but I

Mean I'm loving the little like then these drop-down menus on the icons are showing right now again it looks very much like the little I think Lexie to quote Lexie looks so like that think about that little earpods pop-up you see on the eyes yeah like a version of that or a version of maybe control panels maybe more accurate yeah I finally do not disturb gets its own spot in the menu bar thank you that's just one little tweak that I mean look I'm easy to please today I must be quarantine I must be getting soft in my old age

That is something you know but it is it is something that's come to the forefront these days because we are doing a lot of calls where we do require the Do Not Disturb and for us especially all three of us videos you know how many times have we been working on something a video where we don't we want to do not disturb on a zoom call yeah and that's just not a feature but that carly wouldn't been as important to you pre-pandemic lexi you know it's just exactly that's what I'm saying like ah the little things I really appreciate now yeah great great timing because

Obviously they've had to have been working on some of these before pandemic and all of a sudden they launch them now and they're just impeccable timely because of everything that's going on like the cycling direction that was that was long long away yeah and I've been wanting that for a long time so I yes fortuitous timing but it's like come on guys they could have done this earlier like they've been working on Apple Maps overhaul since what four years now or something I kept hearing the apples being read or the hauling Apple or that yeah that's the second way for that but

It's the thing these are like an organic thing and what's neat about what I love about WWDC it's just kind of like a stopping point and like all right now here the new the big things and and the things we haven't really talked about in this keynote so far our devices like how far back are these going to be supported for Mac OS watch OS iOS especially and the other big thing that means the stability of them we had iOS 13 last year that it had a lot of faith in the first couple weeks and you're like wow this is unprecedented but that being said it's curious to see how that's good

When you bring out all these features how many little bugs there are to fix and and then getting them in the hands of developers to you because a lot of these are new features but unless if they're party app developer takes it on it's not going to be something you use a lot and I go back to that um sign-in with Apple feature right I don't see that quite a bit and maybe and three or four years it's very commonplace but right now it's not so yeah we just we just got confirmation basically that the messaging is becoming a lot more like the experience in iOS so you'll be able

To use there reactions you'll be able to use your movie and emojis and you'll also be able to see pictures because finally and also syncing between SMS and I messages finally like it oh really that's what that's what Craig just said ok yeah so before only people who were in the Apple ecosystem you could see pop up in your messages now it'll be anybody's messages right well you can you've always been able to get SMS but it's been very spotty like it's not it doesn't necessarily sync all the time at least in my experience so and sometimes I've

Been sending SMS from the messages app on Mac and it doesn't actually send at all right so it's it's very been very spotty and the syncing at least for me has not been particularly consistent so I'm excited to see if this actually does solve the problem because I do a lot of as we all do now messaging from my computer and I wonder if that little bit has to do the UI chip to or do you want it because it's like it's so dependent on your phone to synchronize those messages and there is like neither does it – well it's like all my devices had the SMS or like the one that I want deal

Like the right not does not for some reason and yeah I'm wondering if I don't know I wonder what the technologies behind that and here's one of those pictures if we take right now all the thousand things they're not going to talk about behind the total pixel control pulldown menus photo editing session recent based documents but about homekit about total control of every pixel what is this what is this good what's this maybe for your for the app itself like we have no control things were like maybe this is all this is all developer centric stuff so like class

Kit is a development tool I'm going back to she's a Maps or a Mac it looks like it's a catalyst app mm-hmm yeah so I mean in a site like all of the absolute getting overhauled well overhaul said be more like the apps that we're used to seeing in iOS or iPad RS or what a final against voice' to be able to develop it for one and work on multiple platform yes exactly that's a big catalyst thing okay this is a bunch of different forms yes Safari I put pencil support in Safari that's what's one of the rivers right and translate yeah

All right speedy before you know what honestly if we already have a Translate app I'm wondering whether it's gonna be an extension to the browser or how that would work on Safari yeah maybe well they're talking like are you guys mostly chrome users or Firefox or Safari Firefox mostly and I do use Chrome for compatibility reasons right or some things like Google Docs that work better in Chrome obviously I use am I the only one I use Safari and I use Google Chrome simultaneously so that I can just control tab from both of my I use but if seriously they're talking

About performance because that's always been like the thing with chrome is some apps just have to have it and they're showing that it will have 50% faster and chrome which is not that hard if you think about how slow they have four tabs open it's like you're starting tier your level huh yeah we were talking earlier about you know with en we were talking about how you know MacBooks the ones that we have to work at least I take off like an airplane the fans on overdrive and they get super hot and you get lap burn well top tip for you stop using Chrome because since I've stopped using

Chrome so really yes chrome is such a memory hog that it does create a lot of extra work I know but I've noticed since switching primarily to Firefox and then and Chrome to do like Google Docs for my work stuff yeah it has gotten significantly better in terms of overall heat dissipation and the fans not going on as much as you know they normally would protip from Lexington yeah all right what do you know then the thing is it's like Firefox it's is fine but uh Safari on desktop I'm still not sold on Safari all mobile is easier for me to use there's a system like yeah sorry

