Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Roku Streaming Stick – Voice Remote, TV Controls, HD Streaming

by birtanpublished on August 25, 2020

Hey guys welcome back to the channel in this video I'll be reviewing and comparing the amazon firetv stick to the Roku streaming stick so we have right here the newest fire stick so this is the one with the updated remote comparing it to the Roku which is

Approximately the same cost of course there are many different Roku's out there so I chose the one that has very similar specs and runs for almost identical cost both of these are about 40 dollars I'll have links down in the

Description below so you can see the exact price but honestly these are both great devices but they do very different things so they have very different interfaces very different interactions with other components so if you have a

Smart home and you want to integrate them you want to know which of these to get based on what you have what you're trying to watch and other factors like that so with that being said let's jump into this video

so starting off with what these products can do if you are looking to take a TV and make it into a smart TV or as I said before if you want to have a projector into a smart TV or even a smart TV and

Just make it smarter and integrate better with your smart home or whatever system you might have it makes sense to buy one of these $40.00 devices and then you can get some free TV apps like to be or whatever let's look at the actual

Devices themselves and I'll sort of give you a mechanical tour here as you can go around so right here you'll see the Amazon fire stick is slightly larger than the Roku so the Amazon fire stick it doesn't really matter in my opinion

That it's larger but you'll see that it is a black plastic case with an HDMI sticking out the side basically the same as the Roku and then on the bottom you have your power supply they both take a microUSB as you see right here and you

Can just plug that into the wall they'll both give you a little charging block to put that in or some TVs you can actually plug it into the TV itself if the TV has a USB and that doesn't always work but it may work I recommend trying it if it

Does that's just fewer wires dangling off of your TV so then the Roku streaming stick here you'll see is also just a simple little black rectangle and I should point out that both of these come with an HDMI extender if you want

That now the Roku you do have to send in a request for it they don't just send it in every single box but essentially that's in case you have a weird angle on your TV you plug this in and have a dangle and then you know that'll be just

A quick little adapter there for you so as you go around the Roku stick right here you'll see it does have a little LED just a nice indicator light to sort of have some communication with your Roku if you're troubleshooting or trying

To connect and set it up on the back you'll see values where you plug in the microUSB so a different location I don't really see that as a big deal and then on the top you'll see there is a reset button

I do like having the mechanical reset button on this so next let's get into the remotes and this is where you really start to see a difference between these products that can really help you decide on which one you want to get so starting

Off with the Roku remote you'll see on the front there's a power button on the top and then on the side there's actually a volume up and a volume down now those three buttons will be used to control your television which is very

Convenient so you no longer need that second remote for your actual television that does nothing you know you don't want to have our remote just to turn the volume up and down and just to turn the power on if you're

Using you know a smart TV device like a Roku so great feature on there and then you'll see you have a home button and a back button that's very self-explanatory you have the typical little plus sign right there you go up down left right

And okay very obvious how to use that then you have a microphone button below that the microphone button is very nice so you can actually you know we all hate the keyboard when it pops up on the screen and you just have to go up and

Left and right and try to find all the letters it's really annoying to do that so what they have is the voice search right here you just tap the remote you talk to your controller or your remote and you just tell it whatever you want

To search for and it does it very easily then you have a couple other buttons that are play pause and whatever and then on the bottom you have four little you know hotkeys sort of where it'll take you to apps that they think are the

Most used so you'll see Netflix you see who we have sling and then actually Voodoo's a big one because Vudu is one that's not available on Amazon next talking about the Amazon fire TV remote this one in my opinion looks way better

For a lot of reasons it's not as colorful it's a much you know shinier and sleek much more like a typical little subtle remote sitting around it has a cool ring right there I I do like the ring it kind of looks like an old

IPod it doesn't do like the iPod you know album flow thing I think I said that before but it is still a nice way it's an up-down left-right that's how you use the circle and then the middle is actually the okay button so very

Similar to the Roku remote although it is just a little bit more aesthetic on this you also here again you have the power button you also have volume up volume down and a mute button and all four of those buttons will be

Controlling your television so that's just another great way to like just like the Roku remote you can control your TV with this one and this is something that was relatively new for the Amazon fire TV stick so the difference here is the

