Android 11 Beta – Full Detailed Review

published on August 3, 2020

There's a lot going on in the world right now but that hasn't stopped Google from pushing out an early Android 11 update though it did delay it the software has recently reached its beta stage and there are a ton of new features and redesigns that I'd like to

Touch on right now I'm rocking the latest Android 11 beta 1 on my Google pixel for excel but I should tell you depending on when you watch this video some of the features of that I'm about to show off may have changed or even

Disappeared in a future update so just keep that in mind also with Android as a whole reaching a point of maturity there aren't as many new flashy visual changes like we've seen in the past with Prior versions I

Like to think of this update as more like a finely polished version of Android 10 so when you first put into the Android 11 build you'll of course be dropped into the pixel launcher and here you'll find a few new changes the most

Prominent ones dynamic apps suggestions in the dock these icons will change to the apps that you use the most and suggestions will be made based on your routines you can easily tell that they're dynamic too because they have a

Lightly tinted outline and to enable it you may get a notification like this asking if you like to easily access your most used apps if you tap it you'll get a menu explaining what it does and you can tap on get app suggestions to enable

It or you can also just go into the home settings and under the suggestions menu you can enable it there you can also choose to whitelist apps in that same menu back on the home screen there are a few more minor visual changes for

Example when you pull down on the notification panel or pull up on the app drawer the wallpapers start to zoom in and slightly fades to black I thought that was pretty neat and in the discovery panel the background is a bit

Transparent to let you see your wallpaper until you start to scroll when you jump into the recent or a multi testing screen you'll no longer have that dock filled with AB suggestions on the bottom so you can swipe up to open a

Full app drawer instead the panels are a lot bigger now and you have three extra buttons at the bottom the first is screen shot which is self-explanatory it takes a screenshot of the app you're previewing the rightmost share button

Takes a screenshot and shares it the select button in the middle is used to copy text from an app preview in my opinion it's extremely useful especially when you're trying to copy stuff from an app that doesn't support copy and paste

Another really useful change is the power menu google has redesigned it almost completely as a hub for smart home animation controls and quick access to some of your credit cards from google

Pay you'll also still get your normal power options up at the top the credit cards have been added to Andrew 10 already and you can scroll left or right on them to switch between them as for the home controls any smart lightbulbs

Will be shown as a slider you can also tap on them to turn the lights on or off you can long press any button and it will bring up a more defined menu with more controls sort of like a slice from the Google home app itself for example I

Can quickly change the colors of my hue lights or I can see the live camera feed or speak through my nest security camera honestly I think this is a very creative change the power menu has been the same empty pretty boring spot for years even

Though it's really easy to access now it's 10 times more useful props to Google for thinking outside the box another awesome feature that I've wanted Google to implement natively into the Ender soccer for the longest is a screen

Recorder and at last they've finally done it it can be enabled three quick setting tile called screen record and using it is pretty straightforward you just tap on it and the menu will pop up asking if you'd like to also record your

Voice with the microphone and show touches on the screen once you hit start a three second countdown will begin in the status bar and then your screen will be captured at around 60 frames per second with a little bit rate when you

Want to stop the recording you just have the big red notification pretty straightforward and nicely implemented however the footage does look a bit glitchy after doing some fast action scrolling due to the low bitrate

Hopefully in the final release they can increase the bitrate or at least give us a setting to control it and include the option to record consistently and 90 Hertz while we're on the topic of screen capturing the animation has changed when

You take a screenshot and you also get a fast and easy way to edit or share it plus you no longer receive a notification when you take a screenshot which is fantastic I've always found that to be quite annoying but there is a

Rumor going around that expandable or scrolling screenshots for native Android could be coming to Google promised we'd get the feature in Android R and XE developers managed to manually uncover a button that says extend in the

Screenshot menu though they weren't able to get it working yet and it's not an Android update unless Google modifies the notification panel this time to increase the padding between notification sections giving bigger gaps

Between each label personally think the padding is a bit too big but it does help keep everything organized plus when you receive something like a text message then notification will appear at the top in

Its own section called conversations separate from all your other notifications you can also set individual conversations as a priority to always be displayed at the top be opened in a bubble sort of like Facebook

Messengers chat heads and the contacts icon to be in your status bar finally you can also see your notification history in detail by scrolling down to the bottom of the notification shade and selecting history from there you can

Toggle on use notification history and now every time you dismiss a notification it will appear on this page that way you can track down stuff if you accidentally swipe them away or get a better idea about which apps are

Bothering you more than they should Google also deep end rule 11 a new set of media controls it's an optional setting for now that you have to manually enable but it gives you a squished up set of controls together

With the quick setting controls at the top of your notification tray and fully expanded controls right at the top of the expanded quick settings shade instead of having them just sort of floating around with your other

