Amazon Fire HD 6 vs HD 7: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on April 8, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the Detroit Board with a look at Amazon's Fire HD 6 and HD 7 tablets these are their cheapest tablets available they retail for $100 or 139 for the 7 inch version so $40 more get to a 7 inch tablet but basically both of these tablets are the same as just the HD 7 has the larger display and dual stereo speakers for $40 more now I have to keep in mind the pricing structure here because these come standard with 8 gigs of storage 16 gigs is another $20 now if you want the cheapest version which is $99 and 139 dollars you're going to get the version with ads you can buy a version without

The sponsored screen savers if you prefer for $15 more now in terms of specs both tablets have an LCD IPS display with a resolution of 1280 by 800 so that means the AC 6 has a higher pixel density at 252 versus the HD sevens 216 PPI both tablets are powered by a mediatek processor which is a quad core which combines two dual cores a dual core clocked at 1.5 gigahertz another one clocked at 1.2 gigahertz the combination provides better efficiency and battery performance both tablets have a 2 megapixel rear facing camera good for 1080p HD video with high

Dynamic range fellows and panoramas the front-facing camera is just a VGA camera so not very good now both tablets are equipped with Doby digital plus for audio processing that sounds better over the headphones than the internal speakers now both tablets lack the dual MIMO Wi-Fi antennas from the other tablet and the best they can do is 802 11 and no AC here alright so let's go ahead and unbox them one at a time here so we're just going to slide our packaging and again that black and orange theme that goes with Amazon's tablets so we're going to go ahead and

Peel this tab here to open it up alright so let's go ahead and lift the lid here and there is our tablet as you can see the white bezel stands out right away you can see up here Fire HD 6 we have a little package containing our accessories let me go ahead get the tablet out here it is quite chunky especially when you see in this white color really stands out just how chunky and thick this thing is so we're going to set that aside for just a moment here so you can see it quick literature here and explain some of the basic features buttons and that sort of thing and we

Also have our USB cable the standard USB cable came included here and inside we should find our power after here this is a 5 watt portable collapsible travel charger which is really nice here alright let's get back to the tablet here we have to peel off this plastic envelope and slide it right out so there we go a nice hard plastic on the back it's not terribly grippy but it feels pretty durable on the front again you have that six inch display which is quite small for tablets today let's go ahead and boot this up so we can take a close look around now you can

See right away that this display doesn't have a lot of anti reflective properties here again that's pretty normal for budget tablets so you will get a lot of glare and reflection when using this one now before we take a closer look at this one let's go ahead and get the hd7 out of its box as well so same packaging here to slide it out it will attempt here to pull to pull open just pop the lid and there it is again just a skilled up version of the HD six you can see here ec seven branding on the lid here let's go ahead and lift it up again really thick chunky tablet here really

Stands out with this white version let's go ahead and peel off the plastic here because the accessories are identical to the HD six to slide it right out and there we go so again we have our accessory packet in here so we have our USB wall adapter and we've already seen that so there we go side by side the EC six in HD 7 let's go ahead and get the EC seven powered on as well now let's quickly get through the setup process here so you know what you're in for when you buy one of these so I'm going to select my language here then join my wireless network guy plenty of the pic

From here and log in with my account next thing I need to do is log in with my Amazon account we can also enable backup so this will backup our settings email accounts wireless configurations notes bookmarks search history and more to the Amazon Cloud so you can restore later so we're going to say yes to that next up you can connect to your social networks like Facebook or Twitter or you can connect or create a Goodreads account next up we get this low to toriel explaining how to use our tablet which I'll explore in this video so there we go we're all set to start using

Our tablet for the first time and I can see right away that's already synced my content from my previous Kindles next up I just need to do the same process on the east e6 so we're going to go ahead and skip through that now the first order of business is to update to the latest software which will happen automatically in fact it sees it right now I'm going to go ahead and tap on it and install it now if it doesn't happen automatically you can go to settings from the drop-down shade go to your nice options and you'll see system updates right here alright we're all set

