Android Police Podcast Ep.139 Live Unedited

by birtanpublished on May 25, 2021

Sure not pose making the mere thing I think that probably well I know that everybody on the Ohio contingent of our crew has a potbelly that's true my belly is mostly gone at this point I'm 38 pounds down so holy dog cake pretty happy about that I have like 12 pounds to go and then I'll see where I'm at because you've been by cycling then by cycling and eating significantly less food I am I even somehow managed to lose half a pound on Thanksgiving week I Wow there was one lineman for the Detroit Lions who gained like nine and a half pounds he weighed himself before he sat down to dinner and after he stood up and

He gained nine and a half pounds at Thanksgiving dinner see that is that's to do that's the kind of stuff to get you killed by your own food that means that means he's a big drinker water is heavy as actually I think it's happier than it's heavier than that it's like if you if you drink it what it is it's like a gallon of water it's like 10 pounds I know a gallon is a lot but a gallon weighs seven pounds okay I gallon water weighs seven pounds okay well yes all right the only thing I hate about this angle is that you can't see my christmas tree God tree can when you

Move like that and you do move quite a bit during the show it's kind of a reveal every time you move I'm like oh what's what's behind the camera oh look it's a christmas tree– it's a christmas every time they were locked on you every time you rotate you should just say Merry Christmas and then rotate back okay so I social dust so we're good to go there well we are broadcasting and we can start whenever we want we may want to if you just so showed why don't we give it about two minutes okie dokie herb we'll see we can we can let some more folks join us from the beginning of

The show thing is how will only be like two minutes late this week show Cameron you might appreciate this I got this awesome box cutter on amazon it's like the coolest box cutter in the universe hey um why don't you in court encourage dude it's right that's a good it's like a switch blade box cafe but wait it gets better so you see right here in this little gap the knife is actually in there so you can use it to as like a like a gut hook or something so you can like cut spring and open the edges of boxes with it it's awesome I I need a link to that yeah

I'll give you the link to that does it does it open game shows though I think I need to buy I know because it is a replaceable razor blade so just break it so I can cut log into the chat at all I can't log into the chat either I had to get in the Real IRA so I I got in through a rest on my client yeah the client side seam so it's it's not it doesn't appear to be a problem with the server it just appears to be a problem with me at a Kiwi crap all right camera near your link is in the in the chat Kiwi crap oh yeah coach for dinner I wouldn't it's milwaukee too yeah that's

Like the best dude it just hit my wish list I'm gonna order it later this is in Milwaukee or Old Milwaukee um or is it Milwaukee's Best it's Milwaukee's Best or is it Milwaukee death trip away I love it oh my god i want to sing it now so bad with Milwaukee instead of man speaking of Milwaukee god I thought the Bucks were gonna beat the mavs last night they were so close so close but man Monta Ellis God Milwaukee far Milwaukee that the thing that's been interesting about Milwaukee is a lot of the games they've lost David was–like the Cleveland game they lost by three I

Mean it's David lost a really a ton really good close game uh yeah I mean I wanted to see Milwaukee we're supposed to be awful that's the thing that's what i think is awesome about this year's like there's only one team that's have been supposed to be awful that actually is I mean I'll manners or five and OH got it out to the seventy sixers for being awful predictably awful oh my god with their 1 in 17 record I know dude I was like holy they're on a one-game winning streak this is like we should document in this the the Philadelphia like

Inquire whatever the the sports page on it said that they came up one loss short of the record but it was record with spelled WR ec k 0 rd I thought that was pretty fitting I like it wrecked I like anything is that's the how you spell record uh that's how you spell record when you live in Philadelphia they have cuz they have good cheesesteaks and AIDS victims and Philadelphia players would be better since they spend most of their days on the playground I don't think it's a victim heard that's true they do but they're probably not playing basketball I mean another chillin out

Maxin relaxin all cool I think the only ones to actually play in basketball is Michael carter-williams even though I hate his face just his face now there's just there's a his game is good there's just something about his face that makes me just there were a couple of guys in his neighborhood yeah many of you watch me at the moment are having trouble getting into the IRC room the web client does appear to be broken so if you have a local IRC client on your machine I would suggest using that David you should type that in the IRC to let everyone know I should have let me that

That's what's up he did actually the server name is IRC dot and ircnet and the channel name is android police no spaces well it's IRC dot and IRC data that's interesting I think I'm directing I'm connecting to it through wha state and ircnet which I guess would just be a mirror right yeah probably while state I like Kirk and Dirk net better though ok Duke detonate mercure Konerko boyer and Dirk Dirk and Dirk lawyer welcome to Erica Deric Gazette seats I'm Eric in DC's Dirk how you can also connect at the wha state dot and I receipt on that but I think if you put

In IRC and irc2 that goes there Connect ed ahead say it we're gonna we're going to debut a new segment at the end of the show it's called organ Derk er can Dirk is that like a bed and breakfast it is it's kind of like dink and dunk that doesn't sound nearly as good well no dink and dunk is a bed breakfast where you just you know get a room for the night and then you have doughnuts in the morning got it so that's when you got drunk at the time our by the hour men's breakfast you get a room and doughnuts dink and dunk I like it yeah boy alright I guess we're ready to go alive aren't

