Android Police Podcast Ep.150 Live Recording (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on May 6, 2021

Be live now episode 115 it is 150 hours number that everybody's missing our SEC with Centennial episode wow you gotta put that word in the show sec wasn't any ille yeah it should make sure I used that correctly i'm pretty sure that's what I like 150 if we call it segues Antonio yes we can how do you spell that if I know let's take a stab and Google will tell you if you're right or wrong sesquicentennial okay we go whoa that's cool classic watch kind of nice that Squatch centennial like that sequin centennial acha Julia centennial Bertel King what you said my name chrome is I

Trying to commit suicide right now that's what she said I don't have new buttons I promise Matthew Smith Matthew Smith Matthew Smith Matthew Smith okay I feel better now Ryan Whitwam it's one that's better than most people do actually Whitman so we'd only be here oh now I don't even bother correcting people anymore so I think we were probably like 50 or so episodes into this show when at one point David was like I just realized that it's Whitwam like the way I just asked mom and not Whitman I had no real relevant information as far as to how long he

Should have known that at that point but at least a year and a half yeah i just opened a bunch of chrome tabs and it was it was rough for a couple minutes there i wasn't sure chrome is gonna make it yeah when you are doing that your voice stutters on IM so we got like a got like a machine gun a fetcher that's pretty cool like it was like a dolphin yes only not quite as high but in fact Matt did you know that dolphins and humans are the only two species that have intercourse for pleasure ah but monkeys masturbate bonobo chimpanzees also to annoy the zoo keepers oh they don't

Enjoy it now all right you go away what let me get the chat room back not the chat room that there got it I'm going to do my pre-show calisthenics pre-show calisthenics yep that is where I click on the thing at the top to recognize artists so that I know what the date is Oh got it read so you mean we have all the topics marked we've got four and a half minutes to spare yeah and there I know showstopper somehow we get more efficient when there are fewer of us apparently less distractions agent yeah i'm just going to say i'm just gonna say

This from the get-go the level of difficulty this week is very high due to the completely and totally untranslated if this does not come across as like 50 consecutive awkward transitions it will be a triumph but you know what a cho 150 we could just maybe the episode title will be awkward transitions yes r us I think I've showed away with it I think the show title like the for the first show that Bertel was on was like awkward silence and we if I remember correctly we actually purposely inserted several awkward silences yeah that was a good show good it was yes good oh sure we

Made you feel very welcome with all the awkward silence that week no it was good then chat room is like dead so dinners off here the second time is the second time bird hell was on the show we had lots of awkward silence but it was because Bertel was trying to yeah do we do we have to do any social for those less welcome they usually do social the show yeah okay I'll have to have somebody to the Twitter or tell if you get to the point where you're recognizing that your audio isn't coming through could you pretend to be panic and start pounding like on

The screen right next to the camera like this and then like just fade to black I think that would be fade to black paid to blood and he go get a black construction paper he's gone then that's not even black all right that was pretty close to nexus s Ryan have a typewriter attached to his computer I have a mechanical keyboard and i just typed words on it I look I'll I right all my posts in typewriter but I try to not use them and because it would make the show very obnoxious this is this is one of the this is a supposedly quiet mechanical keyboard but it's still

Pretty loud least have a co-worker who would type louder based on how angry she was and she was ours yeah you know exactly who that is it was humorous because there would be conversations that she would just she wasn't even part of but she was just overhearing and you could hear as the conversation goes on like her typing would get louder their way she would also insert a few exasperated sighs yeah you can't even do it on this computer like this is a very unsatisfactory computer for this conversation yay well I think we're actually we're

Ready to go and nothing is broken yet so nothing has broken let me hit the record button so something will break a good test the record button also known as the break yet but well actually that has been done it has been known to break stuff so we shall see no that's why it's it's the break stuff but go ahead and save this did she show number 150 so it should be special for all of you out there in TV and tablet and pewter Lant sesquicentennial it is our sesquicentennial episode and with that I'll start on time welcome to the android police podcast

Your weekly audio source for all things android it is Thursday februari 26 2015 i'm your host Matthew Smith I Ryan Whitwam I'm Bartel king and my name is Bob severance we're the rest of the team that's not a Barcelona right now yeah which I was in Barcelona I want tapas i just wish i was in barcelona bar i'm gonna call you salona from now on a nap she wasn't snowing yeah yes is it snowing there it's not snowing there isn't I think it's snowing literally everywhere I guess six inches today what's that six inches here that's what she said and Virginia yes all right

Let's get things kicked off with code google that's code google that is the shorter is shorts to the sweet point i was waiting for it to complete and it did abruptly it did abruptly just four inches run it again alright so i wanted to say there's lots of big news this week regarding mobile payments but it's really just a lot of posturing with mobile payments this week a lot of stuff coming out about google their supposed purchase of soft guard which i don't know if it's actually a purchase or not yet there seems to be some shady details

There going on not shady that's the wrong word unclear details to that they're going right now but so Ryan what's what's going on obviously Google is making some moves with Google Wallet they're looking to make it relevant again what do we know well one way or another I think soft card is pretty much dead uh who would have thought that they're creepy commercials with the anthropomorphised payment kiosk would not work but um so yeah google has purchased the technology behind soft card i'm not i'm not sure what what really you know they could have gotten

From that it was doing it was just an alternative NFC payment system so they're going to build that into Google Wallet soft card is probably going away at least as a brand I mean there might be some sort of a shell company left that the carriers have something to do with but that endeavor is pretty much over and then at the same time Google is prepping this thing for google i/o that will supposedly be called a android pay and it's it's not so much a replacement for Google Google wat as it is just sort of an expansion of the NFC capabilities in phones because back in KitKat they

Added a host card emulation which allowed the Google Wallet payments to work on any device even if they you know even if they had a didn't have a secure element or if the carrier's wanted to bundle you know soft card in but nothing else has really ever taken advantage of those card emulation so this android android pee-pee i will supposedly allow other apps to to plug into that more easily and you'll be able to do payments through third-party apps but this is all still you know not not official so i guess we will find out at i/o if this is true but I it seems like something is

