AMD’s BEST Budget CPU’s – Ryzen 3 3300x & 3100 Review

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

Hey what is up guys jack and matt here with the toaster bros and today we're going to be reviewing the new processors from amd we are very excited to bring you a review which is not something we normally do but

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Boom you have activated windows 10 and you no longer have to look at that horrible watermark in the bottom right corner so thanks again to gbg mall for sponsoring this video let's get right into the video shall we

Hey guys editing matt here i just finished editing the video you're about to see and want to add a couple of notes real quick one the benchmarks that we ran yes there is overclock ability support on the

Ryzen 3 3100 but we did not do any overclocking because we just won the show out of the box performance we will leave links to some other reviewers that we are good friends with and down below who actually did some

Overclocking results with the ryzen 3 3100 and do expect in our full pc build coming soon we will be overclocking the 3100 to get the maximum performance out of it secondly the first part of this review

Is talking about the future of am4 b550 and some updates that came alongside the launch of these cpus so if you want to skip through that totally understand feel free to skip to the part of the review but

Long story short very impressed with these processors and i think a lot of people are gonna be surprised with how good these things are for how cheap they are ambi's really killing it in the budget

Processor department but don't let me spoil it any longer let's get back to that review shall we so as many of you know am4 has been around for quite some time now 2016 to 2020 and it's going to keep going which

Is pretty awesome because this is one of the longest running sockets that we've seen in a long time from amd or really any other cpu manufacturer for that matter and it's also going to allow

Us for some really cool new features one of those new cool chip sets on the am4 platform is going to be b550 now yes this is primarily a review of the new ryzen 3 chips but as a part of this announcement

Amd is going to be releasing b550 motherboards now the main reason why i'd go b550 over b450 is mainly pci gen4 support we don't have our hands on a b550 board yet but you know we will probably have a

Pc build in the future using a b550 board so hit the subscribe button if you do want to check that out but generally it's going to be a pci gen 4 motherboard that's going to start around 100

Which is a little bit more than your average b450 board it'll be pretty interesting to check out once we get our hands on them so as you guys know we really love the b450 boards because well they're just

Such a good value and they support first second and third gen at the moment well that is gonna change a little bit we're gonna have to start loving the b550s because

The x570 and the b550 are the only ones confirmed to actually support third gen on up to fourth and whoever knows what generations after that and that is a good thing and a bad thing it does show that am4 is still going to

Be supported so if you built a brand new system right now using an x570 board you can know for sure the next cpu launch will be supported and if you do build a future b550 system it will be supported

So we have two new processors currently coming out they're actually going to be third gen architecture and as the ryzen 3100 and the ryzen 3300x they're both four core eight thread processors but there's one thing that makes them a

Little bit different than matt's going to talk about so on paper it might look like the main difference between the 3100x and the 3300x is the clock speed but actually there is an architectural difference

Between these two processors so the core configuration on the ryzen 3 3100 uses two active ccx's which basically has two cores and two threads per ccx which is an okay design but to make it

Way more efficient they put all four cores and eight threads on a single ccx die which will allow for in theory better performance and less latency when actually doing compute tasks so it's not

Just a core clock difference between the 3100 and 3300x there's actually an architectural difference between the two now does that translate to really big performance gains well we

Dive into the benchmarks here in a second you'll see that you know what it wasn't that significant of a difference but there is still a difference for why you should go for the 3300x especially if you're

Playing games that benefit from higher clock speed cpus so now that we've talked about the new things coming from amd with their new motherboards let's talk about the performance numbers for the 3100 in the

3300x now a couple things to keep in mind we decided to test these processors up against some other options from amd that we had on hand we used a 1700x to see if there is a significant gaming

Performance boost from an eight core 16 threaded cpu back in first gen compared to a third gen processor that only has four cores and eight threads to show the benefit of ipc

Improvement and then we decided to test it with the ryzen 3 3200g which is a quad core cpu which at the time recording this video is around the exact same price as something like the ryzen 3 3100

And we just wanted to see what kind of performance you get from getting third gen ryzen and those extra threads now if you want some more benchmarks we only ran a couple of tests so we can get through

Some numbers we're going to be doing builds for each one of these processors coming soon so be sure you're subscribed you want to check that video out but jackson's going to go ahead and go over the general

Consensus of what we saw in the results across all four processors that we tested we used the exact same hardware to keep results consistent so we have an xfx 5600xt over here really good card nice

Mid-range like 2060 level this is the asus crosstalk six hero motherboard a really kind of oddball x370 board but hey it actually worked for all these and then we had 16 gigs of pretty decent

Memory that was only at 29.33 because it wouldn't handle the xmp this board's kind of weird so we weren't able to quite get it up to the 3000 plus level but we still had a pretty respectable speed

And honestly with the results it is extremely impressive to see that the 3100 and the 3300 decks actually beat the 1700x so obviously it beat the 3200g as well most games we saw 10 to like 40 fps

Higher than we did over the 1700x which is literally insane i think this 8 core 16 thread processor that's still totally respectable we're seeing worse results than this little you know 100

30 100 and 129 300 x now some notes to mention about our testing methodology the main concept we went with was with call of duty modern warfare we are running on a mixture of high

Medium-ish settings that were optimized when you launched the game using the 5600 xt and those settings were locked throughout the benchmark run and we are using the

Bot mode for warzone which normally has slightly higher fps in the actual game so do keep that in mind but we did it for consistency's sake and it did show across the board that the 3300x and 3100 had

Higher fps numbers and the same thing goes for shadow of the tomb raider we actually ran that on highest settings which was more gpu bound in this situation but we still saw an increase of fps across

The board with the cpus and lastly with rainbow six siege we ran this on all low settings to make it more cpu bound so we can actually see these cpu stretch their legs and again we saw increased numbers

Across the board so all three situations gave this graphics card and the cpu configuration optimal chances to show well how good it is and overall it came out showing that the 3300x and 3100

Were really really good cpus for the money one thing that we would eventually like to do which maybe we'll get our hands on eventually is a 3400g because that is actually a four core eight thread apu

That is supposed to be kind of similar to these but we expect to see better performance out of these processors that are also a little bit cheaper we'd also like to test out the 1600 af because as you guys know it's basically

2600 which is should be a little bit better than the 1700x as far as gaming goes but we weren't able to do that for this test so we had to do some oddball uh processors but nonetheless

1700x was beat by these way cheaper processors so that just shows that amd has really stepped up their game and we're excited to see what the new 4th gen stuff has to offer once that

Stuff comes out so one last thing to note that we would actually love to see is as you guys know the reason the x570 and the b550s are going to support third fourth gen on up is because the

Bios rom can actually handle that size of storage while they beat 350s b450s and whatnot they already have first second and third gem which is awesome they fit all those on there but you can

Only fit so much in there to where they can't fit fourth gen on it so one thing that we would love to see and you know maybe amd can do something crazy like this is with the b450s stop supporting first

Gen after a certain amount of time to where if you want to go with the first in processor you just need to flash your bios back but then the future bios updates actually support 410 that would be

Awesome to see but that's also asking a lot so you know we'll see what the table brings but overall very impressed with these processors we're very excited to do dedicated builds on these

Very very soon one might be a good idea for an entry-level streaming pc because four cores and eight threads might not be too bad compared to something like that 600 af which is almost impossible to get right now

So do keep a lookout for those videos probably hitting your sub boxes very soon because you should be subscribed and also speaking of being subscribed don't forget to check us out on slash toasty bridge using this

Beautiful link right here and also toasty diy and toasty clips to see some really awesome other youtube videos that we do and don't forget to like comment and subscribe and we'll see you guys in the

Next one you

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