Android 11 Final Release – Every New Feature (The Most Detailed)

by birtanpublished on October 4, 2020

Welcome back youtube we have madigan from in-depth tech reviews and the finally android 11 is here i'm installing it now on my pixel 4 xl and pixel 4a as you see here the update size is 9.37 megabytes on the pixel 4 xl because i'm already on the third beta of android 11 and the size on the pixel 4a is 1.58 gigabytes because i'm on android 10. so now let's take a look at the new features that come with android 11 but before getting started let's make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to get notified

Every time i post a new video so let's jump in so let's start with the styles and wallpapers app and we are still on the old design of android 10. in one of the betas we got a new design for the styles and wallpapers app but google reverted back to the old design also we got a clock tab in one of the betas but still didn't come back with the final release of android 11. we still have wallpaper and the style when you go to style you get pretty much

Everything exactly the same but the only new change in the icon shapes you will get three new icon shapes right here next the recent apps screen and as you see it got a complete revamp we no longer have the suggested apps at the bottom we have the select and the screenshot buttons instead the select button when you tap on it all the other apps in your recent apps screen will disappear and it will highlight all the text in your application card so you can quickly

Tap on it and copy it share it or search for it to exit the selection mode you can tap on the x button at the bottom of the screen you still can do your text selection by tapping and holding on any text in your application card but this option makes it a little bit easier with one tab you can select the text you want the next button is a screenshot when you tap on a screenshot it will take a screenshot from the app you are currently on giving you

The share and the edit options and this is a new animation that we're going to talk about later in this video and when you access your recent apps screen while in landscape mode tapping on the application icon will show you the new screenshot button right here so you can quickly take a screenshot in landscape mode as well also the new recent apps screen change the way you use your split screen so for example when i tap on the application icon then a split screen

I can choose an app from the recent apps i have currently open i don't have that suggested apps anymore and to get access to my apps i have to swipe up to go to to the home screen first and then swipe up again if i want to access my app drawer which is not the case with android 10. so let me show you a quick example here in android 10 when you start your split screen you have more than one option you can either choose an app from your recent apps or you choose an app from the

Suggested apps or even a swipe up to access your app drawer and pick an app from here which is a lot easier to use and google in android 11 gave the priority to the screenshot and select buttons instead one more change when you try to share a photo from your a recent apps screen by tapping on share now you will get a thumbnail of your photo in the share sheet which is not the case in android 10. in android 10 when you do

The same thing tap and hold on the photo and then tap on share you don't get the same thumbnail now let's take a look at the new screenshot animation as you see here you will get this new animation that looks similar to the iphone you have the share and the edit buttons you also have a small x at the top right corner to dismiss the notification you cannot swipe it away you can only dismiss it using the x at the top right corner if you want to share it you

Can tap on share it will quickly show you the share sheet or you can simply tap on edit to open it in the markup app in the markup app there are some visual changes the first one the removal of the share and save text buttons they are now replaced with two icons one for sharing and the other one to delete your screenshot you also have a new button here called done when you tap on done it will give

You the option to either save the screenshot or simply delete it before closing the app one more thing worth mentioning here when you take a screenshot in android 11 in case you missed this quick animation you will no longer have quick access to your screenshot from the notifications shade like an android 10 but in this case you have to open the photos app and locate your screenshot manually next app suggestions on your home screen this is a new feature in android 11 that will suggest apps on your home

Screen not only in your app drawer and as you see here you will get this screen for the first time explaining to you how it works the apps will be suggested based on your usage and they will appear in your hotseat so as you see here i activated the feature and now i have all the apps in my hot seat are suggested apps and i can confirm this from the small ring around the app icon if you want to pin any of the suggested apps to your hot seat you can simply tap and hold on the application icon

And you will have the pin button right here so you can tap on it or in some cases you will get the word pen prediction like this one and once you tap on the pin prediction the icon will be a normal icon without a ring around it and it will be permanent also moving an app from one spot to the other will pin it for you so when i uh change the allocation of that icon it will be pinned automatically also when you try to organize your home screen icons as you see here the

