Android Police Podcast Ep.156 Live (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on April 16, 2021

We are go for lift out lift lift out lift out we're home for liftoff over not now that we're live will have to stop talking about that nexus 5 2015 that's total opening cool okay guys I go away for 15 seconds he talked about the 2015 Nexus 5 day I know that they were totally not supposed to talk about as a secret we know all about it it's secret Shh also also the google play edition galaxy s6 which is real and happening so what it is so real its fake if we say this enough I think it's gonna show up on unlike other Android blog you just gotta want you just gotta want it enough deep in your loins gotta want that

Galaxy s6 google play edition I want that deep in my loins my loins want it deeply well well we are early and we're early because well we're not really because matt is in here but we can say it's because Madison here right we're really slowing us down hi scuttle field we're actually if we go back to our original time were 20 minutes late so that's true yeah we changed the time uh for cam right because he was doing that that thing at his local bike shop is he still doing that thing I imagine not I mean I can't I I don't think you have time I don't know well that's probably a

Good thing to explore cuz if we can go back to the earlier time that probably better what yeah so this week's show for leave to people who are listening live uh I'd be a little shorter ranked unusual because we are like five days between chose instead of seven right and I think we're about ready to get started here let me hit the record the record can you guys test your test your audios testin testin ya i see a waveform III am now i am talking now that i see another way for me good now i'm talking you're all coming in on the same line so one person is fine so we're cool are you

Ready to get this mother started yes did we social it know that good stuff we did let's do this welcome to the android police podcast your weekly audio source for all things android my name is Bob severance in here for Matt Smith today it is tax day in the United States that's April fifteenth 2015 and what's really been taxed is Matt's immune system and that's why he's out once we got on the line tonight uh that that would be me David I'm lean spradlin I'm right mom and I'm Bob severance still here I had to do that because I'm always last we've got a great show for you

Tonight starting off with code google now we've been talking about Google's entry into the carrier game with their MVNO now it seems like some possible details have leaked through an unofficial Nexus 6 image David can you tell us a little bit more about that yeah so uh we found an app in an unofficial piece of firmware for the Nexus 6 that was posted to moto Frommer dotnet I think which i think is still down after this incident which is probably related uh you got a good spanking yeah i think motorola motorola is not not very friendly about the whole

Bleep software thing but it's also Google software so i'm gonna guess anyways we went through this APK which is a called Project phi and we think that name might be an internal code name for google's carrier maybe it's what they're calling it when it's in testing and then it'll have a retail name it comes out because they don't own the necessary domains that you think they would for the project fight name so we got some new details about service which will be a tmobile / sprint mvno that will supposedly let you smart switch between networks and so year there's

Going to be a flat rate for talking text possibly fees for mms but maybe that's for roaming or other weird situations that just seems weird that that's there you pay per gigabyte and there will be a flat rate per gigabyte of data you consume and at the end of the month if you say like I want 3 gigabytes of data and you only use one point seven eight gigabytes Google will then refund you the remaining one point two two gigabytes at a prorated rate so if it was ten dollars per gigabyte for example which we don't know if it is you would get back twelve dollars and twenty cents

On your bill which is very nice supposedly this app will also allow you to activate your service in the app you'll probably get mail to Google whatever Google wireless google mobile sim and you'll just plug that in and solve the app and while you'll sign up for service so that's what we that's the basics of what we know so far so this this sounds kind of like uh what ting does right because they they like uh like let you step down to like a lower plan automatically if you don't use all of the data you requested right yeah but do they work

Yeah i think google google doing the prorated you know down to the sin thing will be a lot nicer yeah as long as you don't go over and then you'll pay a penalty fee of the full gigabyte each one you go over supposedly yeah i mean if this some I mean we heard before that this might only be on the Nexus 6 at least at first but I mean I think we we didn't really see any direct evidence of that in the APK but that would be interesting if they if they made it available for all phones it may be if not initially at some point because that's a really good I mean you know

Depending on the cost i could be a really good deal compared to other MV knows if you can access t-mobile and Sprint without a bunch of like work because there are some places where t-mobile is really really fast but if you end up sort of outside of a city sprint might actually have LTE and deep mobile doesn't yeah i think the the other thing it looks like it will be nexus 6 only because for now the nexus 6 i think is the only phone in the world that works on t-mobile and sprint with this about it does the nexus 5 yeah i know it's nice 5 has all of the audience

Right I a might not have the newest sprint bands and but I mean it's not try i mean i guess maybe it's not try band or whatever exactly how I mean yeah so that I guess the nexus 5 could theoretically kind of do it but it sounds like it's only going to be Nexus 6 because there's also some reference language in the in the app about buying a phone and the only fun you can buys in the Nexus 6 so I mean not that they would sell you an old Nexus 5 but obviously the rumor was Nexus 6 but maybe they will bring into Nexus 5 and that's just not going to be something

