Android Police Podcast Ep.142 Live (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on May 22, 2021

Teria value ism has the artisanal sound effects it does know what does have artisanal sound effects bubble popping noises are Tim's oh no yes our Tim sandle sound effects would just be broken sound effects you know what other sound by like is the sound when you swipe to refresh on Twitter I don't know why I actually started disabling on all my devices after I realized you could do that because it annoys the hell out of my hair really does I really suffered with that for like I think it's been four years since I had an android phone or now four and a half and I never bothered that she look Oh could you turn

The sound off I remember when that the officials would have first came out it had that big animated Twitter bird thingy on the main page it was really weird where the hell you guys are echoing a lot yes we know or not you're a liar this is the special echo episode it's a creative choice yeah I finally have a computer that's working yay that's good i'm glad your computer got a job so i know that our time is gonna hate me for saying this but am I the only one who kind of likes the sound profiles by now wait which town profiles on android lollipop like i'm working on

Getting to know enjoyed and I got to that part and I'm realizing like these aren't so bad after all I don't really have any particular problem I mean I didn't dislike the kid Kevin's really I don't have any strong opinions I like I just like that there is still not a silent mode on phones that does but I know just a regular silent mode and then I would also like media controls that are not dependent on whether you're playing media I agree with that do but otherwise I like them that was so hardcore it was what rickety is that for a sounder for one of

The segments can I be every sound right this episode yes I feel like Guy Fieri's gonna burst out of a corner somewhere and teaches how to make an extreme amber mmm I like meat hate me too we should do a meetup yeah I get it all right where should we stick predictions in the show probably at the end I imagine over the gate it'll get pretty rambling and tangential one could say you predict that I do I'm feeling stressed because I don't really have any predictions yet probably nostril bobis yeah can you change your lower third to say that no I can make one I have the template open

Right now yes but do you have the double template I didn't know I don't you need the double ender do devil template all the way across the sky hey Bob there's Cajun flavor glob in the chat today that's like your wouldn't know but your alter ego kind of bad day god i did i do you later honey not charity gauge on Bobby yummy it's your counterpart from Louisiana there's also somebody called app bob it doesn't make sense oh wait I have the power all right I need to get myself out of the spreadsheet word we ready to start oh man Nigel Liam gets back I wonder if this is the

Dexstar that is now a lumberjack ah don't eat don't just don't I can't I can't even process that still now that had to be the worst ending to a series ever yes spoiler alert everybody yes hopefully you're not watching dexter uh if it's been more than a year since the end you're allowed to spoil it and it it has it's not like it's not like you're on Twitter talking about people getting pushed in front of subway train journey I've died of it I've heard from somebody that does some people yeah yeah only an a-hole would do that Virginia and class a most someone who bills themselves as a

Curmudgeon might do it yeah I did hear the ending of dexter was really really bad though I remember r eally so that was really really bad it was horrendous I mean like last couple seasons of it weren't like great but man that look at last episode was one of the worst are the worst things ever yeah I was actually thinking about like binge watching that show and then you can just stop at the like whatever the second to last season just stopped watching there and you're good yeah I watched the first two seasons of dexter and then it's good for a couple more yrs after that it's

It's kind of like a like Battlestar Galactica if you stop watching at like the middle of the last season it's a it's a perfectly fine show yeah so are we ready to go yeah wait for Liam to get paleans gone yeah Liam Liam process has stopped we went to a microbrewery restaurant leader I'll be back in goo that I would not be surprised if one day bjs actually add a theater into the restaurant a theater a multiplex perhaps even bjs brewpub in multiplex multiplex thought they know a black C we actually have around here bjs is actually like a wholesale club like

Sam's club really yes so I was thinking you were talking about Sam's Club basically having a movie theater BJ's is like dave and busters but without the video games and with with more beer I guess weird so it's a bar is what you're saying yeah it's it but it's also restaurant they do pizza so it's a restaurant that has a bunch of beer it's a place of extensive manchild congregation just put it that way that's not what I was thinking at all i'm going to start recording hello what i did it is a baby Panthers and the intro order is not right of course but that's

Because we're different people welcome to the android police podcast your weekly audio source for all things android it's a brand new year january first 2015 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm David Redick and Lane strengthened oh no duh we died I tried to remind you right before we started like the order wrong I'm fixing it all right that's it Wow right let's just give us Ryan snubbed in for Cameron but I didn't change the intro order so we skipped over Cameron thus therefore Ryan and then and then you went and then no Ryan I i started i started to talk no you

Know i think we're off to a really great start for 2015 so we should yes this is now this is a par for the course start to 2015 do it again welcome to the android police podcast your weekly audio source for all things android it's a brand new year january first 2015 i am your host Matthew Smith I'm David Redick I'm links problem I Ryan Whitwam and I'm Cameron Silverson welcome to the show that's not true you're not kidding you have too much hair welcome to the show alright well let's uh let's get everything started off with a little code google dad job

She a fat John Belushi yeah mmm there another kind yeah alright so we'll start things off with self-driving cars because that is the thing Google does and apparently they're doing it like more now more so than they were before because now there's actually a car that you can see you still can't buy it you could just see it it's just something you can see but only if you're in California I'm not in California David have you ever seen one nope no I'm in the wrong part of California mmm you should move to the right part of California I'll try that you try that

Back alright so so Liam what's what's new about the the prototype is it is it available driving around on the roads these days um not yet so it's basically just a new version of the old prototype that is more for real thing the first prototype a lot of parts were made out of like styrofoam and it was kind of called together I the new one looks a lot better it's more refined as like your materials obviously the sensors don't look as crazy but it still doesn't have any like interactive pieces for the driver so there's no steering wheel no pedals or anything like that but

Google's going to start testing this new prototype on its test tracks and then eventually it'll come out sometime after the start of the year which is now on actual roads so yay for self-driving cars if ever there were a car that looked like it wanted to give you a hug it would be it would be the Google self-driving prototype yes it's very cute yeah I've never seen like the auto the auto show pictures from like Japanese auto shows pretty much that's like every car from there it looks it does it looks like a Japanese like key car concept or something I remember I

Remember there being a car that was like it was like a rubber car that like if it hit you it wouldn't really hurt that was prototype to one of those shows and this looks exactly like the the car you can be head screw I believe a 1,500 pound car hitting you at 30 miles an hour would not hurt as long as it was made of real long as it's made of rubber that the entire car basically has to deform and everybody inside the car will be crushed but it won't hurt you personally well that's that's you know salt olive will break your fall does that does the Google self-driving car have android

Auto in it because it I'm you're really sure I'm gonna bet it actually does it yeah I think laughing as a hitter at otto and now we're looking to that in the future as a possibility in eight years once Android ohit's that'll be a self-driving car version yeah android oreo probably another done by me dying so that's a corporate tie-in I don't know don't we'll do that every couple do it every couple versions probably yeah and then the denials green Oreos and they won't be any different those actually already have green or as I think it a minute one yeah I think we've