We well we're live but we are looking start ready to go yeah the thing the start of the show record button in the music and Android musings musing that's correct welcome to the android police podcast for weekly audio source for all things android it is thursday december for 2014 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm David Redick I'm Cameron some extent I'm limas pathan and I need to get my medications adjusted my name is Bob severance welcome to the show David it sounded like it was a question I'm David rhotic I wasn't sure you weren't he almost said

His name was Roy or some stupid like that oh let's get this show started right okay that's true all right so we're gonna kick off google this week with a new android update 501 has hit a OSP and rolled out to some devices out there so Liam do we know what's new some bug fixes basically the list is not that long but it's pretty much why you would expect for a zero point zero point one update the bill does lrx 22 see it's already an AOSP there are some factory images if you haven't got the OTA yep Gotye yet so far I think the OTA OTA is

Hit the Nexus 9 Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 is that right I belisa oh but you hasn't get it on your Apple 566 yeah don't be surprised I just like that on my Nexus 9 kiss a nexus 9 is terrible that's that's my my logic i'm waiting for the ODA data Yoda oh okay so also this week Google made some little verbiage changes that might make it so that that five point 01 update may not be hitting your device quite as quickly as your hope and if you have a nexus or GP device right David yeah so the change to the this this help art or support article I should say on Google's website basically all it says

Now is it says that the wait to get an update maybe longer based on your carrier that's the only change and they didn't explain why they changed it obviously and they never will explain why they changed it because it's just a stupid support page but cannot speculate wildly about it then we should that's exactly what we should and are going to do I think we have pretty good basis for speculation here though because we know google has had basically sim based targeting of OTA updates or withholding of them it is targeted it targeted a update to the nexus 7 2013 specifically

For verizon versions of the device at one point and it's also withheld updates from the telstra network and Australia for Nexus devices there so we know google has the ability to do this so it's not a question of mechanism now they probably they may do this by some kind of sim identifier or an MTN you know basically and even if you remove your sim supposedly they can still identify what network you were last on so what we're probably seeing here in my opinion is that with the nexus 6 being out on three of the major for US carriers and being

Compatible with all four basically i'm guessing the carrier's probably got a concession out of google that hey you know we want to test your software before you approve it so if we test it and we find a problem we want the ability to withhold the update from our customers until the problems fixed that would be my guess and I think that's a pretty reasonable thing to request for the carrier's generally speaking because honestly Nexus devices can be pretty buggy and customers of carriers they rarely go to the manufacturer of the device they go to the carrier which is

Typically where they bought it or where they expect to get service so carriers are covering their asses here admittedly it is kind of annoying but when it comes to Nexus devices and GP devices alike it doesn't matter if one carrier gets withheld as long as somebody gets the update and the zip file gets out there you can update your phone regardless of whether or not the updates being withheld so as long as the file makes it out there the factory image is released you can update this is just more to protect people who don't want to or otherwise would not a flash these kind

Of things on their own and that's probably an important thing to keep in mind for those of you who are immediately going to go to the verizon galaxy nexus example of why this is such a horrible thing because yeah that one was a competant had it had different it different hardware inside of it so you couldn't just flash the image that was available for the Play edition or whatever that's correct so this is a totally different situation all of the Nexus 6 is all over the world run the exact same rom it doesn't matter what country it's in doesn't even matter if

It's sports different LTE bands they all the same wrong they have different radios but the ROM itself that is from that layer so it doesn't matter but the ROM could potentially cause a problem right with your radio or the firmware if you read it could and that's why I carrier might choose to withhold it yeah obviously being suggestion there so do so even though the the zip may be available update at your own risk pretty much all right so speaking of updates and GPE devices the LG G pad that you may have gotten from the Play Store the google play edition version of course is

Getting its lollipop update this week also the sony z ultra which is the closest thing you can get to a tablet without actually being a tablet is it's getting it is it's a google play edition update as well so at one of those you should probably already have it if not check for updates all right so let's talk about let's talk about t-mobile and the LTE Nexus 9 we thought it was going to be available right around now the beginning of december very very soon if not already and it looks like it looks like we really don't know when to expect it at this point right David that's

Right so based on unverified internal communication obtained by TmoNews t-mobile was telling all of its retail partners the nexus 9 LTE is not going to launch when they said it was going to launch and it is being postponed indefinitely at this point obviously it's not going to be months and months but it's going to be longer than it was there's no reason given as to why this is happening it's entirely possible it could be do with the shipment delay it could be potentially do to them producing new units up to a higher stand for the we don't know if they actually

Ever happened but it's possible I guess it could be that they're flashing newer software to them and they need time to do it their their myriad potential explanations here so we'll see what happens this probably also means that Amazon and Google's orders for the LTE version than the US may be delayed as well all right good deal um well not a good deal I said that bad day only saying that that's a bad um I guess it's okay if you're not planning on buying it you should be pretty good but let's talk a little bit about google glass which actually hasn't hasn't made

