Apple Event – Time Flies – Watch Party!

by birtanpublished on October 4, 2020

And hello everyone this is digital trends live i'm greg nibbler and thanks for joining us wherever you are we appreciate it and it is a very big day in the world of tech and the world of everything well it's apple it's apple announcing new products today this is their annual september event but it's a little bit different this year naturally we've got the pandemic things have changed so what are we going to be getting well that's what we're going to be talking about right now so i'll tell you this we're going to do a little bit of a preview here

Going to bring on our first editor to join us but before that uh for how this is going to work for the actual show so it starts at 10 a.m pacific 1 p.m eastern so we can't rebroadcast it in its entirety apple doesn't let you do that so here's what we're going to be doing we will have our commentary going alongside it so what you'll be able to do is pull up a separate window have the apple broadcast going you can watch it there's a lot of fluff usually there's not a lot of info necessarily we'll see what's going

On we'll be commenting on it in another window so you want to pull up two different windows and then kind of go with it as you can see we'll have commentary coming from all kinds of editors that was jeremy kaplan there on twitter he's going to be joining us later but to start off here with a preview of what we expect from today's event we've got our mobile editor andrew martinic joining us andrew it's so good to see you here is an exciting day i'm sure for you especially being a mobile editor but no phones

Today is that right no no no iphones today but that doesn't mean it's not going to be a mobile event it's a very very heavily mobile event so i'm i'm still stoked to take a look well talking about that let's kind of walk through some of the things that we are expecting apple to announce today and i guess the first category being the apple watches so we know or we think that there's going to be a new series 6. can you kind of walk us through what you're expecting with that or what you

Think apple may be bringing to the table with that yeah so the apple watch updates aren't going to be uh huge but apple watch it in itself is very important for for apple's bottom line uh it's really huge for keeping people locked into the apple ecosystem of course and it's huge for health which is on everybody's mind right now so we're thinking that it's going to be an apple watch six which will obviously your series six an update to the series five

Not gonna be a huge update it's just probably gonna be an update to the internals the silicon running it which you know people don't really think about in the watch but it's just there in the background and then probably uh they're gonna introduce like an oxygen sensor oxygen sensor so you can get uh pulse aux which is something that's kind of on the bleeding edge of these fitness wearables that are all starting to do that but the more important thing from my perspective even

Though it's not quite as interesting to all the nerds out there is that they may also do an apple watch se similar to the iphone se where we're going to get a lower end cheaper watch but it is still a new watch kind of taking place of apple's previous strategy of selling the apple watch 3 or apple watch 4 at a discount which that is a kind of a bold move from apple i guess that does kind of signify that they've got some more competition in that field now i mean you mentioned

Fitbit with google buying them you have samsung with their watches so maybe that's kind of apple's acknowledgement of they need something at that lower end to kind of get some more people into the ecosystem it's i guess for you you know following this and especially apple of all companies for so long is that really why they would want to do this because typically they try to place themselves as such a higher end product and not go with that why is it that you think they want to do that

Well we've seen that they have huge success in selling a base model ipad and of course we'll talk about ipads in a moment but uh you can always have the aspirational product you can have the highest end newest apple watch but uh apple also realizes that this is a secondary device you're buying an apple watch because you already have an iphone and this is just an extra accessory not everybody is going to be ready to spend a starting 399 on a new apple watch series six

Maybe they're happier to get in the door as they have previously with apple watch series three and series four at like a lower 200 to 275 price point get the base aluminum one and then you can maybe work them up when they upgrade you know in a year two three years then they'll get the latest series eight or whatever is is the new thing at that point and really just having that entry level uh if somebody comes in and kind of gets spooked by the price is really important even if it doesn't have

All the latest features that they talk about on the series six but it does get people yeah back continuing on with those apple products so yeah that's something that'll be interesting to see on that so again kind of walking through what we expect to see here today from apple's event starting in just a few moments really eight minutes or so right now is what our countdown's about at but uh apple watch uh updates to to the series five or six rather and then apple watch se

Uh going from there into the ipad side of things we do think there's gonna be some updates on that and so possibly a redesigned ipad air is that what we're hearing yeah so this is pretty much a lock because we've seen apple do multiple refreshes of the ipad pro series uh with this new more squared off design which is interestingly a design that we're expecting to see with the iphone 12 when that comes out um later on in the year we expect them to kind of streamline the entire lineup now

So that you have a very similar more squared off design on the ipad air this is the fourth generation and the base ipad which doesn't have a name or a generation it's just ipad also have this squared off design so it kind of unifies the whole thing once again giving people multiple price points to get into the ipad range uh but it doesn't look like you necessarily have the the quote-unquote cheap one so uh so with the ipad some redesigns on there

Um some other questions that i know people were asking about whether it would have like the display fingerprint sensor usbc any of those kinds of updates that you think we might get yeah so the hope is that they will go to usbc on both of them but the rumor has it that only the ipad air will go usb-c so that makes it more in line with the ipad pro and they can kind of talk up the pro angle and the faster charging and everything that they can do with usb-c there but the base ipad

It sounds like for whether it's form factor or just for their cables and their accessories they're going to keep it lightening on the base for in-display fingerprint i think the ipad air is a pretty good bet for that one uh it seems less and less likely that apple is necessarily all in on doing face id on all of their devices you see obviously they like to use fingerprint on the macbooks and you know face id is here to stay on the iphone but they are understanding that it makes more sense

With the device that can be used in multiple orientations that in display fingerprint might be the way to go and using it on uh modern android phones it's actually really nice yeah it is i i use an android phone and it's it's pretty it's pretty nice to have that on there so that would be interesting to see it add that in um definitely be a good move but that's again the two things that we think are pretty sure are gonna happen with the apple watch and then with the

Ipad and then you have kind of a lot of maybes or what-ifs that are out there some more likely than others uh one thing that i've seen a lot of people talk about is apple air tags can you tell us what exactly air tag would be how would that work yes this is a very interesting one this was kind of all the rage a few years back with companies uh like tile and tracker where they had these little bluetooth enabled uh beacons that you could like put on your keys or attach to your backpack or you know put on some of your kids

Items so they don't lose them and when you do happen to misplace these things you can then have them activate and they send out a bluetooth or nearby radio signal so you can find them around the house but the big thing about air tags is takes that idea and brings it into the kind of simplified and of course locked in apple ecosystem so basically think of using the find my app where it lets you you know find your mac or your phone or your tablet from

Any of those devices but now you have these little stickable circle tags that you can put on anything and integrate it into find my so you could attach it to all the same kind of things that you would you know attach a track or a tile but of course it's going to have a little bit of a nicer design it's kind of a nicer software experience it's going to be fully integrated with your iphone right i mean that makes sense i will say i'm a fan of tile i am somebody who loses my keys all the

Time so i've been a fan of having those i could definitely see that being a big seller if they do add this in and like you said make it sleeker and more integrated into everything very apple appley thing to do but apple air tags possibly something we could see another thing that had a lot of rumors going on right now too is the apple one subscription services and this would be that idea of bringing in all of these different services that they've started offering over the last

Couple of years say and bringing them into one subscription bundle what do you think the likelihood is of that happening today uh i think this is a little bit on the lower end because it seems like something that they would probably pitch alongside an iphone because so many of these services are based on you know people using the iphone every day so we're talking about apple arcade additional icloud storage um maybe some kind of subscription having to do with health

It's really hard to announce just part of this service it really has to be something where after they announce individual services they kind of blow it out all together and say okay you can pay us 50 a month and we'll give you apple tv plus and apple music and apple arcade all these things together on the outside chance that they do announce it uh it's a very interesting idea because people really do have subscription fatigue they're really getting tired of getting nickel and dimed on all these little subscriptions

And maybe if apple can offer them a you know a one size fits all kind of just okay give apple the money and they'll give you all the things uh some people will go for that yeah i i think you know if you do add in tv plus music even though tv plus hasn't been that big of a success or anything like that they do have some content you know it's some original stuff apple music apple news plus yeah maybe apple arcade what do you think the possibility is of this rumored exercise service thing that they

Might might have so that actually sounds pretty credible and i would think that they would try to run this as a separate item to some sort of a it could be part available as part of some tier in apple one but it feels like something you could really get people interested in because people are so dedicated to their apple watch and obviously the apple watch has just become extremely popular in a fitness area people use it for other things but

Really has become a fitness device for so many people and with fitness subscriptions becoming you know so huge especially in the last six months or so working out from home and doing things on your own i could easily see apple tying this and make it apple watch only there's no reason to make it you know work anywhere else and you could really you could really make head roads there well um yeah that would that would definitely be kind of a cool thing that

I think like you said could work out really well for them but again we're walking through just kind of a preview and i know we're gonna have to let you go here just in a moment because the event's about ready to start and i know you've got to be watching that uh one last thing i want to ask was just about the headphones there's a lot of people talking about the airpods studio headphones or some kind of headphone hardware announcement do you think it's likely or no i don't think it's likely today it

Definitely is happening at some point again seems like something they could really announce alongside an iphone which would be pairing up with with the phone and the headphones it just makes a lot more sense to announce some sort of an apple music update and the iphone and then these nice studio over over ear headphones well we'll have to see i mean it is definitely pretty crazy what's going to be going on and i know what i understand it's about ready to get going because it