Just we just hit on the future here this is going to happen it'll be lime green and terrible that'd probably be a disappointing project for the sculptor though exists and it's just three circles I guess you really interview with the Oreo like inlay and everything let's try a few need a little intro fool getting out it no it could be it could be like a gray like a glass of milk with the Oreo like dipping into the top and that's like the android head and like the haha that yeah I am they should do they should start on that right now because I would like to see that

Definitely what were that weird isn't angry I if I'm wrong about moon pie then David takes a pie to the face Ghana and then Android Nutella I wonder if we could just start the myth that David betta pie on something and if it becomes big enough he would just have to you would just have to suck it up and deal with it and by himself or be called a liar on the Internet I don't want to see him smashes himself with the pie I want to see him eat a whole pie next I bet hop it I bet that David has probably been called a liar on the internet before i'm gonna guess it's probably you

Know we we all laughs I've been accused of being a shill for so many companies if even half of those accusations were real I would be so rich right now it should about day your Lincoln professional shill yeah she'll consulting she'll analyst alright well enough about future non-existent versions of Android let's talk about the one we've got right now lollipop which had a pretty a pretty big memory leak issue that has been reported by millions of thousands of hundreds of people and it looks like we might be seeing a future resolution nota no real tell of

When so David first of all what's the what's the issue that's that's been reported uh so there was this thing and it mostly affected people on Nexus Phi's and Nexus 7's but I think that was probably because at the time the issue was first spotted it was during the Developer Preview the first release and then the second release came and then get fixed and then the official release a lollipop game it still wasn't fixed so what would happen is that over time basically the RAM and the device would fill up if you went to I think the device storage or no the running

Applications menu it wouldn't show that your RAM was filling up but people dumped you know logs and everything it was obvious that the system was forcing applications out of memory because thought the memory was full and that would crash apps or running in the background for example like google play music or any other audio streaming app might just stop for no reason and that's obviously extremely frustrating so Google finally marked this is it had 1750 stars after only six weeks on the tracker which definitely makes it the fastest starred issue and tracker of

All time without a doubt is everything else in there with that many stars is way older so apparently a lot of people had this issue that or you know somebody had really popular thread on XDA and told everybody star it but it's fixed now and it should be coming out in a later release of Android like 50 three or five dot one who knows so you will horribly see that yeah aurea or Nutella one of those or something in there it sits between Android five and six yeah I know this like I'd I know like sometimes when i boot up my phone like after a couple of minutes it'll indicate things

Have crashed that I didn't even open before I'm not sure if that's the same thing or not but it was like randomly told me oh yeah you dog catchers criminy guys even hope those 70 80 50 stars had some more behavior decided that it's close enough it may as well yeah this is one of those things where where I hadn't asked questions these symptoms are vague enough that people could make yeah sure I think maybe I kind of saw that one time I might as well start this pretty much somebody's like oh one of my apps crash that's clearly google's fault and this is exactly what I think like the

Like the most noticeable symptom of that was like the the home screen redraw like I mean I've seen that happen on on the Nexus 5 throughout the development process oh my little that's wrong with mine but that's what's wrong with my Nexus 9 because it redraws the home screen pretty often that might be mine does that sometimes um yes okay it's just a nexus 9 make you guys but I mean yet I think the home screen thing was like the the most prominent issue because I've never I mean I've never had background apps uh freak out in quite the way some people have yeah I've not

Had promised land redraws definitely had background app crashes I don't know if it's all the same thing but who knows maybe we'll see a fixed fortune alright so a little bit of an interesting update to the developer policies on the google play store so apparently user testimonials are now no longer good you can use them anymore so Ryan what's the reasoning there well so several things probably as usual Google didn't really explain you know why but they gave some sort of examples and they they basically said that your descriptions for your

Apps should speak for themselves and users should have you know in the user review should be in the user review area because firstly there's no way to tell if the user review that you stuck in your description is accurate you know you can't just like put you know best app ever five stars you know says some guy and then the other thing is developers were actually we're intentionally picking user reviews out to highlight that that had keywords in it that would help them in search so they would like pick out a review that mentioned like clash of clans or

Something so that they would show up in searches when people search for that and that is of course that dovetails with some past changes where Google say do no more no more keyword stuffing in your descriptions so yeah developers are not supposed to do that anymore it's the sort of thing where i will tell you to stop and if you don't they will remove your app so yeah i mean you should you should no longer see user reviews they didn't clarify if that included like like excerpts from from reviews on websites like you know sometimes people take snippets from what we've written

About a nap and put it in their description that i think is ok but anything they take out if the user reviews is no good in some cases they'll take down your app and then tell you to stop stuffing keywords yeah google is a little a little a little automated when it comes to all of the app stuff sometimes your app is just gone and then you have to you know say okay i've done the thing in a few days later they'll maybe put it back I thought the process was that they asked you politely and then they said come on guys and then they said don't make me get the wooden

Spoon I think it depends how many strikes you have on your account how serious they are about it all right so uh next let's talk a little bit about Android TV or specifically Android TV com which is a website that is apparently not owned at all I Android or Google or any of its various forms um it looks like there's maybe a little bit of an illegitimate product going on over there I David yeah so we saw this after somebody on google+ posted a series of text messages between the person who posted and allegedly the quote president of android TV calm and

In which he said some not nice things to do these to this person who bought the android TV comm box so if you go to android TV com you'll recognize rather quickly that it's not a Google own site but it does sell a product called Android TV Google obviously also has something called Android TV and you can buy a nexus player that runs android TV whereas the box on Android TV com in fact does not run android TV thereby you might understand the potential for confusion between these products so basically this domain was registered in I think 2006 by this guy Fernando

Escobar and he didn't use it for anything I think until like two thousand ten or eleven and then he started this blog about robotics and then it went down again and then a 2013 auld sudden there's he's uh selling what's called a I think they called an X in box at the time EXO o n and they called its Android TV com and there's all this Android branding and eventually they renamed it to Android TV although for a while they had the x-wing power pro on Amazon with Android Central's lloyd logo just on the box i'm going to guess without any kind of permission so these guys are

Obviously in some relatively shady business here the reason it's kind of news is because back in march google actually sought and I can ruling which is the basically the body in the u.s. that sides who're does or does not own a domain and can forcibly seized that from somebody anywhere in the world and Google loss to dispute and set a tone own Android TV com the basis for dismissing it was essentially because Google has these branding guidelines about the Android trademark that it's not in I cans you know power under the Act they have this the ability to decide

