Answering YOUR Questions! The Hardware Canucks Q&A

by birtanpublished on April 2, 2021

This is this is the way we're starting now yeah all right from my kitchen live from Haruka Knox Central yeah life from the kitchen yeah the Q&A yeah everyone's been asking for us guys cheers Cheers Bieber where's your sponsored branded cup I'm neutral oh well I'm not a show I've got Shinto so yeah so you're an Intel show you're an NZXT show so let's just set that record there we go Izzie 390 phantom gaming ITX from asrock is the perfect compact motherboard to pair with your intel 9 gen cpu with this robust VR on design and higher quality MOSFETs it's guaranteed for the best for

Clocking experience plus you get an MDOT two heatsink next-gen Wi-Fi support and a higher quality DAC built in check it out down below what's up guys I'm Dimitri we have the whole hard work NOx crew over here we go Michael we got Eber lots of questions have come up about who the hell is this guy and it's weird because you had a videos for years but nobody realized nobody realized so Mike who who are you what do you do so basically I've been around since 2006 when hardwood products first start before he started YouTube channel it was just a forum and I started posting

Reviews on the Harvick Canucks website and it basically moved from there I've been behind the scenes that you guys know since you guys started that @hardwick nuts on the YouTube side he shoots all the b-roll by the way yeah I go from Bulgaria to Toronto and now I'm just here in Montreal it spends a lot of money on flights which is not yes I know expense to the company though if that started 2006 and the YouTube side of this I think we started in 2000 2008 8 yeah 2000 channel now and I've been behind the scenes doing everything from benchmarking to some script writing and

Doing a lot of the behind the scenes items so these guys can focus on doing creative stuff and doing cool stuff so that's where I've been I've been spending a little bit more time on on-camera lately so I'm still getting used to it you're training him yeah with a whip he's better though now there were been questions about Eber and like how did he start and this is an interesting story because we were looking to expand the the creators for higher conducts and this is the time when I was living at living in Toronto and I was looking for local creators looking to

See who's around that isn't super far away who has talent has potential and when I saw your videos I was like my god this guy is amazing he's got an incredible voice but he was never on camera so I never knew what he would look like I think he was reading children's stories Tony's story oh you should be doing that you know there's another side of the story actually oh what's the other side know what it is I was actually I've been following our token axis since they started the YouTube channel and I was all I followed you on Twitter and I kind of kept

Reaching out to you and they you right here spoke a few times yeah it was regarding cameras and like how we set up lighting and stuff you guys head over DMS over me dams yeah that's how the whole thing started and we met up at famosa which is a great pizza place yeah I'm Toronto and and then the rest is history and now Bieber is legit yeah baby and we're all we're all legit because of him too so I know that a lot of you guys were asking what the history is and that's the broad history of how these guys met who I am I'm still one of the

Principal owners of of hard work Canucks and along with Demetri now too we reached out to you guys and you asked a lot of questions and that's what we've sort of want to get through here so we're going to be going through this in a random form we did pick some questions so I can let the Dimitra he picked out one of them okay so I have a question for you guys okay what do you most look forward to in 2020 new year new opportunities well personally I'm really excited to start building out the space that we're gonna be renting it's gonna give us a great

Collaboration opportunity for us and potentially for other Creators too so I'm looking forward to collaborating with other Creators on the platform and kind of start series so that that would be something that I'm looking forward to there's just collaboration projects not just tech by something that can can relate people can relate to so yeah yeah I'm also looking forward to doing longer-term projects something that does challenge us a little bit so we're moving not moving away from our standard delivery and standard formats but moving beyond that to do something a little bit

Different so Dimitri what's your favorite case of all time man this is a difficult one because when we do like case of case Awards the previous one was the lien leo levin dynamic what a fantastic enclosure where they did wants beautiful structure on the inside rotated power supply all that that is the one that I keep recommending to people and I'm gonna say that is like my favorite case of all time this is the case that currently is Eber has in his studio and no not anymore what happened change that what – what what – what

Well the 11 dynamic and currently the P 600 s from fantex so my question though is what was your first gaming pcs what were the spanks so my first give me PC and I think is probably the most powerful one or three of you but I thought I'm sure but yeah it was the core i7 4930 k-6 court all threads was really good at the time x9 no x79 deluxe motherboard 64 gigs of ram and the GTX 780 Ti I worked all summer like really hard to get that PC I remember building it I remember you bring all the components into the office and we build it and it was perfect and

