Android Police Podcast Ep.164 Live TAKE 2 (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on April 3, 2021

Hit the button all right tick 200 yeah let me stop I'm sorry it won't shut up say that again you're gonna plug the sponsor stuff in afterward um unless somebody wants to do it okay we have two alive i just wanna see a light back last time Amy won't do the middle of one live I don't want it the middle one live again what does you're like well as recording as a backup still right yeah it's still going okay all right let's try the skin welcome to the android police podcast your weekly audio source for all things android it is thursday jun 11 2015 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm David

Ruddock I'm Cameron Summerson i'm ryan whitwam my name is Bob severance welcome to the show because the second time thanks David you just completely fooled us into thinking that our problems were still going on I'm sure I'm sure they are yeah well they are they have a huge delay i think mm-hmm now actually it seems okay the latency seems all right now well that's good let's uh let's use that to our advantage and let's get started with some code google all right so an interesting little item popped up on the official android homepage this week namely today actually Google would

Now like to help you find and select from the various many flagship phones that are out there so they've added a phone suggestions tool and Ryan you've got a chance to fool around with it what are your thoughts I find it quite interesting that they don't just recommend the Nexus 6 all the time they they actually have quite a variety of phones the more i play with it the more weird things start popping up so the way it works you go there and when you launch the tool there are 12 different categories of sort of uses for phone you can select from you pick as many as you

Want things like taking photos being productive expressing my style and watching videos that kind of stuff after you have picked three and sort of indicated what features and how important they are then it will show you phones and then you can you can sort of browse through and see what things that suggest and uh it's mostly flagship stuff it recommends the galaxy s6 a lot the g4 the m9 I'm but it sorta very general it's just based on what the spec sheet says so like if you say taking photos is very important it will show you the m9 because it has a 20 megapixel

Camera even though as we know the camera is actually not very good at all so you know you can go and look at bad and sometimes it just throws weird stuff there's like a kyocera dura force or whatever phone pops up sometimes there's the the desire I shows up sometimes like you Sarah still wigs phones did they do mostly ruggedized things but yeah yeah I mean you can go and look and make it a point when the right direction but you should not probably use this as sort the end-all-be-all way to decipher filmed by I generally find a good way to decide

Which phone you want is to go try them worried or you can read the reviews on a website like android police well yeah that's that that'll that'll that'll certainly help do oranje or just just read your views until we tell you right yeah what I did how's that working out it's all right except for the you know the idle the idle battery time s6 it's pretty terrible right like is it is so bad like I don't even notice it because I have a wireless charger at my desk at work I've got a wireless charger in my car I've got you know I've got wireless chargers everywhere so like when I set

My phone down it's charging but edit honestly I'm probably just making it worse so anyways let's move on to Android M of course the the running theme of the last couple shows up in Android M feature spotlights we got a few more to cover this week starting off with km and some battery saver functionality new this this week what so what's going on there you can enable and disable battery saver by voice so you can just shout it out ok Google enable battery saver mode and it will give you some sort of little message that it's opening battery saver settings but it

Doesn't actually open the settings it just enables it so it's still kind of wonky and then it is the same thing when you tell it is disabled but it's cool that you can do it by voice yeah also uh we've seen addition of a formal supermedia not needy ed I like the way you said that Matt meaty meaty it's a media is actually the the perect correct way to pronounce it but most people just say midi maybe is the thing that's been around for a long time actually over 30 or about 30 years if you're unfamiliar with what MIDI is it's an interface that

Allows you to connect musical instruments together mostly keyboards that sort of thing and it translates the volume it translates the notes that you're playing and everything like that into digital data and the cool thing was back in the day you could hook up to different modules and play your keyboard and get better sounds and things like that and also do sequencing where you can record to these really small files that just store data you know your musical compositions and then play them back on other sound modules and that sort of thing well android has supported

Midi in fact some applications have had midi support but since there wasn't formal support in the operating system it meant that the developers had to go in and write support for midi that actually did all that translation of the instrument data to computer data or to phone data or tablet data that could be used by the application and as anybody knows who plays an end then is you get latency because the driver the the upper rope the time it takes them to translate that data actually means that when you play something like a note on a keyboard there's a delay and just imagine if you

Hit a note and you have a delay for even a couple milliseconds or a couple hundred milliseconds that's a noticeable enough delay delay to set your timing and everything off everything just gets all out of whack so you can't really perform live and into your device or anything like that well they've added formal or core MIDI support to the operating system so now that data is going to be able to be translated automatically by Android a lot of these devices that are USB MIDI originally came with these big din plug connectors 5 pin connectors

But over the years computer manufacturers realize this was a good way to get musical data into a digital format on two computers as well so they've adopted it and created a USB class compliant solution of translation of MIDI as well well and now by adding this into the operating system of Android we're going to be able to have much better devices for music creation potentially live music performance in addition to MIDI support they improved just the overall signal processing of audio added much higher sample rates which means you've got a lot richer

Audio better than cd-quality audio can be recorded into your device now so you know something that a main reason why a lot of people use Apple devices is because they've excelled in this area for a long time they have the the core MIDI support and in high audio quality now this is one less thing that's going to differentiate apple from android devices so it's it's very very exciting for musicians out there excellent just don't okay you guys were going robotic on us right you guys still sound fun so let's keep plugging yeah got an M as well made it a little bit more well

