ANKER Soundcore Liberty Lite TRULY WIRELESS Earphones – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey what is going on YouTube hope you
guys are doing good now as you guys know
most mainstream / popular truly wireless
earphones launched with a price tag of
around 150 to 200 dollars and up anchor
which is a very reputable and well-known
brand that sells mostly on Amazon and
they're also known for their power banks
just release their own earphones these
are the sound Corp Liberty lights part
of my budget review series these come in
under $100 actually a much less than
$100 I'll place my affiliate links out
in that video description below click on
that for the most updated prices as
always remaining transparent with you
Anker did sponsor this review but I'll
be going over both pros and cons this is
still a review nonetheless now as these
just launched they wanted to gain some
awareness about these new earphones they
are doing a giveaway as well I'll place
the giveaway link again in that video
description for you to check out I'm
Jimmy with Jim's review room and I'm
here to help you make that purchase
decision welcome everyone to another
review going over the physical features
first and this protective case relative
to the competitors these sound core
Liberty lights are quality built in
materials don't feel cheap and the
design are all very much within reason
the carrying case is slim they're also
used to recharge your earphones and
there's this battery level indicator on
the front that glows bright more in the
battery test a little bit later they're
magnetic inside to snap the earphones in
place and it's quite strong with no
issues of my earphones falling out now
if I were to nitpick considering this is
a new piece of tech I wished anchor
would have gone with USBC on their ear
to charge instead they went with micro
USB which is still fine but I prefer
buying product leaning towards the
future USB see is slowly making its way
into markets and the lid felt I'm not a
flimsy if you don't pull it all the way
up and snap it into a place basically
now looking at the air phones themselves
these actually are not cheap at all the
plastics are very smooth and solid the
beveled edges are sharp and distinct
around the buttons the plastics itself
don't feel
and there's no sense of them flexing or
bending when I squeeze them in between
my fingers at a touch of this silicone
or rubber feeling material gives the
earphones a good bit of grip in simply
sensory feedback now the Liberty lights
are also IP v rated meeting their
water-resistant meeting and IP v rating
this can withstand splashes of water or
you can be caught in the rain
I tested dripping water all over these
things and tried to create the sexiest
video that I can hear and they're still
working fine now relative to its price
there's no question there's going to be
some missing features oddly and I had to
double-check there but there's no volume
controls right on the earphones
themselves you can you can only adjust
volume through your phone there's no
transparency mode which means the
microphones don't kick on so you can't
hear your surroundings transparency mode
is ideal for runners who don't want to
be completely isolated from the world
and I wish there was some sort of
audible battery level checking that I
can do right on the earphones themselves
the voice prompt would have been great
we don't get that either no what we do
get though are skipping and going back
on songs with a hold and either
earphones respectively a single press on
either will pause and play and a double
tap does bring up either Siri or Google
assistant depending on your connected
device now all the features included are
highly responsive and the buttons on
either earphones works our feels tactile
and clicky that is now I test this from
long term words running with these
things in they are very comfortable and
more importantly to stay in my ears very
very well aside from casual running I
tried looking like a weirdo in the park
here as you guys can see they do not
fall out of my ears now they're super
lightweight the ear tufts provided space
inside the ear canal very well with very
good sound isolation your outside
environment is greatly reduced and as a
side note these have practically no
sound leaking meaning what I tested this
at loud volumes someone sitting right
next to me was unable to hear what I was
particularly listening to now one other
thing here these are one of these
smallest truly wireless earphones on the
market that doesn't stick out beyond my
ears which is a huge plus
alright folks let's talk about the in
Turtles better life is rated at three to
five hours of use per charge which is
enough for most people running jogging
and casual use being transparent some of
the other bigger brands offers up to
five hours of use from a full battery to
dead I tested this at 50% vine like all
of my audio reviews and was able to get
3 hours and 12 minutes to be exact the
case offers up to 12 hours of total use
which is on par with the mainstream
brands like the j-bird run or the
dropper at least 65 tees what I didn't
see offered was fast charging now the
sound Court Liberty lights has Bluetooth
5.0 built-in which is awesome here I
tested the wireless range on these and
was able to get 72 feet worth of range
with a signal going through a wall now
I'd then paired this with my iPhone 10
and also with my Samsung as a plus and
if you guys if you guys are familiar
with truly wireless earphones they
usually have trouble playing video
because they can't sync for some odd
reason I tested this again on both
devices Apple and Android and happy to
say YouTube and Netflix played with zero
syncing issues that also is a huge plus
now I test the phone cost with this it
was simple my voice was very clear for
truely wireless earphones but did pick
up every bit of background noise as well
so let's get into the sound analysis the
audio analysis here they're definitely
loud enough for me and I usually leave
them around 60% volume getting into bass
it's been a very clean experience and
some songs where bass feels neutral and
other random songs this sound cool can
sound punch in bass boosted making
genres of pop and EDM satisfying but if
you're into bass the sound core doesn't
provide enough deep bass frequencies to
make John Rousseff like hip-hop or so
really shine on those basis songs
I thought bass sounded as though you're
standing outside of the club you can
hear the bass but it sounds as though
the bass was going through the wall
basically at most it's a bass boosted
sound signature more fitting for again
pop idiom and classic rock now the
mid-range and vocal work is a good
balance that provides a clean experience
testing across the board of the genres
mentioned never did vocal sound recessed
but they definitely don't sound bright
or Ford either
voices stand on their own with being
distinct to the average consumer and in
for a good listening experience the
sound separation from left to right
audio channels are moderate with sound
stage being minimal considering 60 to
70% loudness or volume was very good to
me the high frequencies never peaked and
never became too sharp to me it was
again that neutral experience with never
starting to be rolled off or suppressed
however if you're blasting this at 80%
vibe or higher the highs then 10 sounds
slightly harsh and might get over mic it
ever so slightly raspy there but again
80% vom at least for me um bees are very
very loud so in general there's many
other expensive and big-name competitors
out there that was truly providing more
unique experience you're not getting
that vast soundstage or audio
characteristics on the Liberty lights
similar to the 200 L options with an app
for fine tuning and such but the Liberty
lights hit that nail out of the head for
those average consumers budget-conscious
or maybe value-oriented buyers
everything that is offered on the sound
cord Liberty lights does well the only
critique that I onl see had were the
features that was absent altogether
again that's vine controls and maybe
more streamlined a more streamlined way
to go into pairing mode would have
helped but if you do carry your phone
everywhere that you go and don't intend
on switching from Bluetooth device to a
Bluetooth device the sound Calibri
lights I believe is a great experience
they're easy to listen to with a lot of
quality and value from less than a
hundred dollars shoot less than $70
retail it's worth a look into you so
folks hopefully that helped you in some
way be sure to follow my Instagram or
Facebook again all those links are in
the video description including that
giveaway by anchor so check them out
thanks everyone bye

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