Android Police Podcast Ep.138 Live (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on May 29, 2021

That's good timing I know there's a live thing oh I guess I'm supposed to do the thing this week aren't I yes haha i typed android balance calm / podcast we should cause the podcast it's just arguably more accurate it's gonna say most weeks that is more accurate it's the podcast I'd actually call it the Pooh cast welcome to the android police podcast food loop ood Oh yo my homie you got that embed code I'll you already gave it I do my dog I get it I get in it so just a random times my two-and-a-half-year-old just breaks off with a jiggy Jar Jar dude dirty dirt eater nice yeah my bed watching my 11

Year old teaches him all these things your eleven-year-old be all my 11 year old be all Carl papa there are worse things that you're 11 year old could be all well let's hope not I mean there are worse things on the list of things to be Carl Papa's not that bad a jiggy Jar Jar do derp derp derp dee derp I have no idea what you're talking about Carl Papa Carl pop the man I had any ideas who you're talking about yeah it's raining total of coral Grimes from walking dead Walking Dead explains it yeah that's what I mean well it is 831 I need my spectacles on not one person has

Said anything in the chat room is there any one person in the chat room there are 14 persons in the chat room wha are any of you really are any of you not BOTS yes but so did I'd ask that question in terror we'll see what they say they're gonna say that they are BOTS Cody Cody is a real person Matt's a real person Bob's ropers mm-hmm what about Cajun flavor bomb agent flavored Bob what to do with a Cajun flavor Bob I don't know bring you do with those last two topics there well I could take one and you could take one it doesn't it get running this on hold on we're just gonna

Get rid of this one which one I want a nice taken over there oh say I wanted to get rid of the other one so maybe we should get rid of it yeah the sprint one is less interesting I'll take that one I didn't read it but I oh I'll give it a looksie real quickly it's it's easy easy easy so you said don't play the second voicemail just mention that or you can mention what he said yeah don't play the second voice man all right we ready to go you yes I believe so all right let me hit the recode let's in and we're off welcome to the android police podcast

Your weekly audio source for all things android it is friday november 28 2014 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm Cameron Summerson i'm ryan whitwam my name is Bob Severin's welcome to the show happy turkey displayed a turkey display day well it's not crappy day I ate a turkey did you just look at it or for what it might be leftover turkey day for some or if you're in the states it might be I don't care about you stupid Americans and your turkey holiday day right just thursday that was thursday and today it is not thursday today is Black Friday and we're not going to talk about black

Friday sales because well it's too late to get any out of them so well it's not late if you're trying to get in on black friday sales for 2015 you probably sell some time yes but we don't know what the cells are so we're not going to talk about those either okay uh what we are going to talk about is co Google alright so we're starting off with some bad news which is what makes that so appropriate for specifically for Nexus 6 pre-orders through AT&T you just shorten that make it per our diverse orders yeah those of you who may or may not have pre-ordered you may have gotten at the

Day came out but needless to say the early adopters of the Nexus 6 from AT&T are starting to run into some pretty serious issues and cam I think you uh you saw at least the resemblance of one on on yours as well right okay so yes but I mine is not that bad and I haven't heard anyone else who has the same issue as mine I'll talk about that in a second but apparently on some of the early Nexus 6 orders they're basically the phone won't even boot up it would boot up to some like a black screen and nothing would really work so it had to be exchanged basically this is an issue

If you had it you already know it you probably already started the exchange process and maybe have already gotten you know the replacement but you know if your phone works normally or at least attempts to work normally then you probably don't have this particular glitch I may or may not have been caused by A&T specific garbage on the phone it's I don't know that's kind of our area I mean Motorola was at least willing to take the bullet on this I don't know if that's entirely the case but I mean it seems like some people were able to actually get these phones

To boot up but they booted into some sort of android 4.4 a test environment or something so something that was some weird walkie yeah it was yeah it was some explainable unexplainable thing we don't even know mine is just doing this stupid thing where it sounds the AT&T jingle but it doesn't actually reboot and then the phone is completely unresponsive until you hold the power button for 10 seconds and then actually reboots it does it at least once a day and it's very infuriating and as soon as i get time i'm going to exchange yeah I think your phone actually does

That because it doesn't feel you're annoyed enough about the fact that there's an AT&T jingle in the first place yeah that jingle I swear oh it just drives me absolutely insane as soon as I get the replacement unit and make sure everything works well I'm completely deleting the OEM partition so I can get rid of that graph no joke from the very first time that I turned this phone on that jingle has made my two-year-old cry and every time he does every time he hears it he like pouts and he cries every single day seriously it makes me mad like it makes me I don't

Really blame the phone but it makes me want to go find somebody AT&T and punch them in the face for making my kid from UV children I mean seriously it does it makes like every time it and that's that's one of the things that makes me so mad about that stupid random reboot crap because it'll just be sitting on my desk and make this jingle and the next thing I know I haven't upset two-year-old because my phone made the stupid ink yeah well I don't know why carriers always insist on having sounds when a phone starts up that's stupid it's obnoxious is so obnoxious it I hate

It I do I hate it so much yes I guess it could be for the visually impaired so they actually know that their phone did reboot but in this case it wouldn't have ah I would fakely visually impaired out I know imagine and then they pick up their phone and they've been highly visually impaired people they would be like okay Google and then the phone wouldn't do anything out there I just activated my you know what's funny is like if you turn on the ok Google everywhere thing with i'm just now i'm doing yeah on the nexus 6 and you have a where device connected to it uh it

Doesn't turn off the voice thing like it's supposed to it's it's weird because on most phones like if you have it on and you looking at the screen it and you have a where device awake the little microphone icon Gray's out so you know you you don't talk to the phone you talk to your watch but the but the Nexus 6 when it's when it's asleep it's just always responds even if your watches awake so I actually turned that off on my phone right now just to see if maybe when the new version of where comes out that fixes it but it's weird but the next 6 is

