Android Police Podcast Ep.162 – Google I/O 2015 Live (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on April 7, 2021

X amount of years like the only like six teams of one championships in like the last 20 years or something like that so yeah that guy's just somebody new is going to win it this year regardless of which team it is that is pretty neat that is pretty exciting that it's it's I mean when's the last time for coaches yeah to rookie head coaches and I mean just just crazy crazy I don't even understand how this happened I swear to God I think maybe they may be the NBA is rigged and they set this up the whole time now if the NBA was rigged than the Lakers or the Knicks would have the number one pick in the draft I think

They can only reg a certain amount of things before people catch on yes but the the draft is the original thing they rigged think of the 85 draft yeah I read all about that when New York got Patrick Ewing yes yeah I read all about that like this huge conspiracy theories about about like how it still affects the game today and all this crazy stuff was that referee that got nailed for fixing games and oh I read about yeah I don't remember who that was I members name either I don't know it wasn't Joey Crawford but it should have been Joey Crawford Joey Crawford Riggs games so

That he wins them though Joey the dogs it is a 32 hey we're a basketball podcast right now okay no no it's not I was just announcing the time I wasn't saying that we have to start near that I would just like to say that camp should take the remaining pink topics Oh should I I think you should people show ahead um I hear her words coming out of your mouth well i can probably take a couple of these i mean i didn't read anything about these I don't want this well none of us read all of these it's impossible I didn't read these you know I was really I was busy during this this time

So let me just I requested a half day off of work so I can watch the keynote today and it was denied and I'm so pissed well you did I mean honestly the first place our my keynote was great in the last two hours of the keynote were no not so great nuts great yeah yeah but it is I'm gonna try something yeah it is a developer count bring it is a developer I think the lack of hardware announcements have kind of have kind of bullied my excitement a little bit Sully slowly do yeah if you need it can they get out learn a little a little anybody oh ok way I just

here's something I think something's wrong I'm I found something but it's ok sunny is Peabody's ok serious question I have no idea where to add a break in the middle of this before the future spotlights dave is that the right you think that's all right spot yeah all right that's about half fish did somebody internal can somebody insert a line in there for me yes i will get out everybody back go ahead go ahead up with five lines somebody did it twice there you go thanks alrighty shall we get this show on the road i choose i guess we don't have to we can just sit

Here I mean usually we're at least five minutes late so we have three minutes and I had caps lock on the whole time that's awesome yay very loud whine say we can prolly a word for most butters huh so yeah we gotta we gotta get get our stuff together before next week yes for our next home Soleil yeah which I think about that later yeah look as we're talking about that offline after the show yes we will Cameron stick around don't run off as quickly as you usually do please what what are we doing after the show talking business business no I

La pequeña late we're talking to that is ness I'm just gonna disconnect before the shows even over and out for a 20 it's gone okay everyone please silence your fans we will begin recording momentarily so I don't your fans so you might not die you guys be quiet just telling my fans to be quiet all your adoring fans exactly yeah don't worry I hate myself just as much as you guys do we don't hate you well I don't hate him hey today give me peace I got a I've got a good idea thank you is the is the thing over there you didn't say that hey it's not a twist-off oh yeah oh yeah

Listen listen to this oh yeah boy I'm glad that there is no smell over this podcast because I'm sweating so much up here right now oh wow it's nice and quiet somebody really silenced their fan think like I told you I was going to thank you for that woman's will make this quick face so that you can turn your fan back on and not fry all day all right we are recording so i will press the button that means the goes welcome 2015 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm Cameron Summerson online spratlin i'm ryan whitwam my name is Bob

Sanford's welcome to our special google i/o 2015 edition yes google i/o today of course lots of announcements we should probably just get started right in it go google code google so following in the trend set last year with Android L Android M was announced at Google i/o today no funky desert themed names just yet but just Android M developer previews and you can actually get them right now if you have a certain particular set of devices right cam right Kim is can frozen he looks frozen he looks frozen that's cool i'm gonna cut to them ah he's gone now he looks

Like he's saying on my tree it looks like he's saying one does not simply covered enjoy oh let's give him a second see if he just reconnects there he's still connected to our internal chat so i had some work hangouts problem because that's hurt is just a little he's moved hey Cameron hey it always how about that first topic hey cam if you can hear you should probably disconnect and reconnect or something if you haven't already tried that because we hear nothing damn if you can hear you should be thankful you can hear us we can't hear you not many times I hear you you hear me now

Okay I've been having chrome issues all day so I have no idea I no it'll just freeze up for no reason i thought it hasn't done in a while so I thought maybe uh maybe would stop still stuttery but you're you're there now it looks like it's evening out okay let's pretend that we just finished the intro and nothing terrible happened oh so there's developer previews hi Cameron yeah a developer preview some of em for the nexus 5 69 and player you can download those now flash it and and give it a go it's I mean the jump is not as big as it was to l because L had you

Know a lot of things were new in l so a lot of apps had compatibility issues and whatnot not the case for em if you're curious and you have you know a compatible device you can throw it on there give it a shot it seems to be pretty stable yeah I've noticed any broken apps yet so that's gonna I I haven't installed a ton of stuff on mine but yeah I mean it it seems if you want to see what M is all about Scott you know most of the new features here are really subtle so you have to kind of actively look for them but there are a lot of them they are a plenty indeed

Ma'am you can check it out cool check it out alright so obviously much of the announcement today focused on what new features that very same Android M Developer Preview actually includes starting off with what what we talked about on site a little bit what two days ago or so the enhanced permission management it's here it's a real thing right yeah so this is one of probably the biggest changes in Android and this is something that's been rumored for awhile so now what's going to happen when you install an app and you run it the first time it asks for a sensitive

Permission you'll get a pop-up or you can either allow or deny it and so it seems like the permissions that they're going to consider you know important enough to bug you about our like location phone number camera microphone contact access SMS calendar stuff like that so if you if you deny a permission and then you want to change it later there's like a whole you know a whole interface for each app where you can go through and like manage the permissions after the fact so if you want like you know if you turned off contact before for some reason but then you realize

Like you actually want apt to be able to show your contacts you can just go into the app settings and it's got its got some toggles if you're watching in the video I have I have right here some of the some of the the permissions right there seeing just go and toggle what you want on and off and I mean it's pretty much it's a box from a few years ago but you know not a super early developer sort of internal tool it you know it seems to work pretty well so that exists now and it's a much better overall option I think than what we had before so have you gone through and

Turned a bunch of permissions off for apps and check to see if they like start crashing all over the place now I mean I heard a few things uh off but I mean I haven't noticed any big differences yet I mean I don't have a ton of apps installed I have probably 15 or 20 non-stock apps cool number I'm glad that they added the teacher but that I personally don't plan on easily yeah I'm probably just gonna let apps do what they do I I was I'm never really that concerned about missions that I know enough people are that it's just something that should exist does anybody

