Ampleforth (AMPL) – Could $1,755 Make You A Millionaire… Realistically?

published on August 1, 2020

Boom shakalaka what is going on everybody randall here from crypto love today's episode we are going to be taking a look at could 1755 dollars of ample fourth make you a millionaire if you want to find out the shocking

Answer stay tuned what's up guys randall here today we are taking a look at the shocking answer could 1755 dollars of ample fourth make you a millionaire but before

We get into that guys guess what we just gave away five hundred dollars of bitcoin on patreon for just as well it could be five hundred dollars of ample fourth if

That's what you guys want on patreon so if you want to figure out how to do that go head over to crypto love no head over to patreoncom crypto love become a patron and enter to win the 500 bitcoin

Bi-weekly giveaway what's up to our elite patrons now this week this episode we are talking about ample force because guess what it is in the news

Now last week it was in the news for one reason right here because it was growing and everybody was following into it they were talking about it like so ridiculously like oh my god i

Need ample fourth right now i need to buy me more and before like right now i need it right freaking now but guess what if we go take a look at one of the best buy

Resources out there the seven day losers on coin gecko the number one seven day loser on coin gecko right now is ample force which means it's the number one buy indicator

Out there secret okay in case you guys didn't get it you don't fomo in when the price is at all-time highs when everybody else is buying you fumbling when there's blood on the

Streets when everybody else is scared out of their wits because the price has shot down for so long and nobody else cares about it yeah sure it's up a bit today but over the past seven days the price

Is shockingly down as a matter of fact it's the biggest loser for the past week is ample fourth now if we see what happened the price came down because the price went up so retardedly

High i mean it was crazy and the market cap went up way high and then it actually came way down to a point where maybe it could sustain itself right now the price is right

Around 94 cents it's supposed to be roughly around the dollar kind of close to where it was it was all the way up at four dollars even above

That close to four dollars at one point so absolutely crazy where the price was went down to 60 cents at some point but now close to a dollar which would indicate if this was

Something you were looking to get into now might be a good time to do it so let's just say this is a decent project i mean right now it's 40th on coin market cap let's say that it might continue moving

Forward because people talk about this project like it could be the next build bitcoin i mean this could be bitcoin this one it's not chain link anymore it's definitely not chain link anymore no chain link's gone chain link was two

Weeks ago okay it's not chain link and it's not uh compound because that was three weeks ago now and now it's apple fourth well not anymore

April fourth was last week i wonder what this week is gonna be i mean which one's it gonna be bitcoin this is this week right bitcoins this week well anyways apple fourth could be the new big one maybe it is

Who knows maybe it is the new bitcoin it's adaptive money built on sound economics what exactly does that mean well basically the number of ample you own changes each day you can never the

Number and can never be diluted by supply inflation sales diversification problem solves inelasticity problem has many use cases it's better than bitcoin and usd

And day it's better than everything else every solution is better than everything else that's out there and that's why everybody's got a fomo in at the absolute top or wait until it's the biggest loser

Ever and then that makes it a pretty decent time to fomo in i mean if you're gonna fomo in you might as well fomo in at the bottom because

When you've hit rock bottom there's really nowhere else to go but up that's just simple reversion to the mean whatever goes up comes down whatever goes down comes up it's gone

Down significantly likely to come back up just my thoughts not financial advice obviously do what you want now let's take a look at ample force back in november 2019 at all

Time lows 33 cents we can see if we take a look all the way down here 33 cents all right now july 2020 went up to all-time highs now this is a tricky one just for making

This chart i'm going to say this ahead of time so you don't have to waste all your comments even though you're going to comment because the market clap is not related to the price because they change the supply and

Blah blah blah i get it okay but this is just for illustrative purposes only i get it okay so all-time high market cap just recently of 602 million dollars all-time

High price a little bit before then 381 well anyways 115 x in terms of the price now had you have put 86 000 into ample forth back in november 2019 you have been a millionaire already why