Really really fast and responsive with the voice command stuff I've noticed the Nexus 6 is but I have a weird issue with mine where if the display is off when I give the hot word it it will make the sound like it's gonna start listening but then it immediately stops listening and even if I'm talking to my watch it'll just spin and it never it never gets my voice command I have to literally touch my phone and turn the display on before it works and maybe it has something to do with the listening all the time I'm actually yes my watch doing that every now and then it seems

To go through eventually I mean sometimes it happens right away and sometimes it takes a few seconds is very odd Tamara you need to uh are you getting used to the size of it I am actually I don't I don't hate the size nearly as much as I did the first three days I absolutely hated the phone and I convinced myself I was going to give it through today to see if I liked it or if I got used to it or you know whatever and I've learned to hold it in different ways that lets me do what I want to do with one hand when I'm you know like I mean if my other hand is occupied I'm

Walking or carrying something or whatever he said and and I do I i I'll of the screen I have gotten used to the size I wouldn't hate life if it were smaller I would definitely appreciate it a little bit more but I don't I don't hate it as much as I did you know five days ago that said I'm pretty convinced I'm going to keep it it it's kind of I don't know I'm like seventy-five percent sure I'm going to keep it but twenty-five percent of me still says take it back and get the Moto the Moto X pure edition but I i think i'm just going to stick with the insects yeah i

Mean you'll probably be happy you have it later this I in 2015 when Google releases another developer preview yeah that's I kind of think so too um I think ultimately I try to take everything into consideration and what are the nails in the coffin for me the 2015 Moto X doesn't have wireless charging right no it does not and that is absolutely yes and that's that was one of the big things for me because I have a wireless charger on my bedside table and in the car and and I use them both like when I need to charge that's what I use yeah 8am and

Oddly though the the wireless charge of the google released last year for the nexus 5 does not work with the nexus 6 wow i'm still using the tilt the view and yeah I want those two and that actually that works really well it is what though the whatever Google did with the magnet that holds the nexus 5 onto that charger messes with a lot of devices because it doesn't work on the the g3 either interesting interesting but yeah I've been meaning to I've got it I'm you're like reinstall lollipop like from scratch on my Nexus 5 and go back to it for like two or three days

Just to see how I feel about going to a smaller phone because when I picked it up now it feels absolutely tiny since i've been using the next 26 / link yeah I picked up the nexus 5 the other day times I can't even believe like when this phone like when I got this phone is like this was a somewhat big phone yeah you know and I remember like buying buying the Galaxy Nexus however many years ago that was and thinking oh my god this 4.7 inch screen is gigantic and now now we moved so far beyond that I wouldn't be surprised though honestly if the 4.7 inch display on the Galaxy Nexus

What I think that phone was actually bigger than the nexus 5 I wasn't it um I don't I I have one of my closet it's I could grab it and compared to you I think it was too honestly I mean it was kind of a big phone 10-4 4.7 is just fine I mean we've just come so far as far as efficient use of space on smartphones I mean I compared my nexus 6 to an iphone 6 plus the other day and I mean the iphone 6 plus is is literally the same size I mean it's a little narrower so the Nexus 6 is wider but I mean there's so much more display on the Nexus 6 in the stupid iphone i guess

This not really has stupid but I I don't really the home button is the stupid part to me but whatever yeah you remember and how it was its years ago at this point but del released that really weird 5 inch android phone I think it was this streak 5 or something I do it was it was it was humongous mainly because the bezels were like an inch wide I remember what I when I saw that phone in i was at god i was at a concert at trees in Dallas and I saw that phone i immediately I was like oh my god is that his streak 5 and it was like I mean it was seriously like

Somebody was holding like that kindle the the kindle the kindle fire HD five that are you know or 86 that we reviewed like a couple of weeks ago that's what it looked like I I was just massive I also thought the Nexus 6 was gonna be stupid like talking on it but it doesn't really bother me that much the size is fine for that be fair though we say that everything's come a long way since then but the HTC max is still I mean it's it's still like Dell Streak sighs it's huge I still think that HTC wishes that phone didn't exist I mean they got drunker and at the phablet thing and I

Hate the word phablet by the way I'm kind of pissed at myself I just said it but I don't know verizon offer them a sum of money to create a phablet of some sort of egg well we do need the money well we are broke ish yeah all right so let's talk about some of the hidden or non-existent features of the the Nexus 6 that can be renamed starting off with the there's an LED in there Ryan and its first of all if there's an LED in there and you can't use it without like some shenanigans what is the point of that it is unclear why it's there but yes so behind the top earpiece is a a tricolor

LED um now the 2014 Moto X also had an LED but I think it was just green and it didn't work if the phone was not plugged in but with root access you're able to harness the power of the LED on the Nexus 6 to use it for notifications which is really cool if you're one of those people who is super obsessed with having LED notifications I kind of feel like I'm I'm over that even on phones that have an LED I don't really pay attention to it that much and the nexus 6 sort of relies on the ambient display thing but if you do want to turn that off to save a little bit

Battery life then you kind of don't know when there's a pending notification on the phone so I mean I get it but it's kind of a lot of work to go to to make it happen and I don't see Google enabling this as a stock feature at any point so if you want to do it you'll have to root in this round well because of ambient espana doesn't need yeah I mean it I I've been meaning to to test if there was like a significant difference in battery life turning that that off but I've gotten really used to the phone waking up when I pick it up I mean sort of like with the Moto X I you

