Android Police Podcast Ep.196 – LIVE

by birtanpublished on December 4, 2020

Yeah like they do but they've been you know he's like it's like Gumby Jesus all right I'm serving the runta started I wanted him in the you know like the statue in roseville I suppose I wanted him in the hell's that statue called oh the something in Portuguese Christ the Redeemer I think it Christ that's it across the Redeemer yes so he's he's right there beside my own face I wonder if they have conversations at night I'm good at social s here real quick I think I said many of you guys it's not really make sure there's no thick you want to wake uh look at what what are we talking about time we do the shoot do we need to

Talk about the healthy x series or i guess the stylist to i mean i don't really have any strong feelings about those oh yeah they seem pretty pretty boring I mean those are the yeah we don't really have to talk about that we can always talk about those if they are more interesting than they seem we can discuss those leaders or if we're going to the mwc roundup thing we can like mention that I guess yeah I can go in there almost we don't have to talk about the the LG v10 thing I wrote that's um I don't have to i'm just gonna cut out that's fine I thought maybe I thought

Maybe you could just have like your wife come on to talk about it you could do the whole lot like he said/she said thing live on the air that's true I could I could bring her on here but I seriously think she'd probably pass out that's entirely possible I mean I really think that that that would that's a very like oh I forgot to turn on the lower third on there it is look at that see move that a little bit yeah need to like maybe stand tall I just my lower third is blocking my Jimmy Butler Jersey and it's really it's really fucking up my Chi ok it's not blocking my Anderson

Varejao Jersey that's because you're not wearing your interesting pair of shelters in loving memory in memoriam Anderson Baird oh man I should show her kinda Jersey now so by the way the story was I bought that in 2009 I think because I war I just really wanted to get a blue Cavs jersey and I was gonna buy a LeBron one but I was like you know what there's a chance he's not gonna be back after next year and then like I propel pretty vindicated for a while and then I felt I'm vindicated later so i bought Varejao just because I didn't want to buy lebron jersey um you

Know what I can I like it I think that's great i'm good with that and also Xers also pictures may exist online somewhere of me with hair that was actually my hair that looked an awful lot like Andersen Barrett oh that is terrible and I feel really bad for you yeah so you know and that's the story of how Matt got his Anderson Varejao jersey I'm so glad we've gone on this other another clue okay let's start let's start let's start this this program all right so I'm gonna do the role for y note and then i have the mid role which i'm just going to play on my phone and that all know if

You can see that or not you see it yikes i find it that is Fanta that dude that is so much better than Anderson Varejao spare just anything just so we're clear you really need to bring that back I mean that well i'll tell you what i'll bring that back as soon as I bring that weight back I weigh like 90 pounds more than i did in that picture I'm not even getting you should buy a bike I hear they help you lose weight I hear that too I mean I'm Oh what David starts to see it's too dark okay um trying anyone else so we got one voicemail and then we have

How many antiques three do we have church we just have an email yeah boy give you know okay it's not on the thing yeah I couldn't find it I don't know if I deleted it or what but I thought we had one format doesn't we yes this is another one format can you have it I have it downloaded so as long as you as long as you remember to play it you can just you know I will remember to play it and then just handle that antiques business um this is interesting no I did okay all right I so I'm gonna I'm gonna have to rip the audio from youtube because i'm using the computer i am

Recording on okay sweet emma is my volume okay like am i okay docking in this volume it's a little i owned lovely it seems a little loud it seems a little hot to me i don't know what you know what hold on it's I mean it's fine it's maybe towards the top end of volume but it's not like weird or anything let me not unusually loud this to over the bell audio bring it although i think you should definitely types not periodically throughout the podcast because it's really funny there is the thing okay i'm gonna turn down no i would i would like something how is this comparatively that

Sounds better okay yeah eat microphone definitely has a lot of play with a game that's it like 39 out of a hundred um okay so i'm going to go ahead and get this antiques road show on the road this week's Android Police podcast is brought to you by line owed if you had to lie no calm saatchi android police inside of stay and get a free $20 service credit welcome to the android police podcast your weekly audio source for all things android it is thursday februari 18 2016 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm David Rennick Cameron Summerson i'm ryan whitwam

And we are just a few days away from mwc so I think we've got a big show lots to talk about we're going to start off with some google news not necessarily mwc related it all in any way shape or form but the the news this week coming out is that apparently google is working on a new vr headset new as in not not google cardboard that's what would make it new because if it was cardboard it wouldn't it wouldn't be new that's that's not new at all that's all so uh standalone headset I'm guessing that means no phone is required what we know yeah that's that's that's pretty much it i think

It's just supposed to supposed to be a VR headset that doesn't require a phone totally don't have like its internal electronics and the screen and supposedly camera it'll be you know more like the oculus or the but without yours right it's gonna be one or the other side with a pseudo one what yeah it won't need to be tethered to like a computer or anything like that so I mean it'll be more like a kind of like a gear VR minus the phone installed inside of it plus a battery yeah plus it was the battery and uh I mean so the rumor contained speculation that it would be

Shown off at i/o and May and it will run a version of Android and we heard in the past the Android n will have some sort of specific VR support so perhaps that will that will sort of tie in maybe they'll hand out you know VR headsets that I oh and say alright here's a you know the dev build of android and go home and play with this yeah i mean that's interesting i wonder in what they're really going to do to amp up the VR experience because I mean Google cardboard is very very basic as far as VR goes yeah I mean you know what the thing about about cardboard is it's like

It's very cool to demo the our stuff but you can't really use it for more than a few minutes because your phone is going to get super hot and it's going to just destroy the battery like some phones will like just straight up like shut off if you you know have them in like one of those like fully enclosed fancier cardboard things they just get so hot yeah you know makes sense I'm guessing they'll probably try to optimize for the hi-res wonder whether resolution of it will be it's going to be above you know 1080p your infinity quad HD or what the deal is going to be very curious to see

What's like actually inside but yeah a quad HD screens are getting pretty cheap now I mean like like mid-range phones are coming with them so they're probably swing it and not make it too obscenely expensive it's true I wonder what they're going to do as far as content goes I mean the existing card for content like okay but you know there's no reason not just use a phone for that considering that's what the mass market is going to want well give it out at a developer Developers Conference they're probably hoping that by the time they actually want to sell it to people that

