Apple Airpod Pro w/ Active Noise Cancelling – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on August 18, 2020

Here's the MacBook Pro powerbeats Pro iPad pro the beats solo pros I just reviewed this guy's not pro and then we got the Apple earpods Pro folks this is the true Perales earphones that then generating a lot of buzz in my social media and we're gonna get into the

Wireless earphones that clearly has some pros and cons and I'll give you the rundown that these are worth of purchase maybe they're right for you as always being transparent I did personally pay retail for this I'll leave my affiliate

Links dead in that video description below click on those links for the most updated prices in real time do you never know when these things like the wine sale I'm Jimmy would Jim's reviewer and I'm

Here to help you guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another video so going over the physical features first the biggest thing about the pro versions these are now sound isolating compared to the previous

Generation compared to the Sennheiser Jabra clips jaybird etc that reviewed here on the channel the competitors will provide slightly more passive noise isolation than the air pod pros but we'll get into the newest feature that

I'm excited about here it's the active noise canceling feature in the audio section of this review so let's touch base on comfort first and of course the stability now the ear tip providing the seal is quite unique here and I never

Talked about this with other earphones since it's quite standards pretty born here as a silicone but the air pad pros has a piece of plastic on the end of the ear tip that literally snaps into the earphones you can hear you can actually

Feel it sometimes super easy to swap out and it is secure now the more important part I don't know how Apple does this but these are one of the least intrusive very comfortable designs that I've tested and I won't give credit to the

Samsung Galaxy buds those are amazing to wear and gave me a very similar feeling to these but compared to the market the Samsung Galaxy buds and the ear pod pros are super light they don't Jam into my ear here into my ear canal that is and

The best way I can describe it if they both feel like an airy now I will admit though and this is just my personal opinion here I've never been a fan of the ear pods dangling from my ears these are technically a little bit shorter

They might look a little bit better but I'm curious to know here from the previous owners of ear pods or those interested in bees do you guys really like the style like do these look great to you guys or are you in the

Mindset of yeah they work fine but the functions and features are great and kind of leave it as that I'm really curious comment down below but objectively here the air pad pros fit and contours to my ears ridiculously

Well like some leather gloves from the 90s or some flight path please don't fill out the ball of my ear they don't feel like the ear tips are solely keeping the earphones in place it just feels like they're dangling but oddly

Enough they are very very stable so this brings me to my test how did it stay in the ears for runs and workouts in shirt I got to give credit here these stay in ridiculously well again runs crazy movements and also jumping up and down

Here that's a big one I've never had to push my earphones back into my ear to want to recreate the seal and second to push them back in because there they feel like they're about to fall out or they have shifted I don't know how they

Do it but the design just simply works no as a side note these are IP four rated which means they are water resistant against splashes they can't be sprayed with a jet of water and surely they can't be submerged other

Competitors some competitors out there are actually a little bit better with an IP seven certification you can drop them to a puddle of water they'll be fine but with these here the Apple earpods pros I splash water on these and they're still

Working fine today so folks let's get a closer look here at the functions it's very simple here on each earphone the stem has a very subtle area for you to press it's called the force sensor one squeeze to pause and play to to skip a

Track three to go back and if you hold it down you can actually hear an audio prompt indicating to switch from transparency mode to active noise-cancelling and vice versa the force sensor is somewhat customizable as

You guys can see on screen here but and I hate this here when companies do this for truly wireless earphones there should be vibe adjustment features or buttons here you don't have it you cannot increase your decrease by right

On the earphones and when I'm at the gym or when I'm running a song or video can be louder in vibe than my previous track and I'd need to lower it I don't want to pull out my phone now to be fair I do have Siri which I can tell her to lower

Or raise volume it's objective you want to talk to yourself in public but again just putting it out there but speak in a Serie they tested this with my iPhone 10 and the other side of my apartment over

