Android Police Podcast Ep.137 Live Hangout Recording (Unedited)

by birtanpublished on May 29, 2021

I mean we can take them it's just got to be fast okay sure that's what she said Oh God this next to Center spring all right this we could start to the be cast oh we have started broadcast see how that works I press buttons and internets happen internets happen again it's a flow from his fingertips right I don't think that's internet oh oh god I should get that checked what is that like a puss mmm should i get rid of these blank lines i prize should even rid of the blank lines is welcome to the show everybody to the pre-show show it's actually time for the show but we haven't started the show yet we're gonna

Start in like minute ish right did you get the post figured out or is it still cached and horrible yeah it's just cashed I'm not gonna I'm not gonna care about it the post is cached and horrible should we give them a link or something might we did it and everything I mean there's nothing else I can do the link is tweeted post will be live soon we is broad cast paying we are broadcasting we are earned I thought we are casting yeah narrow rod opposites I'm gonna press the record button and hope things don't break hey it's recording let's go welcome to the android police podcast

Your weekly audio source for all things in android it is thursday november 20th 2014 i'm your host Matthew Smith I'm David rebeck i'm lame strathallan i'm ryan whitwam my name is Bob severance welcome to the show welcome welcome welcome all right so I appreciate everybody joining us live and everybody joining us on the podcast feed but let's get kicked off with deco gu x 6 exactly i don't even need to say anything else you guys can just start talking about nexus 6 stuff cuz bob totally blew the surprise axis no it was subtle they they weren't supposed to hear that with their

Conscious mind just their sub lemon office I'm sick stuff so their subconscious minds now has an inkling that we're going to talk about nexus 6 stuff or their unconscious mind that's unconscionable alright so Nexus 6 has made its way to the wild people who aren't reviewing devices for a living or actually starting to get their hands on them so if you if you happen to go to a couple of various sources you might have one right now right right yes so the the Nexus 6 is shipping from google play so I think those orders either started arriving today or will tomorrow and that

Of course is just from the first round from launch day when everything was a huge huge mess and then I think also some Motorola orders have been showing up and and sprint also has the Nexus 6 available but only they blue 32 gigabyte version very limiting you know it's actually kind of interesting because the blue version seems to be the version that everybody is selling in the carrier stores and whatnot but White is kind of the more standard color it's kind of know Lou 32 or go home yeah it's like um it's like the galaxy s3 there's white and blue and there's no

Black right exactly just that that's that blue heeler vilage but they've isn't Italy at least they didn't claim to invent the color blue for this phone which you may recall Samsung yeah it gets it gets kind of fingerprinting though the blue and I don't know if you can see the back of mine it's it's like see some fingerprints I can see some what I want to punch just start right in with marks you're a little smudgy there why did you not get yours yet is that why you're upset in suits tomorrow and when you get it was gonna have an ATT logo on oh that AT&T boot noise I could

Live the logo I could live at the end of the couch I boot the boot logo i think is more offensive to me the boot logo is deeply offensive to my sensibilities it's so it's so awkward the way it like comes on I guess we're gonna talk about this in a minute though but knowledge it you talk about it now okay so like it's it comes on and the 18t klobe pops up and it has the sound and then it just sort of like goes away and the next logo stars it's very awkward looking yeah it is a very awkward and also its carrier locked to AT&T yeah I mean us like it's just like they're slapping you just very

Very gently I just actually that is actually a guest that's the biggest letdown of all because if you're gonna buy a device that has an AT&T logo on the back and has it in the boot animation then at least you could have the irony of running it on t-mobile's network yeah I mean I think when this was when it was announced as actually it was going to be sold like subsidized by AT&T we speculated that they might lock it because it would be very strange for AT&T of all carriers to not do that but I mean you've been able to buy nexus phones from sprint and t-mobile for

Years that that weren't locked they were just you know the same as any any phone you get from google play but i mean this is the first time 18 he's had one directly so i guess is not really surprised i mean they're subsidizing it so i guess you kind of have to expect that but it's still fast food OEM which I kind of feel is the is like the defining feature of a nexus so everybody who's like complaining that it's like not in exes I know it's sad that it's sim locked but there are ways to deal with that that don't involve insane hackery good so apparently t-mobile is

About the only carrier you can trust to not carry your lock there's and you can you can get it from them now to Wright David or maybe I mean you could have but probably not right now it's backordered yeah that's what I got mine it was available to get online for like probably like eight hours on the night away more than that I mean I ordered mine it like midnight like right when it went live I guess you know it was still yeah it was still like the next afternoon yeah is there for a while before the start doing the back yeah that's about 12 hours longer than it was