Else think that the the the prompting for permissions might get annoying um well it's only supposed to happen the first time so I mean if you you know if you install an app that has like all eight or nine important permissions and it wants all of them the first time it starts up then yeah that might be pretty annoying yeah that's that's kinda what i'm thinking if they've you know decided they want access to a lot of different things and you start the program up and it's you know six things right when you start the program up and then you're like okay finally that's over and then

The next time it asks for two other things and then the next time is why mean uh i guess you know privacy comes with a bit of annoyance and this is something that most users have made pretty clear that they want yeah I I agree I I think it's good I think having that finer level of control is is something that we all should should really have rather than just blindly accepting everything we're given so anyways up so let's uh move on to well what what essentially is I don't know kind of supplanting web view at least that's the hope in future

App updates so what's going on with with custom tabs Liam um custom tabs or something that absolute instead of webs a web view so they have that they demoed it on this pinterest and these are to click on something that typically take them to the web but instead of going to the web view the developer can basically make a custom from cab home with some capabilities the crop has but styled and animated everything like that happen p so it's interested in mix of you know app and web content that i think will be pretty cool yeah i think the i think the ability to get good web app performance

With you know still on that customization that makes it looks like it's part of your app yeah i think obviously it's got to be adopted by developers so i don't know how soon will see it you know on a majority of apps but should be nice to see rolling out all right so next let's talk about linking deep app linking which apparently is a new thing that's going to prevent us from seeing that selector prompt for choose your app wisely in a lot of different apps that choose to you know bypass that app so what's uh what's the deep the deep app linking cam and

And how can we expect to see that use ok so basically um everybody knows you know if you if you tap on something in what an app like a link and it goes to another app a lot of times they will either bring up the selector or it will open in the browser or something stupid basically apps will be able to self authenticate so for example if you're in chrome and you tap on a tweet it will automatically open in twitter instead of saying hey do you want open this in chrome and you weren't open in twitter or youtube would probably be the same way

Um obviously this has to be built in by the developers so you'll no longer have to say yes I want it to be this app yes I want it to be every time it'll just know which apt to to open it up in which I'm really looking forward to because what drives me crazy is I have the amazon app installed so when I click an amazon link i wanted to open in the amazon app so i hope amazon takes advantage of this because that's the one app that drives me the most insane about this but anyway so with them em it's supposed to be less of an issue because like i said apps apps will be able to

Our developers I guess rather will be able to put this deep linking into their app so you don't have to worry about selecting yourself it'll be a much more seamless experience and and there is a toggle in the app settings to turn that off if you decide like you don't want Twitter to open all of your tweets without asking so is it in the is the is the toggle in the source app or the destination out it looks like it is in the destination abbott's anything that it's where where you do all of where you can change the appt defaults it has an alignment says open supported links

Without asking so you can turn that on or off okay now one of the things that one of the things that was mentioned in the article was Twitter specifically anybody out there who's using a third-party Twitter client now I know that we can't have it default open in Tallinn for example but if you don't have twitter installed I'm assuming it's still gonna prompt you well yeah I mean I guess the developers could add support for this I suppose I mean talent could register itself as like a an authenticated handler of Twitter links i would assume yep yeah but I don't see

Why didn't well I the way the way it was written I thought they would have to actually register that on Twitter's services on Twitter server I don't know I mean I guess what I got a device then absolutely but yeah if it's a server-side thing then I think that could pose a post problem alright so next we've got android pay which you know we've talked about on the show a couple of times when it was back in that rumor state now it's a official a thing right Kim it it is i'll be honest i missed this part of the keynote and i barely skimmed over this article i

Don't know much about android pay it's essentially a Google Wallet rebrand am I am I wrong here yeah I mean what it sounds like I mean it mention while at once in the in the keynote okay it seems exactly like it does exactly the same stuff it's exactly the same thing from what I gather we accept I think it's going to have more more like api's fourth row third parties to plug into so it's gonna be like wall with list but suck less I guess I mean this is any good entertaining seems to basically be a rebrand of tough to pay and then Google Wallet apparently it's going to

Focus on people just sending money to each other yeah I was just going to say the the challenge right now is mine chair Apple pay it's an easy thing for people to say oh well my device has Apple pay so now you can have android pay IRA I think I think that's what I need is the number of syllables really important like did like do copy apples apples name and Samsung's name for that matter well the thing is you you actually have apple people who will say well I have apple paid you have android pay and people who don't I don't don't know temp to pay with wallet don't even

Know but now they have something where they can say yeah I've in red pay i mean i would really prefer that we didn't pick the names of services based on what people like that say though that sounds inseparable so this is kind of interesting actually i just saw this link um we're like 20 minutes ago Google Wallet shared a post on Google+ about the new google wallet and it's not talking about android pay it still isn't it sounds like ariel right confusing this must just be them saying we're gonna do money period like you can send money why is that not just why is it not

Just one app like if they want to do android pay they could just make android pay and you can use it to pay p money like why are these two separate things uh yeah I'm guessing because one's baked into the OS and once a separate app ID I don't know okay I'm sorry that does not eat at all we'll see what's up with a android pay I'm telling you I actually think it's the end user doesn't realize they don't know that their phones a lot of people don't know that they're android phone can do the same thing as Apple pay just because that's definitely that's definitely true

I mean just considering how often people are completely bamboozled bamboozled when i use google wallet and they have android phones but i don't think that just like changing the name is gonna get google all the way to like making them realize that yeah well to be fair though it does it does have additional functionality that Google and didn't have I think we should probably mention that as well such as integration within third party apps where you can actually have apps where you can purchase things and it just pops up the the pay integration allows you to pay through

Google android pay on apps as well whereas i don't believe that functionally exists with wallet um yeah I feel like well it already most important stuff right Plus this is something else unless they're separating out into a physical versus digital bits because the whole like in-app purchases the stuff that goes through the wallet I'm yeah I mean maybe I thought I'd rebranded it right in app purchases do but I think this is more referring to like Amazon purchases and stuff like that anything that you could buy through an app at all

We need fact checkers we do need fact checkers Czech without a checkered we're all just fact checkers like it's called the bat room no fat checkers I said you need some at checkers leanna like oversized like morbidly obese checkers right so we left wait wait I just say the game the game checkers so like you're just playing checkers with a very large game I thought you were saying we need Chubby Checker but he's no longer a dime that's what we need our staffs Domino i would definitely play a game of checkers with massively overweight game pieces but you know what I never

