Android Police Podcast Ep.148 Live (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on May 16, 2021

From New York it's Saturday night except we're not New York and it's not saturday not except for we're all in different places except for men Bob and it's actually thursday but it's not react if you just um if you just average out our locations should try to finally get a tinkle center right you know I've from Kansas City yeah that's close enough or do it's a number nine Kansas City is the unofficial future home of Android Police HQ because it has google fiber totsuzen and there the PM dsl company up here said like a year ago that they were gonna roll out gigabit fiber in in my city and I it hasn't happened yet and

I'm very upset yeah I think they probably lied yeah I don't know they said that it was gonna happen in the next year and it's almost been a year goddamnit that was their way of keeping you from jumping ship to buy that internet sure I don't even buy where you are I don't I don't know in any way nobody really does because I mean dsl sucks in general so the sad truth is everybody just uses comcast because it's faster are they still dsl when their fiber I mean no well I mean it'll be fiber uh to the local hub at least I guess since it's gigabit it probably has

To be fiber like to your door no yeah it has to be fiber to the curb if it's gonna be gigabit yeah so I mean less they've discovered some kind of magical mega dsl yeah I mean yeah I have heard in the terror I guess the N I've heard that they're upgrading lines because a lot of the neighborhoods in this city are like have super old phone lines and and like no fiber anywhere so who knows you need more fiber children need more fiber yes if only Google would give it to them come on Google's which chrome would stop telling me I can't chromecast at your house I know I can't chrome

It's just trying to shame somebody into buying you know chromecast of you have a chromecast on you know oh I thought you did I have a fire TV stick yeah I i have itunes podcast in the house which last week earned me $12 yeah meantime get I was so bummed out i divided savvy investor credit for my chromecast for some reason it just did not give me that it happened to some people I don't know why but yes I mean I basically the chromecast has paid it's paid for itself and then some yeah I it worked with both mine is 31 just but let's you know let's do this because hopefully we can we can

Finish in time to see be at least the fourth quarter at least the fourth quarter I'm shooting for about your shooting for what basket I'm shooting for I'm shooting to see the second half of the game I mean aside from the game I have playing beside the monitor but you know okay welcome to the android police podcast your weekly out of your source for all things android it is Thursday februari 12 2015 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm David Redick I'm Garrett Iversen i'm ryan whitwam the my name's Bob severance welcome to the show unfortunately we

Don't have any like lovey-dovey heart-shaped programming provided for you tonight oh you just wait that no oh well damn downstairs we just just late can we just call it a show can we just wrap it right it's a show it's a show anyways let's get started with some Google alright so the big event in all of your google calendars on a yearly basis is google i/o and now you finally have a day to tie that down to for the year 2015 as google has announced the official dates for i 0 and it seems like it's a little bit earlier than last year

Right right indeed it is a little bit earlier the days are may 28 and 29th and it will be in San Francisco as it always is but you know i think we probably could have figured out what day what day i 0 is going to be a weeks ago because it is always when Bertel is on vacation it's just that just that just seems to happen and so yeah we could have just asked him a few weeks ago like when he was going to go on vacation and then we would have known Alberto yeah so yeah so it's the same deal as last year where when registration is open which this year of March seventeenth at nine in the

Morning Pacific you can apply for a ticket and then there will be a drawing to dole them out so you don't have to you know hover over your keyboard and hit f5 until the page CEO is live and have you know 20 seconds to maybe get a ticket you'll just apply and some people get them and there will probably you know giveaways in other ways to get older them if you really want to so let me get this straight the tickets go on sale on st. Patrick's Day is that any patrick's day it is well then yes so i guess you're gonna have to postpone your drinking well it's nine in the morning

And I mean right here so it's but it's a natural lighting not in the morning is completely in play but they but they usually within 15 minutes rate so you don't you don't have to like take a breathalyzer to to apply for i/o tickets though so you could be completely hammered and not gonna count against you right well Bob actually they don't sell out that quick because it's lottery so you can keep signing up for a long time oh I'm thinking of WWDC yeah you're thinking of that other thing that we don't talk about yeah I believe if you don't get the ticket and drawing google

Actually send you a runner rise and honor st. Patrick's Day a live snake nice and I actually got that has st. Patrick and snakes idiots let me mess it's a catholicism joke well one of the things we may be hearing about this year at Google i/o will be some new payment system from google that we really we really don't know what it's going to be but apparently they're testing it out right about now so David what's uh what's google testing out with with payments and this is really have anything to do with that proposed soft card acquisition uh maybe uh it's called

Plays oh which apparently is some language for place it was some language that when Liam told me what language it was I'm like I'm gonna take you at your word that that's a language but that they're testing this new mobile payment system is basically a contextually aware mobile payment system so you buy something or you order something in a nap let's say the plays Oh app it's not going to be called plays Oh in reality like because that would be dumb it's just a just code name so you order something the plays Oh app and then you go to the store to get this thing and