Just get used to the fact you don't have to press the power button every time you pick the phone up we launched that I wish the Nexus 6 had the had the the front-facing IR sensors to do the the active display stuff so you could like just wave your hand over the phone would wake up this one of my favorite things about the Moto X yeah it's uh I've gotten used to that two notifications I really like that I don't care anything about the UH the LED blah blah blah i'm not going to go out of my way i didn't root this phone i'm not going to root this phone i don't care about about the

LED especially don't care enough to root it um as far as battery life though I've been super happy with the battery life on the Nexus 6 I know some of the reviews kind of dogged it by coming from the Nexus 5 I mean I take it off the charger in the morning I do everything but I want to do with it all day long I never have to charge in the middle of the day and that's all I ever want out of a phone yeah my husband has been fine as well I don't have any particular issues but I mean a lot me the reviews were all done with the heart d or rather the software that was out right before

It was available to regular people so it's gotten I think did it has it gotten two updates or one update since then but anyway it's different firmware yeah it's different firmware so who knows maybe the battery life wasn't as good my I mean like I you know I use GPS on my phone to track when I ride my bike and when my nexus 5 when I would get home from if I just even if I just rode like 25 miles what I got back my phone would be like seventy percent of the battery would be gone from tracking the ride not have to put it on charge as soon as I got in um

I can't believe how efficient the Nexus 6 is for stuff like that I mean I did thanksgiving day yesterday i did i rode 23 miles and i lost like ten percent i was like wow that's freaking awesome you know I feel like I feel like mentioning this because we're talking about battery life I got a droid turbo the other day for a new work phone I've had it off the charger now for one day 11 hours and 24 minutes and it's a 25-percent I'm not impressed it's amin that's okay i mean that's good for like a for like a phone I don't know it's not like super good for a foam it has a like a thirty-nine

Hundred million power battery well yeah but that's I mean I that's like with all like all of the motorola functionality is enabled on that so if you turn that off I bet you it would I bet you would go yeah maybe we use it it's constantly pinging for a location just because of the Moto you know like do stuff when you're driving vs. when you're walking stuff added that but I was pleased with it anyways um so there's another there's another little hidden feature on the Nexus 6 the double tap to wake which has been present on the Nexus 9 as well as a couple other devices but it's uh it's

For some reason just was removed from the nexus 6 potentially right before launch but I can there's apparently ways we can bring it back right yeah so this is a feature on the Nexus 9 and it's a feature that makes a lot of sense on the Nexus 9 because the Nexus 9 doesn't have active display or ambient display whatever the hell you want to call it but to me it doesn't seem like I would need this on the Nexus 6 for a few reasons one it has ambient display so that's funny you know kind of turns on as soon as you pick it up and boom you can swipe it it's on secondly the button

Is right there so anyway if you must have it there are now a couple of apps that can enable it your phone must be rooted of course so ooh it'll just basically they just toggles the feature to uh to enable it and there's a 99-cent app that can do it and I guess that's sort of just like a donation for hey thanks for throwing this together and making it easy for me there's also a free app also in the Play Store from the same developer and then there's one in an XDA thread also you can do it manually if that's your thing if you want to do it like that there are

Some links on site on how to get that done if you absolutely must have double tapped awake which I will still never understand why you need that on the Nexus 6 you know what if you want it I'm okay with that now you know why I would be I sort of understand the desire to have that if you have the phone just sort of sitting on your desk and you want to just wake it up real quick you either pick it up or you hit the button I mean double tapping the screen would be a little bit easier I mean that's kind of the reason that I really love the 2014 Moto X with the the approach

Thing where you just wave at it and it wakes up I know it's nice to not have to like find the power button on the side or like pick it up or whatever but again like it's not you to you I sort I just understand the desire camps testing well no I mean as soon as I tap mine on the side since the back is curved it kind of wobbles and active despite turns on so really mine doesn't do that wait hold on oh how hard it's happy give me like a like how many Newtons are you applying i would say heavens i I'm guessing on is this is this unit of measurement that it's like if I were dropping a Fig

Newton how much yes Jamie's taken instead of of I would say to probably just one Fig Newton maybe two is how much in in terms of you know our snack measurements what height are you dropping your Newton's from um i would say probably six to eight inches okay i guess my glasses that's an important part of just what we're doing here maybe that maybe that's a hidden feature of the nexus the curved back is so you can you can wake it up easily did you get it to work yeah now yeah now for whatever reason the first couple hundred did it was

Like no screw yeah so that would I do use that feature all the time on the Nexus 9 0 because it's big yeah yeah you don't want at yeah what the bigger a device is the more of a pain it is to find the power button yep agreed speaking of power buttons the nexus 9 oh my goodness that's a Segway could not have been more perfectly set up for you can I am yeah i'll call it out so yeah let it come back yeah so basically um people may have seen and or heard about the potentially crappy volume and power buttons on the Nexus 9 apparently they were basically almost recessed into the

Chassis and it made it really kind of a pain in the ass to find them for a lot of people because they were just right there and you can really feel I don't have that problem on my Nexus 9 but a lot of people were and maybe possibly potentially HTC has fixed that at this point a couple of people on reddit I have shouted out and said hey I exchanged my Nexus 9 and now look at this there was one person in particular took a picture I mean you can see in this picture the power button is like flush with the frame and in the new unit it is very much sticking out I mean not

Annoyingly so but to the point where he could easily find it so if you have that problem maybe look at exchanging your Nexus 9 like I said I don't have that issue mine does it doesn't stick out a ton but it's easy for me to find unlike like my shield tablet which it is it I it's almost recessed just like that and in that is a really annoying annoying thing yeah my Nexus mind is pretty good too like the the power button is fine and the vault and the down part of the volume toggle is fine and the up part is for some reason slightly more recessed it's harder to press but I mean it's not