Accurate though what's new there dude oh boy I'm not even sure what she said but IDC the topic sheets so the stock calculator app his basically had a back-end overhaul back end as in like the back-end problems we are having with show tonight so stock calculator I've used to use floating-point arithmetic for calculations and if you know anything about computer math which I know like a tiny bit about floating point isn't ideal for for if you want practical calculations of numbers that are like human readable uh and that are actually accurate every time unless you

Go through a lot of pain staking work making sure the system is going to put out exactly the right right answer so for example if you subtracted like I think it was 57.3 minus forty six point two Android gave you like a repeating decimal in the calculator for the answer just because floating-point arithmetic so they rewrote the app basically from the ground up it looks the same there are a few new functions but it shouldn't do this weird stuff anymore hopefully so you won't get repeating decimals or like if you put two to the 34th and then equals and then

Subtract two to 34th and parentheses it would give you like 812 which doesn't make any sense so that should stop there are some new features you've got inverse sine cosine tangent you've got degree and Radian mode in the calculator now there is a way you can you can tap and hold back and forth on the decimal place and your result to adjust the number of decimals that you want the results of show which is handy and I think that's pretty much it for new features but yeah the back end of the calculator is what is seen major changes alright good deal also David do we saw a little bit of a

Change in how we validate apks for their security sakes right yes so this is you know pretty I I'm not going to pretend the fully understand it myself but the idea is basically that when you install an APK on the android device that does validation check and if the manifest dot TF i want to say i forget the extension it's in the meta in folder of the app and it's just a list of files that are all in the application and a list of their and a set of like encrypted signatures and so it puts up those signatures against all the files in the app and then checks them against each

Other and says okay this file should be here this file should be here yada yada yada and if they all pass in the app installs uh previously if one of the if you like put a new file in an app package that without reciting it and thus giving it a new key uh you would get an APK validation fail showing the application have been tampered with without being reassigned this doesn't prevent piracy in any way by the way this is not designed for fire it's basically the design stop distribution of malicious apps that have been tampered with but still have the

Original signing key of the original author but what they didn't do is that if you had an APK and you had this manifest TF file of all the files that were in it and then you removed files from the APK it didn't actually check if the files in the manifest uh if they weren't in the APK with validation time it didn't it wasn't actually checking to see files were missing it was only checking to see if files were modified or if new ones have been added so theoretically you could distribute an APK with the original signature of the app author while removing files from the

APK and it wouldn't fail validation assuming you didn't remove something that is straight up broke the app which I mean probably would happen a lot of cases potentially but now it does that and so you people won't be able to distribute signed apks or with the original signature that have files missing not that Google provided any example of how this is happened in the wild all right good deal and the last little feature spotlight to touch on this this week is the native 4k video output support that was added in Android M so David what's going on there yeah so

I mean this this still all depends on if your device has a method to output video physically from the device which not every Android phone is going to and even of the phones that do won't necessarily support 4k like the Nexus 6 which has not slimport it's the other one I forget maybe this slimport but basically a lot of funds can output 1080p video but not as many can do 4k at some can but now an Android M there's going to be a native API call for outputting 4k to an external display the system you I won't scale the 4k unless the phone itself or tablet is a 4k device but developers can

Use objects like videos and object like a video and have those playback at native res resolution like 4k now without having to develop their own solution or use a manufacturer specific solution or messy things like that but whether you know that's going to really make a big difference in the very near term you know I mean 4k video content so isn't that common but it's good to know that this solution is now baked into Android itself right up all right so over on the site this week we were lucky enough to get an exclusive early look at hangouts four point oh and

Liam wrote up a little bit about that unfortunately Liam's not with us so David what are your what are you thoughts you got a chance to play around with it I've used it a little bit uh it is pretty different it's not any faster at least the version that we're using but it does look nicer there's a hang out there there's excuse me aware app which you know there wasn't before which is very cool the where app it seems like it's going to support voice commands but they don't really work right yet the where app is really nice though actually I like the where app way better than I

Like the new hangouts a phone / tablet app though I haven't tried it on tablet yet so yeah if you if you go look at the post there you know stickers and their emoji and their status messages and you know it's it's becoming a full-fledged chat client now so it's a hangouts is moving up in the world and this is the material redesigned to think everybody wanted it definitely does look nicer it looks more in line with the messenger client the Google publishes now a little bit so this is there's a little more consistency alright cool deal so I guess we should look forward to seeing that

Maybe not the perfect hangouts the these the end result we're looking for but at least and I step in the right direction cool alright so we did have an app update that actually rolled out this week the camera app from Google version 2.5 was released added some new features and other goodies in there right right um yeah so the the important thing here is Google is working on this thing called smart first that looks really interesting so this we found this in an apk teardown so you know usual disclaimer like this you know is at some point in the future or maybe it won't

Happen at all but it looks like there are some pieces over there now the idea is that you will be able to have the phone take burst shots that it will then automatically choose from to find the best images so you know on most phones if you verse you just hold down the capture button and it shoots bunch of pictures this one will we'll just sort of you know you'll hit the button it'll take some pictures and it'll say here are the good ones and it uses various criteria like like you know the number of faces that it sees face illumination framing