Then you talk to the person who gives you things like hey that's my thing and the guys like Oh what are your initials and you give him your initials and then he hits a button on his phone and then the transaction completes and then you take your thing and you're happy and that's that's clearly the future paying for stuff I guess Google is actually just testing it they're just anything it papa john's and what was the other one there's another one Oh panera an Arab red so people are buying mediocre pizza and under price or overpriced sandwiches with play plays all right now Google

Employees I kind of like Papa John's does that make me a bad person ok I'll David David David thinks it does I mean David might just be like some sort of idealist pizza lover I don't know because he has very specific ideas about what a good i once read an article about Papa John and it made him sound like kind of an so yes I don't support their business I have heard this as well but you know yeah I typically try not to support businesses of meanness also so yeah that's plays oats maybe a thing eventually or maybe not it could just become nothing

Because it's just an experiment are we having an awkward silence now is that what's happening don't you see them spreadsheet uh no we should actually add some of those in wherever we're having some audio issues can you tell no way that's what I heard okay stand by I hope that sounds as cool to them as it does to us don't use check okay what's going on here step by I just like to say that I agree with moans and Papa John's is just a step above dominoes it's like it's a little better but I mean better enough to get it where does that better enough

To be good where does little caesars fall is that like weight is Caesars is sort of like the Mickey's big mouth of pizza you know it's times of malt liquor I see a few thing malt liquor of pizza it is okay interesting oh my dollars i mean you know you know I kind of like little caesars pretzel pizza I think what it was called I wrestled pizza yeah they do I mean maybe it's not nice to get really drunk and investigate this ok I think we're back sorry about that huh so we're worried gents I think we were ready to move on from the well but it's probably

Worth noting that we really did not get any audio from David on the whole mysterious new mobile payment system Craig well we got the beginning part listen ooh he's like a god I don't know where we cut off Bob you you I do not know where we cut off no um if you want to do it again we can just call the CEO or some other company an and just see see if we can get sued sure I don't even know what company you you called their CEO that would be Papa John's ah it's called and John and I was it miss anything let's just proceed MIT alright so YouTube has hit the rumor

Mill again apparently they're working on a new sort of radio service which radio service for a video platform is kind of an interesting interesting concept it's like radio killed the videos no no probably not David what are we what are we here in the is going on with the the new personalized radio from YouTube I'm pretty sure they just took auto-generated playlists and changed name to radio and remove the limit of the number of items to be placed in the playlist that's YouTube radio youtuber India which might actually might actually be a good move because I hate

The whole auto playlist thing so maybe just rebranding it might make me hate it slightly but exactly it's like an auto playlist suggests that YouTube knows what you want to see next which of course it doesn't like I could go from Beyonce to cat video in like you know it's it's it's it's a it's a fine line but from Beyonce to you know maybe another Beyonce video well if you call that Radio you know maybe YouTube's onto something in offending me a little less by not calling the playlist well you're the one who clicked on the Beyonce video

In the first place it's low why would you do that to yourself because so that she could be his halo halo halo it was at this moment that I wish I could remember what it was that Kanye said when he interrupted taylor swift but unfortunately I just he said no he said no did it imma let you finish but like Beyonce had the greatest video of all time all time that's what he said i can't believe that like as a society we still let that dumbass talk on TV and in public and where people willis I he is just oh my god is he I don't think we could do anything to prevent

Him from talking but we certainly don't have to listen well I meant uh yeah but I'm saying on TV and publicly like yes he is an he is a complete okay that should be other theme of today shows just point out people that we think are oh my god I love it yes like the anti valentine's didn't say we stick peppy and we see how long it takes for somebody to point out somebody who may or may not be hosting the show but look I put all these hearts over here off to the side on my camera so that makes up Lauren there they are so it's clearly the Valentine show I we

Can talk about people being if we want to i don't i don't think it's customary to talk about on a Valentine's Day know what kind of shows yeah I think sirs brockwell matron police after dark android yeah android police love proctologist sunday is Papa John of the music industry love proctologist this podcast is rated M yeah or mostly move on to the rumor roundup we should let's do it it's time for the rumor roundup I've always still have the droid in there nice drawing this out there is droid ah rison uses that anymore I like that

Droid sounder all right so I kicking things off with nvidia who has sent out invitations to a march third press event that apparently has been quite a long time in coming so i can do we have any idea what nvidia is set to announce nah nah not officially but i'm sure we can speculate and all we can speculate the hell out of it before before we do that let's talk about what they're not gonna um what's not gonna happen actually I don't want to talk about it's not gonna happen let's just speculate let's just speculate the out of it so I'm totally gonna be a TV box yeah exactly