Realized how it or not but both of them had a obesity status and a and a game table talk were you doing any chubby Checker's and Fats Domino god man are those are they both dead man's going to my lower third Becca I don't know Thanks I don't know I couldn't last week I didn't try this week I heard I had read on you first joined I don't know why I did not turn it off that would have been a good tour I mean I Chandler and Fats Domino it out have been a hell of an a hell of a tour if they you know morbidly obese 1957 yeah it would have been like lardo board game night a lot of games to

Her the lardo game I love it I love it and I just I really want to sing Blueberry Hill right now but I'm not going to hey you know what we totally missed out on a perfect opportunity to segue to the next title because it's about fingerprint readers and they're integrated with android pay they are indeed or they will be as soon as there's a fingerprint reader I device that supports it right now no Nexus devices have pink reader so the fingerprint support NM is just sort of theoretical but it will support logging into your device making payments with

Android pay and also accessing things in apps like logging into a nap or we're making some sort of purchase in a nap or like if you have a password manager you could use your fingerprint to decrypt the passwords but you know that's up to developers to support all right I don't know if my spreadsheet is just really screwed up but now lines 8 9 and 10 are all the same story that is happening you also happening to me yeah this is a very unusual I'm kind of freaked out you go some yeah I'd okay I see what I see what happened line 8 was the was the Apple

Air Android pay it's now gone from the spreadsheet so that basically whatever is in line 9 just got shifted up our spreadsheet is haunted it is haunted our spreadsheet is very very we have a Poulter a Poulter jeast it's a poder gay st we have a Poulter juiced up poultrygeist we have a poltergeist in order that's that's that's fitting it's unfortunate there's not an asus transformer that we could talk about for the poltergeist but anyways alright so let's move on to doze mode which you know we've been hearing that there's been some battery management

Improvements in and right now I'm coming along and it looks like doze mode is perhaps the bulk of that improvement so uh what's new with doze mode Kim oh I'm sorry well it does mode I was looking at the thing on on em um doze mode okay so it is my understanding that this is basically like a super deep sleep that's going to be in okay so um the device will detect when start to learn I guess that's when you pick it up and when you use it when you don't like the example that they gave during the keynote was tablets like me I I will leave my tablet just laying on the nightstand all day

And then just use it at night yes what okay yeah so the temple will eventually learn or Android I guess we'll learn that that's how it's used and during the hours when you don't use it it'll put it into an ultra deep sleep mode that essentially you know turns apps off and turn services off and just it basically just shuts everything down and it will it they said in the test that they've done so far it effectively doubles the the battery life the idle time battery like which is pretty huge because historically that's one area where

Android has been absolute trash you can lay an Android device down and it will be dead the next day it happens to me all the time but I can lay my iPad down and leave it for like two damn weeks and it'll still be like ninety-seven percent when I go back and pick it up so we definitely needed this yes yes this is a welcome addition differently and it I'm like super happy about this I mean and it looks like you can actually you can disable this on a per-app basis which is strange I mean Google's really added a lot of like like power users stuff in em but get like if you go into the app

Settings you can go into the into the battery use area for individual apps and there's something called ignore optimizations and you can like have it just you know have the app ignore the the dough's stuff apparently that's what it seems like it's a very very odd to even include that but I mean I can't leave these apps are supposed to be able to still respond to important because they're there something's like I would never want my alarm app to doze I mean supposedly always keen was supposedly androids is smart enough to not keep a nap asleep if it has an

Important task like that like it so as to still be able to wake up in something important happens yeah I guess so because then that would be like the phone app I always want to be awake you know if you know there's an emergency or whatever or even the texting at but then you know like gmail gmail could sleep all night for all I care and I'll just check my email when I wake up I do that huh you mean you don't want my email while you're asleep you know the thing is that I like over the past five years or however long I've been doing this I literally have I will wake up in the

Middle of the night and check email it's the weirdest thing I do it almost every night I will wake up and the first thing I do is pick up my phone and check my email and then like I put it back on charge and go by just like I don't even read the emails i just checked them to make sure i don't even know what the hell i'm looking for obviously really alarming just something with a lot of X I'm like if I said yes I just want to know this subject line says go eight times and you're like oh crap what happened like it's usually replies I think in the back of my mind I'm

Scouring for replies because I'm like if there's a reply then something is not right like I don't understand I didn't know I don't know so I might do me it might be great if gmail would sleep overnight like so then maybe I can I do I wouldn't even necessarily care if the app was sleeping overnight as long as my notification light would be sleeping because I hate it when you like half you're like half awake and then you start seeing the light flashing and then you wake up the rest of the way if they if that were the case the light I get so many emails and so many notifications

When I wake up I probably have I don't know just individual notifications every morning they're probably at least 12 just from whatever calendar and email my notification laptop on my phone is that oh my god halfway and i'll see you notification and I'll like do something with it like clear it or do something and then I'll forget there was there so later than I actually do right now but at the rate system and then I end up not anything you should just be like me and don't I used to item that the only way I will remember to do so like if I get a calendar known Oh calendar notre dam

Side you know Bob by the way what I was trying to tell you is that I tried adding your lower through the light one for me it froze up my hang out over here so I'm not yeah am I my bass the hangout or the people that would that window I'm here yes you Cameron is back you can move all right now whole computer I did not realize it was my old computer till just now yay French class so everybody just having problems tonight like I guess Google hates everybody no we really do have a pull tree geist yes if you well I could keep doing the show as it is I've got what I need up okay i

Just can't anyway since i was just babbling about notifications that was not important i do the point is i don't dismiss my important notifications anymore other I will absolutely forget to do what it is I set myself the reminder to do right takes the whole point away from it all right so uh next let's talk about Android or upside google now on tap which was announced not necessarily during the Android M announcement but a little bit later on when they're talking about search google now on tap is going to be it seems like a pretty cool funky

Feature added added to Google now that makes it a little bit more relevant depending on what you're doing right right I would love to be able to confirm that but it doesn't work in the end preview and that makes me very sad um yeah so it's it's basically a way to use the context of what's happening on your screen uh to generate google now like cards so if you're having conversation with somebody in an IMF about like going to a restaurant and you long press on the home button it could pull a card that has a review for the restaurant or you know a card that would add a

Calendar appointment for you and then you can also do voice queries that are sort of contextually aware they did a demo on stage listening to Skrillex and they asked you know what is his real name and Google now on tap was able to figure out the paper of course talking about Skrillex because that was the music they were listening to so yeah this seems really cool and if it works well it could be hugely useful um strike thought it was going to be useful until you mentioned Skrillex and then I'm like no this is useless technology I it replaced with your favorite artist who

Doesn't use their real name right but ok so I'm interestingly though in the M preview it seems like the swipe up gesture is either not working or isn't implemented at all on purpose so that's how you get to Google now on existing devices and now it's a long press on the home button and swipe up both pull up the sort of non-functional uh now on tap card you I so um I don't know hopefully there's they're gonna keep those those things separate because it's sometimes I just want to go directly to Google now with a swipe and I don't want to too long press or swipe and then hit