To go so we can start taking a close look at the hardware here now there are some differences just beyond the size now if you look at the top here you can see that we have a headphone jack a microphone along with a USB port which is right next to the power sleep/wake button which is kind of a strange location usually it's expect that to be toward the bottom along the left-hand side you'll find your volume rocker which is the same size and location on both devices and on the back you'll see that we have our 2 megapixel camera rear facing camera which is good for 1080p HD

Videos not a remarkable camera but of course we'll throw some samples up later in this video and of course on the back we have our Amazon branding the boss in the hard plastic now you'll see the big visual difference here which are these zero speakers on the HT 7 which is kind of a nice value add versus the mono speaker on the HD 6 toward the bottom on the front you'll find that typical budget tablet VGA front-facing camera so really not a great camera here now as you can see there is a significant size difference between the 6 inch and 7 inch and that's thanks partly to the fact

That the HD 7 has a much larger bezel along the side than the HD 6 the AC 6 is more of a pocketable tablet which makes it a better eReader so if that's a major consideration for you you may want to look at the HD 6 but otherwise for media and gaming you may prefer the larger HD 7 now both tablets are about the same thickness although the HD 6 is just slightly by a hair thicker than the HD 7 alright so it's going to take a look at our interface so once again this is the ad supported Fire HD so you do see ads on the lockscreen they call this a screen saver and for $15 you can get rid

Of these if you want but once you unlock your tablet takes you right to the home screen of where you last left off here not every time you lock or unlock the device you'll get a different screen saver here so you can swipe through your carousel basically these are all ordered by what you last accessed here you can swipe up to see all the apps you favorite it now you do get a slightly different view here when you're in landscape versus portrait orientation so when you're in portrait orientation you actually get these little shortcuts that appear under the apps sometimes these

Shortcuts are just recommendations for additional apps so for example if I go to this app you see additional apps that are related to this app but if you go to something like the photo gallery here actually thumbnails that take you quickly to your last images same with email here with email you get shortcuts to your calendar as well as creating a new email of message or I'm actually not sure what that is must take you to the context or something there you go yeah contacts as VIP which I haven't set yet but again when you access an app it takes it right

To the front of that carousel now if you want to remove this from the carousel just tap and hold on it you get to some controls up here so you can remove it or that sort of thing alright so let's get back to the landscape orientation here let's jump down here to our favorites now you can match what appears here just by tapping and holding on them and so you get some options here so you can remove it from your favorite list or you can even folder them just by dragging and dropping them over another item so for example if I want to drag and drop this

Over I can create a new app folder here and I can also name it if I want so I can name this as social with the on-screen keyboard now the great thing about this carousel idea is that you no longer need a recent apps launcher they're always here on the home screen you just swipe up here to get to your app so I think it's kind of a neat interface now you can see at the top of the screen we have shortcuts to all our major features such as shopping games apps books music video the newsstand for periodicals audiobooks the web browser photos Docs and offers offers are just

The ads that appear through your device on the lock screen and that sort of thing now we also have search up here this search is universal so I can just start searching things like a Seuss unless you what happens when I search of Seuss so you can see that we can search the web for a su so we can scroll up here to see shop Amazon for a Seuss you can see my stuff and there's nothing there so again it's just a universal search and works pretty well now if you look in the upper right corner you'll see your time battery status and your Wi-Fi status in the upper left you'll

See your notification bar here it just tells you how many notifications you have pending as well as the name of your device now I can swipe down here to see all of your notifications and again this is based on Android so the behavior is very similar in fact you have expandable notifications like soap you can also swipe to dismiss them or you can clear them all just by hitting clear all you also have a widget up here for media playback so if you're playing audio in the background this is where you go to control it so for example I can play it posit that sort of thing or I can close

The app entirely we also have these quick settings up here for rotation lock or brightness slider so this does not have adaptive brightness because there is no ambient light sensor we have wireless controls which just takes us to our wireless control panel under settings again we can swipe down to get back to our control panel here we have quiet time which is a Do Not Disturb feature so if you're reading the book and you don't want to be disturbed by notifications you can enable that quickly from the drop down shade of course you also have

Help which takes you to the help area of the talent and of course I was on this great about support so you'll get a lot of support options there under settings you'll find your entire control panel which I'll take a look at a bit later now I time you navigate away from the home screen you get to these Android buttons so you have back home as well as search list allows you to jump quickly to search anywhere on the platform which is kind of nice to have so under shop we have quick access to the Amazon store for physical products as well as fire accessories and then you have the