You know there won't be things that people actually want to download but they gave out cardboard a developer conference yeah but I can pay you know I think I keep I keep saying this and I continue to lead it's true they cardboard was a joke when they handed it out there like oh this is funny people will get a kick out of this and then they realize ago people actually kind of want this we should make it a thing yeah yeah that doesn't seem like something that snow balled in the positive way hmm yes there certainly became a big deal i'll be very early night what the google

Does with this i mean the whole idea of having a newbie our platform that's separate from oculus and from what you'll call two valves you know whatever the black power money for whatever that thing is you know now but obviously this probably more casual yeah I mean you know I think that Google is probably just anticipating there's going to come a day when like you know vr companies are thinking like hey we should make of the our headset and what'll it run I guess it might as well run Android so you know Google's just trying to get out ahead of that maybe and say like look if

You're gonna do that this is probably how you should do it so that they don't end up with a bunch of like weird non-compatible like AOSP running VR headsets that's the point definitely man anytime I try to use any sort of VR God it gives me the worst headache Oh meet know me too though like every time i try i have to like write about a cardboard thing I'll use it for five or ten minutes and I feel like shit for the next hour yeah that's exactly what happened to me too I'm like this this sucks I know I never had that problem with VR but like every

High score board yeah I me think that it's it's it's that it's cardboard it's like it's a phone screen like you know an inch away from my face through I kind of crappy question hello I have used a VR you know the thing with your VR is certain experiences are fine and some of them are like make me want to throw up immediately but with oculus in five they've got that nailed down better they understand what makes people sick and they do not that basically seems to be the directive it's uh but some people are definitely much more sensitive than others definitely also you know it

Speaking of this you know we know that super on the subject already and we're going to talk about in the VC removes any way they're probably a new version of the gear VR I mean we've got a meeting with oculus we're at talk about a curvy are pretty sure lots say that and I so it's going to be the new gear VR for the gallery as I went for the salmon in the SF edge so to have to fit both and I wonder if they're going to do anything or it's just going to be another minor refresh at the existing hardware another of any rumors about that isn't samsung doing a they are

Coming out with a virtual reality camera right that was well that was also a rumor but I mean it don't reason to think it's not true yeah yeah so I would guess that it would make sense if they're going to do the VR camera to launch an updated version i really want them to come out with a i want them to come out with a VR camera for my watch yeah so that you can like when you're on the slopes and you run into a lady you can just like the hey baby check out my watch it takes be our pictures right way better than a millennium item in your hand in the air and spinning it okay

That work that hectic appliance virtually foolproof yeah this is yeah this is definitely going to happen all right so uh so we had a new we had a new android commercial come out the okay so that they preempted the commercial on Twitter was was interesting so the Android team the Twitter account just started tweeting a bunch of C's letter sees in strings that represented words assuming I mean it I don't I just I don't know who runs the android Twitter account that thought this was a good idea because everybody just thought okay they've been hacked obviously because

This doesn't make any sense you know the letter the letter C over and over and summer capitalized is there something I thought I thought but including but not sure if that's a thing and then so then eventually they wised up and they started including a link to the YouTube video and when you see the video and you see the tweets you can sort of like piece together what they're getting at yes it's it's another one of their be together not the same commercials so it's like there's a guy playing piano he's pay he's playing you know that a pretty famous Beethoven piece like

Everybody recognized it and like you know then he turns around and goes to another piano and all of the keys produce the same note and you're like oh yeah it's way better than when all the notes are different just like Android right but so then like you know with the tweets if it's all the same letter then it's bad it's kind of the same thing and then so if yet they eventually explain what the hell they were talking about but it was just a very bizarre way to to promote the commercial which is I mean it's a fine commercial I'm just gonna throw it out there that whoever came up

With this idea was probably on drugs isn't yeah quite possibly yeah what if they were all and everything was a see don't everything see oh look it's awesome maybe maybe they actually just went to UM maybe they were on like a really long flight never on the second tier of this flight you know what I'm saying maybe it wasn't drugs yeah maybe it was that dream not quite awake not quite a sleep state see and then I wrote it up saying yeah definitely this is this is inside pre-show joke that isn't very very very funny it's funny for us yes sorry everybody else yeah sorry i'm

Not really not really we're not really sorry hey so let's talk about gmail so gmail is rolling out an update it has this new gmail if I option which basically allows you to take any of your non gmail accounts and convert them basically the gmail accounts except you know obviously they still won't be gmail accounts but get your get your tabbed inbox you get your you know searchability you get your whatever else you get your gmail functionalities sudden hotmail and yahoo whatever everything you guys try this out do you have you guys been having a personal

Fortune or even talk about it the tagline for gmail if i should be ready at gmail I don't even know what it means to have an email address that's not gmail like an somebody what is it what is that can somebody to lay that lesser existence yeah I don't mean definitely judge people when they get me a hotmail address I mean doesn't I do we all know like like why are you using hotmail yeah well I in your life I'm done using outlook that's the 1i my guard I guess without look like I can you know whatever but you can access your hotmail account through web outlook David and

Matt that's true but I mean like the whole idea this is like if you're going to put your non gmail email address into the gmail app which you can do now like you're probably doing it because you have the address for ages and you don't want to change it but at least this way you can get the gmail sort of features you know without you know actually having a gmail address I mean has like the spam protection stuff and you know it does like the social updates and promotions tab sorting you know in search and it'll plug in some of the google now cards so you can get like

Like reservations and stuff in google now even if you know you're using a hotmail address which is neat but I i mean i think google with props out in reverse order to catching them all third-party mail services right now just yahoo and outlook / hotmail and they will add northern later okay i'm guessing they're gonna go by bill good so i'm gonna ever be services to because if they allowed you to do any any pop3 email address and you could use your own custom domain email not pay for google apps well yeah I mean it but you could only get this stuff on a phone that's

True well not entirely okay so have you so neither of you guys actually have you guys done it yet I'm guessing not no I don't I don't here's so here's how it works okay so I download the apk I have a closure here's David cuz that's the thing i have a hotmail account which I've just had forever and I don't want to change it collected I would you most things but there's still things that you saw like my amazon account is still tied to my hotmail for whatever reason so I went ahead and I time together and it actually what it does when you do the gmail if I thing it actually links it to

