Android Police Podcast Ep.140 Live (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on May 25, 2021

For me yeah good hold on i'll just turn mine on real quick and let me just at least see if it's in a statement where's mine there it is I found you hey everybody out in TV land shout out to my peoples yeah all my peoples yeah shout out to all my peoples welcome to the android police gone odd guest on this sunny and clear thursday night where this is hot piece welcome to the android police got b's the end piece i like it yeah so it's that up is still not showing in in the the TV place or something so does not it has not been pushed to my yes take it off then that's really weird we I mean we can talk about

It and speculate what it's supposed to do but we have no actual experience God's name is YouTube telling me to watch that looks a little ealing David every other week yes that looks really interesting just sell it just sell it i'm wondering i'm curious if anybody else ever has the problem where you like try to look at something upside down on your phone and you end up like spinning your phone around like 45 minutes before you realize you have to circle you have to turn screen rotation off no I think you might have a brain tumor it's not boom oh is that one of the signs I

Thought is there any uh any sort of spatial awareness problems i think you could probably chalked up to a possible brain tumor what do they call it when your pancakes when when you perceive the smell of pancakes as blood just creepy is what you call that some kind of weird smell Ephesian well okay now the pink cakes are made out of mud riksha order these labeled man I don't have date on that oh the first one is a voicemail and second one is voicemail one okay thanks where are we killing that live channels thing or are we just going to talk about how weird it is that

It doesn't actually exist we've kamikaze topic it let's uh let's just talk about how weird it is that we don't is that I start to Liam okay so right brutale straight up Eric Oh wrong Oh Eric you're leavin had Eric on the show in a while we should release him from lifehacker again I remember him man I remember him as well is there some kind of a cross-promotional thing or do we have to like leasing agent aster I think that like literally his lower third has to say on loan from lifehacker or something like that it has to be known let it be spoken who's those the Glover going just

Stepped down a couple days ago or said he would step down I don't know I don't pay attention to much of what are you talking about um the guy who runs Gawker I don't know what his title is but he basically did this big post on I think it was the main doctor was said I hate this job it sucks i want to write again this guy's gonna do my job from now on over Jalopnik so see you losers was it that guy who got in trouble for the bullying thing recently I don't think it was the same guy no that was um that was sam biddle wasn't it ya thank ya I would have remembered if it was him yeah I

Don't thank her I I don't remember who is whatever happened to Sam middle you still were there he writes for baliwag a doesn't he hey I I didn't know I haven't heard anything from him and forever no cuz he's running for anyway I guess you don't act like wait good reason just so maybe Fenty pissed off the late reply until in person that you should not but nobody wants to put their name next to it so you know well it's just you know I mean I guess I if you if it makes you feel comfortable to have a name I can I can just I can actually misspelled my what

Jacek actually I was gonna say if you look at the distribution on the sheet Ryan you were a little light so who well hey you know can was all like I'm gonna hog all these android wear topics that Ryan load so Shh out out to cam I was like a story tennis match between me right Mimi run high five laughs I mean it's right Oh Michael uses works that make me think it's gonna be a long night it's good to hear guys log into the chat room guys i guess i should i buy for myself turn off all of my noisy devices before we start man I just let my droll you got a rule oh that's right in

Lollipop it doesn't have the quick easy silence your crap button well priority I find works well enough all right you should create an app that's called silent crap button I like the priority thing yeah I mean now that I've gotten used to it I'm like I'm totally fine with it but I can understand how people are confused as hell about what the hell i can't i can't understand it yes unless if you've been observing our our office chat to the last half hour you know i'm frequently confused as hell such topics as absent extensions no I don't even understand how you I don't even

Understand how you got confused about that one because they're both in the venue but says extensions but they're damn huh on your Nexus 9 you're running a 501 right ah yes I just updated like a few days ago so when you hit the volume toggles on the tablet now I don't see the priority pop-up thing I just used it really I just I'm like why is it not it's not it's showing me just the just the thing without the but you know what is weird I noticed earlier when my when my speaker started popping and cracking that when i went to change the volume it was changing the media volume and not

The system box maybe that's what it's doing for summer so what mine was doing idols meanwhile I'm gonna just go ahead and restart this bad boy that's not super weird yeah that is super weird man YouTube is recommending some really interesting and it looks like potentially risque things to me on the Nexus player like scantily clad women under and it says funniest pranks 2014 oh yeah those funniest banned commercial well I aw 105 c clips of women falling over and it makes you feel better the preview picture is probably not even

Related to the actual video yeah that's yeah I wish Google or a I wish google would like stop letting people do that because girls I've seen did actually be in the video look a quarter-second of some woman in a bikini in there somewhere then just adjust the slider and choose that as their as their thumbnail bastard a kick out of the thumbnails for the news bloopers ones because they are so obvious shop jobs oh that like a shop back yes exactly like a shop vac job hey Cleveland I'm gonna stay on task doesn't let me angle stuff here it's my head looking for list glue

That's actually impressive you mean way to have a team that can score when Ron's loud scream what hey remember my my women Oh Bron Bron all right we got 40 seconds you do we want to start on time that's right let's start 30 seconds early go oh I think so too let's do it let's go whoa wait a minute so I tweet this looks he's got the post Freddie for the homepage sorry honor welcome to the android police podcast your weekly audio source for all things android it is Thursday December 11th 2014 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm Cameron Summerson

I'm ryan whitwam I'm Michael Rutter and I'm a guy that from time to time has to go to his son's crap at school and it makes the show start an hour later than usual my name is Bob severance oh you're that guy yeah I'm exactly him I'm when I was it's me sorry for being a little bit later for you folks that are different time zones I know some of you it's very very late and we appreciate you being with us anyway all right let's kick things off with code google i just hated how many pieces of cheese i think there was only one piece of cheese only one piece of cheese it was it one piece of

Season do you eat that's the that's wrong that's a man Donald's like move right there I tell you what the cheese to meet ratio was a little off it was a little off not wear a dress off not that quite that far off but a little off alright so we've known for a while that there was a pretty big update coming to android where the official lollipop build for Android wear and it looks like it's finally here so uh that's right i had to do it you had no choice i understand right alright so it's officially here and cam can you give us some information no no all right well i

Don't know moving on no it's okay so finally after months of google talking about it we're finally going to see official official watch faces um so the way watch faces have have been working has it's basically been an unsupported method they work and they do a good enough job but now google has released API is for watch faces and that's a pretty big deal so they're already recommending or maybe not recommending but they've sort of made a little page with a bunch of new watch faces and whatnot there's some cool ones on there but I wouldn't know because I

Still don't have the five dot 0 dot one updater I'm sorry 50 update yeah me where I'm I'm upset about this I'm pretty irritated that yeah so they're all so different lighting modes theater mode and sunshine mode it's a cold sunshine I think it's also not here so I'm like I think it's unlike yeah something like that so those happen so and also tilt two to turn on the screen which I think should have been there since the first I mean that should've been one of the very first things anyway I'm not going to get off on a little rant about that it takes a while you

Tilt right yeah it really does and you can you can retrieve dismissed cards now finally yes that's cool too so if you accidentally dismiss cards which i'm sure everyone with Android wear has done multiple times i know i have um so that's cool and speaking of you know the watch face thing going back to that all watch faces that are currently using the method the sort of hack together method i guess is the best way to put it will be removed from google play on by january thirty first google is not allowing them you have to use the official watch api and it's interesting