Digital products as well in under games this is where you can download game apps as well as accessing apps you've already purchased on your account now another feature here is the sidebar from the left side here so you can bring this out just by swiping in from the edge or tapping this little icon in the upper left corner this is system-wide you'll see this throughout the app so you can jump to your library of games or you can start shopping for games in the game store so if you go here you'll see the game store now something you'll see frequently here is the difference

Between what's on your device versus what's on your cloud so you can see I have all these games previously purchased on my account but I haven't loaded them on my device yet so for example if I want to add Angry Birds here it will start downloading it and then it will start appearing on my device so I can quickly access it so this is one way of managing storage space because you don't have a lot here you can delete or uninstall games at will and easily accessible here from within the apps now under apps this is where we can see all the apps that are

Installed on our device versus what's available in the cloud now when you go to the cloud that shows you exactly which apps have been installed with this checkmark and those that have not been installed and you can tap on them if you want to install them on your device right now now if you go back to the device here you get to some other control options here just by swiping in from the left so you can see we have something called collections so this allows us to create additional folders as I called it earlier but it's the same story here so you can create a new

Folder here for games or whatever and you can add new items to it so let's click Next and then you can select any app that qualifies here and I don't think a lot of games here but let's just throw something in here for the fun of it like NFL now click Add and you're good now you can't modify the apps that appear on your home screen here so for example if I want to remove this item I just select it and I can go up to remove so I can remove from favorites which is this area from the device or from the cloud let me just remove it from favorites here so

Now it's gone so now I can go basically to my app drawer to get access to that app so I can riad it to my favorites if I want so again just happen hold on it go ahead and add it back to home and you're good to go we also have our books of course this is a pretty nice EE reader to have around 6 again you can see what's on the device versus what's on the cloud here so if I want to open up any one of these books on a call just tap on it downloads it for you and it will appear on your device so let's go and take a look at one of the books here picks up where we

Last left off on another device here so everything stays nice and synced here to advance a page you can swipe left or right or you can tap the right edge or left edge to advance or reverse the page here if you tap toward the center brings up our toolbar such as back home and search man again you can also see your controls up here for things like your font sizes the background color the line spacing as well as margins and brightness as well now this also gives you some opportunity to adjust the display if you find the backlighting of an LCD panel to be just too fatiguing on

The eyes so if you want something that's a little easier to read you can select it from here as well we also have x-ray which breaks down the book by certain notable clips people terms and images so for example if we look at our people selection here you can see where Steven Wozniak appears in this book as you can see appears many times you get this little scrub right here that allows you to scrub to specific parts of the book to see where his name appears and the passage from that page now if you highlight a specific word here you get to some options here so you can see the

Dictionary definition you can swipe to see the Wikipedia entry and the translation as well now if you select a specific term here such as iCloud this prioritizes the Wikipedia entry instead of the dictionary definition or translation because there are none now if you look up a specific name like jobs instead it brings up the x-ray of course you can also swipe to dictionary Wikipedia and translation now if you swipe in from the left edge you can search the book for specific terms or names manually as well and then of course we have our table of contents

With all the chapter break which we can quickly jump to just by tapping on them another neat feature with that audiobook is then they can actually read along in the book with you so you start playing the audiobook it's actually starts reading the text on the screen jumps right to that point on the audiobook under music this is where we can find music we can purchase through Amazon's store so of course you can see what's available on your device versus what's on your store of course everything is broken down by artists and that sort of

Thing so you can see what's on the device you can see right now I have nothing on the device versus what's on the cloud so this is all music I previously purchased on the cloud or I've uploaded to the cloud and of course you can upload your entire musical library from your computer to the cloud if you want and have access to it on your device but what I think is most interesting here is that if you're a Prime customer you have some nice services here so you have prime music so this allows you to listen to music without paying for it just comes with

Your Prime subscription other users who do not have probably have to buy these tracks here and of course you can add them to your playlist they also have curated playlists here so if these prime playlists so they've already put together some music tracks that fit a specific category so you have pop music here and if you just want to play this playlist just click play and of course you can also download these tracks if you want because they're part of a prime experience you also have these radios or prime stations which again is a curated station so I have to do is tap on it and