In Google Play yep that the that would seem to be you know it's almost like that kind of the theory that the carriers maybe got some more Nexus sixes than Google did when handouts a little bit there kind of perhaps I mean can you still walk into a sprint store and like get one or order one online from space yeah but you'd have to walk into a sprint store and who is actually going to do that you have to be a sprint customer which nobody wants to be isn't that an oxymoron when you walk into a sprint store I see what you did there yeah it's okay Brent means to run fast

For those of you who didn't laugh all right so uh t-mobile also spilled a little bit of beans about the nexus 9 we might be seeing the LTE equipped version of it pretty soon if that's your thing right right yes t-mobile said early December the the LTE equipped Nexus 9 is going to be available presumably it will also be available through not t mobile sources so I mean it's gonna be the same tablet but a little bit more expensive and it'll have an LTE radio so that's gonna be a thing soon right all right so uh let's talk a little bit about lollipop there's some good news and bad

News to report this week and we'll start with the good stuff because they added a new feature to that ever so cool smart lock feature that they added in lollipop that rolled out through Play services date this week so Ryan what's going on there so um it's actually really cool that the update to Google Play services added a new feature in smart lock I don't know if that was possible in previous versions of Android I mean I know you know Google Play services as always you know at it and added stuff in but so now with the new I think it's the 6.5 branch of Play services it adds the

The trusted places feature in smart lock so you can designate a geographic area as a trusted place and your phone will not require the secure lock screen to unlock so it just goes to the regular slide unlock if you if you're like at home or at work or wherever you decided to to designate a trusted place i have i've noticed though that the 6.5 we have own EP came here that you can you can download on the nexus 9 it it caused a couple of google apps to crash so it's been fine on other devices i don't know if it's just you know if it was it's just a nexus 9 thing but i mean it

Hasn't rolled out everybody yet so the bill that eventually comes out might be different than that but if you want to i mean you can just and install updates if it does weird stuff but you know try to install it and mess around with smart lockets need attack time i'm glad you pointed out the the fact that it actually added a menu option to the settings menu in android which is cool because that it kind of extends the concept we've talked about on the show before about how you know splitting off a lot of the Google service google play services and other aspects of stock

Android into the play store so they can update independently of the OS version I think this is actually kind of it's a small thing but it kind of shows the extent to which that really opens up the ability to incrementally make updates to the to the OS all right so one of the other features that was announced in lollipop in for the Nexus 6 was the fact that you could just you know straight up and that bad boy and it looks like according to a post on an attack that maybe encrypting it might not result in the experience that you've been hoping for right David yeah well I mean you

Don't actually have a choice on the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 they come in Krypton you can't unencrypted them not without flashing a custom boot image so that's how they come out of the box right and so with Nexus 60 there was some when a non-tech did a review in the Nexus is and they pose you know benchmarks and you know performance stats out the wazoo they didn't post storage bench parts when they did their review so they said well we got some weird results we don't think they're right and turned out there was some the most popular Android storage benchmark out there is called

And row bench and it is ancient is ty maternal but there is some really weird stuff the way that time was calculated using the benchmarks and lollipop changed so produce results that were like totally not capable of happening in reality so they found a new benchmark which is even kind of janky or looking like I mean it's just not a pretty app and it's pretty old too I think but anyways it's called a and bench I think and bench pro and it is very very ugly but it does test storage speed pretty well and so they tested the storage be the nexus 6 and what they got to do that

Nobody else has done yet is that apparently they just straight up ask Motorola hey can we get a nexus 6 with a beaut some firmware on it that's not encrypted and motorola's like all right and they sent one and so they compared the encrypted Nexus 6 to the unencrypted the Nexus 6 and lo and behold the unencrypted Nexus 6 gets way higher benchmark scores for storage than the encrypted one and remember when I say benchmark here you know storage benchmarks are you know they're very simple operations there there's not a lot to manipulate so random read it's

Just writing you know random 4 kilobyte blocks of memory to the storage there's not much to tamper with it it's pretty indicative of how it's going to perform doing that task sequential read sponge will write you know these are all very common things your phone does not that there is hugely important performance in every situation but are important in some and so they found out that yeah the Nexus 6 you know when it's encrypted it's significantly slower for RW you know read write performance on storage and they didn't explain why that is but I'm pretty sure at this