I'm gonna say it it's like it's like cuz just a few weeks ago we're saying hey tank or x1 would be really cool an android TV box maybe they should do this they're gonna do that's what I'm hoping for that's all I think we got this email about this thing from this guy who says nvidia Russia you know leaked the fact that it could be like a larger nvidia tegra TV partnership kind of thing where if you use a tegra chip in your Smart TV which will have android TV yeah I would not is not a surprised i mean i think that the big deal with this is probably going to be a game stream built into

Whatever this is a game stream and that's gonna be thing griddle probably be the bigger drops people yeah i mean maybe but I mean I have like but I I play a lot of pc games so it would be cool for me not everybody does but the only awesome to have an easy way to get that on to my TV do you think it's just gonna be like the partnership with with with Smart TV manufacturers or do you think that there's also conveyed by like a shield chill box tonight a girl be a box I think they'll they'll announce hardware that's that's what I'm hoping anyway and I'm hoping it's available

Soon liya I hope that its affiliates available today oh yeah I wanted be available soon and I want an nvidia employee to come to my door and give me one immediately oh yeah I think the other thing is that with their whole focus on cars at CES it's easy to see them this year trying to make this narrative of embedded applications like that's what they want to do with Tegra x1 which makes me feel like they want to do that with Tiger x1 because it's probably not that efficient and anything that's not plugged in to say an alternator or a you know one 12-volt

Outlet so uh yeah I think TVs would make it TV partnerships would make a huge amount of sense for them yeah I mean they had that that like the dual chip version of x1 that they showed off for cars like I feel like they're definitely I mean I feel like they made it clear that Tegra x1 has the power to do stuff like that in an embedded application but they've also said that it'll be it'll have a similar power envelope to decay one which I mean you know obviously that was a pretty power-hungry chip but knows a large manila envelope it's good to me it could it could work in a in a tablet

You know reasonably well I mean apparently the 20 nanometer manufacturing process makes it even a little bit more efficient you know if it's optimized correctly yeah but as far as the GPU goes though I mean I would imagine well I don't know hard to say I guess so does nobody else think that they're going to introduce gamestream for the car ah boy that would be a really in bad ankle I think that yeah I mean cuz then you could like because then what if somebody stole a car that had gamestream built in and they played grand theft auto what if no you know

What if somebody stole your car and you were playing a grid game on on your car built-in dashboard and they took it and they started messing with your saved games now that would suck oh that's why they can't do it oh right it's not a safety thing it's just like they don't you know you don't to get your your cloud saves all messed up when somebody steals your car but here's here's the killer thing is the the the feature that makes it usable in the car is the fact that they don't actually show the game they just have somebody dictating the action to you

Okay you can just move Isaac remote boy it's voice-controlled games that are yeah that's like it's like a text RPG but with bad texas texas beach right perfect you guys hit it on the head with that one I can't play the next sort game alright so this white this announcements on the third in samsung and HTC or what both holding there's on the first so like or are those the third as well and i think that was the first so like that matter of you Justin gonna those couple of days there's good a couple of days and about what like 6,000 miles because Nvidia's in San Francisco and they're in

Spain well sure rich nvidia like you know it doesn't seem like a good idea to say hey you know let's do an event that might have implications for mobile in San Francisco when the industry's largest mobile event is happening in Spain it doesn't it doesn't compute for me that they did that oh there we go again hmm there were technical issues last week as well they weren't that it wasn't the same thing was it I don't know oh my god somebody links the Domino's Pizza review of that kid in the suit by the kid the suit it is if you never seen that it's in the chat right

Now and it's amazing but we're dating no dominos pan pizza we're going to do a podcast right now how dare somebody watch something else while the podcast is going on I agree it is an egregious insult and if one of our hosts were to do such a thing they might find themselves in hot water I know I mean why would somebody know who's supposed to be on the show actually watch basketball right now I mean or a Papa John's review it's a Domino's review Cameron damn it it's just it was college I've pizza did actually watching basketball while

Talking writing reviews would not review Papa John's Pizza it a good better Cooper said Papa John's pizza ah that's great I think we're good now I actually found a loose cable so I was getting some sort of grounding issue i think that was making my soundcard go haywire the sound card was grounded yo hey Larry I hope that's it otherwise we'll just suck again in a few minutes stay tuned yeah so anyways Bloomberg had some new reports about what might be announced at that Samsung announcement on the first of March so what do we want to expect to see there David uh so okay

It's something that you hate I'll give you a hint so so Bloomberg has a rumor that the galaxy s other can narrow it down i know it was like I was like they're gonna enough Papa John's it's like I spy in my little eye something visible so anyways samsung or blue excuse me Bloomberg says that the galaxy s6 is going to view in two versions one flat screen and one with two edge displays or as they say a three-sided screen even though I don't think it's fair to say it's a multi-sided screen if if one of the angles isn't equal to or lesser than 90 degrees I don't see how

