Android Police Podcast Ep.157 Live (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on April 16, 2021

Good we are live hi everyone out there in YouTube land what a dead name is Bob why I have something to show everybody I mean like this is a really big deal is it your butt um no it's actually better what could be better than your but you're sweeter you're basically getting ready to find out ready already where's do it where's this information going oh I gotta click off myself Cameron added YouTube what then you add the whole YouTube to the hangar you added hi Scott a female in chat room hi oh shoot I didn't log into the shadow room in this Gutfeld a chattel room in the scut field I said yeah feel their room in the

Scotch at dude dude one bro you're getting a Dell bet you haven't heard that in a while either since you were third baby I'm trying to figure out what the hell's going on here why's this not working sorry this podcast is going out on on April the 1520 fourth of 2015 according to the current headline of the post that's correct it's this a really long month why did they make it like twenty third month of the fourth year of the second decade under it's full of mysteries all i know is that winter is coming excuse me the is the guest in calendar isn't it Gus today Tuesday's

Coming did you bring your coat I have a purple sweater I've ever in a giant bucket if I mean I am you know Frank I think that's my favorite one my spoon is too big silly hats only is fun yes silly hats only oh look honey boo B's taking her first steps yeah okay and we are social so we are good too as soon as I take some of these topics that I don't take the topics man take the topic I don't see my collections Liam you have to take that okay we got it relies on hardboard program no FDIC insured no I'm fine with that as well next 70 units are

Filing an alarming rate yes uh send direction I there you can read about that on the Internet shuttle skit chattel Scott before I'm gonna take like me for and I'm not going to talk it all about any of the facts that post Galaxy Tab A I will take that as well because this is also an embarrassment did we ever figure out what this little nubs are on the back I told you their nipples spro to you that's how it be babies a pro oh ok yeah I like that yeah I mean it's probably just as valid as the real reason you can connect like your Galaxy s5 to it and it turns into a tablet I

Think it's just for a kinase but the real coach feels what the hell you textin just to make you buy a case because it's ugly so um the Galaxy Tab A and also the galaxy tab s 8.4 I've had this circles on the back oh yeah yeah those are for cases they like grab on there then hey yeah they're like buttons they work like I mean you know like a like a snapped style button that's how they work okay just have these little snaps built in and they just click into the back and press them in and they walk in place yes it's cool and really stupid at the same time

I don't understand the agility and there isn't one that's it's it's it's it's you know just Sam some things so I just start recording yes can we start a tumblr that is just Samsung things oh my god vegetable right now and it's just a picture of nonsensical things and then in big flowy text on top of the images will paste just Samsung things hey there's no more pink topics we're only five minutes behind all right go go go go go go Haley I got presses I got pacifico by ok ok wait hey guys wait up the order doing it what's up yeah spreadsheet does not reflect the order

And I'm nervous about that oh my goodness you're a Cameron lien right at dated back in there David babble there yeah up you know the date Matt you know the date what is the date oh my god it's the 2300 days the 2400 15th what april two thousand four hundred and fifteenth of 2050 cool let's get that i repressed some buttons that make the show start now welcome to the android please pass guys share with the audience or school of the example it is Friday 124th 2015 i'm your host Matthew Smith I was loudly zipping something up during the intro music I'm

Cameron Summerson I'm wing spradlin i'm ryan whitwam not zipping anything up right now if your zip utility on your computer makes that much noise you probably need a new computer and I'm Bob severance I would add a i omega drive no I'm Bob severance no one cares no I was quietly zipping something down during the intro welcome to the show mom you're recording this to a zip disk right well yeah is it 200 it's not as if it's floppy a big big five min a five and a half inch floppy why we are getting three well you're being a little generous but it's gonna say it probably

A 30 I mean let's be let's be real here get your half Singh quarters right boy really I don't have a five- or da off track here it's maybe this four-person podcast which is is not a good idea go go go go go ok Google people I can't do about laughing I'm gonna take next face and David's face makes me laugh because he smiles sometimes David got a little bit because known happen I fully expected to be able to like turn around and just produce a three and a half and a five and a quarter inch disc and your your house well open a drawer

You'll find one I'm sure I'm anyways so code google we started off with project fie fie fo fie foe fum project fee is officially live we heard news earlier this week that was going to be announced on Wednesday and then on Wednesday it it was it was announced so Ryan when we know that uh well you know all of the basics it's pretty much what we had been hearing before it's uh it's an mvno run by global it goes it lets you connect to both t-mobile and Sprint it'll only work on the Nexus 6 at first and it's going to just sort of switch between those networks depending on who has better LTE

Coverage wherever you happen to be and if you're someplace where they have a verified Wi-Fi network that they know is open and reliable then your phone will just automatically connect to that to reduce the amount of data that you use so you pay 20 bucks a month and you get you get unlimited talk and text and then each gigabyte of data is 10 bucks and strangely you um it sounds like you pre-purchase data at the beginning of the month and then whatever you don't use is refunded to you in the next billing cycle but there are also no overages so i guess i can't i can't see