If you know if people's eyes are open or not and then you can take these photos and you know and then save the ones that you want so that's a pretty cool thing that hopefully will happen in the not-too-distant future right now it's definitely in completing the app so there will have to be at least one more update before it could magically start working ok good deal now last little bit in the code google is actually news not from google at all but this time around from cadillac finally getting some android auto love over there already do it yeah so chevrolet now and android

Auto last month and cadillac another GM brown brand just announced it last week so Cadillacs Cadillacs Cadillac announced their entire 2016 lineup will have android auto at some point none of them are going to initially ship with it that i know of the SRX might because it's going to be a new SRX next year which is their little crossover SUV thing but all the other ones they'll ship with car play and then look at the android auto via dealer-installed update probably cadillac told me tentatively mid model year so i would say end of 2015 early 2016 depending on the car

Because they haven't finished testing it yet so that's that's all the cadillac models and the system that will do android auto on those models there's only one car that doesn't have it standard and that is the base model 80s which is their entry-level sedan and coupe but you can get the the Cadillac cue system on there that will get Android auto for an additional fee and the whole queue system is getting a bit of a revamped this year so it should be better because gotta like use gotten a lot of a lot of crap in the media for not being very good which as far as I've

Read it isn't so hopefully it'll be better and obviously better with an right oh well and of course for the sounds of it it sounds like you know you're probably gonna have to if you buy a vehicle when this gets released you're gonna take it back into the dealership to get it to get added you yes you will you know I talk to Chevrolet about like it'd be great if we could release something over the air but we don't know or you know send people a flash drive or let them download something but we don't know if we want to do that and we're not sure how we'd want to do it and zaya

Same same thing it's probably even less so a concern for Cadillac because honestly the average cadillac owners probably you know going to dealer for all their service needs anyways and wants nothing to do with the technical side yeah well I'm just wondering if you happen to take it in there are they going to update it or is it something you have to specifically take it and say you know I'm gonna get a there because they'll be the way these things usually there's a service bolts and that goes out and your vin is included in a database for the service bolton and they

Bring your car and for an oil change in let's say and service Bolton's been out for a month they're gonna look up your vin and say oh the service bolton to upgrade your car will do that Walton for the oil change that you usually how it works but obviously car dealers vary in their immense shittyness so you may have to ask depending on where you bought your car yeah I was used to say if they're not being proactive about it in any way shape or form then I don't think that's gonna really help the adoption but yeah yeah oh I don't see many cadillac owners are super interested

Anyways just you know based on the market demographics yeah alright let's move on to the rumor roundup it's time for the rumor roundup alright so I news this week coming out about a nest cam that might be on its way coming very soon and that is not a nest Cameron Summerson unfortunately there's only one of those actually that's kind of good that's probably but anyways the the announcements coming up about june seventeenth and we got a little bit of a sneak peek this week right camp yeah so there was a leak of the nest cam which for those who may not

Know nest bought Dropcam I don't I guess it was last year or something so this looks a lot like a drop cam if you've never seen a drop cam well go look at the nest cam and you'll have a really good idea of what a drop cam looks like looks like the base is a little bit different it's got it's sort of a slimmer kind of sleeker more modern looking design looks like it is easier to pivot back and forth anyway so it's this is submit said it's supposed to record in 1080p that but it's not sure it's we're not sure if that's stand alone as in you can record directly to a

Hard drive with that or if it's drop cam has this subscription service this monitoring thing that it does so you may have to may have to have that before it'll do recording in 1080p who knows the app is also going to get a facelift so now it will cover everything of all missed products and that includes Dropcam and drop cam pro and of course nest protect thermostat and the upcoming nest cam um so yeah that's just some stuff coming from nest we will see will have full details of course june seventeenth i guess that's like a what a week from today or are we from yesterday

Yeah not too far off yeah from yesterday so we'll have we'll have the skinny then all right moving on to rumors about razor and some potential interest in buying out the micro gaming console company oh yeah which I don't know it seems like we haven't talked about them and forever cam yeah so that's this this rumor comes from TechCrunch we don't have anything solid at all it's just kind of a hey here's what we found out sort of thing but yeah razor is looking at buying ooh yah for some reason which none of us will never know or understand yeah certainly not to

Make more hardware so don't not to make money and uh no i don't i honestly don't i don't know i don't understand i mean cuz i just did the the forge or whatever their android TV which has not been very popular um it has it has been speculated that they might just want to keep other people from getting hurry up but that's what company was not even talking about you i believe that because maybe maybe they want to rewrite okay little so who would buy oh yeah and get anything worthwhile out of it i mean its product they did did horribly in the market I mean who what are you gonna make from

That that would be like a problem for razor competition well I think things I still think my theory is that they want the the store and check out back end from Ouya because razor doesn't want to lose that thirty percent cut to Google on games they sell look this this this is what is what do you thought it was going to do and it didn't work people don't want I the same things multiple times nope exactly exactly that's what bffs razor doesn't understand a goddamn thing about ecosystem like they there's a completely other side of things they do they're trying to use VR thing and I

Haven't heard a single word about that CES either razor is a company that likes to say a lot of big things and then not actually deliver on many of them alright well that doesn't sound promising yeah nope no all right let's good let's kick off Hachi all right so uh the AT&T announcement came out this week starting the galaxy s6 active which I you know I think we all kind of had a pretty good idea it was coming not exactly my favorite looking device but well let's hear its rugged and it's available right right yeah 18t will take up lots of your money

