Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet (2017) – Unboxing [HD]

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Hello everybody this is me my unboxings in front here today today I will be having a very special unboxing again for you guys and that today it's going to be the unboxing of the just released Amazon Fire HD 10 with Alexa this is the 2017 model so any of you telling me that oh

My god this is old it is not old it just got released today i coated it and the official release day on amazon worldwide is today which is the 11th of October 2017 now that might vary to countries but I know in the UK

Especially its released today and I got it delivered by Amazon Prime to my house today as you can see this is the 32 gigabyte version and it has a 1080p display as it shows right there and that's just a little cover there which

Is the Amazon tablet there which is very nice it was like an iPad right there weighed 150 pounds for this all the more specifically 140 999 so let's see if it works out to specifications of a more premium tablet so other back here we see

The some key key key specifications here which we do not want to miss out because I know you guys would kill me if I missed this out you can see you can see that what it says it says that it has a 10.1 inch HD display and obviously it's

Full HD it has a micro SD slot up to 256 gigabytes so if you have any pictures or videos you wanna add you can obviously extend that by using a micro SD card I have a micro SD card myself so you know I think micro SD cards are very handy

But again guys if you wanna download apps you can't mount them on to your SD card just to make sure you put that mind nothing it has a quad-core processor it has a dual AC band Wi-Fi it has fun and work rear cameras and also has Dolby

Sound a lot of people been complaining about the camera quality of this of this device but I'll be testing a water out of my review so stay tuned to that as well so one will do you now guys that was

Gonna actually open the box now as you can see I've actually never even unwrapped this package I'm actually opening it first time now it's a bit scary but yep so this little sort of plastic you get with it one wafer there

So again some more specifications you want the more depth in debt specs we have them right here so you can see when it says for the in depth specifications it says it has a yeah you'll probably see that this better it has a 1.8

Gigahertz quad-core processor 2 gigabytes of RAM and also it has you can have amazing sound with more than 2 million pixels stereo speakers and Dolby audio you can also have a massive selection of apps which can download

From the Play Store but you can also download all right and I think Google Play Store is available on this device from correct yeah I think is actually a very well on this diversity he's still select for a wide range of Android apps

To download on this device so hopefully to have GTA but I can't guarantee that because I'd snow guys I'm a GTA lover like I've still got a CI GT like a phone or a tablet coming out I have to review jeez here on it okay guys now it's pin

Three me listen to the video let me open the box now because over all of you like I'm going up okay let me see that now so I'm gonna pull this tab back as you can see okay I'm putting that back a first time wow that's so satisfying and let's

See what's inside over the books now other so like what I like about Amazon in terms of like the packaging is so simple right it's not complicated there's no like it's not heavy just okay that's gonna take everything out okay

Known humane way of taking things out of our package but this is the actual box nothing else inside its gonna plug that there to the side and then we get the things which were actually interested in so before I actually get to the tablet

Which is right in front of you right here I'm not sure to show you that it looks like a tablet as you can see I'm gonna get that in a minute and put aside on the okay we have a few cables so we have me have a few manuals or no cables

Well if your manuals so we can see we have this manual here just as Fire HD 10 okay and my camera is not focusing somehow but you can see how it has this sort of manual which shows you how you turn on your phone up the phone your

Tablet how to unlock it and somehow that which I guess if people who have iPhones and smartphones these days they should know this and they also have a fire more fire tablet manuals and it says do more with a fire tablet so you can just

Literally I guess do more with it as you can see which is not really interesting to me because I even really miss now in the box we also have this wire which does not actually have any sort of velcro strap or any wire which HDI

Tie these two things together so you know I'm not saying is used but it looks like a pretty you know it's very short as well it should be longer in my opinion but I'm not really fussed about that the main thing is the actual tablet

And the other thing here is the charger now I must say that I'm very impressed with the charger looks very very premium when you look at it for the first time it's a free pin UK charger which means you can only use it in the UK and

Selected countries but nonetheless guys it's very very nice it looks very nice as you can see it's very attractive it looks pretty much like an apple and a blackberry charger put together pretty much but yeah that's that not really

Interested in that again got encoded already so I don't put all that to the side what I'm interested in though is the tablet now umm I must say it as well another thing is I've never seen a tablet comments or

This or packaging where you have a a sort of clothing bag sort of thing which is really wait we want to do but I must say the tablet does feel very premium it does feel like it is a tablet you know it feels like it is a tablet and you can

Clearly see that you know what it says so I'm going to show you around the tablet first on what it has on the tablet stuff so you can see the camera there very very nice indeed Amazon logo and then a few sort of information

Things right there so you have the model number and where that I doesn't have the serial number anything like that which is it disappointing because you know every table should be unique like Apple you decides their products they should

Be like this as well I must say that it is a sort of thing to print magnet when it comes to using the device so I'm going to do now I'm going to show you around the device so we have this volume no volume sorry the micro SD card and so

Here where you put the micro SD card in again right there what I like about it is that you can close it back amazing and speakers there again thank you I'm not on for not P keep putting your speed

At the back of the device or what you put on the table you know you can't hear anything so it's good that they included two speakers one here okay and one there so thank you very much about guys and also on the top we have several other

Things so we have the the volume rocker as you can see okay so the volume rocker and we also have the microUSB and the volume rocker micro USB and also the power so I'm going just going to power it up and let's see what happens when I

Do that okay so I'm not going to get a power it seems I'm putting it I thought about that but I actually just got this I to this tablet charged up and it was ready to power one but I'll pound it back off seven just pile it back on

Again so you can see how the device powers up and stuff so that's all and as you can see the Amazon logo all right there just pops right up see and the another like this is a fingerprint magnet but I guess like there is going

To be like an alternative screwed particular jacoba like a maximum objectors on date which will you know prevent that from happening again but it's as far as you can see nothing much to split message much special and then

You have this setting here where it says welcome to fire so basically this is where you choose your languages as you can see it's very very clean as you can see it's very very very clean I'm not gonna lie it's very clean so if we

Choose my language English United Kingdom and then continue okay and then continue and then else click your network here so I'm gonna oh that's my network cancel this okay I'm going to my password so hold on guys okay so it's

Really weird typing on a tablet this big but okay okay connect okay just a second taking us off update just checking for any he saw for updates my camera I'm telling you it's nothing like all you really want oh man I'm

Doing it my name yes I am with one okay that is actually me I don't know how they knew that but okay so that's it and then it says Mike hot information I can't just click all of this I don't need all of this now continue continue

Continue okay so okay so welcome they'll guide you free okay I don't want you I don't need the guidance but okay so this is the actual chocolate as you can see finally got to the main attraction so this is the tablet as you can see very

Very nice in your hand actually the first thing I actually want to show you guys is the camera so these are my books which I have which is a bit weird I don't know why it's on here but these are my books I have my recommended books

Actually so you can see these are the books which you know I used before my my studies and stuff so yeah that's that the camera now let's check out the camera it's got a camera what the camera is like okay the caramel looks pretty

Nice and you can see it's pretty HD the front just walk it down to exit full screen okay the front the front is okay I mean it's not that great as you can see not a great but it's okay overall I think is a pretty nice device I mean

That the screen not a pyramid the screen saturation the screen quality is very nice and sharp I mean for 150 pounds you can't go wrong you know a great tablet I think that this is a worse it's a worth buying tablet so okay guys if you want a

Tablet and you're you know you're tight on budget or anything it's a great one to go to you so happy drones video guys subscribe to my boxing fans for more latest gadget videos have a nice day guys and take care good bye and if I go

To the scribe as well good bye

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