That's you know well I mean unless they like connect and it's like a trapezoid or something otherwise I refused to acknowledge wait it's like it's like a trapezoid but you just can't see the bottom exactly i don't i think that uh i don't know i don't think that i would call it a three-sided display either i think that i would call it a stupid ass gimmick III think that's it to say that the CEO of Samsung is an oh my god I know well he has been in he was involved in some very sketchy actually uh the verge did a pretty good piece on CEO samsung I think

Like two years ago and all of the they'll whether that's called acai bowl the group of extremely wealthy Korean business people who are all you know they're all related they run these giant conglomerates of Industry anyways i think is very good guy either i don't know if i call him an I haven't done enough research or read enough inflammatory articles but he could be uh so anyways Bloomberg saying yeah there's going to be one that has to edge displays but Sam mobile is saying or was saying I should say because they said you know before Bloomberg said this the

Edge displays won't be is steep an angle as they are on the galaxy note edge which has a display edge that so so it's tough such a tight radius that it like mixing things more difficult so I didn't really understand what's going on there this will be a gentler curve supposedly and yeah we're gonna do by said two phones one flat one curve so one normal one stupid and that should be it should be what we're gonna see you them to be worth further fair that I automatically just think they're both going to be stupid well they're both going to be stupid in certain ways one is going to

Be holistically stupid though so I like I just hope Jeremy's back for just I'm like oh my god if Jeremy is made for this one the the feelings of the feelings of anger and hatred I have for samsung are gonna grow exponentially if Jeremy is back for this one he's gonna be like old now though so well then that means he's gonna be a legal age to get his ass beat a pretty good happen awkward preteen Jeremy Richie Rich damn it that's not of legal age to get his ass all right so last little bit of course we have a screenshot leaked out from verizon this week that showed some

Release dates for a couple of upcoming devices so the big headliner of course the Nexus 6 coming on februari 26th you know only several months after everybody else got it also on March fifth something called the Samsung Galaxy core prime and then on the twelfth a sapphire blue version of the droid turbo though your verizon customer you can look forward to well just the Nexus 6 year yes I do we even know what the core prime is that was the first time I'd ever heard of that device I the galaxy core has been released in the Southeast Asian countries i believe so and I think

The core prime does exist elsewhere but I'm not certain about that because I don't pay attention to Samsung's third world phones so okay do we know what sapphire millions oh wait no that's just a color it is we got it all right let's move on to carry or 4 11 3 or 4 11 all right so the new US laws regarding sim unlocking your phone in the US kicked in on the 11th so it's now time for our resident legal expert David here to explain to you what that means in terms that well actually you still won't be able to understand it but we'll say it anyways so the only big thing to know is

That if you're on one of the if you're on one the big four or US cellular or one of the big force prepaid subsidiaries these new rules have been adopted universally by those groups if you're not on one of those then I mean you're probably not buying a phone its brand to a carrier anyways so probably doesn't matter but if you are and four subsidiaries ad for t-mobile includes like metro pcs t-mobile prepaid and for AT&T then includes like cricket and AT&T gophone and all that stuff and sprint I think that includes version of boost as well the thing though is that these

Policies have already been in place for a few months so if you want to take advantage of them most carries would let you the most unlocking friendly carrier in america is verizon because of their lease on the 700 megahertz block c spectrum they're required to make their devices that use term interoperable so they sell their phones unlocked basically because its provision there are a few exceptions for Ison has kind of ignored the rules occasionally on certain phones are usually budget phones but if you know you've paid off your phone basically if

You're on any carrier in America and you've paid off your phone or you buy on subsidy and your contract is over as in the 24 months have elapsed or whatever your contract duration was then you can unlock your phone as long as your accounts in good standing so like I said Rises the best because most of their phones come unlocked and the worst one is AT&T because you have submit stupid form for them and or talk to support and support has no idea what they're doing t-mobile is decent because they ship a unlock app on most of their phones now their android phones so as soon as

You're eligible you just use that app and the one lock and sprint is probably the second best below verizon because they will automatically unlock your phone once becomes eligible if it was launched after februari 12 or 11th one of the two so yeah cool to be fair though and in and I know this probably I know that's probably this goes without saying for a lot of folks but I think one of the main reasons that verizon's probably been able to you know be so open with it is the fact that you know their their phones their 3g coverage is really only tied to verizon's network