Really surprising that HTC would be improving its manufacturing as it goes on it seems like they were kind of rushed getting it getting the device out I mean this happens with I think with with most devices the second hardware rev usually has a couple little fixes yep definitely so with mine yeah my volume rocker I guess the up yeah I have the same the same issue minus the up is a little more the volume up is a little more recessed a little harder to press but the power button I don't really change the volume on the tablet all that

Much but the uh yeah I like this within the I mess with the volume toggle is much less in lollipop because I just set up the priority mode schedule thing and we're you know we're done so it's uh but yeah the buttons I guess the button could be it could be extended out a little bit on mine but I'm okay with how it is so yeah well may exchange in mind for any any any reason because mine doesn't seem to have hardly any of the issues it doesn't have like the trampoline back like a lot of people are saying it does have some white bleed but other I mean nothing that I can't

Tolerate so overall I'm very happy with mine alright cool well if you are if you are also pleased with your Nexus 9 there's a little bit of an accessory actually it's a big accessory it's kind of massive especially the price tag it department 129 dollars for the folio keyboard cover for the nexus 9 it is now officially available on the Play Store shipping in one to two business days also for nexus 6 owners the stand folio case which is the one that has the the back that's kind of creased so that you can pivot it and stand it up much like this nexus in case that i'm holding

Right here but on the phone scale size so it is also available on the Play Store for forty dollars and it's in stock and shipping immediately alright so starting off with the republic Wireless which that's this is probably the first time they have ever let off a segment um they are hotter than hot man right now but it's it's that way specifically because they they've got a pretty sweet deal coming up on the new Moto X right right yeah so last year it was a big deal when they announced they're going to at the 2013 Moto X because at the time the phone was

Still like five hundred and fifty dollars if he bought it for Motorola and they were going to sell it for 300 which was a really good deal within a few months later and maybe not so much but this year you will soon be able to purchase the 2014 Moto X 4 I think three hundred and ninety-nine dollars yes so um that's a hundred a hundred less than if you bought the phone through any other any other retailer so it will be uh only usable on republic Wireless though it has it has low level changes to make it work with their hybrid Wi-Fi cellular calling thing it runs on the

Sprint network on cellular which is interesting because sprint does not have an official Moto X so I don't know exactly what piece of hardware this is this is probably something that has more bands than it would require but has them somehow locked out at the kernel level there was supposed to be a sprint Moto X I think like there was a model number at least leaked the finishes never came out so this is some sort of mysterious phone but you'll be able to buy it and use it on republic Wireless soon December 10th so any chance that this that this year's model will will have similar fate to

Last year's where republic drops the price and then a couple months later motorola drops it uh III don't know I assume Motorola's going to probably start lowering the price of the phone for holiday sales I know they're doing one in a couple days for pretty cheap republic Wireless will probably not be able to afford to do that right away I mean they probably you know had to buy a certain number of them and they can't lose a huge amount of money on the hardware because their service is actually really cheap yeah all right so uh the rest of the Hot sheet we are

Going to dedicate to holiday gift ideas because well it's the busiest shopping day of the year for some reason although I imagine most of the people listening the show are probably more of the Cyber Monday crowd but uh we wanted to kind of talk about you know if if you've got somebody on your list that's asking for one of these various things what what device would we recommend you get and we're going to start off with with the standard standard phone I've got it split up in twos phone and the word that Cameron said earlier that that I'm not going to repeat not anger him any

Further but so if you're looking for a standard size phone or in a larger phone let's give kind of an example of each who wants to wants to start off obviously i think the the most likely choice for a larger phone is probably be the nexus 6 but does anybody else have any other options out there that you say would be considered a good option for the holidays um for well for like a regular sized phone you should probably consider getting a 2014 moto x it's five point two inches so mostly will be able to to use that at least one added part of the time or if you can find like a

Good deal on the Nexus 5 I think that's still a perfectly acceptable device yeah I'm violated I don't know if I buy it from google play anymore because Google is very stubborn about lowering prices I don't know if it's like a crisis out of stock on Google Play Oh was it yeah anything but I was actually gonna say that if you're if you're looking for a good phone on a budget and you don't want to spend over 350 I think it's hard to go wrong with the with the Nexus 5 there's also that other phone that I can't bring myself to recommend but it's also that price I just follow I'm

Confused Oh one plus one oh that one I don't I don't think people should buy AI don't think people should buy that either but it's it is a good price for everything that you get I just can't bring myself to recommend it um but yeah I mean my boat I think you hit the nail on the head my vote would be for the nexus 6 if you want something a little smaller the 24 to moto x and if you're on a budget the Nexus 5 yeah I mean and there are a lot of a lot of note for fans out there I don't like strongly dislike TouchWiz but i don't i don't really like using it i

Guess i would say and I've noticed that Samsung devices for whatever reason they might get like really awesome battery life at first and that's something of people are citing about the note 4 is it it has noticeably better battery like then the Nexus 6 but things get weird in touch with the longer you have a phone and then sometimes they just start way clocking randomly and you can't figure it out I mean I I used a galaxy s5 for a while and it was good most of the time but every now and then it would just go through a couple days where for whatever reason it wouldn't sleep hardly at all

And battery life which is be terrible and then it would stop doing it and I could never figure out exactly what was happening your phone was having an anxiety attack yeah I don't know something yeah you probably your constant yeah I am a stressful person alright so okay so what let's let's talk about tablets and uh it for the sake of this discussion will say a large tablet is anything over an 8-inch tablet a small tablet set 8 inches or smaller so we'll start off with the large tablet not not really a whole lot of folks out there making large tablets these days