These disputes and they said hey Google you can go file a lawsuit against these guys you know we're not commenting on the merits but it makes it sound like yeah they think you know if you were to take this to court and do a trademark dispute yeah google would probably win and then you'd be able to get domain back google as far as we can tell never filed a lawsuit they may be just don't care anymore or maybe they're getting ready to file lawsuit or maybe they forgot about it I don't know anyways uh it's just a kind of a funny story and we posted it because of the the text

Message transcripts between this guy and the owner of the company that sells a set-top boxes which is goes to show that they're not exactly legit I got some they got some good PR people there I can tell you that much definitely yes all right let's move on to the rim around oh it's time for the rumor roundup alright so CES is coming very very soon so now is the time to get started with dcs CES rumors and we'll start off with a sous and their next there there next is n phone which we expect will be announced at CES we we got a leak denouncement are actually more of an

Official teaser and then some leaked details of from the bluetooth certification so Ryan is this looking like it's anything to be all excited about well we cannot say for certain if this is the same phone but the bluetooth certification listing for for this device the zc 5 or 4 51 cg which is a really snappy name is apparently it looks like an entry-level phone which is most of what asus makes these days so if this is the device that they were teasing i mean it's going to be a very inexpensive budget device so it's not super exciting it's a four and a half

Inch 480 x 854 screen a gig of ram 20 100 million power battery just sort of you know an okay phone it will probably sell you know for very little unlocked but this might be a completely different device we're not we're not entirely certain but we will you know hopefully find out at CES asus has not really made a phone for the US market in a long time they have they brought a version of the the PadFone over on AT&T which is not really an awesome device but um you know it would be nice if they would actually make a premium phone for the US market because their tablets are you know are

Reasonably good but this doesn't seem premium at all yeah no I mean if this is ameet if this is the the phone that they're teasing its yeah it's super boring i also have a CES rumor that i'd like to start i believe there will be chicken satay at CES I've not confirmed this with anyone but i'm gonna guess it's gonna be there ok so my interpretation because what was the what was the what was the saying see what can't be seen or something yeah it was some weird like um camera thing and they like their teaser had this like frame of two cameras next

To each other that look like eyes and so we're trying to figure out if it's going to be such a dual camera thing but I I mean I I think that was just like a video effect of some sort I don't know why they did it but well I have a theory i think that when they're talking about the thing that can't be seen there actually referring to pixels because based on that screen resolution i'm pretty sure you'll be able to see the pics yeah I'm hoping it's like an IR sensor you can see ya yeah infrared allows you to see in the dark mmm I guess I mean that would be kind of

Expensive or a temperature Skinner it could be that too like the things you'd most most camera sensors can do I are by default they just put I our filters yeah lenses but they're crappy at it they're not real microbe lammeter's their theta they're they're very sketchy as far as microbe lammeter's Bob there they can't do they can't read temperature as well and as far as contrast or not as good as a real IR camera a real IR camera is pretty expensive still probably be looking at a couple hundred bucks at least premium on top of the phone if you want a real IR camera I feel like people

Like people like me buying an IR camera would be kind of like buying a star filter like it's it's only useful like five times in your life and even that it's not that useful right it's just kind of a cool effect I think like one of the one of the things that the I when I review that IR camera one of their like scenarios was like oh fine hidden critters in your backyard it's like I mean seriously do you notice that I find your dog in your backyard oh there he is right in front of me I know maybe here maybe you have a dog that the camouflage is very well in your backyard it's so

You can find the raccoon that's been raping your yard gnome difference and then do what run away I mean it wants to take on a rack and really away from that that kind of raccoon is you want to stay away from you should run I somehow we've gotten to raccoons ray you're known transition to the next topic yeah good luck alright so in Brazil they don't really have raccoons I don't think they have raccoons do they have long outsmart it in fact that's the name of most Brazilian streaking the we're the raccoons the ROM flashing raccoons with around Coons anyways so

Brazil's a moto site apparently let leak a little bit of a little bit of an upgrade to the Moto G that may or may not have the lt's on board so uh David do we think that this is a legit thing or is this may be something in Brazil see you nobody else will what are you thoughts no idea uh it's Motorola's Brazilian website so i assume it's me Sammy I wonder if it's still there I'm going to check real quick and see if the LT stuff is still there it is not it's gone so they realized their mistake apparently I'm gonna guess that they had an announcement date in mind and then

The you bub so I was updated and the announcement didn't happen anyway I think we can assume that yeah there's going to be an LTE moto G available in price Southeast Asia Europe in the u.s. maybe some parts Europe I don't know how the distribution there goes but the fact that it exists and there was a moto g LT for the US for the first generation would make sense it is going to be one for the second generation the only difference aside from LTE really is going to be the battery which is significantly larger 2390 milliamp hours which is versus the 2070 in the standard

Moto G second generation now for the u.s. we never got the 16 gigabyte version of the second jet moto G the LTE version i think is going to come with 16 gigabytes and there won't be an eggy bite option i'm not sure how it was with the first generation but the LTE second gen version on the brazilian side only offers 16 gigabytes of storage otherwise it's basically it is the same phone just slightly heavier fun fact that battery is larger than the battery in the Moto X is it it's $25 standing and it's 2,300 in the Moto X nice all right well let's

Move on to the hachi hot sheet all right so Samsung's making pretty much all the news in the hot sheet this week starting off with a new variant of the galaxy note 4 it is a very very fast variant of the note 4 but we probably shouldn't get too excited about it here in the state should we Liam right so this new variant of the note 4 has lte-advanced tribe and carrier aggregation which is really rolls off the tip of your tongue um basically it means that you are downloading things from multiple LT bands so there's a download for multiple sources or yeah so we're not going to

See this in the US anytime soon likely it'll be in South Korea but as sprint has at least said that it will enable carrier aggregation sometime this year but yeah it's really fast and we will likely never see it and it's a new 40 much it seems to me like this is pretty much the natural extension of what they did with the download Booster in the galaxy s5 we're in that case it was it was aggregating Wi-Fi + brain cell signal in this case it's just multiple cell signals right it's also the I believe the first phone announced with Snapdragon 810 if you care oh yeah which

Is using the i believe the 810 is actually a 64-bit yeah i think there's their arm reference cores and steady out there a 50 threes and a 57 s in that big little setup so i think i think the usual big ones or 64-bit I don't remember though I think anything 10 in the qualcomm naming scheme is 64-bit and uses the newer ARM cores but they're not the thing is it's weird about that they're not Qualcomm's Creek is anymore so who knows how really fast it's going to be I mean I I have a device using snapdragons 610 and it seems pretty quick an HTC phone but

We'll see what happens it's really wants is usually because I'm never gonna use this phone I don't know what I'm saying that's stupid thing to say I retract that I don't ever see what happens can sprint aggregate carrier signal from other carriers that would be cool I'd be about the only valuable thing they could do with radiation right so they become a what do they call them potluck no MVNO for all the other carry commit they become an mvno for all the other carriers it's compare sprint speed to like um extracting sap from a tree like a maple tree right if you triple what