You went home you went home a really happy guy yeah that bad thing oh yeah it's actually funny because I wanted to make a hackintosh out of that system but it never was not what about you Mike so I'm gonna go old school my first PC was actually like a 386 DX but the first one that I built and I remember really well was my first gaming PC that was in Athlon 64 3800 plus it was the dfi lab party SLR e dr expert with the n for sport chips at legendary stuff and 6600 GT and video card wow yeah my first game PC it wasn't a gaming PC with my first PC ever it was in Russia I don't

Remember what it was I think it was like an AMD CPU of some sort but it had 256 megabytes of memory and I remember that my friend who had 512 megabytes his games ran so smoother than mine so much smoother than mine and I was like if only I had doubled the memory but I think I think you're gonna repeat that again because you're I pick water cooling bill this technically slow now yeah slow it's already it's already slow all right guys this is a fun one what's the scariest thing that has happened to you while building a system or PC I think my scariest moment was

When I was building the system I was installing the EAJA cool on the CPU but I completely forgot to remove the plastic peel on the CPU happens to everybody no email and so I turn on the system and I went to the BIOS and I was looking at the temperatures like why are they spiking and yeah it just I just removed it and I realized that the plastic it was embarrassed what happened to what happened to the plastic after the thermal compound I applied on the CPU gone into the plastic peel and it just it was gross it was messy he was messy but everything was fine

After yeah yeah I've had I've had so many different issues with with building pcs because I'm swapping out system so much when it comes to benchmarking all the time and I think my scariest thing that ever happened was right in the middle of the 79 80 XC review I think it was I was manipulating the the processor and I was in a huge rush and I dropped the processor onto the socket and I bent a bunch of pins it was the only one ahead and I think I spent the next like three hours bending back the pins with really small tweezers and and a pin my scariest moments is when I built the

Full system and then when I went to pick it up he was either the top panel on the front panel that has a little glow of look where he can pick it up but it was not meant to be helped by that point so as I pick up the system the panel just fell off and the whole system just kind of crashed from from air into the surface and if only imagine if it was being over the floor or something it would have been a disaster but so this next question is what's your most memorable story during all of these years of production so for me this is a hilarious

One that we've not realized how ridiculous it would come out in the end but it was during competence it was our last video and we came to beat Phoenix and they showed us some cases and we were like how are you guys still in business it was the most ridiculous poor effort and like so lazy design they were like can you tell us the you know please give us some feedback and it was one of those moments where I'm like I don't I just want to go all out it was just yellow and it was yellow not holding anything back and when we while we were editing this video of that video

It was it was a lot of there's a lot of good time but everybody was asking actually you guys were asking in that video Dmitry was drunk he was not drunk he was not drunk we were just having that it was the last videos that I was we always drunk fun because I knew that was the last video from the show I didn't care and there was a lot of good funny bad things to say and you almost broke the case three times yeah that's true yeah I think my most memorable moment was at CES when we used to cover motherboards and Michael here just said it's like 50 motherboard

Scripts and that was one x2 dianeinlondon xj9 Rison it was a whole like intel AMD you launch a situation so we had to cover a rise in ITX motherboard which was pretty cool actually from as rock from as rock and it was a three minute video but I shot I made that entire video with three shots yeah which was so hilarious because I showed it to Dmitry all I was editing it and he like he was asking me like dude why do these shots look so similar and I was proud of my script I thought these guys had like 50 shots I I ended up I ended up like zooming you take some

Shots and reversing them and like panning and like doing a bunch of things it was the most creative way to utilize three chakra shots by the way the links up here but the fact that we receive this we receive the script much later after we left the show floor and we're like crap we need to make a video about this motherboard because it was a cool motherboard but we were thinking what might be included in part of a larger motherboard video but it got its own dedicated video and I mean II buddy did you did very well but it was a cool motherboard it was yes I'll give a

That all right so my a my my craziest situation and oddest situation I think happened at this last this last Computex you guys probably you might have seen one of the you one of the vlogs where we had a dead razor notebook it just BSOD all over the place that was that was when we loaded in video studio drivers on it and it's just like these are the most stable drivers and it just destroyed things and then I go burning two bridges but whatever okay and what we needed to do is we reached out to gigabyte and we said to them look we know that you guys have a ton of

