Apple iPad Pro 12.9 vs Macbook Air 2018 Comparison Review!

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

This video is sponsored by LastPass what's up everybody this is Danny and today let's take a look at both the new iPad pro and the new macbook air for late 2018 and 2019 and I wanted to make this video because I know there's a lot of people that are maybe on the fence

About which one of these to pick up since they're both similarly priced they both have their strengths they both have their weaknesses so I've been using these for over a month now so what I want to do is I want to compare them

Both and help you make the best buying decision and at the end I want to tell you which one that I prefer after this extended use let's talk pricing first the MacBook Air comes in two configurations and is available in three

Different colors it starts at $1,200 in the US with 128 gigabyte SSD a gigabytes of RAM and a dual core i5 processor there's two sizes of the iPad available this is the twelve point nine inch version and there's

Actually an 11 inch version for somebody that might want something smaller but I thought this would be a better comparison to the 13.3 inch MacBook Air there are two colors for the iPad silver and Space Gray the iPad 12.9 starts at a

Thousand US dollars so it is cheaper but you need to consider that it only comes with 64 gigabytes of internal storage and you probably need to get this smart Apple keyboard folio case which is 200 bucks so they're pretty much the same

Price as the MacBook Air after you consider all that and if you want the new magical magnetic charging second generation pencil you're looking at an additional 130 dollars so if you expect both of these to the highest end they'll

Definitely slap your bank account around the highest end MacBook Air with 16 gigabytes of RAM and a 1.5 terabyte SSD is $2,600 and the iPad 4 point 9 inch with one terabyte of storage cost 1750 so take a look and see which one that

Fits you best if you're curious in my testing the MacBook Air is the base model the twelve point nine inch iPad pro is the one with 256 gigabytes of internal storage and this is the cellular model because I

Really like having a separate LT connections on devices like this so I wish that this was available on the MacBook Air because if it was I think it would make the MacBook Air much more compelling when it comes to the build

Quality they're both great both aluminum and I don't think you'll be disappointed with either of them they're both super saw and feel very premium but when it comes to the design I'm gonna have to give it

To the iPad this thing is ridiculously thin I'm gonna say now I think that this is the best piece of hardware that Apple has put out in a very long time and it's just amazing it feels fantastic so the build quality I'm giving it to the iPad

In terms of security you get faced ID without a notch on the iPad for facial recognition which i think is nice but some people might prefer the more traditional fingerprint touch ID approach on the MacBook Air but me

Personally I woulda loved face ID on the new MacBook Air they both have nice high resolution displays both with nice colors and sharpness and nice viewing angles but the iPad to me clearly has the better display it covers the DCI p3

Color space which the MacBook Air does not and it has 608 brightness so pretty much double the brightness of the new MacBook Air the lack of brightness on the new MacBook Air is probably my biggest complaint on the display but if

You're using it outdoors you're probably gonna struggle some but if you're using it consistently in a classroom or you're using it inside mostly then I don't really think it's gonna be a problem it's not a deal-breaker the iPad does

Have that buttery smooth 120 Hertz display which doesn't translate on camera well because I shoot in 24 frames per second but it's so great you just have to try it out it's awesome the speakers are great on both so a joint

Content is nice on both of them but I would say that the speakers on the iPad or better so if display quality and media consumption is your number one focus then I would definitely go with the iPad before we move on to power I

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LastPass for sponsoring this video so let's go ahead and get back into power the MacBook Air runs a dual-core Intel Core i5 Y series processor with 8 gigabytes of ddr3 RAM standard and has the integrated Intel 617 GPU and the

IPad runs Apple's own a 12 X Bionic chip which has eight cores with a seven core GPU when it comes to raw power and benchmarks the iPad is significantly faster than the MacBook Air so it's really awesome to see Apple's custom

Silicon come this far they're way out of the competition and it really shows here in the iPad it's really fast so I can't wait to see this a series processor make it to a macbook form-factor like the MacBook Air I think that would be