Your gmail account so my hotmail account is now linked to my gmail and it's like I have a unified inbox that all has everything gmail and the cool thing about it the thing that the surprise me is when I did that it actually so I did that I linked it to my gmail but I use in box for my gmail account so i closed out of that and then I opened in box and now all my hotmail stuff is an inbox and at first I hated it and then I swiped all the crap away and now I'm like i love this now this is the best thing ever yeah so it actually links it actually links your gmail account to

Another account she wasn't like is it forwarding your your hotmail like into your gmail account only i'm gonna pull up on the web because i haven't looked it up on the web since I did it but it's right when to email services love each other very much yeah uh yeah it's it's totally emerged in box it's completely merged in boxing like a lady r is they pull it in like transmogrifies it and then like somehow routes it directly into your gmail account basically magic so yeah it's it's cool feature I mean it's very exciting for people who don't use gmail

I guess but why would they want to begin using gmail that is really the key question here what is going to get grandma to switch from yahoo 22 gmail is it's a nice feature to have I'll probably do with my Outlook account that I've never used any way I probably won't do it cuz let's get more spam at night maybe oh my goodness so I just totally remembered that my phone only syncs X amount of time and now i'm looking at my inbox and there's so many things i have to mark done now hundreds and hundreds of things i need to mark done yeah sometimes you know when i'm feeling a

Little down i'll just swipe away it mark everything done in my my android police email just get out this is why I do that I do that sometimes yes sortez work at us wearing my unread select all mark as read yeah pretty much well i I just I archive everything because I like the nice big white space on my screen so are you trying to tell me that you guys don't read every single email that comes in to android police the only person that does that is artem and he literally does that literally he really does do that he really does does that if you could send us the stupidest thing an art

Of would probably insult you but yeah oh yeah for sure oh no that's that is absolutely and agnes and the signature will say sincerely Artur Martin viscosity founder Android please yes and he really is he really is sincere about it he's very sincere I i will i will tell you oh my goodness i I'm so mad that I looked at this now so we have to talk that MWC stuff I guess that that uh somebody as already has she five minutes 7 UA it says a lot probably probably illicitly obtained yeah yeah yeah but um so yeah hey Dave look pretty much like

Have been rumored the s7 I think it's an edge model it looks like it looks kind of like the one it like looks like the s6 but slightly more groovy late a little little rounder on the corners and then the g5 is kind of weird not the most attractive phone I've ever seen yeah it's got its got the fat chin right or is there anything attached to this one I mean it's got so I mean I think that what looks weird it has so on the back it's got a fingerprint sensor like kind of where like the Nexus phones do and then it's got a dual camera module and then the buttons have moved back to

The side LG's been doing the rear button thing for a long time and I guess this year they decided not to do that anymore oh yeah this one doesn't look like it has a chin module on it yet so I think not only be able do you swap at the bottom part is the unmagic slotted stock phone and so when you put the chin on it and it looks like a much much bigger so looking at these pictures so right now with that chin on it so like as i understand it based on things i haven't seen um that whole LG logo area that whole thing should like pop off and you'll be able to put on a different

Thing there I'd be at a camera or some other stuff other they're gonna release so you have to be able to have like higher-end camera something like that I will find out there any if you if you look at like the the photos of the of the front you can sort of see it looks like there's them there's a little division in the casing where the bottom can just you like the lines right along the edge yeah that seems entirely entirely plausible although maybe not the best idea yeah we'll see I mean see what they do it also is definitely not an

Attractive fun at all this is definitely the ugliest phone LG is made in a lot yeah it looks very it looks very old-fashioned to me it's got like a nexus 5x fingerprint scanners left on the back and then a camera module from like I don't even know what is that I'm it looks like the evo 3d but sideways yeah I guess it is it's like some the belongs on like it'd be dumb you know though she like all look at the back of the phone it looks like a surprised person hahahaha really does it's like oh my god it shocks that it's so ugly yeah so is that and I'm a curious see what LG

Does this law thing because I think it could be kind of I mean it could be totally stupid but it could be could be at least they're they're trying something new I mean we you know like last year we were all kind of incredulous that Samsung with the curved screen thing but it turns out people really really really like those yeah I'm you know in the words with the s7 and s7 edge I mean Sam's gonna sell a bunch of them but I don't really nothing I've seen makes me that you know they got bigger batteries yeah i mean i think that's that's what people are going to

Be most interested in I mean looks like the the camera module doesn't like stick as high above the bag as it all is a little thicker I would not be surprised so if they're supposed to be waterproofed yeah so I guess we will let you know you will see how that goes yeah and then you know I mean that I've stuff go on mwc so there's there's nothing anything about Sony so I don't think Sony's gonna do a big phone revealed mwc I think we would have seen a link by now I think they're probably going to wait or maybe skip the cycle or something I'm not sure or maybe I mean they're going

To have an event maybe they'll announce tablets or something how are they Ivan I've looked pretty where they have an event of some sort happening in truth staying okay so they do have a acc okay you should know that as our man on the ground there yeah we never get invited to sony's press conference because never do you know he's been ever is sony has no presence in the US so they don't unless you're a blog with a Europe or Asia presence it's it's even they don't want it they don't care they don't want to talk to you um so okay if they do have press conference that's possible

They will do a new zphone although the fact that haven't been named leaks is interesting the sony homes usually leak pretty extensively well maybe it leaked and nobody knew it wasn't as last year's or last week ever yeah because it looks just like dr. punishments yeah yeah and let's see I mean we know that Olga tells gonna have some new phones that accidentally leaked on their support site so we'll probably see those this could be good for the money always got a press conference I think the consensus is that the Ascend is it the p 9 or p10 p9 is the next 19 I think the consensus

Is you're going to unveil that which is going to be there you know they're high fashion I end you know is that is that a another non US release Oh certainly there's never been a p full rare flagship pipa because we have the p8 lite in the US which was ya RAB again um but the p 9 is we'll probably have some and then it's supposed to be something tricky going on with a camera on that phone but i am i'm not certain i think it might have dual cameras or something the whole tool camera thing coming back is kind of annoying they never really did that much to begin with you know i'm

Really not sure with you reverse did anybody do it other than HTC before this i mean yeah the dual camera thing yeah i think so there was a there was a G there was an LG G phone that had dual cameras wasn't there there was um I had there's that era when there are all those 3d phones and I think a couple of them had dual cameras to like how they like there is that was like that was a see both every day yeah that was like the most popular of the 3d foam and then I think there was an LG one I don't really remember that out it was I can't remember oh I'm on optimus 3d I guess no