I've sad if you could hold street trees together and the point of extraction with like it would it would be faster but it would still be prohibitively slow they should rebrand themselves to brisk walk brisk walk hey you know what's the what's the walmart carrier straight talk straight out they should do this cuz they've got over two carriers they just give you a sim card they get a phone that you put cdma modem and three sim slots in there and you just aggregate all the freaking signal and alloys drink talks actually owned by the mexican mega giant telecommunications company i

Forget the name of it I think it's Mexican mega giant telecommunications company it's that guy the one of the richest guys in the world slam realest Carlos idea los Pollos hermanos the chicken cousins brothers it's chicken cousins brothers cousins it's cousins I think everyone owes I don't banish cross was a long time ago I thought hermanos was just a name now well it's not so it's a relation huh pretty sure it's a cousin nobody in a chat room is going to correct me if I'm wrong it's brothers the brothers dammit it's brothers chanting brothers in this

Episode Matt doesn't know Spanish alright well I can live with that I mean Spanish one was a long time ago so Edward police is not bilingual we're sorry we're not I can speak a little French qua song alright so let's move on to the next limited release Samsung device the new edition limited edition of the Samsung Galaxy alpha which I would say appeals to a particular subset of tastes your subset right they let people with no taste probably I think these are these are ugly phones so yeah there are four different versions of this device they have alligator skin

Backs and they're all different colors there's like a like a phosphorescent blue one and a red one and a dark brown one and light brown one and they're all just really ugly I realized that is that is my personal aesthetic judgment about these devices but seriously they're ugly we did a poll because artem was of the opinion that they looked really good and i wanted to prove to him that he was wrong so the poll that the top response thirty one percent of respondents i am physically ill right now so that's how that's how unpleasant these phones are very very unpleasant yeah there i mean

You should just go and look at that just look at just look at the the post and marvel at how unattractive these phones are and they're going to sell for seven hundred and ninety dollars it sets a 649 euros either going on sale in France you'll probably be able to buy one online for a premium if you really want I don't know why you would though cuz they're gross yeah the person who can't get enough Oh alligator skin in their life you know and like the best part is they have the little flowers etched in the corner of the back like as if it without a two of them the right one and

The blue one do right there's good probably other those would be less natural colors the other one is you know if there was a brown alligator which there's there's not but if there was that's what his skin would look like and the other one appears to be a sort of more of an alligator color I guess with a little bit of gold so a go fund alligator I would love to see a shimmery bronze alligator and a blue and around to be honest yeah the flower just really pushes it over the top of like ugly like why would you do this maybe that flower

Was actually a tattoo the alligator head ok n no i I just I feel like Samsung like they said I think we like we've heard that the Alpha is going to go away they're they're not gonna make any more of them but I don't know if they just decided one last hurrah let's make this really ugly version with the phone so this phone we made that was supposed to be more attractive will be remembered as as gross also I keep remembering that they said they were going to overhaul their smartphone approach yeah and then and then they come out with this and like I'm holding this against them maybe

That's the overhaul all of them are going to be out before they did they did like the faux leather thing like galaxy s6 it's gonna be fo alligator skin young marine and variety it's gonna be real good like you guys wanted premium right this is premium no I like the one the the greenish blue one that has it has kind of tones like like certain other colors that you see at the right side versus the left-sided actually I didn't like that at all but it made me wish that hypercolor was still around and that they would make a phone with Samsung not nobody probably members

Hypercolor right let's say I i love the fact that you had to start a poll to prove this someone's personal i wouldn't have done it if it wasn't artem it's just really thought they looked cool yeah so I mean wickedly have the shame in ending I mean this comes up a lot you know our term has interesting taste and we like to point out that we disagree with them quite vociferous Lee and this was the very secure with way I could do thanks that everyone disagrees but strangers that we don't know disagree yeah everyone this looks terrible Artem I didn't know

All right so uh I hate to move on from this topic but there are ugly phones out there that we need to make fun of that aren't the new limited edition Galaxy alpha in this particular case it's a energy energizer it's an energizer phone yum is that a brand that people like think man i would i would really buy a smartphone but if only one was made by energizer I don't is that is that a brand that people recognize and think I demand quality give me energizer for batteries maybe well phones batteries it's illogical illogical next steps test you have batteries and this road most

Part of batteries this recognized beauty by a company called ddm claims to have a long life battery we don't know what that means just as long life so cool it has capacitive buttons it looks like a grenade let's let's point out the order of the capacitive buttons from left to right yeah whole menu back it's like it's the worst it's the worst set up again it doesn't have the right things or the right order and I most Chinese phones have the back button in a weird position but none of them have the home button way out on way out in left field that's that's completely ridiculous is

Like a throwback to the the age of four buttons and then they just cut the search button off yes I want some search button I unashamedly missed the search button damnit i missed the search button i was hoping somebody would come along and be like where's the search button energizer what are you doing I'm also just for doing it go ahead I was just gonna ask did anybody pick up on the fact that the phone is shaped like a battery is it though I mean it's vaguely I mean it's like I didn't matter think like rectangular I don't mean I don't think it's marie i think it's shaped

Like a ruggedized cat phone I did but it's it's tapered it kind of looks like a battery to me that you know if it had like a little dimple unlike the top then it was a battery it needs positive and negative term or something like it comes with it comes with a charging cradle that you like slotted into it's got a spring on the bottom yes it's exactly the most insane just slide inside the krail are actually just two double-a so you need for prize money you need to start to Kickstarter right now Ryan if I know if Samsung had designed this like it would look like a battery

Like the back would be as a semi cylinder that back would be made out of recycled batteries like you're such a janitor batteries would be reclaimed that it would probably have like ten thousand million power battery yeah I think it's funny like the battery it's a long life battery how many millionaires long life also like this is something you're making a phone with a brand from a battery like you should probably include what the battery is that's kind of important right if if they're serious about this which I mean personally I can't take it seriously so it's not

Serious at all this is totally energizer like having like hey we're not making enough money who can we license the brand 20 somebody wants make energizer smartphone let's do that I never ran a company who wants to make a jelly bean fun awesome yeah sure I wonder forget they're gonna have like a like the energizer bunny logo anywhere on it that would be that'd be fun I just oh well here's an energizer pink here's what here's exactly why they won't do that the Energizer Bunny is a US only thing in other parts of the world they use a Duracell bunny so therefore it would be

Conflict of interest oh really I was not aware of this how very interesting you do a search for Duracell bunny it's a pink bunny with a battery in its back its thing yeah it actually it actually it's far older than gin desert me so energizers straight-up stole dura cells mascot uh pretty much like that it's uh it's sort of it's like it's a more anthropomorphised bunny it's got a discipline horrifies bunny said he doesn't have the drum I feel like the drum is is more smart it actually did have the drum at one point in time but the drum was uh was um was not vertical