Our topic list very much lately because well the the hardware that's out there is pretty much the same Hardware we've been seeing for about two years but it sounds like there might be a refresh coming soon I can so first off I want to point out that it totally said it like you said Google ass I movie that it let's talk about Google ass Google's but machine um but we have the butt machine in the samsung and google but machines fight it's i would that would be an interesting fight i would not notice okay ass they can have a torque ah ok ass ok baby so yeah the spirit of google

Glass Google glass The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the next iteration of google glass which we could see sometimes soon may have intel inside there's really not a whole lot more than that to it but i mean i guess i guess it kind of makes sense until has really been pushing hard lately to to really become a legitimate competitor in in android and Android devices I mean they even a lot of the I've reviewed probably four or five tablets lately that has that I've been telling them and it's getting better so because I've never been a big fan personally of Intel

Devices they've always just been really quirky laggy but the most recent ones I've been impressed with Nexus player as Intel in it so we know that Google and Google and until have a relationship and I wouldn't be surprised to see this happening because i'm pretty sure until is basically giving away chips at this point to get people actually use them because of Lee they just they're trying really desperately to get into this market and and to you know I mean they have been for for a few years now but I mean I think the biggest push has been coming these past probably six or eight

Months yeah I talked to and a popular tablet OEM let's and they said Intel is just pushing so hard to get their chips into devices and they're offering a lot of incentives they're not necessarily that much cheaper than Qualcomm or Nvidia but the retail experience intel has helping with sell through you know helping to get advertisements for Intel products out there and stuff and their ability to work with suppliers is something that most the Qualcomm and NVIDIA and you know Samsung's ekta knows they can't match it so they're giving a lot of

Incentives not to mention apparently they are selling pretty cheaply so that is probably a big part of why there's so many more Intel processors that and the whole x86 problem on Android is largely resolved yeah they're just the performance is still not where it needs to be though in comparison to to most you know modern arm chips I mean you if you if you take the newest Qualcomm mobile chip and put it head-to-head with like the new tegra chip or the newest Snapdragon it's going to get smoked by both of them I mean it's just it's just not there it's great I do think that

It's they're good for budget devices or anything that doesn't need a whole lot of hardware to push um so for the use of google glass I think it's probably okay because you're there's not a whole lot going on there that it needs a substantial amount processing power yeah it just needs to be very very slow on energy consumption yeah that's and I think until has has kind of done a pretty decent job you know lately of managing good battery life at least comparable to what we're already used to it may not be anything magnificent but it's not it's not terrible yeah I mean I

Wouldn't be surprised that if the reason they're going with Intel is made because Intel's got something in the 18 nanometer process or maybe 20 nanometer that they're going to be able to put in class is a smaller you can push process usually the lower the lower the energy consumption in true truth so yeah just for you have some awkward silence in here because we got we got to fill for space right definitely boss what what what's going on right now I don't know actually a whole lot of nothing it's just labs guys awkward and had a brain fart no there was no brain

Farts it was all purposeful mad had a purposeful brain fart all right so let's talk a little bit about google inbox because or gmail inbox whichever you want to call it it's uh it's come on the scene people are either in love with it or hate it i think is pretty much the general theme but the team that's behind that product happened to head on over to redifer and ask me anything session and we got some good information that came out of that so Liam what do we know yeah basically most of the answers were either we're thinking about it or we're working on it so a lot of questions that

People have been asking like when his appt support coming when is this or that feature coming from gmail to inbox were answered with eventually like they're working on it actively um so I mean that's not very surprising but I one thing that was interesting was that somebody of course asked what future is between inbox and Gmail as far as like mother that emerged and the team member that respondent said that in the short term they're not going to merge but in the long term the team hopes so so it sounds like it's not a definite thing that when will replace the other but it

Seems like they want to bring in box up just feed with Gmail first and then maybe go from there right on alright so also in the Google App universe I guess I don't know I start sentences without knowing where they're going some epi verse but also in the Google App universe the support for additional Microsoft Office file types has been delivered to to your docs and your sheets and all your various Google Docs so David what is that what does that mean as far as the growing relationship between office Docs and Google Apps uh I i was aware i put my name on this

So i'm gonna guess it means you can edit more Microsoft Office file types by converting them to Google formats and probably screwing up things in the process because that's generally been my experience with converting Microsoft file formats to Google file formats but maybe it's better now I haven't done in a while but you can do that now so you can now you know turn your excels in to Google sheets and your your doc X's into Google Docs and and stuff so yeah yeah can you do templates or pivot tables or okay I'm guessing the answer to all that is no but I do not believe da sheets yet