Point we do know why that's the case and it's going to be something that is specific to the Nexus 6 and potentially the Nexus 5 and the thing is this is getting you know pretty nitty-gritty with and I don't want to go too long about it because the Nexus 6 has a Snapdragon chips nap dragon chicken chip in there is an 805 that's still a 32-bit chip it's still based on the arm v7 architecture the add instruction set it's not a 64-bit it's not based on our v8 arm v8 has a frankford else's I have a nexus 6 box can see back on my wall which it's a box for TV which I found

Very very amusing but the arm v8 instruction set includes as part of the instruction set operations to do sha and AES encryption so this can be done natively on the processor and that can very much speed up those operations if your phone is fully encrypted now full disk encryption usually you want a hardware backed controller for contraction or for encryption excuse me which is what Apple does which is what actually Qualcomm does too but because Google on next devices wants is much to be open source as possible Qualcomm strivers for their coprocessor that does

Encryption does AES and sha impression they basically it sounds like Google won't put the drivers in AOSP because they don't want them to be in there I mean they can't be an AOSP they have to be somewhere else because they are closed source it could be an issue of cost it could just be an issue of the open source thing but they're not there and because the drivers aren't there Google's using their own solution and the result is that whereas Qualcomm solution to encrypt one megabyte of data it takes two loops on this coprocessor it takes 20 on Google's so sequential

Encryption you know encrypting data splendidly takes a lot longer and so this is basically both Google and Qualcomm's fault it's not an issue on the Nexus 9 because next nine isn't on the is on the RV eight instructions have a k1 Denver which natively supports AES and a chase sha decrypt encrypted operations even if it's not necessarily going to be as fast as a native processor or a coprocessor solution like Apple does and like Snapdragon would do if Google had the drivers so yeah the Nexus 6 has art of not artificially but the encryption

Speeds are hamstrung basically in the Nance then the an speeds by relation are hamstrung because of google and qualcomm ah i will say however though that the nexus 6 at least in general use it feels faster to me than the nexus 9 does yeah it I I you know I I wouldn't say that this kind of thing it has almost the encrypt decrypt performance has almost no effect on the UI thread and honestly there's a very few situations well not very few but there aren't that many situations where it truly truly matters because a lot of times you know what you're what you're doing on your phone

It can be buffered into memory instead and you can you know avoid a lot of problems that slow io can cause but yeah all right let's uh let's move on to other little bigs and bugs and gotchas that we found in lollipop over the last week first of all starting off with uh ila mode which appears to just be flat-out missing from phones right right uh yeah so it's actually it's weird it goes back to all of these these changes in the way notifications work on on five point oh so if you turn the volume all the way down on android 4.4 it would go down to vibrate and then to silent on on

Lollipop it just goes to vibrate and that's it if you want to turn it on to silent you could put it on none but then your alarms don't work it's it's weird but then on on the Nexus 9 you can put it down and do vibrate mode and then if you hit the volume button it goes to like zero volume which i guess is silent mode it's just really weird i think that there are the something is buggy and Google needs to figure out what it is because it's confusing were there you yeah yeah also also we had a little bit of an article a little bit of an article what am I

Talking about there's an article site this week regarding the nexus 7 2013 edition that has a problem with video playback on lollipop really yeah so there's a bug in lollipop somewhere that is breaking pretty much all video playback on the nexus 7 2013 but what's weird is that sometimes if you reboot the device that will work for watching like a few videos and then it breaks again or if you disable a new player the developer options it will work for a little while I'm not sure if anybody's actually tracked down what the real problem is but there is a ticket open

For it in the issue tracker so I mean it seems like a pretty big deal considering its to tablet and watching videos like one of the primary things people do on a tablet right so hopefully it's fixed soon but not as we go is it like is it just videos that are hardware that our Hardware processed or is it like any video playing like through third-party apps or it seems to be any videos so if you're watching on YouTube or play movies or Instagram like it will probably break actually one thing going back to the silent mode thing I'm just kind of I'm kind of messing around here

And I actually think that if you were to go into your if you go into your interruption settings and you basically set it so that nothing is a priority and then when I all the way down to siler that it's a priority silent then it gives you alarms and nothing else yeah I've heard people say that but like that's not I mean yeah but that's not what priority mode is supposed to before right right anyways some priorities at all no priorities in your life let the dogs out yes sorry that was my dog being loud mmm alright so cool so let's talk about the

App switcher next apparently there's a little bit of a random card bug that shows up from time to time right right yeah so you swipe things away on lollipop if you clear all of your cards out which can take a while because it doesn't clear that me reboot now when you get the last one gone if you go back in it'll just show you a random card and then if you swipe that away and go back in it'll do it again it'll do that that a few times and then finally it's completely empty it doesn't seem to do it every time but I've been able to get it to happen a couple of times we