It was horizontal and it would beat on it from the top don't ya you know a lot about the duracell bunny what's up with that it was on reddit a couple months ago anybody else seeing images of like a sumo wrestler made of small bunnies yes that's that's thing that's a thing that they as far as like international mascots go that I've never seen before this is way better than happy the anthropomorphic Happy Meal box and I'm saying definitely just got a furry fan art result for the duracell bunny I'm God yeah i kinda Pettis did you know

Weird Duracell bunny the Hedgehog oh that's yeah that's well that is and that is and this wait is this is the duracell bunny on Mars or is that or is that supposed to be a desert I'm not clear on that but no no I just see grass and other things well good for them oh and here's somebody just took a bunny and photoshopped a bunch of batteries like stabbing it in the side that's real clever I guess good I've got to say that the duracell bunny is substantially creepier then this is five nights at freddy it's a little out there it looks like the original commercials were like

There's a picture here of the cool energizer bunny with the sunglasses in front of a bunch of bunnies with the drum which was the original Duracell thing yeah so it was actually them saying we're much cooler and we keep going even when the other pink bunny stop it's kind of cool I imagine this was probably the subject of many many incredibly boring lawsuits I wonder if there were lawsuits have to look into that yeah that'll be on next week next week's show and completely it'll be like it'll be like meet the ad people behind and meet energizer those jerks who stole

Duracell bunny is coming next week whether you like it or not right in the middle of CES when they announced this hello post about how glad house listen I don't care about the Xperia z4 let me tell you about energizer and duracell at their legal spot I tell you one thing the Energizer Bunny I never realized that he wore flip flops until today it's kind of weird that he wears shoes at all you think about it yeah he's a he's a bunny I mean and you know and he has a drum I mean really these are not funny things uh well bunnies like rhythm that's all I gotta say so the sandals i

Would bet or a call back to like uh what's his name guy who did the marathon oh yeah him I remember yeah the guy who did the mayor the messenger messenger who did he who ran a marathon and then he died and i assume these men sandals because that's a growth in the energizer bunny goes long distances therefore wear sandals the etc i see interesting that's my theory so the marathon guy well i'm now I'm really mad i dont rember what his name was Hermes from the original marathon well as hermes it was Hermes I think wasn't it no no no that's effects occur no you did bodies was the original

Plan this hermes and he did wear sandals that had wings I don't remember them like my Korean this is totally totally tangential and nonsensical but I'd like Hermes was the Greek god I don't know if that was like the marathon person I ran a realtor cities yeah I don't know welcome to 30 seconds ago yeah not only said that like sometimes well you should have said a louder should I sell her lips on the fled deputies they needed to start with a harder sound they did a hard Oh hard for you all right the that's I think we have possibly wasted more time on that topic

Than we should have even yeah I'll possibly tell that we're low on topics this week no he's got product review we got a product review that said Muhammad it's time for product reviews it's part of the show where we review the product this week will be such a product that we were of you the asus zenbook Shh yes no so the zen watch is is a sis's first SmartWatch it it was the last one of the the 6 1st gen watches to sort of become widely available and it is one of the cheaper cheaper ones it's 200 bucks I can get in google play and it's actually surprisingly good it looks pretty nice I

Think compared to a lot of the watches I guess I I would say the Moto 360 is still more attractive in my opinion but the Zen watch first for a square SmartWatch is pretty good I mean it it doesn't look out of place you can sort of where it out and not feel super awkward it's not like strapping a little screen to your wrist like the G watch the band is actually really cool it has a little as a folding clasp that works pretty well this screen is is an AMOLED 320 x 320 but it's kind of it doesn't use like any anti-icing when it's in ambient mode and it sort of I feel like

It sort of turns off some pixels to save power so it doesn't look great it doesn't render find details well at all um I've heard that that Google's standards for for implementing Android wear call for not using anti-aliasing in ambient mode but I feel like most of the other watches do because this one kind of stands out is looking not great in ambient mode so that's something to be aware of and then it's only ip55 instead of a 67 or 68 like the other watches so you're not supposed to submerge it it's just sort of resistant to being doused with water like you're washing your

Hands but I mean otherwise it seems like a pretty premium device it looks it looks cool it has this copper accent sort of around the around the edge that blends in nicely with the band and I mean for 200 bucks I think it's a pretty good bye and it's getting to the point now that you know if you haven't bought a watch yet you don't want to buy like a three-hundred-dollar g-watch are when they're probably going to be 2nd gen wear devices in a couple months that are a lot better so I mean I like this and much more than I thought I would like it

And I mean just have kind of a weird charging cradle I mean a couple watches do but its overall a pretty cool device and and actually in addition just recently we posted an overview of all of the first gen watches that's pretty close to the front page of the sites you should go and look at that if you're still thinking about buying one so you can see all the pros and cons in one place if I was going to buy one right now I would almost definitely go used on ebay because the the nearness of the new generation of watches yeah if you can find you know something that looks you

Know good to you on sale then that's the way to go you can find a Zen watch on sale that would be that's probably a pretty good by because it's 200 new it'll be cheap I've got imagine they're a ton of moto 360 s on ebay it pretty reasonable prices yeah probably i mean especially I mean the leather ones especially because that the metal one came out and some people I know would have would have bought you know gotten a new one or something or you know what's funny to me is they raid the watches like ip67 and then ship them with a leather band and it's like you you're

Not supposed to put leather in water you will destroy it eventual be another three buddies are watching the Moto 360 band in particular because it is really really soft leather I mean it's really comfortable but I mean it gets creased pretty quickly from the the buckle strap watch ours gets crease pretty quickly it's not especially soft though yeah I didn't man i I just I took the the G watch our band off immediately replaced it it's just for a three-hundred-dollar watch that band as a joke yeah and they'd like tried to promote it when they originally talked to us about like

Oh it's real Katzkin leather and I'm like it's real crappy calfskin leather yeah yeah really I mean it like the Zen watch band feels a lot nicer in fact yeah I just at you when I when we saw it at UH Aoife yeah I mean it still just gets stolen a genuine leather band but I mean if it's nicer than the you know then the G watch our yeah as far as leather bands go the band isn't that bad I actually by the way I picked up g-watch are that much but I find that leather bands in general are just too stiff I am very eager to replace this with the middle band yeah it does it

Actually looks really good with it like a silver metal band I've seen a couple pictures of it and I by the way the statement this leather is too stiff I'm going to replace it with metal just sounds ridiculous all yeah like one of the cool things about about the this and watch is I mean some people don't really like this look but i like that the lugs are sort of spaced out a little bit you've got you've got extra space between the body of the watch and where the the spring bar is because that means that you can put pretty much any any 22 millimeter band on it like the the Moto