For it right now so it's basically the equivalent of seven or dollars of you know you can break that out on a next plan or you can do you know a non-contracting or pagal price or whatever I mean it's basically it's a galaxy s6 in a more rugged case a water-resistant it is physical navigation buttons at the bottom on the front and it's it's thicker so instead of having the camera hump the camera is flush with the back and it has a 3500 million power battery so it has a bigger battery which is like why not in the break I guess they want to make the

Regular one so yeah this one is is this one is quite a bit thicker it's sort of sort of the point of being a chunky phone i would say i'm like punching my head that like they didn't give the regular galaxy s6 battery that big because and do we know it's an Exynos processor like I don't sure I mean I it has to be I can't imagine the deal I wouldn't be surprised if they went with different processor for this one if it's a cheaper to build is I guess they don't say on the AT&T website just yet although it could have been leaked already that has an X know so I don't

Know but it is it is but ugly but it's recognized phone so i guess it's supposed to be yeah they kind of a kind of all are unattractive devices but at least I made a camo so you can't see it yeah I actually don't hate the camo the white camo pattern on the back like that's not bad but I mean the overall device is not attractive yeah or maybe it's bad I don't know oh you don't you know oh we never mind look at the wrong time let's say you know what it does say oh no it doesn't i was looking at the galaxy s5 active which for some reason the samsung still puts at

Very top of their their page of course yeah yeah they don't they don't have any of the exact specs listed yet so that's unfortunately and she'll be in to see what that runs all right now the the next device that was announced this week is the latest in Tegrity a one technology and strangely enough this is not the first time that this type of product has been talked about on the show it is in fact an oven it's a smart oven running the Tegra k1 processor and I don't know what's the deal with smart ovens David I don't know but I love every single thing about this product

From from the tegra processor to the fact that it uses carbon fiber heating elements to preheat in just four minutes to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and the fact that it costs $3,000 MSRP for a countertop oven I mean it's $1,500 if you preorder 3000 just the retail suggested price which it will never sell for because it's an appliance and nothing no appliance sells for MSRP but it has a Tegra k1 they don't and they don't actually go about explaining why it has such a powerful processor because I'm guessing there is legitimately no reason a Snapdragon 400 couldn't do this

Just ll know it does stream HD video live from inside the oven to your phone I mean inside the oven inside the oven there's a camera in the oven holy Pinterest yeah I mean don't get me wrong this thing looks awesome especially with the accompanying app there's this the oven is its own scale so it weighs your food while it's in the oven it has a built-in temperature probe it has two white LEDs along with that camera so your foods fully illuminated if you want to look at it while it's in the oven presumably they look at it on your phone remotely while your foods cooking I mean

Come on this is this is super cool and the fact that it heats so quickly is just awesome but uh it's completely ridiculous a tegra oven like the jokes they write themselves like it's just it's it's free tegra jokes for everybody this week it's it's so good ila I love this product I don't think I've ever heard David say he loves a product so much I know I know all I took was a smart oven running a Tegra I love it because it's just so so absurd like I Iike was a was an oven you can play Portal on it's so ridiculous that I can't dislike it you know what I

Would I would love if when this often comes out if somebody could like root it and install stock Android and just start running some games on the little little touch screen at it as that would be great that's a wonderful idea I think yeah the oven doesn't even have like a real screen it has like it has a screen but it's like not super high resolution it's not doing any insane 3d rendering it's just it's a little screen with some buttons yeah all right Ian but interestingly enough the Sony Xperia z4 launched in japan and it apparently is also an oven yeah you don't you don't

Need this $3,000 smart oven you can you can spend like eight hundred dollars on the Japanese z4 and just cook your food with that because apparently it gets really crazy stupid hot so people have been complaining on the twitters as as they do and and NTT DoCoMo the Japanese carrier has actually put warning signs out in their stores apparently there's a picture of one of them in the article uh allegedly it reads that so these it lists three funds the top one of which is the Z for all of these all run a Snapdragon 810 so there's a sharp aquos phone and NZ poor and another one and

And it just says if you have one of these phones you should consider turning it off while it is charging make regular backups and maybe just let it be off for a little bit every now and that just so can cool off because these phones get really really hot so that's really sad for Qualcomm supposedly the c-4 which i guess is being called the z3 plus you know not in Japan it's supposed to be running a newer revision of the Snapdragon 810 that was supposed to not be as hot but it seems like it's maybe even more hot that the the temperature is being reported for it are the high

60s Celsius so that's like a hundred and if that's on the board for the record not on the case on the board on the board yeah it's not yeah it's not that hot on the outside that would go to physically burn ooh yeah no but I mean it's you know the chips are you know very very toasty and um you know it's just uh it's it seems like it is a legitimate problem when this started popping up a few months before the chip started actually showing when phones I wouldn't if I it would be this obvious but it seems like it really is a problematic chip so yeah a Snapdragon

810 in this phone really stupid hot yeah and the temperature for the case or the battery temperature was forty two point seven degrees celsius and screenshot there which is about as hot as the one m9 gets to so seems legit to me and I'm guessing sony also as being very uh very eager i would say liberal in there not throttling of the chip because HTC basically doesn't proble it at all during some activities and so that's why it gets so damn hot well you know uh up shot though that dizzy for is water-resistant so you just dunk it underwater home and i didn't you just