How there'd be a functional difference between just paying as you go for however much data you use and like saying ahead of time I would like three days of beta you know and using not all of it and getting refund so that is a not entirely clear to me but you can sign up for an invite and they will they will send you one or is baby tell you know in 30 days they say but you know obviously he'd have a nexus 6 anyway and yeah you can sign up now and maybe one day soon you'll be able to try it now is the only option if you don't already have a nexus

Six is the only option to just go like buy one from the Play Store or they so they'll also finance they'll finance one for you I it's like and it's like 20 something or thirty bucks a month and you just pay until eight yeah yes it's remote roles credit program about where people find that out when they sign up yeah the app will I mean I mean they don't technically run that anyway so the app might just link you to the same to same people that do that yeah i mean i really want to sign up for this if only you would make reviewing when maker we're doing phones impossible that's

That's the one thing for me unfortunately yeah I mean yeah I switch phones frequently and I mean I used nexus 6 a lot but I need to use other non-nexus things just as often and you know there's no reason for me to maintain to exact just like even if I using my AT&T plan and stay to rate would still be like it would save any money I don't know if yeah i'm i'm on a shared plan i'm on a family plan on AT&T with other people in my family and this actually is more expensive for me but i also hate the nexus 6 so I don't really care about it so you see you don't have

Trammell wait no i don't but if I did I would actually ask kevin durant if you would be in my family yeah the m i mean the thing about about project phi is it's not just the google is keeping it to the nexus 6 because they're jerks there just aren't a lot of phones that can move between sprint and t-mobile i think that is actually literally the only one that supports all sprint bands and all the t-mobile bands yeah i mean i mean the the next five rate on sprint but it doesn't have tribe and which i guess is a big deal for sprint these days well my oath at twenty-five hundred

Megahertz is going to be there like he fat pipe spectrum thing that pipes so yeah I mean for for this to be a thing that is really consequential to anybody there would need to be more unlocked phones that that have all of the necessary bands and there just aren't right now just hate that it has to be like the two crummiest carriers of all but but together they make a crummy carrier Voltron that's like a not crummy carrier it's a little crumbier than you know 80s you wisin but not as bad as you know on their own yeah as bad as an either or

Two right there their prom me in terms of like of coverage if you're outside of a city although I mean a sprint is a little bit better I find like you know you needy Utley outside of downtown areas and t-mobile is usually a lot better in cities because they just have more more back-end bandwidth but I mean putting these two together I think would be a pretty reasonable experience I mean useful you're not going to get LTE in the middle of nowhere like if you have verizon but I mean then you have to be on verizon and there are plenty of other annoying things that come with that can

You guys just let me be a hater without trying to justify why it's not that bad wait I think it's gonna be pretty bad if you look at the coverage map realty of eighteen t vs phi it's like oh well that's kind of shitty you know you know he's gonna look at that and be like oh it's obviously comparable every way can you guys I mean I I just don't I just don't go places that don't have LT that's that i just i play my entire life row t mobile's network yes I don't you guys have to help me decide already the episode titles are between back-end bandwidth and crummy carrier Voltron I

Like I'm enjoy I think I would like it if one of a listener could please maybe somebody with artistic skill could illustrate a crummy carrier Voltron felony also i will make it the album art you have to submit it to me before I oppose the show tonight and your crummy carry your Voltron yeah no no no pressure just just actually make the metro pcs and be like a skin tag hanging off and Ed the head has to be John John Legere oh man it totally nothing about to be like I'm could it be like a hybrid of John Legere and Dan Hesse the general edges dan hesse scott dns he's doing

That's right up for ya I believe he's actually doing brown dog reenactments did somebody like I would we even know who took his place how long ago did that happen yeah I forget the guy's name we posted it out when it yeah something Marcella I think he must be looking really Jacob Oriole so Commerce's a lot scene in touch with the things I don't think he's gonna last long this show is never gonna chicken marsala I mean our psycho it's something you are someone say Robert Bertie mothers don't think that's right brick is run by a a chicken dish you know you know what it might

Improve things like this a bit of thing if they allow if they allow cooked dead animals to run the company it would be better if it is really unlimited chicken marsala I would definitely switch I think I would really like that would call for like a garden sprint mashup I don't know what I could get behind that I mean I unlimited soup salad and chicken marsala plus all the LTE soup and chicken marsala can eat dead cells I like this oh like where this is going I hope that all the right people listen to this podcast so this can say say Marcelo Claure so I was I was close fish kind of

I mean that's not as is well I mean it's good though because that's not as easy to make fun of and yeah you know and as we got bacon I mean Marcello is probably his middle name and I still think the chicken is probably his first name I think clower is French for chicken so his name is actually chicken Marcello chicken I toasts Marcello's on a campfire oh my god I loved it man well it's a point you probably move on next topic otherwise I see is there is there a show after this I'm like I'm afraid we might literally talk about this for the rest of the hour it's only been 11