Happening with NFC payments and wallet yeah I guess I guess the one thing you could say as as much as I think people who listen to the show probably don't want to give Apple whole lot of credit is they're definitely moving this market forward where it was pretty much stagnating before yeah I'm actually I'm super happy that that Apple pay is a thing really because it's NFC and I was worried that Apple when they got around to doing this was going to do some sort of weird proprietary thing but it you know it works with all the PayPass stuff so any place they decide to support a

You know Apple pay Google while it works too so I am willing to deal with that yeah seems like yeah I'm just your trade off to me alright so we should expect some news along that ok ohio oh sorry totally that job what's up I'm just waiting for today where I see an actual real person just use any of this somewhere in line yeah yeah I have never say I'm the only person I've ever seen use it so yeah yeah so I'm the only that's one more than me yeah it's as well we we have a walgreens right down the street that has it and I've been in there several times and several times

I've thought I wish I had a payment account actually linked to my Google Wallet account so that I can actually use this and I'm sad to admit that I eat way too much fast food so i use it at Burger King and it's nice because that I don't have you know people grabbing my card all the time that's nice nice it's like it when people grabbing my card right and then you know then I give them money and I'm like can I as my guards those grubby card grammars yeah usually they're greeting cards like for a sick uncle but where we don't have David here for

The dumb pun so you're gonna Bob with dumb jokes sorry well take it take it all right so next is announcement from last year's google i/o android at work which a whole lot of words were dedicated to last year but really we hadn't seen a whole lot roll out from it other than a what a chrome for work out that showed up in the Play Store but now it appears to be more officially and readily available right portal yes that Google is inviting companies to work with them to start rolling this out in workplaces you know it's um it's kind of cool to have your work life you're

Probably life separate or isolated you have your stuff encrypt its or not creeping in on each other Google's providing sort of specific apps so you can have separate apps as well as separate spaces and um you know me and so much it's much more interesting if your job involves a suit and tie you're not working from home so I don't have too much invested in it yeah it's not none of us do we're aware it's a thing but it's not a thing that we will probably ever use oh to be fair Bob and I both work in a corporate environment that will probably never you there so no

I don't I don't know that that means that it's its adoption rate to be great or bad or way I can't really speak to that I just I don't I talked it will be using you date type suit I think just in general in the industry you're seeing a lot of people do the byob thing and even in some cases get stipends and that sort of thing towards devices so I think you're going to see a lot more people bringing their own devices especially if there is a way to keep your corporate life separate from your personal stuff I I only see that getting more and more adopted we even though we work in a

Pretty you know that corporate environment Matt you still see people using their personal devices I think to get some things done so i think it's i think it's all good and i think we're going to see more people actually use this now that they're going to have an option now whether or not they can integrate with microsoft and all of the backend technologies exchange and everything else that is so entrenched I mean there's already exchange support in android but I think one step further is uh is where you're going to see the full

Adoption there yeah I think it's exciting alright so moving on to YouTube for kids course we heard earlier this week that it was going to be coming and coming soon geez I feel like I'm cutting you off every time we're told you Reese and something I think he's got a delay so this is that after each topic we should probably just pause for a moment see these guys I think he's a little quiet so I'm gonna turn him up did you have something you wanted to add oh yeah I was going to have that the the only downside to me is that you had to wait for so if your company to roll this out

For you I kind of wish this was something you could just turn on yourself and then I see it get a lot more use that way I think the companies that are gonna there to be fair there are a lot of companies out there that have already started using google docs in there you know in there at portfolio as their kind of way of sharing documentation and getting it on the go and I think companies that have jumped on that bandwagon will probably jump on this pretty quick but yeah I was I was also going to say I think if you make it easy enough for companies to just flip a

Switch on to turn this stuff on I already know our company for example who doesn't have a lot of people using Android devices when we for example get on the exchange server it forces a policy to your device that makes you turn on encryption and a passcode and allow remote wipe so I mean if if the implementation is as simple as somebody on the server side flipping a switch to make this stuff work I think that's when it becomes very valuable greed alright so moving on to YouTube kids we heard earlier this week that it was something that was going to be coming and

Apparently coming very soon because it's it's out it's available you can download it from the store and we're tell is this something for android users who have children to download immediately what do you think I think it's great I think it's kind of funny if you don't have kids you know it's it's so much easier to browse in just a regular YouTube I mean yeah a lot of the content is cut off in this I think it does a good job of that you can you can search for inappropriate words or appropriate words you won't get that many results but it does have a large

Selection of young new shows that kids will like also a lot of 90s cartoons that I like so that's the highlight for me the one downside that so I was pointed out when I was writing article is that um there's no like the app doesn't have its own screen pinning so unless you're using lollipop the kick and just bounce out that just do whatever they want in a tablet but I mean as far as the app is itself is great for kids it's easy to navigate the interesting that I thought the interesting thing I thought it was mentioned in the article 2 was the to

Get to like the parental settings for the app you you like hit the button in the corner and it brings up a password that you have to type in and it changes every time but it's written out in text so it's really only ever going to prevent kids who I don't know haven't learned to read from getting into right into the settings but I don't know I I think even if you get into the settings it's not like you're on nope you're opening up like a world of like dangerous and life-altering content I think I think the biggest thing here is that if you're any period I've had a kid

In the other room and you you start them off by handing them the YouTube video and you get out of their sight for a few moments and then all of a sudden you lose track of what's going on and they're hopping over to something with foul language or whatever I've had that happen with every one of my kids to this point because i'm a sucker parent so I think YouTube kids for being sucky parents with with devices is perfect it's a great babysitter and as soon as it as it was announced I put it on all my devices and you know proceeded to rob my kids grades is it on is it on iOS as

Well yeah well there you go not that anybody listening the show need to know that one yeah yes they did um no you know it's funny because actually the one big thing that I like about is the fact that their advertisements are not for like rated M for Mature video games every time all right so let's talk a little bit about google play music if you recall when they launched a while ago they if I remember correctly it was very odd because they didn't talk at all about how much storage space you have in the cloud they just said it's 20,000 songs and apparently they've stuck with

That it's actually not a straight gigabyte or megabyte limit its number of songs and that that number has increased pretty drastically this week right rent yes so it's more than doubled it was 20,000 when it launched and it has been 20,000 this entire time but now it is 50,000 there's it appears to be effective immediately if you log into to play music I assume this is probably just a u.s. only thing or maybe in ludington markets so don't get mad at me if it's not in your country but if you log into google play music it'll give you a little alert at the top it says