Another button to get there I don't know that I ever di total long press 2 well I mean I don't think that long press now does anything oh no it just minimizes now which is interesting yeah so I mean that the long press thing is yeah it's very strange spam spam spam spam a lot all right so um last last before we move on to other things google's app data backup is officially a thing even though they didn't bother to tell us about it so Ryan what's uh what's app data backup and what's uh what's this bring into the table and so this is sort of the first time Google has really addressed this

Features since froyo because way back when they announced a way for developers to back up important app data on Google servers and you installed an app it would restore it now this is sort of a a more advanced version of that that so every what it'll happen every every 24 hours while your device is plugged in not in use and on Wi-Fi all of your apps that support this will go through and they'll upload to Google Drive a copy of their app data so when you use that app on another device you can go just have the same data accessible it is not entirely clear to me if this is another

Sort of just when you install apps it will pull down the data or if it's going to act actively like sync them across devices hopefully it actually has the ability to sync data that would be ideal but any anything that improves the you know almost non-existent limitation of app data backup from before it would be nice cool all right so just pausing real quick for a word from our sponsors this week's podcast sponsored by reflector to the easiest way to cast your Android devices screen directly to your PC or Mac just load up a nap and start casting using google cast

Where airplane same way you would to chromecast or Apple TV you can even record while you cast so head on over to air squirrels calm / reflector to try it out free for a week if you like it you can use promo code android police 51 this is the last week to get five dollars off of your check out on a single license that's thirty percent off so make sure you head on over there last week to get five dollars off thats android police 51 and the website is air squirrels calm / reflector alright so up until now we focused a lot on specifically the things announced at

Google i/o for Android M but we've had some hands-on time at least Ryan has with with the Android Emma on his nexus 5 and we've learned a few things along the way so we're going to get into a little bit of a feature spotlight section starting off with the new app drawer in which picker which I don't know if this is gonna you know be everybody's thing but it's new and it's changed and it's different and I'm afraid uh yeah it's roles vertically now both of them do actually so instead of these side to side pagination you've got this vertically scrollable list of all

Of your apps and they're they're grouped by by letter and so some of these sections only have a few apps and then and then you know you can you can grab onto the quick scroll bar over on the right and get you know two different areas of list pretty quickly it's not as information dense as the old the page setup but I mean if you need to get something get something at the end it's a lot of fast or just you know scroll down there then swipe through a half a dozen pages so and then the the widget picker also scrolls up and down but it it is too short it has a line for each

For each app you have installed and then you scroll side to side if there are more than you know if there are more than 22 widgets you can only see you know the two and then you scroll across to get the Genesis it's I mean it's uh I feel like that it's it still seems a little bit clunkier than I would like but it's so much cooler it's definitely better than while we out it's much better than what what Google's been doing so far because just like that did i I've never used a device that can get through that list without like lagging and having to like redraw everything

It's it's terrible so the new one you know i'm willing to give you google the benefit of the doubt on this the apt or i am less sure about yeah you know it's funny when was what was it was it ICS the first one that did the pagination on the Apple think I mean I think it was I mean I might have technically been honey cone but yeah right we'll use that we pretend that one never happened yeah so I went when I first got a device that had the pagination it frustrated me and it took me a long time to get used to it and now the thought of going back to the vertical scrolling is just I don't know

I'm not it's gonna be it's gonna feel here if they if they stick with that it'll you know I guess we'll see of course a lot of a lot of launchers have given you the option to toggle between those two in their customization options so if you're the kind of person who does that I mean this might be a welcome change but no I don't know I guess we'll just have to wait and see jump alright so next on the feature spotlight is the dark systemui of course people complained ever since lollipop first came out that it's very bright and it doesn't really have any dark theme and

Any real option that works in a low-light scenario without searing your retinas so we've got one but not exactly front-facing right right yeah so it's in developer options and it looks like this when you turn it on that's the the material dark theme it is much less horrible for your eyes in the dark so you can turn on so the default is the light theme and then there's the dark theme and there's also an option called automatic which I'm not entirely clear on I guess it will automatically switch to the dark theme when it's nighttime I guess that that's what it makes me think

But I mean I have had that on for a while and I mean it's not quite dark here yet so I guess I'll find out a little bit if that actually works I like it yes all right so next would be customization on the quick settings tiles which I think several people were frustrated didn't exist previously great read yes it only kind of sort of exists now so in the preview there's Emily a developer options there's a thing called system UI tuner that you can turn on and that puts another entry in the the main system settings and right now all it has is an entry for quick settings so maybe

It's some point in the future to other things but when you open it you get this little you I with a copy of your of your quick settings and you can drag these things around and like put them in different places and like and it's I'm going to it's kind of buggy like it sometimes if you drag an icon someplace that doesn't want to watch you it will like crash out the system UI I can't get it to do it right now of course but you know but and if you take a stock tile off and try to put it back on it seems like it's kind of broken you have to reset the entire the entire quick

Settings so luckily there's a menu option to do that but I guess I mean you can't you can't add any new tiles either it just sort of pulls up like a dummy UI for that I guess apps will be able to to plug into that in some way but it's not clear to me how that will work it but I mean at least in some capacity the you know you'll be able to modify the the quick settings in em obviously these are as a little disclaimer these are the types of things you do deal with with developer reviews so yeah I mean yeah that mean that's we have no idea if this is going to stay in the developer

Options or if it's going to go away or if it's gonna be like a regular setting when when it finally comes out you know we just you know we don't really know yet I think the idea is great but so look I can I mean most android oems do this there's a way to like modify your your settings toggles on almost every phone google just has never done it before I actually I actually kind of like the option are the the idea of having an option under developer options to toggle additional settings that you can configure because a lot of launchers a lot of

A you know a lot of custom roms and stuff like that have really prided themselves on the customization aspect of it that stock Android just hasn't had and I think the reason that we don't have it is because too many options kind of muddy up the whole setting screen and makes the important things that you know the average user might need to find harder to find and I think you know kind of tucking that toggle switch somewhere deeper down that the average user probably isn't going to dive into I think it's pretty cool and and even just with this one thing okay that's one

Thing but you know the thought of maybe them moving in a direction where they can add more things that show up when you toggle that on off seems seems pretty cool with me hello maybe I'm the only one who thinks that way all right so let's let's talk about hot spot not really anything that's been announced for Android really any time recently except this this version finally got an update so we've got we got some new options in there right Kim yeah so I'm sorry this is hot spot two point oh and it's got some developer options in there some things like api's and whatnot but

