Android Police Podcast Ep.158 Live (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on April 13, 2021

You made it we didn't do we wait for you man whoo give her that there was an emergency and you had to go see a farm I did I had to go to it I had to go to a farm on emergency yes uh it David said he has to go to a farm you see something about you farming cysts yeah with something like that farming cysts that sounds disgusting actually it actually sounds like the sequel to human centipede and you know be the sequel to the human gene is actually the human centipede 2 I know but what about three there is one I know it'll be 1 i'm pretty much about it human centipede for is called cysts farming I was scarred

For life by the trailer for that movie the first one so I prefer to not even think about it existing man I love to think whenever I get really happy when I think about the fact that it exists I did even happier when I when I think about the fact that other people are bothered by the fact that it exists I just uh guys I'm like man zone somewhere somebody is cringing at the thought of the human centipede right now oh yeah he's here now it's unlucky to think about I can't help but get Getty about it like man it makes me so happy thank you you know it's funny we have a pink

Topics we have a we have a we have a new a new head honcho at our company and the very first time I met him he washed up behind me when I was explaining to someone um what when I was explaining to someone roger ebert's review of the human centipede so that was my version he was like it was like wow that's my favorite movie well you know he says all like that believe it or not that would have made a lot more sense than what he actually did say wha now I have two out I have to know too he told me he was busy as a bee in a bucket of tarp ah does that mean he

Was number two in the chain ah man damn it why can't he have come up behind you Bob because then you could have said that to him no then he would have been lasting machine it would have been worse I would have gotten fired he would have been like what what is what I went ahead take it with me okay yeah it was listen here buddy if you fire me I'll kill you oh boy great way to start the show guys fantastic I forgot we were up yeah your life yeah we're yeah no see I I was gonna say something unfortunately human centipede related and then I realize very live so I'm do that no mm-hmm it's

Okay I don't really do not think that our live viewers are a bunch of pansies so we can talk about the train so you you never know I would like to take a poll I thought that your aye vote that we stop talking about him I I also vote for that option yeah I vote for this moment damn you're outvoted so motion is fast God but the good news is the boys when the cabs are gonna meet in the playoffs the Bulls at this point looked like they may destroy the Cavs but we shall see well it depends they absolutely just went completely ballistic on the Bucks last night and I

I have i don't think i don't think i've been that happy during a basketball game all season I mean I was just I was so good it was so good my favorite moment was was when Scotty stood up when vitac koopa went full-on linebacker on Dunleavy that was crazy I don't know what a linebacker actually does so that may not make sense in reference to what he actually did I don't know anything about football but yeah you've never seen here the Kansas linebacker the Cavs are having some having a tough tough times right now yeah yeah of two games with that JR

Smith and there are two home games which means that basically if we lose one of those two games then it's probably pretty much over i fully expect utilize both of those games I'm just gonna be real with you here we should figure out who's gonna do these remaining pink topics or kill them and then your shoot yeah thought I took oh wait is there more there are are there are 3 items there are more two more four threes custody I say we totally kill the add-ins one we can totally kill though yeah that's boring nobody cares about office I don't even know what it is so I

Don't either also the patent thing oh yeah that's I mean I personally feel how to get rid of that doing that just leaves custom voice launch things do we want to do front of the show none of the show tags in post David for the sponsor I don't think we need front of the show ok so just mid mid show and then thank you yeah imma chill thank you that'd be it okay and do you okay i'll just do thank you then I'm kind of kind of reiterate the main points of the mid show all right good I'll be directed to began you boys don't know if my right-click would ever actually bring up

A menu maybe I could delete these rows try control max are funny like that or school says well it's not that it's not doing what I wanted to it's just that is taking its slow ever yeah mags aren't slow I heard that once they're never slow whoa always perfect old Macs with old os's when you have old Macs with new os's they are slow okay i do believe we're ready now all right what about Mad Max what if yet what happens when you have mad max my whole house is full of Mad Max right now like all of the max in my house hate me they all one who have owned eventually yield

When you have a bunch of Mad Max it ends up looking like a Tupac in dr. dre video mmm well we all saw what happened to Mel Gibson so we are recording now welcome to the android police podcast your weekly audio source for things android this friday may first 2015 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm David erotic I'm Cameron Summerson i'm ryan whitwam my name is Bob Severin's welcome everyone to the show okay all right well we're gonna get started with code google all right so we've been hearing about it for a little bit now the upcoming Android wear device from tag heuer and

It sounds like we might be getting a few more specifics coming out of some various reports from various places so uh Ryan what do we know knew about the upcoming premium smartphone um it will allegedly be out in either october or november and it will cost 1400 dollars which is a lot for a SmartWatch but is actually kind of a mid-range for a tag keyword watch all of their mechanical watches arm rear ended did oh yeah uh the the cheapest ones they make are about eight or nine hundred and they go up to four and five thousand dollars so i mean this will be a really nice

