Apple Watch Series 4 – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

everyone I've had the Apple watch series
for since launch and really gave it some
time to let it sink in and a crazy thing
in this really ever happens to me it
feels like it gets better over time and
I'll explain more in detail about that
in this review now first up I personally
pay for this at the retail price of four
hundred and twenty nine dollars coming
in Space Gray and at the largest size at
forty four millimeters I'll place my
affiliate links to that in that video
description below click on those links
for the most updated prices in real time
you never know when these things might
go on sale I'm Jimmy what gyms review
room and I'm here to help you make that
purchase decision welcome everyone to
another review

the bands that I'm showing off
throughout this video are from mono air
design every Apple watch features a
tooless method for removing their straps
and with the series four just like every
previous generation
it comes off ridiculously smooth now I
recommend buying just their standard
stock silicone strap for days that you
want to work out you might be sweating
in your pin and then replacing them with
leather nylon or metal from mono wear
design use my discount code from the
video description down below to get
these straps for much cheaper than what
Apple offers their own straps from the
Apple store and as you guys know I only
recommend quality made stuff mono wear
does make their bands from the genuine
leather rugged nylon bands and my
favorite seems to be most people's
favorite here is the metal band check
them out again the link and my discount
code is in the video description save
some money and get some quality looking
stuff thanks to a model where design for
sponsoring this video in the comment
section below let me know which one is
your favorite from this video usually
it's the metal one but I personally like
the leather we'll see take a vote
alright folks first up let's go over the
physical look and experience now you'll
notice the screen size is bigger it's
rounder smoother everything about it is
simply more elegant and refined you'll
really appreciate it when you place the
older series 3 watch next to the new one
as I'm showing you guys here now because
of how vibrant the colors are on the
watch and how the icons and images are
never pixelated and the new watch faces
contains more useful information because
those bezels are
smaller the wash fuels completes in just
less clunky and for those who are new to
smartwatches and I'll quickly show this
for those who are unfamiliar you can
hold down the screen to customize some
of the widgets have the outdoor
temperature display how much better life
is remaining date steps wind speed etc
it's all on there and very helpful at
one single glance now some other watch
faces are pretty much straightforward or
standard but I wanted to emphasize now
only the visual aspect but the wearing
experience now only is the series for
possibly the thinnest SmartWatch that
I've tested so far but it's smooth
unobtrusive never snagging against my
shirt or well against my long-sleeve
shirts that is coming from a reviewing
activity bands doing push-ups military
presses like these those fitness focused
it never clenches your hand when you
bend back your wrist like so many folks
don't take that into consideration when
buying tivity trackers and smartwatches
in general now if you're an Apple user
and haven't purchased an Apple watch
previously what I can tell you though
the Apple watch series for in general
here is the first time that I felt like
it's an everyday mainstream watch and
not just a techie gadget the series 3
was really close though but the series 4
evokes that feeling though it's more of
a natural experience too we're in full
disclosure I'm an Android particularly a
Samsung user and being 100% unbiased
there's a lot of things that Apple has
done right in regards to this build this
time around but let's rotate to the rear
here we have the optical heart rate
sensor which I'll get in more detail
later when I talk about the fitness app
and tests but a few things behind the
scenes here Apple watch series 4 is
wirelessly charge it takes me a little
over 2 hours from a dead battery to full
Apple claims the same up to 18 hours of
battery life is offered on this
generation but like the series 3 is felt
grossly underestimated my longest stint
has been 5 days 4 hours and 27 minutes
to be precise and that's lightly using
the watch for basic notifications and
phone calls when I use this aggressively
that's multiple calls a day text
messaging running with heart rate
tracking and GPS on I've gotten one day
12 hours in 24 minutes all very good
numbers across the board for both
and heavy use now getting a little
techie here so bear with me the series 4
has the latest bluetooth technology
built-in that's Bluetooth 5.0 this also
comes with 16 gigabytes of internal
storage which is huge compared to many
other premium watches there usually
stuck at around 4 from stock the Apple
watch comes with approximately 12 to 12
and a half gigs to use after your
account after you account that is the
Apple watch operating system now with
those two techie tidbits that's
Bluetooth 5.0 and the storage size this
comes down to having the ability to
wirelessly pair your Bluetooth
headphones or earphones and listen to
music right off of your wrist I pair
these to my boys QC 35 s test and never
had an issue now aside from bluetooth
apples w3 chip is also included for
crazy-fast paired with other products
like Apple earpods or the newer Beats
products and last before I dive into my
health and fitness tests the Apple watch
has a water resistance rating up to 50
meters or 165 feet and yes the water
expulsion feature is still there to blow
out that water from your little speaker
now looking at the SmartWatch
conveniences for everyday life swapping
top to bottom shows all of your
notifications anything that you get on
your film you'll see right here you'll
be notified right here I personally have
notifications for news my Google allo
app which is similar to messages my
office and home security camera shows me
a little photo of what or who is moving
around I personally use nest cam
security cameras and of course you still
get your phone calls your calendars
email alerts and text messages shown
right on your wrist now responding to
those messages is intuitive scribbling
down my words is practically instant and
easily recognizable even though I don't
have the best handwriting this is
perfect when you want to respond
silently and not bother someone in bed
or on the train in the movie theater etc
and if your environment permits
responding with voice to text is very
accurate with rare occasions of
misspellings I'll see you tomorrow
period tomorrow's taco night right
question mark now the new processor in
the Apple watch series 4 is zippy and
fast the everyday tasks feels the same
and as quick as the series 3 but quickly
switching between back and forth between
apps that is the
been practically instantly it did feel a
little bit faster opening apps is nearly
instant in most cases sliding through
different watch faces are done without
lagging or stuttering effects my only
gripe though I still wish there were
more watch faces despite some new ones
added with the new software but
regarding its speed the best experience