Thrill 4g is what it was called here the thrill 4g and it didn't have it had it had two cameras on the back yet well you know LG just announced that new in the new x-series they announced the ex cam which is going to have dual cameras it's got a 13 megapixel all them back and a 5-megapixel on the back I don't know what yes what's the plan I realize I mean I really don't get it like we've been doing this antique thing lately we're gonna do some later like if anybody has one of these 3d phones still sitting around like I would really like oh yeah those are fun legal they're

Really over there would like to talk about this I'm just looking at a picture of death the thrill 4g right now I'm just like oh how did anybody think this was a good idea that was a good time so yeah we got we got huawei they'll have a new phone they might have two phones it's always hard to tell what while he's gonna do um and I think that's you know for the major phone oem's that's a HTC is not doing anything yeah they're they're waiting longer to announce the M Tanya so the up 10 is not coming next week I say don't they don't want to get steamrolled by Samsung and LG yeah

Pretty much and I don't think it's even going to be ready in time to begin with so it's kind of a moot point as far as their their plans here it's possible they could announce a you know budget phone but I don't necessarily even see that happening so and Lenovo will probably do some stuff at mwc whenever always does some stuff um who are the magician last year who had the magician ah which petition even several McGee there were so many there were so many magicians or so so many magicians which we the only admission I remember is the one of Sue's had like three years ago

And that was that was pretty good oh that was excited it sounded familiar i think it was LG i think so um but hey what else Motorola is having this we're going to go to this motorola round table with Rick Osterloh and some other motorola executive person and they're going to talk about how to roll of stuff I don't think they're going to announce any new fountains not they really have a reason to they're definitely mid-cycle on all their devices so we may be something interesting will come with that I'm not sure and who else is there i mean we

Well that's happening with samsung in that we all know it's happening with lv and beyond that i'm really not not super is sure what else we're going to expectancy makes i could pull apart calendar here is Qualcomm doing some big Snapdragon 820 lovefest oh I'm sure they are we have them came with them and I'm sure they're going to say words to me about Snapdragon 820 and they're gonna be so much as they'll stress how totally chilly it is yes so chilly it has a built-in air conditioner comes with an ice maker I'm also going to go to this blackberry round table which I'm sure is

Going to be an epic waste of time but it's on Wednesday and nothing else happening we're also meeting with leggy co which is I could these to be called le TB and now they're like oh I think I don't hits le eco I think it's like oh but I'm not certain that was that was so weird because it was le TV but all of their devices were laying whatever yes that was really confusing I'm convinced it was actually ledger but they just didn't want to say it yeah that that whole company is weird I don't think they're announcing anything new mwc because they have their staff dragon 820

Phones coming out fairly soon they'll probably have that here again maybe a little more finished I don't know I think ups well it's very live i'm in spain right now and it is what time is it it's it's three o'clock in the morning but what day is it David I don't know what days is it is it yesterday is it today or is it tomorrow I think it sitting it's tomorrow for us there it is it is tomorrow from you it's living in the future David uh-huh he has to go back nine hours in the future oh you know what they're also going to know you

Don't owe is either the cat is going to be there they're gonna have that that needed a clear phone you should definitely go and check that out and um hey take thermal pictures of things that is a cool thing yeah it is yeah you know I mean it's a cool idea at the same time though I wonder like how many businesses but actually I mean I guess someone wants sportage I mean it's expensive like if your if your company is gonna pay for a phone and they're like we get the cat phones because they don't break as easily like well I guess I'll just get the one with the fair camera because

Why not yeah maybe I mean there's definitely some applications kind of stuff I mean my dad fortson you know some light industry stuff where you know thermal cameras have been used for years and years and you know the idea of a highly portable thermal camera is decent although they're not as accurate or not as good at measuring temperatures and there I'm just gonna spoil out so I just could've I but now it is probably the neatest thing I've ever heard yeah I mean you know it's like you like cats phones are you know not each anyways but so now what you're doing is you're

Saying like we're going to take the segment of phones who need highly ruggedized phones and we're going to give the ones who need a thermal camera an option yeah I mean it I'm three people so okay I mean no that's gonna be my this could be my main phone when it comes out don't know what mooring the thermal camera like it actually looks like probably the best phone that cat has ever released because is actually running an updated version of Android and has reasonably good specs it's basically expect like it like a one a9 but like with a gigantic battery and a

Thermal camera any chance that we can see a cat Nexus phone with a thermal camera that's pretty great google thing that happen and so so subtle there's a little brings up a good point here about this phone i mean which already type is interesting but the idea the fact is if you need a need a micro bolometer is the thermal imaging camera you're probably going to buy a good one and not one that slapped into a phone although if you're doing a lot of if you so your job requires so much thermal measurement maybe it can be handy just have one that you can have in your

Pocket at all times is it making sure it's going to be something that you're going to you know it's going to be larger than that there are handheld ones you like point-and-shoot and there's a little screen on it but those are you know there's a thousand dollars plus to start and flirty company exposed to be that me really I think it could be really handy for people who are like amateur filmmakers and want to pretend they're predator that's really the only reason I want one I have always wanted to be a predator I feel like sometimes they even run around my house going like

This with my hands because it kind of makes me feel like predator but seriously I opens this way oh my god I've been doing it wrong a whole way so you're right this it's so true it's if it really it kind of flares open like a beautiful flower oming it ugly and not a flower but I used to work with these guys who they did like HVAC stuff and they had like a remote thermometer you could point it at something and we tell you the temperature I felt like something simple like the thermal camera would you know if they're having HVAC problems in a big place you can go in

With the camera and just do a quick scan around I don't know how how those things work though just to show oh there's a hot spot over here we need to go check this out I don't know maybe I'm just completely maybe I don't understand enough about how those things work you can actually use them that way you can even use them spot like if you have leaks and your walls and stuff is like the kind of stuff like what they're building into this phone it's like exactly like the the Fleer one USB camera you can buy it's like 200 bucks and just plugs into USB port on your

Phone and I mean that works well I mean that works well it has it has like a visible light camera and the thermal camera and then it overlays the images you get like a more contrast II sort of image instead of just all like the blotchy heat map thing yeah yeah because the blotchy eat map is like it's hard to interpret and you know there is there is also the forgetting the name is the flu to do to do to do the other the other thermal dongle to seek seek yeah yeah that one has high resolution but it's not as reliable and it has more kind of artifacting going on

