Android Police Podcast Ep.146 Live (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on May 16, 2021

Um I like to read it but that's fine and the other one I can get rid of it but I can get rid of the nexus player story that's kind of an odd video um yeah I'm just gonna tell people not to buy it wait I took that one what are you talking about oh and maybe I just need to refresh you probably should mydas only toward original person isn't showing me the ladies when you said that there were only two pink topics and I was like wait a minute what what's what okay yeah that makes more sense there's only one now stupid google docs well I have an unsupported version of Chrome so that could be the problem okay so then

Are we are we all set I think so all right then wait what is the pay the spreadsheet order is correct that's the order of the Dragon I believe so I'm deleting the sprint story yeah that sounds good nobody cares one spring night have been sprint cares about sprint um yeah there's there's another topic that's unclaimed it's just the formatting didn't work so it's not pink oh weird oh the outlook thing on advocare well I was thinking we'd talk about that all together you can't just lump it in the the other the one below it oh yeah she's little dogs but your

Name on it and I'll just uh yeah well I'll just the whole whole sandwich take that in Microsoft mm I like sandwiches sure do like them okay yeah so let's uh let's do this thing really what's does it man what does it does it yeah yeah let's let's does the damn thing oh yeah i'm going to press button hold on a second before ed not all right I guess you weren't part of the Cocteau plan greed deception is a power that's no plan that's why everybody's down here you got that right see porn the Cocteau's plan I'm the animal as I like

To think I like to read and it's a fleet of a speech the freedom of choice I'm the kind of guy which I said the greasy spoon and wanted cheap thank the people who stake for the jumbo rack of BBQ ribs with a side order gravy fries I want my cholesterol I would he fake it and butter in buckets of cheese okay I want to stop Cuban cigar the size of Cincinnati in the non-smoking section i want to run for the streets naked with green jello all over my body reading playboy magazine why I think if I suddenly might feel the need to okay pal I've seen this dude you know what it is

It's a 47 year old virgin sitting around into space for Thomas freaking a banana broccoli sexing and I'm an oscar meyer week you live up top cooler Cocteau's way what he wants when he wants how do you want your other choice come down here maybe star for that welcome to the android police podcast or weekly audio source for all things android it is Thursday January 29th 2015 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm Cameron so listen I'm Lena spradlin i'm ryan whitwam and my name is Bob Severns I will be pressing the buttons ass evening welcome to the show pressing the buttons

And welcome back Cameron it's been a been a while since we've had you good to have you back I'm glad to be back I have it it's been like five weeks or six or something it's too many too many weeks my way too many wait all right well let's get these off with a little bit of code google all right so we're gonna start off with some big news although it's a little bit unsubstantiated just the rumors at this point regarding Google being a carrier soon of course this is something that's been rumored for a long time so Ryan why do we why do we think the story might be a little bit

Different this time well the information published this long post as they are want to do claiming that Google is in the process of setting up an MVNO carrier which will run on sprint and t-mobile and this seems plausible to us mainly because we were also told this a number of months ago but we didn't have enough information to to post it so but now that this has happened you know we think it's pretty confident that we're pretty confident that either this is happening or is what's going to happen recently so the idea is that you'd be able to just get a google sim card

Whatever they decide to call this this carrier eventually uh maybe it'll be Nova that would be kind of a fun name but whatever they call it you'll get you know that SIM card you'll put it your phone and you'll still be using the Sprinter or the t-mobile network but Google will have some sort of deal set up where you pay them for this service and then we're also hearing that it might actually be able to switch between sprint and t-mobile and possibly also Wi-Fi automatically depending on what kind of signal you get which would probably be a pretty good hook for this

Service because they're already you know a dozen different MBA knows that do pretty much the same thing that just you know offer better deals than you get from from you know the regular carrier so I don't know maybe we'll hear something about this at AO or maybe you know maybe it's it's not ever going to happen who knows but yeah if people have been talking about Google being a carrier for a long time so you know maybe it'll finally happen so the I guess the question I have is because I've never really dealt with mba knows do they get the full access to those

Carriers like they get the full LTE download speeds or is it more limited kind of like the prepaid offerings are it depends usually on on what the deal they have is I mean I they can they're they're basically buying access to the network wholesale and then reselling it so it just it depends i mean like if you do so to some some mva knows you only you know you'll get LTE but you'll get like you know it'll be capped at like 10 megabits or something i have to assume that if google did this they would want people to not be complaining about the speed so hopefully they would they would

Be able to get the the full speed of the networks all right good deal so uh the other the other speed-related google entity we talked about a lot on the shows google fiber and it's uh now making its way to a couple of new cities so ryan who should we be jealous of now we should all hate everybody in Atlanta Charlotte Nashville and Raleigh Durham and the surrounding communities because they are getting google fiber and that is not fair because i don't have google fiber so that's happening in the next couple of months still start rolling it out there planning the network right now

So 18 total cities in those in those metro areas will have fiber so that's 70 bucks a month for one gigabit up and down i am very sad about this i have i have a five megabits upload on comcast five megabits fine as anybody has anybody talked to eric about this I'm just uh I don't think so I mean I I feel like I mean I know he's somewhere in Atlanta I don't know if he's like in an area that's like close enough to get this I mean it seems like Atlanta has Atlanta has a lot of little dots around it on the map google provides oh yes Atlanta has suburbs for miles and miles

And miles so I know it's really we're not even really suburbs that's not the right word but you get that you get the impression yeah yeah yeah it's yeah it's a city that just has very large border so who knows maybe he's like for enough out there that he he thinks he'd probably not gonna get it i feel like if he was confident he would have been screaming about it but Randy knows if he gets Google Fiber all hate him forever as if we don't already yeah that's why we made him leave exactly why except for that one person in the chat room well no they're not there everybody hasten okay

Moving on to another kind of interesting venture into the world of Google providing internet access google has invested in space X so uh I'm guessing I'm guessing that they've got a pretty good idea of how they want to use this this access to outer space right right yeah so SpaceX is the private space firm it's run by Elon Musk who also does Tesla and SpaceX has this sort of you know general plan for a way to deploy small satellites that would be able to provide access to the web all over you know large large open areas like rural areas that have really poor wired