There's now the option to change from 2.4 to toggle between two point four and five gigahertz modes and this is something that I guess a lot of manufacturers have been built into their own builds I know motorola doesn't samsung doesn't i think a couple others do it so it's not uncommon to already have this option on a phone but now it looks like it's just going to be in stock android so it's not something that that you know a third party has to build into their own rob so really what the what the focus is there that it sits now now a stock option or will be a stock

Option we know do we know if there's any existing hardware out there that supports the five gigahertz mean uh yeah i mean a lot to actually the nexus i know the next i mean i think it does i think if they can connect to five Gators they should be able to create my dick hurts hotspot yeah it seems like it so most now I actually should be able to do that I know I know that I don't know yes oh that you don't know well cool well at least you at least you knows you know yeah yeah yeah I know that I don't know all right so let's talk let's talk about external

Guys in orange shall we let's do this let us do that so so there's there's bumps in external storage support for both Android TV and standard Android devices right right yeah so I enter a TV it supports it now so that's nice you can plug in external storage at also is HTTP support now in you know regular Android much more interesting what is going on with removable storage it um it actually kind of is supported again in in this really unusual way so if if you've got a device that has a micro SD card slot you can just you plug the card in and if you format it will give you

The option to either you know erase it and just create a regular removable disk out of it or you can adopt it as a internal storage device so it will format and encrypt a card in such a way that it can be integrated with the devices own built-in storage so then that that's sort of lets you put apps and app data on it normally as if it were just part of your regular you know your your device so and that I think is only going to be for micro SD cards but the the whole situation with USB drives is a lot better to you so if you plug one of those into an mm device and I

Tested this on a nexus 5 the system actually recognizes it immediately it shows up in the storage menu you have options to to explore the files the building file manager you can eject it you can format it and it's just you know it's a lot easier to access so I mean this is kind of unusual for for stock Android and Google's really been de-emphasizing removable storage for a few years and now it seems like it's back yes it's welcome to be back the problem is that Google has convinced me over the last several years that I don't it anymore so yeah I mean uh I mean I

Wonder though if you do this the adopting a storage device into the system partition thing I have to wonder how that's going to affect the speed because if you have a device it's using ufs 2 point 0 storage like the galaxy s6 which doesn't even have a card slots or whatever but hey I know if you have a device the really fast storage and you plug in a micro SD card and you make that part of the system is that just going to drag the rest of the storage down or how does that work well I suppose if you format it then the only bottleneck at that point is the

Read/write speed of the card yeah I mean and the read/write speed of an ecard is gonna be a lot slower than what you can get from the bat the fastest built-in storage in phones nowadays so it'll be interesting if like if everything sort of has to come down to that lowest common denominator or if Andrew way of light so reasonably fast I mean most SD cards you're talking 45 200 but megabit per second or whatever so it's still fast enough for app storage and retrieval yeah i mean that's i'm sure it's it's fast enough for you know for most things I mean I wonder if like if

You know if like 4k video continues to be a thing that people care about on phones if that'll start to cause issues or what right that's gonna be the only thing you'd want to use the internal storage i think is the direct direct streaming of your video and pictures and stuff like that to your storage but i think of if you're using it is you know additional storage for media that sort of stuff specifically i mean if you wait i mean if you just have it formatted as a regular removable card then I'm sure it's not I mean it's the same as it's always been it's not gonna matter unless

You're actively saving things to you know to the card but I mean if it treats if you format it and treat it as part of the internal storage I just don't know how that works for like the overall you know the overall state of your bone storage speed it'll be interesting to see we shall see meet you alright so next we got RAM management which is made its debut here that allows you to yeah get a better gauge of what your RAM usage is for your devices so what's what's going on with that right yeah so this is another like another weird thing that google added

That is like a very power user kind of thing so yeah you access it like pretty deeply in the app details screen you can go into individual apps and you can see what their average Ram uses usages with the maximum ram usages and it sort of gives you an idea like how often it's running and like how you know how like how it's been performing over time and yeah so me that's just that's the thing that exists now and I guess maybe this is just for peace of mind I don't know that this is really the sort of thing people need to be messing around with I mean if you you know one more stop

Everything that looks like it's taking up ramp you're probably gonna have a bad time I I think it's I think it's definitely useful as a developer option I mean if you're yeah but I mean it's you know it's not mean it's naughty as far as I'm aware it's not a developer option I mean listen maybe it maybe it only come maybe it only shows up like if you have developer options turned on your if you're a developer now because you don't yeah our love and time tapped or whatever it is but yeah i mean the the the the option seems I I agree it seems a little bit overkill for the

Average you okay definitely definitely from a developer standpoint it's a nice thing to be able to see what what your apps doing to the ramen over on the devices yeah i mean it is pretty buried though so here's how you get to it in the main settings you go to apps and then the overflow menu advanced memory and that's where it lists all of the individual apps and has all of the performance options it's uh you know it's it's in there right but you're you're Cameron's grandma is not going to find it hopefully not now you may be Cameron's grandma is like really good

With phones do you everything about that it's possible it's definitely definitely possible all right so next from the notification panel of course we used to be able to hold on that notification and get info about the app that generated it and it appears as though that's made its return as well right right yes so this super minor but it makes me very happy because in KitKat and earlier you could long press on a notification it would just give you a link to the app info which is a useful screen in lollipop they changed that to go to the notification settings so it was

More of a pain to get into the app info screen now it takes another step that you can long press go into the notification settings then on that screen there's a link to the app info so you hit that you at that button and you get where you want to go it just takes you know an extra cab great let's uh let's talk a little bit about the new photo app because you know we've we've had some stories this week posted throughout the week regarding all the new stuff that was coming and the new Photos app and now it's here you know before we even get a chance to talk

About it on the podcast it's here so at this point in time I guess we can stop with the speculating in the rumors we can just tell about what it really is rightly yeah so the new Photos app is available on Android iOS and web starting today it is what we said it with you so there's the zooming in and out of photos of course the main feature the people which is their object recognition machine I mean um Serena you can find pictures of some of his face or dogs or Toronto or whatever you want pretty easily Andy also manually made albums and stories sort of thing um the

Navigation is still kind of lucky if you want to just out either on device photos but these smart features are for people so you found with that from the place go right now or if you're on iOS I think Google's intention with the photo organizations it's just that you're going to upload everything to their cloud so you don't really need a way to access your little boys photos many particularly anyway I definitely think they want to influence you in the production since this easiest release it is just to save back up all my fellow photos and every single folded on my

Place yeah but um yeah so I also thought it was funny that during a presentation they present to it like it was a totally new product like there were no google+ roots at all it was just this Brenda thing it's an interesting French so I'm looking at it on my phone and or my on my tablet it looks the same as it used to so maybe we should talk about how it looks on my tablet extensively and pretend that there's not a new one yeah we could do that yes are there are a few months a few important you I differences that you should be able to identify pretty