Because facer one of the most popular ones which allows a custom watch base basically to be made on the phone and then sent over to the watch is really intuitive and really really cool it was actually updated to support fido only and there was a huge backlash so google actually allowed the phaser developer to to re-implement support for fort not for at least for the time being assume i assume until everyone actually it's the 50 update once that comes out I'm and that there they will still it will make that you know the support for for older versions of where they dropped so

Yeah I think that I think they actually pushed the new version of facer because I just got an update for it a little bit ago and I should i should point out google didn't say how that they said they're going to end support for these unofficial white races they didn't explain exactly how that was going to happen but they said by that date you got to be updated or it's you know not going to work anymore and i guess i presume that when all these watch faces stop working they're going to filter them out of the Play Store results because otherwise we were going to be

Buying and downloading things that don't work alright so I don't know it's unclear exactly how they're going about this yeah I mean I feel like this is something that should have been kind of implemented basically from the start but obviously I mean the google said you know whatever however many months ago that developers shouldn't you know start doing watch faces yet but I mean of course they're gonna do it because people are buying the watches and they want watch faces oh yeah but that's because all the stock ones basically suck yeah on most devices they

Definitely do the Moto 360 has really excellent ones uh the G watches are okay or the G watch our is okay the regular g-watch is kind of met the Zen watches okay don't forget heart watch three dad fake ruled explore places for some reason yeah I know yeah well you can't you know it's hard to hard to find those now I also think one of the biggest benefits that I actually didn't mention was improved battery life on the wear device yes so nice supposedly the new watch faces make it uh are supposed to to make it a lot better so I don't know yes I would love to be able to verify

That but unfortunately I I yeah I would like to now one of the guys in the office jet said he was seeing dramatically better battery life on his moto 360 after the update so yeah finally I'm interested to see see I mean like most aware device is already a lot better than that so I mean man it would be crazy if like you know something that already gets you know day and a half or two days of battery life increased even more we're getting like a pebble territory yeah so that's the easy to and also to go along with the where update the where app is getting an

Up day which to brings material design and some specific fears or where 50 like the ability to change watch faces from your phone so you don't have to change them from the watch so that's meet I just wish I could play with all this crap that we're talking about we can you just have to you know route and side load you have to route you have to root your watch wheat you don't want to root your watch cam you don't have time your day to root your watch I don't want to root my watch like know what seems like a perfect watches if they do never get into the wild I just I don't even want

To rumor but I haven't even rooted my new phones i know i i'm i'm kind of over routing phones I mean especially because Allah makes it anyway I mean I'm not it's like I have one rooted phone over there my Nexus 5 is still rooted so if I need to test something for rooted devices there it is because there's no need for what about your own powered oven have you rooted that um i have i did i rooted my oven and installed cm9 i believe it as well this is but that does that make your oven overheat because i think with an oven that could be a big problem i I know it's cold it's like the

Clock yes you can stay near the third party Colonel on my stay here if you had stalled fo girl I don't that'll cut your food faster I did I installed a third party um Colonel on my oven before thanksgiving to see if i could if i could cook the turkey faster and burned my house down now you should not under hold it that was your mistake oh damn it I should have I should have overclocked and under vaulted because that never causes problems you're so right right nerd jokes are funny he said that's what the show is basically all right so let's move on to a couple more apps that got

Updated this week starting off with well it hasn't actually been updated yet but google translate's got some new tricks that are up its sleeve and coming soon right Mike yes indeed so okay about a month six weeks ago Google purchase the company that made word lens which is one of our favorite apps it is just this awesome tool you point your phone at a foreign language assigned our menu or whatever and you look through the camera on your phone and you see the words in English or vice versa whatever language you happen to use it is a fantastic tool

Formerly it was paid you have to pay like five or ten dollars for each language you've downloaded I remember using it at Mobile World Congress and it's it's a great little tool which is why Google snatched it up we have been told by a source that we cannot reveal that the upcoming version of google translate we will incorporate this word lens functionality right into the app that you're probably already familiar with for free so you take you open google translate you pointed at a foreign language menu or sign or text of any kind you point it you say translate

And they will appear on your phone in your video window which i think is just really really cool on top of that the live translation mode that's going on the three nap that goes when you have a conversation going on is getting some updates and it will allow people to speak simultaneously which we're very familiar with here on the podcast so basically you just tell it to listen to two different languages and two different people and it will continually update with the translation on the screen this is Star Trek level territory it is some cool stuff unfortunately

Don't know exactly when this stuff will come to the release version of google translate as usual but it looks pretty complete in the preview images that we have so we can hope it'll be in the next few months cool yeah that's that's pretty exciting stuff I I know that I've actually broken out word lens for no actual useful reason other than to just show people the cool thing that it does yeah but the app itself was super janky it was it was not it was it was not good but i mean the the actual technology was super cool you know but you know like Michael said expensive how far have we

Come that Google actually improves upon the design of ab status purchasing yeah that's a good point yeah because I mean five years ago that would not have been the case hey now five years ago matias duarte didn't exist so he was yes he was uh he was birthed in the palm headquarters he's spraying fully formed from someone's forward head alright so let's talk about the let's talk about the new play store update five point one point one one which has added some interesting and long-awaited features but it might not be all it's cracked up to be so

Michael what's up what's going on with reward vouchers in the new play store indeed in the latest version of the play store that we have up on a PK mirror if you are interested our code monkey Cody tombs went and found all kinds of strings in there indicated that maybe perhaps could be some day gifts are coming to Google Play that is to say gifts that you purchase and give to another person in the form of apps and maybe some other stuff like books or movies could be the term that they use our is vouchers which basically according to what he's found means that

You can pick a nap or possibly an in-app purchase and give it to a specific person and that would be really cool that is something that people have been wanting forever just for general gifts of course and for promotions and contests and that sort of thing there there are a couple of ways around right now but it's pretty difficult some other things that he found in there is enterprise level app purchases which basically just means that a company can buy an app for you on your company account and have it auto delivered to your phone or tablet and then there's a

Small change in the way that permissions are displayed as you download apps and that's about it a lot of this stuff again we are not seeing live in the app just now it looks like Google is laying down the framework so that it can turn it on later so we are eagerly looking forward to that cool yeah and the stove still a lot to be seen with the rewards thing we don't know if everybody's gonna be able to do it if developers have to issue it directly so uh a lot yet to be seen with that I guess we'll we'll find out soon enough alright so back at Google i/o there was some cool

Announcements regarding chromecast and screencasting has been around for a while we we heard that first announced there but the one thing that hasn't really made it made it to Showtime just yet is the the guest mode that allows anyone to you know really communicate with your chromecast without having to share your share your Wi-Fi password but it looks like that's uh that's finally showing up right right yes so part of the part of that new chromecast app update was the ability to access your chromecast and turn that feature on and I was just