They widely advertised I'm not as good as mad as segways so I'm not going to do them there okay I'll make him up and post so with lollipop we got a lot of cool new ways to unlock our devices trusted ways this week we have another fun way that is cropped up can you tell us about the trusted voice unlock Liam how does this thing work so in the last update to play services i think this point i update or something we saw signs of trusted voice is one of the smartlock options but the setting wasn't hooked up in the google app however now it is so

You can turn on trusted voice and it will unlock and let you use voice actions only with the voice model that it has stored for you so when you're setting it up google says you know this isn't really that secure because anybody who sounds like you or who has a recording of your voice could unlock your phone and do stuff do it but it's still pretty neat now it says here it's rolling out to some users do we have any idea of who's going to be getting this feature I mean obviously everybody ultimately but do we know who it's rolling out to is it random presumably 8

Devices that have support for the be on lock screen or screen off unlocking um but yeah we're not sure how the robot is structured okay so keep your eyes and ears and voice is peeled peel your voices also this week with the five dot one update it seems that some Nexus 5 owners are reporting that they're having some camera problems what's what's uh I can't click off how does Matt do that what's going on David well if you have a nexus 5 and you got android five dot one which recently happened your camera app may be broken completely so you start the app and then it crashes and then

Repeat repeat repeat sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't sometimes restarting fixes it for a while sometimes it doesn't sometimes a factory reset fixes it sometimes it doesn't so we don't know what the problem here is but Google is probably going to fix it in five dot one dot one I don't know if we have that information yet anyway so yeah if you have a nexus 5 and you're experiencing this bug with the camera and Android 51 you can tough it out or you can roll back to Android 501 until it's fixed now if your Nexus 5 owner who also happens to pay for Google Music key

Service you might have been locked out of this subscription service this week now you would think with something like music key even if you're locked out you'd get access to these features like ad free tracks background playback but that's not so simple all the time is it yeah so there are some people are having issues so if you signed up for google play music all access or whatever the new name is if it's just music here whatever so if you go to youtube music he and even if you're in a supported country or if you're not supportive country you'll go there and it'll not

Work you won't get your youtube music videos and Google's responses that's broken right now and there's nothing you can do to fix it and that is basically really what it says on the support page is that this this process or this issue is not resolved resolvable uh so they're gonna have to change something i assume i mean i don't know like maybe it work would be a place to start yeah that that that helped a support message was like extremely unhelpful like thank you we know it's broken thank you you have to think that they're gonna have some sort of PR campaign as well i mean these

People that are paying for a service which virtually they have no access to you know they've got to do something with either a credit or something i would think yeah i would think so also this week you know androids always let us customize the look and feel of our OS inside our phones but it seems with google workshop we're going to be able to customize the outside of our devices with unique cases tell us a little bit about that Liam yeah so several months ago we posted about Google workshop which was something that at the time Google was just

Experimenting with the web interface for essentially customizing your own phone case using either your photos or Mac based content from google maps um so we wrote about it and it kind of disappeared for a while we didn't really know the status on it however last night a googler posted a photo of a nexus 6 with a custom case on it using google map symmetry and I look just like the cases that we saw in workshop so the post has been deleted mouth but we got a screenshot of it so you can see that the post um obviously we still don't really know if google is planning on watching

This publicly and if so then by presumably even show up in the google sorta like some white yeah but deleting the post is like super super suspicious yes that's like it's like okay Scott you yes I hit the wrong button I didn't know need to post that just the fact that the photo came from gubler and the fact that they specified that it was google maps imagery and the fact that the Google Maps Terms of Service says you cannot use google maps and for you on items that you're selling leads me to believe that it did in fact come from google so personally I'm hoping that they do

Launch this because that's people idea I think I mean there are companies that do it already but you have any one straight busy boy people it would be nice if they let you have those made for like different phones but I'm sure it'll probably just be the nexus 6 yeah and you know the nexus 5 2015 01 easy oh yeah yeah when that happens yeah and also the the google play edition galaxy s6 which is so leaning right also this week a new google play program designed for families will highlight family friendly content what all does this how do you qualify to be highlighted for

Designed for families Liam so on the design for families thing as a designation that presumably be really used for apps that are verified to be family friendly um you get in five phone mounts and certain things in the waiting questioner so your app has to be everyone written for everybody and then you have to follow certain guidelines like if your app has ads for instance you can use targeted advertising on child users and you have to verify the bad content is annoying with your abs rating that sort of thing so then you get verified

As part of the design thing that's worth in do we know if there's any ongoing way to police whether or not it remains that way not to my knowledge I mean if Google is looking at you no man will be going through app updates I guess there's a chance that they can touch something the changes but it's you know it's google so there's no really now finally in code google this week the Moto 360 s getting a pretty steep discount in the Google store what models can we have we seen in what kind of discount do we expect users to see David well for the basic models on the Google store you're now going to

Pay 165 dollars which is you know we've seen that level of discount on Amazon previously actually not quite that low this is lower than that so this is about fifteen dollars and we previously seen it although I think some of those came with google play store credit or something whereas i don't believe this one does mm-hmm the only models on the Google store though are the black and stone grey ones you don't get the metal ones or the other fancy colors so you can get a moto 360 for not a lot of money if you want a moto 360 which probably means that the new moto 360 is

