Android Q Beta 4: Top Features + What’s New

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

heyit's psychics Montori central and
here's a quick look at what's new in
beta 4 of android q as we inch ever
closer to the August release date of Q
were starting to see fewer big sweeping
changes to the next version of Android
but there are still some major points of
interest to talk about first off the
pixel 3a Series joins the Android beta
program for the first time these were
kind of available or the first round of
launches of the pixel 3a but they were
shortly pulled after release now they're
officially supported a second the iPhone
style gesture navigation system
introduced in the last version of Q has
been tuned up a little bit in this
latest release the physics are a little
bit more fluid and we can probably
expect to see some further tune ups as Q
approaches final release status
interestingly this gift released by
Google at the same time to show how
gesture navigation will eventually work
on Q doesn't quite match what we have
now in the current beta so it seems like
there's still room for things to change
around a little bit and the new back
gesture is still pretty annoying in
third-party apps with side-scrolling
hamburger menus but at least you can't
go back to the old three button set up
if you want Plus in google apps like the
Play Store there is an exclusion area so
you can still use those hamburger menus
let's hope third-party apps are updated
pretty quickly after launch cuz
otherwise this is gonna be a major pain
and speaking of swiping you can once
again swipe in any direction to get rid
of notifications this change basically
reverses the addition in earlier queue
betas of a swipe to either the left or
right side opening the notification
options now you can just swipe halfway
and tap like you could on Android Pi and
a full swipe in either direction will
dismiss the notification and next some
quickfire changes that are pretty
interesting not seeing this one on our
devices but tear downs by XDA have shown
references to face authentication in
beta 4 it's been a long time coming and
so at this stage it would not surprise
me at all to see some flavor of face
unlock in the pixel for Google's digital
well being feature is now tied directly
into the recent menu so you can see how
much time you've got remaining before
going into an app if you're into
customization you'll find new options
for accent colors and fonts hiding in
the developer settings menu as with all
hidden settings options though there's
no telling if this will go away or be
expanded in future releases
and smartlock which dates will we're
back to lollipop and lets you keep your
phone unlocked while it's on your body
at a trusted location or connected to a
trusted Bluetooth device might be
rebranded soon as pixel presence
possibly a hint at google doing
something more with multi-layered
ambient security in future pixel devices
and the good old manual rotation control
is back it now exists as this little
floating thing that you can use even
with fully gestural navigation it's a
great option to have if you're
frustrated by auto rotation and of
course having it as a floating button
means the navigation part doesn't need
to be gigantic there's not long now of
what Android q is ready and stable for
all pixel owners to enjoy and of course
until we finally find out what that Q
actually stands for stay with us in the
months ahead and subscribe so you don't
miss any of the rest of our coverage
thanks for watching and I'll see you
next time

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