Hey you're you know your storage limit is now increased to 50,000 songs so you can upload more tracks if you had you know you didn't have you know space to put all of your songs on there I mean I know I know a few people that have you know more than 20,000 tracks so they couldn't use play music neiman maybe now they well although I will point out that while they increase the storage limit they did not as far as I'm aware increase the device limit which is still incredibly annoying for me yes it is very annoying for you I agree yeah okay so uh let's move on to the Play

Store they made an announcement this week regarding advertising on the Play Store which everybody loves a good story that brings more advertising to the life right right yes uh it's it's just it's a joyous occasion for all of us we will soon be able to see ads while we are browsing in the Play Store client so yeah when you search for things now sort of like when you do a Google search on the web at the top of the list will sometimes be sponsored results they will be marked clearly as ads and they'll blend into the the UI otherwise so it's not going to feel like it's not just

Gonna be like you know an Adsense ad like floating at the top of your search results or something so that will be a thing very soon apparently a a pilot group of advertisers is working with Google to roll that out in a limited fashion and then it will be available to everyone later no all right so let's talk a little bit about android 5.1 it's available to a pretty select part of the world the philippines and indonesia i believe specifically right and so we've had some hands-on time with it and there's some feature some speeches we haven't had a hands-on time with it that

But we have seen a few the collective we have the collective we have if you're if you're in the Android one programs over there you've seen some new features in Android 51 and I don't know if we necessarily call them features they may be featurettes they may be I'm actually going to call them Android 51 niglets so there's actually the chicklets I don't know I need a little words they're just little fine tweaks your nipples their nipples sure oh jeez okay you totally derailed me there no so so they're little there are little mini features um obviously little things that make our

Lives just a bit easier first of all you get a slight rotate animation for the auto rotate quick settings so when you pull down your quick settings shade and your you've rotated your device you press the button it'll actually animate and rotate and kind of let you know which orientation you're locked to and that sort of thing so it's pretty cool um in addition you can now swipe up to dismiss your heads up notifications if you're familiar or coming from the iOS I'd like I am you're familiar with just if if you get a quick notification in the middle

Of a game or a middle of an app you can just swipe up it doesn't necessarily dismiss that notification outright it's just kind of saying I don't want to deal with it right now which obviously is a welcome thing for your notifications I don't know why that wasn't a thing in five point out it made it made absolutely no sense that like that you could not get rid of the thing in your way without clearing the notification right right yeah that's that's always been something and it's always been a to gesture thing you know pull down your pull down the shade just press a button

Or swipe afterwards so I really think it's nice to just say hey don't bother me right now I'm doing something else especially in playing games and stuff it'll actually allow those notifications to be a little bit more intrusive without bugging you as much I know that sounds kind of counterintuitive but you want to be notified if it's say for example a text message or something like that but don't necessarily want it to take you out of the flow of whatever you're doing so so obviously welcome change there in addition the color inversion tiles and these dynamic quick

Settings changes that kind of come into your shade and they would stay persistent for a month and we kind of found out that if you would set your device's time back you could take these dynamic quick settings buttons away those things have now have the option that if you long press on your quick settings tiles you can make them hide them indefinitely so that's obviously welcome for those of us who maybe want to play around with features but don't necessarily want to be inundated with those book settings tiles all the time so very cool there in addition to that

If you're on your lock screen and you pull down to your quick settings you in swype to close your quick settings and in addition to the closing the quick settings it'll also act as the same swipe up motion to unlock your device so no longer having to kind of do the deal and out cards type swipe to get into your device it's pretty cool let's see Oh in addition they've changed the screen pinning interface make it a little bit easier if you guys don't recall screen pinning is the option where you can take an application pin it to your device especially if you're

Handing it to a kid or something like that you don't want them to get out of that application you could pin that application there and you can make it so that the only way to get out is with a passcode or etc they've kind of changed that interface to remember your preference so that when you go back to that you don't have to tell them every time what you want to do for customers that use dual sim phones you'll be happy to know that in Android five dot one your dialer can actually be color coded to whichever sim slot you're using which is pretty awesome it's especially if

You're somebody who tightly manages that if you do travel you know amongst countries you want to make sure that you're using the right you know the right carrier obviously that's that's pretty cool so it should be one of your thing for you you can color code those to your heart's desire I think there's like well not to your heart's desire there's like seven or eight different color choices that you can select so that's pretty cool and finally you have two additional options now which right now you've got your priority notifications all notifications or none

Notifications whenever you're setting your your notification sounds what you want to come through now you have the additional option to say stay silent until my next scheduled event or my next calendar notification or whatever so that's going to give you the ability to say work you know I can work well on this deadline until I have to go to my next meeting but I don't want to have to keep my eyes on the clock so again some welcome things that will make our life a little bit easier make us swipe a little bit less and make us more productive so always welcome now Google just has to

Give it to right exactly right give it to me baby ahaha and of course those are currently only available on Android one devices in Indonesia and the Philippines but we did also find out this week that there was a lollipop update rolling out to Android one devices in India the original android one destination and we're not really sure at this point well there's five point 0 or 5.1 but it'll probably all right let's move on to the room around it it's time for the rumor roundup alright so next week we probably won't have any rumors at all because

Well mwc is coming up and all the rumors will just be done and over with but for now we have a we have a glut glut of rumors and starting off with the HTC One m9 which as we know will likely be announced the day before mwc rolls out and there's there's just been all kinds of leaks as we cry portal oh yeah and they've kind of been disappointing so you've seen some exciting leaks go out and now we've seen sound go up on side report and from up leaks that show an HTC One m9 that look pretty much like the m8 but with the two cameras replaced with one giant square camera does 20

Megapixels and on the front we have a format because ultrapixel camera which is fine but then in a video that was leaked out we see a fourth button on the bottom which is a power button which seems like a great idea yeah what do you guys think I think that HTC is going to have a bad time if they release that phone not because it's a bad phone I'm sure it's fine it's just everything that we've seen of this supposed m9 could have been done last year I mean I think the only physical difference other than the camera change that I've seen is that the front on the front that

