Apple iPhone 8 Plus (Gold) – Unboxing [HD]

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Hello everybody this is me in my box in funny today today I'll be having a full unboxing of the brand new just release Apple iPhone 8 plus now this color I got in the gold version and it is now Friday the 22nd of September 2017 currently 1:00 p.m. and this is just released

Today got released today and I got this phone just turn box for you guys now before i unbox this device i'm just gonna read out some key specifications it has a full glass finish are all around the body so it has a gas finish

On the back and a glass finish from the front of the device it has a 5.5 inch full HD display it has a 12 megapixel camera with a crusty to record up to 2160 pixels it has three gigabytes of RAM and it has the new Apple 8:11 Bionic

Chip and it also has a 2675 milliamp lithium-ion battery so this phone is basically packed with everything and it also has that famous well actually Android released at before but it has that NFC chip now which means that you

Can not only make Apple pay payments but you can also charge your phone wirelessly which I like to see in Apple phones so great it's a great thing that Apple actually did this because I think it was about time anyway so this is the

Box as you can see it just says iPhone on the side on the top you just can see the finish the gold finish it looks like a rose gold phone mistake like if you look at it carefully looks like a rose gold phone but they actually said is

Actually a gold version it's a rose gold record I'll ever know yeah it has to be a gold version really a conversion but this is you see you can say his iPhone and then just Apple logos here at the back of the phone you can see what it

Says this is gold as you can see Apple iPhone 6 plus 7 plus I think 6 floors are crazy Apple iPhone 8 plus gold 64 gigabytes as you can see it's designed by Apple in California and assembled in China

Includes as you can see what it says here on the back of the box as well it includes several other components which is the iPhone 8 plus obviously the air pods with the lightning connector the Lightning to headphone jack adapter

Under lightning to USB cable power adapter so basically it has everything this is the 64 gigabyte model which is the lowest version you can get so they're kind of outdated they don't actually stick with the 32gb

Anymore than kind of and 16gb so they go now with in starting from 64 to 256 GB which is amazing and also for this an iPhone and for the 21st century I think this is what we need yes a pretty good phone I got this for 799 pounds and 99

Pence from coffin warehouse which is based in the UK I pureed it about three days ago and I got it today but on a release date my post which is amazing so I'm just gonna lift this tub up here there's a hunts before this

Little tub we can just put up and they'll just access everything I'm gonna do that I'm just gonna rip off that oddly satisfying she's not already but I'm even I find it satisfying the satisfying feel and this is the plastic

You get so I'm skipping that off I asked you can see you guys I've no actually opened this before this is the first time I'm opening and my first impression of the actual iPhone 8 plus so I'm just gonna lift this box up now and I'm gonna

See what's actually underneath this device oh okay that is pretty weird so you actually get the manual on top of this time before it was underneath so let's just see what weakens what we get inside this box so we have the welcome

To I phone manual you can see it has a side button the 3d touch and also touch ID so all this basic components were found on the iPhone 7 plus so that's pretty good and it also has the rings that I switch to the volume button

Wireless charging now this is the the biggie out here now the B and obviously the main reason why I upgraded to the iPhone 7 plus and this is your little ejector sim ejector another manual which I never this one this is the oh this is

Always the one which I never seem to read and also the the Apple stickers and also you get a one-year limited warranty so if anything and you've got accessories accessories get damaged or for fungus damage within

One year that Apple will replace it to you for free within that one year there lets you purchase Apple Care Plus okay so this is the actual device itself so I'm going to put that to the side before we actually get onto it it looks amazing

From first time first impressions it looks amazing but before I actually you know actually show you anything around you or anything I'm just gonna basically put this to the side first of all okay so inside the box then

We get two other components the first component that we get is the actual ear pods so you can see that I'm not ready to take out the package I'm just going to show you what is I think everyone has seen this before and iPhone 7 plus so

You can hire get a feel it didn't it doesn't have a jack connector like the service 6 plus or 6 they actually demolished it like so it's like basically iPhone 7 plus for the Bionic chip and wireless charging capabilities