Right i mean if you go somewhere else I mean what what signals are going to be able to get oh now you can get two risings phones all have generally hspa+ so you can get AT&T and t-mobile signal now you can't really take them sprint that's not going to work but yeah you can take an AT&T and t-mobile internationally the whether or not they'll get LT though unlikely on AT&T you'll get LT on a verizon phone you take the AT&T if not impossible for some phones t-mobile there is some band overlap there so you could get tmobile T on a verizon phone yeah horizon uses AWS

For their ex LTE thing so I think t-mobile should work pretty much everywhere almost their entire network is AWS correct yeah oh yeah we did nice yeah we might actually save time if we all just um like got on a plane every Thursday and flew like a central a central area and like all just got together and did the podcast a person and flew them if we uh we all made up in Kansas City yeah I mean this is sounding more and more plausible the long I've been having some I've been having some power issues at my home and I think maybe that's what's

Going on I'm not really sure sorry dude sounds like your house needs a new battery I hope you bought the I hope you bought a model with a user-replaceable past eras about to I was about to make it very similar sadly it just seems like you know every 10 minutes it's just gonna crap out and usually when David speaking so David if you could stop speaking the rest of the show that it's going to crap out every 10 minutes would you would you say that it's being a Shitler it's not being nice ah I'm so glad I got to break the Shitler out I'll put it back the way guys well I can't

Really likes that yeah and I just I I just can't believe I never heard it before or never even thought of it myself but when you said it was just that I mean that's it I'm done no light bulb went on cams like this is what I've been waiting all my life for my whole life I have been waiting to hear that word you guys are wasting Orton I'm guessing you have a lot of situation saved up you could use that in one mic holding leurs list I'm like yeah I mean serious well I'm I propose that we should move on to the hachi cut hot

Cheat all right so algae is making their little entrance into the VR headset market and they're doing it for a price significantly less than what Samsung is offering they're offering at in fact it appears to be free but only for for certain people right David uh yeah so if you buy an LG g3 at some point that's in the press release I haven't read you will get a plastic version of Google's cardboard VR but it's plastic so it's not really cardboard VR it's plastic VR which sounds very similar Samsung VR which is also a plastic they are and also it looks really similar to the

Samsung gear VR so I'm going to go ahead and say that LG is this this is kind of it borders on the lame level of copy cattery as cool as Google cardboard is LG is obviously doing this so that they can say me to take your VR if your are you let me get this straight are you suggesting that LG has copied something off of Samsung and not done it as well yes I am in fact potentially sedessa saying that cuz I I can't imagine that that would ever happen seems so unlikely sounds to me like that makes LG CEO an maybe possibly he's like well what next boss what did Samsung do do

That I imagine that's how LG meetings go what do you think it to me oh yeah all right so uh dull had a new tablet that got announced this week a little bit of an education folks focused one but it's the venue 10 and Ryan what do we know about it so it is going to be a 10-inch intel-powered slow eight there will be a Windows version and an android version they have not told us how much the Android version will be apparently the the venue 10 Pro the the windows variant will be 2 99 so it'll probably be reasonably well priced with Android and they're also be an

Optional keyboard dock and yeah I mean it's just I mean it looks like a pretty straightforward sort of tablet it's not like mega thin like the like the venue 8 is it will also have a Wacom digit or digitizer so you can do pen input on it arm rejection does it doesn't mention anything about that I don't know I don't think it does but maybe I rejected palm long ago am I the only one who just feels like everybody like just kind of forgot about palm rejection is it is it just something that nobody cares about anymore it is it's kind of a given now that like that's how I kind of need to

Be able to like it just felt a stylus into your ear product I feel like that just sort of as a thing that comes with it I think Matt you should embrace your palm maybe don't reject it dell is all about palm acceptance dell dell loves his palms also will never see this tablet like ever it's they just made it you know in the hopes is selling it to some of their education customers will probably never touch one do you want a better eye on this I don't okay well I mean that's checking because that's how we know when you're serious is when you you said you'll get yourself with a pie

And then you have to do it because you tend to lose not serious this time we may see it well I don't want anyone to kidnap any dell venue 10 using school children just so I by myself somebody just comes to your door look I found the tablet it looked there's this kid that sort of you know it belongs to he's in the car but could you just look at this tablet and then pie yourself sounds legit I think that's a good plan actually let's go with that I have I have a kid like I could just send him off to school and steal just we come home just just talk

His a talk his school into getting the venue 10 tablets I'm sure they give him away the kindergartners don't they I mean you know they do dressers iPads now so I mean I wouldn't be surprised all right well let's uh let's move on to Sony they have a new phone that got announced this week the xperia e for a little bit more of a budget-minded phone so cam is this anything that's going to hit our radar um I don't know maybe maybe it maybe it maybe might maybe maybe could maybe happen um yeah I don't know so basically the e for low-end super-dee-duper low ends got like a