Is 10 a.m pacific 1 p.m eastern and i know i don't want to hold on to you here uh but uh but appreciate your analysis i know you've got an entire team that's writing about this as well of course at or you can follow along and we're going to be broadcasting live throughout this thing so andrew i will let you go and uh and thank you very much for your analysis and looking forward to seeing what you think about all this yeah thank you very much now it's time

To go watch the uh the show happen and are always always surprises to be seen definitely all right andrew we're nick right here with us so we're going to let him get back to work but here's the thing we're not going anywhere so here's what we're going to ask you to do because we can't rebroadcast the event itself apple doesn't i'll just the apple doesn't allow that so what i would ask is that we're going to do this we're going to have a bunch of editors on we're going to have our people on

Here talking about it analyzing it as these announcements happen so you can even pull up a separate window have the apple event rolling we'll be commenting live we're not going anywhere so we're right here uh this isn't me signing off or anything i'm saying this is what we're going to be doing we're going to be getting ready for this and uh and as it's going on we will let you know what we think and joining us right now of course we have our editor in chief jeremy kaplan here

To talk about this and you know jeremy we're just kind of going through what we expect from the event we think you know the the apple watch updates we think the ipad but i saw you post something that i think is pretty interesting talking about augmented reality how much of a factor do you think this is going to play into the event honestly i think the biggest thing that we're going to hear about today is going to be augmented reality um we're looking for this i'm watching

It right now on my screen here we'll give you all some live coverage and perspective on what these announcements mean but again ar i think is going to be the big news people have been talking for ages about whether apple's going to come out with glasses their own augmented reality thing will they that's the big question here i don't think we're going to see that today but i think we'll see ar in some other things so we'll see what that looks like yeah it is something you know it's been

So long with that ar studio or whatever whatever they call it i forget what it's actually called what the rumors are for the for the apple side of things but yeah and even the event announcement that they sent out was clearly designed you know to showcase some of that augmented reality feature do you think it would be um i love ar myself so so i do want to see what they're going to come up with with this and i'm wondering if it'll be something you know you hold up your ipad you

Utilize it that way it does seem like it would be more in line with like phones to have it come out with a with a phone announcement i know we're not going to get a phone announcement to quell uh well who knows we'll see we'll see that's true that's true okay so the event is starting just for uh for people who are following along with us so they're kind of showcasing some of this like flying into the studio and we'll take little snippets of the event itself as we go through but

Uh definitely very very augmented reality very you know coronavirus time-like because clearly these things are different now uh compared to the events that we're used to where normally and you've been at some of the apple events where you go in there and there's a giant screaming crowd you know screaming for everything uh what's it like for you actually just just watching this online instead of being at the event well it's a good question no it's very

Different i mean a lot of a lot of the fun of apple events has been being at these events in the past historically there's a lot of excitement this is incredible bubbling and energy that's pulsing throughout the audience do you get that right now i don't i don't feel it so much i'm not gonna lie however you know that i'm super excited whenever there's any new technology so i still feel some of that passion and energy um and look it's exciting we all love apple stuff there's some great gear

That's coming out what's it going to be who knows so there still is a little bit of energy it's just it's not the same thing that said apple does a wonderful job yeah producing videos like this pre-producing stuff this is all pre-recorded of course so they when they execute as effectively as they have there still is some level of energy here so watching this live it's really neat to see it is fun stuff and and with that you know these things always start out too with uh probably talking about you know the company stats how they're bringing the world together

This is this is the same for pretty much every company where it's samsung or or lg or everybody uh touts their stuff but it does look like they're they're starting off mentioning some some apple watches here at the beginning of the show so again what we expected that we would be talking about apple watches at some point here um ipads another thing we mentioned augmented reality we talked about the air tags uh before this that would be kind of an

Interesting add-on how likely do you think we're going to get the apple one subscription bundles during this well before we get there let's just if i can just a little put a little color on what we're watching right now there's a there's a video apple's playing where they're talking about some of the health benefits of the apple watch i think this is a very interesting angle um apple talks a lot about the ability of the apple watch the ekg to save people's

Lives one of the big rumored uh features is going to be the the pulse oximeter right this ability to measure the oxygen level saturation of your blood um if it works if it can do that that would be yet another way that an apple watch could potentially save your life however how meaningful is this for us in our lives on a daily basis that's a really interesting question to ask here because honestly pulse ox is not that important to your health um they're

Saying that might have some benefits in tracking and measuring people who have coveted exposure to the coronavirus that certainly seems meaningful is this a reason to buy these kinds of devices i don't know that's a real question i think consumers need to ask themselves a lot of the features that were got for tracking your health are hard to put in perspective hard to derive any actual meaning from you know pulse ox might be yet another feature that here's a number that i don't have any meaning for so i'm very curious to see

How this plays out and what this all looks like well and it does look like andrew martinic our mobile editor did say that uh to said up front that it's going to be about apple watches and ipads today so maybe we get something else thrown in but putting it out there like that and it does see from the from the event that's going on right now it looks like they're focusing on you know that that health side of things that you brought up and i think that is a good

Topic to talk about because apple's really when it comes to that when it comes to those services sides when it comes to the health side of things uh really seems to have made an effort in that over the last few years but this like you said the oxygen pulse sensor um not something a lot of people would use on a normal normal basis and also not something that's new there's some other technology out there from some competitors that already have some of these these health side of things already in them so i'm

Wondering if they could showcase like some other benefits to it or maybe some other addition some other add-ons but i know the health side of things is definitely something that they really want to push themselves into as far as being a health technology company do you think that there could be anything else associated with that yeah there's a couple of broader initiatives that apple's at work at all companies aren't frankly um trying to address some broader issues uh the the connection between the data from

Our wrists and our actual health is one big broad thing that's not gonna get addressed immediately pulse boxes is one small factor there getting that information to your doctor is a real challenge which apple behind the scenes has been doing actually a really phenomenal job of uh with the apple health platform there are other platforms that are doing that ww for example formerly weight watchers now it's just ww they built a whole platform to connect all of your data directly to your your doctor so that initiative is going

To take years to flesh out but every little step along the way is important so i don't want to downplay apple's announcement here if the watch can't actually do this we're going to find out in a couple of seconds probably if it can that's probably a useful thing it's just today getting that data get taking meaning from it is hard i have a garmin forerunner which does pulse ox i can tell you what mine is right now does that have any context for you does that have any meaning

Did i need to know this am yeah exactly um i think there's there's a few things that you brought up yeah i mean i love the idea of technology helping people out in in more health ways you know i've seen some of the some of the stuff that's gone towards you know help people with diabetes or help people with with some different issues along those lines and i think that stuff's a really really good to see this but um you know with that there are also those issues like you

Brought up i mean when you talk about the data the security of data is such a huge concern and i would be curious to see how apple's going to address that if they're going to say like hey here's something you know it'll notify you you've got an issue or it can you can give this information to your doctor well how secure is that what else goes along with that because that's going to be one of the big issues with all of these advancements and just for everybody

Watching the right now they're talking about it right now they're partnering looks like with mount sinai so they're probably some of their studies that they're discussing with that but but it does seem to be that this is going to be one of their big pushes here at least at the start of the event is is health technology yeah and and frankly it's a good angle for apple to be taking for any company that makes uh wearables like this to be taking because there's a very real world

Where we don't need things like this on our wrists whatsoever um if if apple or any company but apple here can tie this very effectively into monitoring your health making the most of your health staying safe especially in this world that we live in today that's a very real thing uh so they just said it apple can now measure a full range of vo2 max uh he called a powerful predictor of your health i don't think that's true at all it is uh supposed to be an indicator of

Coronavirus so there is a potential thing there we'll see if that is meaningful but again how apple takes that data and surfaces it to you is i think the real thing so we're looking forward to seeing what some of that looks like we're getting a real-time look at some of that yeah and uh they've got their co up right now uh one other thing that's kind of funny matt smith our competing editor posting right there that this is definitely not

Live because you cannot see the smoke in san francisco so that is true the cloud the skies are covered in smoke all over the west coast unfortunately hey one other thing i want to mention so we're talking about some of the health features here the other big one you get from wearables is sleep tracking so uh they mentioned that just briefly right now that apple does a great job of tracking your sleep again i think this is a small piece in the larger puzzle of your own individual health

But getting meaningful data out of it has always been particular art especially with sleep stuff you know how long did i sleep is that meaningful can i change that sure you know if i drink less before bed or eat an extra hour earlier but do i need a watch to tell me that or do i just know that it's like you know how do you lose weight well eat less and exercise more and i don't need a watch to tell me that yeah but it's nice when you get the reminder like hey you can uh you know do some more

I've got a fitbit on right now but but yeah you're right i mean is that going to be something that you're going to be utilizing all the time and having that put in there but i do think that's part of their goal is to have all of your devices probably eventually kind of incorporated into this health sphere of technology and they're uh they're showcasing a little bit more of that right now showing looks like some of the design of it um and i'm trying to see if that looks any different than what the design was