Internet service and these these hypothetical satellites would be in a very low orbit so they would be they would have a bunch of lower latency than satellite internet as it exists now I mean if you have a satellite internet connection because you live in the middle of nowhere you probably have several seconds of latency whereas a wired connection is you know of you know fifty or hundred milliseconds so Zawya google gave SpaceX to money and they're going to maybe do some stuff but you know that's still off in the future right now SpaceX is still concentrating

On building gigantic rockets and sending supplies to the space station right there they're off doing those things that they get paid to do I contractors so yeah I think that makes sense all right moving on to one more one more Google rumor regarding a potential buyout this one a little bit more on the ironic side of course because they're they're looking at purchasing the primary stop block from Google Wallet adoption which is soft card so Liam what does this mean for soft card that they they be selling off to the company that they were

Successfully keeping out of the marketplace for a while there Liam's muted Liam's muted it wouldn't be an AP podcast without Liam being muted at some point or maybe aliens mic is broken oh maybe liam is broken yes Liam is broken nope every time I speak bet you have to move your mouth cuz no one could see me oh he's not puted so something has gone wrong and hang out some ways something is God law wrong something is it when you're zombies well maybe Liam should disconnect and reconnect and see if his mic starts working yay do that and he's gone and that was last time we ever saw

Liam and we never saw the quaff haired boy again we can just chalk this up to hangouts although although Liam does use a Mac so maybe his computer's broken burn ern ern to Mac people maybe his mute button doesn't work on his keyboard unless you hit the insert key which has been renamed FN for some reason still no Liam sound hmm maybe it maybe a maybe unplug that that blue microphone and try to go with the built-in one maybe just run your mouth and we will try to better get a chalkboard and you can just exit light this is my bed Mike does it sound

Terrible uh uh it sounds okay it's not bad it's yeah it's we can hear we can hear things coming out of your mouth this time so better than before okay alright so soft card guys all right a self card used to be Isis they're not doing well so they would main reason that Google Wallet I was not able to be used on a bunch of carriers phones because I couldn't access this cure element they overcame that in KitKat but it was too late but South cards not doing well it's doing worse than wallet so rumor is that Google is going to buy it for somewhere south of 100 million

Dollars so PA with a question mark I don't know I'm glad this article was on the site because I had never seen the ISIS commercials before and now I have new nightmare material so if I didn't sort of that we posted just the commercials by themselves when they came out because they were so upsetting yeah I think I skipped it I must have skipped over that one yeah yeah I think that just really illustrates how poorly conceived this entire endeavor has been that they thought hey let's create this incredibly creepy talking payment terminal that'll be great with flashing

I i press outside the flashing the flashing eye lashes was the nice touch right really really class alright so let's talk a little bit about web view security because that sounds exciting starting off with with the reports that came out over the last several weeks regarding a pretty significant security flaw at least as it was stated with web view and of course if you're not familiar webview is the little viewer utility that the apps used to show web content without having to actually go to the web browser but google has has finally come out and made some

Statements regarding what their stances on the the webview security concerns and Ryan what what are they saying out there you would think that webview security is really boring but people got super super worked up about this and especially Google's just refusal to say anything so finally a google had to issue a statement and explain what the situation is so a webview before android 4.4 it was it was based on the standard WebKit engine and in KitKat they changed it to chromium and in lollipop they unbundled it from the OS so it's updated in Google Play so the problem is on on

Jelly bean and older on Android 4.3 and before it's an older version of WebKit it's two years old now and google has basically said that it's not feasible for them to go through all of the new WebKit commits and take those and put them back into an old branch of WebKit which is what Android 4.3 runs on and of course I mean saying it's not feasible doesn't mean that it's impossible obviously Google has resources they could do this I mean it would take a lot of effort and they're basically saying it's not worth the time to do this because we've already fixed this problem

The update that fixed this was KitKat and if an oem has not delivered KitKat to a device there's no reason to think that they will deliver a minor update that patches what get bolder abilities I mean for an oem to push an update to an old phone that doesn't get OS updates anymore it has to be a pretty substantial bug it has to be like heartbleed and this stuff is just probably not serious enough for them to do that so Google is basically said we're not going to do this ourselves if somebody wants to submit a patch then you know we'll accept it android is open

Source that's an option of course and of you know for developers they should bundle their own their own updated browser inside of apps if you know to be deployed on Android 4.3 and earlier if that's what they want to do users should just not use web kit you're not what it should not use web view to to view just any kind of random content on the web it's fine if you're just in an app that needs to use web view to access some specific online resource but if you have you know an app that's pulling about browser that you can use to go to a budget for websites it's maybe not not

Super safe but I mean it on the other side it also should be pointed out like there are a lot people on jelly bean and older these are I mean this is a lot of a lot of devices like fifty fifty or sixty percent of the active Android devices are still on on this version so I mean it's not it's not that it isn't a problem it's just that it's a problem Google doesn't have a good way of fixing so I would like to point out that you know there's there's several apps like I use the two apps that I use pretty regularly a Talon for for Twitter and bacon reader they would

Use what I would imagine is the same concept of webview in in lollipop to show you website so you don't have to go to a separate browser so I think that's kind of the stuff you really need to be worried about because it really leaves are pretty wide open you can click around once you're in there and do anything or or like a link bubble I think would probably be this thing all right so yeah I mean I guess if you're still using a jellybean device you just need to be aware of that but I mean you can just shut off like most of those apps have you know a setting where you

Can like say use the internal browser or you know open Chrome when I get a web link so you know if you're on jellybean maybe you should do that just to be safe but I mean these are these are exploits that are known it doesn't mean that these are exploits that you're going to run into when you open any web page on the Internet good deal alright so let's move on to YouTube Music key because we had a little bit of a little bit of a qualm here a little bit of a situation with one of the independent artists who was approached by YouTube regarding this service and it kind of brought out a lot

Of sides of this particular product in this particular service that we didn't really see too much prior to that so Liam what's uh what's the what's the story here with music key in their terms um back when music he wasn't officially confirmed yet we had heard that it was delayed a bunch of times because of conflicts with indie artists but nobody really knew what they were they were really explicitly stated but a zoe keating a really awesome cellist to everybody should check out even if you're not in the cello music has published on her blog some details about

The terms youtube proposed to her for music key which are basically for five years she's responsible for putting all of her music on youtube at the same time as it goes up on any other service um so basically they don't want to get left behind and distributing it that way and also transitioning away from Content ID which is something that right now allows her and other artists to basically find when their music is used in someone's video and then to monetize that video and share the revenue with the person who uploaded the video so it's kind of a

