Apple “Time Flies” Event Final HYPE Stream

by birtanpublished on October 3, 2020

All right ladies and gentlemen we are close we have 70 minutes till event time i want to let the twitter followers know so let me pull up the link here we go let me know if y'all can hear me because that is i suppose somewhat important tweet there we go the tweet has been sent people are joining in and the hype stream has officially begun so we're going to be streaming here for an hour uh recapping last last last minute

Leaks talking about what is to come i can answer whatever questions happen to come up i apologize if there's any lag in the stream uh my wi-fi provider has been awfully weird in the past few weeks so that could potentially happen i do apologize in advance if it does um for some reason the live chat doesn't want to update why would it do this all right let me have a backup here just in case um youtube studio has been redesigned so

It's it's acting a little weird create top moments thank you youtube welcome everyone okay hey rockford media super chat it says hello the andrew hello welcome everyone so the chat is showing up on my phone and it is not showing up on the screen because youtube is drunk today i guess joshua davies thank you for the super chat are you excited for 5g oh god you know it i'm the biggest 5g advocate out there henry anderson thank

You for becoming a youtube member i guess i'm reading the chat on the phone today thank you for the oh yeah my wife cut my hair thank you thanking thanks for making the boxes upside down you got it it's all intentional my wi-fi provider is uh xfinity and no there is not any other option trust me i've tried literally every other isp they all offer worse internet for more expensive and least reliable so this is the best possible

Internet i have where i am until starling comes out which i'm very excited for um your vids make my day oh thank you stephen appreciate that thanks for watching i appreciate you uh brett says same here okay cool why are people saying iphone 12 confirmed today that's not confirmed i spoke too soon because i assumed that like the last eight years we would get uh iphones in september uh let's see i don't understand about the 5g can you explain carriers want to up charge you so they created a

A new marketing material thank you for the super chat henry oh my god odds we get an iphone 12 today i knew this would come up it's feeling more and more likely i read over the weekend um oh that's cool you get the little uh screensaver thing in the background with the apple logo you know why the apple logo looks like a guy hunched over depressed like this it's because that's going to be me after this event and there's no new iphones i read over the weekend ming chi quo said that there's uh we shouldn't expect

New iphones at this event either which i'm like uh it's so weird all the leakers are saying the same thing and what apple does makes no what apple typically does does not align with what the leakers are saying so i don't get it it feels weird what are you excited for at this event brad g thank you for the super chat well what's kind of interesting is uh the ipad air 4. i i feel like the apple watch is fine i mean design wise it's going to be

Pretty much the same but the fact that the ipad air 4 is rumored to have the a14 chip before the iphone 12s come out did anyone else find that a little bit bizarre it's pretty rare in fact almost never i think there was one time maybe but almost never in the last time it happened it was like when steve jobs was still alive the ipad is getting a new series of cpu before the iphone if that's true uh it could end up they could all end up being wrong which i would love

But straggy super chat it says you think apple is watching your channel uh no absolutely not but uh at the same time totally absolutely they do uh there we go super chat it says what if what is going to be the big sell for iphone 12 if no promotion are they just banking on the widgets on new kid being new enough um there's a lot of things that are new to people that are not heavily invested into the tech community most average everyday consumers don't care at all about promotion

That's a techie person thing and i think it's important for the 12 pro to have it and it won't but i think that would matter more for the pros it doesn't really matter for the entry-level iphones i mean most people using iphones today are still using lcd liquid retina so the fact that oled is going to be standard now the new designs the new form factors are going to be brand new to a lot of people it may sound boring and not interesting to us because we've known about it all year but the average everyday person

Doesn't know that so there's still a bunch of new exciting stuff for the everyday consumer has be iphone surely not listening to leakers says ryan mckenna okay putting your foot down the leakers aren't right uh philip arnold thank you for the donation as well um i think the 11 pro max box is upside down is it no no i don't think so i think it's good uh is there gonna be a one more thing oh love to dream just tweeted that ios 14 will be on the 16th okay so that's pretty soon that's

Actually tomorrow to be honest um ironcraft uh tv super chatted didn't say anything but i appreciate the donation as did bm uh let's see have you seen the screen protector that is made for the iphone sc plus yeah i don't know if i believe that it doesn't sound right i mean uh pretty much the only it's just a screen protector for the eight plus and best buy probably knew that if they named it s e plus it would instantly get way more clicks uh and get way more views sounds more

Believable to me that they would just name it wrong just for the sake of clicks mostly because typically if apple discontinues a design like that they will not bring it back i've never seen them like like the eight plus is not sold anymore it's just gone for them to remove it stop selling it completely and then come back like six months later with a new design or even a year later with an old design i guess it's not new um i don't know doesn't really make

Sense to me uh rockford media superchat says i will cry if there's no iphone okay get them tears ready have a box of tissues next to the desk um what do you think the flow of the event will be asks gabriel memphin mando thank you for the super chat as well as chris norton um what will the flow be i'm hoping it's it's more like quadruple udc and things just start and they don't stop and there's no fluff and everything just keeps coming at us at full speed

That's what i like i really don't like the events that are full of fluff um i know that they're probably going to announce apple one today their whole services bundle and everything but i really hope that doesn't take up a large portion of the event i don't feel like there's much to talk about in the first place just to be like now you can get all these services together for this price like do we need 30 minutes of the event dedicated to that no we we could need like maybe five minutes apple won there it is it doesn't need to be like

Something we stay so focused and built around so i don't want to hear much about services though we probably will i mean i saw some rumors of apple card coming to more countries it's like okay that's great but i don't like when events have all our eyes and all our attention and they use it to talk about things that most people don't care about um jack gang for life uh what are you expecting the most of the event what does that mean uh what am i expecting the most of the event