Incredible but specs are not everything it's all about what you do with these machines and what you need it for the MacBook Air is going to give you a full laptop experience with Mac OS so all the programs that you need will run on this

So if you need to edit some photos in Lightroom you definitely can and if you need to bust out a quick video project on Final Cut Pro you can do that as well you can arguably get all that on the iPad as well since app compatibility and

Split-screen multitasking has gotten so much better with the iPad but I feel that the two USB C and Thunderbolt 3 ports for connectivity with a traditional file system on the MacBook Pro is so much easier for my usage you

Can easily dock it and connect it to a monitor if you want and you can use a GPUs if you need a little bit more graphical power so I do like the flexibility of that on the MacBook Air and I also love this huge trackpad is so

Smooth and Apple has some of the best pads in terms of responsiveness on the market and gestures and the MacBook Air is no different if you travel a lot or if your student right now and looking for something highly portable light and

Thin with good battery life but don't need the power of a MacBook Pro or you already have a more powerful computer at home like a 5k iMac then the MacBook Air could be the right computer for you but if you're more of an entertainment

Person and you watch a lot of hulu and netflix do a lot of web browsing play a lot of games and you don't need the traditional pro apps to do professional work then the iPad could be a better choice the display is absolutely awesome

And if you're used to the newer iPhone gestures you'll be right at home since the iPad no longer has a home button but don't get me wrong you can do professional work on the iPad if you want to people are doing tons of

Creative work on here and people are making some amazing content and editing videos and making music so if you want to check out a few of these videos I'll definitely link them for you but I do like the fact that they moved to the

USBC port here on the new iPad as well that kind of opens up for some professional work and some different things that you can do like external monitor output and you can also get a lot more professional options with SD

Cards and things like that importing straight to Lightroom so you can do a lot of things here on the iPad as well the iPad I feel is much better for entertainment so of course gaming is really nice on the iPad with really

Great audio just know that the headphone jack is gone for now so for the new iPads you'll definitely to go wireless if you want to use headphones where the MacBook Air is still holding onto that 3.5 millimeter jack for dear life

Basically it all just depends on what you need but after using these two for over a month I personally would pick the MacBook Air and here's why I prefer the laptop form factor and I think that the keyboard is better on the MacBook Air

Then Apple's keyboard attachment on the iPad now this could change with third-party keyboards but if your workflow requires a lot of typing then I would lean towards the MacBook Air I personally still prefer the mouse or

Touchpad gestures and I think that's one of the big things about iOS and it doesn't have native Mouse support so once it gets that I think that that paired with a really good keyboard combo could really put a dent in something

Like the surface pro that doesn't mean the same for you though if you like the tablet form factor and you can do everything that you need to do on the iPad then it's a great choice and you can even argue it's the more versatile

Choice because the ability to go between professional work and leisure with much better game selection and a better display and the choice of the Apple pencil input if you're into art you can even have great cameras on the front and

Back you can even take some portrait selfies if you want to here's my thing about the iPad is that I already have a bigger phone I use the 10s max so I tend to watch a lot of content on my bigger phone and I don't ever reach for a

Tablet to watch content and I think I'm not the only one here so when a lot of these features are available on my bigger phone it just makes me reach for a tablet less so that's probably why I would pick the MacBook Air and the

Approach that I'm taking to this is that if I had to just pick one of these and one only for my workflow I would pick the MacBook Air but if a tablet is gonna make you love a tablet again it's gonna be the new iPad because it's just that

Damn good so let me know which one that you're gonna go with or your team iPad pro or are you team MacBook Air and I'm really curious to see what this is gonna be like in the comments I'm sure it's gonna be a war but in the end everybody

Has different workflows everybody has different needs so there is no right or wrong answer so make sure you subscribe hit that thumbs up if you enjoyed it and I'll see you guys in the next one

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