Nice way of handling like you know without actually licensing the music just handling its presence in other people's videos so they want her to not do that anymore while she decides to scream it for five years um and if she doesn't her YouTube channel will be blocked and she won't be able to use content ID anyway so it's kind of a tough situation because she wants to control you know when and where and how her music is distributed which is understandable especially for an independent artist who's kind of gone out of their way to avoid some of the

Mess that can be a commercial music distribution so yeah I mean I can see both sides because Google wants their service to be seamless they want people to be able to find things first on their service easily without any trouble but on the other hand these terms are kind of problematic for an artist like heating so I'm not sure what the solution is but I can kind of see both sides so I just so just so I understand it properly the the terms made it sound like you can't you can't really do anything about people using your music but I'm imagining you saw the DMCA

Takedown notices you could still use with YouTube videos that used your music it's just that you don't have the option to kind of just still leave it there and make some revenue off of it and getting the exposure that video might have given right and it's kind of like any any video that has the info for your music in it so if somebody said like zoe keating tetris head like remix or something and it has the artist name in the song name then that would get tied back into music key so we would have the little ad-free label uh which is already happening if you go on

Youtube and look at you know any song from a non official channel it's already labeled as such so there's there is something going on there where it all kind of gets filed back into music key but I don't think it's the same kind of like fine-grained control that artists have the content ID yeah it sounds like Google is pitching this as you know you'll make more money doing it this way then using content ID but really not everybody cares about that and I mean in this in this specific case it seems like the YouTube reps are coming ahead are pretty hard to to accept this because I

Mean it she's like she's been posting transcript so things are saying to her and like the YouTube rep I I I imagine somebody is going to get fired or like reassigned because one of them actually told her that YouTube is evil in all caps like to remind her that like she should just do this because YouTube is evil and there's nothing she can do about it and a YouTube employee said this so I I guess she is sort of the thorn in music east side right now yeah I mean I i don't think that you know i think that the terms that are offering to other independent artists are

Probably the same but i do think that there's something wrong with the way that it's been handled particularly in her case and it might be because she published stuff about it you know because she wrote about the terms publicly that they're kind of whoever is dealing with her is kind of scrambling and kayak valleys that are not becoming and now I mean now Google is getting a lot of bad press which Google does not need right now because I I mean when you look at what's happening with like developers on google play and like this music ii think it just seems like google

Is sort of losing focus on the people that are actually making their services worth wild users oh yeah i mean like i said i understand to the terms like I get why they would want that but it is problematic in cases like this where you know it's an all-or-nothing deal yeah there is a time in between and especially for people that just give their music away like she does I mean you don't want to be like like like you don't want to get an email from google it says we noticed that your new album is on BitTorrent did you do that or did somebody else do that

Correctly yeah and that is the thing cuz she uploads to like band camp and SoundCloud and all that so it's a tough spot this is a tough spot so um yeah be interesting to see how that all turns around because obviously the the mantra exists that there's no such thing as bad publicity but that's a true I don't really think that that's true it may have been true at some point but definitely not in in the internet alright uh the next topic is the one I thought I thought I'd do lead to the next topic it's interesting it's come back from the dead I guess we have to

Talk about it ah the nexus player is available from places other than play store right yep oh speaking of bad publicity yes the nexus player the nexus player is its own bad publicity so yeah it's it's available from tigerdirect and a couple of brick and mortars fries in Walmart Amazon so all these places which I would strongly recommend you not buying it from you can now go look at it and not buy it from those places but please by all means just don't buy it it's not good it's not good at all and it hasn't gotten any better since uh since I reviewed it three months ago I

Was gonna I was going to write a post and I still might but I actually started a post on Nexus player three months later and I haven't really used it in the past probably month and a half maybe even two months I haven't messed with it at all i just i use fire TV pretty exclusively and roku because they actually don't suck and when I i went to see I was like oh yes let's see what's new nothing nothing new nothing is new I I got a roku 3 recently that thing is fantastic oh god Brooke you three I have I have we keep a roku 3 in the bedroom and I have a fire TV in here because

It's you know it's more Android related stuff and of course I have the nexus player in here in a chromecast and all that other all that other stuff but yeah I mean Roku 3 is just fantastic rugby 3 is amazing because you can get I mean especially the the thing that really just kind of put it over the top for me was when they added google google play movies to Roku yeah that's cool I really actually that the remote has a headphone jack that's so that's so brilliant it is super cool so if you wanna if you would watch things and not interrupt people yeah I mean Roku

Brokers just awesome I I'm waiting for some of these apps like some of the android apps that use to control your Roku or whatever it is that you have that I'm waiting for one of those to get that functionality of the whole head phone functionality I think it's dumb does all cast I'll cast yep it has it has that I don't know if it works on everything yeah I think it's kind of hit or miss or at least that's what I gather yeah it's I think so too and does I want to say maybe it's a root feature maybe I'm wrong about I know the research that's the sort of thing that just needs

To be built in to everything but chromecast absolutely i mean the chromecast is like absolutely probably my secondary streaming thing I used the roku 3 most of the time I have a fire TV stick that is sometimes I've actually found that to be kind of buggy it might just be because it's less powerful and it gets bogged down more easily but it is it just stopped doing says dick can yeah the stick is a little slow and a little laggy um I use my fire TV I have a fire TV stick laying right beside it but I have and that's actually the the thing that i wrote earlier about the at

Shortcuts i actually use my fire TV stick to the test that but i like i like stick i like fire TV more obviously a roku is my favorite roku than fire TV then chromecast probably just because i find using like my phone or a tablet just really cumbersome i'd rather used a regular remote and then Nexus player is that the i would put like cable television and then I you know I would put cable television and then like I don't know an antenna and then I don't know something else and then maybe Nexus player it just is so bad goodness then I let me add gaiden nothing they haven't

Done anything with it they released it added three or four apps to the Play Store once came out and have not they have not done anything else saying it's got no OS updates right see ya no updates and so it really needs to be careful because that's what killed google TV is it just SAT there forever without updates to turn their true nervous to roll out new stuff to it yeah and they're doing the same thing here the same exact thing here I you know I kept telling myself I was I was kind of hard on in the original review and then I kind of went