360 has that weird plastic tab that basically makes all other bands incompatible and did you watch our has very little clearance between the body of the watch and the spring bar so that's where of limits what you can attach to it but the Zen watch would be very forgiving the spring bar also has a little little globe only as a yet as a tab yeah like the M like the gear live so it's really easy to take the stock band off yep all right let's uh let's move on to app updates alright so we don't have any specific apps that were updated this week we're

Going to talk about but instead we're going to take this opportunity because we know a lot of people out there probably got new devices tablets phones where devices whatever the case may be for the holidays and just as a general primer um if there's any apps you guys have out there that you'd recommend being the first ones on the list to download and install anything maybe new that's gone unnoticed let's just kind of throw some suggestions out there so anybody got any ideas for new devices out there David maybe you well I'm a terrible person start with well her

Yourself right when I was about to ask if somebody was going to I'm looking at the apps on my phone i'm going to end up this is actually dead somebody's gonna say pushbullet so if you don't have yes push validation sort of one of those things that is so ridiculously useful that you kind of you just sort of have to have it installed these days personally I already like Isis but it's mainly because my corporate work policy does not allow me to install chrome on anything so kind of useless though if you have chrome and you can use Chrome it's probably awesome that was not me

Ranting and being annoyed at all by the way okay um super boring apps hey sir um I do have been using cook pad a lot which isn't cooking app where people it's like user-generated recipes and photos and stuff so I enjoy that i've been using action launcher the new one it's pretty good yes i like i like action launcher he added the he added eye contact support like immediately after launch because everybody complained i remember before we we had a hands-on for it when it came out so we had we had it a couple days early and i told him like hey just see her where

People are going to be upset with you when this doesn't have my contacts of course he's like yeah i know i mean it's on the list and then of course everybody freaked out so yeah I just um I wasn't I didn't use it very much before I tried it before but now that he added the theming and everything with palette that wasn't it and if you if you try action launcher you should definitely install musi because action launcher will automatically update the theme when use the updates the wallpaper it's super cool as soon as I install an action launcher and installed that too yeah

Musi is good like I had stopped using it for a while but he actually just updated that recently it has you know it's a better UI for however much you're actually in the museum and then it also has a watch face for Android wear so that so it's just like a genius idea like the idea of map that other apps can plug into as far as like having like people can make their own app that plugs into music and yeah it was like I remember a couple years ago had what was in it look Hal but the automation app thing was really huge a couple years back and that had a like a plug-in

Infrastructure thing as well and I made it really cool yeah yeah that's actually the the how do you tame use museum using mousse I I guess I've always just said musi I don't really know it's a it's like a transliteration of a Russian word so I don't know if there's actually a right way to say it well I I just started using that recently and initially I liked it because it starts off with the starry night and everything's great and then it starts going through a bunch of pictures that I didn't like but you just start getting the pictures you don't like you just go

Into the ad sources option you does a little search the play store for you and returns a bunch results for her plugins for it and you can get anything from space HD space pictures to landscape pictures to Marvel comic pictures there's all kinds of plugins it's actually it's actually pretty cool I like a lot I am I like I downloaded the plugin for Romain geese flickr account because he takes awesome photos right you can also skip pictures you don't like if you can get that and just skip to the next we can go to yup yeah I mean some sometimes you hit like some

Services of API omits like if you have a 500px thing I think you can only skip a certain number of things before it stops working but oh yeah there are there are so many plugins for that up it's it's super fun I guess my recommendation would be even though I have a lot of issues but the usability with their app it has a pretty you I it's called split wise it's a way to manage bills between groups of people or just you know like two people my girlfriend i use it for bills and stuff and all it is it's just a way to enter expenses into and a service and you like

Name a group and you get people in the group and then you you know put who paid for what and like it's set by default so you split it equally between two people but you can do a by proportion you can do it by exact amount you can say one person has the full amount or whatever it's just a really great way to manage personal expenses I don't know if it'd be roll suited for business and the apps you I is sometimes confusing I don't think it's set up right but it's a really useful service and it's pretty reliable I had some issues early on but in the app is great in the websites

Great too they've got a great web app they've got an iOS app it's a it is a genuinely useful service um I do want to say that after the last podcast that I was on um i downloaded trivia crack because bob was talking about it and it's really fun to and I am I played like a one-round and I don't know it didn't really it didn't grab me I found it kind of kind of confusing you lost didn't you I III think I i won won won game 1 round then I lost other wenches I didn't open it again so that's that's unfortunate i guess we think it's fun even though some of the questions are

Like they either super obvious or just hilarious yeah okay so one other thing if you have a lollipop device the screen recording app wreck has updated with lollipop support so you can use that without root and it is my favorite screen recording app so you should get that is I think it's free to try at least I don't know if there's like a paid upgrade but it's pretty cool I think I think I'd have to probably recommend bacon reader I have been oh I use bacon reader all time I look I have been essentially staring at bacon reader for about four-fifths of

My existence for the last six months and I think if that isn't a ring doors modelo it is yeah I love faith I've tried multiple reddit clients and that they can read your far and away remains my favorite they also have a really good iOS app too and yeah so you can go across platforms with your bacon reader experience but nothing like always we may hear a text saying yeah I bounced around to like two different apps for reddit on the phone but i always use reddit is fun on tablets because it's dual pane interface i think is a lot better yeah i will say the dual pane

Interface for bacon reader on my ipad isn't fantastic but the app itself is still very reliable and fast and readable I've been using reddit sync pro for a really long time I really like there isn't any or Android circle jerk officially endorsed application for it it is not a lot to do city probably in a they did update it with them you know material design I guess I don't know that I don't know that I like that the the nav bar is like blue no you can change that though with the settings okay and you too what today to jitters lag navigation bar it's just uh it's

Just a check box that's that's way too much work I want to be told what color I should like see no it's black black is ok I like I mean I like the the translucent nav bar in in five point where it's like instead of in KitKat where it was like the gradient and you couldn't see anything it's just sort of the shaded block I think about forty percent opacity years I think that's the best way to do it if you're gonna have some I've stuff client have been thinking about this since the guidelines came out and I still have not thought of a good instance where it makes sense to

Me to theme the navbar yeah you know it seems distracting because it's the system UI in its part that you like hardly ever interact with unless you're leaving the app so i don't know i just don't know why it should match this with my personal aside i always feel like if I were an app developer i would probably full screen mode everything and just make it yeah I you know that's happened the way I feel about it to an extent I do not like the nav bar Android as a thing to me it's it's a waste of space and the times you're going to use it inside of an application