Coming out at some point relatively soon yeah you should only buy this if you are just in general opposed to spending like three hundred dollars on a SmartWatch or if or if like spark plug in the chat room you don't need your system to trust your butt anymore yeah let's move on to the rumor roundup it's time for the rumor roundup it seems like we know everything there is to know about the rumored LG g4 now thanks to a huge web league so Ryan can you tell us a little bit about some new information that we found out about the g4 yes so what we pretty much know what it looks

Like now originally this this page that popped up it had a bunch of specs listed but we later figured out that a lot of that was filled in with data from the g3 but there are still a ton of pictures of the device and it all looks pretty legit so I mean there's leather it's got leather on the back and there are multiple colors of leather and then there appeared to be plastic versions as well which I imagine will be sort of the default version of the phone and they probably pay a premium if you want the one with the leatherback and the backs are rural so I guess you could probably

Just get you know a spare of leather back she wanted to only have that on there sometimes it has like a weird sketch scene right down the middle which I'm not gonna see is the mullet of smartphones it's um it is the front end a really weird party in the back like it's not a party you would want to go to well maybe you would I mean I'm thinking like in terms of some phones how they let you do the laser etching on the back do you think maybe they would make like a custom branding iron and they could just slap a big mark on the bag that you know my back I bet if we looked around

We could probably find somebody somewhere who branded their moto x that would be I you know I'm gonna guess that is a thing in fact I'm pretty sure I've heard of that like I think I'm picturing the picture on my mind right now but yes they looked it looks so hideous it with the leather maybe like I think it looks normal ish i guess the UM have like yellow and like sky blue leather in these pictures and they look I mean even if you're like you know maybe you think that's like the regular colored leather ones look ok I don't know how anyone thinks yellow leather is an okay thing

To have on phone yeah I'm gonna guess that we will not get any of the more interesting leather colors here in America if we even get the two boring ones yeah so yeah but then there are their plastic ones too and they they showed a picture of their their new camera interface a manual mode which actually looks pretty cool if you you know if you want to tweak your ear photos a bit more than most camera apps let you and then another thing to note about the device it I mean we have heard this and some of the the old pictures kind of showed it off a little bit but

It does appear to be curved they call it a slim arc design but it's an LCD I mean LG's already announced the screen so we know it's a five and a half inch 1440p LCD and lcds do not usually bend very well so I'm interested to see just a little bit of a bend I mean I guess yell so you can take a bit of a bit of curvature just I don't know they they must be thinking of some technology with a lot of Bend because also this week we got some details on a leaked LG patent right they dream up a bendable phone that you can slap on your wrist um yeah they they imagine this thing that does

Not exist now and probably will never exist but it's just it's ridiculous enough that you should go and look at the drawings that they made of it uh it basically it it looks like one of those slap bracelets from the 90s but it's a phone and it would I mean Oh obviously would have to have some sort of OLED display because an LCD is not bending that much certainly not so yeah I mean it's just a very unrealistically thin phone that you'll be able to wrap around a bracelet on your wrist and I think it's a dumb idea I I think that this is like the fever dream of a serially

Unsuccessful Kickstarter huckster like it yeah which it's not it's just way too far up there yes sir there are Kickstarter's they have promised almost this exact thing and I don't think it hasn't worked right now it's my blood pressure monitor that I wear when I'm working out at work that she's just clasps around your wrist and looks exactly this this thing so I don't know is it really i mean the design is not anything new like you said you see the stuff in kickstarter anything else yeah information from bloomberg from a

Bloomberg article this week suggests that the successor to the popular one plus one phone is coming out but we also hear that there may possibly be a cheaper model as well do we care to speculate on on what we might see cut out or or do we have any more information there i mean this this new phone this this cheaper phone we had not heard of previously it sounds like the CEO basically let it not slip I mean I'm sure it was completely planned but it sounds like they are going to do a cheaper phone and that the one plus two is going to come out in q3 of this year

Which I think we kind of heard before anyways so we'll see that phone and then we'll see the cheaper phone by the end of the year allegedly and also they want some venture capital funding if people could just throw money into this very large bag and we will go back to Shenzhen and make more phones that sounds like a legit thing there yeah I mean throwing money into a bag when you don't know where it's going is generally a good idea anybody that has a bag of her money you just cause it in well I've done that before yeah so did they I mean he didn't clarify like if they meant

Cheaper than the one plus one or cheaper than whatever the oneplus 2 will be Diddy I don't know I i don't think the oneplus to be any more expensive I mean but what if they were what if what if like the like the flagship one plus two is like a five or six hundred dollar phone and then they make a cheaper one than that that is sort of in the same price bracket as the one plus one yeah I don't you know I think that would probably be a bad strategy for them though because the one post my dealer is just Michael price I just want you to remember what company it is you're