Suggested apps are now disappearing temporarily which means these are empty spots that you can use for organizing your apps and once you release your finger they will show up again you can also create a folder by dragging a suggested app on top of a pinned app like in this case but you cannot do it the other way around you cannot create a folder from two suggested apps because when you drag an app simply the other suggested apps will disappear so you will not be able to do that

You have to pin the app first and then put the suggested app on top of it also when you try to drag a suggested app you will see at the top here either to cancel or don't suggest app so in this case this app will no longer be suggested on your home screen to access your suggested apps settings simply tap on hold on your home screen go to home settings and then you will see a new menu called suggestions here you will see two toggles one for the old apps list and the other

One for the home screen you can turn them on or off you can also block certain apps from being suggested by selecting the app you want and then tap on save and those apps will not be suggested anymore there are also some visual changes related to the home screen when you pull down that notification shade you will see the wallpaper is zooming out a little bit and the same thing happens when you pull up your app drawer keep in mind that this

Animation only works if you are not using a live wallpaper it works with static wallpapers only next there is a new animation when you swipe through your home screens so as you see here there is a little bounce at the end of the animation that doesn't exist in android 10. you can also jump to your first home screen with a quick swipe on your navigation bar and that's why the navigation bar is always showing on the home screen which is not the case with android 10. now the icons of the quick actions menu

Are in black color instead of gray if you are using light theme and if you are using dark theme they will have darker background and when you create a folder the suggested names for your folder will appear in the keyboard suggestions strip if you are using dark theme the app drawer background will be totally black instead of darker gray and also it will not be translucent like an android 10. and the same thing happens in light theme as well the background is no longer translucent next the new power menu of android 11 and it

Got a complete revamp first it consists of three sections the first one will include your power restart log down and emergency buttons after that you will see your cards and passes from google pay then you will see your smart devices from the google home app first the new power button when you tap on it you will get two overlay buttons one to restart and the other one to power off your phone and it only works this way if you have

The lock down button turn it on under settings but if you have it turned off you will get two separate buttons one to power off and the other one to restart next you will see the list of cards and passes that you already have in your google pay app you can choose the card you want and then tap your phone on the terminal to make the payment tapping the three dots will give you two other options either to view all or go to settings when you tap on view all

It will allow you to add more credit cards to your power menu or you can also play around with google pay settings if you want to next when you tap on settings it will take you to the cards and passes settings here you can turn the feature on or off once you turn it off no credit cards or passes will appear in your power menu and i will show you how to reach the same settings later in this video next you will see the list of smart devices you have set

Up in your google home app and you can interact with them in different ways for example i have here a group tile called office slides it includes three different smart bulbs that i have set up in my office for example i can tap on the tile to turn all of them off or on i can drag my finger on top of the tile to change the brightness for all of them if i want to get more settings i can tap and hold on the tile it will show me the ability to change the color or

I can change each bulb individually if i want to if i want to jump to the google home app i can tap on this icon on the top right corner and it will take me to the same page in the google home app same thing happens with other devices for example chromecast it doesn't support the dragging gesture or the tap on hold just tap on it once and it will show you a quick shortcut from the google home app where you can change that ambient wallpaper you can cast your mobile screen

You can personalize your ambient mode and if you still want to jump to the google home app tap on the same icon and it will take you there it also works with smart speakers like the google home home mini it works with cameras and so on and so forth you also have three dots at the top right corner when you tap on them you will get two options either add controls or edit controls when you tap on add controls you will see all the available tiles you can add to your power menu

Here you have them classified based on the room i have here my living room with three devices my office with another three devices on the top you have groups these are automatically created group tiles based on the type of devices and the rooms they are in for example if you want to add one more tile to your power menu just tap on it and then hit save it will be added straight away you can also reorganize your controls by tapping on edit controls and reorganize them like this

And once you hit save they will be reorganized also keep in mind that the new power menu will always be in dark theme even if you are using light theme like i do here you still have it in dark theme and there is no option to change that also when you install third-party apps that work with smart devices you might be able to add these devices to your android 11 power menu for example i'm using now my pixel 4xl and i have the xiaomi me home app