Here seeing if I can call up Siri from the air pot pros themselves and it did work I don't need the phone necessarily nearby as long as there's still a connection it's fine now with Android Google assistant didn't seem to be

Activated through the earphones at all which was a total bummer now speaking of being on the other side of my apartment here let's talk about signal strength and such Bluetooth 5.0 is featured testing distance with my

IPhone 10 and Android pixel 4xl both phones was able to achieve a hundred percent coverage in my 1,100 square foot apartment and that's what this signal going through several walls it's excellent

This was also the same with video on both devices there was zero syncing delays on both Apple and Android devices making video watching absolutely lag free now parent wise indeed these can be paired with

Multiple devices and then the connection itself can be switched seamlessly having a signal appeared on my Android at first and then tapping on the iPhone let's say my laptop that's not what have you the connection simply just jumps over so

Overall I never had Bluetooth issues and the connection has always remained inconsistent now regarding battery life Apple is claiming up to five hours per use being upfront here this was the average for most truly wireless

Earphones but now it's actually on the low end with many new competitors and even budget brands offering seven eight and nine hours worth of battery life granted they don't offer active noise-cancelling but the closest

Competitor at the moment it's the sony WF 1000 x m3 now when I did my battery test at 55 zero here 50 percent vine with ANZ on the sony laugh in 6 hours and 23 minutes doing the same exact test and the same audio playlist the air pod

Pros got six hours even down to the minute actually on a more positive note with both competitors and their respective charging cases both earphones can actually achieve up to 24 hours of total playback quick charging is

Available on the air pod pros with 15 minutes in the case he'd given you back three hours of listening time sony claims ten minutes in their case and it would get you an hour

Back that's it now regarding Apple's charging case it's smooth small easy to handle a bit sterile looking and this is getting a lot of traction right now it's wireless charging places on a wireless charging pad then off it goes all right

Let's jump into the audio side of things first up with transparency mode this works great and I wish this was readily available on the power beats Pro when activating this the microphones and the earphones pumped in your environment for

Safety and awareness this sounds very natural it doesn't sound amplified and the air pad pros don't sound artificial as well it's almost as though I'm not wearing anything at all during my time testing now I did confirm you don't need

An iPhone for this I connected this to my android phone and using that force sensor you can actually turn it on and off by again holding it down second there's active noise-cancelling now this is quite interesting here when I

Reviewed these sony WFT 1000 XM threes that also included active noise canceling the ANC was present but because of the passive noise isolation and then music playing the active noise canceling feature wasn't really the

Highlight it didn't seem to be as effective as their sony WH 1000 x + 3 anc headphones not apples to apples but again just for reference there of how different they were with the air pod pros these canceled out more voices and

Much more ambient air using the ANC and the air pods was more noticeable especially when listening to podcasts videos Netflix YouTube etc where there might not be a cast of beat but instead there's a lot of dialogue active

Noise-cancelling doesn't cancel out everything though but for what the air pod Pro does it Shaklee does a great job this muffles a lot of coffee shops and restaurant noses this also cancel cancels out pretty much all air

Conditioners fans that have going on here and light breezes all remaining noises that's able to penetrate through this does sound reduce a simple tapping and scratching on the desk right here sorry about that proved to be less

Versus the other truly wireless earphones I've tested on the channel so far even less than the WUF 1000 X and threes there's no hissing there's no white noise and I don't feel any cabin air

Pressure feeling when ANC is activating it's just really damn good I would highly recommend for get to try them to get that experience all that's what it's all about experiences so folks let's get into the

Phone call test let's go outside right now let's get some sunlight on my skin here give this a go but before doing so if you haven't already add me on Twitter and my Instagram at the addresses on your screen here that was my personal

Account into my personal life here I of course once I'll post tech on there as well please feel free to sign up and follow my journey through life also including the youtube description if it mentioned that already just click and

Follow all right folks here we go everyone says healthy microphones add the air pod rose hopefully this is isolating my voice against the busy traffic that's going on in the background right now there's no breathe