Media tech quad core 1.83 gigahertz processor qhd little Q HD resolution not quad HD but quarter HD just so we're clear 960 x 540 I guess would be the clearest way to posit that I could possibly say it 1 gig of ram and 8 gigabytes of storage it's going to run KitKat I'll be really surprised I mean if we do see this released you know anywhere around here I'll be surprised if it's more than like probably $150 so yeah unlocked cheap cheap cheap say double OD it's basically their Moto e I guess yeah as it's probably more well I'd say it's probably more like a moto g

Moto e g one might even say it's more of a moto f yeah or the middle it's yeah exactly that's that's what I'm thinking it might be it's a it's a motorola moto it's it's like moto f good call the moto at that moat off alright so sony also had a one of a new variant of their smart raaz 3 go on so uh no that's not even that's not even it's not even right let's start over sony also has a new version of the SmartWatch 3 that's going on sale this week right right yes that that is correct the words he just said the SmartWatch 3 when it came out a few

Months ago it came with a silicone band and it's kind of you know ho-hum looking very very generic they are releasing the stainless steel version of it this week at first you'll only be able to buy the the whole the watch and the band together at some later date they will sell you just the the metal band surround you can plug your your previously purchased SmartWatch 3 into because it's actually it's just a little a little core that like pops out of the band and that's like the whole you know all of the guts of the watch and then there's also a a custom holder kit that

Is still a few weeks out that you'll be able to put the watch in two and then attach any 24 millimeter watch strap so that is the core come out of the does the core come out of this thing with steel one if you buy it in in the stainless steel man I believe so yeah I mean it should it's my understanding is that it's the exact same watch and it would be weird if they somehow like soldered it into the stainless steel band maybe they just used hot glue yeah that would be kind of that would uh you know that's the sort of thing that uh somebody would do if they were like the

CEO of the company and also an oh yeah right this hot glued my watch alright so we got some updates to talk about this week lollipop in fact HTC One on m8 had their lollipop updated it was originally supposed to start rolling out on the 13th but started on the sixth instead so if you got one of those should be checked for updates if you haven't already and also um februari 9th we started to see roll out from the folks over at t-mobile for their their version of the m8 and also 80's g3 is getting a seven hundred megabyte update to android 501 and finally the galaxy

Note 4 is starting to get lollipop in poland so if you are polish update this time for product reviews our first review this week the blu studio energy with cameron some person yeah some o the energy really the only thing we're talking about with the energy is the fact that it has a five thousand million power battery I'm every everything else about it is I mean it's it's straight up just budget mid-range e whatever it actually has the same processor as the Sony fun we just talked about this immediate x 60 582 I think it's a quad core quad core processor

Can't handle a whole lot of multitasking I mean if you've got like music playing and then maybe like navigation and then you try to do something else is pretty much going to grind to a halt so not really speedy this phone also only has one gig of ram it's it's actually expect really similarly to the sony phone the only difference is this one has a 720p display and an 8 megapixel camera which is actually all the media tech can handle so yeah i mean it lasts a really long time i think i got two days two days and nine hours or twelve hours anyway I got like run around two and a

Half days worth of use out of it and that's pretty heavy use I think I mean that's you know GPS a lot of music streaming tracking cycling stuff like that and yeah I mean it's 150 bucks so it's it's not for a power user it's probably not really for our target audience people who listen to the podcast or read the site aren't going to want it for themselves but it's good to know about for you know for somebody else like mom dad sister friend who doesn't need it for more than facebook and text messaging but once to make sure that it lasts half a decade without

Having to be charged yeah there you go there you go all right and Ryan you had a review post this week for the dell venue 8 7000 any thoughts on that voice muted I was muted now I'm not anymore though so yeah the the venue 8 is super super thin if you're watching live you can see that's a tabloid and it's it's it's crazy thin and that's really the only interesting thing about it I mean it is otherwise a pretty generic sort of Android tablet but because they they worked so hard to make it thin and just ignored the every other design consideration it is laid out awkwardly

So like on the front the speaker is down at the bottom and there's like there's zero bezel on top and that the camera is also at the bottom and if you want to hold this tablet it's sort of your head just sort of naturally wants to cover the camera which wouldn't normally be a huge deal except that the camera window is also where the ambient light sensor is so you can t can't hold it without triggering the light sensor and if the screen dims like all the time I mean it's reasonably light and it is cool using a tablet that's this then it's six millimeters thick which is apparently

The thinnest tablet in the world right now the screen is actually pretty nice tits 2560 by 1600 and OLED display the colors are pretty good although if you turn the brightness all the way down it gets really like red which is something that happens on on some of what displays so I mean it's just you know holding in landscape mode just because the asymmetrical bezels makes it kind of kind of awkward to use and the other thing that dell is pushing with this device is the the Intel a real sense camera setup where it has it has one regular camera down at the bottom and