on this world was most noticeable was
with Siri either holding down the crown
or speaking into the watch she responds
nearly instantly to most common
questions and I want to emphasize the
word comment here what's the weather
what's 53 plus 16 and how old is Samuel
Jackson what a coincidence
and there's a little picture of him as
well I don't know if you can see that
but anyways but there are a few times
though that it does slow down a bit but
it's certainly because the phone is
retrieving the information here let me
demo it for you what movies are playing
this weekend so sometimes it's a little
bit slower than again those common
questions I asked earlier now while most
aspects of the Apple watch is great
there are still some things that the
Apple watch can't improve on having a
bit deeper there's a speak for an option
in here to take phone calls for those
who have never owned a SmartWatch before
this is one of the most underrated
features of any Smart Watch with my test
my voice is loud and audible the
recipient on the other end can hear me
clearly without having me yell it does
pick up a little background noise but
the amount is very much reasonable and
Apple claims to be 50% louder this time
around and with my testing it is louder
though but I'm grateful for the output
quality no longer that you have this
raspy nosov people's voices and maximum
volume like these series 3 now air is
with a bit more noise walking through a
busy city or driving in your car
especially at highway speeds I still had
to put my wrist closer to my ears to
hear the other person I don't know how
much louder the speaker can get in
future models and of course that would
drain the battery further but for the
time being go for the series 4 it works
great in less busy' area
now the other issue I encountered
although this does provide turn-by-turn
navigation which is awesome once you
initiate it the audible cues the voices
Siri basically doesn't speak from your
wrist instead the watch will have your
phone provide the audible directions and
it does vibrate your wrist once you're
close to a turn which is a nifty
alert but Apple maps could have had more
options all right let me get back to the
watch here the bun on the right lets you
pull up your recent apps a double tap
brings up Apple pay and then holding
this button down the same button brings
up SOS if you're in an accident and you
can't move whatever it may be holding
this down will alert your emergency
responders and you have the option of
setting this to automatically send your
location to your emergency contact your
loved ones friends not me whoever you
decide the new addition is fallen
detection and to be honest this is
clearly not the most scientific test
here but yes at first I attempted to
land and fall in my own office here
after a few attempts nothing happened so
instead of trying to hurt myself here I
would slam my arm down and not move for
an extended period of time as indicated
within the Apple app and oddly I still
couldn't get an SOS alerts or any kind
of notification if you're buying this
for someone that's elderly or may be
prone to Falls I would do a little bit
more research on this to confirm again
I've tried several times and it didn't
appear to be as sensitive as I would
have expected and since we're talking
about SOS features and somewhat touching
an age let's talk about health the
biggest technological improvement was
made to the digital crown the haptic
feedback and the dial here makes these
little clicks and a little audible click
as well and it's very very realistic the
other health focus though is offering an
ECG or some people call it an EKG at
your fingertips Apple says this isn't
available just yet at the time of this
video but it's been approved by the FDA
and when it works the Apple watch can
theoretically read electrical signals
and view the health of your heart once
provided to your doctor they can help
determine issues like like a blood flow
problems with your heart valves blocked
arteries etc the list goes on now
looking at the workout profiles
there's a decent amount covered most
major activities using running as an
example since it's the most popular once
initiated you have duration your average
pace heart rates and distance the only
thing I see missing from other trackers
are speed and calories burn if you want
to get a little bit more technical heart
rate zones are also missing from this
app on the watch now this is a matter of
preference personal preference that is
but I recommend using apps like run
keeper or map my run as they're great
alternatives and they do sync with Apple
health app to keep all your health stats
now last regarding fitness you can
scroll right to adjust music controls
and swiping all the way left here allows
you to stop pause etc now testing GPS I
run this loop here at my local park and
it's exactly one mile using my phone as
a second measurement that GPS shows the
GPS built into the watch is highly
accurate testing heart rate tracking by
wearing a chest strap to compare chest
straps has always been very accurate for
me over the years
the Apple watch from my test shows a
highly accurate sustained reading with
minimal deviations here the watch
continues to keep up this is one of the
most accurate risk-based heart rate
trackers that I've tested so far on the
channel now the health app in general
and health monitoring is one the best
with a resting heart rates readings
encouragement and reminders throughout
the day to take a break and move around
to breathing exercises to help you
reduce stress which I desperately
desperately need the health readings are
very deep and the details are amazing
especially cupping stock from the
factory the only thing not direct from
Apple was a sleep monitor I was hoping
this time around with their new
operating software there be something
available and as robust as everything
else but we have practically nothing
in the meantime download this app it's
called sleep watch I personally use it
it's free and a really good one at that
for the time being not sponsored by
those folks now as for the app store I
think there's no question the app store
has nearly everything that you need with
very good quality services both free and
paid during my years of using there
hasn't been a time where I couldn't find
something through the Apple ecosystem so
the time that I've had with a series for
you probably can
hello ready it's a fantastic watch with
so much to offer it hits the nail on the
head from both form to function for the
average consumer
yet it provides so much data that a
techie slashing geeky person can really
appreciate it's an extension of your
phone and I know I didn't buy the LTE
version since it was too expensive for
me but even if you do get the LTE
version it's just much better and the
fact that I'm an Android user on a day
to day basis the Apple watch can
seriously be an extension of your life
considering how much health is being
revealed to you if you don't own an
Apple watch yep honestly you gotta say
what are you guys waiting for all right
folks hopefully I helped you in some way
be sure to subscribe and also follow my
social media handles that are on your
screen right now
it would mean the world to me if you
guys can support my journey again I'm
Jimmy o'james Revere and I'm here to
help you make that purchase decision you
guys take care

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