I that I feel like there are ways to do this without using the screen but that's a totally different conversation I guess I'm alone weighs to advocate for software buttons versus hardware buggies I don't think Barbara buttons are necessarily the answer I just don't think that having this you know half inch black space on the bottom of your display is especially useful I'm like at Apple mean it's it's the tough issue because you do need that to be instantly available yeah yeah I mean I don't know every time I've ever had a phone with like physical buttons there have always

Been issues with them though I just I don't know why but I just have always had problems with like especially capacitive buttons just like getting laggy or acting like weird or being triggered when I'm not actually touching them yeah I don't like passive buttons either really I mean I'll be honest I find that that the home button is still like I at the end of the day it does to the things that those buttons do you tap it and it goes home you DoubleTap it and it multitasks and I mean for back I feel like that probably so many apps have back actions implemented into them

Already that there's a lot of overlap for that functionality the thing about that is that Google has this idealistic vision that there's a difference between back navigation and not navigation but nobody understands how it's supposed to work either developers the core users and they never will so yeah that's a really terrible situation hmm all right well if there's a if there's no more apps to recommend we'll move on to other news okay we'll move on to other needs you it's time throughout their games it's the news other than what we've been talking about already all right so

Samsung making a little bit of news in the component department manufacturing things that are pushing things onward and upward and making phones greater for the future right David yeah so they Samsung you know that they made some more ram you can have more RAM in your phone probably this year I'm going to say next year I'll in the next few weeks when referring to this year so they produced an eight gigabit LP ddr4 ram chip which essentially means that you're going to have four gigabyte ram and 4 gigabytes of RAM in your phone probably pretty

Soon here Samsung is the world's number one supplier of random access memory modules dims or may that's not what a dim specifically is but basically Samsung makes the most memory in the world that of everybody so it's important when they make an advancement in memory technology so yeah four gigabytes of RAM may be coming to a phone or tablet i would assume tablet probably near you at some point most likely i forget the this does a 32-bit actually address four gigs ram or do the wise so there are you know natively you can probably i know the case with

Windows is you can address about 3.7 gigabytes i'm not sure if it's going to be a little different on android although i've heard also that you know really in reality you can only probably use three point two five gigabytes or maybe a little more than that i think it varies but if you really want to use more than three bytes of ram in a device that's only got a 32-bit processor you can do what i called physical address extensions so that that can work and that's that's a totally doable thing it's not extremely common but it's something that can be done but i think

The fact is that these these particular ram chips will only be in 64-bit android devices because then you don't have to you know do a workaround that just it just works great alright so one last note obviously this is the first show of the new year usually we like to take a little bit time to go through and throw out some wild or really not so wild in fact totally predictable predictions but i figured hey let's uh let's take a few Mets let's go around the room and well let's see what what we might expect to see in 2015 who wants to kick it off uh not me Dana

David go I'm i predict that google won't release a nexus tablet this year I in the face Trista yeah not go and pie in the face confident that one is it's a feeling so wait I mean do you feel like because they just think that the nexus 9 will be good for another year or just do you think so that in the next nine probably they kind of I have to feel they're not selling a lot of stem and the fact that they didn't refresh the nexus 7 the fact that they never came out with the successor for the nexus 10 even though they were obviously working on one at some point I kinda feel like

Google is moving a little bit away from tablets maybe they'll move to in every two year cycle for a nexus tablet or maybe plans will change entirely I don't know I feel like the Nexus program is going to normalize a little bit this year I think that this I think that 2014 was an anomaly for nexus devices because of the Android silver program and now that i think as like more or less officially gone i think that i actually i think that we're probably gonna see a refresh on the nexus 7 this year i think we're going to see another low price nexus phone device because i don't think

There's going to be a scramble I felt like this pasture there was a scramble to get a nexus 2 I you know I think the nexus 9 which was totally planned ahead I feel like maybe that HTC wasn't necessarily gonna be the manufacturer originally yeah yeah I think the problem was that HTC hasn't made a tablet in its like three years and they just couldn't do it cheaply enough and get the the features that Google wha you know the other thing I think is I don't think there will be a new Nexus 7 I think Google's trying to get out of the 7 inch tablet game and I think a lot of the

OEMs are too i think they're seen as they're not serious the margins on them aren't very good they usually have to be pretty cheap for people to be interested in them and some phones are like six inches now right i I don't think well I think we're gonna see a significantly smaller Nexus phone this year I feel like that the the Nexus 6 is going to definitely be an anomaly in that respect I mean I think that we've heard a couple times that this was probably originally going to be a silver device a motorola silvered phone every purposed as a nexus because so we know

Our next sense it makes a lot of sense and David explained it in one of our post but I do think that they were planning an existent originally then they the nexus 10 idea died and they condensed the tablet lineup into one kind of moderate nine inch size yeah I feel like they're that's why I don't think they're gonna do a tablet this year because i think they want to try to focus on a single size and they want to say this is you know roughly the size that we think most habits are going to be and if they do the nexus 9 again this year i bet it'd be a minor refresh and I

Don't think Google's in the business of doing that usually with Nexus devices I want them to do another nexus 9 just because this nexus 9 is not all it could have been yeah I feel like this was really somebody really dropped the ball in terms of implementation it could have been good but then which is weird because they did plan for it like so heavily again Nelly they asked mean I have to think that they originally wanted LG on this because it looks just like a nexus 5 is so major blown up Nexus 5 is I bet the that silver just screwed everything up because we know

That LG was working on a nexus phone at some point and they had to cancel that so maybe LG was just like nope we're out we're not interested in messing around with this nexus stuff if you're gonna cancel things yeah it's entirely possible it could have been a pretty rocky fallout yeah yeah and you might be right it might be just a refresh to the nexus 9 a minor refresh I just my feeling on the matter is I feel like Nexus the Nexus line this calendar year is going to go back to a more normal Nexus line from what we've expected from years past just because the the whole

Silver program isn't throwing the wrench and everything that it did last year so just my my general feelings anybody else want there anything out there I think that one plus is going to release another phone it will not run cyanogenmod and it will be boring that's an extremely likely prediction I think that would be boring but people in the early boring phone but people will still be excited about it because they will yeah I don't think one plus it you know i think you know figure out their PR program for that phone noe i think they'll probably be more serious this

Yearly uh i think they will and i also think they're probably you know if we see another rehashed oppo design this year either dead i don't see them going beyond that I don't stand a parent Lee not had much success in China I mean I heard what they are expecting so I'm interested to see what they would do with the industrial design I mean I don't even know if they I'm you know obviously they must have an industrial design department of throne yes I don't sign Department is basically a case design department yeah I don't know if they had at least currently I don't know

That they have the expertise to design their own piece of hardware from the ground up I mean I haven't heard a hard right away enough oboe engineers yeah part of the idea of launching one plus was that they would be running sort of on a shoestring budget and they were doing the the invite thing to control their supply chain more efficiently and I mean can they design an entire device in such a way that they can build it cheaply I mean I don't think anyone's going to x 1 plus phone that cost six hundred dollars that's true they would have to scale somewhere else to make up