Thought we found a fix for it but that didn't pan out so now I guess we're just we're just waiting for group for Google to figure out what that is I don't think it's the sort of thing that people are going to encounter a lot but there are people who are obsessive about swiping way I feel like it's a passive aggressive way for you and say stop button swiping away all your apps yeah that's right they they still they refuse to put a clear all button in that screen even though every OEM is like no peers to clear all button all right so uh there's there's another little bit of a

Thing with the flashlight through the quick access settings on on the notification panel to right man yes so apparently on some devices we tested on the Nexus 5 if you leave the flashlight on it times out after a couple minutes and then the next time you try to start it it just doesn't work if you try to open the camera it can't connect to the camera so you have to reboot and that fixes it we don't know what is causing it i tried it on the Moto X running lollipop and it didn't happen so i'm not i'm not positive i think it might just be a nexus 5 bug believe it's their

Flashlights on that long seriously though people I don't know it's another thing that's not going to come up a lot but we're at the point now where we've had like we have this you know the software l know why a lot of people are using it we're finding all the little bugs and stuff that are in it I tell you the other night I literally got five hours of battery life out of my nexus between fully charged and well but between fully charged and battery saving mode being turned on so uh so I can honestly say that I will never leave my flashlight on that long because my

Battery goes dead fast enough really I really don't need there's I don't need that dowel five hours I mean so basically you bought a Nexus 9 this out you're telling me ah well I thought I thought that was five hours of screen time that is that five hours of screen time yeah this is five hours of standby time so like that that it was it was not sleeping it looked like he was sleeping but that phone was like awake it was doing all kinds of stuff having a grand old time of your pocket they weren't your phones got insomnia stuff doing alright so i can be a last little bug we

Have to report is nexus 9 related david so it's ok Google and it is not necessarily everywhere as we've been led to believe right that that's correct so I can actually demonstrate this right now as soon as chrome besides it open so if you are watching the video feed I'm opening chrome by the way you were talking about whole foods i'm dr. all of our live listeners i'm just gonna tell you that right now yeah oh I'm still talking through it so I'm going to say ok Google and I think happens everything is enabled so ok Google everywhere it just doesn't work on the Nexus 9 right

Now I say okay google it is related to ok Google everywhere uh ok Google is not in fact everywhere right now and I'm a little bit sorry for having done that so many times but yeah we don't know what caused that we assume something flipped on the server side because there are no app updates and no OS updates that coincide with this that we're aware of it's not google play services it's not a GMS update it's not a google search update it wasn't an update the neck designs build and there seem to be glitching this with google now on NEX for and i think the nexus 7 too but yeah

So it's kind of got a kind of got a problem there hopefully they're gonna fix alright alright so let's uh let's move on to youtube music key because it officially became available this week and liam is going to tell us all the glorious glorious things that he has to say about it right now youtube music he is a real thing now probably most important thing that we didn't know yet besides the offline playback and background playback and ad-free music and whatever is that people who are already subscribed to play music all access will automatically

Have access to youtube music key ok any kind of like you don't need to take any action for that happen it just happens the functionality is rolling out now I just personally started seeing it on my phone last night for offline and background playback and play music is also providing links to music videos from YouTube on select songs so that's another kind of cool thing that they're doing together but yeah all of the all this stuff is kind of rolling out so not everybody has it yet but it's coming yeah this actually this actually makes me feel a little bit better about all

The times on the show where we talking about how it really didn't make sense for YouTube to have a separate music service from from play music it's really just kind of sivan like it's all the same well the same thing I'll just one glorious party of music and offline yeah downloading stuff and it's so far I feel like they're working together better than I expected like it's not as awkward as I thought it was going to be so you at you actually do you actually have all-access did you automatically get grandfathered in mm-hmm so you're you're digging it so far yeah it's fine I mean

Since since I subscribe to all access back when it came out I've used YouTube for music less and less so it's not something that I'm using every day but it's nice I guess it's a nice thing to have yeah I'm actually kind of wondering people who do use YouTube for music quite often I'm not sure are going to all of the sudden start paying for it but it is those 15 second dads are pretty annoying yeah that's true yes I mean if you're listening to if you're listening to like back-to-back songs I can see that for me it's just a matter of like

