Android accessory holiday gift guide – speakers, smartwatches, headphones, and more

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

looks good guys Zach here so this year
we came across a whole bunch of great
tech a lot of which would make great
gifts this holiday season so we went
ahead and compiled a list of tech items
that are sure to complement your loved
ones and their Android devices all right
so first up is the obvious choice a
google play gift card there's always
those few applications people want to
get their hands on but they're not
always willing to shell out 99 cents
here and there so go ahead and pick them
up a place to a gift card that way they
can get great apps like weather timeline
Phoenix for twitter nova launcher prime
and more for free next up we have google
home now if you're already familiar with
Amazon's echo and it's personal
assistant dubbed Alexa look at this as
Google's answer to that very product
this is a great way to get quick access
to the search giant allowing you to ask
insert for pretty much anything find out
who won the Clippers game what the
weather is like where Santa is what 350
4690 8/30 4.6 is and now you can even
tell it to catch Netflix shows to your
TV there are loads of things that you
can do with Google home and it's only
going to get better from here google
home goes for about a hundred and thirty
bucks which is cheaper than the Amazon
echo but if you want a personal
assistant and you're not looking to
spend over a hundred dollars on one
check out Amazon's its second-generation
echo dot it does pretty much everything
that the regular echo does things like
controlling your smart home devices
playing music etc but at a fraction of
the size and the cost for only 50 bucks
this is a great way to get started with
a personal assistant for your home next
up we have tech for your wrists the
Fitbit charge to and the samsung gear s3
now the gear s3 is pretty much the Swiss
Army knife of smartwatches it does
everything aside from telling time you
can use the gear s3 to answer text
messages and social media notifications
you can summon an uber check out the
latest news stories it can be your
fitness tracker you can use it to pay
for stuff and a whole lot more so as far
as smartwatches go this is one of the
best but it is a little pricey and
that's where the continued gear s2 comes
in for under 250 bucks however if
fitness tracking is the primary focus
the Fitbit charge to is the way to go
it's arguably the best tracker out there
it's reasonably priced at one hundred
and thirty dollars and it's easily the
best way to keep track of your heart
rate how many calories you've burned how
many steps you've taken and much more so
if you know someone who's looking to get
into or maintain shape this is the tech
companion to hook them up with now let's
talk about wireless audio first up
headphones our pic are the v-moda
crossfade wireless coming in at three
hundred bucks these are some of if not
the best all-around wireless headphones
you can get in this price range not only
do they sound fantastic and they're
shorter please just about any
audio file but you can actually
customize the earcup faceplates as well
and this is something that you can't
really do with other headphones these
headphones check boxes that a lot of the
competitors can't which makes them a
super solid choice as a tech gift now if
you're not looking to spend three
hundred dollars on a pair of headphones
Sully's got their xb9 50s on sale for
about 90 bucks these right here are a
base lover's dream they sport rather
large 40 millimeter drivers and a killer
20 hours of battery life you can also
check out ghost text so dropped tues
these have been crowned the best
bluetooth headphones under a hundred
dollars by many tech youtubers including
myself so it's definitely safe to say
that these are a great buy as well now
if you're into something that's a little
more portable take a look at the jaybird
x3 All Things Considered these are
probably your best bet when it comes to
wireless earbuds they sound fantastic
they have solid battery life you can get
them in multiple colors and personally I
can't find a reason to look for earbuds
above this price range now for half the
cost of the X 3s you can check out these
sound Pete's q 16s which are a set of
completely wireless earbuds yes no
buyers whatsoever I've been using these
for a few weeks myself and I can say
with confidence that these would make an
awesome gift finishing off bluetooth
audio we have the ue roll too and a
bamboo speaker from our cheer the UV
roll 2 will be the speaker that people
take with them everywhere it's not the
largest speaker out there which makes it
super portable and the great thing about
it is that it doesn't sacrifice the
sound performance whatsoever it can
connect to up to three devices at the
same time it boasts a solid nine hours
of playback time and insane 100-foot
connection range and it's also
waterproof making it one of the best
all-around speakers you can get in this
price range also in this price range is
our cheers bamboo speaker 400 bucks you
can pick up this beast of a speaker
reminiscent of something from the house
of marley collection this thing is built
like a tank and yes that's real bamboo
this thing gets incredibly loud and as
far as sound goes this will drive base
lovers crazy in a good way of course
this is definitely a speaker for the
bass heads out there not to mention it's
one of the most attractive speakers on
the market this too is a great bot
nearing the end of the list we have
anchors power banks I mean who couldn't
use one of these things right I've been
using anchors power banks forever and
I'm convinced that these are the best of
the best anchors got all sorts of power
banks with different capacities ranging
from 5000 milliamps to 25,000 milliamps
so make sure you've got everybody
covered and all of their devices are
charged up while on the go with a few of
these you cannot go wrong and lastly
don't forget about VR headsets we all
know that there are loads of these on
the market and the best to being
Google's new danger
vr for their pixel devices in Samsung's
gear VR alright so that pretty much
wraps it up for the video I hope you all
enjoyed it if you did feel free to hit
that like button subscribe to the
android police channel if you haven't
already all of the links to these
products will be listed down below in
the description so make sure you check
them out but anyway that does for me
happy holidays and thanks for watching

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