Apple HomePod Review: Don’t Buy it Quite Yet

by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

Array.c play my intro soundtrack sure here's the self-titled album by DJ sound effect Don DeMarco what's up everybody this is Danny this is the Apple home pod and despite the title of this video this is not a video to bash the home pod because actually it's a nice sounding

Speaker it's really compact it's much smaller than you would imagine it is it's got nice directional speakers all the way around really good bass crisp eyes a little bit of drowning out in the mids but it's actually a really nice

Sounding speaker and it's really easy to set up it works flawlessly with Apple music but this video is more geared towards what Apple's been doing lately I feel like even though this is a good sounding speaker it is the most

Incomplete Apple product that's been shipped in a long time and I just want Apple to stop shipping us products that are not ready before people start getting crazy and calling me all kinds of names in the comments it's not an

Ecosystem thing for me I own a MacBook Pro I Mac iPad iPhone 10 a lot of Apple products I own them so it's not an ecosystem thing for me at all if you're a huge Apple music fan and you just want a speaker that has Siri built inside and

Want some good sound this speakers for you but for everyone else I think they can do a little bit better so let's go to the history of the home pod first because a lot of people don't know that this was announced in June of 2017 at

WWDC they were supposed to ship in December there was some delays I think a lot of investors were pretty pissed that this didn't come out in the time of the holidays because they could had a lot of sales on this so they said there was a

Delay to get the home pod together to give you that right experience so here's February home pod is out and it's missing a ton of features so here's my position you know why I think you shouldn't buy an Apple home pod quite

Yet no matter if you're an Apple fan or if you're not so this speaker was meant to drive more Apple music subscriptions and I totally understand that so they want to keep it walled into Apple and that's absolutely no problem but this

Speaker cannot even be set up unless you have an if you don't have an iPhone or iPad you can't even set this thing up at all so what if you like the speaker the way that it looks or what if you want to

Give this to a family member and they have an Android phone or they use Android tablets or they use a Windows computer you can't even set this thing up so that already blows my mind so I can see a lot of you saying wait wait

Wait wait wait this speaker was only made for Apple users and maybe you could make that point but if Apple only wanted Apple music used on their devices then why is Apple music available on Android so they could have easily put that into

The Apple music app on Android 2 where you can set up the home pod and use it with that so that's kind of mind-blowing if you think about it and I've seen some other videos where people had a lot of trouble setting this up even with an

IPhone 10 or iPhone 8 plus so that just shows me that the software is not ready and the worst part is is that this is not even the same Siri that you're gonna get on your phone because it's kind of limited for a smart speaker and a lot of

People are gonna say well they didn't design this or they didn't target this as a smart speaker but that's absolutely not true because then it wouldn't be a base for a home kit and they wouldn't have put Siri on it otherwise okay so

Home kid has zero problems with normal stuff like here you see what's the weather like it's currently cloudy and 82 degrees in Winter Garden expect mostly clear skies starting in the afternoon so no problems with little

Things like that but what if you actually use your smart assistant speaker as an actual assistant so if I asked here is yeah what's my calendar like today I wish I could but I can't access your calendar here and don't

Worry I didn't forget Google home actually didn't ship with this functionality either so I totally get that but this can't even make a phone call right now here is yeah make a phone call I can't help you make calls on home

Pod sorry about that so you're gonna get this a lot Ceri is wanting to kill me right now okay so syria might not make phone calls but it can read back my last messages and send

Messages in reply but the problem with that is is that there's no voice verification or any kind of security any person in my family or in my house can ask for my last text messages and can actually send a malicious reply and

There's nothing you can really do about it unless you turn it off in the settings and that's the solution as some people have said I'm serious people have put that in the comments just turn that off but then you lose that functionality

So I don't see how a speaker can ship with this kind of security flaw it just doesn't make any sense for me so the next kicker is that I have two speakers here and I can't even link these two up right now because they announce airplay

To when they announce these how seamless is supposed to be to link them together do multi-room audio and all this stuff and that's not even available right now you have to wait for a software update to have that simple of functionality and

That's crazy to me and also there's Bluetooth 5.0 in these speakers but they don't give you access to the Bluetooth at all so if you just wanted to use a different device or if you wanted to use a tablet or something