Oh I just I you know there's this one particular song I want to hear because if I don't really care what song i'm listening to I'm just gonna go to you know Pandora or something else but yeah I mean if there's one particular song I want to hear YouTube's a good place to go but a 15 second ad or even the 32nd have that you can skip after five seconds really doesn't make that big of a deal or big of a difference if you're listening to just one song but I can see you know if your lives into one after the other after using like one of the youtube mixes sub along those lines yeah

Like the other thing I think that you know YouTube has a leg up on him and I'm not sure how much of that is going to biz in youtube music at this point is live performances and special mixes that don't end up on any of the streaming services that just don't go anywhere else live performances especially YouTube has lots of those yeah it's good point all right so let's talk about Android TV because we had a little bit of news come out this week regarding a potential screening process for apps before they go available on the android TV app store so Liam what's what's the

Story here are we gonna actually have an apple like filtering system are we gonna we going to all be raising pork pitch works well knowing google i don't think that it'll be quite as organized as Apple screening system but they are saying that they're going to test for example games they'll test for d-pad compatibility gameplay like how basically how it translates to the TV and I imagine for apps they're going to be looking for people who are implementing the lean back user experience properly it's interesting because it's just it just shows yet

Again that Google really wants to keep tight control of this whole experience so that we don't really know how long it'll take for abs to get accepted her tonight or what you know what the process really looks like yet but we'll be watching yeah I mean I is one of those things where you know everything's supposed to be open and free and all this other stuff I could see people having an issue with it but I can tell you having used several other TV smart TV platforms or enhanced TV platforms that a lot of times the differences that you see in the

Interfaces and how you have to actually navigate through is is kind of jarring from one app or channel to the next so I think that ultimately it's going to probably result in a better experience for everyone but yeah I understand that this is kind of a open source enthusiast platform and that might be pregnant people often that regard so uh also the also the Android auto app store there's there's some thoughts that that might be handled a similar way but even more than that it just turns out that this week that developers are now able to start making apps for Android auto right right

Yes so Google released the the final version of those API so developers can start actually creating apps that will run on Android auto when there's actually something running it that you can buy so interestingly they're not just if you know they're not just going to be able to get to do whatever they want so they can either make messaging apps or audio apps and those apps basically they run on the phone and then they get loaded into the Android auto interface so it'll be a familiar UI for people when they're driving like the apps don't define their own look and

Feel it all sort of plugs into the existing UI framework so Google explains this as look this is a car and we need to make sure people aren't doing crazy stuff with their Android auto apps so that's I think a reasonable justification I guess we don't we'll see when somebody can actually you know by Android auto step how well that works alright good deal one last little bit about the Play Store the email that is the most recent non round-faced device that actually doesn't look too bad I think Liam you got a hands-on with it atif I liked the way it looked and felt

Right yes I did it was it's you know I mean the screen is square but it is kind of the glasses curved at least and it has that kind of Oreo form factor with the accented color in middle so as far as smart watches go it's not terrible yeah I could say it from a design standpoint I like the way this one looks I wish that there were other strap are there other strap colors available I haven't seen that because i believe miss Kang I did a mocha condos recently for me but it's it's a nice looking it's nice looking device so you're interested in buying one of those

199 on the Play Store that's available net all right let's move on over to the hachi change alright so over the past couple of weeks we've months i should say we've been seeing several apps and developments from nokia that hit various markets not typically the US but it looks like it looks like they're coming in strong with a with the tablet offering starting very very soon rewrite uh yeah so there's there's a a nokia tablet that they just announces its called the N 1 which is probably going to be a very confusing name because there are other things already called

That it it's a lollipop tablet it has a 7.9 inch screen it's four by three so it's basically an ipad mini it runs a 64-bit intel atom processor and it actually looks reasonably cool in the first the first look we got it there weren't any google apps visible but we've since found out that it will it will have google apps it's just going to be you know a regular Android tablet it also has one of the brand-new reversible types of USB connectors so you know it doesn't matter how it plugs in you can just do either way but I mean I think it looks like an interesting device and

They're going to sell it for oh gee do this difference I think it was a 250 yeah 250 oh yeah so um and it'll have no key as the launcher pre-installed which i'm sure most people won't use but i am interested in this tablet so let me go and throw it out there that i'm pretty sure and one of apple's lawyers on retainer is got like a tingling feeling stomach when he saw this he became just in exploiting excited with the existence of this tablet no it doesn't it doesn't have a little round home button at the bottom so it doesn't have that that's very true

Everything else though apart from there no champions if there are chamfers on the front it would be it would be untenable as design if the back is like it is eerily similar but if it's running a lollipop doesn't it have a circular home button done in the center bottom it does on the screen that's good does well they're gonna get sued seriously I'm very concerned especially because with the reversible micro USB connector it looks more than ever like an iPad yeah it actually kind of looks like a cross between an iPad and an iphone 6 it does that that's what I was thinking too it