SmartWatch i'm sure but i don't think many people are going to buy it do we get the beginning of that man we did not get to beginning of that sorry oh we totally like froze up and it came in about half way through whatever it is that you were saying okay you look at yes it's not let's go back in time and then that max in the bob drew dome dick did you get all did so did you record everything of what you guys said to queue it or yes ok I'll potato just I'm talking got Mike you okay hey right i just got done talking so apparently the tag heuer android wear SmartWatch is

Going to come out in october or november and it's going to be fourteen hundred dollars which is a lot of money for a SmartWatch not actually a lot of money for a tag you or watch because they're mechanical watches can cost upwards of four thousand dollars I'm sure that it will be very smart watch but I don't imagine many people are going to buy it because the insides will probably be exactly what you can get in a cheaper watch basically it will be the most finely crafted gadget that you won't wear in two years that you'll ever purchase yeah it's always this is

Useless in two years the problem with that this is exactly the same as the Apple watch like you spend a thousand dollars on one of the pricier even the regular versions not the gold version of that is it the hardware is gonna be outdated in a year or two and then you just got you know a thousand how it washed it doesn't do what you want it to yeah I'm actually I'm actually a relatively decent fan of tag heuer watches I I've always kind of looked at them and said hey that would be something that I would buy if I had infinite funds but I don't need a guy

Would I don't even think even if I had infinite funds i'm not sure that i would pay 1400 dollars for smartwatch because um well for example i once paid 200 for smartwatch and it pretty much is useless now because it crashes constantly and i had it four or five months so it's unfortunate my actually ice ice and watches toe actually actually find so Android wear myself lucky android wear really doesn't bitter some people he wants once you're down that rabbit hole it's just a never-ending series of disappointments you know what's interesting though about tag heuer is i

Think they're watch faces are probably the most often knocked off by people making custom android okay watch face is so very true maybe you know maybe when this comes out it'll have a bunch of like realtek your lash faces i'm sure people will then pirate and yeah sure yeah i thank you that place torn a fine XD a side looked at your watch faces on your android wear watch i figured i'll be tak your watch faces but they'll actually look crappier than the ones that are you know second hand made they don't actually know how to make Android things yeah i'm gonna guess

That's gonna be an issue that's how that that we higher sphere you're like essentially asking a like a car company okay can you guys build a nuclear reactor now is that something you've learned about in your car making days i would buy a nuclear powered car that sounds awesome i would buy a nuclear-powered tag heuer smart watching I would not use the word nucular nuclear i did use nucular didn't i may well you kind of did bummer I didn't want to point it out but you killer all right well let's move on to let's move on to Android wear watches that you actually

Can buy now if you would like to starting off with the LG watch urbane which is officially available right doing yes and it is officially available on my wrist at the moment I actually just got it today really it's really quiet now I don't know am I made sure likewise everybody else normal volume here you so lovely they're all beige really quiet now this is hello what do you teach us what did you break something all happened and I know you go hey-ho let me reload it in the plug-in with no this is great thanks google so they essentially a gold one huh i

Actually requested the gold one really I did like I thought it mwc and I was like it looks really nice what is its rose gold so it's a it's not it's not really rosy rose and it's enough that a temper said the David said I really very something to show my opulence with it is a little opulent and since I didn't buy the solid gold macbook I really do like the road I really do like rose gold kind of in general yeah I think it looks myself especially with the dark leather band I think it I think it looks pretty nice on this but I think it I think it looks well I think it looks pretty

Lovely but yeah I also available now you can buy one it's for fifty dollars over the G watch our it's actually a hundred dollars now but the case seems way nicer and you don't get the the tick marks on the bezel and the screen sits closer to the face of the watch that sign yeah but three hundred fifty dollars for almost identical hardware if you know they em out with six months you have android wear five got one right now which it actually is pretty good they made a lot of good changes I guess it has a it has a Wi-Fi antenna so it will do that

Unlike these previous watches yep so they have to build those corner things into the metal bezel so the Wi-Fi antenna works the little gaps they put in the corner metal puzzles on phones yeah i think this the back of this is plastic though so it has an escape route ah how does it charge just like the G watch are scant pogo pins on the bed i think the cradle is slightly different size so that i don't actually have cross compatible of course it is because they wouldn't just make it like you know like the same gen I'm gonna have to confirm that but I think it is cuz i know the

Case on this is small in general I mean maybe come you can you maybe like art if the pins are still in the same like the Pentagon's in your organization maybe if you don't believe the otter a little blasted thing you could be like line it up and it'll it'll still charge on you the other way in that's possible for sure all right so uh the the bringing in of the new LG Watchmen some new news for the old LG watches starting off with the G watch our got a little bit of a price cut right David yep it is now $249 which is I guess kind of reasonable $300 was already pretty spendy but it is the own

Now the only fully truly non flat tire II watch under three hundred dollars but I would personally if you really want this watch a hundred dollars more for something that already isn't you know so hugely useful that it's necessary you may as well just can be a little more disposable income and get the nicer one fair enough and last but not least the LG G watch dear original usually usually when we're talking about a third generation device like the LG G watch urbane the the original isn't less than a year old but in this case it is and no longer velour

