Android Police Podcast Ep.149 Live (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on May 12, 2021

Yeah let me get that to him we should probably do a sound check for Bertel might as well do it were live so we're live yeah their life I miley is watching so I'm wearing these headphones I am audio and they just looked super douchetastic but they sound great it's douchetastic it's good they're so big and shiny I they like it's it's it's beyond absurd how chunky they are it's like I'm wearing Michael Bay's Villa Michael Bay movie on my head they're just so overtly ridiculous all right you look like a Cybermen from Doctor Who why just the headphones not you know toe box jim says sticky works now so I guess I'm

Gonna try that was that not working before see it was something yeah well it worked but it would wait like 15 minutes to refresh from the cached version of the site oh it wasn't really useful for the podcast I finally just emailed myself the wordpress password because these stupid password save doesn't work yeah I don't have the camera this week so that's how it's gonna be it's recording in process but come check check picture okay bertel could you please check your mic sir I am NOT hearing you at all I am sure you'd only he's muted we he's muted where he

Might be not your hand here yeah we heard him before he's not showing muted I can mute him and unmute him let's try that he hears that is microphones mated the actual Mike itself not the Hangout we don't you have a he has a Yeti right is it flashing or is it solid as its flashing on the front mm-hmm oh excuse me well just leave the hang out and come back that usually fixes it I mean maybe if I might fix it my god Oh hangouts now I forgot to read you the date it's the 19th hello hey you are making sounds now I was wondering why you guys were ignoring me is Haute I know you were

Just especially quiet oh yeah did you switch to your Yeti in the middle of the show or anything I I didn't change it all I got changed the earphones at one point I was at maybe that's what did it yeah Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie hear your phones have a microphone built into him I don't know if these ones don't yeah well there goes my theory all right well we're just chalk it up to hangouts being lame and this show doesn't like Ramos already I the road I mean the internet and now I lost my book welcome to android news podcast your weekly audio source for all things

Android is thursday februari 19th 2015 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm David erotic I'm Ryan Whitwam I'm Burks hail king my name is Bob severance welcome to the show sorry for the late start everybody it's definitely later than usual so let's get things started right right if you do that right away with Google baby minute alright so Google made the announcement this week that may or may not have involved a new version of Android but it definitely lacked the showmanship that we've seen for new versions of Android in the past so uh Ryan first of all it's the Android one

Program and I think we knew this was coming but it's finally official right yes so they rolled out Android one to the Philippines and strangely they removed all mention of android 5.1 from the the android one website which we we spotted a few days before this so officially these phones are just running lollipop of some sort but we know from the actual devices that it is 5.1 and these are the first android 5.1 devices out there there's not even an OTA for nexus devices and google has been sort of officially acknowledged that 5.1 is a thing and yet here it is so there are

Two phones available in the philippines or they will i guess they're they're not officially on sale everywhere yet i think maybe you can get them from a few resellers but they are the my phone you know and the cherry one they have pretty standard specs for an android one device they're four and a half inch fwvga screens mediatek processors gig of ram uh dual SIM slots seventeen hundred million million power battery and four or eight gigabytes of storage depending on the model that you get so you know they're low-end devices but there they cost like you know under under

Hundred bucks and they're running android 5.1 which is more than you can say for all of us that's true it's about point one more yeah it's a whole tenth of a version better I think this means that our Nexus is aren't nexuses anymore they've been they've been Dean exif I'd somehow how that works I think all right but there's a little bit more that might be going on with the Android one program rumors swirling around about some data usage spiffs for those who have Android one devices right doing yeah so uh Google's next initiative supposedly with Android one is going to be work with

Carriers to zero rate data for a group of applications and services so the idea is that you'll buy an Android one phone and any data use on that phone with participating carrier obviously that falls within a group of apps or services that Google has worked with and google says well the information says Google is going to work with developers of applications and brands and other stuff and you know work with those brands apps and yada yada and eventually there will be an umbrella of Google zero-rating safety whereby these apps and services uh will not incur data usage on the

Operators for participating so this could be a thing in in the West maybe someday but right now this is almost definitely just to make Android one more appealing in third world and whether or not this will actually be a big thing you know who knows it sounds like the thing and you know many parts of that part of the world Southeast Asia where Android one has launched so I think it's very reasonable to believe that Google's going to get involved was your rating certain types of data and there are some potential net neutrality issues there depending on your interpretation of what

Net neutrality is or is not and at the same time though you have to realize that people in these countries are paying a comparatively a lot for a much smaller amount of data that's also usually from much less reliable provider so they have to be picky and juicy about how they use that data team jewsy yeah my suspicion is as long as they keep the tools for getting certified this certified for this pretty much open to anybody who wants to use it they'll probably be okay on at least most of the current definitions of net neutrality does that sound about right yeah I don't

Think that a lot of these countries have any of them really have strong net neutrality rules to begin with and Southeast Asia I don't think that's you know I mean there's obviously some call for it everywhere in the world but I don't think that's big issue there I think somebody was saying that if they want to use in like Brazil which is obviously a big emerging market for phone makers that there are laws and Brazil against this and they could potentially run afoul of new us net Trouty regulations if money was changing hands but it sounds like Google wants to