Apple watches and ipads are almost 100 confirmed at this point uh harrium uh calra thank you for the donation as well cool crawford 583 apple ar glasses are as one more thing that would be so cool if they did unveil the glasses today though the hilarious thing about that uh we said the exact same thing about the september event last year because of the coin x one more thing tweet everyone was like hey this is it we're gonna get the new we're gonna get the new glasses and then

They didn't come out here we are a year later maybe this time maybe this time so i feel like the boy who cried wolf with the whole apple glasses are coming this time like i agree it would be epic it would be really cool especially with how much they're hyping that ar demo invite thing uh with the with the squiggly line someone should make that same design for the uh telosev t this was our uh quadruple udc knockoff design for

2019. um it'd be cool if someone made artwork like that for the taylor swift just an idea whatever ikea 48 show super chat it says do you think there will be an arm mac uh personally no um german has a pretty reliable track record and while i disagree with him about the iphone thing today if there are new iphones at this event there probably wouldn't be an arm imac at this event um that would be epic if there was i think it would be nice if they just

Unveiled everything that is in the pipeline but uh because more and more people are agreeing with the leakers in saying that's what's going to happen it's more than likely that no iphones today then we get an iphone event in october and then we get a mac event in november and they're all somewhat minor they're not that big which i don't know if i've i don't know how i feel about that i kind of prefer having big events with lots to announce instead of lots of tiny events with not

Too much to announce um maybe depending on the flow and how they handle today's event they might change my mind about that but no i do not use a home kit router are those a thing i remember them talking about it i don't know anyone who actually caught one but thank you for the super chat ben freem i'm trying to keep up here rockford says confirm tim says good morning okay good didn't tim already tweet that this morning daniel bowling says any updates on the

Telos of app nope pretty much uh not happening i i i think we can essentially say canceled at this point sorry it ended up being way more difficult than we thought and uh i don't think it's necessarily that crucial for the network but um if if there are updates i'll let you know but at the moment it seems like it's probably just not gonna happen it's way more complicated than we originally thought cj hack super chat it says bruh i'm getting so hyped right now me too i'm excited you guys are hyping me up

Um let's see is it weird uh for me to feel annoyed by about this like all the hype uh and then apple is like psych i will be annoyed with apple if they pull this like they are doing a lot of crazy things to promote this event they actually i've never seen this before maybe that's been done but i've never seen it before apple got the twitter like animation to change just for their hashtag like when you like a tweet now with apple event in it it does the little like heart artwork

Design the fact that they would like buy this hash flag call it apple event 2020 not september event right they're not saying september event they're saying apple event 2020 redesign the like button uh do the hash flag and everything by the way the hash flag expires on september 28th which means that the apple logo won't be there anymore on the 28th which i find a little bizarre if they're planning on having another event in october i know it feels kind of weird but um the fact

That they would do all of this just to announce some apple watch updates and an ipad just feels like we're missing something there's got to be something bigger at this event and i i don't know i i'm so torn because there's so many great leakers with great track records reporting that there's no iphones today and yet what apple is doing makes no sense just for watches and ipads i don't know elasio super chat it says i can't find the stream on apple's website could you

Send the link it will be there probably around 10 minutes before the event so they won't they wouldn't have a link for it right now um you will probably see you'll probably see the event live stream for one they stream it on youtube as well so there should be a link for that already but on apple's website they typically actually start the live stream about 10 minutes before it starts so around 9 50 is when you'll see the website update

Um let me try to keep up here it's time boys nope we got one more hour got a little bit longer oh yeah i saw one leaker claim that the budget ipad was gonna get an a12 x chip i was like what the heck why would they put why would they put the a12x chip in the budget ipad so that leaker i did not believe at all uh a12 chip totally believable a12x no no way they would put that in a 300 ipad doesn't make any sense at all uh amber and super superchat it just says

Just happy to be talking about something than other than covid in the elections looking forward to whatever they announced me too honestly like there's perks of their not being iphones today for one it means that um we get to talk more about the watches and the ipads that they do announce and they we review those over the next few weeks and ios 14 launches over the next few days um all kinds of stuff we can talk about and then there's more hype and more of

Apple event to get excited for next month instead of you know the downside to apple announcing everything whether it be silicon max ipads watches iphones everything at this event is that means that we pretty much have not much to look forward to for the rest of the year whereas in this case uh we would have more stuff to look forward to i guess it would leave us wanting more at the end of the day um apple has something up their sleeve uh those are the best events ever in my opinion there will be a big secret

Reveal i know do you want to set your expectations that high this is this feels like one of the biggest wild card events we've had in a long long time got a super chat from rosty who said i love your authenticity also i mailed your music channel with one of my songs if you genuinely like it i'd love for it to get featured on the music channel anyways good luck hype is big cool yeah thank you uh for the donation i don't manage the music channel myself

But uh the guy who runs it uh probably will see your email hopefully he can get back to you um if he's not watching this i hope he can find your emails soon i could see iphone unveiling at this event to be honest ios 14 comes out this month anyway right yeah but ios 14 has no reason to be delayed because it's all software-based whereas the iphones had to be mass produced and scaled in production so it's reasonable to assume they're not ready to ship in september i haven't seen anyone suggesting that

They're ready to ship right now but um apple has several times throughout history unveiled an iphone a month or more before it is ready to ship which is why i don't find it that shocking that they would unveil it uh today um though it would really really damage a lot of leakers credibility if they did end up unveiling them today because man literally everyone is saying iphones are not coming out today quo german prosser um nine to five mac is saying it like

Everyone's agreeing with them everyone's saying no new iphones no no no new iphones though i do find it interesting that none of them knew this event was going to happen a week before it was announced the event that they didn't know existed they know everything about somehow which i my hope is that internally apple is just kind of trying to throw the leakers off and tell everyone there's no iphones today but then there actually is that would be way more exciting and interesting in my opinion but yeah i don't know i don't trust the best