Black bar is a little bit shorter uh I me frankly the the fact that you know bars there at all is upsetting people because that that's been something people have complained about for the last like two years ever since the first HTC One the m7 so I mean the fact that this looks almost exactly like the m8 is going to annoy people but at the same time like it's a 5-inch flagship phone with a good camera presumably and a software that is at least reasonably good census is pretty good as far as OEM skins go so I mean this is kind of in a lot of ways with people have been asking

For I just don't know if it's exciting enough for anyone to really you know run out and buy yeah the icon is exactly what I want DM 8 to be yeah yeah if they've done this last year it would have it would have blown the galaxy s5 out of the water any and that and the s5 didn't even sell that well I mean last year was HTC's chance to really like claw their way back to if not the top at least you know pretty pretty close to it I mean this year 8 samsung knows that they're in trouble and uh you know n HTC seems like they're just sort of doing the m8 over again I'm almost wondering

If they feel like they they have the opportunity to do that because they kind of missed the mark with the m8 i agree that I think that their approach seems to me at least from from what we're hearing about this device is that they're one development cycle behind the the biggest gripes about the m7 you know the the low quality phone or the low quality camera obviously was a huge one for me that was that was a great looking device for me except for making that sort of concession um so yeah I'd say they're they're they're one development cycle behind I always think it's bad

Juju when you've got the same form factor I mean design sensibilities and everything three devices in a row I don't know I just doesn't it doesn't feel as fresh to me even though the hardware is getting a revamp yeah and I'm sure because it's all metal again HT he will not include wireless charging which is just very annoying for me personally i I just I really miss not having Cheech Arjun like when I use the Moto X it doesn't have that built-in for whatever reason and it's just I just miss it and then I'm like well I guess we'll just leave the Nexus 6 because

That has it as it should I really like that the m9 supposed to going to have a much better camera but I still I feel like the m7 was kind of just perfect and they just got to design the design of the m7 was an awesome I liked I liked that it was more angular you could sort of tell I mean that was the first time HTC did that sort of that completely unibody metal thing he could tell that it was sort of it wasn't quite as as well manufactured maybe as other phones because they sort of a they had the more of the plastic joints in it to make sure they could sort of fit the phones

Together but I mean but the overall design of the m7 I that was a lot more modern and interesting yeah even now when like when I'm around just average people who don't follow these things all the time excessively they're still like taken back by how nice this phone looks so yeah well you hear that HTC make the MS if you're gonna do over phone do over the m7 well if you're doing over the m8 aren't you pretty much doing over the m-72 I mean I mean kind of but I mean we're talking about incremental and the design the design changed obviously was more rounded and whatnot but i think the

M8 was the ugly stepchild and i mean i don't think that like the m8 and i guess when I extent to the m9 are necessarily ugly but they're not I don't know if the design just never really did it for me personally so I'm a metal guy I like the aluminum in the metal so to me they still look better than most of the competition but yeah thinking of the the competition samsung of course with their flagship announcement coming a mirror like three hours after we expect to hear about the HTC One m9 officially so we had a fair share of leaks in that front as well right right yeah right

After Samsung posted a bunch of teaser videos like I thought they're going to be sly and get everybody excited for the phone what appears to be the galaxy s6 has just leaked all over the Internet we're swimming in galaxy s6 weeks now so there are like like five or six pictures of what is almost certainly the galaxy s6 there have been two separate leaks that show the same device so it looks I think a lot like a galaxy s4 actually with sort of a different like with the sort of rounded metal badges it looks actually kind of like an iPhone from from the side and the bottom and iphone

6 rather but um I mean it I guess I I believe that it's probably it feels like a more premium device that was always the problem with samsung is they used plastic and like even like they had like the chrome rims that were made of plastic it was just a very kind of I don't know it they fell you know mid-range but they were you know high spec expensive devices so this might you know feel like a more durable sort of phone and as metal instead of instead of plastic on on the edges but I don't know if the design is really different enough it doesn't look I guess as different as

People we're hoping it would and we can't tell from from the pictures but it might have a sealed battery which would upset a lot of people but the the second leak that we got also it appeared to show that same phone again the galaxy s6 next to what is probably the edge version of the s6 which we've heard is coming that has the the curved screen it sort of wraps around the edges of the phone completely unnecessarily but that I guess will be a thing as well so you can go and look at the pictures of these and get an idea of what this phone will look like yeah I don't know is anybody

Is anybody have has anybody even heard of anybody who's excited about having an edge variant of the galaxy low and I and they're gonna I me they're going to charge more for it and it the rumor is that it's already gonna be a pretty expensive phone so I I don't know I just I just don't know yeah I just say himself yes I can't understand it more expensive but if you're getting more expensive galaxy felony macias go for denote yeah I mean and this is it's going to have I guess it has the edge screen supposedly on both sides I don't know how you're gonna

Hold this thing without like constantly triggering the touchscreen that's a good point I mean that takes the that takes the the issue with what was that was that tablet you have the head no bezel the dell venue 8 7000 that takes that whole problem too like a whole other level when it's actually Bend Bend inward for you leave when the screen action or not much goes goes past the past the past the bezel as I know if you can see it's on like super low brightness but yeah I mean there's there's virtually zero bezel on that tablet and and this has like less than

Zero bezel like it actually extends past where the bezel is supposed to be I mean presumably Samsung's going to have some sort of like a touch accidental touch detection thing that'll little prevent that from happening but I don't know it just sounds awesome yeah it's it's not my health care I really hope it has like this built-in engine that helps to ignore things that I intended use them accidentally just don't intend to anything on the outer edge of your device yeah don't worry they'll they'll push five or six OTA updates over its lifetime that will be as you know

Intended to fix that but none of them will okay so actually here's what it is they're just going to assume that if you touch the rounded parts of the screen it was an accident because nobody would ever actually use that that's how it's gonna work mmm yeah oh yeah well touching your device is actually an accident that's why they add all the the wave gestures and everything else yes happy hands feature whatever happy yes the happy Hanrahan's the Napoleon Dynamite happy hands club feature um also one thing to note uh we didn't see every every aspect of this device but uh

It it was not clear if there was a sim slot there and if it's a sealed phone than that that might mean it doesn't have one which would also be pretty weird for samsung but supposedly there will be a hundred and twenty eight gigabyte version of it available Samsung is making the necessary flash storage to do that so I guess maybe they'll try to get people to just buy that instead of getting a twenty-dollar microSD card you can pay an extra two hundred bucks for remote storage kind of the Apple hey it works I know we'll see it would be