Because it's a sensor isn't quite as well tuned so micro bolometer is like the floor one has like a resolution of what like is 120 x 80 or something like that not sure I I review it I should you know I think it's it's surprisingly low because these are difficult devices to manufacture yeah i mean i don't like that it scales up the um yeah it's super samples everything when you're overlaying video files like the files it spits out our for our 640 x 480 yeah I think that's not censor as a as a resolution I think maybe a quarter of that yeah something like that that's

That sounds about right picture yeah they're interesting devices but yeah we're probably spending too much time yeah we don't need to talk about the potty and oh that's gonna play so I think you know that probably probably Browns off or mwc rumor uh business business speaking of business right we should probably do some business right now should excuse the salt have you ever wondered who owes Android Police calm no well I'm about to tell you anyways I know and Android Police has been hosted online out for over 45 years now and we've been very happy with them and that

Really is a big part of why then this week podcast monster because we can recommend them all heartedly for being a listener the Android please podcast you can get a twenty-dollar line of service credit if you go to lie note calm sauce android police that is li and as an 00 DZ / android police and that twenty dollar credit isn't a credit you can't you that gets you tons of service online ads based here which costs ten dollars a month everything's built our early but if you price it out for months and dollars promote for that basic tier and

Can see you a gigabyte of ram a CPU or twenty four gigs of SSD storage two terabytes of transcript a seat 40 gigabits per second in connection on the network 125 megabits per second of all for just all it's a month Wynonna offers a variety of plant the scale all the way from one gigabyte of RAM in one cpu or 296 gigabytes of ram in 20 cpu cores so they have something there for everybody depending on your server needs my node has state-of-the-art servers they've recently switched from zen the kvm virtualization which have provided unix benchmark increases boers three percent

For virtual server performance so they are fast and that native SSD storage coupled with a 40 gigabit network and processors which are the new Intel 5z on processors which are very fast offer you cutting edge servers for not a really a all that high of a price 24 hour a day 7 day a week supporting even on holidays there's a seven day money-back guarantee for any service in a server running in under a minute I'm there add-on services available for backups no balancers in longview um any everything there to really meet your needs for a server and like I said if you had lino com saatchi

Android please sign up today look at that twenty dollar credit check out what line out it's all about the coast Android please could we like them so what have you got to lose thanks again to my note and yes that is a lazy way to do a live at but we're going to edit it back end with the proper file and post because of basically I'm remote it's difficult to do it that was super pro what are you talking about that's the way all the big names do it I just want to say that I appreciated the fact that the whole time you're your screen was on camera it was showing the episode from

Last week of our show so it was like some self-promotion mid-show two at the same time also also David's resume apparently yeah it's I haven't it's all stuff that yes it's all my recent stuff let's see the city sale for my old car the last two F says the podcast oh it's all there alright so what we're gonna move on to some announcements this particular one just apparently couldn't wait for mwc archos announced a bevy of tablets on the super cheap running Android 6.0 which is uh I don't know not too shabby I guess it's no for dollar phone releasing in India

But it's it's pretty close so 10 inch tablet 475 dollars that's if it's worth owning I guess first if I'm gonna have my one like mean thing to say in the challenge shut up our cows Oh way nobody cares if they're they're not they don't make good stuff I don't think you should probably give them money for things I don't think you could give them any because you go ahead ago you're gonna regret it you could have spent that hundred and seventy five dollars on light something else you could have saved a little bit more and purchased a tablet you don't hate yeah I I these are

We pry should've taken these off spreadsheets i noticed i think it's i think it's valid that we need to point out to people that archos makes poor quality things that they probably should not buy charger goes but man i remember when i hate you but they came out with that game pad thing it was like kind of like a PSP I don't know the Android and an SD card slot and God it was just so bad I've relevant had got that I don't think it ever did because it was good to say I I think I think it got delayed oh yeah Argos prototypes so many things and like demos them but then like

Three-quarters of them actually never come to market they're like Samsung who doesn't actually know it did it oh my god it totally did it come out what was it called just the archos gamepad yeah wow that's a good name 7 inch screen oh my god your games will look amazing on the 16 million colors 7 inch 1024 x 600 pixels screen it's got its five-point capacity of what that sentence doesn't even make sense it's the cheapest thing we could buy it's so perfect for your touch anywhere games too I'm a soulless look I'm studies those thumbsticks look

Terrible although they did have this thing that was a lot like the nvidia controller mapping before the other buddy coming only did yeah that was that was actually pretty one day what there's a gamepad to this no shit oh it's 12 it's 1280 by 800 Oh snout big dog art goes up in here two gigabytes of ram quad core CPU and jelly bean when did this come out can I be when this came out I'm going to look it up poner the game had to you ever did kind of I remember them announcing it it sort of what fight here's a fun fact arcos actually released a press release for

The gamepad three but it was neighbor fools joke wait are you see right not done well when the when announcing the sequel was a joke oh wait no no I think it was another blog I think was a blog that did it as a joke and yeah that sounds better right I like to think that it was our coast that made a joke out of their own product archos would never do that our cause is very serious about their they're being serious yeah the gamepad two came out in august of 2013 oh my oh no i'm sorry in august of 2013 it was revealed that archos is working on a successor called the archos gamepad

Too that's all there is to it though ok so it never actually came out then I guess I guess well no but here's like a night here's a hear you to evangelism from the end of 2013 there's the review it got three out of five stars on tech Raider i guess i'm looking it up on ebay that's going to Ray's bleep led to hear it is 16 gigabytes Wi-Fi dream builders you can buy it now for three hundred dollars with it 64 or you can set your money on fire but listen right below that for four dollars you can also buy two clear screen protectors for the archos gamepad

700e the button section as well that's impressive they do they do they cover the whole thing this is actually just some cellophane and you just wrap up the entire tablet in cellophane and then you wrap up your face you could forget that the whole thing ever happened well I got dark incredibly fast yeah I'm sorry I'm not sorry the archos gamepad to probably won't asphyxiate yourself come to count of anti suffocation screen protectors so I think Brian had some woods about dead i have a 360 sport i yes the Moto 360 is for it um more than likely you should not buy it because it's the same price

As the the regular the small moto 360 second gen and it's not as nice like it's got a a transflective LCD which is cool if you spend a lot of time outside but I mean it has gps that's like those are really the only two things that that make it a you know maybe a little bit better in some ways but it's got kind of a cheap feeling silicone band that does not come off I mean it's not me doesn't look terrible but it definitely does not look or feel like a three-hundred-dollar watch and the battery life is not really any better than the regular wave maybe it's a it's like a few more hours of