Talking about that's Ian did so true it's I mean it just it there their strategy thus far has not been what you could call uh you know good yeah well we'll see i guess i mean i'm interested see if they do a cheap phone like I because I think that segment like the Moto G to mow down me if you get loans yeah if you can make something competes well with the Moto G that you know that's a huge huge deal right now you think I the Moto G all the time like I've can I've talked to people who like need a new phone and I don't want to spend like you know four or five six

Hundred dollars on a phone after I broke one it's like well you could just get a moto G it's you know 180 bucks and it likes old that sounds great yeah I I think entering that markets going to be important for a lot of smart phone companies in the US here shortly so I definitely see 1 plus doing a doing a phone in that realm cool the realm of cheapness let's move on a inverted arms we had a story yesterday on the website the suggested that the EU or the European Union was expected today to announce a formal antitrust case against Google Ryan did this happen it did

Indeed the the EU is going to you know officially investigate google for its search practices and yeah we started hearing about this on on Tuesday afternoon and they expected on Wednesday morning that it would be now so I think goes you know a little later than than we originally thought but that did happen today so the EU is is going to take Google to to task for supposedly giving its own services preferential treatment in search so they're talking about things like shopping links and travel and things of that nature so if you you like searched for for something

That would pull up results on shopping websites and Google Shopping whence might show up ahead of other things which I mean kind of would expect sometimes but Europe says that what they're doing is not okay so if they actually take this all the way and the other there's no settlement or anything this could result in over six billion dollars in fines it is unlikely would actually be that much then we'd if it got settled at some point would be substantially less but Google might end up having some sort of some sort of competition agreement that they have to

You know abstain from doing certain things will provide competitors with some sort of special treatment but this is still super early in the process and it could be years before there's any movement on this i mean the the case that microsoft had and in europe took i think once the actual the chargesheet was was released it was like six years before that finished up so it could be awhile before anything changes there may also be an android aspect to the investigation I don't know if the the EU as specified if you know the the dominance of Android of the big deal to

Them at the moment but Google did say that they expected that to happen to ya i think the EU was looking into you know the notion that because you buy android google services are for we stood upon you for some reason yeah which totally just you know makes a whole bunch of sense except that I know it kind of doesn't stand road is open source yeah and you know the whole point that companies choose to contract with Google for this version of the operating system specifically because those are desirable things to have yeah pretty much so yeah I mean I mean in some ways

You can sort of see why Europe would be at least investigating because Google has like a 92 or ninety-four percent market share in Europe which I mean is essentially is a a monopoly but I mean just having monopoly isn't against a lots of using it that is against law so they'll have to you know show that Google is actually abusing their monopoly anything in the US it's like sixty or seventy percent Google usage so is it that low in the US I think well is it huh like we can probably google this in like five minutes we could there in like five seconds we definitely think if

We if we if we google it on google it will take five seconds we google it on bing will take five minutes oh I see what you did there yeah i just spent and i also just triggered the ok Google thing on my computer when I said that ok Google now over your right it's about 60 4.4% yeah I know neighborhood that that's pretty good i would i guess it was much much higher i would have guessed around the 80s um i don't know how much of that is Bing i I don't know I'm not looking at the graph it's gotta be a large its Microsoft yet Microsoft's it almost twenty percent yeah and it's

Cuz people don't notice turn off their default search providers yeah pretty much then it falls to yahoo and then somehow ask is still on there wow yeah the thing is like with with I mean even like with the microsoft thing ten years ago and the google thing now it's like they're implying that people just can't use something else it's not like you're locked into using google for anything I mean people go to Google to do searches or they have you know a phone with Google set as the default changing but nope nobody's you know nobody's forcing them to use that right

And I mean in in Microsoft ten years ago they had to had to make a version of Windows that didn't have Media Player installed that's what that's what the e was super worried about is that Microsoft would have you know an unfair advantage in media player software something that ended up totally not mattering at all it's kind of weird it's almost the reverse of the Microsoft case where you know all of these other search like like you just talked about Bing Yahoo asked these are these toolbars that people download the software they commandeer their web browser change

Their search providers and that's the only reason why they're using these things now Google is actually getting their hands slapped because it's easier to go to a website and type in a web search you know then to use this crap it's it's it's laughable actually yeah it's kind of you know the nanny state almost aunty populist sentiment i think that the EU regularly displays and antitrust actions i I II don't know about the merits based on you know the laws about antitrust and EU but looking at google shopping i don't see something that is competitive in the first place

Yeah google released some graphs they posted them officially today and sent like a memo to employees yesterday evening about all this that show how little of the market they control in europe with it with like the shopping and travel stuff it's like a tiny tiny segment but i saw i mean i guess i don't really understand that you use your concern it's like they've had these these services active for a couple of years and they haven't you know eaten up the market people go to google to search for stuff they don't necessarily you know use google shopping or Google's