Do this for free OOP alright so next in the world of Android we have an update to Android wear that's rolling out for some devices so David do we know what Android 501 is firm sorry 502 is including well all we really know at this point is that has some fixes for Google fit on especially in regards to Android wear so Google fit has had a lot of growing pains as does pretty much every nascent Google service in terms of how accurately it tracks your information and how well it syncs up for using two devices track it like a wear device and the phone so there's been a

Lot of complaints about that supposedly Android 502 is the big bug fix release uh excuse me bug-fix release for Google fit so if you do get android wear 502 it should improve the accuracy hopefully of your walking measurements I would have never thought that Google would ever have a problem with tracking your data yeah no that was pretty much what they did best all right so Google and Mattel have partnered up to bring back a little bit of an iconic take on the Google cardboard platform so Ryan what's going on with the new viewmaster uh well it's it's basically it's just basically a

Plastic google cardboard and then it will it'll have a custom view master app that will be able to to run on the phone that you dock in there and it will have I mean if you remember the original viewmaster it was just you know like a little like box you would look through and it had the spinning wheel of all different pictures so they're going to have the wheels but you're not going to plug them into the actual device you're just going to sort of set them on a table and look at them with the with with the the device and it'll pull up different information

Based on the wheel that you have and these are sort of like it's sort of kind of directed at kids with the wheels so that you can collect them and have different like like sets of VR experiences but um I mean I would totally buy one of these I have no I I'm perfectly happy to stick this thing on my face because it looks pretty neat so it'll be it'll be 30 bucks when it comes out this fall and then each one of the wheels I guess it's a set of three wheels is 15 bucks but that stuff that's totally optional that's just you know so kids has something to collect um but you

Can you can download you know whatever google cardboard apps you want in any any other sort of experiences in the viewmaster app that they're building specifically for this it looks pretty interesting I mean I've not actually used google cardboard but i have a samsung gear vr which is vaguely similar the 2d experiences could be kind of neat because everything out there right now is either a video or rendered 3d this looks a little could be interesting yeah I mean it's cool that they made it look they made it look sort of like the original view master but it's still sort

Of obviously a new thing it's gets a little the little orange slide thing on the side I'm not sure exactly what that's supposed to do in the context of this device but it's there yeah that's good question I want to say it's just eye candy but I'm pretty sure the whole thing is actually just eye candy just yeah I mean supposedly any phone will fit in it you'll be able to sort of adjust it such that you can just plug in whatever device which is is you know actually handy because the actual the google cardboard thing that google handed out was only sized for the Nexus

5 so am I the only one who I don't get the wheel thing at all I don't understand fifteen dollars just so somebody can collect something I just died I don't know I mean they I they say that kids like to collect things I don't is this true I don't I don't have any frame of reference I believe you know kids and human beings you know in general some of them do that but wait what is this like it's like an NFC thing like you put the ring or the right by the way the way they described it is that you would just set it on the table like in front of the

Ok master and it would sum it would like it is something in AR tag almost yeah something like that I mean I don't know how it's detecting like which one it is me yeah yeah cuz they have pictures on the front of them it looks like and then if you stare at it with the device hooked into the viewfinder I think in your in the app it probably recognizes the image and starts up that piece of content so in other words if it works like that you could very easily faked it and not have to buy any of the stuff yeah I mean the thing I think maybe the thing about those discs is that if you

Know if you have like a kid using this maybe they're not going to be familiar enough with the app to like maneuver around in it and like launch different pieces of content and download new you a are things you can just toss the disc in front of them and it's done which you know really seems like a good idea for a child just strap this to their face and throw some discs in front of them and whatever go do what you gotta do that all occupy them I don't know it just feels like it's trying to go like Skylander route for like no apparent reason that's just what it feels like

Hey so uh let's talk about other things oogle may or may not be working on so we've got we've got this thing that we're hearing about that's a community for food Oh food Oh graphs can we can we just not make that a word can that just not be a word Buddha graphs yeah doesn't need to be a word definitely doesn't need to be worked but anyway so apparently google is coming up with a official community for and it would appear as so yes or tell it sounds like you are silent again or doesn't sound like you're not silent darn cables and such maybe go into your settings and see

What your microphone is set to and then maybe he switch it back and forth yeah I've had that work sometimes hangouts just basically hates Chrome OS which is funny because it's google's thing rabbit that in that sense it makes perfect sense maybe just know four or five minutes advance before you're gonna say something and log out of the hang up hang out hey let's chrome on the mac to I just it's like there's this team somewhere in Google whose sole purpose it is to introduce bugs into into Google's things because they want to low end everybody no false sense of security

They don't want us to think that Google is capable of doing anything they're supposed to look they're supposed to look like they're kind of clueless about things sometimes that way we won't be afraid and now I'm back yes yeah fantastic I'd like three minutes a tough time probably yeah yeah we were just ignoring you again yeah so anyways um let's talk about photographs ya see ya Google works on a lot of interesting things this one struck me as might be more amusing ones there's a rumor going around that they're expanding Google+ of a section just for taking pictures of