Then it has 2 720p cameras that uses for for depth sensing so it's kind of like the HTC One m8 duo camera thing but I mean it is not really any better at any of the depth sensing stuff the posted like the post capture autofocus whatnot it's it still gets confused easily and the quality of the images that it takes are atrocious it's like you know it's a tablet so you don't expect awesome images but this is even worse tablets I don't even know why they would bother with all of this this Intel camera stuff if they were going to put kind of a crappy sensor and crappy

Optimization for the photos in it so that's all kind of a throwaway so basically you're left with like you know I really thin tablet it has kind of a neat design that you know is somewhat awkward but you know it's the thinnest tablet in the world and you can buy one for 400 bucks which is a little high it should maybe be you know fifty bucks less but um you know it's not a bad device do you like it or the nexus 9 better uh I like the Nexus 9 better because I like the four by three screen yeah I mean this has a nice screen but like there's not really anything about

It that I find particularly compelling in that respect it's a little bit faster than the nexus night I mean my Nexus night has not been as as laggy is yours so faster than the nexus 9 wow I didn't yeah well yeah well I mean I mean it's running an intel chip so I mean it's got it's got some power there's really there's no lag to speak up sometimes there's some some weird framerate stuff in the animations but I mean it's just it's you would think that it it should be more comfortable to use than it is it's just that the the layout of everything is just a little bit off it

Kind of reminds me to hold it up to the camera again real quick just the front facing it kind of reminds me of that the design of that sharp aquos crystal it is a sort of a similar i think is does the aquos does that have the camera stuff at the top or the bottom I don't think it has anything at the top so it's probably that's all at the bottom two yes I mean it is it's weird but like i can i can actually can I can see why they put it at the bottom because if you put it if it's the other way around like you would be covering the corners of the screen every time you held it because there's

Like no bezel to grab any place down there so like you kinda you have to if you're going to have the bezel super asymmetrical like this it has to be at the bottom so you can at least like you know not cover the screen with your hands when you're holding it but I mean it is just kind of a strange decision if they had been able to do this with like symmetrical bezels and like so you have like a little bit of until I hold on to it and you could use it in landscape mode without like hitting yourself that would be you know ideal but i'm sure they couldn't do that

And make it as thin as they did I mean it's really why this template exists I don't think we would be talking about it if it you know wasn't you know technically the thinnest tablet in the world they should just put one of those elastic straps on the back that you can slide your hand into yeah i think the bezel lyst thing like when they showed it on the laptop the new XPS I was like all right well you can make the laptop smaller and keep a bigger screen which hey good idea yeah that's fine you don't have to hold a laptop screen to use it exactly and so with the tablet you run

Into that and then there's just the fact that I don't think anyone cares that much you know it's it's one of those things bezel ousness is a huge internet circle jerk real world nobody cares yeah I mean I'm i would i would like probably i would like this device more of it add a little bit of bezel to like grab onto like yeah you can make like you can make a device sleek and have the screen still feel you know big without having it like right up against the edges of the device on three sides like this it's just sort of i don't mean it's interesting though i don't want to like I I applaud I

Applaud L for trying something different because at least it's a dell tablet that's not hopelessly boring well there you have it not hopelessly boring it's a ringing endorsement yeah that's yeah poor Adele alright let's move on to app updates alright so just a little bit of a story here from today calendar they push out an update that had a little bit of an interesting way of dealing with app pirates or I received general so David what are one of the folks at today calendar doing about piracy well they're doing something that is is walking that

That fine line between being an and not doing anything about piracy in a way that I think is pretty admirable so if you pirate today calendar the paid version is is there only a paid version I I also you don't know I don't use the app sorry but if you have a pirated version today calendar randomly ads events to your calendar that make reference to piratey things and then have graphics of like a plank or you know the saber like it will randomly put saber-rattling course in your calendar or whatever it's clever it's fun and it's moderately shamed shaming of people

Who power things it does look like there's a free version but they don't know don't regardless it's a good idea it is a good idea I like I proved I proved as well random calendar events are always fun yes all right email not voicemail this week email we did have an email what we did it the subject from jeff brooks here's a joke for you lollipop is it just me or does anyone else feel like their dog fooding lollipop for google I've been using the nexus 6 since day one and the OS is only getting worse is anyone else having endless issues most

Of mine revolve around the dialer and the Foley constantly shutting down I could only do so many clean and wipes a month hopefully he's talking about his phone and not his ass suggestions workarounds hello 5.1 no I hate it too I hate kick I'm sorry not kick at lollipop I hate lollipop I think it sucks and that's why I'm using kick-out again and I you know I was a real son of a I you know that's like like I said a couple of weeks ago i'm actually still using this this blue vibo air and i still like it but i kinda i'm kind of thinking about going back to the nexus 5