Quickly if you were just sitting in the keynote or watching it online right by the way that's not true i have it on my new tablet and i like it so far all right so let's move on to a little bit more of the developer e-type stuff that was not single I owe starting off with cloud test lab which is apparently going to be a pretty cool way to get your device it stimulated in a lot more environments than you might be able to afford to buy for your very own testing right Liam sorry i was going to 47 um yes so there is old stories from my first meeting that developers will be

Able to basically do AP testing honor listen videos on this done experiments so you can try like different icon mr. screenshots different promo graphics and see what listing performs the best for you so if you're finding that graphics turning impact on how many before downloading or we're happy then you can see that in the form of data which is always good um ripple is also working on improving place for search so if you search for something like shopping they'll break that out into further categories like fashion or coupons or that sort of thing and hope is there

That users who are searching for things they're using fake queries like they're not sure exactly what they want this will surface more apps that fit them what they want which is good for users and proverbs or fluid on an addition to that search stuff I revolts also introducing new family stuff research so you can see kid-friendly results playing with Bentley results they have a new family star which is like a little badge that'll go on absolute family friend you can also search by like popular characters for instance and finally

People introduced new menu pages for developers so if you create couple more assets which is fiscally than an image and profile image then you'll be able to have your own super-sensitive don't book store alive which is happening and one cards Liam you sound like poo on my end yeah just won't let you know that it sounds not your fault it sounds like hangouts is clipping you to try to eliminate some background noise or something or trying to eliminate your voice maybe maybe thinks your voice thinks that your voice is background noise I am the bad guys okay I don't

Just like burned our dude area Thursday if I got some fun to my woods I'm sure you said something funny there but it sounded like a pur pur pur pur curb I wonder if it sounds um no that's exactly what it was all right so uh we didn't have any new hardware announcements at Google i/o so that was a thing that didn't happen so I'm we do feel obliged a little bit to talk about some of the rumors we're hearing about a nexus hardware for this calendar year and and it's not good if you're looking for a nexus tablet but probably very good if you're looking for a phone right right

Yeah so we've heard no tablet this year but two phones um so it looks like at least recently there were two phones in the works we don't know for sure if both of them will come out but there's a 5.2 inch LG phone with the codename bullhead and a 5.7 inch huawei phone with the codename angler and that's you know that's really all of the the important details we know about them just how big they are what they're probably called we don't know you know anything about the specs for sure we can we have heard that the smaller one will have a Snapdragon 808

And the bigger one might have an 8 10 but with all of the the weirdness surrounding Snapdragon 810 who knows if that's gonna happen so this should this have been the Nexus just Tavenner I said in territory we do every why I am NOT hearing words that you're saying now it is now it is you that hangouts is trying to silence one more maybe me I don't know nope they froze this time okay this is crazy stupid hands it would be really Harrison's it would be really embarrassing if hang us was a Google product and they just had their annual developer than today oh wait you guys

Know by the way re unfresh I yes I hear words now you were saying something about phones that may or may not exist but I didn't hear any of them no I didn't say anything about any phones i mean what do you think this is a phone podcast know what i was saying is that this this is definitely good news for people who aren't necessarily interested in getting a nexus 6 with a massive display that it looks like this time around they're gonna have an option yes it'll make people very happy everybody who's been begging for a new Nexus 5 is you'll probably get it maybe hopefully

Right it seems it seems odd that we're talking about a 5.2 inch display on a phone as being a reasonably sized phone yeah I did yeah a few years ago a five-point her fight a 4.7 inch phone was gigantic I remember the first time I held the galaxy nexus I thought this is just obscenely chopping was how big was the original note was it 52 or was it 55 don't know I want to say 55 but I don't know me that's it I think it well that doesn't make my point nearly as well as if it was 52 so can we pretend it was 52 so I can make my point uh I mean as re actually my point doesn't he may okay uh

It was five point three inches five point three inches well that's close enough to make my point yes good cuz good thing because oh remember how we all laughed at how ridiculously huge that phone was when it was announced I mean that phone was I mean that was kind of still a big phone because the bezels were ridiculous yeah I mean now you can make a 5.7 inch phone that doesn't feel it wasn't dell streak ridiculous though ya know that was a ridiculous fun and it only had a 5-inch screen right right I think my nexus 10 has smaller bezels than that phone had though yeah I mean

That yeah the dell streak is not that much smaller than in it than a nexus 6 yeah but with an inch smaller display yeah an inch all right so uh if if you are the the group that's super disappointed about no Nexus tablet this year perhaps you might take some solace in the fact that this project tango tablet that we've been hearing about for a while is more readily available right them yeah so towards um towards the latter part of Google inviting people that signed up to five tender topic they announce that the crisis part 2 512 dollars down for you sent me for four

People who were approved by one so that was good now they've opened it up to people who don't have invitations and they can buy 4 512 as well but it's worth noting that this is a delicate so it's not and if you're looking for right by the tablet to be like a tablet stuff if this is not something you want but if you're interested in remapping and pretty sensing and things like that then it might be cool if I don't boy what version of Android does this run get cast right is it I think you I not get to do not get you cutting-edge software upgrades then obviously know

That I guess this is really just a flat illogical for the sensors right right right that's part of the Deaf kid thing is they're just keeping it safe I just had football so I guess I guess it won't fill that Nexus tablet void but at least it's a tablet and you buy it directly from google so it kind of counts no not really discount well I think I think that's gonna wrap it up for code google so let's move on to product reviews this week the nvidia children should produce easily the best android tablet on the market android TV I can't hear myself speak this is too damn loud with Cameron

Yeah with me what are we talking about she'll family and shield pro so yeah shield it's I it's I mean we've known that it was uh it was coming for a while and it's available today if you want to buy it two versions their shield and then the on-again off-again shield pro which was obviously on the whole time they just didn't want us to know about it so the shield pro has 500 gigabytes of storage it is a hybrid drive we don't know what the split is between the solid state storage and well you know would be a traditional disk drive um but it's all seamless as far as Android TV is

Concerned the way it sees it it's just all one big unit of storage which is fantastic it is awesome it is super super fast this takes roku fire TV Nexus player in any other any other streaming you know box like that it just takes it out to the school yard and whips up on it for a while because it's it is so much better as far as content is concerned Roku still has everything else beat but the thing with Roku is I find myself using like I've key apps all the time on roku and the rest of it it's got a lot of content but it's got a lot of fluff that is

Basically just useless crap that said roku and fire TV both do have amazon prime streaming video which you do not get on Nexus player obviously because Amazon just I don't even understand but slowly but surely the content is growing the content there the store against their Android TV is growing um the weird thing is and I absolutely hate this but that the Play Store on Android TV only shows featured apps there are tons of apps available for Android TV but you have to physically actually search for them either using voice search or find them on the web to me this is just