Before uh when it comes down to that and not be not having an apple watch myself uh but uh but yeah it's well there were rumors that there was going to be around some point but we haven't gotten that this looks like another square model what's interesting is it is a product red version so the completely different look and feel for the for the band itself which looks nice um yeah i mean apple makes some nice products it does it does look nice the way that they're showcasing is that going to be enough to

Get people you know in the door if they haven't already i don't know what i do want to see is if they're going to have this um lower end this se model that was the potential that's another thing that was talked about with it with the apple watches is are they going to have kind of an entry-level um apple watch to get people in the door because the normal one is pretty expensive was it 399 something like that i mean it's it's kind of expensive to to get a new apple watch but maybe with apple going to possibly

That and you know we'll find out here pretty quick that could be an interesting move by them to try to try to kind of augment their product line with something that's on the lower end to get people in the door yeah i don't think you can expect the blood oxygen feature in the lower end models one of the things about this function is it requires a special sensor on the back of the watch i'm wearing a timex by the way right now this cost me 25 dollars but it tells the time really effectively

Anyway on the back of it there's on the back of the new apple series six there is a special light that shines through your skin and can measure the blood oxygen saturation that's a very advanced sensor which we've seen in other models of other devices before very advanced functionality so it's going to ensure that the price remains pretty consistent apple hasn't said anything about the cost of the series 6 just yet we'll hear it soon enough i'm sure but i don't expect it to be a cheaper

Model however apple watch se if that gets announced a cheaper version for people that are looking for some of this functionality and especially as this ecosystem of health features gets evolved and develops maybe you don't necessarily need to invest 400 right now maybe there's a 200 model i think it's a very interesting proposition we'll have to see what happens here and they are saying that the the new so it is they are announcing the the blood pulse sensor and they're

Saying detect it within 15 seconds i'm just taking a look here at the live broadcast right now looking at the closed caption again we're broadcasting live as it's going on apple doesn't allow you to restream it so that's why you're hearing us talk about kind of give you our analysis of what's going on with it as we're talking about this so there yeah they're really talking about blood oxygen saturation vo2 that being something and talking about how that information can

Um give give doctors information about your breathing in circulation so i think that's an interesting aspect if they are actually going full into that where they want you to send your information to the doctor which isn't something new there's been that talk before you know where it's saved people who've had potential heart attacks i mean there's all those stories that have come out about how you know my apple watch warned me and i went into the doctor and had turns out i had

Issues so if that's if that's something that can actually help people out i mean i'm certainly all for it i just hope they they've tested this thing out a lot to where it's not something that somebody's going to rely on 100 without you know what we're seeing right now kind of helped out what we're seeing right now they're running through a bunch of new studies that they're unveiling with a bunch of research universities

The thing to keep in mind about this we're talking about whether these are meaningful functions especially this pulse like similar measure part of the challenge is we haven't had 10 million devices monitoring pulse oximeter out in the world so how meaningful that data is is hard to tell one of the things that's cool about new devices like this and new initiatives like this is the ability of a company like apple to partner with some research universities and figure out if this is

Meaningful now we have a lot of reason to suspect that it is and there is some data you can take from it today so it still is useful today don't don't get me wrong i'm not dismissing this out of hat but i think what's going to be really fascinating is what can we extrapolate from the fact that 10 million people whatever however many watches they sell are walking around on a regular basis able to measure their pulse their blood oxygen saturation can we

Derive more meaning from this can it be measurable and attributable to other diseases can it impact other things who knows i think we're going to find out so i love that apple does this very consistently they have a lot of initiatives with research universities just trying to push forward the entire industry this is technology helping us all to make have a better life i think this is just great yeah and the you're right about the partnerships because they just showcased

A slew of universities i couldn't even catch up with all of them universities and different health networks that they're partnering with to study that they did mention uh covert 19 to try to see some of the correlation it sounds like between that and influenza so i'm sure that's you know very experimental stuff as you go through but showcasing what the possibilities are uh with that and i think you you really made a really great point there we need you need a lot of devices out there with a lot of data in order to actually

Understand if it's going to to make that difference going down there um something else they're talking about is optimizing looks like a new ship uh the s6 is going to be 20 faster than the previous generation so we did think there might be an update with that as far as going going on that lines as far as processing which you would need for for a lot of this health technology quite honestly you need a you need a fast processor for it yeah for sure for sure what i like about the structure this event so far by the

Way uh apple launched off with a whole bunch of information about health here talking about the new apple watch six series um this new pulse oximeter um the new uh always-on real-time altimeter is an interesting feature as well i like that apple launched in with some new hardware devices because in past events we've seen apple come out and say hey look it's got new faces there's new watch faces which doesn't really feel like a reason to go invest hundreds of dollars it

Frankly feels like something they could just roll out at any given time uh i don't really need a new watch face i want a new reason to go buy a watch so the pulse locks feature is certainly a good one and real time altimeter that's that's pretty neat too um if you're a hiker for example you're gonna love seeing something like that if you're a runner for example yeah what's the elevation change on the three or four miles that i just did that's very meaningful information so seeing that in real time and getting

A real measure of that i like that a lot uh and now they are talking about the watch faces as well so discussing what some of those changes are but yeah you're right with an altimeter and maybe that's something too where people would realize what the polka pulse oximeter is that the right internet i can't bring that up but uh yeah paul there we go got it uh it just took me a little while but yeah that's seeing some of the correlation there you know between that what information that you do get with that and how that

Can actually help you out and i think that's you know again people learning more about health learning more about what those kinds of measurements can do for you i think that's great uh they are talking about the new watch faces now so you have a bunch of different watch faces that are coming out which um you know that jeremy's all about uh but it's it's a nice add-on but yeah i don't think that would be something that would just get somebody to go out there and buy

The watch necessarily just because of those different uh faces but it's nice to have those options i mean that's that's a good thing to throw in there some of it's nice too and look let's be clear um they just mentioned that if you're a healthcare professional there's a watch face for you that's interesting actually i you think about watch faces and it's this one mickey mouse versus this one a digital versus an analog face there's more to it than just that sort of level of complexity so

Introducing a special one for a purpose purpose feature that's that's useful i like that this is interesting too if you're watching what i'm saying and some people might be faster or slower there's a whole new band that they're talking about solo loops stretchable silicon band to make it easy to slip on and off of your wrist uh i think that's very interesting swim proof too so it can go anywhere here's some interesting i like that as far as especially for the

Exercise side of things if they're really going in on on that aspect of it that yeah a band is so much easier to just slide on plus you don't have to worry about it unclasping if you're going to be swimming in the water i mean that's something that's always a concern for me i always worry about that happening so that's that's that seems like a very functional improvement that would seem like a no-brainer but that could really add a lot of value to what you're using and add some more

Aspects to it that at least as far as less worry about losing your 400 dollar watch while you're swimming around um which is why i lean into the 25 max yet again it's a very handy functionality easily replaceable in case of emergencies or disasters that's how i am with sunglasses yeah it's it's i've got like a 15 max on sunglasses because i know i'm going to sit on them at some point but with this the solo loop yeah remarkably simple they're talking about

No clasps no buckle again that seems like a very no-brainer kind of thing but it's it's actually a really smart apple thing to do to be like okay make it nice and simple for everybody to use so i i do actually really like that aspect more than i thought i would and now that i'm talking about it that's that's yeah it also it also speaks to the overall purpose of a wearable like this uh remember when the apple watches first came out and they were

Three thousand dollar titanium bands and they lean very much into a high-end thing honestly i don't know how many models they sold that i certainly couldn't afford one you certainly couldn't afford one i'm speaking for you greg maybe you could afford one i certainly could but but now we've got to ban this i keep it in my lamborghini it's okay yeah right your other lamborghini but now we've got a band that's very specifically useful for sports um and as we lean into the health functionality of a device like this that

Does make a lot of sense you see that apple watch kind of feeling out where it's where it fits into your world and into your life and i think sports i think fitness those are very very meaningful aspects for a device like this that's interesting it looks like there there was something about nike in there i want to go back and see if i can take a look at what that was that seems like that would be uh competition but um we'll have to go back and get some information on that but again there we go

Right now it was a nike edition okay okay so they must be continuing on with that with that partnership with them um and again as we're as we're going through this talking about the apple event it's playing uh live and then we're commenting on it right here andrew our mobile editor saying pretty colors product red of course talking about that red color which is you know a nice addition if especially for people who are in the apple universe i feel like the red is pretty symbolic of of apple

For that um but going from there talking about looks like some of the pairing functions that you've got so they've got a family set up so you could probably pair a bunch of apple watches together uh really kind of bringing them all into one ecosystem i'm not sure if you could do that before but that's something that they're they're touting kind of right now and for this event for those of you who are just tuning in too so again we're talking about the apple of

Venice that's watching live tim quick said the beginning it's going to be apple watches and it's going to be ipads so we're not expecting necessarily anything other than that based on what he said but looks like yeah they're really focusing on kind of integrating all the apple watches into one family right now which is again a smart move a very apple thing to do i feel like but but a smart move on their part nonetheless yeah and so we've been talking about this family setup functionality here