Has some iphone 6 elements in there no yeah and this is this is the part of Nokia that was not purchased by Microsoft so they don't they don't have unlimited monies yeah that's why I was thinking well no actually no they do have a lot of money regular nokia oh well I guess well they don't have microsoft money no by which I mean the software microsoft money kiss doesn't regular nokia do telecom equipment i guess that i know they don't they don't still make like tires and stuff so that's true yeah i think i think it actually is still somewhat diversified

Its dabbling in some other areas i think they do like headset systems kind of like motorola does for the NFL and couple of things like that yeah so uh verizon also had some tablet related announcements it seems they're getting their paws on an LTE equipped version of the LG G pad 7 point 0 and 10.1 David when when can we expect to see those and how much are they going to run we can expect to see them at some point uh I didn't read this so the chief had seven point I was going to cost fifty dollars on contract and the template was going to ask 200

Hours on contract and let's be honest you listen to the show you don't actually care about either of these unless you're trying to like play a prank on somebody a pretty mean two-year-long prank in order to get them to buy them so all my T's don't buy these as gifts without asking first yeah so I think they're available now but anyways the off contract price for the seven point O is a befuddlement she hid the 10.1 other than fact the 10.1 inch tablets are questionable is a thing but yeah I can they run android 4.4 I don't know that I don't know that I if I just

Didn't notice this one this the the one the g pad this new g pad series was announced but the 10.1 looks an awful lot like a nexus 10 I mean it's kind of shaped that way I guess I mean it's kind of like a nexus 10 but awful or because it still only has a gig of ram in the Snapdragon 400 and it's 18 yd run that's the that's the thing at 10 inches I don't want to look at that really i thought we were done with that resolution like three years ago no we're never done with that resolution until it becomes cheaper to make screens that don't suck it is like my arch nemesis

1280 by 800 well I let's go by to uh let's move on maybe 12 maybe maybe that resolution could work on an Android wear device one of these days maybe maybe all right let's move on to product reviews time for product reviews this week's review the Sony SmartWatch 3 with riot so I run hows about it what so yeah the the SmartWatch 3 it's Sony's first Android wear device if you're watching a video it looks like that and it they it basically is like a SmartWatch 2 but a slightly different shape and running Android wear the cool thing about this is that it has a transflective LCD so

When it's in ambient mode it doesn't use any backlight but it gets more visible when there is light shining on it so if you're outside you can read it incredibly well if you're in just you know regular indoor lighting story it fine in a dark room you cannot read it unfortunately I guess that's just sort of the trade-offs so you have to wake it up to to see what you know what's on screen if you're in the dark it has this this silicone band actually that surrounds the watch core like you can pop the you can pop the the watch part out and then the band is this separate

Piece and it's actually kind of strange because it feels like one cohesive unit when you have it all put together in a way that a lot of watches don't I think a lot of Android wear devices kind of feel like like straps that are just sort of bolted onto the back of the watch and paradoxically this one comes with bar and it feels more like you know one thing so I think probably the big selling point of this device is it has incredibly good battery life because of that transflective screen I mean I'm getting over two days which for Android wear device is really good most of them

Last a day or a little bit more the G watch our i think is usually about 36 hours so if you want a wash that runs a very long time SmartWatch 3 is probably a pretty good bet I think the looks are sort of questionable I liked it more in person than i did in pictures it's kind of um it's understated i guess i would say and i have the one with the black band sony's going to make different band colors I think they're going to do metal bands at some point and the price is 250 which i think is probably fair in in comparison to other wear devices because it's not as good it's it's not as good

Overall as the G watch our it's probably a little bit better than the Zen watch just from you know the battery life claims and early word that I've heard and then it's you know it doesn't look as nice as the 360 but it has much better battery life and performance so you know maybe that balances out so I'm the same prices the 360 so you know I give it a shot just be aware of you know of the trade-offs all right good deal let's move on to other news is something wrong uh maybe possibly uh well so something broke that's cool I've

Always felt that the other news music sounded like a speakeasy or like an alien invasion we are we back and you're never loved oh yeah well we can hear you out maybe we left hmm maybe you maybe you all as a group left we thought we thought you were gone when it was really us it was gone it's like it's like the end of a movie that i was going to spoil for everybody but no i won't i remember that movie who is good yeah yeah so we talked about so we have we have a show on going right we should probably do that yeah let's do it we're talking if you can't hear us at your fault alright