Absolutely ridiculous um just just ridiculous anyway there there's more just know that there are more apps than than what they're used to be quite a few more actually and the only thing at this point that i miss is is HBO HBO now was announced today so it'll be out I guess within the next month or so that will be available for shield and other Android TV devices and Amazon that's really it I don't really watch a lot of Amazon I just like having the option there when I do want to i usually go to Google Play or Netflix I think what I think it bugs me the most about Amazon not being

Available on it is it's not so much that Amazon hasn't gotten our hasn't gotten around to bringing it to Android TVs they specifically stop you from having it yeah yeah I mean there's a there's a strong giving it to you and specifically blocking you from habit those are those are two different things and amazon has gone the ladder no I completely agree so that that's something I don't feel like it's fair to hold against Android TV because it's not I mean if you know Android and it would be welcomed into the place or if Amazon would provide it um so I mean yeah it is for people who

Don't pay for Netflix or Hulu or anything else in the only way that they get their content is through is through it's through the Amazon Prime streaming video then okay this might not be the best box but for everybody else I mean I feel like it's if you want android TV this is absolutely the box to buy like i said is blazing fast everything i tried to do i mean i tried to slow it down it's just it's super fast super high quality the picture looks great it's you can go to the home screen and compare it to Nexus player and it just looks better Nexus player looks really washed out to

Me even on the same TV it just looks it just doesn't look as good the controller is just it's the same controller I mean I have it right here it's the same controller that that has been available for shield the only difference is the design on the back home and start keys are made to look more like lollipop so that's the biggest difference and also has the remote here which I was extremely impressed with as far as build quality is concerned it's kind of pricey at fifty dollars but I think it's actually worth it it's also rechargeable over USB and it has private listening

They both do the remote and the controller game controller both have private listening just like Roku so it takes basically all of the features that I feel like our standout features from you know the other devices and puts them all into one and then there's the whole gaming aspect so the thing that we failed which michael and i both had review units so we could kind of tag team it i did basically all of the android TV stuff because i'm more familiar with it and he did the gaming aspect because he's more familiar with that so what we found was him being more

Of a hardcore gamer he didn't think it was you don't want to buy it basically just for its gaming merits but me I'm much more casual when it comes to gaming I don't have time to sit just to sit back and play games all the time so for me the gaming capabilities that it has I think it's fantastic it's got games that I want to play on there it's got games that I'll spend time playing because I'm not going to go out and spend four or five hundred dollars on a ps4 and I'm definitely not going to spend fifty sixty dollars a pop for new games because I just don't have the time to

Play them so subtle I shield is perfect for if you're you know thinking about you know just if you're a hardcore gamer I'm not necessarily convinced that that that might be the way to go unless you want it just as as a secondary sort of device just you know whatever just to have around so you're saying hardcore gamers should stick with their oh yeah yeah yeah definitely I mean if you're a hardcore gamer about is what you want because that's where all the good games are but I mean you know as like a secondary device it sitting aside from

You let your primary gaming console or your your you know like your pc or whatever which it does have game stream it does have grid so it does have features the gamers are gonna like um if they want to use them if you have your gaming p you see them got a game stream ready router you've already been using it on shield tablet or shield portable you're really was going to stay connected to the TV all the time then by all means my shield i do recommend the shield pro it's worth the extra hundred bucks just for all the added storage but if you do go with the standard just the

Regular shield you can throw a throw an SD card in there or some makes us some other you know like a USB Drive or something like that and in videos turns from tweaks in there so you can specify how much of that to use you can set that as your default storage location so that's pretty cool I still think it's just easier to buy the 500 gigabyte model out of the box so hold up there's some questions here in the chat room example of an app that's available on Google TV but not featured Android TV um they're little teenies asking about Google TV he's asking about Google TV I

Don't know let me turn on TV so I mean like a gate bench for example I you know you sir I searched for the benchmarking a benchmarking tool and showed up when when I did a voice search not and it's not it doesn't show up in the Play Store solely with some of these other ones that I may have on here um twit there's a twit app for for that you know I I literally just started just searching random things to see what I could come with games are the same way speaking of games yeah so NVIDIA has sort of like the shield hub basically it's curated section 4 games to help you find new

Games that are going to be compatible there are some new releases that are coming soon some new releases are coming soon that doesn't even make sense some stuff that is coming soon that looks pretty promising doom 3 bfg edition Borderlands the pre-sequel metal gear rising revengeance a lot of you know half-life two episode 2 there are a lot of games Borderlands 2 coming down you know coming soon that in videos making sure to show people that that's coming up so it's really going to show off what shield can do at that point um yes so does the shield support Dolby Digital I

Have no idea don't ask me these things I don't know um does it have anything I don't worry or is it what is it what it does have an ethernet or ya know it does have an ethernet port it's got two USB 3.0 ports a micro USB port micro SD card slot ethernet every i mean you know all the Wi-Fi you could possibly it has all the wifis sorry did you say it has i mean it's basically size USB two of them to USB 3 pointer two of them because you can hook external storage up to one and then you could hook peripherals up to the other if you want to do some like keep in mount style gaming it doesn't

Worry you could hook up a USB hub to one and have as many as you want just saying maybe this is you Tom so yes so you can use someone in the chat asks do you have a USB you can use a USB stick for apps and games yes you can you can use a USB stick which i would suggest 64 gigabytes are larger if you're going to waste your time doing that there's no point doing something measly like 16 or 32 in my opinion you can also even use um you can even use you know you can hook that up to it again I still think it's easier just to go straight up and just buy the 500 gigabyte model it's not out today

The 16 gigabyte model is out today the I think June twelfth is the date for the 500 gig model worth the wait in my opinion in my mind if you gonna praise Him pricing oh I'm sorry I didn't even I didn't say the 16 gig model is one night and it comes with the game controller but it does not come with the remote or the stand wow I didn't realize I realize it comes with the control that's like a sixty-dollar controller yeah it comes with the controller it does not come with a remote and here's one or so with a nexus player is backwards for everybody else but here's the thing the

Controller can do literally everything that the remote control a you can't do voice from the controller and it is so frustrating my Nexus player remote broke that like just I mean like I I had it for maybe like a week and a half and the remote broken I could and get a la blah blah so I do everything from the game controller but I can't do voice search because it doesn't support it with shield controller it does support everything like I said everything and more actually that the the remote control the came controller can do so that the the shield it works with the

The old controller right the one they showed they sold it does yeah I think I think they're gonna release a firmware update for the old controllers that will and they will then work was she so yeah somebody asks to USB sticks and hard drives melt automatically I'm not saying that hybrid word you used because I hate that but um yes far as i know i haven't tried one because i have the 500 gig model but i mean i don't see why they wouldn't i it doesn't make any sense why you would have to go in and do anything manually nvidia does a really good job of automating this kind of stuff they