Um something to bring the apple watch down from that high end that lofty three thousand dollar model and into something that's family friendly a whole bunch of new features for for parents i think that's very meaningful and very useful um and especially if you're if you're a parent today you've got a 12 year old you've got a 10 year old do you want that child to have a phone i don't know like your phone is useful for a good way to keep in touch with your child uh and as a parent that's incredibly

Important but if you can do that instead with a 200 watch assuming there's an se that's at a cheaper price like that that seems like a very easy way for a parent to have some of that functionality keep tabs in their kids send messages and whatnot without giving them a full blown phone and you know perhaps access to information on the web that they don't want them seeing at that age a lot of functionality that's powerful and possible here for parents yeah and especially as the more gets

Integrated in and adding in some of those health aspects too i mean for parents who are concerned about their kid you know having having that kind of stuff that you can add in there um you know track where somebody's going i'm sure there's all kinds of different add-ons that you can put in with this i'm not gonna i wouldn't be surprised anyway as far as how you can utilize the watch but yeah definitely talking about giving kids greater independence and you more peace of mind one of the things that

They just said on there so certainly um bringing the apple watch out to more people all right looks like they're talking about a new model that combines the elements of series six with the most essential features of apple watch at a more affordable price so it does look like we're going to get this lower cost there it is it's the apple watch se so they are going with that name for it apple watch se um has some of the same features it sounds like as the as the upper end models but this

Increasing it out to get more people and that sounds like exactly what they're going for with this we're seeing it take a look at it right there um there's the apple watch sc it doesn't look that much different um to me anyway i'm not that much cheaper at the end of the day i think i might be a couple of seconds ahead of you because he just said starts at 279 um apple watch series six starting at 399 that's what the gps included so 279 i don't know i was kind of hoping we pushed down a little further maybe a

199 model but again anytime there's an apple you're paying the apple tax the apple premium so i guess that's not surprising i don't know what do you think right 279 is that a good price 279 does not seem like an entry-level lower end model for me for for a watch i mean that just i'm you know going along the lines of you know i'm i'm certainly i'm wearing a fitbit that's like 79 bucks so i'm probably not necessarily the target

Market for this but if you're really trying to go to like get a full family you think about a whole family of of say it's a family of four getting them all a watch right now that's still over a thousand bucks to get everybody onto these watches even at the lower end ones so i do feel like that's kind of pricey depending on what they're going for um if to make that you know a budget and se style that said we know that apple's done an awful lot of markets on this right i'm

Sure that they've had countless panels to evaluate the price point figure out what people are willing to get to pay to get something like this and apple knows its audience really really well as we have seen by the yeah tens of millions and hundreds of millions of products they sell every year so i guess there probably is a market for a 279 model and look let's be clear they've done pretty well with the watch it's the number one selling watch in the world not

Smartwatch just watch far more than my little timex far more than you're you're not even wearing a watch um so they're bringing the price down by 130 bucks that's pretty meaningful i suppose um i just was hoping for a little bit less yeah but i mean it's it's up like you said apple does their research they know what people want and they've they've got a pretty good history of that so i guess if people are willing to pay that then that's that's kind of where

It's at and and maybe they're targeting that for you know get yourself the series six get the kid the se kind of model uh along those lines too but that's something uh apple now talking about clean renewable energy um talking about you know we kind of expected that to where they would bring up some of that and that seems to be something a lot of companies are doing which is i think a great thing talking about the carbon footprint and how they can improve that uh i'm not sure what the specific

Announcements are that they're making here right now but uh you know and environmental concerns are certainly very important for a lot of us right now and it looks like they're going by 2030 to be 100 carbon neutral is that for their entire can an entire end end footprint um carbon neutral by 2030. that's a bold move actually yeah that's a really bold move that's uh google made a similar announcement by the way just a day or two ago it's great to see big companies like

This some of the biggest companies not just in the world as in the u.s but in the world making these commitments towards renewable energy towards energy efficiency i i love hearing that because they are some of the biggest consumers apple also made a big deal just now about removing some more of the toxic chemicals uh from within their their devices and keeping the packaging down um we talk about this every time we do a product review at digital trends how can what more can a company do to

Remove some of that packaging because anytime you go to the store particularly go to best buy or something you get something in a blister pack you know that plastic thing you can't open up and have to get it with the scissors that's just terrible for the environment so anytime that a company can do a little bit more to remove some of that packaging turn it into something recycled we'll make it cardboard instead of plastic that's just a good thing for the world yeah so definitely a nice move on their

Part and again talking about that so um yeah removing the carbon footprint going through this here too talking about some of the other things so they're going to be removing the usb power adapter from the apple watch so i'm not sure if i'm at the same point that you are on this broadcast or which one you know if we're timed up about right but um okay so they're going to go completely to to wireless charging i guess is that is that what they're saying with this uh i think so that which does make sense um i missed that part of the

Announcement i'm sorry so i i'm not sure exactly what the plan was there but maybe it's another effort to remove some stuff from the packaging to keep the price low i'm not sure yeah yeah i mean probably along the lines of i think a lot of companies are probably going to be heading this way to wireless charging poor things not only does it save on those cables but all for the company on the company side of things but you know in theory once that becomes efficient enough that's going to be

Um probably more the way to go as it filters down to some of the lower products and same thing with getting rid of the headphone jack i think that's probably yeah for sure going to be be going for you know as far as that is uh so again well go ahead jeremy it just looks like apple's wrapped up announcements regarding the watch itself so we have a quick recap if i could uh new series six yes new se model a bunch of new faces key functionality of course was the pulse

Oximeter uh functionality real-time altimeter as well we like the changing health functionality here i think what we'll see is that it plays into some other things i'm still interested to see if there is an apple one service announcement right there's been a lot of rumors that apple's going to take all of the various services that they have music service and new subscription service and whatnot and roll them off into one big service

If there is a fitness service that comes out as well something to compete with those live classes from peloton that would fit right into that apple one service and would fit very nicely into where that apple watch is going as a very fitness and health oriented device so a lot of stuff coming out really would so far we've really been focused on watches here yeah and uh you know definitely a good half hour looks like they're still showcasing some of the things when it comes down to the watch as far as what it can do but yeah you're right

That exercise service would be a great addition um into that and it looks like they're showing some of the other functionality as you can use it for for different exercises whether it's biking tennis playing they're showing some different things there on their uh their lives live shop but um if you think about where the smartwatch has been it's not just about tracking information but it's about motivating you and keeping you going right so i'm seeing some information right now

For i'm thinking a little bit ahead of you but talking about this new fitness functionality think about what you use uh the apple fitness thing for right now it tells you to get up out of your chair and walk around right motivation to keep things going i heard a lot of people that there's a lot of motivation to fill those rings right i've got so many steps in i need another couple more to complete this ring that kind of motivational thing i think is very important

Which is why you're seeing this fitness functionality this apple fitness feature right how can we motivate people that's what those classes do that's what an online class is yeah yeah keeping people going keeping people moving and yeah it is really important um so yeah they're still talking about that side of things and looks like we're taking a look here so just everybody knows we're we're broadcasting live as apple's doing this event and you know we've got jeremy here with us right now and i believe we're going to be getting

Andy boxall in here in a minute as well one of our mobile editors to talk about that and and jeremy i think that you're going to be maybe joining us back again here in a little while as well um but yeah this is just fascinating stuff kind of watching this and like you said the beginning you know we all love new products and apple always comes out with something um interesting to talk about it's always something you know something something new and something that we can discuss and we've got all

That coverage of digital trends and uh jeremy i want to thank you for being here for this first opening half hour and uh and i think that we've got you coming back a little bit later on maybe to recap whatever these next announcements are uh as well it's been great experiencing with you and i look forward to coming back and talking to you later on uh going through the wrap-up fantastic jeremy kaplan our editor-in-chief right here and as we said we've got all of our editors kind

Of following along with this and that includes andy boxhaw who's one of our mobile editors to come back on here and or join us here right now to talk about uh what we've seen so far so talking about this apple watch uh part of things so andy i know that we're getting him up um here so we'll have andy boxhall joining us as we're broadcasting live and uh andy i know that you know we've had at the very beginning you pretty much said it's going to be apple watches

It's going to be ipads and we've seen a lot from the apple watches so far and i want to know from from your opinion what do you think about the announcements from apple so far when it comes to the apple watches i i i'm not surprised by what i've seen but i'm a tiny bit disappointed the apple watch is really by far my favorite apple product and when i get something that i think is fantastic i won't i always want to see something that gets better every year and this feels a

Little bit of an ordinary upgrade we were talking an awful long time about what colors it comes in and the bands and the watch faces they're all cool but they're not really what makes the apple watch better than it was so i'm excited about it because an apple watch which is by far the best smartwatch you can buy but i'm also a little bit disappointed because it's not a massive upgrade over what we had before

Um looking at something right now talking about services and then this is happening live it looks like they're announcing fitness plus which will go along with the apple watch so i guess that's that exercise service that we thought may have been coming that's i'm assuming this is what this basically implies to where it has sensors to allow you to i guess better track your health side of things how do you feel about something like fitness plus would that be enough of an advancement i know it's kind of more of