By leak it doesn't sound like something apple would do to launch an se plus like six months later if they wanted to launch an sc plus they would have launched it with the original se back in april march um i don't know why they would wait this long to launch it after they've already discontinued the eight plus doesn't really make uh sense about that um let's see i just need a new phone but they won't let you buy anything on the website

Some guy today is like i don't care i just want a new phone the apple store is down i like it there's a lot of people saying like set your expectations low then you won't be disappointed which is partially true uh cyancad super chat it says apple is hiding something big especially the ar invite it doesn't make sense unless the new ipad has lidar sensor 2 but still not worth all this hype yeah the the amount of marketing and work they had to get through to get the

Twitter animation and to get the hash flag all of this for just a new ipad like apple has done smaller minor events before i get that like the march 2018 event for one that one wasn't even live streamed the march 2016 event i think was the shortest apple event in recent history it was done within one hour and they just announced the first generation iphone se and this 9.7 inch ipad pro and that was it but that was in march okay for apple to do a minor short mini

Event in september when everyone is always expecting the new iphones for the past eight years they've been doing iphones in september to suddenly decide to do a minor small event now i won't say impossible i'll just say it's weird it's bizarre um the leakers absolutely could be correct i'm not i'm not swearing that off i'm just saying it's very very bizarre of apple to hype it this much and decide you know what we're going to start doing smaller minor events instead of website

Refreshes especially considering iphone se brand new iphone that was a site refresh airpods pro brand new design for airpods new features with the force sensor active noise cancellation site refresh 16 inch macbook pro new design new keyboard bring back the escape key biggest display on a macbook in almost a decade site refresh all of these things they've been doing a site refreshes for them to suddenly decide in september actually let's do a minor

Uh live stream but hype it up on twitter and hype it up with these ar demos and stuff it's weird it's gonna be weird if there's no iphones at this event in my opinion joshua davies super chat it says i'm calling the hype now ar fortnight it's been the plan all along no i have a feeling fortnite might never come back to the ios app store at this point that would be funny if epic games came out at this event uh do you think the event would have a lifestyle or quadruple your dc style i i think most likely it'll be very much

Like quadruple udc craig federighi running around tim cook coming out on stage to an empty auditorium very artistic uh very high quality high production value um that's what i'm predicting what do you think about air tags uh it sounds like they could be unveiled at this event i really don't know how much time they would designate to them i'm not really sure why they would designate more than 10 to 15 minutes but colin dempsey super chat says why is no

One talking about apple glass i have a feeling that they're either going to say something or release it uh well it's not true that no one's talking about it viper did a video breaking down why this would be the perfect time to announce it so make sure you check out viper i think he's in the stream by the way um carl borrio super chat it says has the likelihood of an iphone being announced changed also probability of air power and air tags in my opinion air power is still zero percent apple cancel that it's not coming back

Um in my opinion the likelihood of an iphone coming out at this event has dropped since quo because typically when quo is leaking or reporting things like day before the event he's almost a hundred percent um there's very very few things quo has got wrong a day before the event if he's saying something now it's almost because it's confirmed um so in my opinion that does lower the chances uh but i won't say it's impossible because obviously an iphone coming out

In september why is that so hard for people to grasp the rockford media super chat it says if the iphone is supposed to have time flight sensor why would they call the event uh time flies uh i don't know the people look way into the invite images in my opinion i mean i remember in 2018 the event said gather round and everyone's saying oh this confirms a round apple watch they're going to make a circular apple watch because the invite was a circle and it said gather round and people were

Looking into it and then nothing happened obviously it was not a round apple watch and then the following year in 2019 it was like by innovation only and people were like ooh the apple logo looks like glass so that's a sneak peek that it's going to be glasses and they're saying innovation so it's got to be the glasses because they're innovative and there was nothing innovative at the event it was like okay the iphone has an ultrawide camera now and the series 5 hasn't always on

Display the ipad is now 10.2 inches there was no innovation at that event but they called it so i think timeflies is literally just something they thought of it doesn't have to mean anything um kdcloudy super chat it says subscriber since 2017. love you in your content also doesn't apple give a copyright strike for restreaming their events yes um brandon thank you for the donation as well brandon kermer so for those who don't know who are

Tuning in we got a lot of people watching thank you by the way we got over 3 500 people tuned in that's awesome thank you um i will be live streaming my reaction to the event over on twitch but in case you weren't aware um twitch has started enforcing kind of the same takedown rules as youtube uh which means that if i show you the event as i'm reacting to it they can penalize my account they can penalize my channel and then i could end up losing my entire twitch page and i couldn't make another account i couldn't

Come back um it's like a perma-ban so what this means we experimented with it with the samsung galaxy unpacked event which i also reacted to um i don't show the event on the twitch stream i just show my face and my audio but you will have to play the event on a separate screen i know this kind of sucks i don't like it either i understand if you guys don't want to do it you have to kind of pull out a separate device or open two browsers at the same

Time i get it it's annoying but sadly this is the best i can do i can't show the event i can't show the audio a lot of people ask me to play the apple event audio i can't do that they can strike me just for that as well um so what it means is if you want to watch the apple event on your desktop or on your ipad or on your tv you can and then just put my twitch stream on your phone and because there is a little bit of latency between where

When i'm watching the event and then my computer has to process and stream it to you uh just pause the apple event for like eight seconds and then it should be pretty in sync with my reaction so just pause it count to eight play it and then you're watching me on your phone you're watching the event on the tv that's sadly the best we can do it it's perfectly legal so i can't get penalized for it and it allows you guys to still watch it

With me if you want to but if this sounds like too much work or you don't have a secondary device just watch the event it's on apple's youtube channel it's on their website you don't have to watch my reaction stream i get it i i won't take any offense if you don't want to don't worry about it um okay let me catch up with the super chats uh chris norton said when should the apple uh normally come come back up oh the apple store um probably not long