David just talk about this thing because I'm entered it twice oh okay we didn't hear either one so is it now it's okay they were recorded yeah yeah we record it in so warning is it about a new version of Gorilla Glass girl s4 vs grow the last three into and of course the original Gorilla Glass it's more impact resistance it's not more scratch resistant I guess so it's a eighty percent likely to survive a fall from one meter face down onto a surface which is a little over three feet for those of you who speak freedom and I guess that's pretty cool I I personally my when I've

Broken my phones and I've broken too by dropping them face down onto a hard surface I mean maybe it's because I am roughly you know a little under two meters tall but they typically fall from about two meters and so I mean I'm not too concerned about the one drop resistance but if that means increase drop resistant breakage resistance at 2 meters i guess that's cool but yeah it's going to be on your phones next year it's going to be a thing because it's grill glass and also the video they made is really creepy I'm sure you said some really cool stuff

There we just couldn't hear any of it fantastic well I could hear it it just sounded it sounded more like this sound like mejor mamada fattening me a good drop its that's hangouts for you yeah yeah I did hear though the David was under two meters tall which is the most important thing to learn about gorillas class it is so should i do it again not there paused again speak hello hangouts curses it wouldn't be thursday we almost made it to the end of the show without hangouts I didn't out let's be fair though the only reason we made it this far is because it's been a really short

Show so far this is great we don't always have the problems just most of the time just the times when we do a show on Thursday nights right sometimes fridays alright so there's giveaway going on on android police calm / contests a pair of knocks NS you don't want me to and again what you don't want them to do it again I don't know do we want to do again yeah i think google doesn't want us to talk about Gorilla Glass I think that's what's happening it's very well try it will try it just David say the word gorilla glass and see if you cut out again if we hear that

Google has come out with a competitor to Gorilla Glass soon you know that's exactly what's up yep here I'll do it real quick so according in the on squirrel glass for it's about 80% stronger than grow glass three at one meter being dropped face down which Corning is cited as metric it wants to use for glass breakage there are videos of it doing this being dropped from one meter from machine apparatus the rest of the video is kind of creepy but you can watch it anyways it's on AP and yeah you're gonna have to grow glass for on your smartphone next year because it's

For a class and that's what people use stronger it's for the fourth iteration of gorillaz it is Gorilla drilled what's I can't I just want to get a android phone called the mist so i can have gorillas on the mist it's really impressive how they crammed a whole extra gorilla into that class i wonder how they how they extract the gorilla from from gorillas gorilla glass made from real gorilla extract I like that hmm that should be that they should just do that in their commercials instead of the creepy CGI gorillas if they just had like look this is how we how we juice

The gorillas they're fine though don't worry I'm sorry that's an episode title well you know um if Kourtney wants to use that I give it to them freely they can have it just stopped making the CGI gorilla commercials please Jason though where do they run those commercials I don't think I've ever seen that I'm on the internets yeah I've ever seen that on anything other than android police like i was saying earlier that I feel like Corning is this company that you know like when it was founded it had almost no money and then they suddenly got from rich and they never bothered to

Hire anybody else the marketing department was just the same guy who is obsessed with gorillas and he just keeps making commercials about gorillas and nobody's nobody there is willing to tell them hey dude it's kind of creepy but she has keeps making the commercials let you know that is gonna multi-million dollar budget that Corning also makes pyrex which is like is you has been used in like laboratories for four decades I think they're there I'm sure they invented pyrex which is their their gardening people are just they're used to dealing with with like buyers for big

Scientific companies and then there's only like oh we're consumer electronics company now well aah gorilla gorillas yeah well all right so there's contest going on right now and Android Police calm there is s and if you're watching us live you already know that because I got halfway through this field moments ago but they're giving away a pair of knox in us to v2 wireless speakers and also a pair of NS 500 aluminum earbuds which David actually wrote reviews on both of these devices and loved them hey don't knock them until you've tried it so if that tells

You anything David doesn't love anything but he loved these so if you head on over and Roy please calm / contest can get stuff and you're doing one of these fabulous devices Bob orlith did things break again they did okay tiller probably they're probably talking right now but we can't hear them I heard a 0 0 0 is there they're doing the end of the show right now yeah without us okay I wonder which one the viewers can hear I don't know that was it let's ask the Tratt room Chad can you hear us so Gavin oh they can't they still can't hear us hello we're back no we can hear you now