A software side of things to work in conjunction with the apple watch but is that is that enough for you or is it still not enough when it comes to that disappointment well i think that it's interesting because what we're concentrating on generally is the software the hardware although i want more i can argue that there really isn't anywhere else to go there's only so much you can do with a watch and there's also only so many sensors

And everything you can fit inside the apple watch health tracking if you've ever used it it's superb every part of it is polished and simple and easy to read and genuinely motivational so when they're launching something that actually does stuff and gets you moving and gives you something to do with all that data that it already provides it's the best thing that they could possibly introduce it makes the apple watch more than just a silent partner on your wrist

Sort of giving you that important data during the day it does something with it it makes you say well this is what i can do this is what i've been doing this is the difference it makes it's something i've argued about for years with with fitness wearables in general data is all very well but it's useless if it doesn't tell you what to do with it will give you things that you can do to improve yourself around it and this is exactly what we need and it's apple so we're going to see a

Polished interesting easy to use system right from the start i would imagine yeah it looks like it integrates really well with an ipad or a phone so you'd watch a video but you'd have your stats going along with that and like you said kind of giving you some uses for that stuff jeremy kaplan was on earlier talking about that pulse oximeter and just like cool that's that's neat data but i'm not a doctor i don't really know what that means you know where where am i at with that and so i think that's that's kind of an

Interesting aspect it also goes along lines of all of them what apple's been really trying to do getting into the health side of things i mean not trying to do they are uh getting into that with health technology and then um on top of that some of the competition like i wonder how this stacks up what they've seen kind of the success of peloton and some of the different some of the different at-home workouts that have been going on during the pandemic and i wonder if this

Influenced bringing this technology out sooner if this was something they were already going to do do you think that that had an influence on this yeah very possibly um i think that apple has said over the years recently that it wants to be a services company and sort of along that those lines of concentrating on subscription models and getting people to buy into their ecosystem which is what they've done since the very beginning very successfully

So introducing additional things that are relevant to our lives now is what apple does extremely well and they're really good at illustrating why it matters and at the moment perhaps we don't need to be told why exercising at home matters but to do it in a way that's interesting and to do in a way that's simple it's really good and crucially while you mention peloton i mean what's the entry price for that two thousand dollars and forty dollars a month it's this is you can buy the new seo

Smart smartwatch and probably do it for 200 or 300 and that's that right get that an ipad and then you know the subscription service and probably still save a ton of money on it i do wonder why was there an apple fitness to begin with i'm just curious about that was there ever an apple fitness product well kind of because the apple health apple health was the big that's the app that collects everything together and then that sort of integrated many other devices into that so you could

Link it with other fitness and other health products and other wellness products and other apps so it all brought it together and that was kind of apple fitness in a way that gave you all that data but there was never anything specifically that you could do from apple you'd have to do workouts from your own your individual apps you used already for the running stuff strava or whatever those things is what you had to do

So they're just announcing now that it's ten dollars a month and eighty dollars a year for fitness plus for five members of your family that's pretty strong wow yeah i mean with five people being added on that's that's pretty that's actually not bad at all not really when you consider people are looking mate we'll be looking at peloton as an example of home fitness at the top level what we've been seeing with these videos is it looks pretty top level already

And if you can use your apple tv and stream it onto your big screen and then you've got your apple watch and you've got your ipad or iphone that's strong value i think for what i consider to be one of the best mobile fitness and health platforms that i've ever used well just the fact that they called it fitness plus you know even though they didn't need to since there wasn't an apple fitness before i think uh looks like we're seeing it right now they're bringing up

Tv plus music plus or apple music and and choke and news plus so i think that we're getting maybe our bundle subscription here right now the apple one service that we thought we might get to see seems like that's that's where we're heading right now with this which makes sense by the fact that they they release the the fitness plus side i'm curious about pricing what it's going to be for how for all of those different services um as we we've got here showing you apple fitness plus was 99 in a month

Alone 7.99 79.99 for the whole year but what is the bundle package so here we go we've got two different apple one packages an individual one and a family one i'm taking a look here at what the price would be 14.95 a month for individual 1995 for family and 29.95 for premiere not quite sure what premiere brings along with it um but we are getting to see that so that's that's kind of bringing all of it in if that's all for those services 14.95 that's actually that's pretty competitive that's a pretty good deal

Um when you when it comes down it is too that's apple music apple tv apple games and icloud 50 gigabytes of icloud yeah what's that that's a dollar a month already and then 20. apple arcade apple tv 50 gigs of icloud okay so i wonder if they does the premiere have apple news then and the other ones we'll have to take a look at this so yeah premiere has um apple fitness as well so the fitness plus isn't included in that basic one

Okay so 29.95 a month gives you apple fitness and included in there but we already know that 15 dollars yeah yeah um apple one will be available this fall you can try it for 30 days um so yeah so to bring that in there now that's something clearly as you said they're going to the services model they could easily add more stuff onto that build on from that so i'm guessing that's going to be just kind of the beginning of of all of that of where that goes but uh

So tim cook yeah that's hardware we got the apple watch i think we're going to be moving into ipads here pretty soon but that's that is something else so that we didn't didn't expect or we didn't know for sure if we would get so cool apple won um andy and i know uh just kind of we're moving into the ipads but i want to just kind of your kind of final thoughts here too on the on the apple watch and these announcements with the apple one service yeah i i think that looking at what

They're charging for apple one that's really competitive because i don't know about you but i spend a lot of money on all sorts of different services and it always puts me off getting one more and getting one more and looking at one price for absolutely everything apple news apple music apple tv partner fitness bus i think that's a really competitive price and i think people are going to be tempted by that and it gives that temptation the sort of push they need to maybe cancel

Something else to just bring that in so i think that's probably a very big deal today to see apple bring in that at what i think is a competitive price and that kind of softens the blow of a product that i don't think is as exciting as i certainly hoped it would be and it's definitely pushing us in this event certainly to being a services event rather than a product event which i'm guessing is going to be for the iphone down the road that's where we're going to see all the big changes

Hardware wise no wonder they split an ipad and an apple watch into a different event assuming we're not going to see an iphone a little bit later but yeah apple one big news apple watch and apple watch see not so much but still the best smartwatch you can buy yeah i mean just the fact that you know you've tried them all you know when it comes down to this and and uh so i think that's an interesting thing um andrew martinek just said peloton but make it apple

Uh so so yeah it's you know fitness plus being their edition on there and then the bundle service and yeah it looks like they're getting into the ipads uh right now and i know you know we've i know i'm sure you've got some some stuff to do as far as reporting on this on everything that we're seeing right now but uh but yeah it's uh interesting you know seeing how they're combining everything in there and again as we're watching this live talking about what apple is doing

Uh the apple watch side of things seems to have run it now they're running into the ipads um so andy you know i want to say thank you for for joining us too for talking about all this and and and giving us your opinion on everything and hopefully i know i'm wondering how long until these products come out we probably didn't get any news on that did we so we saw that the apple watch is coming out on friday so the series six and the sc are coming out on friday um

And i think there's going to be a real rush to get those good colors for those those colors are really really special and but i didn't see anything for the fitness bus or anything like that but i'd imagine that must be fairly ready to go now it's not something they won't have been preparing for so i'd imagine friday if not whenever they bring out new iphones it will come with those nice well um that is let's see i guess of course it's called workouts plus so

There's there's more that's coming in there uh so we can probably look for an apple one premiere premiere plus later on down the road as they add in more different services to that if plus and premiere are going to be there their new thing yep yep i bet this is just the start of all those services it's going to be a whole suite of them and if there's going to be an ar one there could be you know more with apple arcade actually i'm surprised it didn't say any more about that right now but maybe that's saved

For that later event as well uh but yeah we're getting yeah here now um i'd imagine so too um i think it's also interesting that they've didn't necessarily put family set up things in there too i don't know whether there had been an ability to put that in as a package um with apple one because they're going to have to put in subscription charges for family setup i think that's something else they might add in a later date you pay for your apple watch se or your

Apple watch and you get family set up and then you get your apple one subscription on top of that so lots of different ways for apple to monetize all of their different services around their products here well there we are so uh yeah going into the ipads right now talking about some different combo bringing up the fact of school bringing up the pencil and some of the different things that yeah so apple pencil i guess that's something maybe they could have some

Some new updates with that coming in to see low latency pressure sensitivity and tilt so some different uh things going along yeah and that's not showcasing those aspects and that's not always compatible with all ipads as far as i know i think that it's also something that has to be added in so perhaps we're going to see a new ipad with apple pencil support i didn't see the start of this to know which one we're talking about yeah yeah i think yeah

Sorry oh no go ahead uh well actually now that i'm seeing this so it looks like they are bringing it up it sounds like we've got luke larson um on deck to talk about that as well so andy i want to say thank you very much for joining us and for everybody who can follow up with with what's going on there as far as um as far as the watches and everything that's happening along those lines we've got that all at digital trends so it's andy boxhaw our one of our mobile editors right

There talking about all of that and you know we're broadcasting live so as we go through this we're trying to change things up to make sure that we're keeping you up to date with what's happening as far as the apple event and right now they're getting into the ipads which means it's a good time to bring on luke larson to talk about this and it's as far as right now you know the beginning of this broadcast being of apple's event they said apple watches and ipads that's