Back I took a step back and I was like oh because I then I found out that they didn't even let developers submit their apps until the day of release which I thought was really stupid but I took a step back and I said ok I had a you know an update to that review and I said in three months I'm going to look at it again and everything is going to be better and literally they're like three maybe four new apps in the past three months and that is it and and the thing of it is like NBA gametime was one was one of those apps and I mean you know obviously everybody knows I'm a huge

Basketball fan and the damn game time app if you try to watch a game like and you don't touch the player the remote for a little while the screensaver comes on like you came so even some of the apps that they did add aren't aren't even usable so anyway screensavers on at what an app is the lamest thing ever they should have I mean you know they all have it you know chromecast has it fire TV has it Roku has it but they all have that sort of pretty picture functionality but right but everybody else everybody else disables it whenever you're running anything exactly exactly

Now I i guess i should point out that could be an issue whoever develops mbas at the NBA's a heper the NBA game time app that could be an issue from on their part like maybe they forgot to tick some box or something i don't know i don't know if it's because i didn't have it I didn't experience that with anything else when I was testing Nexus player for the first time I mean for the for the review I think just wrote it so that's probably the problem the so the point is there are no more places that you should not buy the nexus player from until google makes it better

It has potential it has potential because it has a good usable interface and I like that much of it it's just the content sucks right now but even even even based on the potential it has I think we would probably agree that for the same price you probably want to just hold off for the the razor right oh yeah the razor the razor is going to be much better some of the ones that'll come out this year are going to be much better content aside so I'm there are a couple of things on the android TV front that i'm hoping for this year i don't really want to talk about it right now but

Hoping some some names get behind a few things so maybe that'll push the content forward but we'll see what happens all right right so next on the docket google has updated their Android compatibility definition document which means a lot of things for a lot of different products so Liam what's new and what can oh ms expect to have to live up to nowadays so the update the document is more detailed than the old one obviously and it's updated for lollipop and they also added different form factors so now that we have android TV and android wear and everything they've added categories for

Handhelds television watch another other presumably being android auto and they have tables of what's required of those different form factors like for instance handheld device must have a touch screen televisions may watches must and others should things like that they're strongly encouraging om's to pick up some of androids new design patterns like the task switcher um they must support up to twenty activities at the same time you have to be able to see for activities at one time it should display the highlight color icon screen title etc and of course manufacturers have to include the

Material theme without messing with it they can't take away any elements that are usually exposed to apps in that case and there are also some expanded performance compatibility definitions so things like consistent frame latency user interface latency for instance you the device has to scroll a list of ten thousand entries in less than 36 seconds just as one example and then up file IO access performance are just pretty big they have new definitions for sequential write random writes control read and write them read so basically just more detailed more

Fine-grained definitions and this is what it will take for Google to consider you compatible for the CTS in the future all right all right lastly on the code google front is the nexus 6 because we had a little bit of news from my former moto co-ceo about the new potential feature that was supposed to make it into the nexus 6 but didn't quite make it in for a pretty kind of unique and interesting reason so cam what's uh what's the what's the missing feature from the Nexus 6 it's a fingerprint scanner yeah I'm supposed to have one in that little dimple in the back where the

Other moto logo is it was supposed to were supposed to be a fingerprint scanner there um but unfortunately Apple done gone and scooped it up the best manufacturer on the block and google / Motorola I guess didn't want to deal with some some second place garbage and they apparently they tried a few and could not get results that were pleased with so the end result they said you know what we're just going to can the whole thing altogether um um so yeah that's that's the fingerprint scanner noise in the initial nexus 6 leaks and uh Ron and AP alumnus Ron wrote about

How the Android code actually has provisions for swiping fingerprint scanners um but i'm thinking like after seeing always fingerprint scanner editha i'm thinking like why couldn't they get that cuz that's an awesome fingerprint scanner you know i was gonna say huawei is really good fingerprint scanning technology i wonder i mean yeah i guess i don't know did they invent that or is that um in the works they worked with another company on it I don't know if it's something that's like prior Terry to their relationship or using other manufacturers can use to

It might just be that that's worth that is available now but at the point in the product cycle that the what became the Nexus 6 was in planning that just wasn't available right it's but I mean I would hope that if one were implemented it would be that one because it is great is it is a good it's in my experience as reliable as touch ID which is good I can't imagine that are a whole lot of there are a whole lot of people out there who would think you know I really don't want a six inch phone but as long as it has fingerprints gainey I'm going I don't I don't think there's any people

Were disappointed to hear this news you know I don't think they're really wow we sure missed out on that they were just man I I think I think six inch phones are stupid and I think fingerprint scanners are stupid so I think fingerprint scanners on six inch phones are stupid they don't I did stupid doesn't cancel out though I would have thought that the two stupids would cancel out one oh my god to stupids makes an awesome I don't I don't want my name is awesome that depends if they're going we treat them both as negative numbers and then you multiply them then

They should be positive I guess I mean that's the only sensible not going about it right right i don't know everybody says touch itouch ID is really good i mean the only fingerprint scanner um experience that I have is on the galaxy s5 and it made me wanna ask myself you know I mean that's a Lazaro that was a really fun thing to play with but I don't I would be surprised if anybody actually uses in our daily basis because even on that phone which is fine it has a 5.1 inch screen it's not a huge phone it's awkward to sort of slide your thumb down to there a bottom of the phone and

Swipe on on the boat and yeah yeah i mean i get ID you can just you just touch it you just set your thumb on top of it which you know what this would have been on on the nexus 6 if it existed way I mean a swipe a swipe a reader has to be in a really convenient spot and even then it's kind of yeah even you can touch ID like i enjoy using it just because it's fun but I I don't take it seriously like I'm not it's still it's still kind of a weird spot if you're just gonna touch like way down at the bottom of the phone like that yeah I was actually the middle of

The middle of that would be a really good spot it was a mess made a lot of sense yeah if you use the home button to turn it on though then you just leave your finger there so if you enroll like your two thumbs and your index fingers then you're pretty much set for any situation yeah but the back of the phone is certainly more comfortable because my finger like it just naturally gravitates there I know that's why the dimple in general is really awesome because that's just where you you want your finger to be while you're using the phone it's just it helps you balance and I think I

Can unlock your phone automatically then all the better although that although lollipop does have the the trusted face thing which is really fantastic yeah so we can add trusted fingers too I'm sure that's what they would have called yes alright well one feature that the nexus 6 did ship with was wireless charging and if you picked one up and you picked up any other wireless charging phone you owe it to yourself to check out the wireless charging car mount from tilt the tilt view wireless charging car mount as it's called holds phones up to four point two inches wide and has three