Water cool your phone it's walk around with a fishbowl yeah yeah just like you just get one of those like one of those like backpacks with the the water bottle thing built in you just put your phone in that and then take it out and you need to use it it's good idea alrighty then sounds like we've got this thing figured out yeah you're welcome qualcomm unfortunate i don't think we have a lot of listenership in japan so if anybody's gonna catch on to that mmhmm yeah all right so uh last little bit of hot sheet news before we get to app update or sorry device updates is the huawei watch

Which i think for a couple of months now has been the one that a lot of people have been looking forward to just because of the style and the way it looks and rumors about prices and all kinds of stuff but you know it sounds like we're just going to have to wait a little bit longer right right yeah so allegedly the while i watch has been pushed back to late q3 or early q4 of this year so that would be you know maybe sep tember or and who always never actually said when the device is supposed to come out so you know this is all just sort of like

Ido internally they've decided they're gonna release it later than they originally thought and we don't we don't have any reason for this it might have something to do with you know maybe they're trying to release the device in China but it's Android wear so it is heavily reliant on Google services which don't work in in China so that might be part of the problem or there might just be manufacturing issues with it we just we don't we don't know but at some point later this year maybe the huawei watch will come out and it looks neat because it's a modestly sized round SmartWatch

That you know looks like a watch yeah I mean I've got it to me it's one of two things one Huawei thought they could mess manufacture a watch like device and went oh this is really hard uh we're gonna need a few more months before we gets down or the whole google and china thing because i'm gonna guess they probably got a pretty good reception from chinese customers may be wanting this thing is there a hugely popular brand china and without google services in china the watch is pretty much useless is anything but like basic notifications and telling the time so

There have been there been rumors for quite a while now that this could be the year that the Play Store and Google Apps come to China so maybe just waiting for that maybe they're going to wait for Android M and then placed or come in China then you know a perfect storm of sales success may emerge for them or something who knows much sales success alright so let's move on to device updates starting off with the LG G flex 2 upgraded to Android 511 which well start rolling out last week but nobody really noticed so this week is rolling out a little bit more in full force

Limited release last week and it includes Android 511 of course but also some improved heads up notifications and interruption settings if you have a LG G pad 7 point 0 on verizon you are getting your lollipop 50 22 over-the-air update but probably don't hold your breath on I've got one updates mmm and HTC pushed out an update to the M HTC One m9 international edition this week with some improvements for camera and battery life so you've got one of those devices make sure you are checking for updates at least seven or eight times a second until you get it and then enjoy all

Right let's move on to product reviews it's time for product reviews we have several products to review so I'm not going to say anything stupid go okay so I guess I'm going first and so this week we posted the the Android auto review I already had an initial impression post up so this is the full things you should go and read it it is long there's the video the gist of it is that if you're not buying a car right now you should probably not be too concerned with getting Android auto because the head units you have to choose from right now are stupidly expensive the cheapest

Pioneer head unit that has android auto is over five hundred dollars on amazon right now probably more expensive elsewhere and then to get it installed that's another two or three hundred probably I mean an Android auto is neat it does a lot of cool things it's sort of it doesn't do as many things as a lot of older head units did but it's sort of designed to not be as distracting so that's sort of that's the the justification for the limited functionality which most the time is fine I think the way it does match navigation is really cool if you're at a

Stop it pulls up a bit as a search bar on maps you can tap that and you get a full keyboard you can type things in but when you're moving that search box goes away and you can only use voice so that's cool I just I wish they used that same sort of rationale for other things like you can't access your full contact list in the car by touch at all you only have favorites and recent calls and such and you can do voice tile for everything else I mean if you're stopped I wished it would just give you the entire contact list and it's the same thing with music like if you're using google

Play music you get a limited selection of things and then search you can't access your entire music library even if you're stopped and I feel like that would make a whole lot of sense but I mean you know if you are you know an Android user and you want a in car system that works with your phone this is it and it's it's cool it's just not even remotely worth the amount of money that you can have to pay right now to add it to an existing car not to mention you know the Pioneer head units in general they're kinda they gotta suck I mean their products are pretty middle

The road yeah the I mean the UI is not very good like if you have to venture into pioneers software it's not going to be a good time I I I almost never go into it like unless I need to change the setting because it just isn't possible to find your way around which to me makes the even bigger waste of money as you're paying for a ton of stuff you're never going to use a gas I mean even you know that like pioneers head units that are almost this exact same thing without Android auto are almost as expensive I mean you're paying a lot of money just because this is a very a niche sort of

Thing that they can charge a lot of money for because people to buy head units you know are willing to pay that it's just it's a market that's diminishing over time as cars just sort of you know stop supporting these these easily replaceable double din units yeah exactly that's you know that's the best ways but the Martin the market is vanishing and so the the margins have to be hired to support the business and at that point you're just not there's no way you can say you're getting value for money on a product like this yeah I mean if you absolutely have to to have one of

These like just buy the cheapest one it's got a resistive screen but I mean even the capacitive screen on the expensive one isn't that great so I mean just you know that whatever you don't need multi-touch on your car really I guess the more pragmatic option sell your car Lisa hyundai sonata for 24 months and there that's how you can get Android auto in a way that is a little less sucky if you really want to have it yeah I mean I will say that I I am impressed that Andrew rato just sort of when you plug a phone in it just knows to boot up I was worried that it was