But if somebody was looking for one what what route would you suggest they go Nexus 9 yeah I mean if you're looking for something larger than 8 inches 8.9 is larger than eight so you should get you should get that when I know there's like a weird amount of Nexus 9 hate on the internet like I think most articles we post have at least a few people just like complaining about the tablet when I'm pretty certain they've never actually used it yeah a lot of people hate the aspect ratio which is yeah man I really like the aspect ratio I really like four by three I mean unfortunately

I've noticed there are a couple you abs I've tried to run that just mostly games that just freaked out and crash I sue because of the aspect ratio because they were in fine on the shield on lollipops so there might be the 64-bit thing I guess I don't know we'll see but at any rate you know it's maybe a little bit wonky with some apps but it's it's just a much more pleasant aspect ratio um and I haven't really had any serious issues with my tablet I know David got a tablet that apparently is made out of sticks glued together or something because his his it seems to

Always be doing something crazy um no yeah it's good let's just say for let's just say for the sake of example if somebody were to be the type that considers themselves a nexus 9 or a 4 x 3 x of aspect ratio ater uh is there is there a second place vote maybe the galaxy tab s 10.5 that's yeah i would i would suggest the galaxy tab s its then it's fast it has a beautiful screen you will not see amyloids that size anyplace else so it's a distant second in my opinion but it's still second alright and smaller tablet 8 inches and smaller sure yeah shield yeah that's exactly

Eight but i mean i guess you could also if you could find a 2013 nexus 7 on sales in place that's still a reasonable purchase I mean you can get those for like a hundred bucks sometimes on ebay so yeah still I definitely agree it's still I mean it's still just as fast as it was you know that I had cracked open the box that has been I think the most consistent tablet I've ever owned because I've used it I mean I used it for a solid year as my main tablet basically and it never slowed down I never had problems with it I mean it just always worked and I just absolutely

Love that tablet okay and it's a really comfortable size tablet I mean it's only this screen is only an inch bigger than the nexus 6 I guess but um I mean it's it's a good size device to use you can hold it in one hand and not feel like you're you're reaching yeah it's very it is very nice um man I feel like we just went Nexus crazy though it's like what do you really recommend Nexus just just buy the damn Nexus stuff already um if you if you're looking for something I don't know I i also really really really love the new kindle fire tablets I mean if you're looking for something if

You're looking for something smaller like very small like the six inch kindle fire HD I absolutely love and highly recommend the downside is it doesn't have google play if you can live without google play or you're buying it for somebody else who may be um is a little fanatical about amazon oh don't even hesitate to pull the trigger on that the six inches great yeah it's on mega sale right now too so I I think it's probably through the weekend so I don't know maybe by the time people listed as it won't be on sale anymore but I'm and less let's face it if if

That's the gift you're buying for your mother she's not going to really care that it it doesn't have play services yeah and that's that's a good and then also I get a lot of people I guess asked me this mostly because I have kids and I reviewed a ton of kids tablets people ask me what what they would recommend what I would recommend for their kids so I have the kindle fire HD kids I have not written review yet obviously but it is is I really like it I love the bumper it's basically in HD six with an additional software layer and a very nice bumper the price is fifty dollars

More but they have I think it's a two year return warranty policy no questions asked if the kid breaks it you get a new one which is which is huge yeah that is HUGE that is absolutely huge um so my wife who is very critical of kids tablets does not like the HD six or the HD kids the kindle HD kids tablet because she thinks it's too simple and there's not a big enough selection i don't disagree with that but at the same time I still think that it's a great kids tablet but second to that I think the Nabi dream tab well it's actually not a Nabi it's a food dream tab is a

Pretty decent way to go it's kind of buggy but today foo who did a thing I guess it's too late now but where you could get the dream tab for ninety nine dollars it's normally 250 for ninety nine dollars it's pretty pretty awesome um but I still think I think the HD kids has is my top pick for kids tablet right now hmm and just I was just thinking to go back to phones for a moment if you're not a nexus type person I still do like the LG g3 quite a bit I was going to ask you it's a recommend its it's a good phone i know i'm not using mine as much right now because it's

Still on KitKat and i am a lollipop elitist now um so no hard it's hard it's hard to come back to that but I mean LG software isn't bad like it doesn't annoy me like TouchWiz does they don't do a lot they don't do too many you know ridiculous things it's supposed to get lollipop in the not-too-distant future I think they started rolling out in European country Poland yes then Poland you have lollipop on that device but um yes so when that happens I'll probably use it a little bit more the nice thing about that is because it's been out for a few months and it is it's subsidized

In all the carriers you can get one for pretty cheap if if that's something you're into right good deal I'm gonna skip around a little bit because I think I think the next obvious place to go is is the new market of wearable devices and I think Ryan I think you've had just about everywhere device that's ever been released on your wrist at some point so where we go if that was a if that was your quandary um if you want what is probably the best overall that's still the G watch our but that's a three-hundred-dollar watch and not everybody is willing willing to pay that

Much I mean I have the I have the the Zen watch right now to review and um it's a lot cheaper it's 200 bucks and it's good I don't I mean it's maybe not I maybe not as good as I was hoping it would be you can sort of tell just from the way it feels it's not quite as well put together as some other devices like the buckles a little bit a little bit Wiggly and it doesn't and it's I think it's ip55 so it's not quite as as durable as other ones i think that the Sony SmartWatch 3 is actually a reasonably good purchase if you're going to spend some time outside because you

Can see the screen really really well outdoors which is not the case with most watches and that's 250 um they're selling the g watch the original one on on mega count like you just want something that runs where to mess around with like you can get it like 100 bucks which is a pretty good deal but yeah so best i think is you watch our you know maybe maybe get you know the SmartWatch or a G watch you just want something else the Moto 360 I feel like is too expensive now it's 250 for the version with a leather band and 300 for the metal band