Playing with it earlier today and it works really really well I mean you just in the the the cast button for an app you just select nearby chromecast and it pops up a little toast notification that says you know this app is going to use your microphone to connect to the chromecast and it takes I mean it took me like a second maybe to connect to it and obviously I was I was not on the same Wi-Fi network that's the whole point here is that somebody can just be near your chromecast and the the TV amidst an ultrasonic pulse that the phone can hear and you can't and then it

Uses that to authenticate it's basically transmitting a pin if the sound doesn't work that you can actually manually enter a pin for that chromecast and then you can just stream content to the chromecast because I mean chromecast just is pulling things down from you know network and online resources it's you know sell them actually pulling things directly from the device over Wi-Fi so i guess if you're using app that you know is supposed to be pushing data you know across the network that might be a little bit extra janky with with this method but i mean it worked

Really well when I tried it did United you out of curiosity did you try using all cast with it at all i did not know i tested i just tested it with with play music um I yeah I mean I I think something like all cast would maybe be questionable be I don't know if the chrome guess would know to like connect over the Internet to the device to pull that stuff down i don't know that would work but i foresee the possibility at least of problems and if i can just go off on attention here i think this might be the first implementation by google of the slick login software that they

Acquired back in February of this year's when they acquired this company that does basically exactly this they have authentication between your phone on a computer or some other gadget and they emit uh sound waves that you can't hear about your computer's microphone can and authenticates without you having to put in your personal password so I think that's probably what's going on in the background here very cool right yeah and and i can i can confirm at this point my dogs do not seem to hear it either so what if I Davis that's act like

Everything I was going to ask did you dogs freak out I can hear it well will I be um will I be able to transmit data from myself to my chromecast though it goes the other way will the plea route your brain does it doesn't work like those cricket ringtones where like people under the age of like five might be able to hear it or something I don't know maybe maybe if I drilled with like really really awesome here and I'll ask I'll ask my son when i'll wake when i get home i'll wake him up just to test the stairs yeah no you don't even have you you just try to connect to a TV and

A few wakes up like dad what is all the noise yeah I knew it yes it could be his superpower could mean I can pick it I could become for superpowers I mean like that guy from x men who has to hug people and make spikes come out of his body that's a pretty shitty superpower so I'd rather be able to hear the chromecast thing it was only crappy in the movie Cameron if you watch the x-men evolution series it was actually much more functional yeah Cameron has a little x-men evolution my bad it was pretty crappy in the movie though yes he's like come here let me hold you

Spikey I'm like oh my god you porcupine freak as long as people spend four inches away from you you have no power at all what's better than the guy who's only power it was that he could grow back his arms really fast dude imagine you useful that would be if your mom's get removed well it'll happen is that gonna happen now we were wedding we're friend what will happen five times right away and make a really good shot and that's it it could happen I mean if you're if you're doing battle with somebody what if there's a super power that enables someone to rip arms off

Really quickly see really what you're fighting that guy I mean like at then at best you it's a stalemate cuz your only power is to grow your stupid arms bag and rip bro don't go on until you both get tired well I'm just at least there's got to be some kind of big drawback to instant arms like they come back and you just barely hit the guy is like oh well you're no longer a threat bye-bye well see I'm thinking when when you know when you work out you destroy your muscle tissue and it grows back stronger so maybe every time his arms are ripped off and they grow back they

Grow back stronger so he says yes pull his arms off a couple times before the flight just to get just to get juiced up and ready to go I like it well what's the what's the suit what's this guy's name again I've no idea yeah all in that man for one shot in x-men three oh yeah all right well let's uh let's move on to the very mysterious and elusive live channels app for Android TV which apparently is a thing but we've yet to see proof of it right right yeah so supposedly google released this app however it doesn't appear to actually install on any devices running Android

TV or maybe it installs just a ATT one but it doesn't install on on the Nexus player I mean it's in it's in the Play Store it's supposed to allow you to stream live television from you know a digital tuner and IP tuner or something and I would I would love to tell you more about it but we we can't actually install driving anything mmm true story I checked the Nexus player it's not available in the android TV play store and it didn't automatically install itself on Maya on my neck suspected so honestly I don't know so Google may want to do this some point in the future it

Seems to be a recurring theme on this show the end is in general with Google mm-hmm all right well if you only talk about the things that people already have and get boring pretty quick because people already have them so saying all right uh speaking of speaking of things that people already have apparently apparently about 500,000 people already have google cardboard and that has prompted Google to do a whole lot of stuff regarding google cardboard that we're going to hear about right now Michael what's going on with cardboard indeed I don't think anybody saw this

Coming when people introduce cardboard back at i/o because I mean it came a few weeks maybe a month after the big news from facebook and oculus rift and then some Sun came out said they were going to do their thing which is just coming out now and Google countered with this super cheap make it yourself cardboard VR headset apparently it's just blown up I mean half a million users for something that they just kind of did as a side project well now they're sort of formalizing it it's got its own app section in the Play Store sort of like chromecast happen it was first coming

Out and this is this is not a joke guys this has over 20 apps in there including The Hobbit VR experience something from the people who did the game that's really hard to vocalize aaaaaa egg and a bunch of interesting just VR experiments that are going on almost all of them are free there's a couple small little mini games that are paid but if you happen to have a google cardboard unit it is definitely something you should check out and if you don't have one it's going to be easier to find one pretty soon Google is releasing some very specific guidelines for both individuals and

Third parties who are making these semi official google cardboard units so all sorts of really fun stuff there's also a few new things that are pushing to our SDK a couple of AP is that they're enhancing it looks like they they're not exactly jumping into the deep end as far as virtual reality is concerned but they're definitely getting a lot more interested so just just to clarify is there any functional difference between the cardboard thing that you fold up and attach to your face and the gear VR which is my understanding essentially a fancy face case every one of those do I

Have actually tried the Samsung gear VR i went to the to the big Android BBQ down in Fort Worth and cam totally bailed on me where he would have tried it too but yes it is essentially just as this plastic shell that you slide a note for into and look at and their lenses and that's it and I think a few hundred got a sensor in the that can that can tell that it's in but I mean looking at two different sides of a phone screen and that's it anyway and it's and they just announced it at two hundred bucks right you two hundred bucks for one who's first 20 feet ahead

We are yeah that's that's insane so um I actually had a conversation on Twitter about this I I kind of dogged like the whole the whole concept of of gear VR and whatnot and said that I would never take anyone seriously who straps a phone to their face and it was immediately pointed out to me that I was wrong and that they're actually some pretty useful uh pretty useful things that people are doing with this and after being told about a couple of them i was actually i openly admitted that I was wrong so it turns out that like some realtors are using this to show give virtual tours of

Houses which i think is just so kick-ass I mean that's so cool it's like oh you want to see this house put this cardboard on your face and I'm going to show the two I mean how really how cool is that that is super cool so shout-out to Russell Holly for up for telling me about pax I thought that was freaking awesome yeah I think we're only scratching the surface as far as this be our stuff is concern is this the Wild West stuff we've got to tears at this point we've got the super expensive and we've got Google's super super cheap and there's all sorts of cool thing as many

I feel like oculus I mean I there they got bought so they don't probably really care but I feel like they kind of missed the boat if they had had the actual consumer version of this out already they would maybe have something to do with the future VR but now I mean everybody's got 1080p and 1440p screens in their pockets and if somebody I think you could consider Samsung's than the oculus yeah it's like was because there's a pulling the software but they apply in and but they want to they want to charge two hundred dollars for it like you've already got all of the