Notebooks here you guys are headquartered in in Taiwan is there any way that you can hook us up with an arrow 15 X I think it was and they came through but we got it back to the Palladian to the room and lo and behold it's got its all loaded up with in Taiwanese oh no and we couldn't it was neither protective house would protect and it wasn't the language we couldn't understand we couldn't change the language exactly and I just happen to have a Silverstone external USB Drive on me and it just happened to have a Windows installed on it

I don't know we sort of wiped there and the rest is history we wiped it we were able to get into Windows and were able to use the notebook for the rest of the show and so thank you to gigabyte but sorry so the next question is what was the most fun video project that you guys worked on so one of the most fun projects recently is doing my course a water cooling build going on with a hard line tubing learning the ropes with HP that was fun like ways that I was in the shooting a new new space a lot of surface area but my stuff to position so that was a fun

Element and like doing something new with the hardware that I wanted to utilize for a while and these guys have been crunching me because it's sort of already how did it with the 3950 exit launch but I still stand by it as a killer system hey I can see you're gonna have to break down that hard line tubing well it's gonna be is gonna be a beast with me for in this next six months because hi I'm it's just such a good system I think my fun or one of my favorite projects to work on was the Lenovo video where we had to build like a outdoor projector screen outside yeah

And we had like you over and we had snows over and the whole process of building the screen outdoors just like having a good time gaming watching videos we cooked a delicious cook or burgers outdoors it was it was definitely an awesome experience doing that and yeah I really enjoyed that so I'm gonna i'm actually gonna break things up a little bit I'm not gonna answer the question because I don't film I'm gonna ask you guys other than YouTube what do you do with your spare time I told you I bring something way out of ah I do if I have a few hobbies

Like painting pottery so that's like taking a cup that is something like this but it's plain white and you go in with proper pottery paint and they fire it up you design yourself I do that I listen to podcasts I cook go for walks the scrambled eggs are really good he's been making them for us yeah yeah yeah I'm actually gonna start using my morning routine but I'm what do i do during my spare time I listen to music I cook and I also watch TV shows TV shows and like during the summer I definitely wash my car a lot you wash your car yep

I bought the entire kit so it's it's definitely like wax everything now we have like two feet of snow outside already so yeah so so now it's like yeah I was gonna ask Mike the same question but you probably don't have time so let's yeah you probably don't have time on your hands for spare time no I I love cooking it's the way I get away from from work and from everything else that might be going on so it's for me cooking is a passion it's a hobby and I love doing it on a daily basis yeah he's a he's an amazing cook yes it's funny every time I come over here it's like I

Get treated to amazing meals and it's like a it's like a little hotel a little hotel stay and it Mike's place I get to be a part of it too yeah since I you live like right around the corner now favorite Mouse for gaming so for me it would be the Viper ultimate from Razer absolutely fantastic shape it is Wireless I love the charging dock sure it's expensive but performance and everything that goes into like the shape of it is perfect for me you for me it's glorious model oh my main daily driver is C master 3 from

Logitech but for gaming that's the mouse that I go with because it's lightweight it's not super expensive I love the lighting and you have the Lighting's good yeah it's amazing do you game I don't game no I do I do I do I like the HyperX pulse fire search it's it fits my hand well it's not overly light like the glorious model oh I've just become accustomed to it and it's also because I get their hand-me-downs this next question is pretty interesting it's essentially what's the most expensive worst tech product that have you that you've

Reviewed in the past I'm gonna start first oh he's got he wants to get this off his chest I just wanna give you guys it is a laptop and it's the HP omen 2's now I love the concept of it but for the price it just wasn't practical I mean the second display was too difficult to view and it just I don't know it ran too hot I wouldn't spend that kind of money on it and yeah it just had a lot of issues mmm Demetri your turn I would say I don't want to put Coolermaster under the bus but like their cosmos series are insanely expensive the cosmos but it's