Sorry to interrupt you guys but there's gonna be an app store for extensions in Safari kind of deal which is kind of cool and this is where we may see the Translate app yeah and we have seen there are obviously extensions right now that are the Safari but making it more easy to discover them and yes they can apps yeah yeah like an app store yeah he just said like they're doing Patrick but right now and I I don't I don't hear any mention of the Translate but I guess that rumor of translating in Safari might be enabled with an extension from

That well that's at least at least on the iOS it was the Translate app so maybe that's that's what they remember it is a rumor so there are things that things are wrong translation right now native translations built right into Safari they're gonna tell us more about that right now here we go Beth Dakin manager Safari software engineering ah I love all these females yes love it I'm er display – oh yeah cheese grater they're they're definitely doing a female's but be nice to see Latinas in there and I think I think that's the one we've been I

Haven't seen so far ah be sure to keep a scorecard yeah I know I feel like we need a bingo card for university yeah okay so you now you can add your own photo as a backdrop backdrop on your sari cool again I like a little wickets on like the startup screen for Safari yeah always been kinda like your favorites like website or your bookmarks or your history yeah or all extensions all right downloaded a few web extensions to take a peek wow this love and lemons blog is really doing a lot of today did you see this

It's a recipe filter oh my gosh finally can that mean every time I search for a recipe it cuts out the rubbish at the top that's like the 20 page detail about someone's life story and then it gets to the recipe at the bottom of the page does that mean that's gonna work because I actually very useful I will helpful for me because Lexie cooks for me no it's helpful you because that means better I order off Instagram if anybody's follows Lexie she like posts all her beautiful recipes and I just like order from nicer Otis I see what it

Is yeah bread this week sawdust if you guys inside or hit me up and earlier to is the ability to like we're talk about the apps the mini apps earlier it looks like you're able to turn on and off things temporarily or unlimited for certain websites when we're tracking the weather's like data tracking and stuff like that that's really cool yeah barri it's like saying if you love ice cream like come on how many sir that granular privacy controllers quench things five hooks does quite a lot of that for you behind the scenes as well like there are certain default profiles that you can

Actually kind of I I what I do like about Firefox is it does have like um what do they call it it's some sort of it's an indicator basically that kind of rates the privacy of the you know of the site that you're on so like Gmail for example gets like a dingy okay you know whereas other sites you know more like a b-plus or an a-minus or something like that and then you can have more of the controls within that to actually see what permissions it's asking for and information that it's collecting so it looks like we're getting to the translation part that you

Guys are talking about earlier which is really great they're so interested to see it's obviously got like a bunch of more common languages up top and to see how accurate it is it's gonna be super interesting especially I'll tell you right now yeah now you tell me because like you do you do this finish and then I'm gonna open a can decipher agree yeah because one of the big flaws in Google Translate is that it context it doesn't contextually translate or like culturally adapt the language so I'd be curious to see if Apple gets that right because there's a lot of things that

Don't culturally don't translate contextually and also if that's just Spanish Spanish is the easy one that I know I'm sure it's even worse adapting color languages yeah it would doubt that it's gonna be that accurate because I would doubt that it's more accurate than Google for yeah at least because this is sort of the film that we're seeing yeah and also if it's built because on the phone it's obviously using that machine learning and the Bionic but it's curious to see what they're using to power that obviously you have to be online I'm

Guessing it's not like the localized thing maybe this I don't know did it say all right back chips arm chips Apple what are they gonna call it a a a X it's gonna be just called the ax chip maybe who knows hello alright so yeah he's gonna make the powerpc reference Patrick do you think like you you said earlier yeah I mean how PC it was a common code map of how to do a transition from one big ship to another without pissing everybody off and it did a pretty good job creaking job here we go transitioning transitioning to arm a X animal silicone

AAA a Apple silicon is called a s maybe this maybe it's gonna be like a different uh if it's gonna be one chip for all and they just rattle it for the iPhone I don't know yeah interesting because he said when we look ahead we envision envision some amazing products and apples generally never sort of says anything about future I mean it's very generic statement yeah envisioning amazing products but you know the fact that he's actually kind of foreshadowed stuff to come is interesting because normally it's all about the here and now it's all about the products today are

Great alright and silly to be a broken record here a little bit I think that's part of what that PowerPC transition was interesting into Intel because they were doing it live and they emitted like hey they actually use computers we've been running this whole presentation on has been running Intel even though there wasn't a specific machine tied to that so it looks like it's falling very closely that power P see to Intel now we've gone underwater underwater a secret location on just an apple puck there is nothing being able to see you behind the scenes at an Apple

Park not gonna lie because I think what they want us to think behind this yeah exactly is probably just like not this is not about two servers we see some XDR Pro displays in the background yeah this looks like a very like if there was going to be a nuclear fallout I'd want to be in this room okay so here's the thing because we get evil silic yeah I know I was like I don't know quite no way you're going sounds scary but now we know this bunker so here we go here's your notice with Apple silicone they're talking about numbers