Important parts in your pocket like you just need a thing to hold it up next to your eyes well and the lenses lenses are not easy to come by actually the lenses sell for pretty cheap on amazon at least the ones you use for cardboard i don't know if they use better ones I guess oh yeah I don't like it out of a home depot and buy a VR lenses it's more expensive than the cardboard that you think it out of I mean it I mean it's like Google calls his cardboard but like I'm sure that somebody's going to make a version of it out of like like ABS plastic or

Something and charge you know an extra 20 bucks for it yeah and it much work that I mean if you're if you find that it's something that you use often it might be worth going for you know one that's thirty or forty dollars versus whatever nightcore go chill it and you should release I think story but yeah yeah okay our junks um I don't know yeah cuz when I first think it when I my immediate thought when I think about like any of this VR stuff is stupid games and really really really obscure crap so I'm ready for such a relief long till we forget the disturbing porn in

Disturbing porn yeah I mean I didn't even think about that so thanks for uh putting that thought in my head anytime I'd be I'd be shocked if there isn't already like a 3d printer let's check thingiverse yeah that's that's what I was trying to think of a thing of verse if not already a 3d printed thingiverse downloadable land turn off your own yeah there's there's they exist so be baby over all the ones that I'm seeing pretty much look exactly the same as the cardboard one except made of plastic you'd think somebody might take some time to make it look a little nicer well

What they have them for different phones that which is actually pretty cool oh no that is a good idea yeah just one for the galaxy s5 there's a costume hundred dollars cuz if it doesn't it is already better than the Samsung that's pretty cool so yeah that the future is now the future is now alright uh so let's talk about the future and what it means to the Nexus 5 obviously the Nexus 6 is out there it's the newest Nexus device next five now year old and now you may just have a few less options if you're looking to buy one right right yeah google has stopped selling or at least

Listing the white and red versions of the Nexus 5 the only one left is black and as far as we know they're not actively manufacturing the phone anymore so this is probably just Google saying we just didn't have as many of the white and red ones and now they're all gone so if you want one you can buy black one maybe sometimes because it's still out of stock a lot it's just sort of it comes in and out of stock and then you know it'll be gone for a long time it's very it's very bizarre but if you want a nexus 5 I mean there are a lot of refurbished deals on Nexus 5's around so

I mean you don't need to buy it direct from google because they still want three hundred and fifty dollars for the 16 gig version I think it should be lower now because it's already a year old this is the place where we are we're talking about three hundred fifty dollars being too much for a phone well for a phone that was $350 when it came out a year ago it's too much if the rate was up being I will I will always maintain that anything what that the red nexus 5 is just completely ugly and undesirable i am i'm not super opposed to it but i would probably not buy it i

Guess i don't think i would buy it and red is my favorite color but i really do love the readspeaker girl on it that's the only thing that I really like about I love that red speaker grill that's just a nice touch that I just like do you remember before the nexus 5 came out and we were seeing all those leaked things and we were trying to figure out what the giant white dot in the middle of the top front was and is it was just the white Nexus 5 were really seeing from the front and has like the white speaker grow in the middle of a note so that was that Google trolled us on that

One too job Google Lisa never made the other one yeah Oh Lord whoo terrible all right so let's talk about something else you can't get on the play store anymore this time it's an app and it's a pretty popular one the amazon app in its typical form has been removed from the Play Store why do why do we think that might have happened right so yeah this was a this was a wild ride today trying to figure out what the hell was going on with Amazon's app so i mean this app has like 100 million downloads and then suddenly today you can't download it doesn't show up in search results I mean

That the list page is still alive if you have the direct link but it won't show up on any devices so what we what we were hearing was that Google had forced them to take it down because back in September amazon updated it with the entire app store which you're not supposed to do Google doesn't want you to distribute a third party app store inside of Google Play for obvious reasons so we're trying to hear what happened we asked amazon and they said well we had to take down the version that we had because of the change to the developer distribution

Agreement on sep tember 25th and that was when google announced the whole the developers have to put their address in the App Store thing and that sort of overshadowed this very minor change essentially google changed the language it used to say that only apps whose primary purpose was to distribute other apps were banned and technically the amazon app didn't that wasn't its primary purpose to distribute app store apps so maybe that was okay and then that that happened in early September and then at the end of sep tember google updated the the rules to say any app

That distributes other apps is not alone so basically Google just a lawyer to Amazon and force them to take their app down so there is now a new listing for an amazon app that is just shopping it's called amazon shopping if you want the full version of the app you can download it from amazon site or if you had it installed before it'll still be there but i doubt it will be getting any more updates because it is sort of being discontinued in the Play Store so real real weird I'm wondering if I I'm truck I'm trying to remember if they actually if it updated recently because I know

Okay so first of all the Amazon App Store app obviously is able to update itself without updating through the Play Store the app I don't know if it would have been possible for them to you know throw something in uh in a release that just might have come out just before they had to pull off the play store that would allow it to be updated to allow it to update itself I don't well you would still have to enable unknown sources in the settings to allow that I don't think there's any mechanism by which a non system app can update itself silently

Right but if you were using the app store functionality within it anyways you already had that enabled yeah I possibly I mean not everybody was I mean a lot of people have that installed because of instant video right now correct me if I'm wrong but the Amazon video app the one that allowed to watch to purchased and rented movies and TV shows from amazon that we waited years for is still a separate app so that's not really affected in this whole situation well it's separate app but it is kind of affected because that's not that app isn't distributed in the Play

Store they distributed it through the amazon app so you can still get it but you have to get it from amazon all right just so does do its effect the Amazon tablet app in anyway um I don't think so because i don't think the tablet app was ever updated with the app store functionality i don't think so either but i would ask i have to assume amazon thought this could happen that's probably why they didn't update both apps because come on Google was gonna be annoyed about this because it was obvious what their intention was with the developer policy and an Amazon was

Just sort of like playing a technicality like well you said primary purpose and that's not the primary purpose so this is okay right and Google said no that is not a like I'm azaab stuck it in google culture bluff that's all this happening here damn cool so basically in a nutshell Google punched amazon in the face yeah i mean is that kind of what happened yeah google yeah amazon got a good face punching over this one I mean it's I mean I feel like they kind of lost out big on this because I mean a hundred million active installs of that app now are probably going to go on

Updated I mean they have a new app and it's amazon people are gonna find it but it's just it it's just unfortunate for them a lot of people who already have a minus the tip this was violating the letter if not the well the spirit if not the letter of the Google developer agreement we knew that something was going to happen the minute they snuck is in there so that it was really kind of I mean it was kind of foolish if Amazon to do that amazon you're so crazy all right let's move on to carry or 411 really really carrier 4 11 was your carrier for 1 1 button

Feeling neglected Bob yeah yeah all right so uh t-mobile is back in the news this week with some new pretty enticing plans for families Michael what's uh what's new from t-mobile all right so for a while now t-mobile has offered a true unlimited plan unlimited talk unlimited text unlimited data to individuals for any dollars a month now that's pretty good deal because unlimited dated is hard to find these days but if you want a family to sign up for it before a few days ago you had to sign up each individual phone on each individual person for a separate

