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by birtanpublished on September 9, 2020

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I'm here to do an overall review of the apex Network I have a channel on my discord where people can submit a form for a project if they're interested in having me look at it most of the time

People will put in one or two words describing a project or the background if I'm lucky however this team took the time to write out 15 pages of information related to everything that I needed for the

Research obviously I found alternate sources for fact-checking but I figured I would give it a shot considering how much work they did how much effort they put in and hey why not before we get started I want to first

Thank everybody for liking subscribing and sharing my content I appreciate all your support if you haven't hit that like button or that subscribe button yet please do so I put out new content as often as I can

And I would hate for anybody to miss out quick disclaimer I'm not a financial advisor all investments have inherent risk and please do your own research in the spirit of transparency apex network is not in my portfolio as with all of my

Project reviews this is not sponsored content this video is not paid for by apex Network let's jump into the project history the parent company of apex network is apex technology formerly known as China pecs and it started in

2012 and is a customer data technology and AI company that's located in Shanghai apex technologies is developing innovative solutions combining Big Data artificial intelligence and the blockchain to tackle heart problems and

Data marketing and customer relationship management this provides an enterprise or company with customer data technology solutions that help marketers connect unify analyze and activate their customer data the actual project itself

Apex network is an open source project and it was created in December of 2017 apex network is developing a blockchain platform in an ecosystem aimed at solving the problems currently faced by businesses and their

Business-to-consumer interactions they want to maximize the quality and the actionability of customer data while rewarding said customers for sharing that information apex network puts the customer back into

Control of their data instead of relying on third party data hoarders who siphoned data from consumers and run away with all the profits onto the team Jimmy who is the CEO of the parent company apex network and the founder and

CEO of apex Technologies he was listed on Forbes China third under 30 and was dubbed the artificial intelligence Person of the Year by China Internet Weekly he has a bachelor's degree of science and electrical

Engineering and Computer Sciences from UC Berkeley Tiger yang is the co-founder and the president of the project he has a BA and electrical engineering and computer sciences he was also listed on Forbes China 30

Under 30 list they have a full list of their entire team on their site if you'd like to know more about them next up is the ICL they sold fifteen point eight million in their private sale their public presale was four million and

Their crowd sale was 5.2 million the public presale took place in the beginning of January and the crowd sale took place at the end of January fun fact they're white let's close in five

Minutes and the crowd sells sold out within two minutes after the open round commenced you could participate in the ICO with neo which makes sense because CP X which is their token it's a net five token their token distribution goes

As follows 50% for token sales 25% for platform and ecosystem growth 10% for company reserve 15% to the team and the advisors the neo to CP x ratio was one neo to a thousand CPX they had a pre-sale bonus of 20% all bonuses have

Been unlocked for both the pre-sale and the private sale as far as limitations go the US as usual singapore and china mainland could not participate in for regulatory reasons tokens were distributed within a few weeks from the

Crowd sale from the total allocation 15% reserved for the team on a three-year vesting schedule under the technology apex is a circulating supply of 438 million CPX tokens with a total eventual supply of six hundred and seventy six

Million CPX tokens the project has three major components the core blockchain layer the service layer and the application layer the core blockchain layer allows for the flexibility of transactions assets and apps trays AIA

And either the main network or side networks or side chains for both scalability and enterprise ecosystem considerations for an enterprise to create new tokens or assets it must occur on the side chain while the main

Network still maintains full records of all the transactions as well as would be required for cross side chain transactions second is the service layer this serves as the building blocks for real applications and creates data

Connectivity to real-world and external systems this layer will offer connectivity through an API and will be for software development kits based on four different coding languages Java skaila go an apex M apex

M is an xml-based markup language and syntax system custom-built to quickly customize and deploy decentralize applications and then there's the application layer this supports applications surrounding the business to

Customer aspects such as marketing customer experience enhancement customer loyalty gamification data exchange customer insight and other engagement related applications to initial applications built by apex will be the

CPX wallet and across network decks or decentralized exchange for the apex network based assets this decentralized exchange will also be embedded within the CPX wallet apex network uses a delegated proof of stake system or D POS

As its consensus mechanism this includes a reputation system and real-time voting to achieve consensus delegates or super nodes must hold a minimum amount of CPX before they can be eligible to be voted on once super node status has been

Achieved their main roles include aggregation of transactions across the main two blocks validation of the transactions by signing and broadcasting the blocks and helping to resolve consensus issues in a democratic manner