Your food and talking about it and the rumor started on el Android libre and details you know are fuzzy but it seems to be a thing it seems to be real and yeah it looks like a Google+ stream you just post pictures and let you go plus 1 your food and I figure will be great for David to make the rest of us jealous yes even boasts more broken omelets that look strangely punishes I do like myself a good broken omelet we can't have an egg without breaking some omelets that's not it's not right it's vaguely I mean oh I'm guessing that Google just figured that Instagram and

Pinterest just weren't nearly good enough of this and Facebook and you know everything snapchat it's it is anybody but I started a service that's like literally just supposed to be for taking pictures of food I mean I'd be surprised if it didn't exist already I mean there's tons of food pictures on Yelp too I mean I don't think there's a well there probably is a soul one isn't there's a oh I just like on the tip of my tongue Tom Bochy maybe it is mochi is there like a food equivalent to untapped no no no if you check into your food we just check into this burrito before I

Eat it well what about one of Google's more recent interesting ideas Google helpouts apparently is going to be no more soon very soon so David what's the what's the thoughts behind why help out to getting shut down and that people are using it I mean for once google just said what it meant and that hey none of people used to help out and we're gonna go ahead and stop doing that now that's pretty much it that's that's the story it's very odd google has kept things that people didn't use running for a lot longer than that yeah subsequently get settied the people who hung on to them

Even more that's true better to better to kill it early I guess it's true sure but helpouts wasn't the only thing that got the proverbial axe announcement this week Google Talk also to some degree maybe a lesser extent on the cutting block to David Wright yeah google talk was also a target of Google's sack of prefer Beal axes so it's going to not there's not going to be a Windows client for google talk anymore as of next I guess that's Monday so this doesn't really matter that because i'm not sure who actually uses the desktop google talk client anymore

It's still going to work with I i I've and I think that also means the web version but I'm not sure anyways if you have a third party chat app that uses the google talk protocol they're going to keep that alive indefinitely so that's what you're worried about then there's nothing to worry about if you actually do use the official google talk client uh on the web or desktop environment though that that's not going to work anymore so with that like that just plugs into hangouts now right like you can just migrated to hangouts and use the same i'm pretty sure it's just I

Don't think hangouts actually does hangouts actually do full third-party support I think the only way to do third-party hangouts is through the old google talk plugin um yeah I guess but I mean as long as they keep the plug-in running then I don't I don't yeah I think they look different it just doesn't support obviously all the hangouts features well that's I'm sure they will probably just rename the plugin anyway guess this it really doesn't make sense to call it talk anymore if they're not calling anything talk anymore yeah and I also wonder if

It means talk for apps will die too but maybe it is just windows me the web client will still work I'm not really clear on this is there a mac client is that going away to it says google talk on windows uh will be discontinued is there still a web client for talk in addition to hangouts maybe they're just maybe a data maybe yeah maybe google talk for web is already gone yeah I'm not really a hundred percent on that I think at the end the day you will have to use a third-party app if you want to use google talk anymore now if you go to talk google com it redirects you to hang

Out yeah so I guess the web version has been gone for some time and that this is just killing the remaining desktop client yet guys remember huddled when Google+ came out at was there that was the chat thing oh yeah is huddled and that was Google+ messenger yeah they just kept huddled it was ridiculous and that was kind of fun it was as pretty out there makes me actually go really creepy nevermind we go there alright so let's talk about Edwards because they are you know they're actually not dying that's the thing that's actually definitely not

Dying anytime soon and google has made that official by launching an app a full app for Android for it right for tell ya and that's pretty much the whole story so you have an AdWords account and you want to manage it from your phone there's a full-out Fredette now and I guess the interesting part is they launched it in Canada first so there's something that's Canada only for a few minutes and then we posted the apk and yeah what's that all look very yeah I just want to know where the comments on that post full of Americans complaining about not getting something first cuz I

Think that's what we should have done because every time every time we both something that's only in the US we get like 30 comments from people in other countries it would just be nice to turn the tables for once well I still managed to screw that up because in the opening I wrote that the service wasn't available for everyone yet and the comments were news flash most services aren't available for everyone bad like you know come on yeah you should have you should have known better than to not apologize for Google's decisions all right good deal let's uh move on to the

Carrier for 1 1 3 or 4 11 all right so this was kind of interesting earnings call today from t-mobile where John Legere has made some interesting claims about the the size of their customer base as it relates to I don't know other customer other customer bases so uh Ryan this is this is a little bit interesting because the these claims from John here don't seem to match up with what we've heard in the past right okay so here's the deal um last year John Legere said that t-mobile would surpass sprint by the end of 2014 to become the third largest carrier in the US

And at the end of the year the numbers it looked like they hadn't actually quite gotten there they sprint and tmobile both had about 55 million subscribers sprint supposedly had a few more not not a lot I mean so they're pretty much neck-and-neck but at the earnings call today somebody asked when t-mobile was going to surpass perin I guess trying to bait him into making another Proclamation and he he sort of he said look uh I think we already did we already passed sprint and he explains that in Sprint's quarterly earnings they changed the way they count their

Subscribers so over the last few years Sprint's postpaid you know regular sale contract subscribers have been going down but they've been making up for that with gains in prepaid the mvno customers but sprint has decided that they're going to not take those prepaid customers off of the list until they've been inactive like no revenue for more than six months every other carrier removes those customers between 60 and 90 days so according to John Magaro sprint has 1.7 million people older than that should be taken off of their list if they went by the rules that everybody