That's not Apple and if you just want it to kind of stream Bluetooth signals to this you can't and yes the Google home max is absolutely ginormous actually if you just stack two of these home pots

Together this is pretty much how big this would be but you have to think about this is a speaker it sounds great as well and it also has bluetooth that's open it has a USB C port and it also has an auxilary in so even though that

You're locked into the Google services you can still use this as a standalone speaker we're home pod you can't so this is kind of a concern to me because as long as this speaker is a success it's gonna be fine if you use Apple products

But what if this is a failure and they stopped supporting this in two to three years that means you have a brick you spend $350 for a circular break and you have to watch out where you place this thing because if you haven't seen on the

News lately that this ring down here on wood surfaces leaves a big-ass stain so you have to be careful and you might have to treat this thing like a drink and put a coaster underneath it or something because it's leaving stains

And wood so once again please don't think I'm just bashing home pot for no reason because there's a speaker for everybody and I think that if you are a Apple music fanboy and that's all you listen to and you want a nice compact

Speaker that has some serious funk tonality and homekit compatibility as well because some people like home kid I think home kid is a lot faster than something like Alexa or other voice services even Google assistant it's very

Very fast and you will see more videos coming up on the home pod and home kit smart homes because I think it's very important in this sense I'm just talking about how the speaker right now could be literally the dumbest smart speaker out

There I think there's a big misconception that you can only play Apple music tracks through the home pod and it's not true you can actually air play whatever is compatible so if you're gonna use Spotify you can air play

Tracks to the home pod but by voice you can only use Apple music and I think that's the big thing it's kind of limited so if the tracks are not on Apple music then you won't be able to control it by voice so let's try this

Out here is the play 10,000 hours by evidence 10,000 hours by evidence now playing so fast also the microphones work really good on this far field you don't have to raise your voice so that is a great thing

About home pod google play J Dilla The Shining on Spotify all right here's the album The Shining on Spotify that's why I like about something like Google home max is that you can just tell it where to play your music and it's open like

That so really just what I want you to think about and even as an Apple fan you buy this speaker now and this speaker is pretty much built on the promise of what its gonna do in the future your even waiting for normal functionality to come

Through a software update later on so if you buy this right now it such an incomplete product basically all you can do is control some smart-home stuff with it and play Apple music through this and that's pretty much it

So it's mostly the limited functionality of this speaker and it is not about the ecosystem or anything so even if you're not an Apple fan or an Apple fan you really need to look at what Apple is doing because they seem to be just

Pushing out incomplete products all the time and consumers are buying it because it's Apple and you're telling Apple it's okay to release incomplete products to us because of pressures by investors or whatever that they're doing to release

These products I just want products that are complete and they work out of the box this is what Apple used to be known for and they're slowly losing this over time and people might say oh this has been happening for years man wake up but

The iPhone 10 even is the same thing great hardware it was something new and fresh their lineup but it was such an incomplete product because a lot of things didn't work properly thank God that face ID works somewhat properly but

It is the buggiest phone I've ever used and I'm gonna have a long-term review coming up on that soon but this is where a lot of this frustration comes from because their software team is just messing things up I feel like they're

Not focused and they're pushing out a lot of things and having a lot of security breaches on a Mac and on iMessage and there's just this is unlike Apple that I grew up with I've been using the I've been using Apple products

Since the g3 tower that was my first Mac and man I'm showing my age with that one but I mean I just want Apple to get back to what they do best and even though it's simplified or if it's wall guard and then or if it's all locked down to

Apple stuff I don't care about that I just want things to work properly if you announce a speaker six months seven eight months when its release it should be working properly so that's my rant here and I just want you to think about

That before you purchase the home pod if you want me to actually do some different kind of things or walk through the home pod I'm sure there's a ton of videos out there that you can actually watch but if you want me to do that or a

Comparison between these two speakers or the best speakers that are out there maybe for smart homes sound whatever then let me know in the comments section below and most importantly let me know if you agree

With me on the home pod I mean do you guys have one right now or you guys completely skip it and say oh duh this video is everybody knows this man but I just felt like I needed to approach this and get this off my chest because me as

A consumer I just want Apple to get back to their game and give me products that are actually working when I buy them so all right guys subscribe to the channel if you want more videos like this thumbs up if you

Agree and let me know in the comments what you think and I'll see you guys in the next one

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