Installed when i go to add controls now i have another button called see other apps which wasn't available on my pixel 4a because the same app is not installed when i tap on see other apps now i have the list of apps that i can add controls from and it says here me home however when i open it i still don't have any compatible controls available but maybe in the future you will be able to add third-party controls to your android 11 power menu to change your power menu settings

Simply go to settings then scroll down to system gestures and you will see a new menu item called power menu when you tap on it you will have three options the first one is called cards and passes when you turn it off your cards and passes will disappear from the power menu the second option is called device controls when you turn it off as well they will disappear from the power menu and in this case you will only get the three buttons at the top and

Everything else will be blank now let me turn them back on to show you the third option the the third one called sensitive content when you turn on sensitive content even if your phone is locked you will still be able to see the cards and your device controls but if you have this option turned off you will not be able to see them while your phone is locked now let's talk about notifications and they got a complete

Revamp in android 11. the first change i'm going to show you here is a visual exchange when i expand my notifications shade you will see three different sections here and each one is separated with this empty space and the name of the section is written in a lot bigger font compared to android 10. the next visually change is in the expand arrow it's now a lot bigger than the one we have in android 10. now let's talk about the new conversations section in android 11 every time you get

A message from a chatting app like whatsapp or facebook messenger they will be automatically listed under conversations which gonna give you extra features to help you manage your conversations better the first feature you get is the ability to set certain conversations as priority by tapping and holding on the notification then tap on priority and hit apply once you do this two things will happen first you will get the profile picture of the contact in your status bar so you can

Immediately know if you are receiving a normal message or a high priority message secondly the priority conversations will always appear on top of your conversations list you can apply even more changes to your conversation by going to settings and then apps and notifications and you will see a new menu item here called conversations when you go inside you will be able to see all the active conversations you currently have on your phone when you go inside the conversation you can

Change a lot of settings that will only be applied to this conversation in a specific without impacting the whole whatsapp application first you can choose between priority default or silent you can also turn on or off that bubble feature for this conversation only if you want to here you have also all bubble settings where you can change the bubble settings for the whole whatsapp application by choosing either all conversations can bubble selected conversations or

Nothing also you can tap on not a conversation and in this case any message you get from this chat will not be listed as a conversation anymore you can turn on the pop-on screen feature on or off you can assign a specific sound for this conversation you can choose that lock screen sensitivity would you like to show the content on lock screen or not also you can turn on or off notification dots and vibration and in case you removed

This chat from that conversations category by tapping on not a conversation you still can revert this back by going to the whatsapp application then go to notifications and you will see here your contact name listed and when you tap on it you will see this is a conversation tap on it and it will be back under your conversations list next notification history in android 11 you can activate the notification

History so you can get back to your dismissed notifications whenever you want to activate the feature you can go to settings apps and notifications notifications here you have a new menu item called notification history when you tap on it you will see a switch on the top turn it on in this case when you expand your notification shade you will see here history when you tap on history you will be able to access your the notifications history straight away and

In case if you don't have any notifications the button will disappear but you still can access your notification history by tapping on the no notifications text also in android 11 when you receive multiple messages from a specific contact you will see this small counter to give you an idea how many messages you received next the new media controls in android 11 media controls will no longer appear in the notifications area but they will

Appear under your quick settings area when you do the first swipe to pull down your notification shade the media controls will be collapsed when you pull it all the way down you will see now the expanded version you will also get a new animation when you tap on the buttons like this as you see here there is an animation taking place every time i tap on the buttons and if you have multiple apps playing media in the background you will get media controls for each app separately and you can swipe between

Them like this and as you see there is a small indicator right here showing two dots which means i have two apps running or playing media in the background in this case i have youtube music and the youtube app you can do the same thing also in the collapsed version you can swipe between them like this you will also get this button at the top right corner that you can use to change your output device i have it here already set to the

Phone speaker when i tap on it i get this small card with the available devices that i can connect to here i have the phony speaker with the volume slider i can change to my bluetooth headset to play my media on my bluetooth headset it will also show me the previously paired devices even if they are disconnected so you can tap on any device to connect to it and start playing your media you also get the new media controls