Travel links it's crazy yeah well let's move on to the hachi so they're a couple devices that we've learned about Huawei has a steel clad p8 and an enormous 6.8 inch otherwise known as they eat your mother alive phone the p8 max 4 30 countries but not the u.s. David is this correct yeah the u.s. is not on the launch list that could change at some point for these devices the p-series the SNP series is Huawei's flagship tier device so it's all the best technology all of the premium materials Ivan use and send p series since the p7 like two years ago and that

Was actually kind of crappy but they've come a long way since then and the new operating system looks pretty decent I mean it looks kind of iOS II for sure in the way that many Chinese uh roms do but I kind of is being as being kind oh yeah I have a lot like I honey it's a little bit of a rip off in some places but the phones themselves they use Huawei's processors they use wall ways LTE complete set up in there and they have I think 15 LTE bands or something ridiculous like that yeah it since yes in saying it has like every LTE band that you could you could need in North

America or I think Europe or Asia yeah so they want to build a world LTE phone which makes sense because they're an LTE technology company as well so these phones are going to retail in Europe i believe the p8 starts at four ninety-nine and 599 depending on storage body you want and then the p8 max is 5 49 and 649 depending on the storage you want so um does this phone have an app drawer no see that's that's a problem yeah I mean by there that you put a launcher on there and it's like I know but it's just it's just weird like I can't think of any phone ever sold in

North America where the stock UI doesn't have an app drawer it's just it just is kind of weird yeah it is and but I mean yeah you can change the launcher but yeah Huawei's you I I mean it could be worse it could be their old you I that I still have on the ascend mate to which is just like it's like going back to like TouchWiz one point 0 on the first galaxy s as far as the aesthetics are concerned so at least they've moved past that yeah i mean it's it's a it's a fairly handsome phone i suppose all things considered we're both in both the mommy

Game i think there is generically iphone clone ii and in the way that many chinese phones for the last year so have looked yeah but it's easy to go really really wrong trying to do that and end up with something that's just unpleasant told ya so the thing they did that was not nice during this launches you know they launched the micro sites for each phone and then somebody was like hey you know these marketing shots would look a lot better if we just got rid of the bezels on screen just get rid of them just draw off and somebody in the marketing department is like that's a

Great idea they should get you down in engineering immediately the they then modify the photos of p 8 p-8 max to eliminate the bezels running along the vertical axes of the screen and why didn't widen d engineers think of that huh I know I don't have any it's some pretty simple technology just going in Photoshop there and you just stretch it out a little bit i'm pretty sure that's how screens work to you just like me pull on them and they that that's how they expand yeah if you need a bigger screen you just clone stamp it yeah exactly so while we did this and I mean

You know to be fair a lot of the manufacturers especially from China not to generalize or notorious for this sort of thing I mean TV manufacturers do it too big time they really take it to the limit does then watch the images that they used to have on on google play before they did the Google store were like super super fake like it made the bezel on that watch look much smaller than it is interesting yeah that's that's not cool especially when you're you know is advertising setting the screen that big it's a it's quite ridiculous

But i'm gonna guess they'll fix that now that's been pointed out maybe yeah i don't i mean is this like is this just it's because who always used to dealing with with the Chinese audience is this thing sort of less concerning to to Chinese buyers or not I don't know I think you know it was suggested I either you or michael suggested that it was envy about the galaxy s6 edge and how it kind of like it spills over the edge of the screen and always like oh we want that so bad and somebody was like oh what have we distraught and they're like okay that's a good idea what this is

This is what we really guys this is what we really wanted to build we would so give it to you if it were technically possible nobody's gonna know I mean they're not gonna like look at that ad and then look at their devices oh I have this much less bezel or more bezel that's funny yeah it's it's I don't know why they did that that's that's one of those things that you can't do if you're going to market to Americans in America the FCC doesn't really like that very much so there are funds that are designed to go edge to edge the galaxy s6 edge although we've kind of scoffed

At it a little bit on the podcast korean news agency is claiming that half up to fifty percent of the galaxy s6 sales are made up of the edge do we believe this Ryan uh I don't know I mean I've seen like three galaxies 66 edges just in the last week already so people are people are buying them uh I mean I don't know if it's like you know fifty percent I did this this news news agency in Korea that said this they just cited an unnamed source they wouldn't say who it was and Samsung refused to you know to confirm or deny anything they just said hey look we're selling more phones and

We have before and that's cool so um yeah I mean apparently Samsung was expecting twenty or thirty percent of galaxy s6 sales to be the edge version I mean and it you know it might be a half of them which I mean I know I guess I believe I don't I mean I don't know I don't particularly like the edge I think I think it looks kind of I mean I just I don't think i could possibly deal with the way the UI sort of like flows over the over the bend and I mean it's not it's not super comfortable to hold I mean I don't hate it I know some people

Uh on the team who shall remain nameless for the next several seconds really don't like it it's a melted potato yeah yes it's melted potato I mean Ron's runs like picture of the the on ARS technica random audio posted a picture of all the the front the the front fascia of every galaxy phone to date and it's like wow they really are really really really potatoey similar like that is kind of a potato that is getting a little sometimes a little more curvy and then sometimes a little less curvy it's potato in geometric flux but it is still a potato yeah okay I'm just gonna say

