Android 7.0 in your car: Google & Chrysler built a Nougat OS for vehicles

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

everyone is day with Android police and
we are here at CES 2017 at the Chrysler
booth which may seem a bit odd if you
have not been following the news about
Chrysler and Android at CES but if you
have you probably know why we're here
now one of the most exciting Android
announcements at CES for me so far has
been the news the Chrysler and Google
have collaborated to build a dedicated
version of the Android operating system
for a car
now this isn't Android Auto this is full
on Android nougat running in a car you
know Chrysler is showing off the proof
of concept and a modified 300s sedan
it's booth here at the show and we sat
in the back for a look at the impressive
system I know your first thought may be
why not use Android auto and we'll get
there I promise but I think the best way
to explain why this new OS exists is
simply by telling you what it does first
because if the Android Chrysler's
concept OS ones when you're old Android
app they're versions of Google Maps play
music and br1 and pocket casts on
Chrysler's concept OS now it's probably
no coincidence these apps are also all
available on Android auto but that
really is probably more a result of
convenience in terms of interface and
readiness right now in this prototype
stage what makes Chrysler's new has
really worked for me is the seamless
integration with Google Assistant though
you can activate the Google assistant
just like you would in the voice
commands for Android auto without ever
needing your phone connected it all to
the car so anyone who drives your car
can access the Handy voice command and
app features on splay was a customized
version of Google Maps that was used for
navigation and Chrysler demoed a neat
fusion of assistant maps functionality
whereby the driver asked about a
landmark and then asked Google
contextually take me there it's
definitely pretty neat and it's a cool
demo of the functionality assistant can
provide through contextual clues in the
now eventually these commands could do
things that are much cooler if you ask
me they could adjust the people's
climate control various settings and
other functions because it's all
integrated into the cars actual
operating system and that's damn cool if
you ask me there's no messing with a
dual interface system as you're forced
to an Android auto because the car's
interface is built with the Google
functionality available natively sparked
the OS this feels so much more tightly
integrated in Android auto and perform
through the concept OS was downright
impressive definitely better than
Android autos projected mode it seems
snappy and responsive and actually
really dug a lot of the design choices
Chrysler made in terms of the UI
something I can't say of many car info
tainment systems these days to me this
isn't a move away from Android Auto
either in fact it's really the opposite
it's doubling down on the benefits of
auto by building them directly in the
vehicles in a way that feels native
that's a huge step forward for Android
in the car unfortunately Chrysler really
wasn't willing to tell us almost
anything about the operating system on
the technical level in fact after our
first demonstration when we asked our
chance to record the full demo for our
video here
they actually refused to allow us to
show you that demo again it was pretty
bizarre but hopefully they'll be less
secretive his concept developed because
based on what I saw it's a very
promising start

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