Charging coils so your Nexus 6 should just fit right in there with no problem should pick up the charge right away but what makes it even better is that it's got these really cool arms that just slide right out at the touch of the button needs just throw your phone in there slide them back in really really smooth really satisfying to use he mounted on your dashboard or your windshield you can do portrait landscape and anyway you really want to get you that view heads up display on your wireless charger that you used to if you've ever used the the view desktop

Charger really really nice product really really smooth but right now this product is available on tilt calm well sort of it's coming soon you can get your email address entered in there get yourself signed up to get details about it but as of right now android police has a couple of them that we're going to be given away starting tomorrow that's friday january thirtieth android police calm / contest you'll be able to sign up to get yourself enter to win a tilt view wireless charging car mount that's an eighty dollar value so make sure you get on over

And yourself entered to win also if you're a little bit too impatient you know one way for tomorrow you can go to tyl t-dot-com and click on products to get more information about the tilt view wireless charging Karma it's time for the rumor roundup alright so uh HTC one m9 rumors were pretty much all the rage for the last two weeks lots of pictures coming around there's rumors that it may not just be a watch that's uh that's coming in March but the very least we know that there's a phone and it's coming soon so Ryan what though what do we know about that phone uh well there

Have been a few weeks one of them looked a whole lot like the m8 and people were a little concerned about that because people just like on a list of things that people hate right near the top is the HTC logo on the front of the m8 people are really unhappy that that exists and the new leak had that so people were upset but where we've been hearing the vet that mage has been a dummy case and there have been more recently that show a different design actually two designs the the m9 may come in two variants one that's about five inches and one its larger and the

Smaller one does have the the black band with logo in the front which I guess we'll make people very happy the larger one is is kind of unusual it has what appears to be a fingerprint scanner on the front bottom like we were just talking about and it looks a lot like the one on the galaxy s5 so if that is the case I think it's a bad idea they shouldn't do that but I have that smaller one looks like it might be cool and we've seen a few pictures of the back that seems to show one camera but that might have been the smaller one maybe it's only got one camera and then

They still have they still have the duo cam thing on the on the larger when I guess we'll have to wait and see but we know that Adam mwc HTC's going down event they will probably announce the phone alright so in addition to that we had pictures this week from a unannounced Motorola phone which we suspect is probably the next iteration of the Moto e correct who had this topic right cam that wasn't that that is me yeah I I have the moto Ethan yeah so it looks like it looks like a new a new version of the Moto e

Which we kind of all expected would would show up eventually OOP hello hello are you there something has gone wrong cam can as I've got frozen frozen in real life or hangouts fail tell me when you can hear me hey wait I hear you I will tell you as soon as I can hear you okay that's fantastic your video is playable Jackie well my I've noticed like two or three tons tonight that the whole everyone else has frozen up and I haven't been able to hear a thing for like maybe 15-20 all of a sudden everything would come back so I

Didn't know if it was Maya if it was me if it was hanging out or what so who are we good now who's your isp who can we blame um it's I of AT&T okay well blame them it takes oh he explained by AT&T yeah we're gonna blame AT&T I think that works so we good can I can I talk about them the Moto e yes yes chat it up yes okay so yeah moto e looks like it's running lollipop so that's pretty interesting especially considering you know this is going to be another very budget and set we don't know any of the specs of course this is just an image but I mean the other one was like 130

Dollars for I mean decent hardware for the money very very affordable phone so very low in specs and that's exactly what this one's going to be so I find it interesting that's run lollipop hopefully Motorola has done some work behind the scenes to make Raleigh lollipop run well on really limited hardware because right now even on not very limited hardware it just doesn't run very well at all I'm not going to get off on a tangent about that right now but yeah so there there's a pic on the site if you want to go check it out if you're interested in spending

Probably under 150 dollars for a phone whatever it comes out alright let's move on to snapdragon rumors because we had plenty of those in the past week as well it's overheating it's not overheating we're not going to use it we're going to use something else instead it's it it's been a just a mess in general so Ryan what's uh what's going on with the Snapdragon 810 so this all started when Bloomberg ran a report claiming that the Snapdragon 810 had overheating problems and that it was going to be severe enough that Samsung would not use it in the galaxy s6 this year so the

A-10 is is the upcoming flagship chip from Qualcomm it is 64-bit it runs eight cores for them are cortex a57 s and four cortex a53 s so these are armed reference cores instead of Qualcomm custom armed force which they still do not have ready for 64-bit yet so that happened and then shortly after that LG came out and said you know there's no problem with the 810 that we're using in the G flex 2 which I think came out either like today or yesterday I think in south korea LG said that it it's key performance was fine and that you know so then maybe everybody that okay so

Maybe that was just the wrong or that was that happened a long time ago and they fixed it since then so maybe it'll be fine but then Qualcomm announced their quarterly results and they included a statement at the bottom that one of the reasons that they might they might see slowing growth in the next year is that a wait what is the quote when we find the actual quote here that a a large customers flagship device would not be using the a-10 as they previously expected so that probably refers to Samsung and the galaxy s6 and if that is the case then Samsung would

Either have to use an 805 or they would have to come up with an exodus ship that they could use they've always made some variants of their flagship with an ex knows but usually they're overseas they're not the ones that they they release here in the US so if they decided to text notes on everything they would have to figure out their LTE situation I mean it would probably be a big mess but presumably Samsung is known about this for some time so they'll have something ready to go and so I guess we still don't know for sure what's gonna happen but we know somebody that was

Going to use 810 that is a large customer is not anymore all right all right let's move on to carrier for 1 1 3 or 4 11 hey all right so t-mobile had a couple of announcements this week that basically to sum up say if you pay an extra five dollars and you pay it on time you will be a happy t-mobile customer I think that's that's really about the about to take away from it but I can specifically what what's t-mobile and offering up now we have no audio no audio what the one I thought that was my fault actually I was muted I looked at it right before hand

I'd say that I was muted but apparently I was imputed so eating yourself produces no audio oh is that what causes that yeah it's sometimes it's hard to understand because you can hear yourself but you're the only myself just fine so it's kind of like when you close your eyes you're not invisible what do you think causes that when I can hear myself but you guys can't hear me mute inner monologue okay good i like it i didn't hear more about this closing your eyes doesn't make you invisible thing because that's news to me I it doesn't bob has never actually closed his eyes before I