Really weird if Samsung sort of took both of those those features that people are used to having in their devices and said nope we're not doing that anymore slice batteries built-in and no SD slot sorry yeah so my my guess is that the rumors about the overly expensive s6 probably come from 128 gigabyte model they will probably have smaller models that are probably more normal and pricing but when when when anybody gets wind of a price that might be designated for like this super ultra high storage model that that gets out there and it's just it ruins the whole effect for

Everybody it's going to be insanely expensive all right so uh Samsung and HTC weren't the only ones to let some details fly this week also Sony had a little bit of a leak if you could call it that regarding the X arm sorry the Xperia z4 tablet that we expect to see really soon right we're done oh yes that this leak came out through the official Xperia lounge act app it was there shortly they took it down but the folks Xperia blog got a picture of that and it shows a tablet it looks similar to the z3 tablet compact all we know about is that's going to have a 2k display the

Latest ultra fast processor in leading battery performance and and we're going to find out more on March third so news like that's not even a leak though that because they gave away absolutely nothing it's a going to be a tablet if it doesn't give third and it's going to be better than the last one that's basically it I think the leak was the date thank you much Mobile World Congress surprise I I will predict right now that this tablet will cost at least five hundred dollars and it will initially not be available in the US because Sony are they're gonna

Have a door for your version that holds on itself all right probably not no I really desperately want them to bring the what was it the S tablet back they should bring um oh yeah that's right yeah that was that was bizarre Sony well that was there Sony's old Android tablets were so weird you were very weird it should just call it the origami tab and make it fold up into a swan or something that would be pretty cool or not or not all right so uh lenovo is obviously going to be making some announcements of Mobile World Congress because we have a we have a whole leak

Of their entire line of phones right right yes so lenovo is going to announce some phones that you probably will not have the opportunity to purchase in the US and one of them looks pretty much like a camera like if you look at the at this device from the back it looks like a point shoot camera but that's just because it's styled that way I mean it otherwise it's sort of a standard size phone it is of a giant camera on for anything I think that's maybe like the most interesting one just because you know to what it's it's confusing when you see it and they have a couple of

Other devices one of them actually looks the the p 1 and p 1 pro actually look kind of like the the one m7 so i asked that to what we were talking about before maybe you know maybe that'll be a pretty cool device to have but i mean these will probably all be a you know chinese first devices and they're running android 5.1 to be a version of them destined for for the u.s. probably not looking at the lineup it looks like they have one version for each of the major flagships like you mentioned one looks like HTC one when the end the x3 looks like the g3 oh yeah hasn't

It looks like and then like the s-1 looks like the Xperia z3 compact see something they always say I guess that there's some yeah I guess the the p1 also has kind of a an almost like a Oppo vibe with like the little the little box around the tiny camera sensor he said vibe not vibe the live has the bottom yes they all they all have very interesting vibes I agree with what Bertel was saying they're kind of saying yeah we get we get the drift we get the vibe of where the industry is going with all these flagships so throw out a model that appeases every sensibility and see

Which ones yeah why bother like designing your own thing from scratch when you just make something that looks a little bit different from the stuff that people already kind of like right it works for samsung wooburn urn actually they they take more cues from I think companies tendencies to do things like apples ability to just throw a external storage and removable batteries and and a lot of the things that Samsung does in general just kind of but anyway that all right so the last little bit of rumor to mop up here would be regarding motomaker according to Wired moto maker

Is going to be having a pretty interesting option coming very soon for fans of Android wear right / tell ya moto maker will give you the option to customize your moto 360 now before you get too excited it's really just swapping around color options that are already available so you have the same black silver and gold metal bands you're saying leather straps but you can sort of get a black chasing a silver strap or something and do that if your initial order as opposed to having to pay for the watch upfront and bide a dollar band separately so you know

A school supposed to come in March so the only the only reason that I can think of that i would consider doing that is if i wanted to get a leather band but i wanted either the gold or the black face because if i remember correctly the gold or the black guess housing I guess is that they do out for a separate option for customizing the face which I'm assuming is just it's probably just what is default and all you really have to do is long press on it to change it so that's kind of yeah I I think that all of the standard is up in July traces yeah yeah I don't I don't

Think anybody should do this though because the Moto 360 was only kind of I mean it was good when it came out but I don't really even think that it's the best wear device to get anymore and the 2nd gen watches should be out for too much longer I don't think you should get something that's still running the same hardware I think that the reason that this is the reason that this is cool at least in my opinion is what it means for the second generation because uh if if we all remember the Moto X originally was a moto maker exclusive for what was an 80 yeah um and then eventually they

Opened it up for everything and then when the Moto X 2014 edition came out it was available right out the gate and with multiple carriers and it was just kind of a much better roll out maybe what this means is that the second moto 360 is going to have moto makers for right off the gate and we'll be able to get it however we want it right right from the start and hopefully and hopefully it won't be running a four-year-old own app ship that would be great that would be good I also think it's a pre-emptive move I think I think this is actually going to be one of the

Biggest things when when Apple comes out with their watch is the ability to customize and and pick your offering is going to be very intimate I wouldn't be surprised to see kiosks and things pop up involves that would allow you to use the Moto maker and customize your device but yeah and I mean and the nice thing about an apple product is that you know there's going to be a ton of accessory support like there will be a lot of bands for that device and you know and that'll be cool I mean most of the Android wear devices have standard bands but still like mean if

You go looking at watch bands a lot of them are pretty cheap and not very good until you get to kind of an obscene amount of money right that's that's one thing that I kind of like about about apples take is that they make this custom clasp so that so that basically to buy into they're made for Apple watch program or whatever you've got a license their custom clasp technology or whatever that gets your things in there but i really i really think that if we look back just it watches in general you go back you know i'm old enough to go back to the 80's when swatches were a

Big deal and you could have five six different bands that you can customize your outfit or whatever it needs to be something more than a gadget on your wrist it's got to be part of fashion I think to really take off so if this is just a slight move in that direction I think it's exciting yeah I mean a lot of the Android wear OEMs are treating the band like it's just this afterthought like if you buy the three hundred dollar G watch our i know we I think we talked about this like over here a week or two ago the band that comes with that watch is a complete piece of junk it feels