I Kim it is no longer available so you no longer can make the mistake of buying the original G watch so be thankful for that they've saved you yeah they really are helping you out I mean at least still in in you know the Google store or whatever the hell they call it now um yeah you could probably still buy it other places but don't don't don't do that don't I bought one for fifty dollars from AT&T i still haven't turned it on ok so the fifty dollar if you could get one for fifty bucks it's probably worth it but i mean even if it's 51 don't do it David I would like

To let you to send to be fifty dollars and i will send you a drawing of a SmartWatch that you can get just as much use out it's true sounds like a so we have an agreement great that's a verbal contract yeah awesome all right so uh moving on to updates in the nexus world the fabled five point one point one release is beginning to roll out to at least one model of Nexus device right get that would be the nexus 10 of all Nexus devices to be getting five dot well not really that's really bizarre it's for the nexus 10 yeah so the nexus 10 is getting it meanwhile in nexus 9

Lant no go there I'm not really let's not we can't talk about the nexus is too painful the power wise compels you yeah if it makes you feel any better I just checked for updates on my Nexus 10 and it still doesn't have it so we both have equal amounts of five point one point one on their devices no because the Nexus 9 does not have 5.1 at all that's right but it also doesn't have five point one point one and neither pelvic I understand I understand what you mean now yes so my apologies that if that in any way should I know it doesn't nevermind

Not at all sorry moving on google has announced that they're going to be integrating some pretty cool apps into Google now so a lot of apps they have had a few at the launch of this functionality but a lot more right now Kim yeah 70 more third party apps are now going to be in Google now I'm not going to name them all but there are a bunch a whole big whole bunch so Google now is going to be even more useful now especially with you know from third party apps which I can't say most of most of what i use google now for comes straight from google now like straight

From google i mean but the more we has anybody gotten any cards from third-party apps yeah um i have not been little but look look at the card i just got look at the card that i'm looking at here oh look it's the one that says the bull slaughtered the box okay I'm sorry wow that's a really slow update since that happened um yesterday that was last night yes I didn't just get it I just have an open Google now today um no I don't have any no yeah i haven't seen any pop up yet I had um actually no that's not true I did have one pop up from Pandora and I said Pandora you go

Away I don't even like you that much yeah I think I've gotten some deal trip cards but you know that's still kind of sort of technically a google app so I don't know you know it's pretty much a google app in every possible way so but the developer on the Play Store clearly says niantic labs fair enough at Google so it's basically like to see it's basically like the prequel to shoot oh my god I forgot the name of that other thing they made yeah I remember that ingress ingress that's the thing that's the thing that I forgot yeah wish everybody would forget a field trip is

Like these like the sequel or prequel to to ingress that's not written I don't want everybody would forget it play the hell out of some ingress you ingress players they are a weird Bunch especially the guy is eclectic sure they are an eclectic bunch I just hope the guy with the katana is still playing that's all I want so I want to know for sure is that that guy is still around playing with his with his trench coat in his katana I think you just like named off like eight fourths of the ingress playing crowd 8 48 48 all right so in addition we've got

We've got some new cards directly from Google now than showing up in in Google now obviously right right yeah so now you might start seeing a card show up when you have been searching for a product and Google detects that the price has dropped on its Sun place on the internet so they've been doing this for a while with flight data and now I guess it just happens for general sorts of stuff I haven't seen this happen yet but apparently several people have so I guess gonna start you know keep an eye out you're gonna start you're gonna start getting notifications when that

Four thousand dollar tag heuer watch gets dropped to three thousand one hundred ninety nine dollars yeah really yeah here we look look we found this to watch that you can ever actually afford is is five percent cheaper are you are you interested I wonder though if this if they're gonna have some sort of way of knowing whether or not like whether you're searching for something because like you own it and it's broken you need to figure out why it's broken or like you actually want to buy something because it would be annoying if I kept telling you things your own we're

Cheaper the other would that would be annoyed well even even if you search for something and then proceeded to actually buy it I mean how would it know that you that you completed that transaction I don't know I guess we'll just have to trust it i'm gonna guess it's chem trails he's the probably and and definitely lizard people yes yep and fanned up I don't clear yeah yeah great and never heard to throw in a little Korean family yeah I can I couldn't verify that okay to be fair if you bought it and you got the receipt email to you on your

Email account Google would probably know but boy I would like I would like to think that they can that they're smart enough to pull that kind of day together but I i don't know i don't know they know everything they basically do so well i mean they are the illuminati so it's true actually alright uh last but not least is voice actions are going to added 22 well i mean i guess it's just the google search app not necessarily google now but new integration into third party apps now right Kim yeah third party apps are everywhere everywhere everywhere yeah so now in ok

Google you can you can say other things that are not just Google commands but launch apps like in PR one you can say ok Google listen to NPR or things like that they're they're a handful of them Shazam this song show me homes for sale in Boston on trulia open tune in in car mode oh my god Walmart ok Google scan my receipt on walmart what anyway so my receipt on walmart that's what it says I don't understand what ok Google what the hell does that even mean I think Google i think i think google will just reply reply by saying LOL what i would like that very great i would very much like