Unlimited plan which could get expensive quickly so for four people you'd have three hundred and twenty dollars a month now they've added unlimited options for their family plans and it starts at two people one hundred dollars a month which if your phone long is a sixty dollar savings over two separate lines and for each additional person on top of two people it's 40 bucks a month so if you have a family of four and you all want unlimited data that is one hundred and eighty dollars instead of 320 which is pretty great five gigabytes of tethering is included this is real unlimited it's

Not like unlimited in the sense that you get it up to a certain point and then your speed slows down though this is real old-fashioned unlimited data compared to sprint they're single unlimited plans are sixty dollars a month or fifty dollars if you have an iPhone but of course it's not really our target anyway sixty dollars a month for sprint and if you go to verizon or AT&T they will let you out of the store because they don't do unload it that's about it yeah that is a really really good deal I mean I I my bill is about that for two people but I have I mean I

Have a really old grandfathered plan so I don't need to switch but man if I on any of the modern planes I would instantly be on that and i will add that if you're looking to save money remember that when you're going to tmobile you need to bring your own compatible phone or buy a new one or go with their monthly payment plans which are somewhere between 15 and 25 dollars depending on which phone you terms you get so add that on if you are considering switching but 100 bucks a month for two people for completely unloaded data that's the Tartar argue

With right now I might check this out honestly I might uh might give it a go you go boy I actually I think I I was pulling up the page and I haven't I haven't really gotten to it yet but I think right now my wife and I we have three gigs each and i think that even just switching from what we have to unlimited family plan will be about the same yes since they don't do contracts you can switch it pretty much any time right oh all right let's move on to la chi all right we're just gonna rifle through this real quick we talked about the

Google cardboard earlier and the the much pricier expensive option from samsung is now officially available from samsung and AT&T that is 199 dollars for basically the same thing you can do for about 20 bucks coo coo but if you like yours to be shiny and only work with the galaxy notes then that's that's probably your best option also we got some updates to talk about real quick just a couple of google play editions getting the 501 update no bigs HTC one m7 One m8 and the Play edition Moto G all getting the 501 update right now right now you can download it you can have it cheers

Time for product reviews this week the ends on fire TV stick with camera membership latest sound like Cameron some engine is a feature of the Amazon fire stick although your fire TV stick feature there's a bald guy from Texas I come free with every fire TV stick I mean it's not actually me comes for free the head bob it's actually a small cardboard cutout of me you can tape to the fire stick if you if you'd like Thank You Lyrics all the ways control stuff with with Kem's very mild arkansas i said that would be okay that didn't come with with mine I want a

Refund I am yeah I mean what is it scratch and sniff it is it is not scratch and sniff oh that is a very very good question though and very reasonable i might add i'm gonna guess that you probably we're brute you it's like you know me or drakkar noir or or i don't know i feel like i should probably wear something one of the ones that you would see like a country western star in the commercial for I don't know the official time McGraw sent I i do that's what I where I where the official Tim McGraw sent so I actually smell like Tim McGraw if you just didn't know that the only

Rooms are fires featuring the Cameron Summerson scratch-and-sniff sticker with Tim McGraw action okay so um none of that's actually true oh except for the tim mcgraw part that part is true but so the fire the fire TV stick um the short of it is that i love it that's the short because so like earlier i don't know a few months ago i reviewed fire TV thought it was awesome did kind of a head-to-head thing with fire TV chromecast roku and the Roku Roku 3 and the roku streaming stick the most affordable of the bunch was chromecast out of those with the roku streaming

Stick just just a step above it roku has of course the biggest catalog of all the streaming set-top boxes roku is incredible and for fifty dollars the streaming stick was good for the content but the performer was it's kind of laggy so that's kind of what I expected for fire TV stick because it's basically a fire TV in a stick form but it's got its where instead of having two gigs of ram like a fire TV does it only has one and it has a dual core processor instead of quad core but the thing is is it works really well I mean it works really really well

It's it's very fluid I don't really I mean as far as general browsing for apps and things like that or streaming I don't notice the difference between fire TV and fire TV stick some of the higher-end games that are available for fire TV like 70 or Game of Thrones are not available on fire TV stick because of the limited hardware so if you don't want it for anything outside of like very minimal casual gaming then it's perfect for forty dollars it's great I mean absolutely great if you could catch it for 25 i know a lot of retailers were selling it for twenty-five dollars it's

An absence the amount of content and the things that you get for your money is insane with fire TV stick i think that if you're on a very limited budget and you only want to spin if you don't want to spend more than forty or fifty dollars the fire TV stick is the one stick tongue because you can do pretty much everything with it aside from of course it doesn't have google play services of any kind and it doesn't yet have HBO GO that's supposed to come into fire OS next year um but other than that I mean it has essentially everything else of course all the big players you

Know Netflix and Hulu and of course you get amazon prime instant video or amazon instant video with it if your Prime member you get access to all the all the free prime stuff you also get prime music all the amazon stuff i mean tons of amazon stuff and you know i'm still the whole time i was reviewing it i was really just absolutely blown away what a great experience it provides for only forty dollars I mean like I said if you catch it for twenty-five dollars and you can catch a good deal on a chromecast for say twenty or twenty-five dollars you basically have access to anything

You could possibly want to watch for fifty bucks um you do have to switch back and forth between two platforms to do it but still better than spending like you'd have just been double that to get that that kind of access on roku and if you you know if you want to spend a hundred bucks then I I still recommend the roku 3 but if you're if you're not trying to spend a hundred dollars fire TV stick is absolutely just badass right point of contention the roku stick which is obviously a very similar form factor very someone to the device is fifty

Dollars right now and since roku has access to all of google stuff and all of amazon stuff i would still say if you're looking for the absolute rock bottom way to get everything on all these different platforms roku is an excellent alternative and i don't disagree with that i I don't disagree with that at all the one thing that you're going to get with that though is you're going to have to power through the kind of crappy performance I mean it's it's just really stuttery and really laggy and if that kind of thing doesn't bother you then that's cool then by all means go for the

Roku streaming stick personally it makes my blood start to boil after about 25 30 seconds of watching this stuttery crap across the screen I just can't handle it I just don't have the patience for and the thing is it's not really I wouldn't say that it's significantly slower than other ones it's just the animations are so choppy it makes me want to put a fist through the wall but is there is the video quality okay I have other video quality to define okay it does it's it works where it counts the video quality is fine um but I still yeah I mean it's it is it is a hard toss-up between

Because I mean if you don't already know this Roku does have access to Amazon Prime video or Amazon Instant Video and Google Play Movies no google play music or anything like that but Google Play Movies is on roku which is super freaking awesome i the i keep my roku 3 in the bedroom and then headed across six weeks that's when they put the new channel in yeah I mean I i we keep I keep most of the Android related stuff here in the office my chromecast is in here but it's not even plugged up nexus player fire TV fire TV stick those are all in here but I keep the roku and in

The bed because what I actually want to sit down and watch TV Roku has everything that I want um so yeah I mean I absolutely love Roku but I think for the price if you can catch the fire stick it you know it's a good deal at forty dollars but if you could catch it for 20 or 25 it's a no-brainer it's I mean it's it's an instant Buy in my book you think okay so it took a long time but the the Play Movies ended up on the rope on the roku platform do you think that the same might be coming for fire TV city I want with that I don't know it would be so