After the event i would say probably uh five to ten minutes after the event ends so i would say before noon pacific time most likely if things go according to usual alex shapiro super chat it says the event is going to be only ar demos confirmed no alex don't say that don't say that okay there viper's a mod in our chat yeah there's viper um he talked he did talk about apple glass coming out this event so yes there are people technically talking about it um i

Believe the iphone 12 is coming out today says kyle pine thank you for the donation and i hope you're right it would be awesome it would be such a classic apple move to be like guess what leakers you don't know crap and they just announced everything that the leakers said they wouldn't i would love that but it just feels unlikely it just feels like ah i don't know it just feels like it's not gonna happen i got this sick feeling in my stomach that they're all right lee super chat it says this feels bigger

Than just a watch and an ipad refresh i i i'm convinced that that's not all we're getting today um other likelihoods are air tags uh maybe an airpod studio reveal i mean bloomberg talked about a mini homepod a bunch of small stuff all of which i don't feel like warrant a dedicated event but even if there's no iphones at this event there's no way they're just going to do watches and ipads there's got to be other stuff for sure apple one apple card availability there's going to

Be other stuff to talk about as well charles sampson super chat it says chances of edge-to-edge ipad mini that i will say zero ipad mini is not rumored to launch until quarter or two of next year so they would not be unveiling it at this event don't expect that um how do i find you on twitch it's just a loss of tech my username across all my social medias are tailored some text so um yeah on twitch it's i believe the link is in the description yeah if you uh go to the description of

This live stream uh my twitch my twitch page is listed there if you want to find if you want to tap on it there um and uh yes i will be starting the twitch stream about 10 minutes before the apple event begins so that's in about uh 45 minutes 45 minutes no 35 minutes sorry i think i got it wrong yeah 35 minutes we'll be live over on twitch uh boss millia super chat says hi from the netherlands what are you most excited about i'm very curious about this ipad air 4

Because it sounds like if they want to introduce the a14 chip on an ipad instead of the iphone like that's kind of a big deal how's the performance of the ipad air 4 gonna rival the ipad pro it might be better in a few aspects which is kind of crazy to me like it's kind of insane that they would do that so hey drew what do you think of the lg wing phone thank you ron for the super chat uh or not ron that's just the currency a your name is a

Um yeah i don't know i've yet to see many useful uh functional use cases of that flip phone it's weird i don't think it's the future but you know do what you want i guess phone companies if you want to try to find some new platform or do something weird i guess go ahead there's no harm in it um iphone 12 will happen one more thing too says thomas fan man so that's what's interesting is i feel like uh

I feel like we've never seen such a disconnect because i ran a twitter poll to see what my uh oh sorry we got some lag here okay seemed to stabilize there for a second my oh my obs was saying that we were dropping frames i apologize if the wi-fi freaks out um i've never seen such a huge disconnect between what the leakers are saying and what people believe will happen usually there's a lot of people agreeing with the leakers and a lot of people not but this time it feels like

Huge like over half of the people i see on twitter and in the live stream are convinced the leakers are wrong which should result in an interesting uh event that's for sure uh okay thomasfan says uh iphone 12 will happen we read that one kyle says this is how you say my last name pin okay the d is silent kyle pin thank you for the donation hey the jordan complex super chat it says apple glass is the only thing that i think could i i could be extremely hyped about even with all the leaks if it dropped i

May literally scream i will literally scream as well i think if we actually get the glasses that would be awesome that that would be epic i hope that's real uh jokim thank you for the super chat as well uh johan imagine the launch for iphone has changed every other year per se no iphone until 2021 say apple introduce a environmental policy what you think uh they would lose way too much money uh if you release half as many iphones a decade you're

More than likely sure there would be more upgrades per year but you would still get significantly less uh people buying each year so i don't think apple's considering doing that um if anything apple is the slow company because they only release one iphone a year whereas samsung they're releasing five ten phones a year and and one plus has two flagships a year so apple if anyone is the slow company to release only one there's not that many uh companies that only do one a year clint thank you uh for the super chat as

Well uh why is your channel called telosev uh tech well long story short when i was little i was designing rockets and i wanted a rocket that would explode when it hit the tail of a plane no the lag came back dang it no don't do this sorry sorry for the frame drops i don't know why it does that what is still on wi-fi boy i tried to turn off wi-fi and everything hopefully that fixes it there will be a little bit of lag i i

Saw it i saw it it's not good okay um i i will try my best i will try my very very best to read every single donation uh but i apologize if i don't get all of them it's hard to keep up uh jaycentra99 says go to applewatch website and try to buy it we'll say be right back yeah we know we know uh rocking your t-shirt this morning oh cool digging thank you appreciate you buying the merch joshua davis has thoughts on airpods spatial audio slash auto switch release tried it yet so apple is kind of stupid

In some ways with the airpods firmware update thing it's actually pretty difficult to get your air pods to update so i i've been disconnected i've been offline all weekend so when i first sat down at my desk people were like spatial audio is out i tried it my airpods pro have not updated i was like how do i get them to update you basically just have to leave them in their case plugged in and hope that they update so mine have not updated yet i haven't been able to try it but i want to try it i'm leaving

Them plugged in i'm hoping they get a firmware update soon r.j thank you for the donation appreciate it um joakim says watching the apple events with you several times a year is one of my favorite things oh cool monson i hope you can make it work with the uh uh secondary device i hope lots of people can make that work but appreciate the donation i'm glad you guys enjoy it along with me charles sampson super chat it says which provider do you think will have the best 5g