Now with this in mind would you buy a macbook today or would you wait for Apple silicon because that's the question that's my key I think it's unless they're gonna head announce a computer right this moment I think it's you're gonna wait but I was thinking sitting right now even if you look at like geekman stores and like 3d gamer mark scores of their computers versus the iPad it's the iPad often especially so those entry-level computers has a much higher performance so it makes sense that they're gonna bring that to the Mac the big thing

Though has been being operating system running how do you do that cuz not everything can be a catalyst app right absolutely more advanced you know it's also interesting that Dan Ackerman in the live blog is brought up in a good point is that with the transition to an you know an Apple based chip it's like yes this is giving developers enough notice to kind of transition and plan for this also but faster graphics well that's a lot yeah as fast but well that's in just 10 years right that's a 10-year mark anyway so like the big manufacturers like Adobe are gonna have

The capabilities to adapt for this and and have the resources but if you're a smaller app developer this is gonna be like a pretty big transition so you know I can see a lot of apps just not making that transition but not being able to but isn't that part of the idea behind catalyst to is that that is going to enable these apps to run on this processor is that you're already showing people that you can go from go from an iOS app or an iPad app and bring it onto that now here's if there's gonna be like a Mac OS yeah until the point catalyst

To Mac OS a silicon Apple silicon's Apple City gonna work they're gonna work on that name what would it be if they did announce an Apple a MacBook Apple silicon computer would you buy that over and a brand new one that runs until right now yeah I don't know I just has so hard to say because if you'd look at what's happened with the Windows space you know manufacturers that have been putting you know ARM chips and Qualcomm chips and yeah into you know a Windows laptop and you know the performance is not as it's not the same although kind of those benchmarks and metrics aren't

Quite the same yeah it doesn't mean that it's not gonna work it just means that it's gonna take a lot of effort but I think you know some what's up for the job it's gonna be Apple given the it's the track record with you know chips in iPad iPhone so on we'll see anyway I think we've lost we've lost Vanessa we did reduce because I was gonna and it's to be known which is exciting yeah looks like it's lower power for video playback higher performance CPUs it looks like overall we get things like the knurl engine to the Mac because right now like some of

The pro max they use a version of that chip to power the lovely and fun touch bar that people love but it's exciting to see what they're gonna do for more the like kernel mobile apps but then again said there's all those existing even longer than it is right since like the 80s all those existing Mac apps that these smaller developers have and that's the bread and butter like what does that mean for them be kind of curious yeah but it's it's exciting to think that that is going to be a hardware step toward bringing iOS iPad OS and Mac OS into more of a you know if I think

Beyond just making the menus look similar to control panel mm-hmm I think yeah exactly and you know they're not obviously not gonna talk about any sort of timeline that I would imagine they're not gonna say like coming in 2021 I don't think they would any other apply it right yeah but it's also it's like you bring the rep Lexi because with chip manufacturers they traditionally want showing like a roadmap of their products so people know wake when they're gonna come out so it'll be interesting to see how they advertise what that roadmap is but also

Be Apple at the same time and not give anything away mhm that's always gonna be the trick okay we're seeing a picture-in-picture you're just discussing about how it's back to its cutting back to Craig he's in the lab okay I'll just run across the campus they just had him running everywhere it's like seven minutes I know okay he's talking about the transition and integration between Apple silicon basically to take full advantage of the capabilities so native apps is obviously how they're gonna start this first as you were talking about with

Catalyst and everything is a native app for Apple silicon and all of the Apple apps yes will be compatible with Apple I mean that's to be expected I know we talked a lot about W and that is a widely used like pure sweet like premier and for the shop in my room but yeah I mean there are people who are do you actually use final cut there's lots of people who use Logic Pro these are really big apps that people are are using to make their living it's not just a casual thing as well so it's gotta be able to be that level of performance and consistency without bugs that's the

Other thing when you switch to these things even with the Intel switch there was some bugs but Apple the way to Apple did it oh they're calling it Universal – is the language I guess catalyst is what we were saying but that language between Intel and the Apple silicone yeah and I really think that like back to that point we were just talking about it's like you know Microsoft is hard at work on office for the Mac yep because they're giant companies and everyone uses those apps everyone knows Microsoft Word but not

Everybody uses like the smaller apps like trying to think of one that I use like hei eff converter I use that all the time and if that does not have I mean that's I would assume a fairly easy after port a bit I'm not a developer know anymore anyway so I I wouldn't know but you know it's all those sort of smaller apps that it's gonna be interesting to see like the compatibility like how easy this is to do from what Craig's talking about oh he's pulling he's pulling it off just like Steve Jobs did he was talking about all the features that we saw in that