Minutes Matt what we love alright so moving on to these this new FCC filing from google regarding something that is smart and bluetooth e what do we what do we know anything interesting coming out of this bluetooth or this bluetooth FCC filing david e it might be the next version of google glass that's like the best thing we can divine from this filing and the reason we can divine that so the filing says it's / a smart bluetooth low energy device but it also in the labeling section when we filed the FTC I've show them where the FCC label is going to be

I it shows a card like FCC ID in electronic one inside the operating system because you can do that now and then references swiping left to right to left every now left or right and then swiping down I think to get this FCC ID on the device and the device you know don't make sure it's on sleep mode and it references there being a battery and then obviously there's some visible aspect of it because you have this screenshot that looks vaguely rectangular in glass like so this could be an FCC filing for the new version of class or it could be something else that

We don't know about but it could be glass too it could be just a block of glass glass block yeah i was reading just wanted to go on Wall Street Journal of that apparently the CEO of luxottica said that the next version of glass is coming soon well yeah I saw that as well the timing is definitely interesting at the same time I think a lot of people looked at this and you know decided that the timing with that article makes them more like it'll be glass I still think there's lots of room for it to not be glass too well it's true alright so let's move on to Android wear because

We've got an update coming to the firmware soon that is bringing a whole slew of new functions so cam what's uh what's new that we can expect from where well lots of stuff actually so oh it looks like instead of just ambient mode working on the watch face now with the update the 5.1 update it'll also work with apps which is pretty neat I can think of a few instances where that will be useful i can also think of several instances where will be annoying but because i like the cover it go back to the wash face thing but at the same time like if i'm using navigation or

Something I want the screen to stay and be it so that's going to be pretty cool looking forward to that one Wi-Fi support i think is a big one like a really really big one so basically if you know if the watch disconnects from your phone but you're in range of a known Wi-Fi network that you would always connect to instead of just being basically useless the watch will connect to the Wi-Fi network and be able to do the majority of the things that it can do while connected to the phone so i think that's that's a that's a pretty big deal that makes it much more useful

As a standalone a standalone device even though still not there's still not a huge reason to have one to use this standalone it's better that way so i think that's going to suck i leave my phone in the you know in the in the office that i'll walk to the garage and it'll just connect every single time yeah blue 23 become exactly super great yeah exactly so it'll be nice for it to just jump over and connect to my Wi-Fi at least until i get back back to my phone so i'm looking forward to that I think that's gonna grab their attention oh good it unfortunately it sounds like

A lot of the Android wear watches will actually have this though because even though there are Wi-Fi chips they don't have the antennas built in to actually support Wi-Fi so i think i think it's i think it's the SmartWatch 3 the Moto 360 and the watch urbane have the the chip and the antenna and I think this then watch the GU option G watch our do not and Samsung has not said if the ear life has it i wouldn't go and leave your live because it's one of the cheapest anyway but this this is just another reason why i bought a SmartWatch 3 because it basically has everything it's it's the

Most future proof of all the Android wear watches so there are times you there are times when my there are times when my 18 month old daughter will be sitting on my lap my phone will be in my pocket and my watch will be in between my pocket or my daughter will be in between my watch in my pocket and I'll disconnect your daughter's aced your daughter made of some sort of metal alloy issues this year robot she is not a robot I mean I don't serve you but okay I mean I kind of don't either that's that's interesting sometimes Android wear just likes to disconnect

For no damn reason to there's always a Android wear is so goddamn Bucky like I mean the fact that it gets away with it it's just a function of how badly the watch subsalt every is all it is right now because I know people had this they be I mean because it is in some ways like you can't rely on it it's that bad did my moto 360 like literally every time that the battery runs out if I like don't keep it charged and connected i'll charge it back up and then it's like where am i what am I like Who what's going on exactly what is getting again what universe it just you know 60 moto

360 starts having an existential crisis every time its battery dies that device that's like the most the most inconsistent of all of the watches and people it's it's it's weird you can't go anywhere in the internet and say anything bad about that watch because people will appear and suddenly a costume and tell it and tell you how great their experiences but i mean you know i don't i don't think they're lying i just think that they've been lucky to have very good experiences lately a lot of people you know used moto 360 and their battery is dead in 10 hours yeah i

Like my spot watch I'll you're betting that you want I gets good battery life too but if it didn't I probably wouldn't use it cuz I can get I can eat two days out of it usually I could probably get it is the Ottomans more watch but I charge every night anyway but ya never watch real is really good for battery life I really I I would like it it would be almost perfect for me if it were round just because I like a look of the round one but I like all the functionality and like the outdoor viewing what malir vein is coming out soon and i think i'm going

To review that so i'm looking for and see if it's better in ways i guess it'll be prettier it will be wife i want i guess because you'll be able to draw emojis on the screen that's god that's all drums that that's the first thing I'm gonna do when I get it yeah mental but i will say that i wasn't kind of like sad i'm actually still an emoji I i mean i'm sure i'll probably you know here's the thing if they don't like add custom canned responses i'm going to just use emoji because then at least i can do that without having to talk to my watch because sometimes i can't do that