Else uses so he's sort of insinuating that sprint is is sort of pumping up their subscriber numbers because they don't want the bad pull this publicity of suddenly being the smallest carrier major carrier in the US so that is what what John Legere said apparently they're they're the third biggest carrier now or at least not now if not now very very soon I mean it's technicality but it's pretty good technicality as long as his numbers right yeah I you know what I think is particularly telling is that uh sprint I don't think has said anything yet they've been asked to comment and I

Don't think they've had any any statement as it yet things take a while will happen on sprint network ooh they're all they're all forced to use their own network I think they are which is just cruel like I mean you should be able to have a backup AT&T phone for work if you work for sprint yeah that should I mean that should have prompted like that should prompt like better network performance it's like when when everybody at Facebook had to use the Android app or whatever was that was terrible just because they wanted to make it better by forcing their people

To complain about it yeah yeah anyways all right let's move on to Android at arms all right so this time around it is an antitrust lawsuit that well not lawsuit necessarily but investigation that Google is facing from Yandex who is a Russian search engine so uh David what's uh what's kind of the basis for the antitrust suit and do you think it stands a chance I have no idea because I know nothing about Russian law other than the vast amounts of corruption they're in so y and x is the number one not google search provider in russia and they're basically trying to pull a like

An EU you know internet explorer monopoly kind of thing here we're saying hey google ships android and google is the default search engine on android and we don't think that's fair because we're not as popular as google and people should have the choice to use us instead so basically that's our their argument and obviously whether or not that argument holds water depends greatly on the knee cities of russian antitrust law something i am not particularly well versed in so given us russian relations in the last couple of years though i think it's entirely possible this one

May come down against google surprise and we'll see what happens though uh they'll have a search ballot when you start the phone like hows about it might be one hundred thirty percent turnout yes yeah um my understanding though about about uh yandex is standing is that they actually have the majority of overall searches in Russia but their mobile penetration is very low because you know everybody uses android and the default search is obviously Google interesting so I mean I mean is it actually kind of makes it seem like they have a have a point I

Mean not really though because if you're not evolving your product to can people on mobile is that that's kind of on you a little bit there well no I agree but I said I think the iphone i was extremely popular in Russia to I think Samsung's number one but i think apple is still very popular there I mean you know the thing about android is like it's a it's a very different situation than what Google is dealing with in Europe even if you think that they should have done the browser ballot I mean Android is an open source platform if OMS in Russia really think that there would be of value to

Bundling y and X is search with with Android they could just fork it I mean there are already you know how an uncountable number of OEMs in China that do that because they can't get google services and those phones cell quite well I mean if they think that they offer a better value proposition I mean they already have they have a Maps service they have they have searched they have all these other things I mean just have people build phones around again Dex ROM which I'm sure that the Russian government would heartily embrace at this point in time yeah I'm

Sure they'd be all over them yeah so there would obviously be the the App Store aspect of it as well because they wouldn't have access to the Play Store then of course but yeah I know maybe they could just go the what was the what's the just straight piracy app store they can go that route yeah I mean you can I mean they could run like I mean do they have an app store I forget if if Y and X has their own like apps traitor you can install but yeah I'm not sure they're apparently simp at the end X suite of applications that is already available in Russia on Russian

Smartphones so on some of them at least and so I'm gonna guess maybe they do have an app store but no yeah I mean it just strikes me as very as just a very well I guess it should be kind of expected like they want to to get the advantage of having all the google apps without having their search market impacted so obviously this is what they're doing but it's just kind of a ridiculous thing to do indeed all right let's move on to the hot cheap all right so uh in in typical fashion LG is doing their best to catch up with Samsung at something and in this

Particular case it happens to be the number of smartwatches on the market LG has announced yet another one this one actually looks uh looks pretty good right for top so yeah this is actually what I would want the LG char to have been the first place this sort the same wattage st original like numbered bezels gone now we've a metal chasis and a leather strap and looks pretty nice and that's it that's all we have for now find out more in Mobile World Congress but yeah on the inside is saying watch seems kind of seems kinda odd to have the old melly all-metal body but still

Leather strap I don't know maybe just well the leather strap on the first G watch our is crappy yeah it's crappy one you know I'm sure it's gonna say genuine leather on the back and they're gonna be like look guys it's genuine leather I would prefer artificial leather honestly they can be a little more durable yes they could they should explore alternative materials because it's like they always is like every one of these companies pics like the crappiest leather yeah and the engine as far as leather yes Father I mean I don't the new design I guess looks a little better

Than they said they reduce the overall size of the bezel I guess but it looks about the same to me yeah it still looks like it's gonna be kind of chunky but I mean that I mean if that makes sense because it's the exact same internals they still need to accommodate the same parts I mean it's just the overall shape is a little bit more L it and I'm sure for that they will ask for an extra 100 or 200 dollars i guess i'm gonna i'm gonna say so what G watch our goes for 300 so I'm gonna say is going to be 400 that would so what I'm hearing is I think it looks nice and you