Has pivot tables that's what it needs pivot tables that's where it's at it is pivot tables there they're hip they are let's move on to carrier for 1 111 all right so what we talked a little bit in last week's show or maybe the week before about some of the different methods that carriers are using to get quote unquote bloatware on the Nexus 6 and while this may not particularly pertain to Nexus obviously there was changes in lollipop that made system apps a little less necessary for carrier bloat and it seemed like it was going to be a really cool thing but now it looks

Like carriers might just come up with a completely different way to make bloatware suck even worse right David yeah so this this this thing is called a digital turbine ignite and it's not super cool so the idea is that carriers you know typically probably a firmware update because they want digital turbine deck night to be a system app so they want to cook it into the ROM digital turbine ignite is essentially like a like a bloatware beacon like once it's installed then it you know sends out a signal to the bloatware you know the bloatware gods to send down there

Bloat from on high and it's then on your phone or tablet or whatever I'm really glad you described it this way because now I totally have that scene from wreck-it Ralph in my head and that's how I'm gonna think about bloatware from now on yeah that's that's good games and the bloatware comes down silently and stealthily in the night in other words you know the dt ignite because of permissions it has does not have to show you it's installing anything and it doesn't have to give you any notice whatsoever these things just show up in your app drawer out of the blue now the

Upside to dirt DT ignite is that anything it download downloads can be removed it doesn't have root permissions I can't install anything is a system app so once it blowed is downloads you can remove it and then according to a knowledgeable source i spoke with it should not reinstall there's no behavior built into DT ignite to do that if you do a factory reset or they're potentially some really weird situations that could happen or a bug it might reinstall itself again but even then you can just remove it again and it won't come back so the issue with dt ignite is

First the notice issue you get no notice that this blue hairs being downloaded to your phone it's just there one day and i don't think that's cool at all especially considering how many permissions this app has the whole silent aspect is isn't if arias in my opinion it's not not cool the second problem is that once it's on your device i mean it's on there you can turn it off obviously but most people won't know to do that and there is no admission from digital turbine at this point that the software cannot be used then later installed more bloatware on your device

After first boot at the carrier's discretion and they you know it can very much do that because of the permissions it has i can update the bloatware that's on your phone and it can definitely install new bloatware down the line so it's it's not as bad in some senses is rom baked bloatware on your phone because a it reduces the amount of testing the carrier's doing when they certify a new rom and be anything in downloads you can remove but it is worse in terms of providing notice and the amount of power has over your phone I guess the other thing

That's concerning to me is that depending on what it's downloading and what the specifics are behind how its able to do that is it could be burning through your data plan to write I mean I the source I spoke to says that's not how it works the data should be basically dog-eared is zeroed by your carrier so I mean that that's up to your carrier to be able to do that so right how much do you trust 18 T and Verizon to meter your data correctly if I'm wrong but aren't they the ones who put this damn thing on there in the first place they are so I'm not you know I guy

I wouldn't be super trustworthy there either i would assume it would generally work but i can definitely see situations where yeah maybe they're still working out glitches i'm looking at their website right now and i'm pretty sure that they've changed the language on on the front page interesting i'm sure they have because this has probably been a pretty yeah pretty bad situation for them I just remember when this was first kind of being talked about it explicitly said that it enabled apps to be installed in the preload or post load process didn't define those things but

Now post load is totally gone is it okay it did say post load before they definitely edited it so yay I guess we're making a difference I don't know okay um anyways so this is actually a little bit more on the good news that is if you are a fan of switching carriers because that's pretty much all deals in carrier world have to do with any more as you can't get a deal on a carrier contract unless you are switching from somebody else so Sprint's got a new one Cam's gonna tell us about I am so basically the deal is if you're coming from AT&T or Verizon Sprint will

Literally take your current plan put you on the most comparable one that they have and give it to you for half the price that you're currently paying I mean that that's the whole thing it's it's a limited offer I think it starts tomorrow which is Friday so it's today if you're listening tomorrow and it's yesterday if you're listening the day after tomorrow um you'd never listen to the show tomorrow it would always be today when you're listening it's but it's not I want it to be not less than yesterday see if you're listening this internet

Ready you'd only listen to now what's happening now is now then we just passed it when now I don't think we stay we're doing now is happening now I think so Spaceballs yeah so anyway you can go to sprint com / half price for more info on on what's up but yeah if you're on AT&T and Verizon AT&T or Verizon you're probably not on both but if you're on one of the other and you're looking to switch to sprint for some reason I don't know then yeah you can save you can save half of the dollars you currently use not only does it cut your monthly bill in half it also cuts the number of

Towers you can connect to a nap it cuts your service in half right so that's the that's the trail obviously if you're in a relatively decently sized metropolitan area and they have like waukegan just like waukegan may have towers in plenty where you're at then it's probably worth it but if you travel a lot or you live in the sticks what's good coverage worth to you I guess if you live in a stick your at insect and you do not have a mobile phone you don't that's true this is teller telephone for ants so let's move on to product reviews time for product reviews this week it