For that to be most likely main on the seemed totally useless yeah they pay that are I mean oh my god the Lincoln one ok Google start my lincoln MKZ if I ever hear anybody use that in public I swear to god I'm gonna I'm like right sure they're 55 guys are super excited about that you don't understand if one of those five guys guys guys need to calm down and give me my burger surprise those guys are like you know it's not just a nice ford taurus man damn we just lost five listeners no okay we lost light probably one um well that probably just happened

Because their internet connection dropped so we're good all right so finally we've got the new app in the Play Store for the project fought is it fire fee does anybody I mean I guess I it's kind of like Wi-Fi ready I because it does rely on Wi-Fi so i guess that makes sense magic phi as an official app in the Play Store that you can download on your phone and not use yet yeah but it looks like they've updated the listing so when it first came out the project 5 which you know only you know the service will only work on the Nexus 6 at lunch you can install it anything

But they have updated it now and it is incompatible with almost everything but on my list it says that it'll it'll install on the Nexus 6 the Nexus 5 and the 2014 Moto X which is odd but yeah but the service will only work on the Nexus 6 that launched and so you can use this app whenever project Phi is a thing you can actually use and it'll show you your usage lets you pay your bill and an activate service on device that was loud Nate wise go sorry about that guys it's very very loud yeah so uh basically standard fare for any my account app on pretty much any care carrier mean just

Wait did you say that you could install it on the 2014 moto X yeah I mean it says I mean according according to the play store right now it's installable on the Moto X to the next five and not amazed I wonder if holy only what I did it is like a mistake it was never released only installable on the Nexus 6 for me I I bet that it's 5.1 because my my 2014 Moto X was running the 5.1 soaked last time I had it turned on oh yeah you might be right then yeah maybe it would be like an onboarding thing download the project by up to switch today oh that makes sense also FSU a

Major factual correction I am kz is not a tarted-up ford taurus is a tarted-up ford fusion my apologies to all Toro and few joe derivative files out there i drive a dodge stratus alright that now it's time to take a little bit of a break to talk about our sponsor for this week this week's podcast is sponsored by reflector to the easiest way to cast and record your android devices screen directly on your windows or OSX computer reflector to turns your computer into a virtual google cast or airplay receiver with live recording capabilities so that

Mirroring your phone or your tablet screen is just as easy as it would be on chromecast or Apple TV you can try it out free for a week or if you decide to buy we have an inclusive five dollar discount code from android police and air score from squirrels just go to air squirrels calm / reflector and use promo code android police 51 that's capital a android capital p police 51 at checkout and you can get yourself that discount on a single OS x or windows license so we want to thank squirrels for sponsoring us with rope reflector to prop all right let's move on to the

Hachi alright so LG has made the g4 official and by all accounts i'm pretty sure there's absolutely nothing new that we could have possibly learned from an official announcement but they made it anyways and David what do we got what we got with the g4i mute but I'm sorry I had a meet button that is what I had there before we jump into this one to really quickly touch on a meta topic because you guys just heard an advertisement just to kind of discuss you know we don't regularly do ads on the android police podcast but that is

Something that's going to change a little bit in the future as we try to grow and evolve the show you know upgrade equipment just invest more time in the show generally we're looking for people to support us and just to lay out what that means right now all it means is a 30-second ad in each episode once so and that's all it's going to be for at least the next four months and that will be 1 30 second ad in each episode and it's just something we're trying it out you know seeing how it works but that is something you can expect in the shows in the weeks coming will always

Make it clear that it's an advertisement so we won't let that cross over into content right on so tell us about that chief o or David oh boy so I have a g4 right here and if you're watching the video show obviously you can see that it looks very much like any LG phone and last year and a half and as far as the software goes it feels like any LG phone and last year so the the big concerns with this phone are the performance because he uses a Snapdragon 808 and so far i'm pretty happy with that it actually seems really fast not quite Nexus 6 fast but pretty fast and then

The display is a big improvement over the g3 much more contrast much better maximum brightness outdoor visibility seems improved as well I'm really happy with it there battery life seems really good LG's doing this thing with they have vram in the that's basically offloading all the gps work if there's just a static image on the screen to maintain that image going to display controller and they say this saves significant battery when you're when you're just not doing anything in the UI so that's part of it and then you know they say oh you know we had

Efficiency gains working with qualcomm blah blah blah business talk and so but the end result does seem to be a pretty good battery life I think it's easy to do four hours of screen on on this phone in the day if you're mixed Wi-Fi and mobile data it's it's pretty impressive and that's not even trying to conserve battery just automatic brightness and all the wireless stuff on all the time I like it so far the camera is also really good but I will wait for our few full review to say more so if you want to you know see aspects and stuff obviously you can check out our announcement post

Right on right so we did find out also this week that when t-mobile watches that g4 on their network they will also have a couple of mid-range LG phones to launch alongside but the Leon and the G stylo which we have believe it or not mentioned before on the show they will be available right around the same time and you can probably guess that they are not flagship material but they'll be there and you will be able to buy them for cheap dollars is it me it's you ah I guess I should have been paying attention Dell's work-oriented venue ten seven thousand