The other thing is the way because the screen curves like that there's like there's no angle you can hold that phone at that there's not like this sort of like very weird like optical thing going on like there's there's always disliked this light shining from the curve of the screen it's very it's very concerning from a person it's a it's a stupid dumb phone unfortunately I do I I understand that people you know it's it's different and so people are going for and I think Samsung is pushing the marketing so hard on it but then we're gonna look back in like three years and go yeah that was a

Really really ugly phone yeah I mean it's an ugly phone that might make Samsung a whole bunch of money apparently but I mean I guess it I mean it's technically interesting I mean it shows how far AMOLED technology has found that they can they can make a 1440 p.m. elliptic curves like that and it looks I mean it looks nice you know just as far as the screen like if you want to build a curvy screen that's a really neat curvy screen it might not be usable or good for a phone but a science yeah it is it is definitely technically impressive and roughly as technically

Impressive as it was on the heat last edge phone although less less useful apparently our resident edge fanboy shawn says that the audi s6 edge is useless whereas the note edge is fantastic in every single extant way so at least I I agree with that that the s6 edge is less useful than the note edge is if you were to find the note edge useful I feel like this is this is going to be a phone though that that certain people are going to defend to their death so we're probably going to get hate mail actual pretty much I make sure that someone is going to try to

Kill you because you go it is a divisive design to say the least send all your hate mail and get well cards to matt smith at know so the hottest sheet of the hot sheet this week was that a whole bevy of devices have gotten lollipop updates including the LTE equipped nexus 7 2013 raised org device finally gets five dot one also Android 51 is coming to the nexus for the galaxy note 4 and note edge on US cellular receive lollipop I believe just 50 there Verizon note 3 owners you get lollipop ad samsung galaxy s5 active and galaxy alpha get lollipop over-the-air

Verizon's LG g3 is getting its 50 update t-mobile is pushing 50 to the LG g2 AT&T is also giving the LG g2 android lollipop over the air and sony released for several devices the xperia z3 dual the z 1 z 1 compact and z ultra are all getting their lollipop update so if you have any of those devices some new life and/or death potentially to some of the features of your phone is awaiting you just hit the Update button you know you want to do it the time for other news it's time for other news it's the other news stuff so display maker sharp says not sharp enough

They're going crazy with their pixel densities is that right David they are so this story broke I guess earlier this week and we said you know sharps got this crazy 4k 5.5 inch smartphones play that's what everybody covering the story wrote and it turns out it was kind of true it wasn't completely true though so actually a-ron of audio of our sector reached out to sharp and they sent him a picture of the display which they did in vail a prototype of at a trade show and it's not so much a smartphone display as it is a like 15 inch display in the center of which is a 5.5 inch diagonal

Area with 4k pixel density so it looks like a little display surrounded by a giant black display or just a giant bezel many times larger than the screen self so I think this is mostly a technology demo not that anything is ready to go into production so this kinda reminds me of back in the late 40s early 50s when televisions came out and you had a console that was like 8 feet wide for a 9 inch screen is exactly like that gotcha ok also this week LG announced a google cast compatible speaker system right bluetooth speakers well they have bluetooth as well but the

Google cast stuff is an internet-connected thing it's Wi-Fi so you'll be able to to cast to these speakers like you you can right now to like a chromecast or something except this is this is audio this is the google cast audio platform um so yeah you'll just buy one of these speakers you hook it up to your Wi-Fi and you can send audio to it then there's also you know traditional bluetooth if you want to use it like that and there's Spotify connect they are expensive though the smallest one is 179 dollars there are a range of you know standard speakers that you can

Get that they go up to two almost 400 and then there are some larger sound bars that cost between 500 and a thousand dollars so yeah a lot of money I've never heard an LG sound system so i have no idea how good any of this stuff would be no after that kind of money they you know they really better they better sound okay oh and I should also mention they did say in the PR that these will be available in Google Play but I assume they mean the Google store because we will play is enough for hardware anymore but that would make these I think the first cast speakers

That google sells directly less advanced those bookshelf speakers that were sold with Nexus to you oh yeah did they haven't they send those out when you didn't get your Nexus cadence another day of this figure or so for job Mike siskiyou for life I will never forget so I got a visitor I'm sorry this is this is my son he decided to join the podcast this week so David on what I was gonna ask if do you want to have him introduce next topic Toby can you introduce the next topic say hey David talk about us bc aziz hey david talking about the ABCs I got the gist so there's an there's a

New type of USB connector that's coming to a smartphone or tablet and properly laptop near you you prior de bout it called USB type-c i wrote a thing that's way longer than it needs to be if I'm honest about USB type-c and all the practical concerns and kinds of cables and ports you're going to encounter I would say the gist of it for smartphones like the good summary to have is that there will probably be USB type-c phones this year they probably won't be USB 3.0 and they'll probably USB 2 no captive 480 megabits a second of speed but with the up to full 60 watts