Didn't you do that why didn't you see that coming what is wrong with you right who can predict this nobody knows what's going to happen okay the only reason that some youtubers

Can say this is going to go up and it goes up is because they have 20 000 fomores watching their videos who just buy that thing because they said to buy it that's the only reason

Why or because they can predict the future i mean it's one of the two it's clearly one of the two so then we have where we are right now where the price has already come back

Down by a lot market cap has dropped by half okay market cap is halved the price has quartered gone from 381 to 94 cents it actually went down to 60 cents now back up to 94 cents okay so let's

Take a look if you were to invest a thousand dollars today in amaforth right now 94 cents you would get about a little over a thousand you a thousand sixty-three ample fourth now here's the part where for these

Calculations we're going to lock in place the market cap and price let's say supply dilution does not happen because it won't work for this mathematics okay now let's say that ample fourth

Is one of these really good cryptocurrencies goes up into the top ten right now it's around 40 on coin market gap let's say it goes up into the top 10 becomes one of the big 10 of this bull run well if it does do that and

This bull run is as big as the bull run was back in 2017 it would have a market cap on average of 326 billion dollars which would be 105 times larger

Than its current market cap which would mean you would have 105 x gains from your investment of a thousand dollars or 105 000 501 dollar gains boom crazy now the price obviously

Wouldn't reflect that it's they changed supply and demand they changed the supply with the market cap in order to reflect a dollar price but that's what the price would be

If they didn't do that okay 98 dollars and 70 cents now here's where it gets pretty crazy let's say that ample fourth is like the next bitcoin maybe it's not bitcoin but it's like

The next ethereum okay let's say or the next chain link hole or the next cardano okay oh i know i just got full i just went from from what was that from six o'clock to midnight by saying

Cardano well ethereum last bull run went from 176 billion it went for 100 it went up to 176 billion dollars okay it's late i'm tired i've worked all day some

People have things to do around here i know um well what would happen is it would 569 x gains that's right if this came in number two not we're not

Talking bitcoin big we're talking ethereum big okay and just ethereum 2017 bull run not like ethereum 2021 bull run we're talking ethereum 2017 bull run guess what 569 x games this means your

One thousand dollar investment in ample fourth would get you 569 thousand five hundred and seventy nine dollars half a million dollars from a thousand dollars in apple forth

Okay if that doesn't get you a little bit chubby in the pants i don't know what will well how about this now everybody's searching for this like what's this what's the next bitcoin what's the

Trillion dollar crypto what's that going to be the one the first one with the trillion dollar market what if it's ample fourth can't prove that it's not i mean look at this website

It's got this block that turns into a blob and it's like blue and purple and it twists and it goes like it's adaptive money built on sound economics that's what everybody wants well let's suppose that this in fact

Is the trillion dollar cryptocurrency not financial advice not telling you what to do but suppose it is guess what that would be 3236 x what it is right now the market cap

Meaning that you would have 32 million dollars from your 1 000 investment does that not make you a little bit wet does for me so i mean that's exciting that's exciting there's a lot of possibility

And the reason i want to make this video is because of what happened in the past seven days now granted right now it's right around a dollar obviously the further under a dollar

When everybody else is screaming blood in the streets and they're all pissing and their pants and they're running and their thing is going to crash that's the best time to buy it not when

It's 94 cents but this is still much better time to buy it than when it's 5 you know so that's my thought on things because contrarian investing buy when there's blood on the streets

When everybody doesn't like it like thor chain kusama tara auger loopering compound all this stuff that people don't like right now now is the time to buy it it's not the time

To buy yearnfinance and edgware and all this other crap that everybody else is going nuts for right now it's just not the time so thanks for watching the video today guys like i said we're giving away free

Bitcoin if you don't believe me you could head on over to patreoncomcryptolove and you could go see you could check it out we've done it we actually have videos from our

Previous winners where they say hey randall gave us free bitcoin so you could check that out thanks for watching guys i do love you have a good one

Invest safely wear condoms when you invest alright have a good one peace

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