Guys think it's jump no I think it looks nice i just think it looks like something they're gonna charge a stupid in my dog they weren't bad at all either i think that watch face way over plays the resolution of the screen oh yeah definitely it doesn't look that phenomenal but yeah I you know I mean when Apple is going to release their watch and whether or not it's any good it's going to be an apple SmartWatch and it's gonna start at three hundred fifty dollars I think it's really hard to ask for more than that yeah but you know I think they probably won't go super huge

Production on these I think they'll probably be somewhat limited so I don't think I don't think they're planning on selling a bunch yeah presumably there's like new hardware on the way like completely new internals not just like a different shell on this yeah you gotta you gotta think so especially with the battery life I mean they've got to be a desperate for the same it's the same size battery too isn't it like that is for on that ten-pound yeah anybody who's got an Android wear device right now like there's no need to rush out and buy this it's not it's like it's not gonna

Be the first like gin to Android wear device it's still just sort of idea I'm wondering how many people will see drop out of Gen 2 of Android wear because what we have right now we have acer or excuse me asuste not a sir LG who's made already three watches now yeah they're not going anywhere they're very nice motorola and samsung and sony and it's I don't I mean I guess I think I kind of think that all those companies will still do it I don't think Samsung will stick around with it how yeah I guess maybe Samsung I mean your life seemed pretty half-assed start with yeah I mean

Are they I mean are they selling at what's the the gear s are they like Mia anyway I don't think they're moving any of them but they are spending money advertising them because I do see advertisements for that watch so like um what's their developer situation like with the ties and stuff is it yeah it's not in the commercials I mean I feel like at some point you even Samsung might need to admit that they just like don't have the same impact on the market that they would have had a year or two ago yeah market share is falling everywhere they I don't

Know if they have the power to just sort of force developers to start making stuff for their their SmartWatch black but given how many units Android wear moved in the six months has been on sale I think at this point it's safe to say that it's still kind of anybody's game to to make something that works there's definitely still a place for other people but like the just having all of that plugged into the existing Google Play ecosystem is going to be a huge advantage for where yeah I think so I mean it just depends on you know how much Google really puts into it you know

If they if they kind of slack on it then it's possible we could see you know alternative watches I mean pebbles going to have any watch this year so ever is going to be every is going to be looking out for that I think they said that didn't they that they were going to release a new regulator iteration this fact I had like a countdown or something on their website reasoning okay yeah and the peril is gonna be way different from the first one so we'll see what happens there that probably good because the first one it feels like SmartWatch circa you know two years ago well that's I

Think that's when the first one came out so that would make sense so yeah no that would make sense all right so uh sony has announced pre-orders for the smart I glass developer edition which is apparently a google glass competitor that apparently you can you can pre-order for hefty sum of money right right uh yeah okay let me let me paint you a word picture imagine if you will the largest pair of like narrow hipster eyeglasses you can like they're like they're easily like twenty or thirty percent wider than your head and then make them like which is really chunky

Like that's that's what the SmartEye class looks like it it is um if it's they just look like a giant pair of glasses and then there's a capable that comes off the side of it it goes to a battery and control module and then on this on this on the lenses if Jack's a monochrome display so it's kind of like it kind of like gives you a like Terminator vision but they want the equivalent of eight hundred and forty dollars for this it's a developer kit so you know that it's going to be expensive its new technology but like it has a wired control which is just kind of

Stupid like even for developer devices kind of ridiculous and the battery that they have in that little remote thing will keep it running for two and a half hours which is also kind of ridiculous like it's a developer device but come on two and a half hours of battery life like you're not gonna have time to develop anything on it so I don't know I mean it seems like a super weird product to make but Sony is you know gonna let developers start building stuff on it I mean it's a it'll pair with your phone they have a smart I glass app now and I know it's a thing I haven't looked at

Those before but now that i have that that's that's just terrible just no let's see and sunny doesn't need to do that that like the video is really just like the best thing you should watch the video because it's this this woman who's like walking around with these glasses and she just seems so super excited to be wearing them and I I just the actress must have just been thinking the whole time this is the most ridiculous-looking thing I've ever put on my face I thing is perfect at like two hours of battery life is plenty of time like enough time to you just gone public and scar

Yourself for life yeah I think that you know honestly a oculus rift is more more just because it is open about how ridiculous it is this is to be not ridiculous but it absolutely is ridiculous like if you saw someone wearing this you think what is wrong with that person not like oh that person has chosen to wear a very obvious piece of technology other face yes exactly it's nice though I don't know I thought they was gonna say oculus rift will look better in public which might I mean you can't well baby boy this Toby you have to you'd have to have somebody to lead

You around by the hand though because you can't see through the oculus rift like it's straight VR this is you know that's okay mented reality this is a plug for samsung gear vr since you use a phone you can use the camera as a viewfinder for the Samsung gear VR and let me tell you it's not as good as your eyes you know I am I met that probably there's just enough to delay to make you instantaneously motion sick it's actually the motion sickness is non-existent using the camera what gets you is the fact that humans are apparently because of our wide angle of

