Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max review

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

Hey what's up guys will here for GSM marina it's that time yet again and we have two new iPhones here the iPhone 11 Pro and the pro max that the sequence of the 10s and the 10s max and though some people might say same old same old they actually bring a lot of new

Features so what are we waiting for let's take an in-depth look in our for review the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro max both appear quite similar to the iPhones of last year but they bring quite a few upgrades including better performance

Bigger batteries breader screens and new cameras the design won't surprise anyone the front and back are covered in Gorilla Glass and there's a stainless steel frame holding it all together which debuted on the iPhone 10 we have

The 11pro in space grey and the 11pro Max and midnight green the new frosted rear glass gives a fresh look it makes smudges and fingerprints a lot less noticeable and it's more resistant to scratches one thing people are divided

About is the look of the square triple camera setup on the back you may love it or hate it but at least it's quite thin and the phones won't wobble on a table as much as last year's another changeover last year is the level of

Water resistance the 10s generation were certified to handle submersion in two meters of water for half an hour and bees can take up to four meters so a pond rather than a swimming pool the biggest difference between the two

Phones is the size the 11pro is a breeze to use with one hand while with the pro max is a little more of a stretch but you do get the benefit of the larger display the 11pro max is a 6.5 inch OLED panel while the 11 pros is 5.8 inches

The bezels have been slightly increased this year but it's hard to notice the panels both look great they have the same pixel density at 458 PPI and it hasn't changed from the last generation yet HDR 10 and Dolby vision support and

Excellent color accuracy back again is true tone adjustment basically an automatic white balance that will adjust based on the ambient light Apple is debuting what it calls XDR or extreme dynamic range on these displays this

Means you get double the contrast of the O LEDs we saw on the iPhone 10s and 10's max and these can get a lot brighter too these are among the brightest smartphone screens on the market at over 800 nits with the manual slider and there's still

Color accurate even with the brightness turned way down the screens had the same fast 120 Hertz refresh rate for touch input as before but we wish that Apple had increased the screens refresh rate as well it's still the standard 60 Hertz

There's no always-on display either so you have to wake up the phone to check what's going on or program the LED flash to blink when you have a notification but it is on the back like on previous iPhones you'll have to use face unlock

Or a pin to unlock these devices there's no fingerprint reader but the facial recognition is industry-leading and quite secure as well thanks to the dedicated true depth camera for 3d facial mapping both phones have a stereo

Setup for audio with the second loudspeaker acting as the earpiece their outputs are very balanced and loudness is very good with decent bass for smartphone speakers

As expected there's no 3.5 millimeter jack and no adapter in the box you do get ear pods though that you can plug into the Lightning port like before storage isn't expandable so choose wisely which option you gets especially

If you shoot a lot of videos the smallest one probably won't cut it the new iPhones I'll run the latest iOS 13 out of the box and it looks pretty familiar the navigation gestures are the same as they were before and by now feel

Quite intuitive but there are a few new features to explore the removal of 3d touch means that now you don't need to apply pressure to the screen to open contact sensitive actions just a long press will do and you get the same

Haptic feedback iOS 13 also brings a system-wide dark mode which will darken all of your white backgrounds you can even set it on a schedule as it will save you some battery Siri Apple's digital assistant can again be summoned

By holding down the power key any with iOS 13 there's a new voice with more natural speech because it's sold a salad dressing the Photos app has been overhauled and there's a new more powerful editing mode you can see what

The photo looks like before and after the edits and there are many new options and intensity sliders you can edit videos to and adjust their exposure among plenty of other settings the two iPhone 11 pro is packed the new 7

Nanometre a13 chipset which brings a new GPU and is supposed to be both faster and more power efficient than last year's a12 along with this we get four gigs of ram in benchmarks cpu performance scores are 20% higher than

The last generations and better than any Android phone out there there are layers of graphene for even heat dispersion along the back and the phones have good sustain performance without much thermal throttling gaming performance is great

And I didn't run into any issues at all both the iPhone 11 pro and pro max have larger batteries than last year at about thirty two hundred and four thousand milliamp hours respectively in our better life tests 11 pro max scored an

Excellent 102 hour endurance rating the highest we've seen from an iPhone the iPhone 11 pro score wasn't quite as high but still better than last year with an endurance rating of 86 hours for the first time ever