Going to be two of the big focuses of what's happening here if not the focus they kind of slipped in their uh subscription service there but now talking about the apple pencil uh luke larson hello sir it's always good to have you on and we're getting into this ipad side of things and i guess to comment on what do we what do we expect and what do you think about the apple pencil announcements here as they're coming out yeah so uh so far they've just talked about the

First ipad and i think at the beginning they said they were going to be talking about an update to the whole lineup so i think we're going to be getting the um the ipad 8th generation which is what they're talking about now and it looks like there's they just announced the price 329 which is what it's always been and there's a new 299 dollar education price but so this is the uh kind of the cheapest ipad that you can get and there's not really any changes to the

Design of it it's uh still got the home button still got those kind of big bezels the classic ipad look um some people were kind of speculating if they were gonna update it to look like the new ipad pro you know with the slimmer bezels no no home button but it looks like it looks about the same um which makes sense for the cheapest you know ipad model but they've you know it looks like they're updating the specs inside got the new processor the a12 bionic

Um and then we're expecting them to move to the ipad air which is i think what they're going to move to next so going on to that it looks like yeah a12 bionic chip uh 10.2 inch retina display uh yeah 329 i think i'm a little bit behind on the feed that i'm watching on this but um but yeah so like you said not something too unexpected when it comes to that now as far as the uh go or go ahead well um i just wanted

To say i just tweeted about this but the they made a claim about the performance of this ipad and they were saying oh it's two times faster than the top selling windows laptops it's six times faster than the top selling chromebook which seem like pretty impressive numbers but the keywords there are top selling because the top-selling windows laptop and the top-selling chromebook are like very cheap models that are the kind of bottom of the barrel so they're comparing their i know that

They're comparing their cheapest ipad to the you know cheap other models out there but uh their range isn't quite as large as the uh chromebooks are so i don't know if that's a totally fair comparison yeah that's that's a very marketing thing to do when it comes to these kinds of events uh it looks like they're they're talking about now how the different devices can interact with each other and then i wonder if we're gonna get some of this augmented reality side of

Things jeremy was speculating we'd get to see that and i think by the event invite maybe they're still focusing on the hardware side of stuff right now but um well yeah i want to know if they're going to showcase any ar yeah i mean the the lidar scanner maybe that's part of the um ar we haven't really seen the full use of that yet um that can just came out on the ipad pro it's expected to launch on the iphone later um but uh it's not part of this you know entry-level ipad because again

The design is the same doesn't have the new camera the new uh the new design so you know probably not going to be something you see in this entry-level ipad but on my feed i've got they just announced the new ipad air which is kind of the step up from the entry-level ipad and uh this one does have that new design we were talking about it looks like so um they're basically you know the way they're kind of breaking out these

Different models is that the ipad the 330 one old old design you know kind of looks like the standard ipad but this new ipad air update um kind of moves things forward to make it look like the ipad pro so home button is gone got nice thin bezels um and they're talking a little bit about how the edges are you know machined aluminum and all the different like uh little details that go into the design of it but basically this is going to match what you see on

The current ipad pro which is really cool because that's uh it's a really beautiful design and it's you know has that all screen effect of course it's not all screen but uh does a pretty good job of cutting out any of those bezels and wasted space and that that unification kind of of the design of a lot of these seems to be kind of a trend and i'm wondering if that's going to happen you know i know we're not we're not getting iphones today by the way jeremy kepler just posted that no iphone is trending right now just that there's

No iphone so so you're not getting an iphone uh but i wonder if that's something that will carry through onto the the next versions of the iphones if they're trying to create this you know more unified um appearance of of the devices themselves they're talking about now some of the new processors so the a14 bionic processor looks like is that going into the ipad air is that what's i believe yeah yeah so they've got a new processor

In the um a the it for the ipad air which is different than the uh the cheap ipad and what's cool about these videos actually you know getting to see you know some of the insides of their labs getting to see some different faces um it's kind of nice it's different than the the old school um guy on a stage uh here's a demo kind of thing you get to see some more different different areas of the

The apple headquarters and i like i like this kind of stuff they're talking about the five nanometer transistors going into the a14 that's a pretty big uh deal you know so the smaller the nanometer the more transistors you can put on a processor and so what they're talking about is um how this makes this a14 bionic processor significantly more powerful um by increasing the efficiency so when you get more efficiency that means more headroom for more power

So both in terms of the cpu and then also they're talking about the the new gpu that goes into it as well so definitely improvements on that i want to get into that i will say as much as i appreciate you know these kinds of you know where presentations have gone during during cove 19 because obviously you can't have the big events there is they're much better they're much better but i do sometimes like that aspect of the live events of just how many things go wrong no matter how big a company it is

Whether it's apple or samsung or anybody there's always some screw up or like their demo doesn't work on stage it's like that la la land effect it's like oh yeah now watch how simple this is and then some guy oh like you can see the panic in their eyes uh there's something that's still kind of exciting about that stuff but no i love that and i miss it too because especially with a company like apple who who controls their mess they're so good at controlling their message when it's a a commercial or a a piece of video

Content they're putting out it's just like it's a tightly engineered you know piece of marketing and that's what these videos these press conferences or whatever you want to call these um that's what they start to feel like unless like hey we've got a new product we're gonna show it on stage in real time hopefully it works sometimes it doesn't um yeah so it's nice to see those those mess ups not because they're just fun to pick like you know make fun of but also like

It shows the actual product not just uh whatever apple right and the fact that you know if you're coming on stage with that product during the presentation and it's still not working well you know what's what's that really saying about that maybe it's not quite ready but also there's just real case uses like tim i am so excited to be here right now how is everybody doing and then you know you get everybody clapping but uh right now so right now though

We're taking a look at uh they're still talking about the processing i'm talking about the cpu for you to explain that like for people who out there who are you know maybe not um computing experts what does this mean for actual functionality for somebody out there who wants to pick up one of these new ipads what are you actually going to get with with this better processor well you know it's an interesting question with the ipad because i'm not sure that there's a lot more you're going to see when you pick

Up this ipad compared to a different ipad because you're going to be doing ipad things you know um there's just really only so much you can do with an ipad at this point just because it's a limited it's limited in terms of what the controls you can do the applications you have access to that sort of thing i'm sure it will be significantly better at things like video editing when you're trying to actually get work done on your ipad but this isn't the ipad pro so you know how much are people going to be

Looking to actually get done on this ipad air i'm not sure what i think is really exciting though about the a14 is that the a14 is rumored to be also in the uh the first macs that are going to come out with apple silicon which is really really cool because those are actually products that people look to get work done on um of course we're not going to hear anything about max today um kind of like the iphone i think that's going to be reserved for

Maybe next month but these a14 chips are rumored to be the ones that are going to appear in the what is rumored to be like the 12-inch macbook that might make a return sort of these cheap macbooks that run on apple silicon and so this kind of first glimpse at uh some of the technology that's going to be used there five nanometers the increase in transistors the gpu uh improvements they're saying that it's going to be uh let's see 40 percent faster in cpu

And two times and a two times jump in graphics so that's a lot of stuff that you could actually expect to see come to a future mac in the in you know not in not so long in just about a month or so so that's kind of a kind of a little preview of what we're going to see they are showcasing some more functionality too of the a14 on the actual ipad they showcase a dj aspect where you could be hands-free and like well not touching it rather and

Just actually use your hands in front of it utilizing the camera sensor so that's that's kind of a cool use case that might be using that that lidar functionality i don't know if it's in this specific one or not but then you also have uh they're showcasing some gaming they said 60 frames per second which that's um you know that's impressive if you can do that on on an ipad i mean i don't know if that's something that a lot of people are going to want to game on necessarily but i know

Apple's trying to make that push into that with apple arcade i mean do you think this is something yeah they're kind of doubling down on this right now talking about that that side of things as far as some of the different gaming aspects how do you feel about that how do you feel about apple arcade in general well i mean i don't know about apple arcade but we all know that the ipad is a huge gaming device and the ios app store is just like you know it's the most it's the most used app store that exists

And like uh yeah that's it's like it's as simple as that and the more graphics power they can put into these ipads i hope you like the uh song happening behind me on the grandma i was like am i just hearing things or okay no it is worth mentioning because i think like i said before not only are we going to be able to use these on ipads and iphones when this chip eventually comes to the

Iphone if it does but uh we're also going to get it on the macbook which macbooks for forever have not been gaming devices and the idea that you can get these because it's using apple silicon now all those same games are going to be accessible on the macbook so you know i think we might be on the verge of a a huge explosion of interest in gaming on apple products even outside of ios devices so that has interesting ramifications for a lot of things

In particular with the apple epic battle that's going on right now as far as epic being you know fortnite not even you can't even download fortnite i believe it's still banned actually from the apple store so that's apple saying we don't care and we're still going to be bringing all this and and you're all going to come to us anyway so that's that's a there's a lot you could read into that that apple's not necessarily saying but is also kind of saying

Uh when it comes down to their gaming platform i think that's an interesting standpoint that you think there's going to be a huge boom in that i mean a lot of people have these devices so i guess that does kind of make sense that that we would see a big jump in gaming especially with these a14 uh processors you know and they're bringing in their own processing power into it and one thing that's really important about that too is they just announced that it's going to support the new magic