Is now available priced at 499 or if you want to get one with a keyboard dock you can buy it for six hundred and twenty nine dollars again that's the dell venue ten seven thousand okay so device updates to announce if you are Nexus 9 o's owner cover your ears because t-mobile's galaxy s6 edge has become the for samsung device and the first device on tmobile to get the 5.1 upgrade so if you have one of those check for it now obviously if you have the original edge or i'm sorry you have the original Galaxy s6 it's probably gonna be coming pretty soon they're pretty similar

Devices so verizon has also begun pushing out the ipod update lolly pot yes only money that's a gift favorite kind of game I operating system anyway so verizon has begun push out the lollipop update to the galaxy s4 t-mobile is pushing it out to the galaxy note for US cellular is pushing it out to the galaxy note 3 so lots of updates for samsung devices across multiple carriers also sprint is rolling out the Android 50 over-the-air update for owners of the LG g2 also if you own an lg optimus l9 d on t mobile you are receiving Android lollipop over the air

As well all right product reviews it's time for product reviews this week we start with the alcatel one touch idol where's the day was running can I get there what what David rug doc who has his mute button realize reading about that mute button this evening uh but so this phone got a lot of coverage like I mean a lot of people probably didn't expect to see a bunch of tier 1 tech sites reviewing if I own made by alcatel it seems really weird but Olga tell actually is there like gonna be probably number five or six in the smartphone OEMs for shipments worldwide this year

Maybe number seven if things don't go as well but they're really big just not in America unless you like a really crappy $50 carrier prepaid phone but the one touch idol 3 is basically their kind of take at a budget flagship phone you know looking at like the one plus model or the xiaomi model phones like that that or the nexus 5 model i guess that we're cheap but had the high-end components that you'd want in a nice high-end foam the the problem with it is essentially that you're paying for a low-end chip it's a snapdragon 615 which is basically a 410 with like a number of cores

Inferiority complex it's not a really good chipset so the phone is relatively sluggish compared to a 1 plus 1 this thing is going to feel real slow no doubt about it but the other thing is screens really nice the camera is really pretty good it has an 8 megapixel front-facing camera which is getting to be a trend it runs Android 50 and with almost no modifications the firmware as far as look and feel a little bloatware the screen is great it's a IPS LCD 1080p you know not more resolution than you'd want on a cheap phone and it looks great colors are really good there's a little

Bit of cast at certain angles but it's not super bad and at this price point I mean he wouldn't expect something like this I overall I like the phone I just didn't feel it was fast enough the battery life was good though I will say that it was easily getting me through a day we know what what carriers that's gonna be available on it's unlocked it is unlocked only it is two hundred dollars unless you buy it somewhere other than amazon and thence two hundred eighty dollars because all cattell wants to charge you more I guess I think someone

Should start a carrier called unlocked and then it would just confuse a lot of people yes but you'd probably get a lot of business a lot of grandmas yeah that's that's yeah alright so next we have the blue selfie cam selfie cam I just said so Oh selfie cam look but look what I did I remember to unmute my mic before I started talking in that night who is burn getting hostile I know I'm sorry I have to go get the appointment that's where I can so yeah the selfie it is called such because it has 13 megapixel front-facing camera also as a 13 megapixel rear camera it has a single

Flash on the front and dual flash is on the back so the cameras are pretty good I think it uses the same sensor that's in the 2014 Moto X um which is in other phones too i don't know g3 i think and maybe something else an Oni sensor that is in a butt ton of yeah I mean it's pretty good you know it's not it's not super fantastic great but it's a two hundred fifty dollar phone also and I mean for for a two hundred fifty dollar phone I think it takes it takes really good pictures I mean that's what it's all about but this phone i mean it's called the selfie it's it's all about

The camera experience otherwise it's basically stock android it's got a 4.7 inch display which i really really like it's 720p but i thought it looked fantastic a lot of blue displays especially on on their phones that they consider to be higher in the displays always look really really good to me the form factor is kind of funky let me pull it out here I've actually got in the Box down here the form factor is kind of oh it's voice cut out the form factor is kind of yeah the fort yeah I apparently hit the space bar in my mouse was like hovered over the

Microphone so he saw it instead of shooting before he talked you muted in the middle of talking that's Ixia that's what I guess were effective it get it got Lena start listening a little bit of em of karmic justice it was a karma that was like that was like basically the internet equivalent of talk get hit what that's what just happened um anyway the form factors kind of funky it's got a weird shape I don't know if you can you can probably see this is kyla stated it's a little bit ugly the IC I don't think it's that ugly I mean I don't know look at that is that it I mean you might

Not be able to help look in front of the screen it looks small compared to the overall device because of yeah I don't let me turn it on it does it does because it does have these in like you could say it's it's got these enormous bezels at the top and bottom they're absolutely getting ripped about like in comments that I've seen not just on our post but unlike on facebook and other places but honestly I still don't i I don't know big does like that don't really bother me especially because if this were a huge phone I could see that being annoying but I like the size i