Easy to bring it over because it's already based on Android but I mean of course on Android it does rely on the Google framework on roku it doesn't I don't know what would what would be involved in bringing it it seems like it would be easy and I do wonder i wonder if since they brought it to Roku if they would bring it to to amazon if that's too much competition with you know next time I I think that they they being a Google and Amazon are not on the best of terms right now especially considering what just happened with the the amazon app they're probably not looking for

Ways to work together I think for them Roku is basically they're they're streaming video Demilitarized Zone where they can both operate that's that's true but I also I mean you also have to keep in mind that you know the way most businesses works most departments I mean the like google play and amazon zap completely different people than you know the people who handle fire TV and the google movies group you say that and it still took them it still took amazon what two three four years to bring accessible amazon video to regulate and it still doesn't support the chromecast

And solo yeah that's a good point there there could be there could be some issues there guys like this tree has doctors definitely an agenda on both sides we need to hold some sort of a a mediation group for google and amazon so we can work at their issues out so us in a we as consumers can get all of our stuff in one place because that's what i really want we needed me ask late this situation we need some peer counselors to really bring new session yeah that's true I will say this though going back to like what i use the most like i said i have basically four boxes

Here in the office and every time i go i go straight to the fire TV when i'm gonna like like if i'm streaming something with lake pass by or TV every time and i'll watch a lot of basketball in here so there's that to be said because Nexus player just doesn't do it for me Nexus player does this obnoxious crap where I guess it's either a setting in the player or it's a setting in the game time app where after about 10 minutes into a game when you haven't touched the controller the damn screen saver comes on and it makes me so mad that sounds like the the app has some

Sort of bug that's not yeah like it keeping the screen awake it's not registering that there's a video plane because it doesn't happen when Netflix it doesn't happen we'll play movies and it doesn't happen with YouTube but with game time it does so I refuse to watch basketball on the Nexus player I only watch it on fire TV and it doesn't have that problem on fire TV and it should be the same app I mean it's running on Android it should be the same app so i don't i don't know what the deal is but it's stupid all right let's move on to develop reduce it's time for developer

News i usually use the same sounder for other news but this week we got mold so you're gonna hear it twice because this is my favorite sounder very zen it's very it is it makes me feel like I'm being transported to a world where there is no violence and hi that's me that right there that was me in the world with no violence I think what is that that was him introducing violence to me introducing violence to the world with Nova so that's what you you sound like in this magical world you sound like that that buzzing sound that's you I do

I am a very obnoxious buzzing sound that people will hate I can see I mean I can hear that all right so uh in the world of developer news we have actually it's a pretty big development because we've been hearing about Android studio shoot that was at Google i/o not like this past one but the one before wasn't I mean it's been around for over a year uh and it's uh it's finally out of beta and it's officially released and yeah so again what's that mean to us so basically I'm not a developer I'm not going to pretend to be one but the long and short of it is android studio

Replaces eclipse it is i don't want to say simplified but it makes it easier to build apps for android and it also makes it easy to build apps or easier i don't say easy makes it easier to build apps for android wear android TV and Google glass which is a pretty big deal and it's it's it shows where Google wants to put the focus and it says you know basically do you want your app to support where do you want your app to support Android TV do you want your app to support google apps android auto is not part of this right now which makes sense there hasn't really been anything

Any movement with android auto yet so that's a pretty big deal in itself I'm not sure as far i mean past that since i'm not a developer i don't i don't really know what else it brings in terms of of good good news for developers but the fact that that they're you know making it making it easy to support Android as a whole and not just android phones Android tablets but everything that Android encompasses at this point and it's only going to get better this is version 1 point 0 it just came out of beta so that's a big deal like I said

Eclipse is no longer an active development this is essentially going to completely replace eclipse I imagine that the majority of developers have already dropped Eclipse and moved moved to Android studio if not they should probably all check it out soon all right we won two other news it's tom budin different sounder it makes me feel like a like a detective with a really deep voice is gonna start telling me a story no that's a hail she got into the office with legs that went all the way to the ground exactly that's what I'm talking about that's and those are very good lay

As you just described they're not at all like all of the other legs any assistance I would actually like if we could use the sound of Cameron in in the violence free universe and turn that into a sound or some sort that would be ideal man makes me feel really good to hear myself in that environment I feel like that's the sound that would be made if like Qbert existed in the real world ha it was oddly specific that was very specific I quite enjoyed it alright uh so she charging just got a pretty significant pump this week obviously wireless charging is pretty cool in and

Of itself but a little bit on the slow side and looks like there might be a new development that might be changing things in that regard right Michael yes there is so there's this company the company is called freescale they make OEM parts for surging among many other things but for this particular example they've come up with a new way to put up to 15 watts of output on a wireless charging pad which is a big deal because as you said for the moment wireless charging is not as fast as just plugging your phone into a charger now this is important because

Battery tech is not getting all that much better as far as lithium ion is concerned we've got a lot of other stuff going on there's lithium polymer there's there's new stuff coming out but batteries are kind of in a rut so all we can do is make our stuff more efficient and lately we can try and get energy into the batteries much much faster so we've got Qualcomm quick charging 2 point 0 which is just fantastic if you've got a compatible device like the new Moto X it's really dramatically faster but wireless charging isn't keeping up so freescale is cope with it

Basically a triple capacity for their wireless charging units that doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to equal triple the speed for charging because you are sending you know energy across air there's going to be some loss in there but it is going to be considerably faster when they get this out they're going to have to talk to OEMs to get it into both the charging units and new phones so even if your phone has wireless charging right now it almost certainly won't be compatible with this new system at least to the effect that you will get triple be

Charging speed but the future looks bright for this so it's a very cool tech my suspicion is that if you have an existing chi capable device that it will probably still be able to charge at the same speed it currently does I'm certainly because I mean it's still got the same capacity yeah but it does right now right so um I was I was really trying I was really trying at the beginning in this segment to make a to make a marine war she walked in with 15 watts of power and and she was using every one of them but I just I couldn't make it works

There you guys I failed well you could send some advance warning next time I'll come up with it I have dived into the world of nor Pulp Fiction wholeheartedly all right so uh voicemails Bob there are two of them do and we're going to play the first now hey guys Brian listen um so I'm thinking about flashing the five-pointed system to system images to my Nexus 5 this is what I want you guys is there any reason to hold off and I leave one track voicemail so it must be something else let's play the other one hello ap lollipop is started to roll out that came down to my nexus 7 earlier

This week and I'm a little disturbed because there's an awful lot of white all over the place not a lot of night reading husband Matt right there up there they're in dropbox break it yeah you know what i think the the fact that they're named the same as old ones is a problem in my cart software viewers we apologize that we don't have an image to show you with you Renee now let's rename them I am in the process this column they stay one and two hey I hit another button the hell go away oh thank you all right this can all be edited out and that's good yeah but live people have to