Battery life but but the transflective discreet as display is non back late in ambient mode it's just like the SmartWatch 3 so you can't see it like in a dark room until you wake the watch up I would have thought that would make the battery life much better but it kind of it doesn't really so um yeah for three hours you should not probably get this yeah so basically it's the SmartWatch 3 4 double the amount of money yeah pretty well so it doesn't have a heart rate sensor right no it does it does Oh does okay just oh yeah it's it on the bottom it's just like the regular motor 360 and

I mean it actually seems a little bit more accurate to me than the radio moto 360 but city I was I was all on board to buy that too because I really want a round SmartWatch for the transflective display cuz I'm tired of my sony smartwatch yeah but I mean you know like the aesthetics of this watch like I don't think it really you should buy it because like I went around watched it'll look better because it doesn't really look that great it looks pretty cheap yeah that was on deeper in my you know I'm really hoping that that new casio watch doesn't suck but i already know is

Probably yeah I mean it looks pretty chunky but I'm hoping I've got I'm holding out hope that it won't be terrible you know when I saw the 360 sport CES which is the first time I saw it in person I I almost I was like looking at pre production units because the fit of the Bands does not seem good on the body it looks kind of yeah yeah I mean it um yeah it's sort of it's sort of like you can tell like there's a little bit of like a of the body of the watch extending out into where the silicone connect because it kind of I know if you could tell i get sort of

It's sort of like hovers slightly over top of a risk so I mean but I a small wrists so I know if you have like larger wrist it might not even matter but I mean it definitely it just it doesn't look or feel like a really nice watch and like and like tastes like it's little things like the button is plastic instead of metal like on the regular 360 and it just doesn't I mean it just doesn't feel like I would expect a three-hundred-dollar watch to feel plastic because sports yeah I guess I mean you certainly can't get metal wet ever that seems like kind of a

Half-hearted effort on his part yeah I'm actually kind of surprised that they released it because it took him so long to get it out the door like after they announced it and then it was like a month after it came out the UK it launched in the US and they were very they were very pokey with sending out review units I think they kind of knew it wasn't super good yeah I mean I guess they're not going to sell too many of those yeah yeah not until you know if they if they start doing some big price cuts on it like if you could get this for 150 or 200 thing

Sure go for it maybe I'll wait maybe I'll buy one when they're 150 I'm pretty sure this I paid for my SmartWatch 3 anyway either 100 or 150 I got a pretty solid deal on it I waited through google deepen I'm gonna bring I online promotion swapping ebay someone all events tell one Devon I'll wait till I can get a new one for that price though if I'm vital I don't know it's really obnoxious that the band is not swappable that yeah that's really really and it only comes in in black white and orange like the orange is like that another some people might be okay with that but

However you gonna want to you're gonna would aware of blaze orange SmartWatch every day the black man is like it's fine it's very basic and the white one according to my wife it looks it looks very feminine and she doesn't think I should wear it outside where people can see so what see the white is probably what I would buy that's what I wish I had the world yeah I don't I mean I think it looks fine but I mean up to a bear several women have told me that it looks very feminine so i don't know i don't know about these things I mean what do what do women know about things

Are good fitment I mean Syria I don't feel like no women thinking they know things about women yes it doesn't make any sense to me I don't even know what this world is I'll shout shall we move on to voice miss and he did he doesn't know though don't tell me that I'm muted when I'm not worried so that you wouldn't hear them cuz I thought you funny okay all right let's move on to voicemail well gentlemen perhaps with his unending list of questions my question to aid is around actual calling I've long held that a smartphone is a computer purse than a bone second which

May be why Celeste buffoons I've had have had mediocre call quality especially with 2d speakerphone certainly worse than my old world motorola freezer so function number one do you agree with this assessment in question number two now that we're turns get a multi-core and specialty chip on phones and specialty sensors is it possible that we might get a renaissance in call quality itself on our smartphone thank you very much gentlemen and have a great day so you know what I actually have relevant recent story so I was doing a phone call

Like last friday on my Nexus 6p and I figured you know it's got dual front-facing speakers the speakerphone should be like loud is all hell I was gonna say was this a pre call for a product pitch by chance uh it wasn't they yeah it was there was that email that i was using nexus 6p and i figured because whenever i watch like youtube on it which sometimes i do like if I'm in the bathroom I want to watch a YouTube video guess what the next six be uh has some loudspeakers um but when you're on a conference call when you speak your phone next 6p only the I think only the

Top speaker amid sound because the bottom speaker minutes on the microphone will pick it up and it would be annoying for the other person so is rather quiet and I was quite annoyed by this whereas a lot of other phones that only have one speaker have very loud speaker phones so it's definitely a feature that gets less attention then maybe it deserves keep-alive phone calls it doesn't happen I i get like extremely annoyed when I have to take a phone call I dislike phone calls strong I have to take and make so many phone calls every day for personal reasons it is ridiculous so

Yeah and how you speak around a lot because I will be damned if I'm going to make a call and hold for 45 minutes with my hand like this or my shoulder like this no the phone lays on the desk so yeah I I don't think I've actually done that since I got my 6p but so you know actually that's a good point because I was just I would just thinking about the fact that every single time i've used speaker phone it sounded absolutely terrible but now that you just mentioned that i realized that every single time i've used speakerphone I've been listening to hold music and I

Don't know if the call qualities been terrible or if the whole music is terrible oh I do together well the thing with whole music especially now speakerphone the hold music cuts when it detects the microphone usually for most hold services um so like if you want to input a voice command if there's like one available or you know some of these listening on blind I guess I I don't know I found that if you talk while the hold music is playing or if noise comes through the whole music like stops coming for ya I always mute my mic too when I'm on hold because I'm always

Freaked out that somebody's recording or some weird shit is happening I'm like super paranoid about it I'm like oh hell no no I'm mutant muting my mic to see you can't hear the words that I'm saying because what if I'm talkin shit about how long I've been on hold and you can make me wait longer no yeah so I you know call quality is it's a hard one to judge because I think what's going to happen is once HD voice becomes ubiquitous which it will eventually I'm getting there it's probably be another couple years or a few even here in the US but once that happens i mean if