And it annoys me that there aren't custom responses yet yeah there there should be there are a few i mean like yes and bcc but wow there should be custom responses because this Jony ive would say the watch is a deeply personal sort of device and i was I thought johnny was on the podcast there for a second that wasn't candy he is he's just under the table oh yes okay so um actually that's not all there's the gesture thing the flick of the wrist instead of if the you know right now you can flick your wrist kind of to turn the display on well with a 5.1 update you

Can flick again and cycle through the cards so lots of good stuff coming in the 5.1 update I find that the risk gesture in general though never works like I can never get it to work right you know what I I never got it to work on my G watch but it works almost every time on the smart ones you know I think it is though is when they did the five point 0 update that changed the the tilt away if you're dramatically it got a lot more sensitive for me after that yeah but it's not maybe in five dot one will get better brown the G watch ards it's really really annoying like I'm I i

Watch has to be like at my face before it decides to wake up I think there might be something wrong with yours cuz my G watch our doesn't do that okay maybe they're saying wrong with mine minato there but you know I always have to tap it to wake it up so we also sony announced a couple of dates that are probably going to be available for all Android wear devices but Google did not mention these things only so need it and it's changelog so it looks like heads up notifications are also coming to to Android wear so with the 5.1 update so I guess if you're looking at something

Else and a notification comes in which is it kind of annoying that you have to like swipe all the way back to the beginning to see what the notification is if you're already looking at something so I guess it's going to give like a little heads-up probably at the bottom of the screen a better they better be careful with this though because you know heads up notifications on on Android phones and tablets did not go yeah hopefully they learn their lesson and it'll it'll work a lot better there's also supposed to be adjustable font sizes so I'm not really sure how I

Feel about that that just seems to make like a completely superfluous feature that nobody really actually needs because thoughts seem to be really just about right to me did we did we talk about about always on apps they're doing that yes yeah that's actually one of the things that I'm most excited about because I I up like when I first got it one of the things I was like man I'm gonna totally use this pull up Evernote on here and look at recipes while I'm cooking except that every time the screen times out I have to reload Evernote on my watch and it's a total

Pain in the rear so yeah I'm curious if this will be automatic or if apps will have to sort of support an ambient mode state explicitly and in their app I hope it's automatic I hope we'll find out soon maybe hopefully awkward silence number nine so uh in in in the midst of all the good exciting news about Android where there's something that might be might be a little bit disheartening coming up for those of you who have been hoping for Android wear on your Apple devices although people who listen to the show probably aren't waiting for that but hey

It just in case you are so what are we what do we find it out from the app store these days right well so we talked recently about how Google is going to supposedly put an app on iOS that will connect me where but there was some concern about whether or not Apple would approve that because they have rules that say you're not supposed to talk about competing platforms in the description or metadata of a nap and just the other day an iOS developer who makes a pebble app was their app was their app update i think was rejected and they were told you can't talk about

Pebble in your apt description and you know that's you know here here's the part of the developer rules where where you know where you we tell you you're not supposed to do that and they actually told them that you know yeah so your app contains metadata that is that relevant platform informations what they called it irrelevant platform information even though the heck was supposed to be you know for the pebble watch um so it's not clear if this was just like a one-off kind of you know the reviewer was just being a jerk or this is going to be the way apple rolls going

Forward now that they have their Apple watch actually out so is the case then is the pebble watch app itself still on the Play Store or on the on the epsilon I'm sure I'm sure it is we would have I don't think any absolutely removed first of all there would have been a big a big kerfuffle if you know if they started like removing pebble apps that would be that would be a kind of that's unlikely to happen I don't know um I could see them hassling smaller developers if that's what they're going to do but I don't know if they would be able to get away with just straight-up telling

Google that they can't mention Android wear in the Android wear app so yeah we'll see what happens there I mean it's one of the thing I bet Apple hasn't he made decision yet on what they wanted to so we shall see we shall we shall but in the meantime if you happen to already have an Android devices i'm guessing you know everybody listen to the show does and you have android where you've got a new update to look for or two or you know even download yes right right right okay whether you cut out for a second I was confused cuz I for all in seconds basically all the

Seconds yeah okay sorry so okay one two three take two okay so yeah there's going to be a new android wear update rolling on it it might already be available in the play store for you it's a version 1.1 and it includes support for a lot of the things that that are coming in the new the 5.1 update for the watches so it has the the cloud sync over Wi-Fi so if your watch is connected to Wi-Fi you'll still get all of the the notifications and app stuff that goes between the watch on the phone as if it was connected over bluetooth so that's cool it also changed the UI of the app

Quite a bit you can get calendar data from any account on your phone so yeah I mean if you don't have you ate already might as well just grab it from AP came here yes you know it's it's a you know it's a nice little update all right speaking of updates we are seeing some news about android 5.1 point one the OS update rolling out to devices including the Nexus player factory are the next steps in the Nexus player so David is this just a couple of bug fixes I imagine pretty much so if you have a nexus player you can download the factory image Oh or maybe get the update