Don't know i mean it's got a 4.7 inch display i really like the display I like the size and the the bezels they don't really bother me I mean he can't complain too much when it costs it's true and fifty dollars yeah i mean if there were 400 500 600 dollars i could see how people would be like no this is crap but for the price um i don't i don't think it's bad at all and i really like this the way the back like it bends it folds all the way around the bottom and to the front and i think that's actually pretty pretty damn cool so just tape so i'm gonna offer my unadulterated

Opinion here and say this phone may be the ugliest phone oh that was taken by the neck no way I mean no there must be uglier phones it is like a caricature of a smartphone like if somebody like you're a fake it would look like that phone and inside is that it I look at that HTC phone from a few weeks ago the time yeah that I mean come on is it uglier than that yes yes yes ouch man and see I don't think it's really that bad honestly I just I just don't I mean I can see how people would think it's bad but I don't really think it's that bad I

Don't know maybe it's because I've used it and I kind of look past that it might be ugly just because I mean it's got a MediaTek processor in it um that it's the media tech I I don't remember the model number it's really not that important it's the octa-core processor for Media Tech and it's the only media tech chip that I've ever used in a phone where I don't feel like I have to say well it's good for what it is it's actually really good I mean the performance from the MediaTek processor is solid it's the same process that said this in the vivo air and I think one

Other phone and it's just I think it's fine I think their performances performances really solid on it dude we just got some major audio weirdest weirdness could you say the last like two sentences Cameron probably not because I have no idea what I said no clue I said sometime we don't we don't have any idea what you said either o Allah sounded like you said Jeff Cox on it I'm up that's exactly what I said don't you that just put that anything thank you guys I just said that I don't think the I don't think the media tech chip and it is is terrible awful bad

Awful I think it's good I think it's fine i'm really picky about performance so i have no idea i could think it was like super slow I was pretty the that was the one thing that guy because it was such an the idol was such a nice phone but then when I went to use I was like if I'm not mistaken the performance level of this mediatek chip has been compared to the Snapdragon 800 okay so it might actually yeah it might actually be significantly faster yeah it's not it's not like blazing like brand new super smartphone fast but it's definitely

Definitely usable and it's not I wouldn't call it slow at all alrighty then how we move on to other news then as I'm this okay it is time for Z as immerses like our other news sounder it really gets me in the mood to talk about different things about different right so what that are other than what we've been talking about already mm-hmm alright so today we are going to be talking about an other operating system what yes in this case Windows 10 because well interestingly enough Windows 10 is taking all apps from everyone and taking them and calling them their own I

Believe that's the gist of it right right yes they are going to take your apps all your apps are belong to Microsoft basically they're just providing a way for developers of iOS and Android apps to easily port those to the nose 10 platform so I think this will be a part of a new version of visual studio and you'll you'll just sort of hopefully see more apps on windows that were originally designed for other things I don't know how good they'll be because a lot of times porting apps is not a smart thing because the UI's don't match and you

Know sometimes they just did features just don't work right but hopefully they'll be better because I don't know if you've ever looked in the windows store it's real bad it's real bad in there um and of course you know the Windows Phone stuff has been you know limping along for like five years now without you without much luck I just want to say that the whole use of apps in windows 8 and windows 8.1 on like normal sized computers is absolutely ridiculous yeah it is terrible but it is a model I static the modern UI stuff is so terrible and

Especially if you have to if like if you go into the the main settings on windows 8 and like everything is that same fullscreen nonsense it's just so it's so bad so when you're when you're working on like a 24 inch monitor and you like you you start up the app for calculator instead of using the desktop calculator and it gives you 9 buttons spread over the entire 24 inch screen it's it's too much and i'll be honest i could care less if that was an android calculator app or not if it's taking up my entire 24 inch screen I don't want it yeah with Windows 10 I the system UI the setting

You is back to being windows again which is nice yes that they they they really had to admit defeat on that one it was a bad idea from the start I've been easing technical preview on my laptop for a couple months why I shouldn't say go months it's been on there couple months I've been using it for like a week and so far it's actually pretty good aside from breaking a bunch of drivers because it's a technical preview well that's good that's encouraging thank you thank you for that David alright so let's talk about ooh yah or well let's talk about the demise of lujah well I think David's

Been talking about that ever since they came around but Ryan what's up what's new in land so they are probably looking for somebody to buy the company this is according to a number of reports that were out the other day basically hooyah took a lot of money somewhere in the tens of millions we don't know exactly how much you know from venture capitalists and they have not been able to meet their obligations for the debt so they are looking for somebody to buy the company very quickly the the memo that was leaked came from early in April and it said that they were looking for

For potential water to express interest by the end of april and as I guess from probably find out soon if this is happening who is going to buy lujah and what they're going to do with it there's no guarantee that they will continue being you know yeah as we have known it thus far you know it might just be you know split up and sold off in pieces or you know or maybe somebody will try to reboot it I don't know but it looks like things are not going though for the for the Ouya platform and that's not really surprising because it was never very

Good the hardware was never good the the app store was pretty slow to to get to get big titles and just you know the whole idea of playing games designed for phones and tablets on a TV is not really a very good one at least in my opinion so do you think that maybe collectively we could all at ap throw in like 20 bucks each and by oh yeah I think probably we well I mean as long as we're willing to take on 20 million dollars of debt I'm sure they would take whatever cash don't like it i would say their only hope is being bought by some chinese company that wants like you know