It's it's just it feels like like plasticky and weird and it's just sort of very mediocre quality genuine leather and it's not the sort of thing you expect when you pay for a high-end piece of personal technology yes if you pay a lot for i love the stag of that mediocre yeah yeah i'll say this though like i don't know i don't know how well the camera picks this up this this is my ace uses and watch which i picked up a watchband a standard watch band off of amazon for seventeen dollars and you know what it's pretty lightweight not exactly the most high quality feeling

Thing i've ever had on my wrist but you know what i could probably replace it four times four like air and I just don't so that's kind of what I'm thinking is it's an afterthought at this point in time and if you just like this is a $17 watch band they probably that the look of this one to me is far superior than what you get with the watch band that comes on the G watch our back and they're probably I don't know I don't know what they're counting in that as towards the cost but it doesn't really what I'm getting at is it doesn't really cost a

Lot to get a watch band it looks nice yeah I mean they could I mean they could at least try just a little bit harder right all right let's move on to carry or 4 11 3 or 4 11 all right so just one little tidbit here from t-mobile their website has a pretty cool new feature for those of you like us who sit around obsessing over when your software update is rolling out through your device right for tell ya so t-mobile has a little progress tracker for people who are waiting for their lollipop uh updates to roll out it breaks the process down to three steps you have manufacturer

Development or you know when the manufacturer still working on getting android lollipop to work on their device you have tmobile testing when the entire stuff all the stuff is getting certified you can complete it which is when it's done and you're happy and so they only have like seven devices listed all the high-end ones you have your nexus you have your HTC once you have your Galaxy Notes and the next assists are all completed you know some are still at some of the HTC One and Galaxy devices aren t mobile testing somewhere in a rickshaw development and you know that's

Kind of it there's only three steps to it's pretty basic but it's pretty cool nonetheless it's a nice feature I'm not I'm not gonna ever say this again in my life it's not quite as good as what Domino's does it doesn't tell me when somebody in particular is testing the software update and it doesn't tell me when it's out for delivery you know what you know what though what I really list is testing she's certifying your Nexus 5 right now what what I really like about this though is the transparency a company that's willing to say hey the hold up for this device because

Obviously if the holdup is on their end if its carrier testing stuff this would be this is a feature i'm going to call right now that verizon is never going to have because that'd be the bottleneck and they're in their releases so Bravo to tmobile for doing this I think that actually says look we're committed to as soon as the other guys get their stuff together we're going to get our stuff together too and you're going to be able to see that by being able to track where in the process this is all right all right let's move on to Android and over excuse me let me hit that again

Alright so generally speaking pretty good news in the Android and arm section this week starting off with Google who has beaten an anti-competitive practice lawsuit over android so uh Ryan what the what was what was up for grabs are up at stake I guess in this particular case uh well a google was sued because supposedly forcing OEMs to set their de faire apps as the default and to sort of put them on the home screen where everybody can see them was somehow anti-competitive but the the case was dismissed by a federal judge because the the plaintiffs could not show that there

Was any consumer harm that it actually raised prices in any way this is similar to the the complaint that was just filed in russia by x y and x and we're you know we're in they claim that it's not fair that google search is the default on on android phones but of course android is open source you can you know you can fork it if you want you can change everything around it's just you know if you want google services you have to do certain things that Google wants you to do what the way the phone is presented to consumers so yes so this this antitrust complaint was thrown out

And I think that's probably just fine I would just I would just say for the record that I one point in time bought an Android device that had a default search option for Bing thanks for that uh it was not any cheaper for having Bing on it than it was yeah that was the M that was probably with the the fascinate I think was this correct I think that I think I had a couple like for like a year or so they were putting it on pretty much everything android they released but yeah luckily that last yeah so it but my point is it's not like if I be willing to bet that Microsoft

Subsidized that move by Verizon I I can almost guarantee it and it didn't make the phone any cheaper for me no cheaper so I think it's not like you're making point is that it's driving the cost up I know I don't buy yeah it's not like the fascinate was 50 bucks cheaper than all of the other galaxy s variants right exactly all right uh so uh speaking of Verizon the FCC made their ruling about net neutrality the new rules uh that come along with that and verizon had a little bit of an interesting blog post with their reaction Ryan what are you

Thoughts I i find this entire situation just hilarious because really we have verizon to thank for the the new network neutrality regulations because they're the ones that suit the FCC over the old net neutrality regulations a few years ago and they won and they were super happy and the FCC was like oh yeah and and now we have net neutrality at least for the time being so the FCC just voted today today as we were recording to reclassify ISPs under title 2 of the Communications Act and that allows them to impose regulations in the form of net neutrality so the FCC has publicized all

Of the the rules that they're going to implement and of course it's as part of the Communications Act so that's all public so we know exactly what they plan to do essentially ISPs will not be able to prioritize traffic based on these source or the destinations so there's not going to be fast or slow lanes I mean they'll still be able to do the data caps if they want if that's what they want to do it's not about controlling how the ISPs sort of you know create tiers of service it's about making sure if you have a connection to the internet that the ISP doesn't

Interfere with what you have access to so um verizon of course after right after this vote you could tell they have this ready to go they posted this just really ridiculous blog post calling this throwback Thursday because because oh no the the FCC implemented implemented regulations as part of the law from the 1930s but like if you look at the community Zack it's like it's not all text from 1934 I mean it's it's you know it'll a living piece of legislation that has been used for decades obviously it you know it's not you know all old-fashioned

Stuff it's not like all about phone lines soffer aizen's blog post of course was all in Morse code like it's just a bunch of dots and dashes on the screen and I guess they probably thought they were really clever and then you can click to download the PDF version of it and if you thought that was going to be normal no no they weren't done being being clever the PDF version has this like a like typewriter font that has the same text but I mean you know you can read it and it's it's basically just them complaining about a new regulations that are going to slow progress and so

On and so forth verizon is just complaining and they should stop they really should have gone the classier out and just use Comic Sans well they did go classy cuz they're their original response was actually delete delete delete which actually is fu in Morse code so watch your watch your watch your language there Bob I know we're gonna have that we're gonna have to beep your beeps so far nobody in the chat room has pointed out that that is not what you said in Morse code so apparently nobody's lewington well they haven't caught up yet actually if they are