View we're a lot more farsighted than a camera so you just run in the constant like it's really hard to get used to too it's like oh that wall is like a good two and a half feet away nope just hit it so it's it's entertaining for sure I think not being able to see the way out if you are reacting to you this feature yes yes the smart smart eyeglass it'll have it'll have a feature that just like points out in the crowd people that grimace when they see you look there's another one a job smart cringe so does the does the display on that thing does it cover the

Entire lens um it seems like it covers at least most of it they didn't I mean obviously what they showed of it as a mock-up but it covered a pretty wide swath of the visual range I think it's like it's projecting onto onto a layered away or let's say it's like it's like three millimeters thick though so I mean I think Sony's probably done some like neat technology to like invent this but I just don't know that it's a thing that needs to be built in this particular way I feel like they're not it's not going to be legal to drive with these hide it well i mean i believe i would get the

Ticket from the fashion police I mean enough people would have to buy and use them for anybody to ever take notice of its not yeah not like like every state is going to pass laws against the SmartEye class yeah why'd you pull me over is my ridiculously large virtual reality glasses no it's actually because you were doing about 10 above the limit Oh class action or civil rights lawsuit denied yes my suit might my rights to wear ridiculous augmented reality eyewear alright well believe it or not thanks to Neptune that may not be the most

Ridiculous product we talked about on the show cuz Neptune has announced the Neptune duo which well David what is the Neptune duo well I mean so the way I put in the article imagine if somebody told you they had design for a really good bicycle but the bicycle had an engine and headlights and you know like a pedal and it went like 35 miles an hour and you would be like oh but that's a motorcycle and they're like but no it's not it's worse than a motorcycle in every way even though as most of things of motorcycle does and in some people I call that a moped but basically that's

What the Neptune duo is to a smartphone and the SmartWatch what if you came with the problem backwards and stupid and that is the critical design question I believe Neptune's Neptune's designers ass in this process and so what they did is they took their first idea which is a SmartWatch that has a sim card and runs apps and I believe they wanted to run google play at some point but i don't think it does and is the size of a nexus one strapped to your wrist and they said hey so what if we make that like circular and give it a slap slap band design and then just hear me out what if

We give people this the secondary screen it's bigger and you put it in your pocket it's about five inches and we're going to put a battery in it and it talks to the watch wait for it over Bluetooth and we'll call it a second screen and then at that point everybody in the meeting was there's actually nobody else in the meeting it was just one person asking themselves what telling themselves what a great idea this was and therefore there's nobody around to tell this person that they had just described a smartphone it's a one person with schizophrenia who has a lot

Of a lot of times I thought that's really of which all of which are great yes and so that's where Neptune 20 came from it is a SmartWatch that has a sim card in a 1,000 million power battery and you have a smart Dean second screen that is tethered to the watch but that doesn't have any advanced application processor doesn't have any wireless connectivity other than Bluetooth doesn't have app so its own and basically is just a way to display bigger content from the watch on the screen so you might say that this is really really dumb and that's actually

It's because it is there's there's no justification for this all so like this it is it going to like a mirror the display from the smaller the from the watch out of the onto the phone ish screen or like what I I'm just so confused about what you're gonna put on on the what did whatever they call it that they have like a stupid name for the phone part it's not supposed to run android wear that would be great yeah that'd be great so we affect I think it's just over Bluetooth or something and it's just going to it might be Wi-Fi direct maybe but I think Wi-Fi direct

Would drain a lot of power yeah so I'm not sure how they're gonna do this but I think the basic idea is it acts as a projected mode for the SmartWatch it's sort of like what Android auto is to a car but to a smartphone instead which doesn't really make no I don't even understand there are a lot of really really dumb things that are entirely possible and i think that with enough enough stupid people this could make it across well let me let me revise it's not it's it's impossible to do in a way that is not completely ridiculous oh yeah it's gonna be terrible and I mean I

Think this this to me reeks of vapor we're like there's just you know it is some reminds me of the Dragonfly future phone do you remember a future phone you remember that be a few months ago it was like that the dual screen windows android laptop thing and one of the screens detaches and is a phone and they want like like six hundred dollars or something for this and they're supposed to have it ready in two months or whatever that is complete insanity and this is almost as bad yeah I'm pretty sure that there's going to take like you know maybe a hundred people's five

Hundred dollar deposits and then they're gonna you know never that's never I don't think this is ship this is the last thing that they will do as a company I mean they made the pine and that's good for them and now this is it this is there this is the somebody somebody's cashing out yeah I think so this is their their peak of stupid ambition so I don't end early for there will be anything that watch crash and burn is just gonna die can I just say for the record though that the watch part actually kind of looks cool oh no it looks nice I mean

I'm sure to look absolutely nothing like that when it actually comes too much for sure yeah but it did design somebody did this is like this watch is like completely the thing that I think just about everybody thought Samsung was gonna make with their curved glass screens and yeah why mean I guess it kind of does look like a gear s in that sense yeah can you slap it on your wrist i don't know i'm gonna guess they have not gotten quite that far in the design process if I can't do that then I'm definitely not going to pitch in let alone how are we going to fit this