You know make like private label we are products they've already got a deal with i think was it show me or you know I collie Baba I think it is I to put to put the Ouya platform on bike TVs and micro consoles in China yeah i think that sends in chapter 13 honestly I or chapter 11 whatever chapter it's gonna end in bankruptcy that's that was the one where they the one where they are sold off in pieces to pay off the creditors yeah I'm pretty sure that's what's gonna happen nobody wants touches with oh yeah they spent too much time out of the limelight and then didn't do

Anything at all and so there they know they're kind of seem like they're dead late hey I mean and they got they got a 8.6 million from Kickstarter I mean like with that kind I mean you know like hardware is hard I mean we know that from every other Kickstarter that has existed but that's a lot of money to have up front to at least get this thing started and they just I mean and then they took millions more and it still wasn't enough so and yet I don't we'll see anybody looking to breathe like this la mejor you there they took millions what oh I I was just saying you

Know they took you know millions more to try to make this work and it just it never did so I don't see how anybody would want to actually keep it going as the gaming companies been this far I mean anybody the tribe would have to build new hardware because they're still using a box that runs a Tegra 3 and that's just not gonna fly going forward right new all right so let's move on to email so we have an email this week Bob we do have an email came in from EDD Wilson ed asks my last couple of phones have been unlocked devices since Samsung isn't selling and unlocked s6 in the

U.s. 6 in the US which carrier version works best on both AT&T and t mobile's networks ok so I actually did the brief research on this and a the one with the best bands is it's obviously going to be eighteen t or t mobile's version and it's a TNT's but only kind of by default because the 18 tiver ssion supports 3 LTE bands that basically only AT&T uses and then supports all the other LTE bands the t-mobile version does yeah other than has a double us too because 18d uses AWS like cities so that's Tina's like though I think it's like bands 20 29 and 30 which are all weirdo

Bands that almost nobody else in the world uses and then on the 18 key one also has been 12 which or no way does it have been 12 no one has no no it does no that's the tmobile one no ok so I mean if you want a g-man 12 uh the team I don't think shifty neither both have it or neither of them out of it because he only different i entered 20 29 and 30 we should we should check to make sure i feel like it i feel like the tmobile one that's 12 because i think everything they're putting out now has been 12 because that's what they're rolling out in urban areas look here real quick I

Don't know if t-wolves website lists the bay like a team does yes 12 and 17 so I believe so AT&T I believe has banned well as well okay there okay so yeah probably yeah probably the 18 t1 but but there was a carrier locked and you have to EE mobile has i guess i guess the slightly less draconian unlocking policy the Rose was still pretty crappy now you're still going to pay for Mason wait a few days will either of them let you buy it without a contract yeah and at that point then you have to still request to get it unlocked and then

Because you're not a customer it's harder yeah I think you might have to do like a month of service with you yeah it might be they are yeah they're real sense about that I mean if it's an older phone i think they don't usually care about for a brand new device like that they might still force you to set up an account so the best thing you can do is by a Canadian one and see what bands those have I am not sure what bands Canadian well yeah there's a unlocked I bet it'll probably be the 18 t1 having a lot of a lot of Katie cavities use the same yeah Rogers being the main one that

Is sharing a lot of bands with AT&T I think yeah so maybe maybe looking at that I mean there are international gonna miss premium though that yeah there are international ones that I think have a most of the right bands if you look around on ebay I think those are still popping up every now and then yeah and they're more expensive though and then there's the whole thing where I think they the retailer's know to unreason lock them but you could get one that's region lunch and then you're stuck so yeah I was like a lot of static and then all we heard us gabru did

Problem guys they're having some audio issues I'm your enemy is a fine everything disuse yeah I would agree with that yeah which is why we need people to sponsor syllables on their show that's right I our lender we're looking for people to do vowels this week so if you want to sponsor the valves for next week spot ask you one thing issues the one thing we should warn ed Wilson about though is the fact that the AT&T galaxy s6 has poor email management where it does i read that an AT&T product review so be prepared be

Prepared for that if you get the AT&T version never mind that it's probably you know exactly the same as every other phone out there oh yeah we also had a voice mail this week yeah yeah well gentlemen my grandmother was looking to get a smartphone and as much as I love Android and really do detest Apple the iphone was much clearer choice because well frankly it's more dumb proof and you can go and go to mall and get stuff figured out the way the Android just doesn't allow which got me thinking this google need a premium program like a silver program was supposed to be

Something that's a walled garden or dummy proof or premium or hold hands holding from a support standpoint or just from a here's how you do stuff a step or is it okay certainly been hugely successful as is just being the more the platform for people who want to be able to take her a little bit want more options and how they do stuff or just want a really cheap phone your thoughts are appreciated thank you very much so my take from the whole thing is read between the lines Matt thinks his grandma is a dummy he said he said dummy proof he said it his words not mine the