Going to be like we're getting different phones to play nicely but you know it seems seems just fine yeah it sounds like the experience when it works it works I mean the one thing i heard that was skin was that there were a couple outlets I think the verge said they tested it on a Hyundai Sonata with a One m9 and they were doing navigation and playing music and the phone was still losing battery uh when it was plugged into the car and that's what's gonna vary on some of these I don't know what kind of arable so time yeah that'll vary from one car

The next I would assume so I mean I so I just have the you know the third party the head unit installed in a Honda Civic and in my car every phone that I tested was able to gain battery life while it was plugged in even I used the m9 for a while and it charged up while I was I had a plugged in navigating listening music so that it'll probably vary based on how much how much power the cars USB puts out yeah I mean I guess at that point what you can well know if your phone does wireless charging you can do a wireless charging pad and then hooky let's be into it which is dumb I wonder

If how the phone I mean it probably oh yeah I know why do they always switch yeah you're right I didn't think about that you know actually I should out there I should actually test this I have a wireless charger for my car I should plug that in and plug it into Android auto and see which see if it varies from one phone to the next see excuse it so I bet it I bet it defaults to the US because it's generally in the puzzle master charge but yeah the thing when the bird said that about the Hyundai is like I hope that's not true i'm gonna ask hyundai for a car to do it myself

And see what it's like but you know that's going to be a problem across the different automakers if the USB ports aren't putting out the the power it's not enough that's that's kind of a deal breaker honestly unless you're if you're doing it for a long period of time if you're doing it for like 30 minutes at a time it's probably not as bad well but i mean if you have a long commute at the end of the day and like you've been using your phone and you're already kind of low on battery like you don't want to have to like get in the car and the like have your phone died halfway home yeah

That would be extremely annoying and defeat most of the purpose of the system yeah yeah but you know like I said maybe when it works it's pretty neat and there are you know some bugs but overall I mean it doesn't do like a ton of things so there's not really that much to be buggy hmm alright good deal alright so David you had a review this week on you your asus zenfone 2 so what are you thoughts there yeah so I've got both the Zen phones here the two-hundred-dollar 13 hundred dollar one the differences are as follows the processor on 300 r1 is clocked 500 megahertz faster per core

It has 64 gigabytes of storage verses 16 and the storage it's in it is of a higher quality it is faster storage significantly about twice as fast on a random right or yeah and then about three times as fast on sequential right so it's much faster and the RAM obviously get some more I get four gigabytes as opposed to two and that is pretty much all the differences the screen on it is great i love the screen on it apart from not being bright enough it's not good in the sun but otherwise it's a good as IPS panel suse has generally been good about sourcing good

IPS screens for its devices they're relatively click quick the 300 r1 is a little faster anybody's telling you it's as fast as a galaxy s6 is a liar uh they just aren't paying attention that there are some significant differences there the GPU in these phones though is way way Bligh's the price especially 200 r1 the GPU in one of these is more than twice as fast is a snapdragon 615 GPU and that's not an exaggeration it really is more than twice as fast because its power vr GPU not an Intel one makes you wonder why Intel chose power vr but the phone itself has a big 5.5 inch screen

The battery life on Wi-Fi is really good the battery life on LTE is not and again intel modem so that's what it is i would say the battery life is definitely sub power if you're only on mobile data on Wi-Fi though it's very good Stan my life seems pretty good assu says nui layer I don't like it's very ham-fisted in some ways and the amount of crap whose puts on there is absurd there's literally a button in settings called Zen UI system update and it just goes to the Play Store and lists like all 40 of the sous apps that are installed on your phone already out of the box and makes you a

Little bit nauseous some people don't mind you can disable all the apps for the most part there are some anti-malware like clean up apps pre-loaded too and you can disable those there's some stupid game store pre-loaded you can disable that that's how they make this phone so cheap in big part but the phone itself is very likeable I think it has a the cameras mediocre but it's like I think it's the same sensor as the one m9 but not quite as good in terms of how it's tuned I don't think you get some really crappy shots out of the camera but sometimes

You get really good ones too overall it's a very likeable phone I don't think the three hundred dollar version is worth it but everybody in the comment seems to disagree with me on that surprised because I guess everybody wants the extra storage and that's worth its them but the phone does have an SD card slot and I think the 200 are ones like the bargain of the year for two hundred dollars that is easily the most powerful smartphone on the market it's easily the most powerful smartphone on the market for probably uh well not 250 since the 1+1 drop now but it's

Definitely the most powerful phone for two hundred dollars or under not there's no competition that comes even close for that so would you get that or would you pay like 50 bucks more and get an idol 3 pretend the oneplus one doesn't exist the idol three supports band 12 LTE for tmobile but the idol threes internal storage is slow as dirt and that is being kind the phone itself isn't very fast screen on the idol 3 is brighter and a little better the viewing angles aren't quite as good I love the look of the idol three though it is by far the nicer fun in terms of the designs and

Phone yeah it is a very handsome phone and the front facing speakers are killer on it compared to the zenfone speaker which is utter crap but I mean not many people care about that the idols battery life is also very good I have that phone last and last and last and last that's probably my favorite part of it so if I had to live with it I would probably get the alcatel I would probably want to throw it sometimes because it's really slow but at the same time it feels a little more reliable I guess and Alcatel seems to really want to update the software on it but I don't know if I