Mute key the mute button I do like having that over the Roku because a lot of times if there are commercials so if you're watching like Hulu or something it's nice to just hit the mute button then of course you also have the

Microphone on the top now just like the Roku you can search with voice on here and later on I'll actually show you how to use the app for both of these if you want to have a full keyboard instead so having voice on here is actually more

Advanced than having it on a Roku however because this is Amazon Alexa so this is how you integrate with your Amazon Alexa or your echos or whatever your home system might be and that's one of the really big pluses

Of having an amazon firetv stick so this was one that I used as one of my first entries to having a smart home it's a great way to have a LexA where you know it's not just a way to search on your TV but you can have it do many other things

You can ask about the weather you can ask about traffic you can ask about you know whatever you can ask Alexa it will be enabled on this device right here so now you can tell these are both fairly different devices but where you can

Really start to tell how different they actually are is in the next three things I'll talk about and those are the ecosystem in the app and in the interface so of those three let's start off by going into the interface hey guys

Just a quick little aside here if this is your first time on my channel and you haven't subscribed yet but you're interested in the newest tech please consider going down and clicking the subscribe button and the Bell icon so

You can see more videos like this one okay so here we are on the amazon firetv and what you might notice is that it's a little bit noisy so when you go down and look through this interface you can just go down through each little kind of

Banner ish and then they'll have different apps that you can use now some of the apps are a little bit limited now they just kind of started integrating some better Google stuff so right here that actual YouTube app that's a

Relatively new thing you do have adds a lot of the ads or for Amazon you know Amazon type stuff so Prime exclusives if it's prime day that's gonna be showing up here but a lot of this stuff is like I said it's gonna be Amazon stuff so if

You have Amazon Prime you know if you're watching Amazon Prime originals they promote those very heavily and they integrate really well with this so so if you have Amazon Prime and if you really like the Amazon content it's going to be

Nice to be using this because you can search for music and movies and TV very very easily and very seamlessly using alexa with this now also if you have an echo in your house it makes sense that you might want to be using this so you

Can just talk to your Amazon echo and control your TV you know very easily without even needing this remote so besides just going through all this if we go back up to the top what you'll see is they also split into like the live

Content so if you have right there so if you have like Philo or sling or any of those other apps the live content is grouped together and then you can go over to your videos you can have movies TV shows once you get over to settings

You'll notice that it can be a little bit limiting so while you can have some basic stuff to control your network and things like that once you get over two controllers and Bluetooth you know I tried connecting Bluetooth

Earbuds to this and it didn't really work that well it was hard to control volume and it was a little bit buggy so not perfect but I expect that something that will be improved you know probably with a couple updates so I wouldn't say

That maybe by the time you're watching this video that might are to be that might are to be fixed so as you go over there's really not a whole lot to do here you're not gonna be changing the background really easily not gonna have

Any good slideshows it's gonna be relatively boring in settings so overall I would say that the interface is nice as you go across the top for your movies your TV shows the live content but the home interface seems the home screen

Looks a little bit too noisy for my liking what's the weather in Miami Florida so as you can see right here I was able to use a Lex on here and it'll bring up the weather it can do so much more than that

So having a Lex on here as I'll talk about in a second is something that really makes this stand out from a lot of other products just being able to have that smart capability that Roku kind of lacks so next jumping over to

The Roku interface as you'll see here it seems to be a lot cleaner or at least it is in my opinion it's a little bit old-fashioned looking but you can change the backgrounds which is very nice you can also go down and change the screen

Saver and there's a lot of different screen savers to choose from you can add you know tons of different apps to this but from home you'll see right there those are all your different apps or they call them channels it's essentially

Going to be apps you can you know download netflix on this you can have Vudu you can have ESPN you know tons of different ones and you can choose basically anything you want to watch is going to be on roku and that's something

That I really like about Roku is generally they are brand new Trull in a lot of ways so while there is a roku channel yes that's true but overall they're not going to be siding with one or as opposed to another so on amazon

Obviously you saw a lot of the content that gets promoted is amazon content so because roku doesn't really have their own content out there they're not biased towards one or another and you have you know no conflicts they play really

Nicely with everyone and also on top of that search seems to be something that is very nice with the roku and i'll show you that in just one second but going down the side these are this is your main menu here so from home you can go

Down to featured free and that's going to be just any free content that's out there which is really nice if you're trying to watch you know you know some kind of live TV some to be or something like that

There's my feed search streaming channels and settings very straightforward so I think this would be a good time to show you the Roku app as well and so when you open up the app you'll see there's a couple things on

The bottom the first one is the roku channel and it's nice because even if you're not connected to your Roku you can watch the movies right on your phone otherwise you can just you know select any movie that's free on here so mrs.