And like I mean the battery life is fine but it's it's just so much less than what you get with all of the other watches out there that you just sort of don't have any room for error if something goes goes wonky and in Android wear and it eats up part of the battery you're pretty much not going to be able to make it through a day with that watch sometimes a couple of questions um one isn't the Sony SmartWatch the first one with its own with a built-in GPS yeah it has yeah it has a GPS module very few apps use it right now right so but it but it doesn't have it doesn't have its

Own mobile data so it will be able to track your physical location for like exercise apps but it won't be able to give you any sort of you know the information about it it's just basically well it'll sync up to your phone the next time you connect it so you'll have that that location data so to help the battery life on it the SmartWatch 3 is very very good it's probably the best it's probably the best of all the watches that I've used mainly because um the ale it's a transflective LCD so in ambient mode it doesn't use any backlight but you can still see it the

More light shines on it the better you can see it it's like an old LCD watch like that um so it runs for like two and a half days which is is pretty good and then it's I actually still have it right here and the end of the core of the watch pops out I always get asked about bands so they have to be so nice Pacific bands yes so you have to buy them yeah you have to buy somebody's already selling additional bands there I think they have a couple on their website um like two or three but I mean it's it's good it's a good watch over all in the buckle it has the the folding the

Folding a class and it works pretty well yeah that's that's kick i think i may buy one of these i think the the g watch is a great starting point like you've kinda said that's a great intro to wear but i'm ready to graduate from from that and the second you said my biggest problem is everybody knows i cycle i like to be able to look at my watch and I can never see it while I'm on my bike and it this is me off so bad I can fill my phone in my jersey pocket vibrate and I'll hear it and I'm like oh what is that and I'll look at my watch and I'm trying to see

And I can't answer and G watch is especially bad for that because it has a pretty dim screen and this the second you said that this is great for outdoor use that kind of sold me that we should look at you should look at the the review at the top that first picture I took that in super bright outdoor light like direct shining right on the on the watch and you can still make it out really well so I think you pretty much just sold me on there yeah i mean it's it's it's it's a good device I me the drawback go to the way the screen works is if you're in a dark room you can't

See it in ambient mode because it doesn't you know it doesn't have a backlight like that and then when you turn it on it looks like a regular LCD more or less we'll deal alright so what about what about accessories uh you know whether it be controllers headphones anything you really would hook up to your phone or use in conjunction with your tablet whatever the case may be any recommendations out there um so if you if you get a shield tablet you absolutely have to get the shield tablet controller no question about it because the cover is awesome the cover and the

Controller are both worth the money the controller is the best i've ever used on Android and the fact that it's Wi-Fi direct instead of bluetooth is just amazing yeah it's it's it's easily I mean it just kills all the other controllers that I've ever used yeah and you can use it wired on a pc too I wish this is a way to use it wirelessly on a PC oh I would love that so much so it on so and I but I have like I have a cable I you a micro USB k like a run under my desk so I can like pull it out and use it for different things and that's how I use it with ya

Oh yeah I have that too yeah but I mean the shield controller it's I'm trying to yank it out here the shield controller like it looks like you can just tell from way it looks it's like really solid it's every bit as nice as like a 360 controller yep I'm definitely like staking awesome and yeah it's just it's a very very good piece of art wait and Eva said that it was console-quality they they were just using yeah they were just an adjusted a trackpad like that's super that's just like really smart and video should be very proud of that controller that seriously is really

Smart cuz if you're using it in console mode on the TV and never touch elements that you like they learn that because with shield with shield controller if you mean with shield portable if you had an in console mode and use the bluetooth controller and then we touch elements in a game that had actual controls you were just screwed and now you have this track pad so it's it's fantastic Greg controller so if you if you have shield tablet i highly recommend that and actually if you happen to be buying right now they've got a bundle going on you froze the other there who thought

Hangouts issues are they doing a man what if you froze up like that hopefully we didn't hear any other oh we froze okay I was going to say if you're if you're listening live and that's probably a good reason to repeat is because if you're listening live there's actually a pretty good bundle going on on the nvidia website where you get the shield tablet and then basically get the controller in a couple of games that the virtually not your charge so true yeah this is true and now they have lollipop and all the versions of that like if you want to get the LTE one you get a

Lollipop now yeah it's it's fantastic so as far as other accessories um I want to show this let me find I have a couple of them this here people who are not watching the show I feel bad for you this is the ark doc a RQ doc from 2040 studios and i love it i did a hands-on with it when it was in the early stages when there kickstarter project first launched it has since been completed they've actually successfully completed arc version 2 point 0 on kickstarter she should check that out but this is one of my favorite accessories i have one on my

Desk and it has it has these sticky sticky pads on the bottom so wherever you put it it can stick it has a hole in the top say you can put put a micro USB or lightning charger in it and then adjust it according to the height with a couple of set screws and then it has these little places on the side for a little pins that that can be used to prop the device up so anyway you can use it as a charger I use it to actually yes for what I need to use a USB access my phone or tablet or whatever I put in the doc I have one just to the left of my screen and I absolutely love the art doc

Highly highly recommend it it's brilliantly executed an arc 2 point 0 if you want to get in there still they they met their goal on Kickstarter I don't know if they're accepting more pre-orders right now so you may want to wait for that one because it can handle the samsung USB 3 a adapter and also the apple 30-pin lightning I mean 30 pin and lightning cables so it's just killer just a killer device that I mean a killer little charging dock that i never thought i didn't think i would use and like nearly as much as I do until I corporate incorporated it in my workflow

And then I just kind of fell in love with it I use it all the time cool what about you Ryan you got anything uh wireless chargers if you have a phone that has wireless charging you should buy like like the Tia that till to you I think is a really good advice i'll show you the view car charger long time it just never comes down into the price um i'm gonna it's on sale right now i mean i think that it goes through monday but i mean it's yeah i mean that's like the one that i've had for a couple now over a year now and I still use it pretty much every day it's just a really