Fluent in Morse code they will know exactly what I just felt yeah Luna my time to PDF was done I felt like Verizon was running for office oh yeah I mean it's like music in the background the entire time this is this is definitely going to be a political football for a while and there are you know plenty of people in Congress that are very friendly to Verizon and Comcast and such and they will probably introduce legislation at some point that will try to overturn I don't know if that's actually going to happen but I mean I will probably hear something about in

The presidential election to I don't know if it's going to be a huge issue hopefully people will just sort of get over this and realize it's not i mean it's it's not going to like fundamentally change the way the internet works it's going to prevent the internet from being being changed by the ISPs in a way that suits them instead of us move on to the Hot sheet we have some hot sheet machi that's some hot sheet that's some hot sheet this week's this week's Hot sheet is gonna be really really good news for people who like cheap phones because

Then we've got a lot of cheap phones talk about starting off with everybody's favorite value phone maker motorola who is a released the official announcement for the 2nd gen Moto e so Bertel what are the details there yes I actually find us possibly more exciting than the stuff we see going on with the flagship phones right now like this is for the price this is a good piece of hardware for a hundred fifty dollars you know you're getting an improved version of last year's phone you get a Snapdragon 410 processor that you get up 4.5 qhd display you have a you know a pretty

Nice 2020 400 battery and you get eight gigs of storage you know you have a phone that you can actually like pull out and not be embarrassed to hold it you know you got to latest version of Android you're going to get updates like I wish $150 bought this two years ago or three years ago you know and yeah and and li t yeah LTV 450 bucks yes yeah yeah that too I guess protected yeah I got test a big thing 124 the 3g only version yeah i mean you can't even get the new Moto G in most places with LTE yet so it's kind of cool that they launched this right out of the gate with

LT all right so LG also had some mid-range devices we don't I don't think we know the prices on these ones just yet but we have some specs that we could go on and these expect to be fairly in the affordable range right right yes so they they announced for phones the Magna spirit Leon and joy I don't know who names LG's phones but they're very interesting people so the the Magna is the the highest and when its 5-inch a 5-inch screen HD all these devices will have LTE they all have the rear facing buttons that LG does which is actually a pretty pretty comfortable

Hardware feature except for the the cheapest one which is the joy that one that's the you know the smallest as well it's a 4-inch wvga screen and it has buttons on the side and also for some reason it has a it has a row of capacitive navigation buttons on it instead of software and have buttons it's it's really weird and one of them i think is a menu button if you look at if you look at the at the the photo at the top of that post it does appear to be a menu buttons so I don't know who I I just I don't know who is going to buy this phone its i mean the the cheaper

Ones are almost certainly just going to be for developing markets i wouldn't be surprised if the more expensive wouldn't show up in North America is like an unlock device at some point but I mean this is LG's sort of chance to to break into the mid-range a little bit more and Samsung is kind of owned that for a while but they've been having issues lately and maybe if LG's able to price these well then they'll they'll get a little bit more traction Leon yeah the Leon they named a phone the Leon which apparently according to press release is Latin for lion which obviously you name

Your phones you know Latin words right in your Korean company right like mag the joy at Latin for all will go well of my vibe yeah they should yeah they should have a vibe joy or a joy vibe somebody should just make that phone they can get all the time the LG spirit embodies the spirit of LG's innovations there yeah I know that guy's yeah but that's not the Irish peak I don't want it all right so LG also announced any a little bit of an interesting device little device that's not even running Android but we're going to talk about it anyways

Because it's it's odd especially in light of the news regarding the LG urbane G watch that was announced last week there's a new variant already and it doesn't run it doesn't run on Android wear Ryan what's going on um I hope this is the last time we'll talk about this particular device because yeah as you said it does not run Android where they didn't say exactly what it runs but we can only assume webos because LG did show off that weird webos watch at CES and this is an Android wear so it's got to be that it looks pretty similar to the the the urbane that they unveiled

Before I think it has some extra buttons and the shape is a little bit different but yeah I mean it's going to be a Snapdragon 400 processor it has a gig of ram which is more than Android wear and it'll have a pretty big 700 million power battery because it has LTE built in for some reason I don't know why they would do this but you'll be able to get this watch and I guess I put a sim card in it and it'll make phone calls and just you know be a little data device on your wrist I don't know what I just I don't know what you're going to want to do really with with a watch that you

Need its own its own LT a connection show come with the phone it should come with its own screen that you can put in your pocket yeah if they just built like just like a 5-inch extra display that you could like pair with the watch then I think probably they could just put that up for pre-order and everybody would which is flock to that and obviously we're making fun of the what was like what is the company is that you do the home Neptune the other net there the Neptune Neptune yeah yeah that's a super bizarre but yeah the only slightly more bizarre than this watch which I'm

Sure will be very expensive all right so uh other news it's time for other news it's the news other than what we didn't talking about already it's really not though in in in this particular case we're about to talk about a smart watch that doesn't run Android wear immediately after talking about a different SmartWatch didn't run Android wear but this this time it's okay it's so for the same news just with a different sounder all right so pebble went to harden for their next smartphone or SmartWatch release obviously the dated pebble smartwatch was due for a

Refresh and it's it's here it's been announced and it has been fully kick started a record-breaking possibly write / tell ya I think it was a really smart move on pebbles part I mean it have a Kickstarter campaign they set the goal like ridiculously low at 500,000 they get a million in like half an hour and now they're already over 10 million with still 29 days to go like they've grabbed the headlines they made a good piece of pocket change I guess I should talk about to watch it so you know it's as a color display now that it has a revamped interface that they're calling the

Timeline which is what the pebble time does this name from is sort of organizes all your notifications and everything so that appears in chronological order and you know I think it's okay I i think the hardware refresh was very needed and looks better than the previous model and I mean I don't really have anything negative to say about it i I didn't fund it probably wouldn't pick one up but you know I think it's okay yeah I mean if you need a SmartWatch that runs for a week on a charge it's probably your best option but I mean it I don't think it it looks particularly good I mean it's not

