Android Q Beta 5: New Gestures + Top Features

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

there's just over a month left to go
until Android hue is finalized and we're
quickly hitting the home stretch of the
Q beta program so here's Android Q beta
5 which Google describes as a near final
release candidate level build a couple
big important changes in this one so
let's dive right into what's new the big
thing Google's still in the process of
straightening out in beta 5 is Android
keys new gesture navigation system which
we first saw a couple months back the
basic physics are more or less identical
to beta 4 but when you first power on
this new build you'll see these little
corner icons down here why are these
here well this is your new way to
activate the Google assistant replacing
a long press of the HOME key swipe
inwards from the corner to fire it up
and you'll see this new little animation
I'm not entirely sold on this new set up
as it exists right now not least because
on any modern pixel phone you can just
use the squeezed gesture on the side
bezels to do exactly the same thing plus
it's kind of obnoxious to see these
corner frames every single time you
power on the phone the whole thing just
doesn't look great right now and while
I'm moaning about the way things look
apps for the black navigation bar down
below continue to look well just weird
with these half rounded corners here at
this point it's worth confirming that a
few of the previously leaked features
expected in this fifth beta build
haven't actually materialized in the
public release that includes sensitivity
controls with a contentious new back
gesture which hopefully is coming in
beta 6 because right now using the back
gesture in an app with a slider menu is
still a major pain point
Google's update to the hamburger mini
behavior allows you to peek and then
slide but the implementation the current
build is kind of a mess it's often
impossible to protect which one will
trigger and often the new picky mechanic
will just break until you restart the
app what's more Google says the new
gestures won't work with third-party
launches until it addresses this issue
with a post launch update the new change
will kick in from next month cue beta 6
google says so if you're using nova or
action launcher or launch air then it's
back to the old three button setup for
you at least until some point after cue
is publicly released the gesture setup
here is gonna be an option on just about
every Android phone when cue arrives so
here's hoping Google can use the final
month of development to tune things up a
it isn't just new gestures stuff in the
latest Bilbo key weight of five changes
the default screen with a black
background that's easier on the eyes
meanwhile the notification shades silent
notifications are grouped together for
easier visibility of stuff you might not
have heard with a notification alert and
snoozing is now a top-level option for
notifications meaning if this feature is
something you just never used then you
can turn it off and never have to worry
about it triggering accidentally there's
still one final beta build to come
before angled Q is finalized likely
later in August and then the floodgates
can open for other devices to start
receiving the new version stick with us
for continuing Q coverage and subscribe
so you don't miss all our future videos
thanks for watching and I'll see you
next time


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