Curved battery in here a thousand million power battery and a wearable a thousand I live all you need to do is look at the early renders of the of the Neptune pine which look absolutely nothing like the thing that they shipped I mean it looks still kind of ridiculous but it looks like a thing that you could wear in public and people wouldn't immediately think you're a weirdo but then like the pine is it's like it's like a phone on your wrist like literally it's not even like anything like a smart watch it they had to diverge so much from what they thought

They were going to be able to design their they're obviously just very very over overconfident yeah I'm pretty sure any really cheap budget phone and some velcro would would do you better than a Neptune pine so yes all right well let's let's talk about updates real quick we've got some lollipop updates rolling out to a handful devices the LG g3 on sprint getting it the Galaxy Note edge is getting it in Australia and t-mobile's galaxy s5 getting the OTA this week so if you have any of those devices you should be checking it out move on do product reviews

Time for product reviews this week the LG G flex 2 review for practical lesson tell us about it Roy well I mean if you take a g3 and you put the lollipop update on it that's like ninety percent of what a G flex 2 is because this really a date sorry I had to do it so that that really is true though I mean it's it is a lot like a g3 except the screen is curved it's not a 2k display it's a 1080p display the 1080p p OLED display which is plastic OLED which is a flexible screen technology also used on the first G flex and the G watch our it has issues with like graininess if you

Look at my review I've got this picture there where you can see the waviness and I just put a big block of solid grey on the screen and it's like it's like a wet magazine or something it just looks really weird it's only an issue it's somewhat lower brightnesses but it seems like a pretty big trade-off just to make screen curved and not to mention lower brightness is the screen also this was kind of kind of card 40 like it's printed or something it's hard to describe I guess it has a Snapdragon 810 processor which seems to hurt it more than it helps it gets pretty warm it

Seems to throttle a lot it doesn't perform that well it's not as fast as a g3 on lollipop despite having a newer processor and a lower resolution display it's going to be more expensive than a g3 I don't think I don't love the shiny back material it's a fingerprint magnet and the dust magnet and the self-healing thing doesn't make any sense to me because if you just have a relatively matt is texture on the back of your phone you're not going to see scratches anyway so I this phone exists is a I would call it a luxury design phone it just exists for people who want it for

The sake of having it similar to the note edge but a little less it's not trying to deceive you into the curve being this huge utilitarian thing even though they say it's better for phone calls and it makes you less like eat the cracker tried you know scratch a screen which you know fair points I guess so if that has got you excited about owning one of these which I don't know why it wouldn't you can get one from sprint starting tomorrow the pre-orders are going to go live I could be available to March thirteenth for twelve dollars a month for 24 months or

504 dollars total so you could go that route if you you worked off you sold by that ringing endorsement it's time for other news you know the first part of the show where we had some news it's the other news now all right so uh Samsung has made a purchase this week that involves a company with mobile payment solution which seems like the going thing if there's a company with the mobile payment solution you know somebody should buy them yeah it's what what should happen but in this particular case company is lupe and I'm afraid that I don't understand how this

Works right how does this work so uh lupe uses this technology that they call magnetic secure transmission so you have to use some other piece of hardware right now like a phone case or a dongle to to transmit this signal but you basically just hold it up to the magnetic stripe reader on a payment kiosk you know you probably use them all the time to actually swipe cards but you just hold this device up to the reader and it can transmit the data uh to the reader and it's like you swipe the card even though you just held your phone work you know supposedly it works on

Like ninety percent of payment kiosks some of the like really old hardware it might not work but apparently it actually work um the only problem though is I mean you don't have to have extra hardware so Samsung bought this company previously they were just in talks to integrate the technology with their devices so it's not clear if they're going to build this in or if they're going to try to sell you accessories I don't know I mean I feel like for this to be of any real value to them they would have to like you know have have people using this and like make it a

Cool feature that was just part of the phone but you know it never put as Samsung to sell you accessories yeah i would say in America there's a really strong chance it's going to come in the form of some kind of case now there there's some rumors so that the X the s6 is going to be a sealed unibody kind of phone so we'll see what happens there if it's a sealed phone I still think they'll try to sell you a case for the loop a thing I think that the acquisition came too late to integrated into the phone and I don't know why they would announce it now it doesn't I don't

Know the timing this seems weird so I would bet on a case and I would bet on the US versions of the s6 like the s5 and LG phones won't have built-in wireless charging even though the rest of the world generally will and they you'll have to buy a case to enable that and I feel I think that would just be super rid like it was weird enough when Samsung was selling you replacement backs that would do charging but to just not even have it built in the phone at all make you attach a case I feel like would be kind of maybe even a little much for samsung i guess i don't know

Accessories are such a high margin market it's you know it's how they especially in you know disposable income markets like the US it's you know it's a big part of how they make their money I wouldn't put it past them I could see them integrating it but I also see them having a hard time marketing lupe in America over Apple pay just because I don't a lupe works with most things and you know the lack of you know pin chip in the u.s. it works with more things than most places in the world but I don't know I i think people will approach it more suspiciously Apple has

A lot of attention on Apple pay right now yeah people will look at you like you're an alien if you start like tapping your phone unlike okay exactly Apple pay has the cultural advantage of there's going to be a big apple pay thing there it says oh this is how you do Apple pay and nobody's going to look at you like oh you're trying to hack the credit card machine I I wonder how it's going to work out if it is built in I mean because if it is built in then that's cool because you really can use it almost anywhere that accepts credit

