Apple Has the Best Old Phones

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

okay so the phone that I use right now
is the 1 plus 7 Pro it's probably gonna
be my favorite phone for 2019
but I also carry around an iPhone se
with me because my wife uses it and I
just use it to message some family
members and her through the iMessage app
but every time I use this phone it
surprises me how good this phone still
is for a three and a half almost four
year old phone so over the past a little
bit I decide to check out other phones
from this time period so this is from
2016 and I feel like this was like the
Golden Age of phones because we have
some some bangers that year one plus
three T s7 from Samsung as well as the
first generation pixel the pixel one so
I also like I had the s8 which I think
was like a more popular phone than the
s7 but this came out in 2017 so I
doesn't really count in this
conversation and also I guess the iPhone
that's also from this error like the
bigger version was the iPhone 6s so when
I take a look at these phones the first
thing that comes to mind is they all had
headphone jacks like in 2016 it wasn't
even a question it was a smart phone of
course it had a headphone jack and the
pricing on these phones were also really
good like all these were flagship
devices I went for 650 bucks and then we
also had the oneplus phones that were I
think 450 ish for this as well as the
smaller SD that went for 400 bucks as
well but these were all reasonably
priced for flagship phones and they were
also with the exception of the s7 made
of metal very durable materials that
would last and they were just good
phones which is a reason why so many of
these phones still exist in your hands
today I know a lot of my audience still
use some of these phones but there's a
very big difference in how these phones
have aged and after playing with them
for a little bit and just looking at
some research data iPhones aged so much
better than basically every other phone
in the market at least from this time
period so the first thing I wanna talk
about is software updates I'm sure some
of you guys are we're by now but iPhones
have amazing software support like this
phone is three and a half four years old
this one is like four years old a little
bit more than four years old it's still
running the latest version of iOS which
is iOS 13 so both the SE and the 6s from
2016 both run the latest version of
Apple software the galaxy s7 this phone
came out in March ish of 2016 this thing
runs Android eight Oreo it has some of
the recent security patches but in terms
of functionality it doesn't have any of
the stuff from Android 9 or 10 which is
strange because this is the same age of
a phone as the two iPhones the one plus
3t this got up to Android 9 and then the
there's community builds for Android 10
that you have to load on if you want to
and there's also the first generation of
pixel this does have Android 10 but
they're gonna drop support on it
relatively soon but the big kind of
loser to me I don't want to use that
word but the one that stands out as
being the worst is Samsung their
software support on their phones is
surprisingly poor especially for a
company that's as big as Samsung and
they've praised their products before
it's not only do with the brand I love
what they do in terms of hardware but
when it comes to software I feel like
they should do a better job and it's not
like the user base needs the latest and
greatest version of Android to use their
phones clearly not but when you do get
an update it brings new features and it
just keeps your phone feeling fresh and
relevant to the user and that's
something that I think is important and
let's be real here if the iPhone se can
run iOS 13 with just 2 gigs of RAM I'm
sure the s7 can run Android 10 with its
4 gigs of RAM but Samsung chose not to
do it and this stuff affects resale
value I think right if you look at the
value of these phones in the used market
right now
iPhones just do better they always have
and I think the software support is one
of the reasons why people are more
comfortable and we're confident buying a
used I phone than any other brand in
terms of performance none of them stick
out as being amazing compared to the
oneplus 7 pro but there is one phone
that is the best of the bunch I'd say
it's the iPhone se it's part of the
smoothest experience of the group it's
probably from software optimizations
like this is faster now and more fluid
of an experience now than it was when it
launched which is crazy
the 3t is also not bad this feels pretty
fast still the other tube pixel and the
s7 I don't feel like the aged well the
iPhone definitely takes a crown here now
there is one feature amongst all of
these that was terrible in 2016 it's the
camera these all pale in comparison to
any kind of moderns
art phone both from computational
photography and just better hardware in
terms of like lenses and sensors these
are all okay
I'd say the thing that's most
interesting to me is how much of an
improvement oneplus has made over the
years if you look at the 3t the photos
that I'm shooting from this they were
terrible for low-light in 2016 but
they've improved a lot to the point
where now they have very respectable
cameras on their phones the one feature
that I'd say was very bad on the iPhones
compared to everyone else is charge time
these things just charged slowly and
they use lightning cables but I still
feel like Apple's iPhones from this era
aged the best like in terms of hardware
software the whole user experience four
years later what do you think like if
you're an Android user if you're an
iPhone user which phone do you feel aged
the best over the past four years and
going forward like we see iPhone 11s
right now they're pretty popular is that
gonna age well with its lightning port
and IPS panel for 2019 let me know in
the comments below okay hope you guys
enjoyed this video thumbs we liked it
subs we love to see you guys next time

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