Keyboard which was an ipad pro accessory you know this had the floating floating hinge kind of design um and even that alone extends some things you can do in gaming because all of a sudden you can have a mouse you know and that's you mouse on a keyboard you could yeah it's basically a laptop so um you can do a lot of things with gaming and also a lot of things with content creation so like i was talking about before you know how how much are people really

Gonna wanna get things done or um actually use that processor in an ipad you know that changes if you have the uh the magic keyboard accessible because that's an accessory that expands what you can do with an ipad because you have those controls with the touch pad and mouse connection and that kind of thing yeah it brings in brings in a lot more functionality for it so yeah that is that is kind of interesting it will have the usbc as well um yep so 4th gen ipad air

Priced at 500 bucks so that's the same price as it was before is that right yep that's the same price as it was before which is really cool the real question is how how how this uh compares to because this is only marginally smaller than the 11 inch ipad pro um and that's yeah the difference there's just too many models i don't know there's now this feels really similar to the ipad pro i don't know what the real difference is it's a different size um because it's still um

What is it still a smaller size but oh no they're saying 599 is the new starting price for the app yeah the ipad air oh 5.99 okay yep 5.99 for the ipad air okay so that's a bump up from before um so they're charging a little extra for that new design and they're creating a little more space between the entry-level ipad and the um and this ipad air of course that reduces the space between the the ipad air and the ipad pro so um what's the idea the ipad pro 11 inch is i think 6.99

7.99 okay um yeah that's in that range okay all right yeah it's still that it's a lot for a pad but i mean definitely um oh no excuse me it's 8.99 for the uh 11 inch ipad pro so i was i was a little off there but that's uh it makes that model a little i don't know the the way they're they're stacking this lineup it's kind of it's a lot of ipads with a lot of the same features um at different price points so i'm curious to see what they're going to do with that ipad pro now

Yeah they're kind of showcasing the whole lineup there of what's going on with it um talking about the eye that's even before the exciting ipads so there we go so we've talked about the apple watches we've got the ipads um we have the apple one service they're going back to tim now uh to talk about uh who knows i don't know what tim's gonna bring up they talked about environmental initiatives it seems like they might be getting close to wrapping this up but they are talking about os updates

Tomorrow so some os ios 14. so that was some speculation of whether or not that was actually going to be pushed out but it does sounds like that's going to start pushing out tomorrow so so there is a little bit of an iphone announcement i guess in there ios 14 you know people wanted that iphone announcement there you go it was there it is you get your ios 14. the elephant in the room is that this this event and the reason why everybody's talking about it

Um they're not being an iphone is because this would be the iphone event in any other year um and that's when they released their operating system and seems like they didn't want to delay that anymore so they're just like putting it out there um without a new iphone uh inc you know at the same time which is what they normally do um so now they're talking about all these updates that were announced at wwc ipad os 14 um the new tv os update um i'm assuming

They're also going to throw in the uh the new mac update no i guess not maybe that's uh for latest yeah new releases yeah so a bunch of new releases from there for the os will come out and then obviously you know at some point probably in october we'll have the iphone announcements themselves uh and i think i think going for a separate event with that yeah and i think there's a lot of a lot of products that will be going alongside that i'm anticipating those first apple silicon macs that we were

Talking about i think we're going to get an announcement regarding that because i've been rumors that those are going to come out uh at least this year that's what they've always said so uh got to have an announcement sometime in october at the very latest november and there's a bunch of other products that uh that weren't touched on today that we're still anticipating so that looks like the wrap-up yeah but still some some interesting stuff that they brought out nonetheless i mean definitely

It does does feel like the opening you know the the opener opening act to what's coming up later on but at least we're getting to see some some new stuff some cool stuff that's coming out so um awesome so that's uh where we're at right there so what we're gonna be doing now is kind of recapping everything as well for everybody to to kind of go back through this everything that was announced during this and kind of talk about uh

What it was and i know i believe that we've got jeremy kaplan who's gonna be joining us back but luke really quick well i've got you um just for for the ipads themselves what are your kind of final thoughts on this do you think these were some good updates or uh or kind of a anything that in particular i guess that stood out for you yeah i mean the the end of the 8th gen ipad that thing has always been just like a killer deal 330 dollars for um for the entry level getting into the

Ipad these are not the ipads you're gonna be using for work but like i still think that that is just so far ahead of anything else you can buy for 330 dollars the quality of product you are getting is just like way higher than anything else and the fact that it has a new processor inside is great i just think that's like a a money maker for i for apple um the ipad air announcement i think you know i would like to see the entire lineup move to that new design with because

It's just really great with the thin bezels and removing the home button um i'm not sure about the price and the way that it stacks up in the lineup i think that there's maybe some rejiggering to do there i'm not sure but um i'll have to i mean i can't wait to try that out but i think the i'm happy to see it move up to that new design for sure and you know like we'll have to see what they do with the ipad pro in general um in the future but yeah the fact that you can get an

Ipad air comes with that magic keyboard accessory that thing is just like really cool and it really expands what you can do with an ipad so um if that comes at a lower price and it's more accessible to people that's great yeah i mean if you can do all of those different things with that that does make it a lot more appealing i mean it's not like it's a a low price you know comparatively but but i mean compared to the ipad pro it's really that close in price why why would you go

Up to the ipad pro if you could do so much with that ipad air um but yeah it's it's it's a lot that's coming out with that hopefully you'll be able to get your hands on one of these here at some point for a review i would imagine you know whenever they send those out um but but it sounds like these are releasing soon too i believe it was end of the week is that right yeah usually they they they go on sale right away um and that's an interesting you know side effect of all these online

Only uh briefings is because usually these kind of events would follow with a hands-on time with the new ipads and the new uh apple watches but we don't get any of that this time you know it's just kind of like we kind of have to take their word for it and we gotta we got what we got and you know we'll we'll see them eventually you know soon but we don't get that immediate hands-on time with the new products which is a bummer you know that's what people are most interested in so that's just the

Times we're living in hopefully we can get back to the times we're living yeah can actually get hands-on with products maybe next year well luke thank you so much uh you know for your opinions on all this as we're watching it really really appreciate that and i know i'm sure you've got a lot of writing to do to talk about all of this stuff there's all kinds of videos and more information that's out but we'll have it all at digital trends uh luke larson thank you so much thanks

Greg all right so again we just watched the apple event now let's kind of recap and go back through everything that we just saw we're just talking about the ipads let's go back to the beginning of the show and some of the things that were showcased there to do so we've got jeremy kaplan our editor-in-chief joining back once again and you know we went through what happened with the apple watches here earlier uh today but but i want to kind of just

Recap and some of the specific announcements tim cook coming right out of the gate and saying it's going to be apple watches it's going to be ipads but then they did throw in some other stuff in there so you know there's a few other things that went along with that but the apple watches themselves definitely kind of going into that health technology side of things um continuing on that trajectory that they seem to be doing before but we did get the pulse oximeter um i probably screwed

That up again anyway but it's still they released that uh along with their wit with that that update um anything that you've thought about here over this last little while since those watches came out what you know your thoughts on these updates yeah they came out of the gate with the new watches uh which tells you the things that apple thinks are the most important right we're gonna lead with the big news here and those watches were big news uh the pulse

Oximeter is a big step forwards um it's a small sensor that measures the oxygen saturation of your blood and the importance of this particular measure is going to grow over time i think uh the challenges with anything like this we don't really have that many data points to go on so it's hard to tell exactly how relevant it is to your life just like when you think about the sleep functionality that's built into the apple watch or a lot of other devices we haven't really historically been able to measure anything like that

So knowing you know how what your stats look like putting them in context is very very challenging so i think that the announcements that apple made around partnerships with research universities to study the data coming off of these devices is going to be very very interesting to what extent can this predict whether one has a coronavirus for example very very important thing to know in this day and age and if that if the watch if a 399 device can actually do that for you

That's hugely important so a lot of nice steps forwards for the apple watch platform here uh moving it towards more of a fitness device and away from the notifications that have been traditionally the hallmark of a smartwatch i think it's a very important path for the watch to be taking i think fitness and health measurements are a really really meaningful thing that's a reason to buy this rather than a simple way to replace your smartphone i know a lot of people that use apple watches and they say well it makes it

Easier to see what's going on or who's calling me or what the notification is i don't have to pull my my phone out of my pants pocket is that a reason to spend a lot of money i don't think so i think we're all pulling our phones out of our pockets anyway far far more often than we need to but to the extent that this device can be used for monitoring your health your your fitness levels your activity your sleep and getting to know who you are as a person your physical life

Um i think that's very very painful i think a couple of points are too that you made you know kind of laying the groundwork for this going forward you mentioned chronovirus obviously you know that'll take a ton of research to be able to figure out a lot with that but what about the next time you know and and what kind of what kind of things can we figure out with this as we as we get all that data another thing that we're talking about earlier is you know there has been millions and millions and millions of these out there with this