All the 5gs are stupid um the average speed tested for 5g right now is 50 megabits a second which is hardly better than 4g so i don't care um much about who has the best uh 5g i will say mint mobile because they have the cheapest you can access 5g on their data plans for 15 bucks a month so i will instantly say mint mobile's the best you get 5g on every single one of their plans it's not something you have to pay extra for

Lee woolsey super chat it says hey drew big love from northern ireland thinking of getting the 16-inch macbook pro should i or should i hold out for an apple silicon i would absolutely wait if you can like if you need it for work or school and your old machine is just not cutting it or you dropped it or it's broken you absolutely need a new mac right this second sure buy an intel mac it'll it'll be fine it'll still get updates for years but if your old mac is still holding out and it's still working

Relatively well i would say wait for the apple silicon mac because the wait will be worth it it will absolutely be worth it um thank you mods for trying to keep people from spamming luke thank you for the donation uh lucas super chat 400 uh used ipad pro 2018 ebay or 600 ipad air 4. i'm pretty confident that an ipad pro refurbished is still going to be the better deal at the end of the day than the ipad air 4. um mostly because the air four isn't

Going to have the pro motion display um though if it has an a14 chip that's pretty good but there's only one size option and i do think face id is significantly better than touch id on the power button if that does end up being true i would still take face id over touch id even in the form of the power button uh ob alfred thank you for the super chat says will apple tags finally be revealed oh man i hope so i'm really excited for air tags um because

They've been leaked for like two years now we thought air tags were gonna get unveiled at the last september event and here we are a year later they're still not out so really really hoping we can finally put these leaks to rest it would be very very refreshing to put that behind us clint super chat it says i had to turn off my phone then back on then i see the airpods updated in my settings oh okay cool maybe i'll try that uh after the event alex k

Super chat it says i had to take my airpods pro out then put them back in the case to get the update to work love your channel been watching since the attic days thank you alex thanks for the donation i will try all of these tactics on my airpods pro later uh pascal g superintendent says i enjoy your videos good luck from the netherlands we got a lot of fans and hype from europe appreciate you guys thank you all for tuning in um vijay anad oh my god there's too many super chat

Uh do we have any clues at as to the public release of ios 14 love to dream said tomorrow actually so we'll probably know the exact date ios 14 comes out at this event but um a leaker is saying it could be as soon as tomorrow so pretty soon i think uh mostly because there's a really good uh point apple watches are shipping soon if apple watches are getting unveiled this event and the apple store is down they're going to ship watches soon and those apple watches need ios 14 to

Be set up which means that launching ios 14 soon is kind of crucial for um apple watches to be shipped because they'll have watchos 7 and they won't support ios 13. uh tankado super chat it says but do we have one more thing and we're call but we do have one more thing and we're calling it apple glass good morning good morning cupertino and everyone from around the world tuning in today we are so excited to unveil a navy blue apple watch yeah

My accent's terrible anyway that would be great brett walton superintendent has there been any news on the wireless charging pad all rumors at this point nothing super concrete other than apple is working on a wireless charger that is not air powered emphasis on it is not air power guys it won't be called air power um it won't do what air power did where you can put the devices in any orientation uh the closest rumor we have brewing for

An apple wireless charger is that it will have a little magnetic coil built in that these new iphones will support that magnetically kind of like mac safe snap into place and help you charge but it will only charge one device at a time it'll probably be super expensive it'll be like over a hundred dollars and it's probably not worth it and you shouldn't buy it but that's they're all just rumors nothing super concrete nothing very legitimate about it right now uh fjord storm travel and tech says love

Your channel apple watch se series 3 or series 4 design hype for the event appreciate the donation so there's several leaks mark german i think even said that the apple watch se the budget one is actually going to look like the series 4. i want that to be true i want that to be real because the ability to buy an apple watch like this for 200 bucks that has this futuristic of a design that would be awesome that would be amazing i just feel like it would

Butcher the sales of the series 6. i feel like everyone would buy the se and no one would want to buy the series 6 just for blood oxygen level monitoring always on display in my opinion those features are not a big enough deal to warrant um an extra 200 or an extra 150 bucks so i i don't see that happening it doesn't sound believable but leakers are claiming that's what it's going to be and leaks that are close to the event are typically more accurate so maybe it's true maybe it's true

Ipa to supercharge is what do you think will happen in case the leakers are wrong in terms of credibility for the coming years maybe maybe apple in intentions with the confusion i hope that's true because i would love it if apple could still shock us and surprise us with stuff instead of the leakers just climbing up we know everything we know everything we know every what if app what if they don't what if apple knows what's going to happen and we don't oh my god i'm sorry i'm trying my best

To keep up here uh stephanie hope to see mack with apple silicon stephanie from paris thank you for tuning in from paris uh yes i would love to see mac with apple silicon at this event though uh leakers are saying we gotta wait till november for that which is too long in my bit i want to see it now jj super chat it says odds apple buys a fitness tracker company and gives them the beats treatment a few years down the road we get an apple health band as a second point of contact worn alongside apple

Watches as a second point i don't think so i think apple would rather just make the apple watch cheaper and because the watch is the most popular watch and fitness tracker in the world i don't think apple will buy a fitness company anytime soon they they see themselves as a fitness company but i appreciate the donation uh i don't think they they will see that as worth it carlos appreciate the one buck as well that's awesome uh cody fox just says i just want to play my xbox games

On my iphone don't expect that to change at today's event that's an app store problem and apple's being very very uh but killjoy about it they're being very they're they're kind of being party poopers about the whole app store and cloud gaming thing which i'm i'm not happy with the results of uh i understand where apple's coming from why they're hesitant to allow cloud streaming but i feel like they need to come up with better app store guidelines uh that allow for it right now the guidelines are stupid and i think they