PowerPC to Intel transition all the computers are running on the Intel looks like Craig federighi is admitting that all the things we've seen here is been running on the Apple silk'n Apple silicon I'm still waiting okay well would yes everything is super responsive I mean but that's expected you're gonna bring it over to an entirely new architecture and and that is easy it should be easier nowadays but it's spinning with their WWDC 20/20 record of giving you the things that you want yeah it looks like very less eccentric mapping stuff messages stuff catalyst

Stuff Big Sur I can unless my running list and a dance app in the Apple watch and you know a lot of dance workout tracking importing is it yes I mean why not we were all we all taking up new hobbies at home so maybe that'll be my new one we need a dance app where it can overlay your me emoji override emoji head like flirting with me all right now you should Final Cut Pro so this is hitting home because I am one of the crazy people who loves you so you still use FCP huh not only do I use it it has gotten completely insanely amazing over the past 10 years I think

People still hold that transition 10 years ago against Apple but it is an amazing thing and I don't have to pay 10 or $30.00 a month to use it you buy it once yeah my cost per month like 2 dollars or something like that at this point but it's amazing and I would hope that the nerd to me McMackin announced this now would hope that something like Final Cut would come to you an iPad one day but this is me this is nice Oh interesting did you see that it has like some intelligent cropping features so it kind of works out where the important quote-unquote action is in the

Frame and because right now it's a cool convoluted – yeah video it's hard I mean if you want those sick Instagram stories or tick-tocks you know that's a yeah I do fall see you Lexi on that because you are the IG master so I would use master very loosely but thank you I will take the compliment on your engine are we going to oh oh I like that even I'm the whiz Anderson of IG stories I always thought you were especially it comes to breads and making complicated cooking with seafood it seems like really good hungry ok so he's saying now will he

Expect most developers to go native immediately we want to make sure that users can run the apps on day one and even if the apps haven't been updated ok and he's now talking about the transition from PowerPC to Intel alright give us give us a an actual date I know anybody brought up that rosetta that ian and was talking about earlier haha waiting 10 years we've been waiting 15 years for the set it's funny there we go automatically translates existing apps here we go answering those questions for us

Translated at install time and yep hey you guys something something Ian did not mention before but when they switched over it wasn't like they had a ton of brand-new computers but they just had intel-based Macs and powerpc-based macs does that make sense so I'm wondering will be just would they just go hey here's the pro that you already have and here's it running on Apple silk I'm like it's not an entirely revision hardware is just the guts of it run on something different that would be interesting they did that because that would be a baby step way to get two very exciting new

Hardware that's right so I mean it's also interesting do you think it's gonna be like with the PowerPC to Intel transition was there an overlap were like was there a time that you could buy still buy PowerPC and still white Intel or was it kind of like a clean break that was like normal PowerPC is now yeah you got to remember that was kind of before the like the days of the Apple Store and stuff so you brought your own a copy USA and they would write but I think that you were pushed to get the Intel one because that's going to be obviously supported and I think that's

Kind of what they're putting their stake in the ground here it's like moving forward you're gonna want to get that and it's gonna be curious to see we've been talking a lot about laptops but like yeah where they do a higher-end like Mac Pro powered by these chips and what does that look like where they would there be like a Mac Pro Mini I'm a smaller desktop that's not quite as expensive that for like those people like me who are new who are into some creative apps but don't do it for a living full-time yeah obviously they're showing some games on it right now

Running on their favorite thing metal medal every year sorry can't help it I feel yeah okay so so showing some gameplay and was this a Maya demo I think it was a Maya demo I was talking about you know it's uh it's it's actually like so in previous years we've you know obviously we're never allowed to restrain the Apple canine-like audio but it's actually quite nice being able to watch it simultaneously and and be able to kind of talk about it to like I see it on the screen in front of me so it's kind of nice like we're watching in

Watch party token in this this is I like this even though I feel like I've stepped over everybody in this conversation but at all like no no it's okay yes it's that nature of stop and start like oh you know but I feel like otherwise besides that it's been kind of really fun doing it this way yeah it's it's been good and I hope the old three of you that are watching are also enjoying I mean I do it I do miss being in the studio with you guys and be my kind of kick you under the table and when you say so I'm silly about me I

Miss that yeah and also mr. Beecham who's powering this insane layout that you see we don't get this here a lot from an eye maybe we'll get to hear him alone after this but I do miss hearing from Beecham me too hopefully we'll be actually able to hear him sing so this is are you seeing I've seen Monument Valley to is being played on a Mac that's kind of cool being developed on the Mac so it's virtualization basically showing I think that you can you know run virtual windows essentially in different times all right back to back back into the oh well crazy inside the

Room again oh wow it's very confusing anyway Apple silicon will be able to run iPhone and iPad apps so this yeah you can play these games on your Mac then that's cool okay changes them I mean oh we have Apple arcade was you could play those games across there are different devices but that is pretty exciting because not everything is built for Apple arcade mm-hmm I haven't used up a lock aid at all I have to say it's it's you dip your Tona it's very addictive there's so many good games and I have not played all on them but especially master meeting yeah yeah I think now