Was on fire HD kids lightning review this a lightning makes I think it is I heard okay that's exactly what it sounds like I thought it was storming here when I first heard it I was like whoa with that that's actually the south of lightning doesn't make us out it does it makes the San you just made because that sounded nothing like thunder you have to listen really closely yeah it does that it goes it's just really quiet isn't Thunder the sound of lightning breaking the sound barrier I I don't know but probably I mean MIB that sales right we could ask the google thing somebody do

That I would you know I'm talking about the same as on tablet find out you find one be answer to this question so yeah the Amazon fire HD kids tablet so a couple of weeks ago Ryan and I reviewed the way tag team reviewed the kindle fire HD 6 and the 7 heated the seven I did the six and i also had the six-inch fire HD kids tablet so basically in a nutshell it is exactly the same as the fire HD six but it has freetime unlimited which is amazon's like sort of thing for kids like the interface for kids which you can put free time on any any of the candle the new kindle tablets

And but freetime unlimited offers access to amazon stuff like books and movies and videos and things like that i can get your free with the fire HD kids you also get the little protective bumper and it's got a two-year warranty which is the coolest thing about it it's got a two-year no-questions-asked warranty so if you you know if you if you get it for your three-year-old because it's designed for like kids ages 3 to probably eight i would say anything over eight and you probably just want to go with the regular kindle fire HD because at that point the the free time thing is

A little too it's a little too childlike so anyway the warm tea if you give it to your three-year-old and they decide they want to you know throw it out the window of a moving car and it gets all busted up I am just on a replacement no questions asked for 24 years so that's pretty cool but because of that it's also a little bit more expensive it's about fifty dollars more the six such models 150 whereas the regular six inch tablet is it's just nine fine so you're paying a little bit extra you get the warranty you get the bumper you get freetime

Unlimited so it kind of balances itself out but all in all I think that this I don't know it might be the best kids tablet out there right now given the warranty the price the performance and everything else kind of kind of I just I really like it the one the one feature I mean the one thing well I guess there are two things really they're kind of kind of bad about it one it doesn't have google play of course because it's an amazon tablet so it only has access to the Amazon ecosystem and secondly it has the mex you can get as 8 gigabytes of internal storage and it is

Non-expandable there's no SD card slot so that really sucks because they can fill it quickly especially like like most kids if if your kid is addicted to minecraft like so many are now me minecraft can eat up some space pretty quickly especially if they make custom maps and all that minecraft II crap I don't know my kids play it but I don't pay attention to what that is so yeah those are the two biggest downsides other than that for the price I think it's fantastic tablet the 7s model i think is 1 90 or 180 I think it's 180 for the 7s model so there's that but I

Think it's I mean for a kids tablet it's it's awesome and I really like the fact that you can take it out of the bumper and it's just a regular kindle it's just regular kindle tablet so you can jump into another profile an adult profile and you've got a tablet so if you're looking for something that maybe your younger kid an older kid can share or you can share with your kids or something like that then I think it's the best choice out there um if you want something just for your kids it's still a good choice but there's also like the dream tab and the Nabi the Nabi tablets

Which are they're pretty decent so yeah yes yes this would have been nice two years ago true story my dad buys a tablet for my nephew who I think was six at the time he stepped on it and broke it on Christmas morning literally within an hour of having it yeah that I got my son my son my stepson a shield a shield portable for his birthday for his ninth birthday no 9th 11th is alicious 9th 11th birthday yeah I was it knows I have a nine-year-old step 7 11 year old stepson so I get them and also an idol daughter in one year old son so the age

Things I had to try to keep up with them and there's just too much anyway it was my oldest stepson so this is 11th birthday we got a mishele dabbling that the night we gave it to him he put it on charge and then stuck it in the protective case that you can buy for the shield tablet which put the USB cable in a bind broke the USB port so I wind charge anymore and i had to a file a warranty claim on it to get it minus one and it was oh he was so upset he was so upset for like I mean he was just distraught I was like dude I can fix this it's fine don't worry about I was

Going to try to fix it myself but then I was like you know what nah I'll just I'll just get a new and file it on a warranty but man he was so upset about that cool it wasn't cool did you put the voicemail on the thing yeah what's it what's it labeled to voicemail to which melts you all right food i smell too here's a voicemail we don't know what a little gentleman this is yes i had some questions on the Qualcomm quick charging technology and would appreciate your help in answering them questions a problem first of all if the quick is the Qualcomm technology really as fast as

All calm and a for manufacturers claim charging her phone you know eight hours and 50 minutes or whatever question number two how will this impact my battery if I'm reusing the quick charger and will it decrease the lifespan of my battery clearly certainly with these bones that are not replaceable want to make sure that a last in the creek maintain its virility for the whole two years that I would have it question number three in general with the best approach just in with the week when the battery for maintaining the battery health so that it will

Maintain its virility for the full two years that the unlikely have the phone and all your answers are appreciated and hold after Thanksgiving it's want to thank you guys for answering the various questions I hadn't passed and also without a doubt for the podcast and for the website which I go to at least three times a week thank you and Happy Valley happy Holidays to you too mmm so this is one that I can answer because I've researched it to a slightly weird degree because I became curious about it at some point uh that's you know leads to research it does so Qualcomm quick