If it's going out to you but we do not have reports if I've got one got one on anything else yet but I would imagine the Nexus 9 will be in that list here soon hopefully maybe don't count on it Nexus 9 still sitting on 502 or whatever yeah it is on the 505 Celeste it's the last Nexus device stick one on five points of data time that the nexus 5 0 all right so uh excuse me oh goodness right so Google has apparently started testing out a new collections feature for google plus this is not something that's available to end users just yet so Liam what do we know about

It um so basically in testing is new feature called collections where you would be able to create a collection and then curate content to go in that sort of kind of I think of it kind of like a Pinterest board or a bucket under pool you can collect posts into a central location and then users can follow that collection and share it you know interact with the posts as they want that's all we know so far apparently right after we published the post we found out that um it apparently is planned for introduction in early May but of course since it's unreleased we

Can't really know that for sure yet we can know that it's plan and yes that can be known so yeah all right so uh moving on stock Android isn't perfect of course this is one of the ongoing series we have over on the site and liam is put together some nitpick eNOS Liam or so you are so nitpicky but in this in this particular edition it's lollipop the this is the first full addition we've Adsense KitKat so it's been there been a long time coming Liam what we got um a lot I mean if you know if you've seen previous entries in the series you know that it's us going through and picking

On a lot of details in that OS if that's your thing you should just check out the post because there's way too much to talk about here but I yeah the good news is lots of things from the previous kid cat poster are fixed so that's true there's good news in there too news thanks partially fixed not fixed unfixed monday expects a lot that's the worst they had it and they messed it up i think i think my favorite was the was the status bar in the gallery because they replaced absolutely every component in in that in that little issue but yet it's still a problem both apps are new

But they still be the same behavior alright so moving on sorry more bad news this time it's regarding the 2013 Nexus 7's which are apparently problematic right David so we're having an issue with 2013 Nexus 7's where they sort of died uh so it's not clear exactly why this is happening but it is maybe something to do with the flash storage so uh you mean symptoms for this kind of thing you basically get stuck at the Google boot screen and if you try to unlock the device you'll get a failure to racing user data step you can't flash factory image maybe or there

You have issues starting up in recovery basically you lady sorry we put to work so there are all kinds of potential reasons might be happening it might be bad nand it might be is some kind of thing do with firmware update but we don't think that's what's happening because there's no good reason to believe that's what's happening other than the timing there's no direct reason so it's probably some kind of common hardware failure so we don't know what the failure point is though and a lot of Nexus Evans are basically breaking because of this google hasn't commented

Yet and i kind of doubt they ever will unless it reaches like a class-action lawsuits to date so we will see what happens but it's bad if you got his 2013 Nexus 7 and you have this issue i will say that i have a refurbished one and it has not had this problem maybe that was the problem it was refurbished for I've had my nexus 7 since launch and it's still it's works I just turned it on a little bit ago to check yep I did the same thing when we posted that I was like wait is the line dead yeah mine mostly sits in the drawer now yeah yeah you know I my Nexus 10 is still

Chugging along so I guess maybe I should be glad I picked the device that doesn't have asus flash storage on it Alma anyway so moving on to google in the classroom lots of new features added this week in that platform as well rightly yep so google has updated the classroom platform is something that I guess I assumed it just already had which is collaboration meaning that teachers can now collaborate on a single class so they can you know provide feedback make assignments grade stuff at the same time on the same class and any teachers who were invited to collaborate

Can do everything that the main teacher can do except delete the class so that sounds pretty good they also have a lot of teachers to basically batch assignment grades so if you're grading assignments and you need to stop for a while you don't have to worry about like half the class getting their grade before the other half and you can dropped assignments now to do they have Amazon Mechanical Turk grading that makes a man's like a great day to do it you could probably hook that up with you want to sweet yes so in other words with the batch grading you can stop

Collaborate and listen that's right moving on to the chi-you totally alright I'm going to apologize in advance because all the device announcements this week we're just not very good starting off starting off with the Sony Xperia z4 actually you know what I don't apologize vol let me do it again lukewarm cheap I think starting off I think Sony should feel bad and they should feel bad specifically about the Xperia z4 yeah they really should because it's it's basically an xperia z3 with a new chipset and it it doesn't look almost any different at all

Improbably yep that will be worse for it yeah the only thing that they have a capless micro USB port to it's waterproof at the micro USB port which is good because that's been the problem with pretty much every waterproof phone because pork covers are Satan carnate and they should not be a thing but other than that the z4 looks exactly like the z3 in almost every appreciable way so and they announce us in Japan and they didn't even as far as I know issue a English press release for fun Sony us hasn't even seen be acknowledging that the phone exists so it's possible that

This is just something for Japan and they made the phone and then they realized us can do terribly international international markets and they're gonna release a nicer phone later this year that is more revolutionary as opposed to extremely evolutionary but there's nothing to be excited about its last year's phone but slightly newer I mean it is it makes the m9 look more than iterative it's like it's just it's so I I don't Sony selling off their smartphone business would not be terribly surprising to me next year who would buy it somebody by oh oh my