And then we get the this is where we get a USB cable so again a very very nice USB cable again you guys probably be fed up seeing this if you own an iPhone device and a fruit in the past then you've probably seen this millions of

Times there's no putting me actually opening opening it and showing you what we get inside there so that we get these two things and then we get the actual connector we connect the USB into this and then we plug this into the computer

To get our to get our data transferred or synced on to our iTunes so let's just actually look at the phone now the iPhone 8 plus beautiful 5.5 inch full HD display and we get that 12 megapixel rear-facing camera

Absolutely beautiful guys I actually you know I can't actually say anything more but what I want to do now I think you guys know what I want to do I want to pull this baby back and I want to see how amazing that is when you pull it

Back so we just got to go do that now and let's see how amazing that sounds so again the oddly satisfying sound Wow okay okay actually it says it's gold but it looks rose gold to me for some reason

Okay there we go that's done for that way okay I have to tell you guys it Wow okay so I'm going to actually tell you what I think about in a minute but I was going to show you the front of the phone first of all we

Have the touch ID button again same as the iPhone 7 plus is not actually a physical button it's just like a vibration touch we actually powered the phone up you have your front facing camera you have

Usery yep the front facing camera is here and we have our speaker there on the sides we get your vibration mode and your normal mode and we have your volume unit volume rockers there on this side here we get our sim ejector where we can

Put up some ejector tool inside and we get our power button there I'm still go ahead and power up this devices that means I'm got before when I talk about this ability to power up just so you can see how the phone is initially and then

At the back you see that beautiful I just like how the gold rose gold sort of things like embossed and then how it reflects on that beautiful or that beautiful sort of glossy back finish see a lot beautiful 12 megapixel rear facing

Camera with flash amazing you also have this rose gold Apple logo it says gold but it looks as well to me but I remind it looks beautiful anyway and then by the bottom we have the iPhone you can see it's bit different to

The iPhone so then plus this time because it doesn't have the IMEI number and it doesn't have any other serial numbers which you should expect on the iPhone 7 plus 6 plus 6 6 5 s 5 5 C 7 and basically all other iPhone models so

Doesn't have any of that I don't really be like I don't know people might think this phone is not an Apple product if I show them that but that's what Apple has gone ahead and done I don't actually know why they done

That but yeah but this phone do you know how like when you have like his Samsung Galaxy s7 or an s6 in your hand it still has that glass by finish but when you're holding your highness is for turgid this one when you're holding your hand has a

Grip to it which I like because I think this metal finish here it kind of you know links that with it in it it has that fit it has and also it's not a fingerprint sensor look at money finger put I put on here

Yeah it doesn't hold any fingerprints which I absolutely adore I just think that this phone is an amazing device and I think that you know I will be obviously I'm gonna set this up now I'm going to show you so UK I'm gonna stop

All my languages and stuff so as you can see there but truly honest being honest with you guys this phone it's absolutely an amazing amazing device and I think that if you want to get a device if it is it worth an upgrade to upgrade from

The iPhone 7 7 plus to the 6 plus then obviously I'll make I was making a video actually comparing this with a 7 plus very soon but I think it is worth from the initial impressions if you want microphone which looks nice

I think this is the way to go an amazing phone guys yeah so that's all I can say pretty much if you want this device I'll put all the links down below if you're in the UK you can get from coffin warehouse if it's a lot an apple

I think apples you order it you can get it between two three weeks from now but – what house they can get it dispatched immediately I think has to be quick because this will sort out really quickly and I could tell that I made

Amazing and me hit oh my look so amazing sorry this amazing sorry it's so so nice as you can see but anyway guys I hope he does video for my box and fun on the iPhone 8 + unboxing again all ice will be leaving down below don't forget to

Comment to subscribe and like to this video and if you have already turn your notifications on I did it I seized my knife yesterday that's so amazing anyway I made that bosses like even you don't know either embossing like what do

You think pretty amazing certificate to turn your notifications on if you haven't ready for more updates on this device of making many gameplay reviews and stuff like that so the stage into it how would I say guys and goodbye

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