Charge technology it's it's hard to tell it's actually anything special because now we have motorola and samsung both offering their own quick charging solutions would arm which aren't branded as quick charge although it's entirely possible that they're using Qualcomm quick charge technology and they have some kind of licensing deal where they're not to call it that but I I don't think that's the case I think they all arrived you know kind of a the same solution because it wasn't a particularly difficult solution to arrive at maybe that or the secret just

Got out and Qualcomm didn't have patent on it or something either way they're all basically the same as far as I can tell there's no difference in the way all these methods work they're just pushing more amperage and slightly more voltage into the phone and they're probably doing this by split basically using a more complex a power interface so they can charge more cells in the battery at once basically just putting or pipes they go to the battery is their batteries made up of multiple cells it's not just one cell so with lithium-ion batteries you know typically you can't

Put more than one point 6 volts into a single cell to given time because you'll basically screw it up you cause damage to a decrease capacity and then there's the issue of amperage which is a separate thing you can put full amperage into a battery lithium ion battery for one stage of charging the way lithium ion batteries work is kind of weird uh charging is not linear uh it's not I don't think there's really an equation that would scribe it that I'm aware of it my you know high high school level of mathematics education but the thing in my own batteries they have two stages

And charging they have I forget what they're called now cuz i havent look at this in a couple months but basically in the first stage you can pump a bunch of amperage into the battery and that will speed up the charging process to a point so you Mabel to get like sixty percent full in this first stage but then it has to fill the capacity and at that point you have to start tapering off the amperage because it's just not going to accept any more and keep the voltage constant so it charges much more slowly for the second stage but the more slowly you do the first stage more quickly the

Second stage is over so it's kind of like a proportions thing now what these quick charge technologies are doing is they're completing the first stage on the cells as quickly as they can basically and they're doing probably the second stage on cells that have already complete the first stage at the same time as far as benefits and drawbacks any batteries enemy if the end of day is heat so the more heat is generated by the battery the longer the shorter the cycle lifetime is going to be just the fact there's nothing you can do about that so the hotter it gets the less

Cycle lifetime you're going to get out of your battery so one of the worst ways to reduce your cycle lifetime is to use your phone while it's on the charger because you're just compounding the heat issue by using at the same time it's it's really actually very bad for it to use it while it's on the charger as far as how bad these new technologies hurt your battery versus charging more slowly say a traditional maybe one point two amps and whatever volts about 7.5 watts is the typical Android wattage amount of power you would put into a phone before these

Quicker charging technologies came about I don't think anyways actually research that there's obviously more heat generated by this just because of the physics I guess so it obviously is going to have an effect on psycho lifetime but I would assume the manufacturers have looked in this and decided that's not going to affect that many people or enough people to really matter but if you're constantly charging your phone a lot like multiple times a day yeah quick charging could probably significantly impact your psyche a lifetime but again I don't have any numbers on that so yeah

That's that's what I know about quick charging I think that was pretty definitive I don't have anything to add emails haven't even used a quick charger with my Nexus 6 so no I will say it it is wait but it comes to the quick charger it does i haven't used it it's stupid it is not really really fast so fast I don't like I don't if it's um let's see do I I don't even know oh let's see there's the cable and maybe the charger oh look there's the charger oh that your cameras over here now please love her I think its way to it when no one likes tiny percent empty

Space in that charging brick they just want to look big so it feels like a turbo a big beefy yeah I mean the only time i charge my i charge my phone is at night because i don't i actually don't need to start urgent more than that which is one thing i love about the nexus 6 i used to charge my nexus 5 twice a day um but i just used my wireless charger overnight so I haven't I haven't used I haven't had you need to use yeah there's been a couple situations where you know I know I I remember okay I've got to go somewhere but I didn't put my phone charger last

Night and in the 15 minutes takes me to get ready before we leave or whatever that like puts you know twenty percent on the battery so it's super helpful the only the only other thing that I would add that we haven't really talked about too much yet is the way I understand it live Ian lithium-ion battery technology likes to have electrons moving likes to be charged so in other words a bad thing to do for lithium-ion batteries is to use your battery from full charge to dead and then charge it back up to full charge it doesn't actually like going all the way

Down and doing full cycles so really the best way that you can care for lithium-ion batteries is having chargers at home work in the car and whenever you're not using the phone keep it on the charger the other thing would regard what you're saying there is you shouldn't technically they don't recommend you fully charged or lithium ion batteries at all like they say you know is seventy-five eighty five percent is as high as you should go because it past that point you're putting more stress on the battery and the battery doesn't like that full discharges can be

Helpful occasionally even Apple recommends you do a monthly full discharge to make sure the calibration is right but this probably has an effect at the most plus or minus five percent good all right well I think I think let's take the opportunity right now to open up for questions from the chat well first of all we'll see if we have any questions from the chat well I don't I'm not even in the chat but we're gonna have to wait because the chat is probably listening to two minutes ago right now we are going to have to wait that's true messages from the future we