God I love me i'm speaking of the z4 that story the popped up today about the James Bond movie and how hard placement didn't work out even if they were often five million dollars because they didn't think it was the best girl well that was what they're talking about but I don't think they have like the final emails and say oh it's not gonna happen because there's like some kind of special xperia phone that was in other emails that the cells going to be featured in like the Xperia not ghosts but something like you know some kind of super specialist James Bond has a history of using mediocre

Stony phones so I mean I don't know why they would suddenly be like I swear this is that this isn't good enough well the the email said oh well you know the director wants use the best and he doesn't think that the Xperia phones are the best so it's yeah I think it got awkward there was a creative a factor in all caps the creative factor is very important yes and I'm pretty sure all those caps were delivered by Amy Pascal so I also thought it was kind of interesting how was it like two weeks to go t-mobile dropped the z3 from its lineup and there was speculation that

They were dropping it in favor of the z4 and then they announced the z4 and then t-mobile was like okay yeah we'll keep selling as III it's fine i bet that that's a that's a clearance thing yeah I'm sure that that's probably not really related to the announcement at all just the timing of it just seems interesting to me all right so let's move on to Sony's disappointing announcement of the next Galaxy Tab series the tab a well David i'll let you said you'll probably you'll probably say it and way more colorful words and I you have no reason to buy these like if you buy these I

Want to talk to you about the decision that led you to putting your money into the hands of a retail corporation and then them giving you one of these tablets because it's it's a metal galaxy tab 3 basically from with shitty your screen I don't need it's like oh why would you do this and it's because Samsung us are gonna sell a bunch of them to a bunch of people who shop at Walmart yeah that's it I don't have anything say about specifications because they're they're pretty embarrassing yeah well that's fine because the people who buy them at

Walmart or probably won't say anything about specifications either did we name it it's called the Galaxy Tab A that's what you don't want to buy this year so just make a note why don't they call the galaxy tab is making a galaxy note not to buy the tab a I get it aha I might have to go kill myself now alright so the the last the last little device announcement we had was the Xiaomi me for I shall me the money not much of it apparently right right yeah so it's priced at about 200 bucks this is a phone for India those so you will not be able to buy it here and I mean it's a

Phone you might actually want to buy if you had the option you know for that kind of money it has a has an octa core Snapdragon 615 processor 2 gigs of ram a 5-inch 1080p screen uh 3120 million hour battery LTE 13 megapixel camera I mean it's you know it's a good uh it's a good sort of you know kind of basic flagship phone or maybe like a very good mid-range device I mean the 615 is not you know as a super fast ship but it's still you know it's perfectly serviceable the device itself that you know it does have that very sort of generic Chinese smartphone feel but it

Comes in a lot of weird colors as physical capacitive buttons and no apt or because you know that's that's just how Xiaomi rolls yea though they're taking reservations for it now and it'll it'll be out and I think the 20th your they're not the 20 like on the twenty-eighth maybe I think they said it's in here someplace you can read the post if you want the actual number that I'm not making up the specifications are surprisingly similar to the alcatel one touch idol 35.5 which is a mouthful that i have here and i would say the 5-inch screen

The Alcatel's of 5.5 until 1080p display that she looks good but this is a pretty impressive price the alcatel is going to go for 249 retail but they did some special pre-order for 199 but the alcatel has LTE and i do not think this show me one does it still looks pretty it says it says 4G dual sim so maybe there maybe they mean hspa+ I know yeah that's kind of what I might think not that there's you know huge LTE penetration in India to begin with but or that even if it has LT that would have bands that are relatively common anywhere else on earth yeah and yeah if

You want day if you want to show me phone you're probably gonna have to wait a couple more years for them to get up the guts to start selling outside of Asia and in Southeast Asia yeah alright so we we have some device availability announcements to list off first off starting off with the forge TV android TV device from razor it is officially available from razors website for pre-order you can get the console itself for 9999 or the bundle with the controller for 149 99 no announcement as of yet as to when the bundle will be available that comes with the keyboard

Mouse combination that was originally listed as 129 99 but then again it's not available for pre-order so that can always change David alluded to earlier the LG watch urbane and its upcoming availability it will be available in the Google store in 13 countries by the end of the month and that means soon alright and the LG G flex 2 is coming to AT&T very soon and it's going to be actually let's see what is today table 24 it's coming today yay so it's available now officially at 84 a little bit of a sizeable chunk of money 709 for it outright three hundred

Dollars on contract or you can also get a 24 month payment plan for 2955 or 20 month payment plan for 35 45 so if you are looking for a curved device that is suitable as a hand warmer in the winter time this is this is available now from ATT you know what else is available now Matt what's that the ZTE SPRO to you notice pro 2 is no idea it is the next big thing in smart technology it is a smart projector and it runs the latest and greatest for about four dot for it also has a 1280 x 800 resolution screen but a whopping 6300 milliamp hour battery and it's available with a