Cards yeah I mean I feel like that's the only way that this helps Samsung I mean supposedly they were they were talking to lupe for a while so they might have already worked on on building this thing in and then they decided what we might as well just buy this company so that nobody else does it yeah and so I wonder what Samsung's angle here is it might be that it doesn't come on the s6 but will be a case and then by time the note 5 comes around then it'll be built in or something but we'll see all right well uh finally Qualcomm has announced some new processors some 600 and 400 series

ARM chips that might be bringing some high-end higher-end performance to lower end devices right right yeah so 626 18 for 25 and for 15 these are all all mid-range or you know slightly lower and chips the the six hundreds the 620 and 618 both have the new cortex a 72 cores the 620 has four of those and then for a little a 53 cores and then the 618 is a hexa core chip so it has two of the fast ones four of these low ones and then the 425 for 15 are just they're octa-core a 50 threes and then all of them all of them except the cheapest low-end for 15 have a new a new version of Qualcomm's

Data modem it's they call it the x8 modem so you know more bands faster so on and so forth you can read the post if you want to get into all of the details because it's kind of boring it's chip stuff it's supersonic fantastic it's really it's really exciting to the five percent of people that although what is interesting and I won't linger on it too long is that they're already switching away from the a57 core to the a 72 yeah which the 810 uses in a 57 that's its high-performance court now although this is not going to these chips are going to show up in the second half of the year

Except for the 415 which will be sometime in the next couple months yeah it's interesting to see what they're doing there I don't think Paul combs having a good time with the aphid exam and it's strange I feel like they must be a little behind schedule on their next-gen cast off I think what happened is you know they just got comfortable their market position and they figured hey we can ride this out for longer than they could I think the the big rumbling was that as soon as Apple unveiled a seven and said Oh 64-bit all of a sudden all the manufacturers like oh my god we

Have to have 64-bit to it's a huge marketing thing and even though there's no reason to have a 64-bit chip right now really everybody is like okay we got to have 64-bit chips and so Qualcomm you know they've never ever used a arm reference design in one of their flagship chips is the first time so I think it definitely speaks to some level of panic at Qualcomm about trying to get a 64-bit chip out and I think this 8 10 and probably the they're probably like maybe an 8 12 or 815 they come after it will probably just be stopgaps until the 600 level or the 600 series core

Whatever that is I think there's room it's called Taipei maybe comes out which may not be till the very end of this year or possibly next year yeah it's going to be a strange year for for mobile chip stuff actually it might actually be interesting to more than five percent of people when when we see like if you know if Samsung really does use one of their chips in the galaxy s6 that would be you know a big departure if like even the u.s. variants did not snap dragons yeah and I think by the time that Qualcomm gets their new core design out it's going to be Intel will

Have their first full phone SOC ready early next year in 2016 so that'll be a big deal yeah we might look back on this as the era in which Qualcomm really just blew it yeah it'll be interesting because the big thing for Qualcomm is going to be if they can make the transition the 14 nanometer process as smoothly and it is high volume is Intel will be able to because that's how Intel is always one you know they man to stay a year head on the process and their chips are more efficient for it alright good deal well I think that's going to about wrap it up

No voicemails this week ooh whoa and no voicemails this week no contest this week but make sure you're checking out android police calm / contest to get entered into any of the various giveaways that might pop up there at any given time you gotta say it Matt Bob cutie outro only hope you enjoyed the show as always send your feedback to podcasting am very pleased com you can also call us hit 5 30 hello AP that's 5 30 45 5627 find us on twitter at android police google+ and facebook so i feel kind of bad because i know that you were trying to chime in a couple of times

Were towel and just wasn't really working out I don't know if I mic is still on now it works 1014 no hurts that's great it's great somebody send berto a windows computer I will take one windows please so yeah so like somebody needs to send a sin verte el a new windows computer and then send Bob a new mac and we'll be all set I don't want to make any more I have one like route I can dig it up just for my god that's the last time Peter last time to Mike worked fine so so was it like was it muting you like it was like shutting off your audio even when you just muted the mic uh like

A how do I know what was happening cuz like I can hear myself through my earphones due to Mike weird but so it's like am I in it sound like I'm talking yeah I'm just sitting here waiting for you guys to tell me you can't hear me so as your is your laptop plugged into a power source right now yeah okay well that leaves out USB sleep it sounds like a USB sleep problem to me but I wonder if your are using X yeah I wonder if maybe that's just a just a pixel bugs yes maybe the amount of troubleshooting you can do on chromebook versus a windows laptop it's

Like trying to repair a combustion engine with a hammer and a stick like there's there's nothing you can do it's like oh I guess it's I guess it's broken okay just let's just live with that I'm out all right at me maybe maybe Purtell just gonna ask you a back in time and just use that stupid full operating system to stupid full operating systems stupid who needs a full operating system yeah yep browser I'm fine with just a browser that's right okay well I'm gonna go since we got such a late start I have things to do so on and so forth people to do things to see yes okay I'll see

You guys later oh I stopped in a club alright alright Pizzo later the Bob people computer and will show broadcast yeah goodbye guys

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