Do have a question it comes from a Martin McFly he says what the hell is a gigawatt Martin McFly Martin Martin Martin McFly Oh Martin come on let's wrap this up I want to go watch some girl be in Peter Pan television that it was sarcastic I don't understand I don't either so there's a live Peter Pan on the tvs and there's a female yeah I agree that the whole 75% eighty-five percent charging thing is highly impractical because who does I mean no way obviously I don't know in order for somebody do this 75 to 80 percent charging I think you'd have to

Develop a phone that could falsely report it's a one hundred percent when it's at 75 dad you know and I I've always wondered about that like I wonder how many manufacturers have thought about doing that and then thought no will get sued it doesn't have to be true or something is it make sense well Apple falsely reported carrier bar straight for a while there yeah i mean i would say more than they in rizal got it on literally because really i mean what the whole issue was that they wanted the signal to be reported in the linear or a linear fashion an apple wasn't doing it

In a linear way Cameron why are you holding Cameron's picking his nose so he's holding his nexus in front of the screen actually pretty good idea I'm not ah that's what you say you have plenty of time to move okay we have a question this one goes out to AP chem Cameron that's me I'm a name that's your weight loss talk what's your secret oh man is super easy to super super easy so um yeah like i said i've lost like 37 38 pounds now and I ride my bike as much as possible and I cut calories and I can't that's it I count calories I still eat all the same stuff that I hate before I

Just eat less of it I was really hungry for the first light we can have two weeks while i justed to that that transition but I mean during the transition period but other than that I mean that's it that is literally it I try to ride I try to ride like during the warmer months it was easy here because I would ride like four or five times a week at night most of the time but now there's getting colder I've actually been mountain biking more than I have been road cycling which is different for me because I never I have a mountain bike since I was a kid so I'm

Just writing like a single-speed bader mountain bike and having an absolute blast doing it because you so much better when it's cold outside because it's not as cold in the woods or something I don't know it's not as open so you don't get that cold icy wind but yeah that's pretty much it i ride i try to ride now three to four times a week and eat less if nest freddie mercury says get on your back and ride yeah exactly yeah I wrote every day this like Nick Emmert reason is that actually he doesn't anymore cuz he's dead right good okay okay talk about

Freddie Mercury being dead and everybody shuts up it was a good QA guys plus god there was a queue there was an AI think that was successful oh wait wait we got a question for you ap David Larry King ? oh that's something else I'm just gonna aren t frog question I'm just gonna read random questions from earlier in the show out of context and see if you guys want to answer them Oh that'd be great let's do it so let's see do we have any questions earlier not ATT right not ATT right um i would say route if you can help it Oh for carrier pics I don't know we're not giving context here David

That's against the rules no context no context oh so if I buy it from the Play Store this app will install once you put a sim in it you can't put a sim in a nap what is stupid well now okay as far as the blow where download the automatic float winner so the way that works is if you don't have a sim in during the phone setup process it won't download the bloatware with Google's thing because there's no association there's no prior association either with sim even like i had i got my nexus 6 from AT&T and it didn't download stuff automatically when I set it up because then have sim card

In it so that that should be how it works if you have sim card in when you set up and you're on provider than yeah it should trigger the poll Play Store automatic blit where download business video questions o.o go ahead hold on i'm going to address this here free for Dell says that answer did not involve involve enough Android I'm not satisfied which I can only assume was about my weight loss thing because he was the one who asked so I track all my rides with runtastic and i've been using myfitnesspal to count calories so how's that for android oh there you are using

This advertised Cameron are you using runtastic snoo but shaping app um I am NOT my might what I got bak tastic it's no I wanted him to call it runtastic runtastic i think i like but tastic better but tastic would work too but going to be maybe got bested oh my god it could be i think no i'm not using that because i'm mostly trying to lose weight and not shape my ass but if i ever feel the need or if I'm if I'm ever like wow I really need to I don't own my ass then I guess from runtastic but app what is it called I wrote about it but trainer that soon as we're does this all

Like sit I'm gonna train my ass to sit so yeah I'll go for that one but I could control my problem with random twerking until I got but trainer now my butt listens to me anytime I want to just sit there not do anything hey we have we have one more out of context question freak for Dell asks isn't that a game that old people play um yes what but trainer old people and hipsters yes that's true hipsters do you love them some bocce ball so if hipsters use but trainers does that make them but stirs technically but sour hips so I guess that's a wash wait a minute hipsters

Don't wash all right we're done see you next week guess I guess next time we want to do an impromptu QA we should probably be a little less impromptu about it Yeah right right these things require planning could be the next time we have a show with 10 topics in it will just skip it's good me that's a joke we will be here every week whether you like it or not you would listen to every damn word we have to say we could do an episode of hand Christmas trees oh so next we're speaking away we're not done yet so if we could we could roll the