It's like more for me it's like I want to get away from the smaller screen I want to go through make a screen if I do want a gaming experience which makes you know a TV more appealing just because I spend so much time on the phone so why not replace that with the biggest green and I have the ability why not why not why not ah okay we are – how long have we were talking now two hours two thousand thirteen minutes yeah doing 10 o'clock an hour and 43 minutes yeah yeah we've been talking yeah we've been talking for yeah mm 30 minutes I think one of those

Days okay now this is all interesting stuff in terms of like actually making the transition for developers and it has a developer transition kit that is a Mac Mini but is it a Mac Mini because it's a Mac Mini enclosure at least yeah and that's something they did with the power pure the in PowerPC to Intel transition we had this transition box they had had but again it wasn't like a new hardware it was this enclosed inside existing hardware and I can't remember always because it was 15 years ago yeah come on Patrick no mr. Apple you supposed to know hey

You guys as much for me as I probably could good okay sir yeah I see everything they're talking about though this seems like it is the most significant and biggest part of the WWDC especially as it relates to develop shipping this week those developer kit transit ran sorry develop a transition kids yeah so many names but yes okay so interesting to see if this is kind of the wrap because I would guess we're getting to an hour 45 of talking in the keynote so I would assume that we are getting pretty close a heart developer

Timeline here we go so this week yes you're getting the kits available and you can apply for the QuickStart program and for the customers oh wow they're actually saying we expect to ship the first Mac with Apple silicon by the next by next year yeah yeah it's the tradition this year sorry end of this year and then a two-year transition so that brings it to the timeline of we were expecting new MacBooks I was at October was Ivan essa would know the exact timeline for when we were expecting because it's usually that generation happens after the iPhone

Launch I believe I wish I wish Ennis difficulties again but I okay we can see yeah we can we can hear you we can see so we are we were talking about the timeline so basically we've just heard that the the developer transition cuteness I think that's what I'm sorry my brain has stopped working with all of those names it's going to be available basically this week and then there's a essentially a two-year transition between the period between Mac OS sorry Intel and then to Apple silicon and then when we'll be expecting the new MacBooks because Tim just

Alluded to the fact that will get them end of this year is that really the timeline the room is were saying we're expecting a new MacBook Pro now basically mm-hm but if not WWC development you know should be out today and then a flash obviously the final lies launch version will come out this fall and they have something in July and they did not catch what that was that was just the mac OS developer beta is available in july or is that something different but the thing about all this is it it is kind of like trying to tell this whole story by

Seeing flashes and glimpses so I'm excited to spend a list of the afternoon going through a lot of this more in depth because it was less than two hours about an hour 45 for this whole thing yeah I think so and it's I guess it's a testament to the fact that yes that you can essentially said this might become a new model of how Apple and other companies do live broadcasts and like product launches because we've seen a few companies do sort of similar going forward you see the incredible end credits showing all the intricacies of washing and cleaning yeah yeah they go

And that's why there was so many shots of Craig and all the other staff members with glass in between them to keep their distance but well the one thing I think that I'm most sad about is the iPhone video as much as video nerds I am and much as I think iPhone videos still the best you can shoot on a phone with it's still like so below like the something like a professional cinema camera stuff like that and group everything a new interface or a way that s assistant who works over and a car key integration as well it's

Basically you know have the ability using that you one chip to open cars and do a bunch of controls in car play anyway yes there's a lot of a lot of things in Nights 14 – done – but sorry vanessi you were about to say something I mean I I think you touch upon the highlight I think there's a couple of things that we were expecting that didn't come so I just wanted to maybe ya mentioned those and and I don't know if we didn't see them because they're not going to be available on this round of updates we may seem them somewhere along their way in iOS 14 but one of the big

Ones was those augmented reality features Chris an augmented reality app that would allow you to discover or view information around you which would have been a really big I guess clue that as you said Patrick that the iPhone 12 was going to have the the iPad like 4th lens so I mean that that to me was maybe the big one that we didn't get hey Vanessa but I wonder if that's like and weren't that's because I also think sometimes I remember just like a hair off and where that is more that discovered feature that we saw with the camera or the NFC

Or the you one chip where your right uses location and and and shows you these things because even if that's the case that could be easily adapted into their AR kit or a pair of glasses that they never went that route don't you think that's that's very true you're right maybe it was a more subtle thing that we that we were expecting and I think maybe a lot of these early access of the iOS 14 code include you know versions of that and the real thing ends up being something completely different yeah and there's a lot of things that like you know a lot of the iOS so-called

Leaks of the iOS 14 code you know had glyphs and images of you know products specifically like the airport studio and so we didn't hear anything about that today and we did hear about air pods pro firmware update yeah that's kind of surprised and that was that was a like a de left-field for me so in terms of like spatial audio to be able to hear 5.1 7.1 in Dolby Atmos and so it's gonna be backwards compatible with the airports Pro and that's something that I don't believe I heard a rumor about sorry that was kind of interesting to sort of see that one sneak in and the one that also

