Android to iOS: Does the iPhone 7 have something to offer?

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

so with the release of the iPhone 7 and
iOS 10 Apple has made quite a few
improvements that to be honest are
pretty compelling when compared to
Android as a whole but after being a
heavy Android user pretty much ever
since it debuted on the HTC dream I
decided to take the plunge earlier this
year and I added an iPhone to my arsenal
of devices and of course we know the
best Android experience always came from
Google's Nexus devices and we've seen
the number of hardcore Nexus users grow
quite a bit over the years and with the
release of the Google pixel Google looks
to increase those numbers even further
the pixel is Google's iPhone if you will
the pixel cost the exact same as the
iPhone and a lot of Android users may
not be looking to spend that much for an
Android phone
especially after Nexus devices being
priced a good amount lower in the past
so for those of you that are curious
about testing the waters with a new
platform could the iPhone possibly be
enough to sway Android users after using
both extensively I feel I can give you
guys some fair perspective on this very
subject so after using Android since the
beginning what's it like using an iPhone
well t7 plus may turn some heads as it
now has things like dual camera lenses
stereo speakers an ip67 ratings you know
things that Android phones have had for
years while current ones like deep pixel
unfortunately do not have but most of
what deters Android users from using an
iPhone isn't necessarily within the
hardware it's the software iOS has been
notorious for its lack of customization
out of the box while some people may
argue the usefulness of this you still
can't close all applications at once you
still can't set default applications
you're still locked into using iMessage
for text you still can't toggle location
services and although you can toggle
these you still can't manage Wi-Fi and
Bluetooth connections straight from the
control center you still can't place
applications where you'd like to place
them on the home screen the list just
goes on but putting what many people
consider to be downfalls aside the
question remains
does the iPhone actually have something
to offer diehard Android fans the latest
version of iOS is seeing some pretty
nice improvements things like the
ability to respond to messages straight
from the notification itself
there's raise to wake you can now remove
/ hide stock applications from the home
screen you can finally clear all
notifications at once and you've got a
full page of widget like cards very
similar to Google now now if you're an
Android user you're probably giggling at
how these are seen as new
teachers when they've been on much older
versions of Android now what the iPhone
really has going for it is speed if
you're a power user just bouncing in
between applications like a madman the
iPhone 7 plus is definitely going to
impress you
it's got Apple's newest quad-core a10
fusion chip and three gigs of RAM now
what does that mean in English well it
means that this phone is blazing fast it
handled everything that I threw at it
like a boss touch ID remains in the top
three quickest fingerprint readers as of
now and the main thing that impressed me
was how quickly I could jump in between
applications and pick up from where I
left off without the app having to
refresh itself and also something that
seems to impress some people was that
the phone was so fast you could actually
prevent an app from opening up all the
way by hitting the home button while the
app is opening it's okay then but don't
get it twisted as of now the iPhone 7
just might be the fastest phone on the
market yeah I said it
then there's battery life the camera and
hardware these seven plus has some of
the best battery life on any phone that
I've ever used it's extremely reliable I
was very impressed the camera is easily
taught too among all smart phones out as
of now you could argue that it's number
one personally I still prefer the camera
on the galaxy s7 edge and although it is
early the camera on the Google pixel
looks extremely impressive as well but I
will admit the 7 pluses camera
definitely had me impressed with its 4k
video recording and how clean and stable
it was as for the hardware the first
thing that popped into my head and
pretty much everybody else's head was oh
yeah there's no headphone jack and
although some Android phones have
already been graced with this
subtraction the pixel for example still
has it and yes I still find it useful
and I did miss it on the iPhone there is
however the addition of a front facing
speaker up top which completes the
stereo sound for the iPhone finally the
sound is loud crisp and very enjoyable
so I was very impressed with that not
much else to say about the hardware
other than that it's very well put
together it's very solid but it's also
slippery very very slippery so to aid
this I went ahead and I slapped a D
brand skin on mine you can grab the ones
that I have here using the link in the
description so in a nutshell what makes
the iPhone so compelling is well it's
easy not saying that Android isn't but
let's be honest here with iOS there's
little to no learning curve at all you
just turn it on and start using it
still the same basic simple OS it's just
a grid of icons many will argue that iOS
is also better optimized and I'll have
to agree with them on that
things like overall application support
and pictures looking better on snapchat
things like this do matter but is it
enough and then of course there's the
wide wide world of jailbreaking
jailbreaking versus rooting is a whole
other topic for a whole other video but
jailbreaking does open the door for some
customization aspects you otherwise
would not get access to as long as
you're brave enough to go down that road
now I'm not trying to persuade anyone to
move over to the iPhone my main point
here is trying to get more Android users
to truly understand what iPhones could
offer and after using the 7 plus for
many weeks straight I still won't be
using it as my daily driver for much
longer in my eyes Android just works
better for me I can control how I want
to use my phone and the way it looks I'm
not tied down to anything for me it just
has more to offer this right here is
what it's all about it's about finding
which one works best for you and I'll be
honest if I had to I could probably get
away with using an iPhone as my daily
but I still feel like I'd be missing out
on a whole lot while doing so the
reverse does not hold true so that
pretty much does it for the video I hope
you guys enjoyed it if you did feel free
to hit that like button subscribe to the
Android police channel if you haven't
already comments your thoughts on this
video we greatly appreciate your
feedback that does it for me thanks for
watching guys

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