Two-year contract on ATT for 400 bucks or 500 bucks without a contract I saw one doesn't he has it almost burned my finger it was so hot what I was running that is it was it was hot this blow sprue all right let's talk about some device updates which he aced for lollipop wait a minute before you say that David when you burned her hand did the projector say are you mad spro it didn't you mad spro of discipline yeah also not disappointed ah did you ask it you mad bro maybe that's why I burnt your finger cuz it was it was mad spro alright so let's move on to device

Updates over-the-air updates rolling out to several Samsung devices starting off with the sprint spark galaxy s4 getting lollipop over the air as well as a tts galaxy s4 active and the Samsung Galaxy Tab a tab I'm sorry galaxy tab s because you can't just call it a galaxy tab because there's like 20 different kinds galaxy tab s 8.4 Wi-Fi edition also getting its update to lollipop this week no it'd be funny if the shield tablet gets a 51 lollipop lollipop update before the nexus 9 that would be hilarious wouldn't it I'm probably it would be great fun you know what's

Getting a five dot one over the air update the shield tablet and you know it's not the nexus 9 the five dot one OTA is coming soon and shield portable will jump straight from four dot four to five dot one so everybody gets it except for us lucky Nexus 9 others you had to take it there didn't you ball yeah yeah yeah and you know kind of had good all right now let's move on to two voicemails voicemails voicemails alright we had a voicemail I'll play it now hello gentlemen this is matt with his unending list of questions and I have a question for you related to google voice

Mail when i call google voice number is there any way to preview the message that I'm leaving and possibly believe it if both i realized i've just made an absolute fool of myself i know most voice electronic voice mail systems out there do have this feature and google really loves google voice so much that it makes it modern so maybe hopefully this actually this and i just haven't figured out the key combination to activate it your help is appreciated and have a good day so any ideas fellers I don't think so ah that's one to check the faq on because I've never heard of a

Way to do that that I'm aware of I've I'm just writing a script ahead of time we're just in my I recommend actually recording your voicemail beforehand and then playing it over speakers yes sarcastic was he being sarcastic when he said google loves google voice because it was real hot google does not google loves google voice like I'm not gonna make the joke anyway it doesn't really love google voice was the point that is going to make you can make the joke and we can just edit it out of the final odd sense it's not a good one there was one of the

Players in the joke gonna be Helen Keller think they could be I when I we're not gonna continue to show until you tell of a joke yeah no I'm curious it's been built up too much we can't just move on so a pretty one who's Rebecca just google voice well you tell us you can tell us when we're not broadcasting and then Bob can edit it into the show later more work for Bob so we have another voicemail we do have another what we do but would you guys like to hear it yeah John again with another question for you related to google play this time is there any way

To easily compare the permissions between apps in the Google Play Store or is it necessary to just go into each individual app and then scroll down or select the permissions and write it down and compare that way it's important way to select an app that works for you is when where the permissions work for you so it'd be really nice if if such a way existed even if it was through some third-party website or some way to export the data I don't know your thoughts are appreciated and thank you very much as those yeah I don't see if there is a way to do this we would have

Figured out how to do it well and I don't I know this is probably not what you're looking for but I would think that the probably the easiest way to do it would be to bring up to listing side by side in the Play Store on your web browser on your computer and compare them that way yeah I mean theoretically the the permissions thing it's on every URL it's inside the page it's an embedded element I think so theoretically you could do a diff looking at that element and write like a script or something somebody could create a tool that scrapes that day

But I don't know that anybody has yeah I mean you'd have to kind of brew your own kind of solution there and doing it on an Android device and that'd be like a whole different ballgame I think you and I remember one time i read the i read the permissions of the map i did that on that's like the first time I think I've ever actually did it I know I mean I know there there I understand I i do never read them I can't remember the last time I read permissions um I just I can't the last time I read permissions of Annapolis yeah who knows but yeah I think I think probably doing it on your

Computer just tabbing back and forth between two browser tabs is probably the easiest way to go could be I could be wrong but I think that's a yes / write a script if you can write a script write a script because I absolutely sure could be done I think it's a good idea I'm not going to promise you I would use it because well I'm lazy generally when it comes to that but um it's a good idea the only one I ever read was Facebook's app permissions and now now I know that they actually have the right to my firstborn son which I was happy about because the dudes eaten like a lot of

Food now I feel you I feel that my 12 year old is like at Facebook actually just they copy and paste the permissions from the old testament right I also have to sacrifice to the two turtle doves in the kidney of a clean Bullock okay well contests are there's none on the site right now we do have some contest coming up possibly even on the podcast later next month so make sure you check it out android police calm / contests and you know viewing in listening or watching our podcast every week because just because I mean do it obviously do it because it's fun and other people do it

And you should do what ever other people do because that's who you are is a follower not a leader you love to follow speaking of following hey Bob week you the after yep hope you enjoyed the show is always send your feedback to podcast and remain calm he also call us at 5 30 hello Abby that's 5 30 40 55 60 to 75 us on Twitter Danbury Police Google+ in Facebook's yay yay so while we were carrier Voltron is the episode title crappy carrier Voltron yeah it is it's good why we were doing the show I suddenly realized that the newest mario kart dlc was out and I had