It starts playing these these tracks for you now if you're playing the track here you get this little controller down here and of course you can add it to your Prime song list under videos this is where we'll see things like our watch list so these are things we've added to our watch list either movies or TV shows you also see your video library so any purchases you've made with your Amazon account will appear here either movies or TV shows you can also see Prime instant video so these are videos that are available to prime customers free of charge so you can just start streaming

Some of these shows such as transparent which is an amazon production is an Amazon exclusive series or you can just jump to movies that you can rent or purchase so for example if you want to watch fury here that's $4.99 to rent or $17.99 to purchase we also have the newsstand this is where we can take a look at all of our periodicals so we can see what's on the device versus what's available on the cloud so we can tap on this item to bring it up and as you can see here we have a pretty nice interface for magazines it's a pretty colorful experience here's basically like

Navigating the actual magazine here he even pinch in and out to zoom in on the articles you can also see things like text view so you just want to see the text optimized for the size of the screen you can as well now we can also subscribe to additional magazines here and there broken down for us into categories so for example if we go to automotive here so here we our current driver you can see you can try it free for 30 days but it will automatically renew here but you can buy an issue for $4.99 or buy an annual subscription for $19.99 we also have our audiobooks here

So I have only one Steve Jobs you can see what's on the cloud versus what's on the device and I can purchase more from the store here but a really nice feature here is immersion reading which this audiobook supports which basically means the audiobook follows along with the print book now if you want to activate the immersion reading just swipe in from the edge here and switch to immersion reading and it jumps to the exact page you are in the audiobook now under Doc's this is where you can load PDFs Word docs and that sort of thing on your device here so you can do the number of

Ways you can load it to the cloud drive you can download clips from the web you can transfer them from a USB or that sort of thing or you can just email yourself the document with the provided email address here but one of the neat things here is that you can actually create documents from here as well so you can create a word doc excel doc or PowerPoint doc here so for example you bring up the word editor here so you have a full spreadsheet editor to create new documents we also have the web which is basically a shortcut to the silk browser this is Amazon silk browser

Which preloads websites on Amazon server and to speed up performance at our end so for example we're taking a look at an article here we have this reading view which strips out all the graphics the headers and that sort of thing and optimizes the text for these sides the screen works works pretty well here you can just exit this out to get rid of it of course we have tab browsing all the standard stuff we expect we have a universal search bar you can swipe in from the left edge to get to additional controls such as most visited bookmarks so we can add bookmarks we can add stuff

To our reading list we can see our downloads history and that sort of thing we have additional controls here such as print page sharing add bookmarks save to the reading list find in the page so you can search the page for specific terms request another view such as desktop or mobile view or you can exit the full screen mode here now if you go to print page you can see that it automatically finds my my printer is on the network so it works pretty seamlessly we also have our photos here so we have quick access to our camera so we can jump to our camera

If we want we'll talk about the camera in just a bit here we also have our videos so you can see videos that have been uploaded or recorded on the device you can see everything that's on our camera right now that's nothing and you can see everything that's on the cloud drive broken down by the camera roll and all photos now I've actually downloaded all or uploaded all these photos to my Amazon account using Amazon's app on my iPhone and it works pretty seamlessly now in terms of core apps like email contacts and calendar a nice do sync to your existing Gmail exchange

IMAP accounts and that sort of thing all I have to do is go to settings and add your available accounts here so you can see I've already added two accounts my Gmail and my IMAP account and I can go up to here to add accounts I have to do is start typing in my email address in omega identifies the service and gives you controls for managing your contacts and calendars from the settings as well now in terms of the email app is pretty familiar stuff you can swipe to delete things or move them you can also swipe in from the edge here to get to additional controls and

Inboxes this also gives me an opportunity to explore the keyboard here which does include swipe you can't split the keyboard if you want here just by tapping the holding on this and releasing it so you have a thumb reachable keyboard and you can also undo it just by doing that so let's just quickly try this swipe keyboard and it works pretty well as you can see you get word completion as well we also have a voice keyboard here this is a test of the voice keyboard period the calendar is also pretty basic here again it syncs to whatever account you're using in my