Need to be updated joshua super chat it says the logo on the website is drawing a cursive s e no it isn't i'm sorry i saw the picture that people were trying to make the argument people if you look at it from this angle it says air if you ignore the way that any r has ever been written ever it's like no um you may have an a and an i there but no yeah i think you're grasping at strong's straws at this one chris connor super chat this is probability that apple silicon macbook will be shown slash

Release today this week not likely um most leakers are saying it would be very very end of year like november december time frame so i wouldn't say expect that at this event but could it's possible uh patrick mueller superintendent says the tim apple accent was awesome you deserve this oh i don't deserve this guys i appreciate making content and talking about apple leaks i would be watching this event even if i wasn't a youtuber um personally i think i have a dream job

That you guys have enabled me to do i don't know what i do right that you guys keep coming back or tune into my live stream uh for some reason but i really do genuinely appreciate all of you even those of you who think i'm annoying and repetitive and that i peaked years ago um even you guys i appreciate all of you for watching and just letting me have this amazing job and uh there's so many of you donating that i don't know why you are it's not worth it

Don't donate don't become a member um you guys help me out just by watching and i just love being able to hang out and you guys get me excited all right so that i'm getting i'm getting pumped just after after this live stream and i i i don't need the super chats i hope you guys know that it's not it's not expected i'm not hoping you all do but i'm very grateful for it thank you um what about the earphones overhead headphones i've seen carlos i've seen a few people suggesting that those are

Ready to ship but they said that back in march so i don't know if i still believe them um but an unveiling is possible though in my opinion it would make more sense to unveil airpods studio alongside the iphones if they're gonna be more of a iphone accessory the what the tech podcast is very much enjoy the content thank you for the great work thank you for the donation appreciate it uh crazy candy edits donated as well didn't say anything but appreciate it

Aaron silver said good morning good morning cupertino did you see that tick tock from matter day night live he is so good at the tim cook impressions i'm a huge apple fan you were an awesome youtuber and i can't wait for the event wow thank you for the donation and yes that's exactly who i'm emulating that that guy's awesome uh matter day night life he does a flawless tick-tock impression uh sorry not tick-tock impression dim cook impression tim tick-tock impression oh my god

Joey z takes the cake for largest super chat donation today so huge shout out and thanks to joey z donating a hundred bucks holy crap love your content drew watching your videos always makes my day hope you and louise are staying safe much love um excited for your post event video yes uh thank you very much for that huge donation um i i very much oh man did i lose some of them what happened the stream like the chat froze on my

Phone for a second now i can't find ah crap no i'm sorry if you donated and i don't read it the youtube app is acting buggy oh my god but thank you so much for the donation yes me and my wife are staying safe we're staying inside we have air purifiers we're trying to get out of the smoke best we can this is terrible why would it erase super chats youtube what the heck what am i supposed to do ah is there can i look on here oh there's super chats on the

Display okay cool um i found them sam russell super chat it says we'd love to see you review the new nomad wireless charger praying for iphone so we can laugh at bt oh my god yeah i'm i just want to see new iphones because i don't want to keep waiting for them i don't want to have to wait another month but it sounds like we're going to have to which kind of sucks but thank you for the donation marvin could apple have spread the rumors of the iphone not coming so the stocks will go crazy after the event if they surprisingly announce

Them i would love that i would love it but it's probably not going to happen i want to though i really really wanted to because i'm sick of these iphone leaks and i don't want to have to wait another month uh christian powell uh leenda super chatted uh waiting for the event from philippines hey shout out to the philippines i visited there last year i've got uh some in-laws out there uh so thanks for watching and supporting um my wife

Comes from the philippines so yeah we we're very familiar with the area um joshua davis superintendent says we keep coming back because of the beard oh is that it if i shaved would you all leave probably understandably i would leave uh youtube if i shaved my beard uh hunter weimer super chat it says hey love what you do i finally bought an iphone hope you enjoy it thanks for the super chat uh xavier matthews donated five bucks didn't say anything but thanks for the super chat george s

Donated as well thank you very much uh and mike hey it's model y mike super chat it says you're a great wholesome content creator you think apple and tesla might partner up for a watch app in the future also good morning good oh wait you said mood gorning mood gordon cupertino we don't have any iphones today but we are very excited to tell you about apple one where you can now use apple news plus for the low low price of 13.99 partnered alongside

Apple music apple tv plus they're wonderful beautiful services we think are gonna love them all right i think i'm caught up on the super chats actually am i oh my god because of the beard thank god see this is why i tell everyone don't do the super chats they're not worth it i've actually thought about turning off the youtube memberships because i feel like they're too expensive and i don't need them and people keep signing up for them and not getting much out of them if you want to access

The premium channels over discord you should just go through patreon not youtube membership so i don't know i'm thinking about turning those off too many youtubers are asking you for money and i'm getting kind of sick i don't want to ask you guys for money i hope you guys realize i don't need the super chats um so don't don't feel pressure it just it helps when there's so many people talking in the chat but also uh i correct me if i'm wrong mods uh or people that have watched previous live

Streams a second ago we hit 4500 viewers on this live stream i believe that's a record so i just want to say thank you to everyone for tuning in and for head allowing us to hit a new milestone i think the last record um was 4200 at quadruple udc at that hype stream we had 4 200 people watching right now we have 4 400 but a minute ago i think i saw 4 500 people um which is the highest number of people i've ever had on a live stream watch me ever so thank you guys very much thanks

Everyone for tuning in and helping me get hyped i've never seen people so excited for an apple watch to come out yeah we passed the record that's amazing oh my god uh i remember watching you since you started in a little apartment i don't think we were ever in an apartment but i i think you mean the attic yeah i think apple might not release the air glasses today because they don't want to re a repeat of air power i can see that you

Know we've been saying that apple glass is around the corner for years now and it still hasn't come out so i'm going to add a few moderators here just in case just because i know some of these people that chat i'm like hey i know you i know you um just trying to keep up with chat man this is with slow mode i forgot this whole live stream we've had 60 seconds slow mode on and it's still going really fast was there lag i didn't get any lag on my end that might be on your end