Trust them I don't know it was me cuz I just it's not I don't consider cheap phones a wise investment but for people in the market I would say if you just care about specs get the zenfone if you care about you know thon being handsome having good front facing speakers you know being light and slim and good battery life I would get the idol or if you're on t-mobile I'd get the idol because it has banned 12 LTE alright sounds good now uh let's move on cam you had a couple of blue devices to talk about yeah the life one in the life 8xl so basically the

Life one was announced at CES it's the first phone Blues released this year with a Snapdragon processor so that's pretty interesting and because it's guides a Snapdragon processor it it also has LTV so that's uh it's the first one they've released this year as far as i know with LTE unless there was one that I I didn't get my hands on before but it's a Snapdragon 410 so it's not it's not super fast it's I mean it's I mean honestly it's kind of slow it only has a gig of ram again that's that's kind of a downer 22,000 420 milliamp battery and his ships with lollipop I'm sorry it

Ships with KitKat but they're going to its gonna get lollipop next month so we'll see how that goes but it's only one hundred fifty dollars and right now for this week it's it's pre-order it'll actually go on sale next week so for this week for pre-orders they not fifty dollars off this so it's only it's only ninety nine dollars so for ninety nine dollars i think it's actually pretty solid it's got a 720p 5-inch display which looks I mean pretty decent for either I mean for a hundred bucks it looks pretty good pretty decent i guess for 150 but i mean it's it's basically

Stock android i think it does actually have like that weird sort of miui ish launcher that I hate but I I don't know you could throw you know no but whatever on it that's fine but yeah it's it's dual sim so there's that it also has an SD card slot and it's I mean it's a pretty decent phone for ninety nine dollars the life of eight XL is it's I think pre-orders for its start july first is that right no they start on jun 22nd it's actually being released on july first so and it's one hundred twenty nine dollars but they're also knocking fifty dollars off its so it's

Only 80 bucks for pre-order the pre-order week starting on jun 22nd that's crazy dude it's a new dollar phone it's eighty dollars it's got a five and a half inch 720p display which is pretty okay the colors are kind of washed out but it has decent viewing angles it's not as bad as it's nowhere close to as bad as what you would expect for an 18 I mean I could forgive a lot of problems for an eighty dollar brand new unlocked phone yeah i mean the biggest drawback is that it only has a gig of ram and it doesn't have LTE so that I guess that's too um it's but it's

Got the same mediatek octa-core processor that's in the the vivo air and the selfie and it's a pretty damn decent processor it's as fast as a Snapdragon 800 so for eighty dollars i mean that's that's it's pretty kick-ass it also ships with KitKat but lollipop is coming later this year not sure when it has egg is an internal storage but it does have an SD card slot it's also dual sim and it does have a removable battery it's a two thousand under 20 milliamp battery so all in all it's a little ugly though honestly it's I don't really like how it looks the bottom bezel is really long

Because it has this weird design where the back plate that you can pull off I think I already promoted back I don't know what I did with it um you can pull it off and it's it kind of hooks around so you slide it off I don't know it's just kind of weird it's just it's really boring looking in my opinions just it's very squared off that back piece is kind of weird because it wraps her in the front but again I mean for the first week it's only 80 bucks and even at 130 bucks it's not bad but for eighty dollars I mean it's definitely the best sub $100 phone that you can buy yeah man

I mean at that price it's like it's almost like worth to get as a backup phone or something or if you know definitely if you're waiting for a new a new device to come out and you want to just like sell your current when you just buy one of these for 80 bucks and use for a while until you know until you want to buy a new phone real yeah definitely and I mean I used considering it's got it only has one gig of ram and it has that mediatek octa-core processor it's basically I mean the guts are essentially the same as the vivo error which i used the vivo

Air for like three or four months maybe it wasn't that long maybe it maybe was more than two or three months before I went back to the Moto X and I didn't have any issues using it all the processor was was fast enough I think Kit Kat has excellent memory management so even the one gigabyte of RAM wasn't I mean like I've said a million times on this show I have more problems with two gigs of RAM on lollipop than I ever did with one gig of ram on cake at so I do worry about all of these phones that blue is released this year how they're going to do when they get kicked out

With only a gig of ram I just don't think it's going to be a tete de said are they going like right to 5.1 or if they have instead I imagine I mean I I imagine they update the phones well yeah I mean they've already announced updates for these for these days so I don't imagine they're going to go straight to 5.1 believe me I have discussed this with them and told them that they really need to go straight to 5.1 because that's what the Android one phones are running so they have to run better on on lower in hardware I don't know if they're actually going to do that or not

Though I if I would be really surprised if they do honestly I've bet since they've been working on it they probably been working on these updates for a while especially I know that the life one was delayed for some reason anyway they've probably been working on all their lollipop updates for a while so I bet it's all they're all going to be five point oh so we'll see we'll see what happens 5.1 would be nice though on these nicer anyway alright sounds good let's move on to app updates alright so our app news comes from an unlikely source this week the folks over

At WWDC and Apple will have announced that there will be an Android app available for Apple music and well that's all they really said I think we're working on finding out some more details about what it might be there but it's coming right David yeah Apple's uh this seems like apples a nuclear music option that they're finally laying out here doing on every platform and just trying to take over the world for subscription music services which we'll see what happens there the pricing some people said is not super competitive at nine ninety-nine a month for individual