Outro I have some clerical stuff so i have to go offline in the Hangout as well I I don't think so just the actress probably fine roll that beautiful bean footage well be enjoyed the show as always you can send us feedback to podcasting a very place com you can also constant 530 hell I peanuts back 30 45 5 6 to 7 50 cent I earn every place go awesome facebook so next week I'm going to be on vacation so if I don't know who's off that week or maybe Michael would want to cover or purtell or as they say in England on holiday I will I will be on holiday I'm gonna come on to

The podcast from an exotic locale no I'm not I'm not gonna do that I like to the last time you did that that was an exotic locale well next week when next week would technically be Liam's week off oh so but I shouldn't ask him if he wants to fill in I can do it guys all I do you uh give you message in my hip jam can you ask a clean I end up earning next week you a but doesn't that training what chat chat but trainer yeah train your butt chat can somebody actually get a carrier pigeon to teach it to send a hangouts message to Liam's Oh William said he might be able to do

The podcast next week okay we have carrier pigeon 411 to the show care yes oh we have a bocce ball episode we could have about to ball up so they all play bocce ball but I guess we can't play together cusper but we all have to wear Bermuda shorts and dress socks okay guys this is our chance to meet in Kansas City for Thea ap HQ grand unveiling man the annual android police bocce ball tournament yes invitation off the Boche invitational to be fair that makes about as much sense as a andresr jokin roast i kind of want to make a poster for this also whenever we do get

Aged APAP q it needs to have a bocce ball court that's Oh hold on there's the question likes a table does the AT&T branding on my next 26 bother me well he'll know I forgot it was even there until you said that yeah that is about are you bothered for the boot up noise booed up jingle can kiss my ass but mood jingle makes me so it okay made that I did I tell this I think I think I told the kids love it none cry makes my son cry yes and it makes me want to punch somebody in the face I thought it makes me so mad dude that jingle that jingle happens and he starts crying and I just

Oh my god i just want to crack somebody's face open from making that jingle I mean seriously made it really is awful like I've considered on multiple occasions at this point unlocking my bootloader just so i can go delete the animation out of the oh yeah you know my bootloader is unlocked so because I did it when I first got the phone because I don't have to go through the of doing it later so I keep forgetting but I'm totally gonna go do that I didn't know if I was going to take it back or not which is why I left everything else the way it was and oddly

I haven't had that weird reboot bug in like three or four days now i don't think i have either actually that she's not to speak of it maybe it was some kind of issue with the Play Store Google Play services or something I got a bit where Saul exam before it happened for or like I mean probably six or eight days in a row and then yes and it just glad it happened to me almost every day for the last week until last few days yeah so I'm gonna I'm gonna delete that partition and I might just scrape the AT&T logo off i don't know i won't scrape it off i'm afraid of

It like leaving like a mark where you can see the outline of the logo and then it's like taunting you forever yeah i'm i'm worried about that too so maybe i'll just leave it i don't know i have a strong hunch that i'll probably end up switching to the Moto X when that gets here my Moto X is set to be delivered on December 12 so i'll have it in a world is that did somebody just play the AT&T jingle somebody did yeah i would like to hear didn't happen i think i missed it no such thing we know hear it no at all oh that's pretty good joke freak for Dell made carrier pigeon for 11 so where

You talk about all the latest sprint news that's that's pretty good okay i think that that about does it I just want to say Klaus Klaus with it I really don't have a reason I just wanted to say it because the it's in the chat there's a person the newly arrived on the website will be unveiled sometime in the next 12 18 years yes maybe see maybe that's why wouldn't i wouldn't take that as gospel either that's uh that's just an estimate I feel like we're gonna skip straight to like a p5 we're gonna skip day b5 yeah will be no 82 I wanted to let everyone know that when when I

Dropped my phone it yells ah ah is it the little things it is yes I'm giving inside the max boot up it always makes me so nostalgic I'm giving the 18 days I'm out of your brain I would be okay with my phone making that sound on startup if it wasn't just kind of inappropriate it's irreverent so that fits you to at E David it's also the official boot animation sound of known heretics it is and i am a known airtech so somehow I've escaped becoming a known heretic even though I'm podcasting right now from a crook ooh yeah but it's not your phone or your your portable device

That's true I've escaped being a hairy take two and I have an iPad so what if i told you that my primary phone is an iphone it's not but what if i told you that i think a liar you'd be a known liar well it was already established when i started the show that i'm definitely a hair take so actually i'm not a hair you're more of a heretic because you do this show I'm not even a tip I my soundboard is running off of an ipad mini and I record the show to a macbook pro one time we actually one time we actually hosted the Hangout over Bob's iphone we did we tethered to my

Phone and hosted the entire show over my really that was more of an AT&T generate more that was that was really more of an eighteen t feet well it really wasn't because it was a bob feat because at that time I didn't even have a tethering plan with 18 it was their network that made it work I mean until they told me to stop and bright guys I gotta I gotta run so I will not see you next week okay all rights to everybody vice Michael house claws for laws yeah I think I'm gonna go as well

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