Suffer through it man really wasn't why I've been laying about it they are now voicemail for Bob and voicemail for Bob dash one hello gentlemen this is myth I have a question on the best uses for chromecast with every choice I smart bluetooth I'm sorry blu-ray or TV Hulu Netflix Pandora already baked in what are the real reasons or uses for the chromecast if you use the chromecast or even that you would imagine would be used for the chromecast if you did that use it I have afford your answers thank you very much and happy holidays if you have juice to observe them okay I got

This first off google play services google play movies google play music you can't get those I mean you can I mean not on a smart TV you can't get those you can't you can get go play movies on on roku like we already talked about but I'm not on a smart TV also HBO Go you as far as I know that's not available on Smart TVs so if you watch anything on HBO chromecast is great for that um past that that's all right there's the there's the ability to share local media through various apps of course it's true yeah oh yeah right screams bloomin I would say the biggest the biggest bonus

For having something like a chromecast is the fact that all smart TV interfaces suck yeah that's true they suck royally and but even if you have a sucky interface in your hand you can still navigate around because you're using your hands so just to start media even things like youtube on your television versus in your hand is cool the other thing about the chromecast is that it has all these screen mirroring stuff built in and now that works i think on every device running KitKat or higher after the latest chromecast app update if the app update has support for 42 42

And later its marked yes so that everything is true is to twerking pretty well yeah I think that's that's really I actually is that a fair bit and it's I mean the chromecast stuff the screencasting is all tied into the Google ecosystem so you can like cast like photo slideshows from your computer and you know and your phone and it's you know it's just kind of convenient and then if if you have an app that you have bought on Android that has has chromecast stuff built in then I mean it kind of makes sense to use a chromecast rather than to sort of to you know buy

That app again in amazon's app store that's you know like I use plex and I have like the paid plex app on Android so if you don't have plex pass and then you would have to buy the app again from amazon now the fact that things like chromecast and Amazon to fire TV and exist make me really really frustrated lets me you look everywhere and you look at the sizes that I want which is like 55 inches and you can't find something that's not smart it's like I want to save 150 200 bucks because I don't care about all this functionality built in I've got that here I can upgrade it

Every couple of years for a minimal amount of money just give me a dumb TV please yeah I might be an episode title give me a dumb TV pleased I'm not on I'm not into the whole smart TV crap I like those things that I connect to my TV so I don't need to be built in yeah so anyway there are a lot of uses for chromecast um it's not it although I may be in the minority here I find having to use my phone or my tablet a little bit cumbersome versus something like fire TV or Roku where I can just grab a remote and remote the remote is is cool you know would be great is if Google would

Just release a new chromecast that had five gigahertz Wi-Fi and a freaking remote you know it would be really cool if Google would replete okay stay with me on this one if Google would release a set-top box that runs android and can be used as a chromecast and also has android apps that people want to use how kick-ass would that be okay but that sounds amazing Zoe but can they make it cost thirty-five dollars that would be ya know that we can get it to a 99 as long as we put in enough storage for you to do absolutely nothing yes so many resources are getting we're taking jabs

At Nexus player here I'm sort of half the people have already forgotten that thing exists hey you know what here I got a question for you cam that I don't think I thought to ask until just now does the nexus player support a like public Wi-Fi what do you mean like Wi-Fi that requires you to login to use it oh I have no idea because I mean that's one of the holdups a lot of people that I know actually don't use chrome cast because you know they travel and use like hotel Wi-Fi a lot which to you know login and it just you can't do that on the chromecast I

Doubt I doubt very seriously that you could do that on Nexus player either browser or anything on the Nexus plane no no browser I don't you know what now that i think about it can any I don't know Roku might be able to but I don't think fire TV can either there's no browse around it there's no real way to kind of web browser on roku and I use it pretty frequently I don't think it's in there at least I don't mind is there is a workaround for if you if you happen to you because it works and that is that a lot of really sloppy people have put together these systems at hotels that

Actually in the authentication URL it actually includes the mac address of the device you are authenticating so you can actually open that up on your laptop swap in the mac address of the chromecast and in some cases you can actually get your chromecast authenticate it it that way but you know doesn't it doesn't always notify five the person who developed the hotel Wi-Fi system is worth their salt it probably won't work but apparently most of them are hotel Wi-Fi generally sucks so bad you can barely stream anything on it anyway so I don't really I don't know

I'd never free hotel Wi-Fi sucks if you go to a nice hotel like it like a Hilton or something then you pay for the Wi-Fi and it does not suck ice test that i go to me you could have a cheap places in it's free and such yeah but the ones you have to pay for don't they typically only allow one device on their network and that's how I don't pay for my DS i tether when i get to this place hotels yeah you with your magical unlimited data plan he is known yeah for the tethering thank you very much there you know or 30 bucks extra every month verizon hates you I want you

To I killing the media justification hey now I now I pay for this I is it all right let's move on to the second voicemail hello ap I read an article this week I'll Samsung has done some restructuring on account their galaxy s5 has seriously missed mark for 2014 as we look forward to 2015 what do you think Samsung has in store for themselves not only for their design but also devices could they perhaps adopt a less skinned operating system to where it's not so reliant on TouchWiz after doing some experiments my personal my personal feeling is that TouchWiz is very very

Laggy and in shorts what do you guys think I'm pipe of the DJ happy Holidays to one and all good night I don't think that'll ever happen yeah I am pretty sure Samsung does not think that is why the galaxy s5 did so poorly and they're probably right i mean that's the phone didn't sell well because it looks almost exactly like the galaxy s4 to the point that if you just looked at it you wouldn't immediately be able to tell it's not even not even just that but i think that i think samsung really underestimated their competition this year everybody I feel like everybody

Really stepped up I mean like LG with the g3 I'm not a I don't personally like the g3 but I'm not gonna say it's a bad phone because it's a kick-ass phone yeah I mean and then like I mean the g3 didn't come out until summer though and i mean the the galaxy s5 had a good two months of lee time where it's only real competition in like the new phone space at that time was the m8 which i think did okay but I mean it didn't like blow the doors off the phone market or anything I say a bigger factor in this is the fact that the galaxy s4 was barely different from the galaxy s3 and

Those people that did throughout and upgrade I saw this okay you've got a 1080p screen you've got a little bit of processor you got a ton more samsung apps that's it are they really lining up around the block to buy the next phone I don't think yeah i mean i think that the galaxy s5 is sort of the perfect storm of uninteresting things because the people who care about specs would look at the spec sheet say okay it's not really that different and the people who care about what a phone like you know looks like and you know if people are gonna notice they have a new phone we're

Like but it looks just like the last one so like there was really no group that would really feel like they had to go out and get the galaxy s5 like right away and i think we already seen what samsung is going to be doing with lollipop i mean the the roms have started leaking it's not going to be dramatically different i don't think yeah and making out mistake Samsung is scared they missed their mark the sales mark according to The Wall Street Journal on the Galaxy s5 but like forty percent which is huge for them but they're very basic plan is just throw as

Much software and as much crazy kooky features into their hardware as they possibly can that's been what they've been doing for the last three or four years they might try and step up their hardware getting as far as storage the fit and finish is concerned I think the galaxy alpha is a really good example of that but first TouchWiz and the software so I know they're still going to throw everything they can yeah I mean I even at the same time they like the galaxy s5 felt a little bit more aware of how ridiculous their software has been I mean a lot of that stuff from the galaxy