Unattractive but it's got you know pretty big bezels like the the previous pebbles and you know this greed is is little it's it's a a more modest sort of SmartWatch maybe was it the well there was somebody that released it level is anything wrong look like sorry what we have to like yeah go ahead Bert oh yeah I feel like a pebble watches in general just look like great like high school watches and like the neck dis pedal is like a better one mMmmm but then you kind of just don't do that anymore once you get a job yeah it would be it would be weird to wear this

To like a formal occasion because it looks it looks kind of like an inexpensive thing that you pick up for 50 or 60 bucks and I mean yeah it would just be weird to like wear this to like a wedding or something yeah that's for sure it reminds me of the it reminds me of the qualcomm toq yeah you know I don't think they said specifically what that's a green tech they were using but it looks a lot like the mirasol thing that they they were using on talk uh and i think i wouldn't be surprised if they were you pay for i think is worth what we have a eat paper is just like a

General term for that sort of screen like II Inc is a specific screen tech uh and like the last one they said it was a paper it was a it was a memory LCD made by sharp so I mean it this might be some sort of Mirasol screen i don't i don't know would be we had a voice mail this week Matt we did the number you're trying to reach the nah you're trying to remember god ah enough already somebody answer the phone so we haven't played that in a while and if you didn't know that sounder was actually made for us by a listener to the show and a regular caller Piper the DJ who called this week

And had a question for us let's listen yeah are we listening it no cuz I didn't did you did you put that in the drop box this sounds like my voicemails do the drop box yes it's night its neighbors getting really appropriate to name something appropriate yes says it's downloading where is it oh listen playback error let me try that again this is why hey when people leave me voicemail yeah voicemail is terrible unless you're calling us to leave voicemail which you should do because we need things actually this is a bobb workflow thing um you didn't know I

Actually switched my actually this is Android related so so they might be interested to know that I used to run the sound card sound cart machine off of the low ipad mini I'm now running it off of the Nexus 9 so oh change my workflow a bit and I forgot you download the thing so that was all me okay so it's not the Nexus x fault it's not the Nexus 9 s fault it's actually Bob's fault so let's play it hello IP I'm growing more and more concerned with the inability for google updates to hang out stylist I say this because since I've switched on the google voice one hundred

Percent from usage of my nexus 6 the hangouts dialer has pourquoi poor call quality on the other end I can hear them just fine they have difficulty hearing me by default I reverted back to the original dialer that comes with the Nexus 6 however as of today there is still no update for the hangouts Tyler and poor call quality continues to be the bane of my existence wondering if you guys have any suggestions cerning this or if you have any thoughts concerning the update process with the hangouts Tyler I'm tied to the DJ goodnight the first thing I'm going to

Say is that the phrase poor call quality should be added to your drinking games that's what I think yes do you guys have any thoughts on the the dialer um I have only used the hangouts dialer a handful of times and I never noticed any particular issues with the call quality I mean hangouts in general is a a contemptible platform that has all sorts of problems and I think Google kind of hates it but it it has it has been adequate for me i mean i guess i'd i would say see if you have if there's any difference in the quality if you're on Wi-Fi versus mobile data and as far as

Updates that is as as completely unknowable to us as it is to you google just does what Google does i can say i could say having used the hangouts dialer myself as a primary mode of communication for a short period of time that uh yeah people had a hard time hearing me too it's it's it's definitely a real a real problem and I I don't know I I was kind of I was kind of confused from the voicemail Piper if you want to shoot us an email or whatever did you find that the sound quality was better when you went back to the stock Tyler because that would be being kind of an

Interesting development if it's the case even on the same whether it be wireless connection or whether it be your carrier connection if it's if it's the same connection and you just go from one to the other just the quality improve because that would seem that would seem definitely like there's something to fix within the app right yeah I mean if there's a big difference between a cell call and the VoIP call then there's something up with the app i guess if both of them are are acting the same the same weird way then i guess maybe the mic might be screwy on that particular

Device yep so yeah that's all we got oh we got thanks for giving us a call Piper we appreciate it yep so we have an international giveaway going on this week nothing no international everybody even well not interstellar beings everyone except the Swedes sweets oh yes is that true or so eventually has an American right yes so this this particular giveaway that's going on right now is sponsored by D brand skins and Nexus 6 is to be had and 18 skins from d brand now are those skins limited or can they be for any device deep device read the

Terms I guess well I guess Emmy if you're winning next six or you would maybe want the nexus 6 kids anyway I was it one is it one prize I don't know I was thinking it was i was thinking one person would win a own innate 18 different skin see uh I leave the contest up to camp and I guess when you by extension help us out but if you want to learn more about what's going on with that you can go to android police calm / contest and there's there's the details right there on the website you can get yourself under to win not once not twice but six times you get under six times so

You're six times as likely to win we don't know what you're winning but you can win even with all the skins are belong to us they admit they hit they what say your thing do the outro say Bob cue the outro indeed I will Matt we hope you enjoy the show as always send your feedback to podcast a drink please calm you can also call us at 5 30 hello p that's 530 435 5627 find us on twitter day android police google+ and facebook we did it yeah skeleton crew show and we're moving in the right direction with Burt with Burt Elzhi oh yes yeah the lag did continually get my leg worse and

Worse than last time or yeah uh yeah I mean it's more noticeable I think than it was last time although when you uh when you left and came back it was fine for a couple minutes yeah it was like worse the longer you were connected this may sound weird but you may want to check the I yeah check the Hertz on your audio card settings because sometimes that can cause an audio drift and I think hangouts does some of its own finagling to try to resync audio so it may be worth a try normally should be it 44 100 kilohertz er yeah this goes back to what I was saying about Google

Secretly hating hangouts because there's just all kinds of weird weird stuff that goes on are you using a Yeti all right or tell are using the yet because i think the Yeti is weird in that by default it runs it lassie at 6,000 or 48 it's something very strange so it could be a difference between the Yeti and the audio card being off but anyway that's well well maybe and then I will look around and see if we can find maybe some sort of solution for this but yeah so hopefully the next time you're on we'll have that sorted I guess we've got the random muting figured out at least now

Yeah cool ask that's all she wrote gentlemen's and and I was gonna say ladies but there are no ladies here there never are ladies in the chat room they're okay but I'm gonna take off as I will all right Judy outro next week yeah all right okay I'll show again this isn't the real outro this is the fake-out track we're just going to end the Hangout usually each week we just abruptly stops

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