You're on t-mobile and you call a tmobile subscribe you already have probably in using tmobile phone it supports the wideband boy so you already know what that's like spring has it too they have for a while and so the call quality on those calls should be pretty great um I've had a couple volte calls on AT&T and it's definitely surprised of the overall improvement so I think that a lot of it just comes down to getting off the old legacy narrowband voice codec or the analog voice system because that's just what makes call quality really so abysmal you know loudness is a

Is a good gauge of something working right now I know I was saying loudness is it is it good when you need it but really it's better to have clarity because then you don't use my cloud pneus so the speakers have is loud if the call is clear because it's easier to pick up the basically be audio contrast when the when the clarity is better because you have less background interference coming through there's more signal plus noise basically so I think the thing is going to you improve hopefully over time all right well if nobody has anything to add on to

That I'll move on to the emails so our first email is from beast apparently the x-man well I was thinking the Disney character but x-men sounds way cooler so we'll go ahead and let you see this this is from dr. Hank McCoy dr. Hank McCoy says so I'm amped about the s7 mainly because it's rumored to bring back the SD card and if so I have 128 gigabyte card waiting for it however I've heard something about not being able to remove / hot-swap SD cards with six point 0 because the way marshmallow handles SD cards you said some light on this well we lose hot-swap ability because it may

Create havoc with the system memory thanks and keep up the awesome work okay I want to know what you're doing hot swapping 128 gigabyte micro I don't know maybe just got a huge media library but you can do it either way you can you can when you put an SD card into a marshmallow phone either adopted as internal storage which encrypts it and makes part system and you can't remove it without like breaking all your apps or you can just you can just run it as regular removable storage and then you can hot swap it to your heart down and then obviously even once it's encrypted

You can't just take the card out of the phone when it's off and plug it into your computer and transfer stuff because it's encrypted yeah yes I mean it's like it's a pain if you adopt storage and then you want to like get like a bigger card but he's already got hundred to eight gigabyte card so not likely but I mean if you know if you're using a smaller if I'd you decide you want a bigger when you have to have enough internal storage on the phone to transfer everything back onto the phone and then put in the bigger card because if you just take that card out like all

Of the app data for your apps like stops working and you like you'll lose data and it's just kind of a mess yep then the Android will have an aneurysm so yes so I mean yeah you can definitely you can definitely still hot swap it if that's what you want to do or you can just you know integrate with the system and have like a much larger block of storage in the phone yep so any at the s7 will have a my breasty slots basically that convert at this point oh yeah all right and we have not one not two but three antique submissions this week so boy do we wait

We haven't played that we haven't played theme music nobody do that we were supposed to do that since I'm not miles its next time I do it next time okay we'll get that theme music going all right so our first submission is an HTC hero wow we exactly is not the first one did we did we lose one the Nexus S is the first one on our list the you know what that's what happens when you scroll too far yes I've got the first first antique first antique is the next which I don't accuse the Nexus S is you know it came out at the end of 2011 2012 Oh member that would be a 2011 yes because

Guess this was a yellow is this was this was the second Nexus phone the one that the one that uh that we didn't know was going to exist because Eric Schmidt was out there flapping his gums about how they didn't need to make another nexus phone after the nexus one did not sell very well but then suddenly one day there was the Nexus S or was it uh what is the nexus s come out I feel like late 2011 isn't right for maybe I'm wrong I guess baby was late 2010 that's guys like 2010 that's what it was yeah because the the nexus one came out in very early 2010 wasn't it exclusive to

Best buy in the US it was yes you had to go to a best buy store to purchase it at first and it only ended and was it only had t mobile's 3g bands and then later there was a there is an eighteen t bandit version of it that you could buy I forget where maybe just online places probably not i was there's a sprint version as well wasn't there yes yes it makes f/4g it had wimax yeah whenever I think of the nexus s the first thing i think of is the sprint version for some reason and it had up it was like was it the first one with NFC i think that was

Like it's big it's big like you know xperia and the NSE didn't really I didn't do anything you could buy you could like you could buy like tag energy tags and like like right stuff to them but there was no like useful reason to have a nurse ESO the ones been sent in to us is actually for us Americans an oddity because the nexus s in America and I think maybe some other markets not all had a AMOLED display but in Europe it has else this was a super LCD version oh weird which I know how to how to value that is that better or worse i would point a better because Natalie his

Reason yeah the AMOLED yeah you know what actually that was back in that was back in the kind of bad days of Samsung's amyloids because I remember I had I had a nexus s and it like was like kind of blotchy from the start you you could sort of when you had like a like a gray background you could see little specks all over and I am like I saw several Nexus S units around that time and they all kind of had a couple weird like amoled good oddities so maybe yes silly I guess we'll value the LCD higher than than the the AMOLED edition it's funny this phone has I didn't I've

Complete for God there was still a search button on the skin I was just thinking about that the other day because I was I was writing something about about the ok Google hot word and I was like oh man there was a time when if you needed to search he just hit the search button on the phone hello I I still missed the search button I you too sometimes I I do too like I'm reviewing this Lou phone that's coming out really soon that I'm sure everybody probably already knows but it is at this point but there's this stupid thing in the

Settings where it doesn't show all the settings and anyway out bitch about that in the review but I I'm like okay I know these settings are here because other apps can call on them but I can't find the settings myself so I'm one of a search button so I could just type in one of my friends the only time in its in so long that I've missed the search button but yeah alright so anybody want to throw a anybody want to throw a dollar amount on that bad boy I'm going to say I would I would I would say forty or fifty bucks because it is the LCD version I'm gonna say $62 ah guys gonna

Sorry I final i'm gonna say 65 ooh ok so now we have to now we have to actually find one when i canna find the LCD version on ebay it's just it's not nobody knows the difference you sell like yeah well we can we can estimate we have to find at least ah you know what it's it's looking you know I've seen a lot in the 30 to 50 range um I see one okay well this is the 4g one 442 oh this is the the AT&T version 4 39 i would say the 18th eversion is similarly rare just because they came out so much later so I mean I I think I think fighting like 40 or 50 bucks is probably I'm i think im

Right its what i think i think we're finding throughout this entire experience is that use phones go for roughly thirty to fifty dollars well i mean we have it's it's it's just sort of that's where things things things come to rest i guess when something is old enough that almost nobody cares about it so i just want to point out that swap actually does differentiate by partnumber and they have the unlocked international version for $55 ooh i would believe that so it's like it's like a fifty or sixty dollar phone so maybe uh Cameron Cameron's the winner of