Kind of iconic and it really tailors to water-cooling people but from a reviewer standpoint where I'm just like doing an air-cooled system or whatever and just trying to get a feel for the user experience it is not great yeah mine is gonna go back in time again the worst product I probably ever reviewed was the the Phenom processors from AMD and yeah I'm gonna throw em D under the bus because they were there riding high before those processors and they're writing right now they really started a slide down to behind Intel even though that they were leaving them before and

It was disappointing and they promised higher IPC they didn't deliver and luckily they've did they've taken themselves out of that rut now 3950 exper life I won that processor no IGP I don't I won 16 core that way I'll be faster it'll be faster than his system and I can brag about and its small and not water-cooled okay so speaking of which what is the number one product and that surprised you in the last two years that was better than you expected for me it is the cooler master mmm 7/10 Mouse because we totally troll him at Computex bye they said there's gonna be 53 grams

Or like under 55 grams and we're like that's impossible and not only is the shape excellent but everything around the package is just well rounded it's well-priced it's available to buy unlike many other lightweight mice mmm 7/10 baby I think the pixel too was one of my favorite something that just totally surprised me when I when I got my hands on it because L has to do with the camera I still use it yeah I still use it the pixel 2 is my is my daily drug it changed the smartphone camera industry and ebert has

Gone through pixels 3 and here on the pixel for right now every smart and mike and isn't one that upgrade to pixel through because i I went to pixel 3 a and I'm like forget about it I want I want me forget about it cuz the pixel 2 was a small phone it was so compact screen was tiny shaky I mean you have small and so it's like perfect for unit yeah Beach all spots the camera on that phone was was incredible I took it with me to India and everyone my family members were blown away about the quality coming out of that image and and and I recommended that phone to everyone

I knew so for me it's the Nvidia shield TV I have the original one downstairs I still use it it's nobody was expecting it to be such a good Android TV box Nvidia claimed a lot of things it had the Tegra processor and now they've evolved the original one and the second one that they brought out through updates and for for a lot of people in the Android TV community that's super super important that you launch a product and you support it so for me that's my answer what is your favorite game of all time Mike personally I still remember

Everything about the original Final Fantasy 7 it's to this day one of the most memorable games I've ever played also from a PC perspective x-wing vs. TIE fighter that one is it brought Star Wars to the next level on the PC Ebor I have two games first one is Need for Speed to se I love racing games – I see huh I don't know what what is it – I see you stand for I don't know that stands for maybe special edition that was a kid so I never kept track of that but what I loved about that game was like you enter these like different codes on the keyboard and automatically just unlocks

These fast cars and then you just race with them if you have insane handling it's like you go at a high speed I don't know 200 kilometers per hour and it turns like perfectly fine it was and also you like cute kills baby yeah you like the easy button well no it's just you don't like working you didn't grind yeah right you need the grinder wasn't really like at least yeah it was it was fine and my other game was watchdogs it was the first game that I had to try it like that was my first game that I installed my gaming PC and yeah I really enjoyed

That my two games titanfall 2 campaign man what a what a storyline very good it's beautiful it's like it's almost like really emotional to write yes because you get hooked this connection relation exactly the relationship was just so well done and this honored even talk played dishonor to that was wonderful but the dishonored the original that was such a unique playthrough on terms of being able to teleport being able to use all these different abilities we haven't played it the sauna 2 is awesome this honor original is even better so how long does

Take to review a case or review anything so for me a case usually takes about like at least two days one day for shooting it that spills over into the next day depending on the complexity of my introductions and all that stuff my gosh I know and then testing writing my scripts we're running the point sin according not than hitting it and coding it thinking thumbnail uploading it coming up the title the description so the laser products in description double checking the video again make sure that what feedback we received and taken care of Indiana people in revision to you

Guys me mistake Ripley version 3 you make it sound like it's such a complicated process well all those steps are basically every video well process for me involves yeah basically when I'm reading a smartphone I would use it everyday and if something comes up like an issue I would take notes on my smartphone so every time when I'm doing the actual video which would be two three months down the line I would refer back to the notes and then integrate that into the script and then yeah it involves shooting it editing it same process except I don't do any of the

Admin stuff it's these two guys I just have to like I'll get feedback and then have to make changes which takes time so yeah so at least two two days at least for one video so from my perspective I'm not really looking at it from a video perspective but rather a benchmarking perspective so I just finished up all the benchmarks for the 3950 X and I had to read benchmark all the other CPUs that were in that video beforehand so if I look at the timeline for that it was three days of 18-hour days which is which was pretty intensive because we had a very