The other iOS 14 thing that I think is well for me it's it's one of those features that has been a long time coming as picture-in-picture even though we don't yet know how it's gonna work with third-party apps like YouTube so we'll see that remaining I didn't want it I was hesitant to get excited about that one because of exactly that we don't know if it's just compatible with Apple TV and that would kind of be a bummer but I'm not surprised in the along those lines I'm a little bit disappointed another big rumor and I know like a lot of these are

Stupid me for getting hyped up about rumors that's what I do but the I was excited about was being able to change the default apps that was a huge rumor and you know it's not exclusive to iOS 14 we've been hearing about it every time because I think people want it so bad that they just invent a rumor if it's not even there but it was you know I like yes great they're making improvements to maps that how about the ability to just use another default app that's not apples I know I know that there's reasoning behind that and but

That was maybe one of the biggest disappointments that I'd forgot about this good good I'm sorry no no no you got Patrick I think that's like that I think for me the WWC and all the announcements and the May this is where I don't like rumors because feel like they're often misleading or they're helpful but you know and some we want them to be true there's so many good things in those rumors don't want to be true but it's just like well what do we actually have what are we getting and then I part that I love about these things is that last slide I know I said

Like a broken record but there's so many things on that slide that we did not get to see in these videos and I'm wondering if some of those rumors are maybe like a morphing of those features or if it's a version of that but yeah do you want to see an Apple car yes you want to see Apple class you take away the amount of operating system service is insane you saw TV OS he saw Mac OS you saw home we saw the transition to the new silicon architecture on the Mac we saw iOS and Apple watch OS and the big theme I think you take away from what we see today is the fact that you are seeing things

Become more similar which it's not this it's not all one operating system but it's one consistent experience and I think that's the thing when we look at something like Windows especially early on when it was going for tablets or you think of even Android going from a phone to a tablet it's just it's hard for that one operating system to do all the different things on I was kind of hoping a little bit more for some more things that iPad OS could do that maybe that makes it different from iOS it doesn't seem like there's a huge difference there for me

But yeah I think for me it's like I'm sad to see the rumors not be true but I'm so excited about a lot of stuff that got announced today and I'm excited to see what those other things are – that we don't get to have this platform to talk about with and talk about openly with you – well I + I mean you're very wise words and thank you for bringing us back down to earth but I also like what are they gonna even if they did have the ability to change you're different their party to default to third party apps they're not going to be like and another iOS 14 feature you no longer

Have to use our apps yeah you know that yeah weird thing to announce as I grew as a as a great feature in what in iOS 14 that would be if they ever do that it would be probably something that they leave out in the asterisks section at the very bottom of saying that you have to discover on your own because they probably wouldn't want to announce yeah exactly and we're seeing at the back okay well I mean that's the thing I was like about to say the entire push that you know this hokey know it was a bad like you know the Apple apps are gonna work day one on Apple silicon like

Right they there was discussion about working with the big developers like you know Microsoft and Adobe and the ability for other apps to have the ability to work day one but in terms of like I the whole thinking about having third-party apps on iOS they like then you default I feel like it would have been counterintuitive to the whole tone of the conversation so I'm not surprised that that wasn't a big feature of the keynote and I'm not surprised that that rumor wasn't exactly true but you never know it could be deep in that it's somewhere in that you know it's like the

First time you download the developer version and you open up a music app to play some site Spotify make default like that apply be that's what it is I can't let me talk this much on a rumor but yeah that's that's yeah be exciting you know I know Ellen let's I guess let's move on to watch OS right because yeah this is one of the one of the biggest features that we've literally been waiting for for five years finally made a a very brief debut in the in this keynote which was the sleep tracking we've been waiting for this feature since day one of the

Apple watch launched because it's something that you basically that you attribute to a fitness tracker is the ability to track your sleep and it tilt up until this point the Apple watch has not been able to do it on its own natively just because one of the biggest hurdles have been the battery life so you know Apple almost kind of I feel like they they kind of brush through it is such a key feature maybe because of the fact that they had taken so long to make it to do it but this means that they aside from the fact that we are now getting sleep tracking on the Apple

Watch to me the biggest thing is that they were able to figure out how to optimize the battery in order to track sleep for to be able to make this feature happen which they kind of did with they had done a version of this battery optimization for fitness tracking and they were able to extend the battery life when you're doing continuous activity tracking so now they were able to have been able to do it overnight with the watch ultimately you're still gonna be able to have to recharge it as soon as you wake up but this is kind of a big deal to me

I mean flexi what do you think about the sleep tracking you I don't know if you're a sleep tracking fan I I wasn't even if sleep tracking fan but it is that at least the ability to do that is a pretty big deal for the Apple watch Patrick you better behind me yeah I'll just say that I am a big fan of sleep tracking and I think the fact is that yeah sure it's a hardware thing with the battery that's got to be a big reason why it's Ortolan or loud I think it's also again the way they integrated I know it sounds again like a I say it like more times I think but I think the