Kind of information to kind of gather that you know there are the security concerns you'll you'll have that we'll have to figure out how the privacy works on that uh with the information but if we can get that much out there that real information on what's happening with people the potential is huge for what you could do you combine that you know maybe with some with with these research universities maybe some ai to analyze the data that's going on and and really extrapolate a lot of info from that there's there's a lot of

Potentials for health and like you i'm i'm all for anything that can help people out when it comes to that when it comes to keeping people safe or predicting things or finding you know preventable diseases or anything along those lines i think that's that's a great step uh yeah and there's other companies that are working on this too but when you're apple you've got a lot more power i feel like to to really utilize that stuff yeah speaking about the power of apple i think the unveiling of the apple one

Service really speaks to what the company's looking at and let's be clear apple is a profit machine right they make an awful lot of money and i think apple's been looking at the rise of especially video uh things like disney plus the growth of netflix the amazon prime video there's a bunch of places for you to get video these days hbo now uh apple has played in this space but hasn't historically been at the forefront of it um so the announcement that the apple one service

Is gonna come out bundling a bunch of other services into one and at the same time revealing this fitness plus service which is a very interesting uh new service especially this world that we're living in today fitness plus of course lets you uh stream on demand videos there's a bunch of new live videos you complete your rings in real time and get some feedback some splashy feedback about that i think that's a really interesting service as well and again because apple

Is such a smart tightly run organization you have to imagine that that they saw this as a big growth opportunity in a real area for for them to inject a presence it's especially important to me however because when you think about the current services that do this something like a peloton for example which relies very much on a piece of hardware or the variety of other services your gym might might have some something for example

None of it really ties into the fitness to to my personal fitness however the way that the apple fitness service is tied directly into your apple watch it's the first fitness platform that's built specifically for a device like this means you might be able to get real-time feedback your coach might real time be able to say jeremy step it up i see you slacking over there or hopefully it's commendation jeremy you're killing it but let's be honest i'm probably not killing it

Anyway i think the the real-time connection between those things might be really really meaningful and again signaling how this the apple watch and service itself is moving into a fitness platform i think it's a very very interesting space so we have to watch that really closely and see what happens and and and with that too you know with the apple one service they announced the pricing on some of these bundles like for 14.95 a month you would get apple tv plus you get apple music apple

Arcade and icloud storage they got a family plan but for 30 bucks a month you get apple tv plus apple music apple arcade icloud storage and you get apple news plus and you get fitness plus for for 29.95 a month that's that's a pretty solid bundle right there for 29.95 if you parse each one of those out individually i could see that being pretty successful for them on a number of different levels oh yeah and that's in my head i've been

Comparing it to amazon prime right which is a very similar thing bundles a whole bunch of features together smooshes it all up and you get it for 100 bucks or maybe you've just gotten it for free because amazon just does that for a lot of people um if you break that down that's nowhere near 25 30 bucks a month there's a real but but if you think about the subscriptions that you currently have to all these apple devices and services a lot of people do that right you have an

Apple music subscription maybe you've played around with apple news you're interested in fitness doing them individually is very very challenging but a bundle that reduces the cost but doesn't take it down to you know 15 a month or 12 dollars a month very savvy on apple's point i i think and i think it's going to be a pretty compelling offer for a lot of people so uh going back through there taking a look so apple watch uh we saw kind of the announcements on

There we've got write-ups of all of this too at as it happens so we'll have analysis further on there for everybody to take a look at and then uh apple won so the subscription bundle something we weren't sure about whether that was going to come something we were sure about was the ipads and uh let's kind of touch on that here just for a minute and and talk about what they did with that i think one of the key takeaways that i was seeing and just talking to luke about was the ipad air and just everything this this new

Generation that i think is the fourth generation um everything that it brings with it kind of brings it almost in line with the ipad pro it would almost seem as far as all the things that it can do and for just a little bit less of a price how did you feel about the ipad announcements just just in general so i'm of two minds about those announcements for one it's kind of hard to overlook the fact that it's a speeds and feeds bump right i mean there's a faster processor which is 40

Faster gpu capabilities than the previous generation and blah blah blah right it's got slightly larger screens that are slightly sharper and blah blah blah oftentimes device announcements like this boil down to speeds and speeds like that so those are nice and all it's very easy to be dismissive however i think one of the things that apple kept stressing here especially with that for uh the a14 chip was just how capable these

Devices had become and they kept comparing it to existing laptops they singled out hp the maker some of the what's most popular laptops here and said our our ipad is faster than your laptop is and it's the speeds and feeds that are enabled to get there of course but when you think about that when you combine it with the apple pencil um you've got a device that apple's saying stop thinking about this in terms of content consumption and start thinking

About in terms of content creation you can do so much more with your ipad these days than just watching some videos the challenge i've always felt especially with the ipads is the way apple bundles so many features and functionalities into the device that it becomes hard to surface them watching the demo you can see somebody doing some wonderful magical things with an ipad there was a video they showed just now of uh somebody walking through a redwood

Forest and putting together a real-time blog with facts and stats and doing some real-time editing and it looked magical and easy the reality is that it's hard to use some of those functions because there's just so many that are bundled so deeply in the operating system it takes a real pro to dig into that i would encourage you to read our reviews we'll have a bunch of how-to's and tips that will show you how to do that of course but anyway my point is it's interesting to see apple comparing

A tablet to a laptop i think that getting some of that functionality with yourself might be a little harder than the simple videos they showed you lends you to believe well um yeah i think that's a that's an excellent analysis of that too and just being the fastest side doing the a14 chips to talking about the chips and maybe we'll get to see some more of that incorporated into the new iphones when they come out but no mention of the iphones uh they're at the end of

It no clearly we think that there's going to be an event in probably a month or so where they're going to have to announce the iphone 12s i would think but they didn't really mention that they did have you know talking about their environmental services couple other things they didn't mention the uh headphones no mention of any kind of headphones we thought maybe there was a possibility of that happening in this time no mention of a home pod that's not

Surprising that they didn't mention the homepod but uh but yeah definitely some things that we we didn't see in this any one thing that stood out for you that you're surprised that you didn't see i know you've been talking about augmented reality beforehand i was convinced that we were going to hear an awful lot about augmented reality um augmented reality is is one of these things that the technology industry has been building towards and i think it's going

To take a while to get there um the most compelling demo that i have ever seen for ar was is the one from ikea where you can situate a new chair in your home and you're looking through the tablet at your own home with a chair like here's what it's going to look like to put this chair in your living room that is not going to change your life but it is a very interesting application that shows the potential for this stuff i was kind of thinking apple was going to have a bunch of demonstrations

About what that looks like because of some of the chips that they've put into other other devices that sort of lend themselves towards an ar world we didn't hear a lot about that which maybe is a signal that this technology is a little further off than we had been thinking a lot of people were talking about apple glasses that have built in ar it's that's a a whole world that we have not seen more than that though what i is this apple tv

Thing i have been waiting and waiting to hear some apple announcements from apple about a next-generation apple tv that just does so much more i mean make up your stats and your services figure out who knows what it might do but that's a market that is ripe for explosion and apple has a bunch of fans especially this apple tv platform when you think about the fitness thing for example yeah using an apple fitness plus service on your big screen tv through your apple

Tv that just seems logical to me um however there was no news about a new apple tv product other than apple tv os 14 is coming out and some changes to interface and whatnot because of that i'm surprised that apple hasn't leaned further into tv and i'm not sure why they haven't been yeah i mean now that you say that combine that with like a homepod type of situation and then you have all of your services in one and your exercise going after the peloton side of things i mean yeah it does seem like

There's a lot of potential there but nothing on that either you know maybe maybe we'll see something at the next event i think with apple for everybody watching you they never really say much too far ahead ahead of time when their event's going to be we think maybe october we think maybe early october but we don't know for sure it's apple so um but that's probably where we'll get the iphone 12 and maybe we'll see some of this other stuff that we we mentioned here more more augmented reality more some of the other

Hardware as well but definitely an interesting event today as always with apple and we've got all that analysis at jeremy i want to say thank you so much for spending so much time with us with me here today you know kind of going through all this it's it's always exciting talking about tech no matter what it is but especially on an apple day it's it's uh it's it's always interesting and to speculate on where it's going to go and uh jeremy kaplan thank you so much

You got it greg always a pleasure as jeremy kaplan our editor-in-chief here for digital trends so he and the entire team are going to be working uh all day long trying to get you analysis but there's a lot that's already up there on the site kind of breaking down each one of these things that we talked about you can go in depth with all of that and follow along with everything that you want to know we'll give you our analysis what we expect what we think is going to happen it's

All kinds of stuff there so you can spend all day searching for that and of course hit subscribe to whatever platform you're watching this show on so we are normally live every single day 9am pacific noon eastern for digital trends live this is our special apple event coverage but our regular show is 30 minutes every day you can follow along we will bring you the latest tech news we'll bring you all kinds of interviews bringing all kinds of different segments lots of stuff to kind of get through

Your day and analysis about products all of it and we're live so that means you can join the show you can give us feedback you can do all of those things and i appreciate everybody who can do that right now just hit subscribe whatever platform you're on that'd be great all right as i said follow along at for all of the latest news in technology i'm greg nibler see you right back here tomorrow for another edition of digital trends live you

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