Put that out there Bob hasn't been putting his hands in front of his eyes after he closes them problem oh let's talk about t-mobile though you want to risk it it was talked about Tina so t-mobile yes to two things smartphone equality and a new program called score so smartphone equality is basically this thing where as long as you pay your t-mobile bill on time for 12 months they will guarantee you access to financing plans no credit check it doesn't matter what you know what your credit score is essentially as long as you pay t-mobile on time that's all they care about after

12 months you will be able to finance a new phone so that's pretty cool i mean i think that's that's definitely cool for people who who may have some credit issues alongside that they also announce score which basically it's a program where t mobile users will pay five dollars a month and after six months though they're eligible to get a free smartphone which is you know like a super low-end whatever entry-level smartphone but after 12 months then the t-mobile is promising deeper discounts on all of their devices the example that they gave in the press release was a

Fifty dollars off of a galaxy s5 when you do the math obviously if you give five dollars per month over 12 months band that's sixty dollars and then in return you get a hundred and fifty dollars off a smartphone I mean that's you can't really beat that that's like ninety three dollars for basically nothing so yeah like like matt said if you pay to mobile five dollars extra month and you pay them on time you get cheaper phones and you can finance said cheaper phone so I mean it's just just you know a couple more things the t-mobile is doing to to pull customers

In or to keep customers they have right good deal now one of the one of the bits of bad news that came out of t-mobile this week came from the Deutsche Telekom part of the business if you don't recall Deutsche Telekom is actually the owner of t-mobile um they they had a little bit of disheartening news about t-mobile's future and their and how it relates to their business models Ryan what what's the story there the CEO of Deutsche Telekom was at a conference in Germany and he said uh you know t-mobile can't keep doing what they're doing with all of the uncarrier stuff and not merge

With somebody at some point hey I guess you can take this with a grain of salt because DT has been doing everything it can to get out of the US wireless market for the last few years so maybe he's just really trying to play up how badly t-mobile needs to merge with somebody but he does make a good point that it costs four or five billion dollars a year of investment just for tmobile to stay competitive in spectrum and coverage that's of course because AT&T and verizon are are huge and they have a lot of money to spend on spectrum auctions at the role in towers and to

Deal with zoning restrictions and it just caused a lot of money to keep a carrier running even carrier that is you know just smaller like t-mobile and with doing all the Sun carrier stuff they've you know they've been growing they've been getting more subscribers and that's good but it's not necessarily enough to make it viable long-term so I guess we'll see if that you know if that ever comes to pass the Sprint deal you know fell through i'm not sure what else could possibly happen uh you know he talked a little bit about the ATT situation how that you

Know that didn't work and how he wished the Sprint deal would have happened but again the rumor was regulators would have just shut that down because they don't want to have a situation where we go down to three major carriers so I don't know what could happen I mean t-mobile has already has a bought out a couple of smaller smaller carriers so I don't know maybe they would just buy a you know a few smaller regional carriers and try to beef every thing up I don't see any other way that could happen though is it is it cheaper to buy regional carriers than it is to develop

Your own network I guess it probably depends how many spectrum licenses they have ah good call spectrum part right yeah spectrum spectrum is is that's the thing driving the wireless industry right now I mean there was just a spectrum auction of a few days ago maybe even yesterday that I would like the the it was like in the tens of billions that was spent on spectrum all right let's move on to product reviews it's time for product reviews did I hit the wrong button this meat product review is hands-on with the blue vivo man that was a tense

It was magical thing like I don't even know where I'm at anymore did we go somewhere I don't either because I'm invisible oh my god ball close your eyes no I've been invisible the whole show mmm oh my goodness no wonder you hit the wrong button you're running the show with your eyes closed drink okay hey so um you guys wanna talk about this blue phone what's all going on too I'm sure I'm sure you guys don't you don't I'm sure it's terrible and you would never use it as your daily driver ever never I would never do something like that so this I just right here i'm just gonna

Show this is the blue vivo air and this is the i don't like the third product in blues vivo line it's two hundred dollars off contract it has like a mediator mediatek octa core chip a 1.7 gigahertz only has a gig of ram has 16 gigabytes of not expandable storage and it's running KitKat so I thought it looks pretty good when you know when they announced that I was like wow that's cool it's the thinnest smartphone that's the thing it's the thinnest smartphone you can buy in the US it is 5.1 millimeters thick and it weighs ninety seven grams so is stupid then and stupid

Like um and I love it I mean I really really really love it so after after they sent it to me and I was looking at it was like wow this is this is really really freaking cool um it's really snappy and I found myself even after i did i finished the hands on with it I found myself like going for it when I wanted to to do something to just to check something out so believe it or not the day after I did the hands-on I was like you know what I'm gonna hold on to this for a while and I'm going to use it as my daily driver so I pulled the SIM from my Moto X and i have been using

This this blue phone ever since and I have zero regrets it doesn't have LTE and I don't really notice a difference I guess because LTE I'm own AT&T so LT is so congested at this point it's really not stupid fast anymore and there are so many people not on hspa+ it is now I mean they weren't I don't say they work the same LT is still a little bit faster if you actually do speed tests but I don't really notice an enormous difference and actually using it it only has one gigabyte of RAM and ironically i have gotten better performance out of it and i have my Moto X on lollipop because

Of the memory leak garbage so everything just runs better I mean like I said it's running KitKat I don't miss a lollipop at this point I'm really really happy with it I'm really happy with this phone which is something just I mean I never if somebody would have said hey blue is going to release a two-hundred-dollar phone with a gigabyte of ram and a MediaTek processor that you are going to choose over any any other phone that you have I would probably have told them that they were full of crap and that would never happen but you know what I've got a nexus 6 and Nexus 5 a moto x

All over here on this charger and I'm not using any of them they just they just stay right there and it's been like that for like like I said I guess about a week now I've been using it as my daily driver and I find that I use it even more and i used my other phones I thought about maybe going back to the Moto X like yesterday and I picked it up and this phone is so thin and so light if felt like using it felt like I got picked up a brick in my Moto X dou get me wrong I like my Moto X I wish lollipop didn't make the experience almost unbearable for me because like i