Hangouts um speaking of corning advertising do people do like regular consumers care like do they go as people even know what gorilla classes like you do before i buy this phone does it have corning gorilla glass 3 it actually it has dragon trail well I'm out I don't want it I think Apple phones have it too but they don't advertise that they specifically avoid saying it has closed yeah sure yeah they don't want to talk about their suppliers they want you to think that it is a it is an entirely internal process I mean that like courting it the gorilla glass is a thing

Because of Apple yeah like it's angela's it's actually extracted directly from Apple's they do see apples and then the gorillas just carry them they carry the apple juice over to the mixer that's what i call it Gorilla Glass that sounds delicious hmm really care you should start a new business gorilla cider well um technically i think that the show is the show technically ended and they did the outro so we're still alive but they laugh live though I think we're think we're okay yeah I think that we did what we did all the talking that we're

Contractually obligated to do so you know I think I don't think that's true I don't know if they're gonna I don't know if they're gonna bother to reconnect oh we go there hello injured police welcome to Podcast room too so I really am having yep I got check connected from the room hi guys I we don't know what happened there but we did it in the show we finished the snow and it was probably better than it would have been if you'd have been on we actually been sweet on how it is okay sure fine so speaking of next week next week in the United States it is our thanksgiving holiday next

Thursday so we should have an alternate day for the podcast i don't think we've quite iron that out but keep your eyes and ears peeled keep your eyeballs on wherever you get AP news and eventually you'll find out when we're gonna change it to right right fellers or if we're just going to do a placeholder slide show of hands on turkey centerpiece man work hard and turkey post was it was a big hit last year so again and i think there's maybe appetite for that we kind of like we got to step it up though we have to make it more and turkeys per person because it has to last an hour we

Were given turkeys provides got a two hand brilliant i let say them for enter key they could pop everyone's i think like we need to do like a 10-second Ken Burns effect on each hand turkey and then we can transition using like a star wipe to the next hand turkey or we do a podcast and Liam just draws a hand turkey on everybody oh yeah but I don't know that would be hard I'd like for my hand on the screen Isis yeah yeah if everybody could submit their hand turkeys to me by wednesday thank the slideshow it'd be fantastic I'm just I've cued up in my brain the best hand

Turkey ever so I'll I'm never anywhere cat / listeners if i want to send you into these i do to do one damn it whether they asked me to or not i'm doing it should i should i have the chats and behind herpes i have all the correct colors of sharpie to undertake this all the turkeys are belong to us all the chats send in your turkeys as you can see i have the thanksgiving trio of sharpies that is grown this rounds brown sharpie wow that's also a country i actually have quite a quite a few Sharpie colors there's i have to be sharpie or can we make our ian turkeys

And other medium I you can do whatever you want I was thinking mustard soy sauce and human blood I would like to see that okay soy sauce that's it you know it you know he's out he's on multimedia artist you know is just a better ink they call it Snapdragon chicken he's like the lady gaga of hand turkeys the lady gaga of hand turkeys sounds like right here I've made the hand jerky on my actual hand with blood and soy sauce and mustard not my 10 not mine I really this is the blood of a turkey that would be very fitting the blood of specifically say human blood so

Should we should we open sir simon to I best I think that every every listener should definitely send his hand turkeys whoever's listening should they send it I don't worry something with them I don't know what they should send the podcast address so hardened can see them and as deeply confused that's what like what like hand turkey and its object or something so we can just search us send an email to podcast of android police calm with the subject line hand turkey and then attach your favorite hand turkey you can even do multiple if you want and then we're hand

If you're ukrainian word hamster as a fine we're cool so yeah do that trying to do it by wednesday so that if we are going to do something with it then we can actually like do it and make it cool yeah okay so i think we've got back cover now it's the part of the show where we all stood silently and wonder is going to talk yeah we're not so good with the with us spur of the moment by the seat of our pants sort of talking we like you know show notes are really required for us to converse him I you show notes in my day-to-day life actually man I should do that that would

Be awesome I just have a spreadsheet on my phone I go to the grocery store is some store notes or some pure innocent dammit see I didn't have my show notes yeah okay well so that's the show I'm going to depart now so you guys can continue to not talk to each other while I'm gone it's good one more awkward one more awkward silence good good meeting okay alright I will see you guys next week ok but what well first alive but i'm pretty sure matt and offer frozen yup i think they are okay well I guess I'll go another back oh wait no they're not I lied oh I'll I was lying alright I

Guess we can leave now okay everybody you I don't know but I think we're broadcasting again cool there's still 12 people viewing that's great it's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife it's like meeting the man of your dreams and then taking a smoke break

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