Today but there are cars and wishing hi here behind me let me know in a comment section below you guys think as we're testing phone calls I do have the capability of turning on transparency modes like it's here my surroundings

Here what is going on in the background and of course I do have active noise-cancelling available as well it does play phone calls through both ear phones and clearer as well alright folks let me know down in the comment section

Below what you guys think and back to the studio alright folks welcome back here let's talk about the audio first up these can get loud at 65 to 70 percent BOM is love for me and that's where I usually have

It at when I want to get lost in my music bass and the air pad pros is definitely better than the previous air pods because of its seal when compared to the competitors sennheiser provides higher fidelity and depth jaybird offers

Bass boosted punchy bass here the sony WF 1000 XM threes is slightly deeper and more resonating than the air pod pros the power beats pro hits the deepest here so with that being said the air pad pros bass performance it sounded good

Without distortion don't get me wrong but for me personally i wish it was just a little bit deeper for you at home you might prefer that cleaner overall in the middle-of-the-road bass response where it's not flat but not boo

Me are there hopefully that gives you kind of a range right there the mid-range itself is clean the mid-range is where you hear a lot of instruments and vocal work that's what the human ear hears and it's distortion free it's not

Pushed forward or bright yet not underwhelming either it's clearer than the power beats pros and when I mean clean it doesn't sound either suppressed or pushed too far forward it's Eric transparent and the vocals cut

Through right into your ears you can say and even compared to the Sony WF 1000 XM threes the clarity the vocals are slightly a little bit better than the air pod pros than the Sony's but again the trade-off not so deep bass now the

Mid-range was lacking a bit of soundstage in my opinion I do interpret audio direction really well I can sense some music in the forefront to the side of me and slightly above and behind me but the airiness and the width of audio

Interpretation just wasn't big the soundstage is really important here as for the high frequencies there's sound that is basically rolled off preventing musical notes like snare taps and cymbal crashes and music to not Sparkle or hit

That high level to make this music pop you can say I honestly believe that Apple plays it super safe and provides an audio signature that's so well rounded and so clean then I think people that picks this up it'll sound good to

Them but those who are looking for that uniqueness that makes an audio brand spin out I don't see it here on the audio side the audio doesn't sound full or emotional the lack of soundstage didn't transport me to another place or

The lack of fidelity didn't hit that level of finesse where I was saying wow damn holy cow these are really freaking good when I was testing these and I'm not knocking the air pod pros but to give them proper credit here they do

Sound good it's what a quality sound signature should be distortion free clear consistent but I've had competitors with audio signatures that's as cheesy as it sounds I nod my head to the music more often than these so just

On the audio alone I still highly recommend them don't get me wrong but I believe more so as a great audio experience for everyday use the commute maybe at work those kind of experiences if you're looking for something that

Would make you fall in love with your music again these are all but this is only an example here but they both sound sports maybe the Sena has momentum truly wireless experience those two just off top my head here we're simply amazing

Overall the airpipe kills it on form and function these are crazy comfortable they magically stay in the ear really well the Bluetooth connection is phenomenal and through my testing this has the best tech that reduces outside

Noises on the market for truly wild earphone the battery life the lack of vine controls and the audio it's not bad and I want to emphasize that but it could be better though overall these are still

Surely worth a purchase and I will admit the price is justified if you're a priority though is a and C and you want some everyday buds for work and your commute and seriously what happened does it's great it's ridiculously intuitive

To use and at the end of day it's your call let me know what you guys think down below I'm honestly just giving credit where credit is due and even if you own these earphones I want to hear your opinions below healthy Jin's review

And community out it would be really interesting to see where people are leaning you know good or bad are these worth the purchase or not anyways folks let me know what you guys think down in the comment section below find me on

Twitter and Instagram with the addresses on your screen I'll also add it in the video description for you guys click and follow as always keep suggesting me products and throw those fired mo G's in the comment section and I'll catch you

Guys later bye

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