But if I do I'm gonna flash for not for not for on it first because I just until they fix the memory issues and lollipop I just can't use it yeah i have not had lollipop issues on the Nexus 6 because I mean has enough ram that the memory thing doesn't really seem to affect me negatively um i have also I've not really had any dialer issues or restart problems so I don't know there might should be something wonky with that particular device um but yeah I don't I don't hate lollipop as much as cam cam curses lollipops name at every opportunity but no I mean I still use

Mostly lollipop devices but um you know if a device noise me too much i could just which two different when i don't i don't have to like cope with something that I hate forever yeah well I was getting pretty tired of my nexus 6 rebooting on the daily my my nexus 6 had IBS irritable mood syndrome hey mostly that 18th jingle as I say you bought it from AT&T that's what that was your brother yeah and I mine mine we booted daily would I used it no I think I think there's a strong case to be made that it doesn't just affect AT&T but that the regular

Next Nexus 6 without the AT&T bootloader animation doesn't make a sound when it restarts it's silent and so maybe restarting in your pocket so I've only it only ever restarts when the screen is off never when it's on so the possible people's phones are restarting and they're just not noticing yeah I mean I guess I might I might miss I might've missed some restarts but my phone usually sits like face up on my desk during the day and I have not I've not noticed any like you know reboots while it's been sitting there well fine yeah you're smokin X successes correct you

Know it's mine is terrible and awful but it's like I think that artem select starting to rub off on you because it's terribly all the things that you you buy are not working right yeah my G watch our has been like freaking out on me lately I've been having weird random times where we're just disconnects and won't reconnect or the weird buck I've had twice and I can't like replicate it reliably the watch will show that it's the microphone isn't working ladies across the microphone icon and ambient mode then the Sables itself like it's in some kind of ultra power saving mode oh

There's no way to fix it other than wiping the device that's very odd it is it's extremely aggravating I've never hated a watch so much this is what this is what SmartWatch they've done they've taken generally likable things are generally ambolyn things like swatches in May than something you can be angry at well you already I mean you hate everything are you saying that you didn't hate watches before because I didn't like you I I hated some watches it's actually it's mostly fact the people more some watches that's what I ate it but come to think about I'll

Probably hate some people for wearing some smart watches too so it's it's but I feel like the circle of hate is growing in the end of my personal experience with a watch how can i watch have bad user experience all right I think that's going to just about do it we do have a giveaway going on on the website right now from android police calm and dead zebra it's a several different chances to win some of the fifth series of the android figurines it's a box of 16 which includes the entire set there's several blind boxes to give away also a signed

Copy of the police officer the skate cop figurine so make sure you get yourself entered in to win and android police calm / contests we hope you enjoyed the show as always send your feedback to podcast and replace calm you can also call us at five p 0 hello a B that's 530 435 5627 find us on Twitter Danbury Police google+ and facebook um can we can we call this episode the circle of hate sure I think I feel like that really sort of sums it up all right totally because we can't I got cuz I don't think we can probably get in the title I think that's probably

Pushing it a little a little much but you know we could also call up the trapezoid a fade oh my god that's fantastic if there are three sides I was thinking I was thinking anti valentines day like the anti being hater the anti valentine's day three sided trapezoid of hate I like that write it down and tended to me in an email so I remember it's I wonder how long I can get an episode title to be I'll just keep typing damn the metadata damn it alright so so we had like a good 30 minutes or so there with with Wade didn't die so that was nice that's pretty good yeah I

Gotta have a Power Core i have a UPS I don't have a power conditioner but I might have to put my audio interface in the UPS uh I'll play with it sorry folks for the random slow periods better value period we worked out eventually yes all right I'm gonna all right folks we shall see you next week hope you enjoyed the show be safe adios have a good i'm gonna go watch basketball island i'm going to go and not much basketball so watch all the basketballs i'm going to continue just continue watching basketball oh why we're having all the problems cuz i'm

Actually that's gonna continue to watch basketball also i also want to mention 6554 i just wanted to bring that up yeah well things change things do change I do because now it's 6857 so you're right correct you are if they do change okay night wow you just made me realize how far behind sling TV is to the actual life yeah i'm watching i don't know how i'm watching it because it's not available for streaming a late pass it let me go to something called tnt overdrive or something I have no idea but I've been watching the back board games the whole time so I mean I haven't

Actually been watching I've just been glancing over at it occasionally because only an would watch a basketball game while doing a podcast right I work never i was watching the podcast while we were doing the fat guests i was watching a podcast for all we were doing basketball what oh that's impressive you have like Google glass Derrick Rose that's what that was all right man Caggiula out hey Co I'm still broadcasting I should just stop but now

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