Notifications you can't seem pretty weird at first but what I do like about the new feature is that you can have multiple media players for more than one app and you can quickly swipe between them in the expanded view if you want to

Get rid of the control so you can long press it and select close this media session swipe left on the notification which doesn't always work or just stop the app there's also a new button on the top right of each media player tapping

It will bring up a menu filled with all of your Bluetooth devices just like the switch output feature found within Android 10 you can change where your sound is outputted to and you can control the volume of individual

Connected devices to enable this feature on beta 1 you need to hop into the system settings head to the developer options menu and enable a toggle for a new media resumption setting flip that switch restart and you're good to go by

The way if you're not sure how to enable the developer options you just need to go to a bow phone tap the build number several times until it says the developer options have been enabled go back to system advanced and there it is

Developer options do not disturb mode got a drastic change as with every Android update I'm not sure why Google is never satisfied with its Kern layout but once again every menu has been shifted around the room new

Features however include app exceptions which allows specific apps to push notifications even when do not disturb mode is enabled this is beautiful because I tend to message most of my friends through snapchat or Instagram

And now I can actually know when they send a message at night when do not stare mode automatically gets enabled another new features that you can now allow only certain conversations to interrupt you this includes the

Notifications that you set as a priority before it was just allowing start contacts to interrupt you but now you can enable group chats to overwrite do not disturb mode as well as for permissions background location has

Gotten a lot stricter for example whenever an app requests to view your location you can select only this time whereas before it had the option to allow access all the time if you want to give it location access at all times you

Can still do so within the system settings and let's say you haven't used an app for a really long time I'm talking months without opening it if that app has been granted various permissions for anything

Those same permissions automatically get revoked after months of inactivity and you'll need to re-enable them again once you open up the app lastly if an app keeps requesting access to the same permission more than two times and you

Keep denying it each time and route 11 will automatically block you from asking again that's most of the bigger changes you'll find in Andrea 11 beta 1 however I did want to do a speedrun of a few minor changes and possible upcoming

Features let's start with the minor changes that are worth mentioning first off airplane mode no longer turns out bluetooth if you have a Bluetooth device connected it only turns it off when bluetooth is not being used apps can now

Trash files instead of Deline them meaning that these files can not be retained for up to 30 days that way Android apps can provide the option to restore the files if you accidentally threw them away for years Android has

Had a size cap of 4 gigabytes for video recordings and if you went past it the video recordings would be split into separate files it was fine at first but now with most phones having the ability to record up to 4k or even a key

Resolution 4 gigabytes can be used up in minutes with injured 11 beta 1 that size cap is gone however as of now the Google camera still doesn't support the change so you'll need to use a third-party app like open camera 2

Quartey single video file that is above four gigabytes in the developer options is a new feature that shows you the display refresh rate in the top left corner of the screen sort of like the fraps program so you'll know exactly

When the display is that 60 or 90 Hertz when connected to a Bluetooth device you can now see the supported audio codecs for your headphones in the developer options this is because the menu now disables all the options that aren't

Supported sound notifications can now be muted while you're recording videos in the default camera app you just have to give it do not disturb access and lastly Android 11 not fully supports wireless ADB and Ethernet tethering through an

Adapter now let's do a speed run of possible upcoming features so the first one is a possible feature called nearby sharing which could work like iOS is airdrop feature if we take a look at one of Google's developer oriented Android

11 video you can see this feature in the share menu it may just be a mock up or work completely differently because they don't even show how the feature works but there is still a chance that we'll see it in a future Android 11 release

The next upcoming feature is pretty much confirmed but it's on the developers to implement it it's a new API called block store which will supposedly make signing into your apps a lot easier when you get a new phone signing in to your apps will

Take a single tap so you won't even need to remember your passwords anymore however like I said it's up to developers to use it before it goes anywhere anyways that's a quick glance at most of

The features found within Android 11 so far I didn't review every little feature found within this huge update but I'll include a link in the description to an and replace article made by my friend ryan hagar where he updates a list

Continuously with any new features that are found or released if you'd like to obtain this update manually you can enroll in the Android beta program to obtain the update through the air however it's only available for Google

Pixels right now you'll still experience a few bugs if you update but it's not going to be detrimental if you have a 1 plus say or a pro you can also get your hands on android 11 but it won't be as feature packed and it's a lot more buggy

I wouldn't even recommend flashing it just yet but I'll still include the download link in the description I did review it however on my personal channel so click the I on the top right corner if you're interested in checking that

Out either way that's my review of Android 11 beta 1 if you enjoyed it make sure to drop a huge thumbs up also if you like this content and like to see similar videos like this in the future make sure to get subscribed

With the notification Bell turned on you're not going to want to miss out thank you guys for watching and I'll catch you guys in the next one peace

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