Said i'm using a phone with one gigabyte of ram and I don't have a bad I don't have a bad experience everything loads quickly nothing seems to get kicked out of memory that often i don't know i really i really like it like I said it's two hundred dollars two hundred dollars off contract it's got a four point eight inch display in at 720p which again I don't I don't see an issue with eight megapixel camera which I think takes pretty pretty good pictures there are some there are some samples in the in the hands on but actually when it comes to cheap cheap phones right now I

Think this is the phone to buy there's there's the Moto X I mean not the Moto X the moto the Moto G 2014 which I know a lot of people a lot of people are into I have not personally used that phone so I can't say how the experience is but I know it has a lollipop now I just can't imagine why like pump is very good on one gigabyte of ram concern is basically not very good on two gigabytes of RAM so to me the the vivo air is is the phone the phone to buy if you're looking to buy off contract for two hundred dollars and normally I'd recommend these blue phones for like first smartphone or

Teens or you know somebody like that somebody who doesn't require a lot from their phone I mean obviously I require a lot for my phone and it has met every everything that I that I want to do with my phone I haven't there have it hasn't been anything that I'm like oh it can't do that it does have a couple of weird bugs though there's one weird quirk where expandable notifications just stopped working for some reason and that's kind of annoying but other than that I haven't experienced anything else with it I also like that the headphone jack is on the bottom just want to point

That out too so ya blue vivo air um it can't really hundred dollars contract and it's very good yes sir I admit I did not read the article house battery life fair on that thing so battery life um even in the hands on I don't really talk much about battery life because usually when I do a hands-on and it's pretty quick but something uses my daily driver I get about I would say three three and a half hours of on screen screen screen on time it usually gets me through the day pretty easily sometimes in the late evening i'll have to throw it on the charger um the the battery life honestly

I think it's better than my Moto X 2014 which did not get very good battery life I was not very happy with the battery life on that phone at all because I mean if I were going to go somewhere at four or five in the afternoon or whatever I would always have to have it on the charger which I have the quite charger so that helps but I would always have to put it on the charge for a little while before I left and I don't have to do that with this phone so again I just really surprised it goes into deep sleep and it stays there really really well so when you're

Not using it there's no drain which is really nice and I've noticed that with the past few blue phones I've used that they all seem to just hit go into deep sleep and stay there and I can't seem to get any other phone to ever do that so okay I'm so I have a question about about the button so it has a menu button and doesn't know like you can long press it to get recents is there any way to just make the Menu button be a recent button or no is f alone that's it's always going to be a long press I wish that they would start if they're gonna stick with these menu buttons which from

The look of their 2015 lineup what they announced to see is it looks like they may start moving towards on-screen buttons with some of the things that are coming out later this year and I hope that's the case but for right now I really wish they would send updates to at least some other you know more popular or flagship handsets which even though this does not flagship specs I would definitely call it a flagship model because it's just so good but yeah they don't have any sort of customization to the keys so the HOME key is just a home key when you long

Press on and watch as Google now the Menu key is a menu key and when you long press on it it opens reasons and which I wish that was reversed because i use sorry going i use recent a lot more than menu so i wish i wish there were a way to reverse that is is blue a chinese company okay so blue has an interesting relationship with other companies i know in other countries these same devices are launched with different names and it's my understanding that blue works with other manufacturers and they all they're all like i don't want to say they're all one big company

They all work together to design handsets so they can buy them in bulk and sell them at a lower price and then each company gets to distribute it in their own respective country and only in that country under their name I see so they so like these same phones exist in Asia as different devices they do I say do they they do i ask that mio doesn't like the diamond yeah you has really usually are gionee god Kim usually hardware what I why I was a usually I buttons are you know a Chinese thing that's why I asked yeah so that's that's something that they do they work with

Other companies like gionee because every time I post about blue somebody's like oh this is just this phone rebranded it's not actually a rebranding that is that's their their bow think it's re-breaking of it it's the same phone right it's not a rebranded phone these companies like I said they all work together because I quoted it in the last review i did in the comment section but there was an interview with blue CEO and and somebody asked about that like what about these stones that are rebranding of other poses like I saw what they are at all we work with other

Manufacturers in other countries and I think it's kind of cool the way they do that that you know they kind of joined together they come up with these design ideas themselves all together as a whole and then they all decided yes we want to move forward with this phone they get it produced you know mass-produced and then they all get to read you know distribute it in their own country so here it just happens to be blue somewhere is it's it's so it's a bunch of small only happens to get to act like a big OEM yeah I was about to say it's like yes none of them have the resources of like

Show me her huawei to design their own devices you know and have them produced for a reasonable price so you know a bunch of a bunch of smoke ought to do it together that makes perfect sense and and I think that's I think that's pretty cool I think that's that's really and then since they're all in different countries none of them compete against each other yeah so it works out really well all right let's move on to app updates alright so Microsoft was all over the app updates this week they released several new products or just you know

New versions of existing products and Ryan is going to tell you about all of them yes so the Word Excel and PowerPoint apps that were out a few months ago as previews have now been updated to just regular final versions so you can download those on any Android tablets running 4.4 or lollipop that has at least a gig of ram and is on an ARM chip there is not yet support for Intel apparently but that will come later this year and then they also released a version of outlook for Android that's a completely new app you know you can check all of your all of your email all

Your outlook email on it and it actually looks like a pretty nice app so you can download all these free if you have a an office 365 subscription you will get all of the premium office features all the basic stuff supposedly is free I don't know what they mean by buy premium features i have been using it without signing in with office 365 and it I mean it seems to do everything that I would expect it to do the microsoft blog post didn't really explain what those suppose that features are so yeah alright good deal and Cameron the next the next section is for you because you don't get

To blabber on about all the music stuff you'd like to because this is mostly an Android related podcast and let's be honest music apps with Android are just so so they're just getting started yeah yeah so uh you're gonna tell us why that's changing right okay so ik multimedia um they created the iRig and they have been making some movement in on Android for the last several several weeks i would say they announced um the irig HDA which is HD android and is only compatible with samsung devices with professional audio but it's like the note floor then for edge lollipop

Devices I think and they announced the iRig 2 for android which is lollipop devices only because Google finally got around to fix fixing the the audio in latency issues in lollipop which is fantastic and now most recently at namm this year they announced the iRig UA which is basically universal Android so this is awesome because it will work on any 400-plus device now anyone who has kept up with this disaster knows that iOS has always had really low audio in latency that's why things like I rig and jam up and all the all the others exist where you can basically turn that you're