That cost because ya know the kind of shoe string budget that requires you to do invites is not the same kind of budget where you can all of a sudden have a completely a complete industrial design process I mean or what they might do I guess is just start with the the oneplus one design and just tweak it a little bit to put in more modern hardware and maybe like a better screen I think that's very possible to I mean the budget thing is pretty big for them because 1 plus was formed basically out of OBO not that they've ever admitted to it to you know basically sell OBO phones

With you know and China they use OBO software it's you know color OS on there and to remove all the distributor channel ties to remove all the marketing overhead to basically save as much money as humanly possible to get the phone in the consumers hands well that's their ball it's also a good I mean from my perspective anyway starting kind of like a child company in that way is kind of a good way of saying like we can experiment with how we do this like how the business works and how we promote this without OBO having you know okay won't lose any phase over

Something that one plus does because publicly like officially nobody's acknowledging the connection that's very true that's very true to all right so any non oppo predictions are none 1 plus predictions come out with something then we'll laugh at hey asus will will have their own VR headset oh my god I bet they would want I bed John she's gonna walk out on stage wearing it that would be awesome we're recent hoverboards and mr. fusion this year too yeah oh you know what uation of wait wait hold on wait I have one more thing to say about about asus is totally happening VR

Headset it's going to it's going to be like Samsung's thing we have to have a phone specifically plug-in but it's going to be a pad phone so you're going to have you're gonna have the phone portion that you plug in to to the tablet and then the tablet plugs into the headset like the town she's gonna be up there is gonna be like why use a 5-inch phone it's so small you eat a 10 inch tablet strapped to your face at all times I'm just imagining like the press conference is actually everybody sits down and then everybody gets a unit of the VR headset and my god he inside of

That isn't yeah free time later they do in hog and reality press conference where he's like he's like dodging asteroids up on stage and like fighting style oh that would be so is nothing has everybody have a press conference at CES on Monday I can't wait to go everyone's wearing headphones said the whole audience is just sitting there in silence asleep you guys please talking so I can go pee what everybody keep talking talking about running water yes Natalie knows does the might they do the my water live screens right like a Nestle na dhih dhih dhih commentary

Trickling alright guys so any any other bold predictions the throw out or we wrap this one up I don't know honestly it's hard to say I think wall is gonna sell us and I think that's a gonna be a thing what's that Huawei is gonna sell a phone in the US this year is is it gonna get a sock I think they're gonna bring the honor brand the apparently the honor phones are pretty good they review very well and are extremely popular do they do they have do they have apt raise no okay well then they're gonna have to change that yeah probably why I think

It's going to be a thing the Android might not have an appt tree in the future that's right and I think you know honestly I don't I know I'm not in love or in hate with the app tray is kind of then because I i enjoy empty screens even even the fact that on Google now launcher I cannot have an empty screen to the right of my main screen really bothers me relieve you know I think there's there I think there were probably apps that will like put a blank which is Greer um yeah courtesy mr. song but I'll know that it's there like I will know that was there and it will

Bother me but what are you gonna do like you can start using iphone I could that's true at that point only this they don't have blank screens either yeah that's true they don't you just have to use have to start using ADW launcher launcher pro note Nova for probe for life frederico carnally launcher pro I still believe in the update it's coming yes somebody mentioned I don't read it like a or something to you that's like seriously guys everybody's thinking about it wouldn't be great if he just like came out of nowhere he's like okay I finished the update guys yay it's

Based on android 4.0 here you go in other news I've been in a coma just before publishing he fell into a coma I really do wonder what I hope he's okay I wonder what happened to him no no no we might never know you probably won't ever know we should have we should have we should have our listeners call in with well wishes for frederico chronology and you're gonna say theories and no just like we love you Frederico please come back kind of skinny let's get him on like a Bravo reality show like search for Frederico I'm hoping he's just like in a condo in

Hawaii like sipping pina colada or something like living off all the all that money real money thank you for a lot of we can make a documentary launcherpro millionaire be like the Winnebago Man documentary just go in search for the he's probably selling these price l and used cars in Montana that's much less glamorous than what I was hoping what's gonna end the show so you guys shut up hope you enjoyed the show as always send your feedback to podcasting Wrigley's gum you know so calls at five-30 hello IP that's 530 435 5627 on us on twitter game when police

Google+ facebook did I not warn you that there were just gonna be a lot of rambling feel free I keep talking I'm just gonna stop we're not recording any more so you can well I'm still recording I just compel secrets well we're still alive so technically no can't tell secrets sorry audience guys I just want you to know that my beer is pure luxury nice so what does pure luxury taste like it tastes kind of like cocoa imagining like if you made muffins out of gold and then put diamonds on top like I think that would probably interfere with your digestive tract the ironic part is that

I'm drinking pure luxury out of a Ryan Hoyer cup but all I'm saying is the muffins would taste like pure luxury but your life would not be curious after eating it but in that brief period of time you'd be living light on that note of Pierre muffin luxury your muffin luxury I will be heading out yes i am going to depart as well so long everybody i'm guessing on air forever okay we'll see you next week well since Bob left the room and he actually controls when the live feed ends I actually probably amphibia okay sounds good no we could just make this

Really awkward silence for a while and I'll pick my nose a couple of times we could both of us look at the camera and just don't say anything one of us like coughs periodically no but I'm going to go make some egg drop soup so FML gonna leave me here by myself but you should keep staring at the camera for the chat room don't like it hey good night good night you you you you you

Sorry you

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Hey guys what is going on is Carl here back with another episode this one is very special we are here we've get out season three and before we kick things o...
Hey guys what's going on it's Karl here back with another episode this one just like most of them on the channel has been requested a lot of you are ask...
What's up everybody this is Danny and last week I was at the Charlotte Motor Speedway checking out NASCAR for the very first time and it was a pretty cool e...
What's up everybody this is Danny and if you're in the market for an Android phone right now this video is probably what you've been waiting for the...
What's up everybody this is Danny and iOS 9 beta is out so I'm gonna show you what the best new features are and let's just go ahead and get right i...
Hi guys is Marcus from Tokyo silence Tech and that finally I've got to experience triple screen gaming and I absolutely love it now if you know anything abo...
Already in 2019 I've been blown away a few times at the shear value for money on some of these phones we've had devices from oneplus on a Asus quite a f...
so this is the asus rog g85 o2d you that was a mouthful but I'm gonna refer to this as the favo 2d for the rest of the video now it's really interestin...
So in these third-generation Rison cpus were launched a little while ago to be more precise it was launched on the exact same day as the rx 3700 series GPUs and...
well hello with people I'm Dimitri and today we're talking about the SteelSeries apex Pro keyboard with new omni point switches now we have done severa...