Case it's Gmail and you can see gives you a list view gave you week view or month view taking a quick look at the camera app we do have tap to focus so we do have all the focusing on this two megapixel camera we also have HDR here in fact it's recommending HDR in the scenario if you want to HDR you can turn it on right here if you want now you can record video pretty easily here and you do have tap to focus while recording video there is not continuous on the focusing you can stamp photograph while recording video and you can stop it I'll terms of picture quality is

Definitely better than I expected although with two megapixels you don't quite get the sharpness you'd like to see on the modern camera but it does a much better job especially in post-processing than I expected pretty good color reproduction pretty good exposure and it takes photographs really quickly and also focuses fairly quickly 1080p HD video is also pretty good on this device better than I expected with good exposure and color reproduction there is no stabilization here so it's hard to get really smooth results but it does a pretty decent job

And unlike a lot of inexpensive cameras or more expensive cameras the exposure compensation is really gradual so it doesn't jump around when you move around on the scene but perhaps the biggest issue with this camera is audio quality simply really poor what's up guys mic EDD toward Bork testing out the front facing camera on the hd7 again this is VGA which is pretty low-end but of course this is a budget tablet so some corners have to be cut and this is one of them now let's take a look at our Settings panel there's a lot to take a look at here hopefully I'll be really

Quick so we have my account this is where you can deregister your device if you want you can also manage your social networks here as well so again you're limited to Facebook Twitter and Goodreads we also have help and this device does lack the made a feature but you still have good support here with good user guides phone and email contacts as well as tutorials on how to use your device you do have multiple profiles here which is particularly interesting to a lot of users here so you can add an adult profile or a child profile here so if you want to hand this

Over to a child you can create a specific profile for them that's built into Android we also have Wireless and VPN settings this is where you manage that so we do have Bluetooth you can add a Bluetooth keyboard if you want and set up VPNs you also have your device options under device options this is where you can turn on the battery status indicator which is on by default you can see your available system updates you can change the name of your tablet so I've changed it to Michael's Fire HD 7 you also have finder tab which allows you to remotely

Locate your fire tablet as well so you can turn that on if you want you can also backup and restore your device to the Amazon Cloud in fact you can backup now if you want now I'll say if your date time settings and you can manage that manually or just use the automatic settings we also have our storage and you can see I only have about two gigs left I have not downloaded a lot I haven't downloaded much music or videos I haven't taken a lot of photos or videos so you can see there's not a lot to work with so you do have to manage this pretty carefully so if you want to

Download large gaming apps you may run out of space so please consider the 16 gig model over the 8 gig under power management we have something called smart suspend which is on by default but basically this increases back life by turning off wireless connectivity when you aren't using your fire so in the background you won't receive push notifications when the device is inactive but soon as you turn on it reconnects to lifeline if you prefer you can select manual mode for Wi-Fi suspend and you can select specific times of day you also have your

Keyboard options there's a lot to take a look at here such as all the correct on low capitalisation check spelling trace typing which is that a swipe like keyboard I demonstrated next word prediction and that sort of thing as well as a split keyboard all that is accessible here you see your languages as well your accessibility your notification and quiet times this is where you can select you can mute notifications from certain apps you can select your notification sound there's a lot to pick from and you can select specific quiet times and you can

Schedule them instead of just turning it on and off you can also turn on quiet time automatically when you're watching the movie reading a book listening to audiobooks or mp3s or browsing in the silk browser now the hd7 does have a set of stereo speakers and they do sound pretty good with Dolby processing but let's go ahead and take a listen of the HD 7 vs. the HD 6 my heart I I think the fire OS user interface is very user friendly it places everything on the home screen so we have quick

Access to all your major categories of media and features as well as your recent apps on the home screen so you don't have to jump to your recent apps there right here and then you have all your apps below for quick shortcuts and it's pretty easily managed now of course this is geared toward Amazon's ecosystem but of course other ecosystems will plug in like Google's email and calendaring as well as contacts but in the end for a low budget Talent this is a smooth operating system with great support from Amazon and a full-featured ecosystem so I'm pretty impressed overall so that's

Going to do for me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next one

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