You know the iOS device into a guitar or bass audio processor like a a digital effects pedal or or an amp simulator and Android has always had really terrible audio in latency so that wasn't possible so what what ik multimedia did for the iRig UA was instead of letting Android do the processing power or handle all the processing the audio processing the iRig actually handles it so very little work is done on the Android side basically you could change the amps and whatnot on the Android side and I guess it sends that information back to the iRig and the then it does everything

Else so it's almost like a standalone unit that just uses android as its screen is essentially how it works which you know what that's cool um that's really cool and I'm really happy that somebody's finally making make it a lot not just a little bit of movement on this but they've been working at it I mean obviously they've already announced three different I rigs for Android and I really hope that everybody else follows suit with that because right now I mean you you get an I rig amplitube is all there is to use which that's not to say amplitube is bad it's it's not

Not at all but I would like to see obviously more I would like to see as much as there is on iOS which I don't know if that'll ever happen but anyway if you play guitar and you like amp simulation software which is has come so so far in the past five years it's just mind-blowing how good this stuff can be now like I said this the only reason I own an iPad I've said that a bazillion times but that's that's exactly why I have this 4am stimulation stuff I use jam up but I can't wait to check out this android stuff with the iRig 2 and the iRig you I want to check them both

Out and see see kind of the difference between them and how they you know whatever but yeah so this one will be available God what did they say um Oh quarter-to-quarter two of this year so it'll be available at quarter 2 i'm not sure about the ivory too but this one you know we saw a few months to wait for this one I guess they're finalizing everything that has to be done but it's definitely a very very cool thing something I'm super happy to see to see available so other than that on a completely different much simpler level we checked out I checked out the at hand

Tuner which is a guitar tuner for Android where I I can't believe I never thought about how clever that would be or how useful that could be before I saw this app artem was like oh dude you're gonna love this and he was right it's it's awesome so simple to use and actually I mean really accurate I tested it with three different tunings on three different guitars last year hello don't you pretty low Anton's osh a my hair okay so you said you you tested it on testing on three different shootings

I did can you hear me now yes oh great yeah I tested on three different tunings one of which is pretty low and other tuners have have an issue with the lowest string on it and it actually nailed it I mean no problem I was really really impressed by the you know as a clip-on mode where you can get just just changed the orientation you can attach it to the headstock of the guitar which to me seems like more trouble than it's worth actually taking off your wrist and then attach it plus if you're using a metal band you can scratch it up but anyway the point is it works really well

And I actually used it that same day I installed it and did the hands-on I went I we stopped by my mother-in-law's house and she was like oh maybe you could tune that other guitar I can't get it to pitch my ear and I was like oh wow look I already have this right here on my wrist so uh huh yeah very convenient if you play guitar I mean there's no reason not to have it it's like a dollar 45 and it's super handy so you should go buy that if you have Android wear if you have ever it works on the phone too obviously there are bazillion other tuners available for for android phones

But yeah so if you have Android where you play guitar you should you should probably get that one cool alright sounds good well we're running a little bit long so we're going to skip past the voicemails tonight sorry for anybody who called in we will get to voicemails next week so don't forget to call and leave your messages want to send a big shout out to tilt this week for sponsoring the show just a reminder android police calm / contest is going to have five of those brand-new future life to give away this week so make sure you're keeping your eyes peeled for that all right Bob you

Want to cue the outro sir sure we hope you enjoyed the show is always send your feedback to podcast dead red please calm you can also call us at 5 30 hello ap that's 5 30 45 567 find us on twitter at android police hookah plus on paper you liked that it was it was an effect like a crazed blonde like I was like didn't floating away or something yeah that's pretty I was pretty impressed it's pretty mean you know it's very true about this podcast too stupid and you can awesome but there are one two three four five of us so we have an odd number so the live streams make a stupid get

You're gonna end up with stupid every time although that's y component is not surely my face on the show this is for stupid sin a disembodied voice oh dude for stupid than a disembodied voice makes it awesome I did the math in my head next that's gonna breathe up an interview for stupids in a disembodied voice I was gonna say makes an Edgar Allan Poe poem but an Edgar Allan poem Edgar Allan Poe em ah ha ha ah clever Robert Downey jr. oh so how about them bullets you guys doing what about the Bulls oh yeah I'm gonna go watch them in 45 minutes gonna watch a play the Lakers

Yeah until then let's go secrets you know oh my goodness let's tell secrets live on youtube live secrets we should start like a post-show advice column or something a post-show advice column please tell me all the problems in your life and I will tell you how to fix them cuz God knows I'd have enough of my own problems to worry about step 1 hide your face dear cam that's how you have to start off every question dear cam I wish that I had a signature hairdo so that I could have an avatar that was just blue with yellow glasses and people would still know I know who it is it's a

Sleeve stack from land of the law oh it's leo I've got a red version one is a slezak please stick i think they're called this is please deck that is that is correct that is what they are I don't have any idea which I've for us and their their their lizard people if you just google that you'll uh you know my dad's friend Russell was actually the head sculptor in the of the sleigh stacks and then new will ferrell not new but the recent will ferrell in louisville oh that you know that that movie is not canon i'm gonna go ahead and say that now that movie was great i

Thought i thought it gave me some belly laughs it can be created not candidates and a little belly laughs yeah but if you want to go canon on Sydney Marty Krofft stuff you're not really gonna appeal to mass markets anyway so yeah yeah you that was an interest in trailers that is also an interest of noise many interesting noises don't be awesome I mean look at highlander to but I couldn't even I couldn't even say it like I couldn't even get now I'm interested to go back and watch this podcast and see what my audio sounds like I hope that my mic is not dying

Because before the show started it did the same thing and I restarted my laptop and it started working again but oh my god maybe your laptop died it's just business I didn't think about that eating I'm gonna be accepted Apple has a rounded it as included self-destruct code it when's the last time you reset your pee Graham what about your smu control unit gosh papa I don't know oh yeah okay and on that note I have to pee yes I near an hour going to be on that note will you use the audio I don't want to do it on the podcast I can't go if you watch it's yeah it's it's okay

Just pretend we're not here you can turn on the faucet or something okay but now i'm gonna go to i don't i don't have to urinate but i'm still gonna go goodbye all right end zone newsome Abbott Abbott

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