Did it with the original shield they did it with shield tablet and so they just kind of took what they have already been doing and they incorporated it into into uh into shield for with Android TV so yeah but the stand the stand is super badass it is super super badass let me grab hold on intermission music intermission music love that it's a lead people to tear out my hands it is a stand stand it's metal it's heavy it's heavy metal so maybe that's why I like it but I just I kind of like how edgy it is and it also has this missin a no suction grip I didn't fill

The sticky stuff i mean the protective layer off the bottom because i didn't want it to stick wherever i was gonna put it but as this nano suction stuff so when you stick it I mean the shield is not gonna go anywhere and it fits really firmly inside here anyway I was is maybe it's just stupid but I was really impressed with the stand when I when I open the box and looked at it I was like that is really really cool I think it looks cooler vertically that it does because it is pretty big if you see the nexus player or a fire TV it's like twice the size of those two I mean it's

It's pretty big so flat it takes up a lot of space if you put it vertically not as much so does does the controller work on other devices using USB cable it will work on a PC using USB cable it will not work on other Android devices as far as i know because the controller works over Wi-Fi direct it is not bluetooth the remote is bluetooth there's no point in being Wi-Fi direct so yes the co controller does have a touchpad it is fantastic nexus player doesn't have the nexus player I mean Nexus player it's half the price of shield but it doesn't come with the game

Controller that's like a what is it 50 bucks for that so it's like 150 bucks if you get that um but it's just it's it's it's trash is the thing the nexus player is harbhajan my opinion I wasn't happy with it when I reviewed it I haven't been happy with it at all since I barely used it but Shield has is is a much much better benchmark for what Android TV can and should be and I'm looking forward to seeing what and you know it the thing I like that in video works with developers to help them bring their stuff over because their games available on and even you know Netflix this is the only

Device that supports netflix with 4k so and that is something that Nvidia work directly with netflix for so I like what Nvidia comes out with stuff like this because you can count on them at least reaching out and working with developers to try to bring more content to it so it's only going to get better from here if you want an android TV this is the one to buy if you don't want one then obviously this is I mean there's no point in going out and buying it just because it's like Oh God but if you're curious or if you really want one then yeah by this I've been using fire TV

Basically for the past year or so and i really like it but now as of now I'm gonna be switching to up to shield because there's finally an android TV box that I like cool awesome way that's as close to a ringing endorsement as I can ever recall on a box it wasn't called Roku so so yeah that's and that's exactly how it has pretty much been for me um I have broken in the bedroom and I use fire TV in here so awesome this one yeah alright so let's move on to app updates we actually probably don't need to do that because Cameron already mentioned

Enemy yeah he already spoiled it but we should just at least give it the brief the brief mention uh HBO now is coming thank you HBO now is kinda I mean yes that's that's what they say HBO now is coming mr. today at Google i/o and they did not say when but there was like a Apple had like a three month exclusive exclusivity period on and I think that started on April first so um July first I guess is what it sounds like that's you know just a rough gay date you can't quote me on that it's 15 bucks a month oh you can HBO if you don't want to get HBO through your cable subscriber or

Whatever cable provider that's the word mouth subscriber you're the subscriber you don't want to go through your provider then that's the way to go that's what i'm going to do because my provider wants like they have HBO as part of a pack just like forty five dollars a month extra and I'm like oh hell no no so fifteen bucks a month I can handle that alternatively you can get it now through sling TV if you uh if you if you do the same thing also winter is coming also winter winter Isco that's the main reason I want it cuz I gotta catch up on Game of Thrones I hate Game

Of Thrones because it pisses me off so much but I can't help but watch it so this does HBO now have the full library does it have like all of the shows forever and ever I don't know well the reason I the reason i ask is because you know amazon prime has that agreement where they can the supply HBO television but only shows that are three years old so I'm wondering so to get this is hp's what what I'm wondering is that there was an exclusivity on those and that's the only place you can get those old shows or if if you need both yeah I think I don't know classic catalog and

Active now stuff right yeah I think though I I don't know because I I have I haven't wanted to pay for it because I don't want to watch HBO on on my iPad so I haven't up to this point I just well the main reason I mentioned it is because if you are one of the people who is very disappointed that you can't get amazon prime on your on your android television device then this is this is a this is actually a pretty good consolation prize because as far as I'm concerned amazon prime is basically netflix with the three-year-old HBO library yeah i mean i have but i don't

Think i found anything on amazon prime that wasn't already on netflix side okay well yeah I mean I I'm my cyber mates work except for the except for the HBO content I've been watching the the Rome series on from from our names on prime from HBO which is which is pretty good but you know I don't know it isn't yeah I don't know if it's a different cat analog from HBO GO because I know HBO GO I don't think keeps the older stuff but you know what if i'm paying if i'm actually paying for HBO comes with your subscription so if i'm paying like extra money out of my pocket for HBO now it

Better have more than just the current season of whatever i'm watching right i mean because fifteen dollars i mean when you think about it comparing that to netflix netflix has a ton more hunt at than HBO and it's only ten bucks a month so fifteen dollars a month is fairly steep for what it is so i better have everything i would i would hope so I would hope so cuz especially if it only has that one last season and then amazon prime only has three years ago then there's a two-year gap that you just can't watch anything yeah that's not cool i know i would not i would i would

Not be cool with that all right it's not like that not like that no it's not like that Bob said sup yeah do you do you have it on your Apple devices no I don't pay for it okay well I think that's good about wrap it up for this week no voicemails no emails but you guys should send some in because we like we like having them we like you we really like you contest none none of those either android police calm / contest is where you would go to stay up-to-date on whether or not there any contest though so check that out just at least once or twice an hour bookmark

Them that's that's probably auto refresh plugin it's right we'd like to take this opportunity to think again our show sponsor reflector to made by squirrels found it air squirrels calm / reflector Andhra police 51 only to five dollars off thanks again guys for the sponsorship hope you enjoy the show let's only send your feedback to podcasts or 530 hello ap that's 5 30 40 50 five six to seven minus obliterate at in your voice google+ and things just sort of abruptly cuts off their does kind of abruptly cut that's dumb ok i ever wrote that song is a butthole did

You actually write it I mean did you like write a note progression for it and everything or you use kind of go together yeah I wrote it ok is not sure I don't know what your creation process it's it's all me there there I actually uh I'm gonna let the secret out of the bag I use an iphone for the guitar sounds a little app called thumb jam doing the chukka chukka and stuff so chugga-chugga yeah that's my favorite part the chugga chugga chugga chugga yeah okay well I have to go because of base camp being what it is I have to go because of but Cameron you must hired

Never at least like Cameron you say everybody are you people in internet land

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