Good device you don't have to worry like at like every phone I've ever had that you know has a wireless charging coil inside works on that just fine and it charges as fast as any of them yep totally agree an aisle aisle so like I said the till the view car charger is also very good I I really like it and it does work with the nexus 6 I know there were some questions about that till told me that it would since I got my Nexus 6 I confirm that it does work with Nexus 6 it takes it all the way to the extreme that the arms can go to get it out and then there's not a whole lot of play

There but you know what it works and that's all it really matters alright good deal so uh let's move on to other news that's the wrong but we served that again it's time for other news the news other than what we've been talking about alright so good news for people who like good-looking phones the FCC has come down with a ruling that your devices may actually look like they were intended to look by their designers originally very very soon right right yes so there is a new law that was just signed the eel able Act which says that manufacturers no longer have to put physical markings

On the device with all the regulatory approval stuff little FCC logo and the the stuff that really it makes no sense to a regular person so I don't know why it's on there in the first place but that stuff can all just be in software now so if you go to like the about phone and you it'll just have all that stuff in it although I mean I think a lot of manufacturers have sort of worked out more clever ways to to get that stuff on the outside of the device without make it super ugly like on on the Nexus 6 and the new Moto X down at the at the bottom next to the USB port they have the they

Have the tori markings which is a you know not nearly as visually offensive but yeah so hopefully devices will not be as ugly soon yeah all right voicemail hey guys Brian listen um so I'm thinking about flashing the five more systems to system images to my Nexus 5 I got the woman late with voicemails that not the right one that's supposed to be the right one oh you guys got to see behind the curt mm-hmm that's never happened before and it's ugly cuz I'm here I i press buttons and pull knobs and strings I don't pull knobs I turn them but I'm that's voice

That's the voicemail that I have in the drop box they just played it directly from dropbox and you rename it something else so that my stupid program doesn't think it's the same thing matthew thanks there it's not voicemail from today voicemail from today hey check it out Oh gentlemen this is now I have a question for you on boats you've mentioned in the past how there are so many good food options out there well I'm trying to figure out which one's best for me and I was wondering what your thoughts were for particular category I know it's most reviews just take the phone as a whole I

Happen to be on t-mobile and I like them to have SD cards on the other hand I likable make the Moto X that has a more pure Android experience without all the garbage that that Sam scope what's on it I also like the idea of getting updates on a more frequent basis that seem to leave vines because when it comes to phones it's either you can have this or you can have that if you have the SD card with a s with the s5 or you have to wait a while now or you do the Moto X you know this there's just simply no option that has it all that was true so what your

Thoughts were you wonderful with an SD card which I know you're not you don't necessarily tend towards and we're on t-mobile what home would you be looking at our phones as a leecher thoughts are appreciated thank you very much and Matt actually left us a second voicemail where he reiterated that but also that all day battery life should be considered a must as well well I don't think that there's a phone you can buy now that wouldn't get you through a day I think that even like the Moto X which catches some heat for having a smallish battery it's still enough to to get

Through a day I mean you still get you get four or five hours of screen time but I mean it I mean a no compromises phone I mean that's that means different things to everybody I mean if you have to have an SD card and you you don't you're not down with with Samsung's craziness I mean that I guess you get the g3 which I like we were just talking about I like it's a good phone it has an SD card slot the software is not as Chang Kia's TouchWiz I mean updates might be you know okay I mean supposedly LG is working hard on that but you still have to go through the carrier if you

Want updates that aren't going to be hindered by carrier approval then you have to deal with maybe making a sacrifice on the SD card at least because the Moto X obviously doesn't have one its camera is okay I mean it's maybe average maybe a little above average the Nexus 6 has a better camera it has optical image stabilization it's a lot more expensive uh still no SD card but you can you can get a 64 gigabyte version of it so I mean I I don't know if 32 gigs of total storages enough for you or if you need more I mean I don't really need

That much storage i mean i can and do you 16 gigabyte phones sometimes without any major issues but i don't carry around a lot of music because I'm usually someplace where I have data so um I guess those would be my suggestions I have nothing more to add okay I mean that pretty much that pretty much covers that you know that the thing is I have the same issue as far as being super picky and wanting everything in one device and I'm not like just like that with phones and tablets I'm like that with everything everything in my life you know the bikes I ride the guitars I

Play everything I want everything all in one place and if there's I mean if there's anything I can say it's that just doesn't happen it just does it I mean you have to make sacrifices somewhere unless you can build it yourself and turn and do exactly what you want with it hi Cara you can have to make a compromise what I said I shouted project ara yeah you're gonna have to make a compromise somewhere and it sucks to hear that but I mean the sooner you recognize that I think the better off you'll be because do i think the Nexus 6 is perfect hell no it's too big I mean

I'm getting used to it I you know and I I don't mind it anymore but it's I still think it's too big do I wish you were smaller yes I wish were smaller um am I willing to go to something like a moto x well not really because why I won't have future updates it doesn't have as good of a camera these are the sacrifices i'm willing to make to you know in order to use a phone that may not be ideal so that's ultimately that's what you're going to have to do you just have to figure out what where where you willing to bend and and go with that I don't think any of Ryan's suggestions were bad

Though I completely agree with pretty much everything he said alright good deal well for those of you who joined us last week you may have noticed we sent out a little bit of a shout out for people to start sending in pictures of hand turkeys and honor thanksgiving this week and i think we're gonna just take a minute here to showcase those of you who responded with your fabulous pieces of artwork right first we have we had one that came in from radio station 10 5.9 wgw EFM this one first hand turkey comes from Austin Hill maybe a little bit