Apple has bundled an 18 watt wired fast charger with his iPhones with it the iPhone 11 pro max was able to charge from zero to 50% of its battery in 30 minutes when we did the same with the regular 11 Pro we got 58% there is

Support for qi wireless charging with both models – one of the major upgrades on the new iPhones is a third camera the new triple camera setup with an ultra wide shooter on top of the main and telephoto cameras which both have OIS

All of the cameras are at 12 megapixels an interesting new feature is capture outside the frame if you're shooting with the main or telephoto cam the phone can use information from the ultra wide to provide you with a wider shot

If you accidentally crop someone else photo quality is the same between the two phones so we'll go buy camera instead of model first let's see how daylight images from the main camp turnouts they have exemplary detail

Extremely low noise and good dynamic range the colors are accurate though a bit washed out in contrast isn't superb these images don't really pop also there's a little too much sharpening the telephoto camera has an F 2.0 aperture

The widest in the industry zoomed photos have equally rich detail and low noise as the main can and here the sharpening is toned down which is nice the colors and contrasts are about the same the ultra wide camera doesn't have OIS or

Auto focus but images turn out just fine nothing spectacular though there's enough detail and a bit of noise here and there the colors contrasted nmuk range mesh the main camera and you get automatic correction for the barrel

Distortion portrait shots are taken with a telephoto cam by default but you can take them with the main cam as well you can choose blur strength and lighting effects and even change the strength of the digital light if there's

Good lighting portraits from a telephoto come out great with a very good subject separation and convincing D focus backgrounds portraits from the main camera are still decent but subject separation isn't quite as good let's see

How the cameras do in low lights Apple is debuting its version of night mode and it actually turns on automatically when it's dark enough out it takes two or three seconds to snap a photo and quality is pretty amazing

Even class-leading megamode shots from the maine can have plenty of detail balance sharpening excellent contrasting colors and nice exposure and not a single photo we shot came out blurry if for some reason you

Wanted to shoot without night mode you'd still end up with plenty of detail and low noise but the exposure is much darker and colors are washed out night mode works on the telephoto camera too and results are pretty much as

Impressive as on the main camp however if the light is too low the phone's tend to switch to a digital crop from the main camera despite the telephotos wide aperture with the ultra wide camera there is no

Night mode and the results are quite bad as we've seen from these sort of cameras on other phones moving on to the selfie cam which has been upgraded this year too it still makes use of the secondary 3d tof cam but now the main camera is 12

Megapixels with a wider 23 millimeter lens selfies use smart HDR and quality is top-notch there is more than enough detail balance sharpening good colors and great anemic range there is no autofocus though and the default image

Is cropped selfie videos can now be taken in up to 4k at 60fps they have stabilization and great stereo audio quality is perfect for vlogging except for the lack of autofocus you may have also heard of the new slow motion selfie

Videos called slow fees they're taken in 1080p at 120 fps and are actually kind of fun to play around with videos from the rear cameras can also be taken in up to 4k at 60fps and you can even shoot from all three at once if you have the

Right app the phone will even switch seamlessly between cameras if you zoom while recording all three cameras use electronic stabilization and the videos are super stable quality wise videos from the main and telephoto cam are very

Good with plenty of detail low noise spot-on sharpness and true-to-life colors videos from the ultra wide camera are lacking in detail and corners are soft but the colors contrast and dynamic range are excellent so there they are

The iPhone 11 pro and the pro max they bring a lot of meaningful upgrades over previous generations you get much better battery life brighter more contrast the OLED screens faster performance new selfie cams and

More versatile triple cameras with night mode plus of course is that cool frosted finish which is quite durable so how about downsides well there's the knotch which in the era of hole punches and pop-up selfie cams

Now feels a bit outdated and of course there's the huge price which everyone expects from an iphone once with the 64 gigs of storage option would anyone actually buy that but honestly no matter what I say here people invested in Apple

Products will be interested in the new iPhones and this time around I really don't blame them yeah phone 11pro and the pro Macs are excellent smartphones that brings some of the best features you can find these days and if you can

Afford them they definitely deserve a recommendation thanks for watching guys and see you on the next one

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