Um will there be a macbook today not likely i i won't say it's likely but it's slightly possible may i be you are a mod hey zeus come on hey you know me i'm not handing out moderators to anyone it's only people i know like personally uh do you know when this is out mr taylor tech do i know when this is out well guys event starts in 25 minutes oh my god uh sorry my my name is pronounced vj do you use a case on your iphone when you're not filming nope no case on my iphone it stays caseless

For one the 11 pro max is incredibly heavy um so when you put a case on it it's just super chunk phone and carrying it around with you is quite tedious so there's no case on my phone i like the way it feels uh in it i don't drop my phone i don't have apple care i'm just careful with my tech because it's expensive and when you spend a lot of money on tech you should take good care of it people don't drop your phone it's that simple just don't drop your phone it's so easy uh sorry i pronounced your

Name wrong but thank you for the super chat uh dustin germain says morality of buying something only to review and return stores have to then sell as open box at 50 100 off i work in retail and we hate this well if it was a big enough problem they can ask you to stop um so it's a policy that they're welcome to change also it allows them to sell it at a cheaper price point and um that means someone else who doesn't care about getting it in a brand new condition can also pick that up

If they were losing enough money on it that it was dangerous to the business then i think they would just straight up stop doing it they've had the option to do that for years and they still don't um and also i think that the the cost of buying something and allowing to return it uh is much much uh worth it in the long run from a from a piece of mind standpoint to if they stopped allowing that and that would mean that if you bought something and you had no option to return it in

Case maybe financial situation changed you bought the product and realized actually i don't like this or the software sucks i don't want it anymore if their policy said hey too bad you can't return it then that would be worse i think for the consumer so i think that policy is um you know in the in the end beneficial to all it doesn't hurt the brand that much and it helps the consumer so i'm i'm fine with them keeping it but i'm also in favor of brands uh changing it if they don't like it if you want to have a no return policy

If you review the phone afterwards make that policy i'm i would i would abide by it but if you're fine with it in its current state then i'll do it um ryan hummer super chat it says thank you for all the content uh oh there was some lag there's some lag it's coming back apologize for the lag frames drop dang it dang it wi-fi everyone blame xfinity for this uh charles sampson super chat it's his collab with i update yeah we've collabed a few times um not recently but we should do something i agree ryan hummer super chat

It says thank you for all the content if apple doesn't unveil the new iphones today do you think they will at least acknowledge that a new iphone is coming yeah it feels like they should but at the same time they're so hesitant to that it would really flatline sales osborne effect excuse me they don't they don't want that to happen so i can get why they don't want to acknowledge new iphones are coming so i don't know it'll be interesting it'll be interesting uh tengkado super chat it says thanks that's exactly why we're coming back

You're so humble and grouded i'd rather throw my money than you uh than big guy marquez or linus well those guys are awesome they make tons of content and they make way better videos than i do um but appreciate the super chat nonetheless thank you dustin fair enough love your channel krista w super chat at two bucks uh thank you very much and reecey cup donated too as well love your videos uh don't look at his description it's probably a bot but thank you for the super chat bot

Anyway um i love the panic over the lack yeah apple should really lag like i see it so obs for those who don't know has a little uh color icon that will change uh if you start experiencing lag so green is good and when i'm live streaming i can see when it starts to go to yellow or red red means that frames are dropping yellow means that um the connection is weakening so when i see it drop down in color i'm like ah crap i gotta stop talking

So occasionally that does happen i apologize uh i wish i wish there was a way to fix that but honestly the mac mini i'm live streaming on right now is running mac os big sur beta so if there are lag problems i can blame it on the beta it's kind of the beta's fault oh my god guys 10 20 minutes okay 20 minutes until the event starts 10 minutes until my twitch reaction stream starts reminder 4 500 people oh my god that's insane thank you all for tuning in reminder i will not be showing the apple

Event oh there's lag again it's like it knows i'm sorry okay reminder i will not be showing the apple event on my twitch stream if you want to follow along with the twitch stream and me you have to pull up the apple event on a separate device on an ipad on a desktop on a tv and then you could just put me on your phone on twitch pause the apple event once it starts streaming for around eight seconds and we should be in sync with each other and then you can watch the apple event

Along with me but that's twitch will not be restreaming the apple event over there so don't go to twitch expecting for me to show the apple event i'm just trying to let you all know that now so we don't get confused and you're not like wait where's the event where's the event i'm not going to be showing it on twitch i will get a copyright strike my twitch page could get removed um it sucks i don't like it this way i would rather show the event on my twitch stream but that's the reality of the

Situation all right sound is not lagging so we're good oh that's nice i appreciate that the sound doesn't lag uh pieters uh donated uh five euros as well thank you will they at least acknowledge the macbooks i don't know if what german is saying is correct and he has a decent track record so i'm inclined to believe him if what he's saying is correct then there's going to be a mini event today another mini event well mini event an

Iphone event but with nothing else in october and then a mac event in november so that's what german is saying you can believe him or not i i personally feel like that's too weird and in my opinion uh reducing the in my opinion it kind of diminishes the what's it called the the specialness that it wouldn't feel special if there were four or five apple events a year um and it would diminish the the hype we have behind events if after there would be tiny ones with

Little updates and little announcements and then there's another one of little updates little announcements and then there's a big one in my opinion it would make it less exciting uh rook's channel superchat it says on the return policy maybe instead of returning your duo you can give it to me that's a good idea um i don't hate anyone enough to give them a duo sorry steven thank you for the super chat my wife's using my 11 pro max because she got water damage on her 11 pro