Difficult to see by the way there is a nice post to go along with the turkeys that you see available on the android police website but Austin's got his turkey with the headphones on squawking into the microphone there so pretty cool we also got a hand turkey from Christina at NASA you guys are welcome to comment on these as well as I show them I'm going to lock the camera to me so that they can see the fine hand turkey ish this yeah I like a NASA one it's good stuff it's got several little uh all the fingers are like glass helmets right I don't know I mean I did it clearly the

One with the head is I don't know maybe those are it is yes it's supposed to look like like a like the glove of the space suit I suppose oh yes very nice and then we have it's just a summer or planet or what's going on there oh I just flipped back to the other one hey stop it that's I'm gonna go with moon that's that's the moon that's the moon its next one here it's pretty fun excellent coach Justin one I'm an Android I have no hands so apparently Dustin he himself is an Android and he drew a turkey and its cylindrical that's uh that's definitely not the Android

From the experience play commercial where they stitched thumbs on to the yeah that was me man that was creepy thanks for reminding me about that that was right up there probably them probably the creepiest android android phone it's quite possible that he did not trace his hand oh I will say that I I very very much enjoyed this turkeys face yeah like it's yeah it's exciting whether it it's a little eyes and I you know what I just really like this little turkey I just kind of want a hug it if I did maybe this is just his thumb but it's zoomed way in oh okay or maybe he

Has a huge stone that's also possible I'll go with them you don't want to know where I was next one came from Ben and was actually the first one to descend us his but we actually couldn't use it on the site because of the gratuitous skin and hair on the turkey it was it was inappropriate it was inappropriate we would have had to give the post a NSFW tennis it's like you can't you can't post inappropriate things on the Internet the hair how would you know how would you even do that actually it was an oversight on our part we apologize been but but i'll add it i'll add it to

The post Ryan's gonna add it to the post we got a nice little pilgrim hat on the turkey which is nice this is actually what would have happened if the turkeys want so it's good mate the turkey didn't win if the turkeys would have won they would have eaten the pilgrims and stolen i see that's ignore sir okay now my god oh go ahead go ahead they're gonna out there make more stupid turkey jokes we don't need to do that though you're not familiar with the infamous pilgrim turkey it is no spring ups i was aware the first Thanksgiving was such a contentious event it was actually that

Was when turkeys were sentient beings and now we've kind of read them down to me they're dumb state that they should be it that was that was smart on our part you can't have sentient birds running around that's right on thats that's right or running this one came from Sammy now they one night this would actually as soon as I saw it it was kind of funny that you that that you alluded to traga door in the post because that was the first thing I saw when we got a baby on there on the side door it's really good like that yes it would have been cool if he

Bernie ated some buildings it would be awesome I will see I want to see trogdor and umm Sami's gangsta chicken of i understand i want to see a fight I'm just gonna throw this out there I actually think that this character could be a hero in an android game and I think that you guys should an aspiring developer or or or what's the not aspiring what's the word I'm looking for an up-and-coming no a developer that wants to put Sammy's work out there should get in touch with sammy and and make this happen because you've got the whole character figured out he's got the

Argyle the feathers and like the de sure even has buttons and their belt loops i was very impressed with the belt loops he's got chest hair for crying out loud which is awesome i mean this is like that fellow from badass term perfect and and and i have to admit this is probably the best traced and I've ever seen it's a perfect turkey it's the I mean I too felt you had a good way to combine those two words look at those feet he's got like Bigfoot sloth feet I mean it is just wonderful in every way his right foot is definitely larger than his left foot which you have to be aware of

Because that can result in perspective it's in perspective Matt it's closer to us in that case she is very good the bear isn't I think he would be a wide turkey we need to name this guy I think he I think his can be our equal be our official holiday mascot well I don't know this guy this guy could take the place of the turducken in my heart I think I'm right there with you man I agree in fact i think that this guy is probably going to be the album art for for this little fun if it's okay with sammy will have to ask this next one comes from the surly

Jacobo vich so got a android turkey different lollipops and jelly beans and gingerbreads and kit kats on each finger and pretty cool stuff man the coloring kinda reminds me of second grade so I'm not sure release age it's a second riding it was um it was thrown together very quickly but you know what but we love it anyway I appreciate the thought that went into it and I appreciate that it didn't put a honeycomb on by all so perfect that he did but honeycomb I mean what's what's honeycomb well see the Smashing about the honeycomb with the hand and finally one of your favorites

Of mine we rotate this here but the mont saw no turkey twice the turkey half the flavor there's more to gobble gobble and this hand actually has one two three four five eight fingers yeah so so either this is a a clever send up of genetically modified foods or or tomm actually has eight fingers it could be possible the tom has eight fingers Tom if you have eight fingers and you're not a guitar player you make everything I think that either someone having fingers and just the spider-man costume would be stellar just make yeah it's pretty hot roof true yes I really not much a

Picture it's very obvious that he has four pinkies well that's the least useful finger to have multiples ah I personally need more middle fingers yeah I think we all do we'd like to thank everybody who took the time to draw a little turkey for us we appreciate it muchly will continue to do these types of things in showcase you guys because you guys make the android police podcast what it is with your creativity in your comedy so thank you very much alright well I think that's gonna wrap it up everybody pop you want to keep the app from sir I'll do it we gotta end on a

High note was that either for you sounds perfect thank you yeah that was good you should do it like that every week only if we end on a high note some weight sweet Willy not alone and so see right in which case you could use map for that you can I think that could go pretty low alrighty gusta cool stuff no thanks gents I think that all in all it was good show yeah not bad for holiday week now I'm gonna go eat leftover turkey yeah me too I'm starving do the thing that I should have been doing for the last 20 minutes so see you later yeah yeah deuces

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