To turn my way up inside what all right I gotta go yeah we supposed to be here so I was like okay get out get out an hour down by vs. Teresa's all those weeks we have to like we have to like try to get enough people for the podcast in today's like yeah everybody's here okay yeah oh we don't get to hear David's joke now Oh God did that's why she like we could make one up ah that wasn't regarding I don't remember oh okay I don't remember either the book of face the book of face chapter 1 verse 2 and the Zuckerberg struck his rod against the stones and water did run out

The water came forth and the water was good and the water came forth with great water attitude and it splashed fourth down the mountain and God liked the water and the one the number of accounting is 33 shall the number of the counting me have encountered two three and not proceeding on 24 oh that's good you know the actual lines I was just faking that's so and five is how come it can't updated their policy on emoticons so they can be really high res now so I'm going to sign read and 11,000 pixel image of pizza see if it works yay

That's going to know it doesn't even go around the moon cons that's going to make our distracting banter so much better yay so the first question on this piece we talked we talked about the first topic for 11 minutes and the rest of the show took 40 I mean you know just you know ng ser I tend to try to put topics at the top that I think we're going to talk about so wait what happened to the what happened to the to the shield story did we skip it what she'll boy doing the way they heard about the fight holy crap we did okay cuz i was waiting and then i realized

That i was like did we just do it now do it now i'll put it in there Matt solo great so what we've never done this before why not eyes are now yeah sure same way up here we go alright alright so Nvidia made a quiet little bump to the specs on the shield console that's available on their website adding an option that previously wasn't there before at a pretty interesting value right him so yeah a 50-50 I'm sorry a 500 gigabyte 50 10 gigabyte I should 50 10 gigabyte option for shield console or shield TV or shield or whatever you want to call it showed up for two hundred

Ninety nine dollars and ninety-nine cents um that's pretty interesting because the only other option is this is a 16 gigabyte option so we had originally speculated whether it would be just a traditional hard disk drive or whether it would be a hybrid drive with like you know maybe 16 or 32 gigabytes of solid-state storage and the wrist as a traditional hard disk drive or if it would even be an external drive in the box so that was what we speculated so Nvidia comes back and says this is their official statement i'm just going to

Read it verbatim a shield partner developer kit was erroneously listed on our website today as a product for clarification nvidia has not launched a 500 gigabytes q4 shield the website is being updated with our announce shield product available soon at 1 99 99 so basically what they're saying was this was accidentally added to the website and it was for hardware partners only um I don't know how I feel about that do we do my I believe him I you know I don't know um I just I find it strange that they would add they would accidentally add a developer kit basically to the

Website oh yeah a 500 gigabyte shield model would be completely sick now else like somebody went through the trouble of like adding in the graphics for that and like putting up all of all of the images and like the buttons and everything like that it wasn't just like one dude like said you know oh hey let's put up this 500 gig ski real quick like a couple of people had to at least been involved and then my cousin of them and like none of them realized like oh hey we're not actually selling this because that would be crazy yeah but I mean there was there was a pretty pretty good

Response people were like hey this is awesome I mean 300 bucks it's a little steep because somebody pointed out it's like fifty dollars below in xbox one and 100 bucks below a ps4 but still I mean it I don't want to say it does more because it doesn't necessarily do more it just does different anyway 500 gigabytes versus 16 even if it's even if it's a traditional spindle drive I think that's probably having a mess that's what it would have to be I mean because oh yeah I mean there's going away those days to you know five it I like a fight like a 500 or 512 Meg flash storage

System I mean like a drive like that by itself okay yeah that's that's a few hundred dollars still ours yeah it's like I mean it's like a couple hundred bucks at this point so I mean I guess theoretically they could get a really good deal on them but they wouldn't make any money off of the extra and that's not how this that's not happening this works so I don't know um I thought it was interesting and I actually would like to see it become an option for consumers because I mean he'll if I was gonna buy one I think I would definitely go for the 500 gigabyte

Even though it's a you know even if it's not solid state I was just the extra storage you could install just God so many different just all here in every game that's available right for shield divided listens so yeah you know what I still thought that was real and I'm just sad I wish we hadn't gone heard that story because I still thought it was real until just now that was like he was gonna end the evening on a high note and now he's all bummed out because he can't get his imaginary 500 gigabyte shield I thought I thought you meant that you thought that was real as in like that

Was part of the wheel podcast he was still getting choked see the problem was the guy that works with nvidia on the shield team he got earth day in April Fool's Day mixed up that's the problem earth Fool's Day earth Fool's Day Oh falls ok I want to go my son Lena's yeah I rate yeah we're done with thee we're done with two Chanel secondary show ok cool all right I'm gonna go to buy all right I'm gonna go to by people and broadcast eel and I'm guys day you can't say cuz I'm gonna stop but if you don't if you don't stop it that is like to come to stop it wasit either wednesday

At the same time ok let's go and stay at the same time what's going today at the same time by Lowell spradlin little spread

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