Short timeline so I know that we didn't get asked any of the right questions about this but a lot of you guys have commented in the videos about Ebers amazing weight loss and it's something that we've all been talking about because it's absolutely amazing so I think I want him to really quickly talk about his process and go from there well there were two sides of the story to that thing I mean first of all I wanted to keep his subtle I didn't want to like you know bring it into this whole social thing I think I was I was dealing with some personal stuff and at the same time

That was that was just I guess to get away from that I decided to try something different and so yeah I focused on that it's always started to put the effort into it so I monitored my my consumption my diet didn't go to extreme I still loved I still hate the food that I loved eating and yeah I mean it slowly gradually became something that people started noticing and yeah it definitely definitely helped me out I'm had a feeling I'm definitely people how do you feel a lot better or do I feel better so yeah yes that's the way to go so

Talking about like healthy food somebody asked us about pineapple on pizza no no no no yes no bring that up my nipple it is simple no no no no yes how do you guys think pineapple on pizza yes or no yet we are Canadian money but that's the one thing that we know I will never yeah things were you know if you're Canadian you gotta hate they go back all you gotta hate Celine Dion man Celine Dion okay the best soundtrack in Titanic all right no questions asked okay fine Evelyn pizza yes according to him Titanic is the greatest movie of all

Time yes it was the first movie I ever saw in the theatre actually the movie theater holy crap with that young yeah and uh Kate Winslet ma'am Dimitri what's the worst case you've ever reviewed oh my gosh the world knows we're coming but who the first case that comes to mind is an tech s10 oh my god what a POS it was so expensive was for two $499 they hired a company to design them for them and it clearly is like a design company that knew nothing about cases the fact that you can remember this right now did they make a promotional video about that thing yeah at CES yeah it's actually

Yeah this whole thing on the display it was like it flopped majorly yes and another one that comes to mind is the ex XFX type one Bravo it was the first case from XFX it was from 2014 so a while back but even for those standards it was so embarrassing lazy and just looking back at it it's kind of a like waste of pixels on the screen now like it was so bad worst PC case that I've built on oh yes be quiet silent base 800 because man I had a tough time mounting a front radiator or a radiator to the front or at least mounting to fans I just did

Which Andy was in a case well that I don't think the case is meant for it but the case not meant for it yeah I was what we were looking for a specific to have a case at that time which was also you know yeah for silence mm-hmm it just didn't I don't have a case I only use open test benches most of the time and my only case is what the e & M's NX th 200 right now for now at the X billion so I hope you guys enjoy the Q&A this was definitely fun to read through hundreds of questions on all different platforms so thank you for submitting them and one thing that we want to bring

Out is we are going through a bit of a rebranding of like redesigning the Haruka Knox themed visual the look the look that I've written up to speed so make sure to not be stunned and surprised when the logo changes the banners change and so that you are aware that it's still us publishing videos and not something else so first of all we're modernizing the the logo a little bit and the other thing is that we're gonna be introducing a few new mascots we're gonna keep the beaver to a certain extent yeah especially for awards and things like that

But something that's a little bit easier to put on merchandise because we're thinking about rolling on some merchandise something we haven't done yet I'm excited for that and I have really good ideas about it will not be just a plain t-shirt no no whatever it's gonna be something really nobody's done that yet but no I don't think so yeah I think we spoke yeah but but you'll be the one to model it yes oh but everybody's in has enough for the under breath ah no I hope you enjoyed this one let us know if you have any other questions that we could answer in

The comments below because obviously this was like the too many questions to answer in one video yeah and thanks for watching we'll talk to you guys in the next video back piece I'm mysterious Mike no more no more no more no supposed and then I go cook outside in -12° oh my god let's make the hamburgers the hamburgers are gonna freeze by the time I take them off the barbecue yeah no Alissa but I have to show her so yeah literally we can just watch him shovel and make burgers for us I know we can we can watch TV downstairs you know

All right good luck good luck menno it's okay we can help we'll help you out how is your feet you're gonna sit you're gonna sit here at the door yeah we can help you no I mean I've got my coat I've got my clubs well no we need to get you some new clothes well yes but those will do for now and I can help you yeah

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