Of power transfer over the port potentially if they use a USB power delivery specification that comes with type C but they don't have to use that they could keep using Qualcomm quick charge or whatever but the end result for you is that you can't plug any other USB cable into a type-c port by the type-c cable and that means all of your old cables will eventually become obsolete as type-c takes over and that that's really the main thing you need to know is that when you buy a Type C smartphone you'll get a cable with it and it is probably going to be the only

Cable you'll have the charger smartphone until you by other cables again I think monoprice just started listing type C cables if you want start stocking up they're expensive though I think the the one that you'd need for most phones it's it's just for net for now the standard USB to USB type-c is 10 bucks for one cable yeah that's for a USB 2.0 which just says the charging and then the 480 mega bits of data transfer a and that's for a six foot one if you want a three foot USB 3 dot one type-c cable so half the length to get three dot one it's $25 for that cable so they are they're quite

Spendy well if you know anything about Apple though I mean they're lightning cables are 19 bucks just for the short cable so yeah there is not ridiculous by inside not ridiculous but given how I don't think USB type-c will ever be as cheap as USB micro USB was just because especially its read out one cables require more components inside them right wires and the port design is a little more complex I think than older iterations so I don't think they'll ever get down to the prices we saw at least not for years and years and by then we'll probably come up with better port

Standard and the other thing know is that there probably isn't any other direction you could take a port for a smartphone or tablet it's USB type-c or bust Apple could hold cold hold on to lightning or they could choose not to but android phones will without a doubt go to type C and there is no competing standard out there type C is the only one for the smartphone tablet form factor as as long as as long as wireless charging continues to be a thing I'll survive I mean the only time i plug most of my phones in is when I need to like

Use adb for something yeah and talking about power or you know data transfer speed it's like you know my Wi-Fi network combined with my computer's plenty fast for anything I would ever want to transfer yeah I can't remember the last time I transferred a file over USB to a phone or tablet yeah it seems archaic well I can only hope that we all adopt the same standard because I really hate looking for different cables and for all my different devices around the house I just just do it come on crying out loud when we had a voice mail this week let's give her a listen

Hi my name is Scott and I was calling android police that I have a question that I've been trying to solve so I was playing with I think the HTC Desire eye at an eighteen t booth and I noticed one of the things you could do it is the dual capture that's where the front camera in the back camera running at the same time I thought that was pretty cool I do a lot of vlogging and soon as my girlfriend and so it's going to see if on my turbo or the motorola droid turbo is what I have if there's any app that i can do that can i can simulate that where the front and back camera right at

The same time but so far we've found out is only like the HTC One m8 and newer an HTC um besides the desires and the design ya can do it so I'm just going to find any apps out there where I can do that dual video capture the front and back so that you know you can videos going on in front of you and your reaction thanks we appreciate the question anybody have any ideas out there as far as your video apps both front screen and rear screen simultaneous capture um I am not aware of any apps to do the video there are a number that do still photo capture yeah

I wasn't even aware that HTC phones could do dual video capture I'm like trying to find that on this m9 right here yeah I mean I know Samsung phones used to do that I don't know if they still do it on the galaxy s a quality education I don't I don't think they did video ever did today well one thing I know just from doing just from doing video here and having multiple video feeds coming in to my computer at the same time is that it's very taxing on the system to have two simultaneous video feeds not only graphically but internally on the bus of the cameras and

A lot of times you have to switch back and forth between those buses so I would imagine something with that high of a data rate as far as live video if there's anything in I don't know if there's anything obviously in prime time because the hardware can't necessarily it's not completely up to snuff yet but I imagine it when things do come out or if they do come out you may be limited to very very low resolutions to keep that that video data rate down I thank ya I'm part of the issue there is phones have one image signal processor and unless you have more than one isp you're

Going to have to do some kind of negotiating with the front camera and rear camera to get all this would be like very low level drivers stuff that they probably won't be able to do with a third party app and so yeah the galaxy s6 does still have this dual camera you can do Stills and video with the front back and at the same time but it is an add-on thing you have to install manually because very few people use it but yes so I think this is just the sort of thing you'd have to get with you know a device it specifically supports it so if it's not included on the turbo which

I imagine it is not then I guess you know you're kind of out of luck yeah i'm going to guess that's something you're gonna have to get a new phone 4 or more realistically you probably should just use an action can if you want to see this kind of thing and then that is it yourself doing it on a phone would be cool but it's so it'd be so much more limiting and it would just destroy your battery oh yeah for sure yeah yeah even just recording a single video on a phone as one of the fastest ways to kill the battery it really is i think that actually it has to be the fastest way to

Kill battery it's also the fastest way to overheat a phone right so if you want melty phones in your head no i actually have to admit you know much like the caller my curiosity is there for people that do podcasting the do vlogs and that sort of thing i mean the idea that you can get a dual kim production even if something would lie to switch back and forth on the fly or you can get audio may be from both front and back microphone simultaneously and then manually switch your cameras that would be cold maybe an enterprising developer out there might might look into