Design on your lock screen and you can swipe between the media controls if you have multiple apps playing media in the background also the you no longer get the full screen album art like an android 10 but you only see your regular lock screen wallpaper in android 11 you can dismiss your media controls even if your application is playing for example i'm gonna play music on youtube music right now i can still dismiss the media controls

But when i expand my notification shade i still have media controls showing right here if you want to dismiss the media controls everywhere just swipe to the left or the right tap on the settings icon here you will see a new option called hide player when the media session has ended when you turn this feature on then pull down your notification shade you will see now the media controls are entirely gone from that notification shade but still your media is playing in the

Background and in this case you have to open the app to stop your media next the picture-in-picture in android 11 you can now resize your picture-in-picture window so i have here a video playing and i can drag my finger on any of the corners to resize the video as you see here next the sound controls here i have android 11 and android 10. first of all you see the sound controls on android 10 is taking a lot more space it's filling

Three quarters of the screen while here it's filling only half of the screen secondly it's called here sound while here is called volume you also get an icon beside each volume slider while here you have only text finally you have a new option here called play on it depends on which app you are using it says here play youtube music on and when i tap on it i can change my output device while here in android 10 even if i'm playing media it doesn't show me this option in the

Volume controls card next the screen record feature and google finally added the screen record feature in android natively so you don't need any third-party apps to record your screen and i have here the icon on my quick settings when i tap on it i will get this screen recording card it will ask me would you like to record the audio would you like to show touches on the screen so when you turn on audio you can choose between microphone device audio or both of them so let's

Say we're gonna choose device audio and then i'm gonna turn on show touches on screen hit start you will get a counter for three seconds then you will get a small vibration to confirm that the recording is started once you finish your recording pull down your notification shade and you will see this red notification when you tap on it the recording will stop and after a few seconds you will see your video recording in the notification shade

Tap on it to view and it will play it straight away next gboard in android 11 if you have your credit cards and addresses saved in google chrome the autofill suggestions will now appear in your keyboard suggestions strip instead of showing on top of the text fields next the share sheet grouping and i'm going to take a screenshot to show you how it looks so if i'm gonna take a screenshot and then tap on share scroll down a little bit

You will see some of the icons have a small arrow beside their names and for example an instagram and when you tap on it you will see the three sharing options all consolidated in one list and the previously you will get three separate icons for an instagram and each one will be a different sharing option and also if you want to pin any of these shearing options you can simply tap and hold on the icon and you will have pin direct pin feed or

Pin stories you can pin only one or pin all of them whatever you want and they will show up here in the top area and also if you want to unpin any of them for example let's pin the direct and the tap and hold again on the same icon you will be able to unpin it from here or you can simply unpin from the icon at the top as well next the new bubbles feature of android 11 i couldn't manage to get it up and running on any of my devices

At the moment but i can show you how it works from one of my previous videos now let's talk about the bubbles and how it works in details and as you see here i already have one active conversation and when i tap on the bubble i can see the conversation as expected similar to the facebook messenger chat heads but it has been replaced with the bubbles feature of android 11. you also get this plus sign right here and when you tap on the plus sign you will get also

The previously dismissed bubbles that you can retrieve back if you want so for example if i'm going to tap on this one i can get this bubble back again and when i go away now i have two bubbles available for me all right and if i dismissed it again it will reappear in the plus sign not only this but when you expand your bubble as you see here there is a button here called manage and when you tap on manage

You will get three choices here so let me zoom in to show you this the first option here is called dismiss which is similar to dragging your bubble towards the x at the bottom of the screen as you see here so you can tap on dismiss instead or you can tap on don't bubble this conversation and the next time you get a message from this conversation it will be a normal message without any bubbles and when you tap on messenger settings it will take you to the bubbles settings

For the messenger app where you can choose all conversations selected conversations or nothing can bubble there are also a lot of changes under settings that i didn't include in this video because the video is very long already and i didn't want to make it longer so stay tuned for my next video about android 11. so that's pretty much it for today i hope you like my video and if you do please hit the thumbs up and subscribe for more videos thank you for watching

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