Way you energy because it's one thing to build tracker say it's one nothing to be able to do something with that information or combine it with the heart rate stuff and I and I'm not trying to pivot from sleep but I think that was another neat feature was seeing the the trainer using the Apple watch and it be able to track the different motions and heartrate to figure out what that activity was and give them more accurate representation that so it really seems to me that in the fall we might see an Apple watch an Apple watch person that might actually have a more robust

Battery as well as a more robust features that maybe you need something hardware for whether it is blood pressure tracking or weather is like an oxygen level tracker or stuff like that that we're not gonna see because you don't have the hardware on existing watch but I'm excited to try that I'm excited to see what the battery is like the next morning yeah okay her computer froze okay computer froze for Lexie but so and Patrick the thing I guess like how would we test the accuracy it's one of those things that like we've always assumed or

At least I have I've always assumed that the Apple watch is tracking it accurately in the fact that it's getting more accurately certain activities makes a lot of sense because but then again like I thought it was accurate and now it's like well now it's more accurate so it makes me question a little bit about how how accurate it is now and then how would we even compare it before I guess you'd have to ya know I think I thought about that a lot too because like if in the olden days five years ago before you could track well no fitness trackers been on that

But I think you know if you did your workouts you'd have the notepad like all right this is this video wraps at the time and I did it for 40 minutes my heart rate was up for hat you know you know all these things that you were trying to keep track of yourself and the fact is you have it on your Apple watch now is amazing but I also think it's kinda like I don't know why I thought of it this like the Apple pencil when they show like the latency how that the first one was really good you're like the next one has this lower latency so it's like almost like well what was the old you

Know it's like right so it's cool in effect that doesn't require a new hardware I think it's a big thing because it's really exciting to me when you see these big changes on an operating system and it's just downloading a new operating system now how well it works and how buggy will be as the other things you know and if I have I don't know they did not show that slide where it's like these are the devices supported that will support like how far back does that go Apple watch number wise you know if you have an earlier Apple watch maybe it doesn't

Work as well or it won't work for watch OS 7 on that Apple watch so right I think I got my yeah but and then did we see that for iOS to like do we know how far back it it's going to is it cross compatible with what devices we didn't and I'm smiling because I'm gonna say rumors have it as I just talked about but I think you know there's rumors that it will go back to the original se from 2016 so that would also imply that would be supported by like I the iPhone 6s at least which is the same as iOS 13 is right now but yeah again those are the things we're gonna delve into I think

This afternoon as journalists and try to find out what's true it's not and be able to communicate that because it's those are the things that I feel have got sacrificed by having WWDC be these little videos which by the way I really liked I love the little transitions I just want to talk about that but what are other things on the Apple watch that we're really exciting to you Vanessa the hand-washing feature clearly I mean really well I'm kidding well the head washing feature is one of those features that I don't want to minimize that feature but it's it's

Definitely it's not something that we had thought about before pandemic why is that no I guess it will be functional right now but it's not I wasn't super just as jazzed about it as I was for sleep tracking I'll tell I'll put it that way hi welcome back remember things we liked about Apple watch OS and I think one of the ones I mentioned in the broadcast was I think the fullscreen complications is exciting to me because sometimes I just I like the I like seeing some complications on my Apple watch but I sometimes these want to dip in and out

Of one I don't want to like fully have it there all the time or I wanted to go fullscreen because it's like I think it's saying that the sunrise is gonna be at 6:42 a.m. or whatever time ago we can and up but yeah what about you like Co two things on the Apple watch that are Apple watch OS 7 that are really exciting for you dance tracking well you know there seems to be a lot of interesting tech that you know the stuff that's in airports like has always sort of made it different from other wearables and I know Venus that can probably talk to this as well it's like

Specifically like you know the Apple watch can detect swim strokes like it knows exactly like what type of stroke you're doing because of the accelerometer gyroscope in those other sensors in the watch interesting that like that is now being translated to stuff like dancing and other sports that you know you would not normally think that oh I would need to track that but actually why not having being able to track down sing and things like that so I think those are like small understated things that maybe they made a little bit too much of a big deal

About but I think that's gonna be useful for a lot of people and yeah I mean definitely the complications as you mentioned but I'm actually just disappointed that there is still isn't like a good watchface store for third party apps and being able to kind of really kind of get into the weeds they cause like the the apps that are of it like sorry the watch faces that are available yes you can customize with complications and yes there are different ways that you can change colors and things like that sizing it still doesn't enough variety for me and

I I know I'm always gonna say this and it's probably never gonna happen but I know a lot of people appreciate the ability to have like much more control and third-party apps watch faces at least from maybe like a select number of developers to start with and then open it up over time why don't you think they allow it do you think it's like a thing like someone's gonna put a big picture their grandkid on their watch and then like not be able to use it like I get you know is it something like it's like a fear that the users gonna mess it up or is it it can just app I know it's