One thing the one thing I would say to that and I know it I know it probably doesn't quite doesn't quite match completely but if you if you if you go with a Samsung device most of the new ones have a simple mode on them which is pretty basic I personally would never use it but I could understand why some people might like it if they're a little bit more intimidated by smartphones they also have the in-store support from the Samsung staff at your local best buy so that's not maybe not exactly what what you're asking but it's at least something that

Exists out there auto click Android is really to blame here I feel like it's manufacturers I mean I like you just said Samsung has the simple mode but I feel like Samsung still a big part of the problem and LG for cramming so much garbage and just straight up trash in the operating system it is so hard to figure out what the hell is going on is that references for the sake of differences really her usability yeah exactly right I planned I don't feel like stock Android or you know close to stock Android like the Moto X or something like that is any more

Convoluted or difficult to use or hard to understand than an iphone is I mean I feel like it's very straight phul it's i know i would say iOS has a few more bumpers built-in where you know you can't do something you won't understand necessarily as easily but it's not hugely different in that case in iOS is you know a list of apps which is easier for people to grasp I mean I mean some people just aren't never one to wander into the settings of either operating system so it might not be a huge difference yeah and honestly I think there are some things on iOS that are

That are more difficult and more of a pain in the ass then then they are out Android so i don't i don't know i don't think you can just throw out a blanket statement like that and say that it's you know just idiot proof i think in the the service apple rights though is a huge factor there cuz you go to the apple store and there is somebody there you can either pay or wait to help you with your problem and it's their job to do that and that's all they do no yeah latinas human s for people you don't understand the technology i would personally recommend to all mothers and

Grandmas out there that if you don't know much about phones you should probably just get whatever kind of phone the person you rely on for technical support and they won't resent you for it at all so it's fine yeah i mean it would have radical radical self-interest get get a phone that somebody can help you with but you know yeah but if not go to the apple store in somebody there in a blue shirt will tell you how to do you know transfer your photos to the email a genius you might say yes but as far as Android silver goes that old thing with this google

Need to do this and i think the answer is it be hard for google to do this because their market share is so tiny and old people don't really understand that google is anything but the thing in the window and that's where you google things that's the google so III don't think google has the brand and i don't think google has that image of being super user friendly either it all in fact that's very kind of the intensive their brand to an extent so I I don't know if Android really should try to break into that I think that's better left to the device manufacturers who are

Much more concerned with customer happiness unfortunately still with most of those OEMs being not based in America and not having any kind of support infrastructure really outside of online chats all the duty still falls on the carriers which results in the stigma of things being hard to use because employees don't understand how to use the products they sell there you go there you go there you so uh no contest going on this week but make sure you check out android police calm / contests on a regular basis at least three or four times an hour make sure that you

Don't miss anything and with that Bob do you want to cue the outro sir i will but before that again we wanted to take one more opportunity to thank squirrels the makers of reflector to as a reminder android police 51 capital a android capital p police 51 is a check out code you can use for an exclusive five dollar discount on the reflector to software so check it out well hope you enjoyed the show has always send your feedback to podcasting it's not common you can also call us at 5 40 oh hello ap that's 530 435 5627 find us on twitter at my place google+

And facebook and for those of you listening the live show or watching the YouTube show you should actually check out reflect or two if you like casting your screen to your TV because it just turns your computer into a chromecast and so you can cast your screen to your computer and it works like you just it's what like a one-click install and then you just cast your screen to your computer as long as your phones on your network it's it's pretty neat vehicle okay I gotta go all right Cameron okay please I just wanted to mention uh we actually met and I have a sudden some

Close ties with the guys over at squirrels a couple of the founders of the company we work with actually the company that Matt and I both work at now they started there just as you know a single guy coding in his spare time built built up to a company of over 20 people now and they had you know the first even before Apple had airplay software built into their devices they had the first airplay software for macs too so they have a long history of airplay and now since mid-april having Google cast abilities in the reflector software so it's so it's pretty cool

Software and like David said check it out in that parts on an advertisement I was just saying that because I thought it was cool I tried it out and I thought it's actually pretty neat right and I'm just saying it because I've used their the reflector software and also air parrot for the past couple years and it's I have tons of fun in fact when you couple the two software's together you have airplay sending and receiving capability pretty much on on any device you can hope for so it's it's very cool yeah awesome all right all right Jeff you send us send us emails because you

People watching on YouTube and listening live actually pay attention probably of the time so if you send us emails with questions we can answer them and that actually is really good filler content usually because then it makes a sound really smart when we have the answers to questions too that's always our content it's not filler no fillin it is killer klowns from outer space yes that's correct so send them in or do phone calls but there's no reason that you had has to be a voice call I mean it's an audio show but we can read back your question and it's it's fine in fact

We might even do a dramatic reading of your email if it's well really good dramatic readings of emails that could be a signature ap treatment we've we've done that before I know about dramatic but we've got if they feel astrology readings a question and Bob will read it in a Shakespearean voice oh she experian yeah that's art dear android police the last couple of phones have been unlocked devices since Sam she isn't selling an unlocked s6 in the US which carry action works best with AT&T and team leaders networks Sincerely Yours it see how that works fantastic alright later tables

Happy weekend

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