Something like that but i don't think necessarily the technology is there to for a prime-time have to be created yet now I wonder if you could do that with the new camera to stuff their army there are a number of phones now available that have camera to support it so I don't know maybe with that developers would be able to do some sort of dual camera capture thing man I'm not sure I just thinking about it it's like it sounds like something you'd have to have built-in yet like i said a low level to make that work yeah so I guess we're not we're not really the ones to ask you

Should you should ask your local app developer yep or you could buy an oppo n3 that has you know the camera you just flip around oh yeah yeah you can just flip the camera as necessary it would just make your audience extremely nauseous like once in a while when you flip it over and it's a sudden disorientation effect but otherwise I think that's almost year most your needs well we didn't have any contests in particular at the site but as always you can check and replace calm / contests for anything that might pop up there from time to time but with that does

Anybody else have anything for this week they want to leave with it's a shorter show shorter week we'll be back around next week will be e Friday so it's going to be a it may be a longer show so prepare your calendars now can you prepare calendar yes yeah so we should probably something into recorded show about being on Friday oh my guess I mean well probably is it'll be a day late for people who subscribe as a sudden or two a day early right so this week you get it a day early next week daylight which means if you if you listen to us on the drive to work you'll be listening the

Following monday and i really don't have to go into all this anyway I'm just gonna in the shop well hope you enjoyed the show as always send your feedback to podcasts game released calm you know so call us at 5 30 alrighty that's 530 435 567 find us on Twitter and Android Police google+ and facebook all right we did it yay yes it's a quick little show yeah all ultimately it goody good information density yes good information density yeah good stuff there's no wireless face snow white space I wish would had a better answer for the video app

Thing but I just don't think it has I'm yeah yeah I just think that's not yes not a thing negan do or that at least is very hard to do and opiates damages I would like it to exist now I'm getting excited about future possibilities how you can just die guess there are phones you can buy it'll do it yeah sorry I I had I had a ringtone go off as we were doing that because I turned on the galaxy s6 to check that dual camera thing and I know the sound is still on I don't know if the s5 has it I know that her to capture but I guess what yeah I mean it was it's on the s6 it's one of

Those things you have to go into the more section and download and it's it's yeah it's called dual camera it says you can do stills or video simultaneously front and rear or so I mean yeah so the description says maybe Samsung is just lying I would think with it being something hidden though man it's like you guys said it's got to be something that draws your battery way down yeah i'm sure it does if it you know and it could be unstable as well who knows you've been quiet for so long you want to say anything just say something um well we we enjoyed having you back Liam

It's been too long and we need to we need to build in more Liam time in there I think we need to make a segment just for Liam just yeah you should come up with some come up with a sounder for Liam Liam you need to take your hair and build this into a into a logo and just say make it like ask the ask the quaff and led a section that we could put on the show yo boss column was that yeah and invites column it has no it can't have to do anything with technology android google it's just got to be a Liam advice needs to be like personal issues personal

Issue so today and firm the s5 does it as well okay so there we go Samsung and HTC are on the ball if you need to record two videos at the same time get a new phone yeah that's a get our advice doing is replace the phone you just bought there you go oh these are such huge consumer advocates thank you as well ask the Liam questions to podcasted in replaced icona will or call us at five-30 hello ap yeah we're just like as in motion i'll talk about anything at all we're I reach into our phone drawers and like tell people what phones they need to replace the phone ages pot with

Oh yeah totally Nexus 6 6 is 5 Liam Nexus 5 20 ba if you say anything I'll see a perfect i'm using a bar of soap is carved into a nexus 5 until the nexus 15 comes out it's kind of it's a personal safety blanket could you carve a lollipop shape and this baby i didn't i carve some very artful waves crashing against some rocks very moody ocean they'll be the closest one who bar soap is covered and lots of support it is very bar soap like and also being slippery yeah oh and speaking of the shape of things I'd be like Samsung play with the s3 they went like away from the

Back tenderly I've been want to get far away from that because that is when all that the farmer was happening and ever since then they've been like slowly working my way back into the rectangle as I've been looking around the corner and just changing the shape every year so it's like like how is notice yet do they know yet knows yet speaking speaking of shapes we got some questions for you in the chat room Liam dear Liam what shape should i use for everything in life the s turn actually obvious issue these circles oh I think it's a Gangu bowls what about

What about squirrels are those acceptable or is that like a four-man circle the circle is an oval right but not a little bit position please ah-choo Butch's square is a rectangle but not every rectangle is a square or not geometric Maxim's to live by Geum mimp an episode title geometric Maxim's to live by also what kind of jail what kind of gel does Liam use asks all right Achilles jolly is potted tree great ah and I don't have hair so I don't qualify cool guys well a good show hopefully we'll see you guys all next week in the chat room remember next week it is

Friday the time for the show so set your bat time clock calendar man channels for the viewings and i'm going to stop the broadcast because that made no sense and

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