Apple Watch review

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

the Apple watch is the latest product
from the company that brought us the
Apple to the Mac iPod iPhone and iPad
once again it represents the relentless
drive to make computing more personal
and more accessible where other devices
went into our homes and onto our hands
this one wants to go on to our wrists
the watch is even a greater challenge
however it's already gone from analog to
digital now Apple is trying to make it
computational that means Apple has to
balance the demands of both tradition
and technology so have they succeeded
the Apple watch comes in aluminum
stainless steel and gold it has bands in
a variety of styles including rubber
leather and metal buckles loops and
links there's an ingenious method for
switching the bands and even for sizing
the link bracelets no jeweler or tools
required the hardware is probably the
best Apple has ever made and that's
saying something the software is a
branch of iOS called
watch OS that means it has many of the
same security and accessibility features
and built-in apps as the iPhone but it's
peppered with unique functionality all
its own it's not entirely consistent yet
and there's lots of limitations imposed
by current battery technology and my
screen size but the potential is there
Apple calls it first and foremost a
highly accurate timepiece but admits
that it has to do more than that more
than tell time it has to help us manage
and make our time more productive it
does that through a range of
notifications glances and app extensions
from the App Store for Apple watch for
timekeeping you can set timers alarms
use the stopwatch or world clock there's
even a fancy way to switch and customize
your clock face and there are digital or
analog faces even some animated faces
for communications you can make and take
phone calls right on your wrist you can
send and receive messages and use a new
emoji creator to send back animated
smiley faces hearts or hands you can
even do digital touches which includes
sketches tabs
your heartbeat you can check your mail
and other apps like Twitter Skype and
slack for remote control you can access
your iPhone's viewfinder to take
pictures you can control your Apple TV
your iTunes you can control the music
playing on your iPhone or over airplay
and with apps you can control your hue
light bulbs home automation and even
access features on some brands of cars
there's Apple pay if you live in the US
and passbook so you can pay for
Starbucks get movie tickets even scan
the boarding pass for your flight it's
literally like having your wallet on
your wrist there's a range of health and
fitness features including a heartrate
monitor and activity app that encourages
you to stand up to move around to get in
some cardio and a workout app attracts
your indoor and outdoor exercise I like
that there's a range of functionality
because different people have different
needs and different tastes and this way
there's a better chance that one or
several of those features will be
appealing for me the killer feature is
convenience just like the Apple 2 meant
that my father didn't have to drive to
an IBM mainframe and the iPhone means I
don't always have to go running back to
my Mac the Apple watch means I can deal
with those brief but frequent and
important actions right on my wrist
without having to go to my pocket in my
bag or across the room it might sound
silly but it all adds up it's not
entirely consistent yet you still have
to manage it through an iPhone it can't
get online without an iPhone and there's
a lot of limitations based on current
battery technology but the potential is
there so if you want a standalone GPS or
cellular if you want a cheap fitness
tracker or if you want a second or
third-generation product the Apple watch
won't be for you if you want to get in
on the ground floor of wearable
computing if you want to watch that's
more than a watch if you want
convenience and convergence or if you
want any of the features unique to the
Apple watch then get it and enjoy it's
not perfect at least not yet but it's
worthy of being Apple's next great
product and it's clearly only the

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