Doubtfire right there you can select that and play it it'll be playing on your Roku so on your TV wherever that is so as we go over you'll see channels it's the next thing this is great so if something's playing on your Roku and you

Just want to open up a different channel without going back to the home page or anything like that you can just go and select it right here it'll open it up really quickly and then you have the remote right on your phone which is

Really cool so it's sort of a mirroring your actual remote right there and you can control it with your phone really cool and at the bottom you also have a keyboard so you can pop up that keyboard and you can type so much faster than you

Otherwise would by going up down left and right so on top of that you also have voice search and I want to show you search as well so let's just try out voice search right now the sandlot so once you find the movie you can actually

Go and right here and you'll say start watching from subscription which really means free if you have that subscription so when you go over the list them out by price so at the first it says you know if you have that subscription it's free

Obviously because you have the subscription otherwise you could subscribe and then as you go down it has different sources with different prices so $2.99 and then 399 so you're gonna be saving money using this you can find it

On whatever you know instead of going to Netflix and searching for it then going to Amazon and searching for it you just search once and it'll find you know what platforms have it and collect it all together right there for you another

Cool thing about the app you have the keyboard on the bottom as I kind of mentioned before which is great for typing and then you also have the headphones right there a little headphone icon and that's for private

Listening so if I'm watching a movie on TV and maybe my roommates are home and I don't want to be bothering them if they're studying or doing whatever they're doing you can just do that plug your headphones into your phone and then

It'll be streaming the audio through your headphone you know to your phone and your headphones while the TV showing the actual movie really cool way to watch without distracting people and not having to watch on your phone so guys

Showing you the Amazon app right here this is way less exciting than the other app because it's literally just going to be acting as a remote so you can swipe up down left write whatever you can have a keyboard

In the top right and that's basically all you're gonna be doing with this there's nothing that exciting about using that app and for that reason I don't really get that excited it's like if you lost your remote you can use your

Phone and that's basically it lastly the ecosystems if you are involved with the Amazon ecosystem at all if you have Amazon Prime if you have you know Amazon Alexa and with any devices so like an echo or a Kindle then

It might be easier to go with the fire TV stick because it integrates so nicely if you have an echo you can just talk to that and it'll be controlling your TV where the Roku doesn't really integrate nearly as nicely with any smart home

Systems it's really gonna be just a smart it's gonna be a smart TV for you but it's not going to be like you can't be doing any voice searches on here for the weather so which device is actually better for

Which person so I think if you have any kind of Amazon products if you have Amazon Prime maybe you found an echo at your home it makes sense to really go with the amazon firetv stick I also really like how it sort of is an

Introductory to a smart home if you don't have any smart devices having Alec's on here is a really cool feature if you're somebody who likes to rent a lot of movies so if you're you know like me I like to watch whatever is on

Whatever whatever I have on my subscriptions I don't want to pay extra money so that's why Amazon seems to be better for me but if you are somebody who wants a specific movie and you're willing to rent it for a couple dollars

On a weekend it makes sense to go with the Roku so you can search and find the best source for that and save yourself a couple dollars find the best movie to watch without the hassle of digging through all the different apps on top of

That I think that if you want to watch Vudu or if you really like having you know YouTube TV it makes sense to go with the Roku where so basically either one would be good but if you're just looking for anything simple and you have

No brand affiliation whatsoever go with the Roku it's gonna save you a little bit more time if you're somebody that thinks you know hey Amazon Alexa is pretty cool I like it and maybe I'm considering getting an echo go ahead and

Go with the fire stick right here it's a great introductory and the Amazon ecosystem is really powerful once you're involved with it so guys that's all I have to show you between these two different devices so which one

Is actually best for you comment down below which one you like and why I want to hear from you guys thank you all for watching I'll see you next time

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