Subscribers but it's 1499 a month for up to six people on a family plan and that kicks everybody's butt because most subscription services don't even have a family plan aside from Spotify which is way more expensive so I think Apple may have a bigger leg up here then people are saying at the moment the Android app will come out this fall the OSX iOS and Windows apps come out june thirtieth but the android app is at a later date because apple and probably because i mean it's probably not even apple developing the app they're probably farming it out somebody else so who

Knows how terrible it could be or how good it could be I mean maybe they'll pick a good third party developer that doesn't suck but this wouldn't be at technically Apple's first android android app that isn't like a switch to apple app the beats music app previously you know they bought beats but the app is already out at that point so Apple kept updating it though or beats kept updating it whatever the situation was the the family plan thing I think for Apple music is going to be a big sell the catalog is probably also going to be a big sell we'll see how they compete

Against Spotify but i'm pretty sure they'll probably demolish google play music for catalog selection and for probably catalog cleanliness because the google play music catalog is a quagmire of evil in terms of like if you just want to get an art like if you say play the beatles on google play music it'll like start playing an interview with john money yeah well I need a don't even yeah they don't have the Beatles exclusivity Don some way to play you know Apple and not that Apple's music discovery is good either I don't think anybody really has

Great music discovery right now but we'll we'll see what happens I'm definitely curious try it out they're gonna give a three-month subscription to everybody to try it out initially when you sign up and yeah the pricing will be 999 for individuals 1499 a month for families and there will be a locker style upload system apparently I think what they mean by this is if you have music in your iTunes you can play it in Apple music I'm not sure if it means like you can just go willy-nilly and upload all of your songs to Apple music that's not clear just yet so ya won't be

On Android until this fall which could mean is late obviously as a mid December so we'll we'll see what happens and also yeah the country selection is huge it's over a hundred countries of launch for Apple music which is like many I think multiple times more than google play music currently supports I thought you were just touting their country western selection isn't it I'm glad to hear that's not the case oh there are also be live radio stations that are probably going to be dumb and nobody will listen to so there's that they spent like 30 minutes in the in the keynote talking

About them though yeah then it's like they really do they actually expect people will listen to this stuff I a not optimistic about that alright well that's good about wrap it up let's move on to voicemails yeah we had an interesting voicemail this week you remember last week we asked a question about unattended entry two apartment buildings by using automated actions on the phone and we had a listener that came up with what we think may be a creative solution so let's take a listen I have an answer to the question you guys had this week about the voicemail

Box I did it many years ago with a good old-fashioned answering machine the number 9 is just a tone so if you record a message with that tone and then you correct you know your voice mailbox or or your box does that you know automatically answer with that message it'll play back the tone you know google voice could do this that many voicemail systems will do it also cool right so what do we think does it work you drive yeah i'm gonna guess this will i remember this voicemail i was like oh Jesus I heard this years and years ago i'm gonna guess people have

Been doing this for a long time but yeah it should work I've heard of people doing this and once a once I heard that voice man I was like oh yeah that is a thing it's very analog approach but it's one that should be at work fine so just record the sound of the dial tone on your voicemail and voila voila unless you've got some kind of crazy digital's secure entry uh you know building control and then maybe it won't work but if it's an old-school one yeah i'm sure it worked fine awesome alright so a couple of contests going on on the website right now first of all there's a

Giveaway international variety for a tilt 4.8 amp ribbon car charger that's from tilt and android police also there's a giveaway international for 100 airdroid premium membership codes i heard right of course remote tool to allow you to manage and even view your device if you're rooted and then finally to alcatel one touch idol three phones up for grabs that is of course a us-only giveaway so if you're interested in any of those head on over to android police calm / contests and well before we roll that outro i think we would be remiss if we didn't thank our sponsor a simple the

Online banking solution for sponsoring us this week David you want to say anything about civil before we head out absolutely amongst all of our technical people these this evening we kind of forgot to do our intro and outro roles for simple you want to thank simple who do online banking for sponsoring the show this week simple is a great service if you want to manage your money online in a much smarter way one of my favorite things about simple now that I've been using it is when I go to the groceries or and use my simple card I have my android wear watch with me and I get a

Notification from simple like within three seconds of swiping the card in the purchase going through that I spent money at the store and then I can see what's categorized as and the total which to me is that is living in the future and I'm gonna guess wells fargo doesn't do that so yeah it's one of my it's a cool service and you should go check them out at simple calm / android police and just by going to that URL you'll help support the show alright thank you David and thank you simple for helping us out bhakti would you like to cue the outro sir sweet Jesus yes well I

Hope you enjoy the show as always send your feedback to podcasted Android Police calm you can also call us at five-30 hello ap that's 5 30 45 567 find us on Twitter din release google+ and facebook ok was the audio usable on your end for this wonder shy send you the file um it was a little choppy at the beginning so if you could send me the file that'd be great I'll just at the beginning but probably I don't know five minutes in it even now so good yes I'm gonna describe here well export the files oh it's turning a cramped yeah so that's really good timing alright yeah

They depart now because to inflate yeah I'm also gonna go so deuces oh we're getting crushed I can't stop the gas

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