Easy to be like cliche like Apple watch it control everything so this I want to have that but I think that's kind of a lazy justification but what do you think they why don't you think they allow people to change their watch faces and whether or not a watch face story cuz I know there's so many designers who would just eat that up you know I just think it's it probably there are probably more complications sorry about the pun yeah I know there's probably a lot more complications behind the scenes I would say and I know that reduce in the past that you know

Obviously Apple is very keen to make sure that things work as reliably first time so I would imagine that you know it might be more difficult to ensure that with third-party apps work sorry third-party watch faces that being said there is a review process that happens with the iTunes Store and the App Store in particular so I don't see why and it hasn't been controversial at all all right no controversy with any of the stores will keep us submitting at to them yes we always that existed on that and that is a completely different kettle of fish kind of would never

Thinking once again here I know I but yet that is that is a big discussion that we obviously didn't hear anything about sorry it is going to be interesting to see sort of the repercussions and ramifications of that if you don't know what we're talking about go search for um hey app iOS and I don't know if you saw this but just to close I got a little bit there was a lot of wealth badly time and apples part of this coming out and it rejecting the app but on the flip side I think it's interesting I think this morning or last night the app is now back in the App

Store they had it they had to make some changes as requested by Apple what those traders were I didn't get to see but it's interesting that yeah I don't again maybe it's also the way they pre-recorded this that wasn't gonna be something they were gonna acknowledge I don't think they would acknowledge it even if it was I didn't list it was a bigger controversy I don't think they wouldn't acknowledge that but you gotta wonder like and as much as it is about showing off features primarily this was geared at developers I mean we didn't see new hardware we didn't see except

For the Mac transition kid whatever is called for transitioning from an Intel chip to the the Mac's Apple silicon but I wonder yeah what developer sure thing in is because that's one thing I think I did miss is I know we make fun of the sharing but a lot of that is developers it's not even the Apple staff like an iPhone event it's the Apple staff and press but the developer conference its developers and Apple stuff is a small part of that but hearing what they would you and I are like I miss a little bit of that just that instant feedback of oh like you know just like we were

Commenting during our we have luckily this platform to do that on and share our thoughts what a developers thinking about these new features what did the developers think about that transition I think that is quite the biggest thing in in one sense but it's not going to be the thing that people are gonna be writing up or talking about or or sharing on social because it is a very nerdy thing it's a very complex thing switching an architecture and the software whereas I think more people are likely to talk about sleep tracking or yeah I can move my apps

On my phone finally you know I could finally do that where I want that's coming I'm gonna be surprised because this is a big big deal and even before the event like that was the main headline for WTC so I think yeah you're right in that it's not gonna impact us directly as users right away and iOS 14 Update watch OS 7 Mac OS that's gonna hit right away and we're gonna see that first and this is gonna be a slow slow burn kind of thing but I think a lot of people care about it including not not as nerdy people if you don't have to be a developer to care about Apple making

Its own ships and not only because of the technological implications the ability to be able to control the form factor and be able to control more of the chip itself but also not depending on Intel and this is kind of we saw it we saw what happened with the the 5g chip with the iPhones as well with Intel and Apple had had some had a court case where they where they weren't going to be able to it put a 5g chip into the next iPhones because of the court proceedings with Intel and now this gives them complete flexibility in terms of when and being first to launch their

Own their own devices and not not having to wait for the next generation Intel chip like they can time those launches simultaneously by having sorry I have an apple in my hand I running by having them by having complete control over the hardware of these and the chips of their devices so I think yeah there's a lot of implications for developers and they're gonna be getting the kids they're gonna be on the forefront making these changes right now but as consumers as well I think that it's gonna have huge huge benefits for consumers down the line and so I don't know I think I'm more excited

Than I mean not more excited than iOS stuff because it's more immediate but I am definitely excited for to see what happens with this alright well shall we should we call it a day I think that was a nice kind of night to end things on yes really it was really I I feel like I can't really add anything extra to that is that Apple yes because you've actually gotten food during this where it's like I am I've been like snacking whoa I just dropped my Apple I've been snacking this haier time by the way full disclosure I cannot say me a microphone as it crunch

Oh that's ok learn for next time all right well let's list it okay that is WWDC 20/20 thanks for watching and you know as always we're gonna have lots more coverage about everything to expect going forward when the developer betas drop and lost lots more thanks so much guys for joining me this morning it's been really really fun and I miss your faces but it won't miss you guys so much just good hearing you guys and talking with you yeah and thank you to be chin BBG behind the scenes making the magic happen

His a lot goes into making this look from he's telling me he's having a good thumbs up time he thinks we should wrap up because we can't be better than the wrap-up that we're doing right now also he needs to pee he says yeah my knees appear we all need a pee break I mean I've gotten to pee breaks and two apples and a granola bar I'm kidding oh I did the thing where I just left my talking face but I pre-recorded it nice okay good to know reported by the way all right there you got nothing else all right

Yeah Mac was great guys nicely done all right thanks so much for watching take care everybody and we'll see you next time on another scene net live by

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