They will also have smart contracts apex networks approach is to create multi layered architecture for smart contracts which consists of the data layer the logic layer and the middleware layer the data layer is the on chain layer

Directly running apex virtual machine defining the data logic on the me network or the side networks all data and transactions will be persistent on the apex network blockchain logic layer the logic layer is a secure layer that

Hosts the functional and business logic of the smart contracts the logic layer does not need to be run on the nodes of the apex network that can be run on the cloud or remote layer the logic layer will require digital signatures using

Private keys and claves and other features to perform cryptographically secure operations middleware layer middleware layer say that ten times fast is a service layer that communicates to the outside system and the data sources

This is effectively the apex data connector apex network will be using side chains as another feature for the blockchain for scalability of stand-alone applications and for localized transactions that do not need

To apply the entire network in the transfer of assets across the main network and various side chains while keeping work streams separate at the same time what's the purpose of the CPX token

Well CPS will serve as a two-way peg within the decentralized exchange certain amount of CPX is also required to run nodes to earn rewards and rewards are payable in CPX one important fact that really underlines the essential

Nature of the CP acts is the fact that apex network itself will earn revenue solely through running nodes and earning rewards just like investors the apex wall is currently available for ios and android the desktop version planned for

Q4 this year some of their early backers consist of neo ledger capital badwater Capital Genesis and gbic that brings us to present day currently apex sits at number 387 on live coin watch if you'd like to buy the

Project you can get it on either l bank or switch geo and there's a few other smaller ones so what's come up that we have to look forward to well the team states that the network tests net will be ready in q4 of this year and that

Will also be the release of their apex blockchain Explorer and their May net is estimated to be released as soon as q1 of 2019 the apex watt has been released and the updated version with both neo or net 5 and Ethan ERC 20 support is

Expected to be within the next few weeks the CEO states that they are ahead of schedule and implementing technology and their product deployment out of the pros well in obvious strengths is the fact that their parent company has you know

Something like 360 + existing mid and large size enterprise customers that are already working with them the project itself has been delivering on all the roadmap promises with the apex vault which came out on time in q3 next on the

List is the test net in q4 then the maintenance Caggiula q1 to 2019 they state that 70 plus enterprises have expressed interest in piloting the blockchain solution while 20 have been accepted for the piloting process I'd of

The cons there was some drama during the ico in the very beginning with a telegram community recognized that the ICO contribution address had changed that in nowhere there was some confusion and then eventually the team put out a

Statement that a short while after the start of the crowd sale malicious actors were able to take control of their website and change the ICO address to another address that they were taking out of I wasn't able to find out exactly

How many people fell victim to this scam however the team said that they will be sending the correct amount of CPX to the people who sent their neo to the wrong address which is pretty amazing for a team to do the team say that exchanges

And liquidity have been an issue for them CPX is currently listed on switch geo bit z I'll Bank L Pank had an extended while at downtime where users had to wait about a month before they were able to

Withdraw their CP acts after it was listed in the spring of 2018 Bitsey has along with pretty much all other exchanges had intermittent issues with their net five wallets that have also affected CP x switch has been

Running smoothly from a most part except for their planned downtime and maintenance upgrades the main issue reported from the community has been low volume or lack of accessibility for new investors as not everyone's comfortable

Using the Dex or signing up to new exchangers to acquire the token in the latest interview between the CEO Jimmy who and crypto zombie my friend liquidity was acknowledged as an issue and it was seeded that both the CEO and

The team are working to improve this I was cited back there's been no tech issues reported there's been really no other drama there's been no issues with roadmap dates being missed and they seem to be doing a great job staying

Connected with their community final thoughts taking back control of user data and finding a fair and honest way to monetize it with the users permission and benefit is a huge market there's a lot of projects focused on giving power

Back to the people when it comes to their own data I will say that I like that the projects in depth 5 token I enjoy seeing other platforms outside of eath being used for furthering the crypto ecosystem it also like that

They're going to be utilized in sidechains to promote scalability and then they have some pretty heavy hitters backing them as with most projects in the early stages of development only time will really tell how successful

They are but if they continue to under-promise and over-deliver I think they'll be just fine alright everyone that's it for me today as usual I want to thank RV for watching if you're interested in picking up one of my fancy

T-shirts you can go to my RedBubble store I'll leave the link down below or my website I've got March over there as well and yeah I'll see you guys soon if you finish this video and you're thinking to yourself hmm I could really

Use more content from crypto candor don't fret check out all my different playlists over here and let me know what you guys think in the comments below thanks again for watching

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