Oh no that sucks i thought it was pretty water resistant dang it apple come on i'm stuck with my cracked seven i need them to announce the new 12. i'm with you steven i'm not in any hurry to upgrade my phone but i just from a work perspective i want them to update it uh joshua vanilla super chat says please breathe i feel your anxiety okay relax everyone put the phone down for a second just open the breathe app on your watch

Breathe we will be disappointed today we are not going to get everything we wanted yoga talos of time ladies and gentlemen calm down with the hype all right khalif super chatted and said apple sheep that's me that's my name don't wear it out oh did i miss one uh peter super chatted again he said omg i'm late almost forgot the event even but can't miss your final hype stream keep up the good work love your content thank you all for tuning in holy crap 4 700 people what the heck is wrong with

You guys i'm just a dude sitting in this extra bedroom pointed a camera at me and now all of you are tuning in this makes no sense but thank you all thank you so much for tuning in i can't thank you enough i seriously don't understand why of all the live streams to probably watch right now you choose this one but thank you we are bored that's what i capitalize on i capitalize off of america's boredom or europe's border it seems like all the people

Super chatting are from europe um let's see we're working from home that's what's wrong oh that makes sense good stream bro thanks love from malaysia ipad air for price ooh you know what i heard the ipad air 4 is actually going to be more than 500 bucks i'm not happy about that i'll be honest i think 500 was a good mid-tier price for the ipad if they price it at 550 i guess it's okay for the changes they get but if it's 600

Bucks i'm just gonna tell everyone to get an ipad pro i will straight up say i don't recommend the air for i would say if that's what if that's what people not not a new ipad error not a new ipad pro i'm saying 2018 certified refurbished ipad pro 11 inch because that that's like 550 bucks that'll be cheaper it'll have the a12x chip which is still plenty fast i'll have 120 hertz it'll have face id i will straight up way recommend people to get a certified refurbished ipad pro if the air 4 ends up costing 600

That's too high oh my god did we hit 5k oh my god is that real holy crap you guys why why why are there 5 000 people watching right now oh my god um all right i'll keep i'll keep up with the super chats uh zee shan super chat it says nice content here are some canadian rubles thank you very much appreciate it uh rook said even though i'm the guy who wants it from discord the guy who wants it from this i don't know there's

There's a bunch of people that will say yes to free stuff anyway but thank you for the super chat eric eric thank you for the one euro uh catnip weed oh my god how do you guys come up with these names catnip weed thank you for the super chat so uh catnip weed wanted to let us know that he bought up some apple stocks i hope iphones come out for your sake um i i wouldn't buy apple stock right now if events happen and don't meet expectations the stock can do

Weird things hold it for the long haul that's all i'll recommend heidi brown super chat and said how's it going it's going good i am hyped i am ecstatic that there are 5200 people 5 200 people are watching this live stream right now that's insane i'm looking at this camera this lens i'm by myself in this room and there's a little sensor there and there's 5200 people looking through that sensor i can't fathom what's going on right now this makes no sense to me zachary griggs thank you for the super chat bacon thank

You for the super chat nice profile picture by the way uk fans still holding out hope for phones i want phones too i'm just i'm gonna go ahead and take the milk out of the fridge and say yep this live stream these predictions they're gonna aim horribly i don't care i think iphones are coming out it just makes sense love the channel keep up the great work thank you weasley vid uh you remind me of that one news report of the of the was it a group or a faa

Group that raised a pig and they called it crispy bacon like chris the name chris and then the middle initial p last name bacon that's all i'm thinking about when i saw your profile picture sorry uh max federer super chat it says reload it just went offline we broke it oh no we broke it that's not good cole gunderson thank you for the super chat oh my god iphone 12 pro is xdr display well eleven pro is pro display xdr technically yes i saw

The best buy leak i don't believe it i think best buy just called it se plus so that all of us would talk about it and now all of us would look at that screen protector i don't think an sc plus is coming out doesn't sound right apple stream is up really 13 minutes before all right it's starting it's starting soon okay we're going to move over to twitch shortly uh andy134 1000 superchat it says let's all pray we get iphone unveiling or at least something worthy of our attention besides ipads and watches

Love your videos take care thank you so much everyone for super chatting wow 5400 people tuned into the stream that is that is mind-boggling guys i appreciate the records we broke today i'm very very hyped um i'm very thankful that all of you are so bored and are unable to find a live stream entertaining enough that you tuned into mine of all streams i am not worthy of this much attention uh my track record is so inaccurate my

Videos are so basically made i don't know why you guys care so much about my stream over others but i appreciate each and every one of you nonetheless i'm going to refresh just to make sure you guys aren't trolling me um yep the live stream is up but uh for the record just because they let you click on the stream that does not necessarily mean uh the event is already starting it's still gonna start at 10 a.m so don't expect that to change uh nick healish thank you for the super chat

Love from india love back to india i'm sorry i don't talk about enough of the market over in india but thank you all for watching uh either way so we have reached 9.50 ladies and gentlemen this has been an epic groundbreaking oh there's more oh boy three super chat it says your channel is awesome that's why okay thank you i appreciate you guys watching and super chatting you're all way way way way way too generous uh i wish there was a refund button on super chats actually is there

I want to see if they added that report no there isn't youtube should have a option that you can click and say refund person that super chat but i guess youtube gets 30 of the super chats anyway so they want the money anyway um i appreciate all of you tuning in this hype has been amazing no matter what happens at this apple event i appreciate all of you yes there will be an event recap after the fact after i get my event recap video up i will then do a podcast with nick and randy which

Should hopefully be up by tonight um sometimes there's technical difficulties when with getting our footage and audio shared so it might not be tonight could be tomorrow um but stay tuned for all the content covering the apple event thank you all for tuning in the twitch stream is starting now all right i've hit the start streaming button the link to the twitch page is in the description check it out i will see you guys over there thank you all have a good one bye-bye

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