S4 was gone that like they just they just like took some of it out because it was stupid and didn't work and a lot of other stuff was disabled by default I mean the software on the galaxy if I wasn't terrible I just think it was kind of boring you know not really there in TouchWiz has demonstrably improved in almost every iteration but the idea that they are no longer interested in really define named Davis with this incredibly unique software layer noticed I am yeah that's def EA that's definitely going to be their thing going forward and it's still gonna suck yeah well i think is a

Strong word I don't get yes suboptimal yeah you brought up a great point of the competition because between Sony and HTC and motorola and LG I would take all four of their flagships the s5 this year yeah you know like I'm just like this next year I'm actually really interested in what HTC does with the I guess m9 if that's what they call it because the rumor is that they're not going to use that ultra pixel sensor nonsense again they're going to put like a real camera in it and real camera my goodness would it be of you and like that like the camera was the thing about

About the m8 they just killed me it was like why like the duo camera that's just stupid I mean if they actually you know use like a regular sensor that takes pictures that you can actually like crop then that's a pretty interesting phone samsung if they're smart they will be working very hard to counter that phone good all right well there's a contest going on on the website android police calm / contest and it's for a couple of feedly pro lifetime accounts from feedly and APK mirror so if you are a big RSS reader and a fan of that way of consuming content this is actually

Pretty cool there's some nice functionalities like dropbox integration ifttt integration as well so make sure you head on over android police calm / contest to get yourself enter to win that fabulous prize and on that note Bob you want to cue the outro sure and on a low note we hope you enjoy the show as always send your feedback to podcast Android blinkx com you can also call us at 5 30 Loa be that's 5 30 or 35 5627 find us on twitter at android police google+ and facebook yeah woo yeah and just saying I was impotent weird myself and I managed to get the the intro right

Without any kind of coaching it's only like my third or fourth time he be good my you did good Michael you begin uh I think I'm gonna buy a pop filter for my mic I was looking at him while you guys were talking talking a lot tonight and I usually don't I I keep looking at at like boom arms for my mic because I don't like having this inning right on front right in the front yeah I I what I definitely I would like to have a line arm and a pop filter I think I'm gonna I think that'll be say like arm should just buy us these things can we just ask arm to buy us these things oh no I'm

Just using the mic off of the work in the mine selling okay I can't be missing you sound okay i could hear system echo i could definitely tell that you were not using like a dedicated mic yeah you know it's like every time I look for like boom arms I think like I'm gonna have to buy like some ridiculously expensive one because my desk is literally like the entire width of it and then some has monitors on it so like not gonna have to get some like gigantic studio arm that comes up from the back of the desk and goes like over my monitors and comes down like if I my

Face or something yeah my mom is item either but he does course all four inches on your side I'll still have to figure out what I'm gonna do as far as like if I get a boom boom monitor I'm it boo monitor what the heck that would also solve your problems like a baby monitor well you're the we wait for a coaster yeah and the thing is I have this I use the blue Yeti Mike so I want I'm super weird about mixing brands so I want I want blue branded stuff like that's that's just what i want and i know that's super weird I've got the blue shock mount that's this thing you

See in front of me right here wait hold on me to switch back so i can look show oh yeah the mouth shut yeah the radius right it's a lady's luggage is it does it work well yeah if for as far as Jacques concern it works great it's like one of those astronaut training things where they spend him in three directions until you have that also on a boom stand it's on it's on a boom mic stand and it's not on a opposable arm one or whatever they're called but it's a it's just a regular boom stand do you recommend the shock melt because I might pick one of those up to if you're going

To go if you're going to go a stand that touches the ground that you can bump into i definitely recommend that if you're going to go they've got the ones that come out your desk and have a kind of a hydraulic arm and it kind of does shock absorption on its own so interesting so the radius wow that's like 50 bucks just for that I'm going to go ahead and add it to my Amazon wish list maybe I'll pick it up later oh look here's some boom arms and mine we have what we might just have little arrangement so leave it about blue stuff oh yeah oh yeah that's a good

Point i completely forgot about that I am I need to I need to well that's method I need to give a shout out to my homeboy and then you guys can all have some mini centrifuge that we can be all space Campion whoo but yeah i want i wanna i wanna pop filter at all that so i can feel more pro yeah now that I live in a place than somewhat respectable it wouldn't mind coming on more often if you guys have holes in in the lineup for sure lee nike will be our art mode to filling for a holes for sure phrasing wow that was dirty I disagree I don't think that I don't think he can use that

As a title i'm pretty sure oh my gosh oohhhhh filling some holes and dough I think I'll pass on that line began oh I really was wondering if Michael could say what was the phrase he said earlier it was dead of twice let me see mmm by the way t-mobile won't let me switch to that one hundred dollar plan Oh what it says you are already on one of our best plans oh maybe call it because new customers only it'sit's no I where doesn't recognize I think that it does say yet to visit a retail store so I could probably walk into a store and get Swiss oh ok well know when you were

Talking about when you were talking about the the VR stuff you called it a google something unit twice and just sounded really funny Google vr cardboard unit um yes you said that the google cardboard unit like three times and i just think that's what it is it's cardboard that's the name of the google cardboard unit i could sell that molds oh I see what you're saying no it's a full it's a google cardboard face case for your phone gubu google cardboard face case i think is gonna be the episode title you said oh gooble experiment care bird feed escapes what

Are you doing oh I'm taking a picture of of me mmm Oh selfie cam selfie cam camp Oh selfie case Oh what I'm you and mouth selfie just right well what if I move it just right oh my god I can even get the bulls logo from my wallpaper down below oh oh snap said it did it did it just snapped man that one turned out really badly cuz it was right when my monitor was doing oh snap all right well I'm gonna start editing this since it's almost past my bedtime yes time I should I stop recording mm okay did you get the house so she can you get the hot sausage the case the case of hot sauce no I just

Shipped out today sauce in yeah but I know dude I'm like I'm freaking out cuz there's literally like this much length in the other bottle and I'm like oh good hurry up and get believe I got free shipping on that that had to be some sort of eight ER because when I look today when I got the shipping notification it was like 17 pounds I was like dude you guys are charging me less than four dollars a bottle for this and giving me free shipping where are you making money if there's anybody still watching it's California pepper plant hot sauce amazing stuff I turned cam on

To it it is just fantastic I can't out and agree it's it's incredibly enough sriracha shirt so and i'll still give it up to this this saw this hot sauce the mongol send me i don't i got nothing but love for sriracha but this this stuff is like next level like so good especially on eggs it's the best on eggs I you're one of those hot sauce soy sauce that's like actually the name of the hot sauce kick ass hot sauce yeah man several different kinds and they're very good okay look I go to sleep I have things to do so I'm going to come on yeah I'm hungry so i'm

Gonna go maybe cook some eggs with hot sauce all right oh yeah the last pic you gotta wait for that case Shh I'll be like next week I think that's seven I think it was literally like a week I think it's I think it's like the 17th for it'll be here which I just don't you know all right fellas I lost fun next time I'll try to have a decent microphones you getting dragged down yeah well we'll work something out we'll work on that next week all right buh-bye all right peace out home dogs this is laith three self-paced later peace later I am going to stop the broadcast now so

For those of you still in chat room thank you so

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