This one sounds good okay good 1.11 meaningless point for Cameron so the right so the next item is Harold oh yes this is that this is a I this is a phone a very near and dear to my heart in that I personally hate it a lot man this these phones are this so thick it is the it is the sprint version of the HTC hero what they made a spring version yeah that's what this is yeah this is big okay us producers logo in the top corner yes and yeah I'm sure yet not yeah look up just google google HTC HTC hero like unlocked or European or whatever looks completely

Different is a completely different phone you will probably immediately recognize it this thing is so fat this like this so I mean it's phones thinner than that yeah so looking almost I guess is long so like the international hero like it was one of the first phones that had sense on it and like and when it came out it was oh it was kind of neat because it had that had the HTC chin kind of going on but it also like it just it was like I didn't have a keyboard so it was like you know a single piece and it was kind of fun looking in quirky but then the sprint

Version did not have that it's this weird rounded thing with the gigantic trackball and the weird button layout and i actually purchased this phone this was the first android phone that i bought because like I at the time I had an iphone and I was super sick of it and I i tried to use this phone i tried to make myself do it and it is i couldn't it was it was just so bad so bad so bad like I I value this at zero dollars negative negative ten dollars I'm gonna say 20 21 tiny is I would look down less than 20 I don't think anybody wants this from say

15 bucks wow they're even you can find them for under well bid based ones under ten dollars so far but it looks like out there is one for fourteen dollars no sim cdma expert version fourteen dollars yeah man oh geez yeah and it works it was you know if this was back from the time when they still put with Google on the back of all the android phones to remind you like this is goop it has google yeah swap is Swapna is showing the sprint version for thirty dollars i'll swap is full of it is not I who at OC who are those people paid 30 knowledge that silently apparently

Somebody bought it for thirty-five dollars in September of 2015 it sold for 30 in October of 2015 and again for 30 in November of 2015 wow that's pretty recent would you like some more pricing data because there's a link here I can click my village I'm going with you know this this ebay rated $14 version it's it looks for example realistic seems when I as I recall like when this is came out it had uh I think it had maybe cupcake or donut and then eventually they updated it to Eclair but it was one of those things that HTC's do back in the day where you had to completely delete

Everything on the phone and flash a full system image to update it also it has a proprietary charger port no it was some it has a it's still a pin compatible with mini USB I think oh it's like it's like an EXT USB but you can plug a mini plug into it interesting hmm yeah there was he that was a thing for a while and really android phones bed I don't miss the days of proprietary chargers I don't I feel like I'm reliving those days now though with us bc yeah yeah really I'm at that point where it's like I asked where I swear if the s7 or the red the g5 don't have us bc i'm going to be

Really ups I I will be absolutely just it will boggle the mind if they don't I mean it will be on I just I can't even imagine I can't even imagine so you know our our next antique is a far better and more rosy look into the past but it's also yes excuse provides yes it is that it is the venerable HTC dream also known as the t-mobile g1 the phone yeah I mean it was I mean it was kind of x by default a good phone because it was the only phone for like it was I think the only android phone that existed for for a long time uh man the keyboard was actually not bad

Like even looking back like as far as hard work portrait keep or landscape keywords but it wasn't bad it was kind of a number then we shifted over yes is shifted over to one side but I mean you know the buttons were reasonably good it's a real ugly phone though it is real it really is but I'm gonna be honest the slider mechanism on this phone was about the Cinzia stealing thing ever yeah it had like a sidekick kind of feel but like not as tight yeah you know also something great from the email this one apparently didn't have a headphone jack yeah it didn't it was yet i was what EXT

USB was like you could did had a plug that had the extra pins for audio and then it had a little adapter you plug in that's stupid yeah that's it hey we're gonna that's gonna come back to bite us with Apple oh I know that's true a head coach analogy comes full circle like believe it like I'm a man using my mind over the bag laughs and it's completed discussion though I I bet that this phone is worth a little bit more just on the basis of it being the first Android I just don't buy it I i would guess 60 bucks but this thing had you know rom support for you yeah i think you can

Probably still you can probably still update it to something pretty recent did I think to see email say what it's running some weird oh no I guess I was that was one of the earlier ones but i bet i bet if I google right now you probably Robert marshmallow on it probably I'm going to say that still I'm going to go with the fifty fifty five dollars everybody can see Matt's email oh we can see that's email yep because screen sharing is still on somebody in the chat had asked if we had gotten their intake device and I was looking to see if a new

One came in well if well we already have three so if there's another one weekend guessing this person started listening recently we probably already been over it if it was the nexus s we are did that it was the g one we already did that no this we just got one 13 minutes ago but we had all that one for next for next week we have already gotten so let's find out how much how much this this thing is I you so I'm gonna looking here it's a pretty wide range of prices money we're from like fifteen dollars all the way up to like 50 I am kind of surprised by that I would have figured that it

Would held its price a little bit like you get a white one for thirty bucks I'm and kind of trying to bother yeah I'm thinking about it might buy might buy this white this white g one for twenty bucks yeah I mean you know I would think would hold this values a keyboard phone that's what I was soon huh some kind of banged up there that's why it's 20 bucks yeah I mean those are all but he's right busted bronze I could get brown g1 well yeah yeahs that is hot oh my god so I preview for next week are one of our antiques missions assists it it's an iPod I've uh I've seen one of those

Before okay so you have a store energy one I worth less than you would have thought yeah i'm surprised i thought i would have held its value better for sure yeah alright well i rake up so that I think that around rounds up around stuff hey so if you at home have any antique device that you would like to send in to have us either ridicule or admire or at least value you can set it to podcast and android police calm and we'll we'll put it on the show and you can also give us a call with any questions you have at five-30 hello ap that is 530 435 5627 you can also find

Us on twitter at android police and on google+ and facebook fantastic yeah yeah man I'm looking at this antique submission I'm very excited about this HTC phone it's really very very weird time in HD said I didn't get an additional 12 just go to AP another podcast huh no I went it went to tips yeah I get that would you mind forwarding it to me so I could put on the outline for next week I will I will do that yeah look at this thing oh yeah so let's see hdt then that run Oh sets Beats Audio that is we can discuss this nephew yeah we don't yet we don't need

To get a DTV right sorry obviously same radiation alright so I'm going to start the broadcast

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